Storms and Wars

July 22, 2022

This is the third article I have begun in the past six days. Things of an increasingly urgent nature are happening by the minute now, so I have to prioritize what is most important. This is not part of the HAARP Series, but since it is about weather warfare, HAARP does play a key role. The Farm Article I began was to deal with the storms, but then Ian came along and it was all too much to include in one article. This one will cover the recent storms, and the Act of War the U.S. committed by blowing up the two METHANE pipelines from Russia to Germany, Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2. We will begin with that.

This is very, very bad news. How long before all of Europe turns against the U.S.? Dane has been saying in his recent GANs that the infighting has begun, and he is spot-on. And We The People are stuck in the middle. I have not said much about the possibility of WWIII, or a Nuclear War, but this one has given me the jitters. You know, I never thought it possible that we could ever have a president worse than Trump, but the impossible has happened.
U.S. Act of War against the European Union: Did President Biden Order the Terror Attack against Nord Stream?

I would like nothing more than to see the demise of the U.S. military and government, and ALL militaries and governments. Can that happen without taking the rest of the world with it? I have been saying that things would be coming to a head before year's end. Here's another article and a quote. Is this not also what Dane has been saying?
"The Big Picture reveals the collective West in absolute panic, with Atlanticist “elites” willing to resort to anything—outrageous lies, assassinations, terrorism, sabotage, all out financial war, support to neo-Nazis—to prevent their descent into a geopolitical and geoeconomic abyss."
Germany and EU Have Been Handed Over a Declaration of War
Not only is all this unfathomably evil, it is a level of insanity that under normal circumstances would require restraint and a straitjacket. But no—these are our world "leaders." Anyone who STILL does not believe we are being controlled by an off-planet race is hopelessly asleep. One can only hope that all these people doing their bidding, not only the ones who are carrying out their apocalyptic agenda, but those who go around saying they're not worried because "god" has it all under control. Yeah, right. Wait till they find out who their "god" really is. People have been waiting for "god" to get it under control for thousands of years. Just read the prophets of the Old Testament. If it hasn't happened by now it probably won't happen at all. Here's one that is all over the place and draws no conclusions.
14 Things We Know About the Mysterious “Explosions” That Severely Damaged the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 Pipelines
Here's a quote from the article: "It is going to be a bitterly cold winter all over the continent, and there will be a lot of anger." Hmm. Now, how do they know that? The planet is in meltdown and global temperatures are rising exponentially. I will say more on that later, and in another article I'm writing. Because I will say one more time: Sooner or later they will NOT be able to cool us down, except perhaps with a nuclear winter. I think we are approaching that day fast, that is, that it will be too hot to cool us down. We shall see about a nuclear winter as things continue to unravel. I mean, don't you ever wonder why people DO NOT GET THIS? Why are they not telling the public that the only cooldowns possible on the planet at this point are geoengineered?

And it gets worse. OMG! ALL THAT METHANE. Just what the planet needs. I wonder how many degrees C the temps will rise in the next month. If we are still here.
Record Methane Leaks in Baltic Sea: U.S. Government Likely Perpetrated Biggest-Ever Catastrophic “Global Warming Event”
Here's a couple more articles.
Record methane leak from damaged Baltic Sea pipelines
Nord Stream: US Might Have Sabotaged European Energy Security

But as with all these surreal events now taking place at blinding speed, there is a flip side to the coin, so I always have to ask myself, "is this real?" Is it a false flag, as with Covid? That doesn't mean it isn't dangerous and evil and insane, but is it all part of the orchestrated mind control agenda to bring the human population to its knees? Yes, it happened, at least in the physical reality, but is any part of the official narrative true? Why would we think any official narrative is true? But let's take it a step further. Is it even real at all, or is it a simulated reality, a virtual Matrix, a computer-simulated reality? That has been my opinion for about ten years and my personal experience leads me to believe it is so. I cannot believe that any real physical reality could possibly be as horrible as what we are living in now. But the good news is that once we realize it is all a mind game, then we can change our minds and our world changes, too. I have been doing that slowly but surely for a very long time, and I am quite certain that I do not exist in the same "reality" as most of the current human population. As we strengthen our minds and detach from what our physical senses feed us, we slowly but surely slip away from this dimension. Many of us are doing it. Here's an article I wrote back in June, 2022:
Cultivating Awareness With Detachment.
So the bottom line is this. Yes, this shit CAN and DOES hurt us, but the more we become aware of the mind games being played with us and in and on us, the more we can protect ourselves and move away. It is our emotional response that our Alien controllers crave, so we must starve them. Many spiritual writers refer to this as the "loosh farm." Remember, keep moving forward but be aware of what is going on in the background with emotional detachment.

And now, on to the weather, and I have shitloads of screenshots and articles. First, here's a new video from Dane.
Controlling Hurricane Ian?
And here is his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 1, 2022
Please listen to this essential broadcast. Here are some heartwrenching photos and articles, then I will share my screenshots.

Normal. Hurricane. ?? Right. Nothing to do with the weather is "normal" any more. Dane spoke of the same situation with Hurricane Fiona when it hit Nova Scotia. There was an article he found saying that it didn't "conform to standard." No shit. And Ian!! OMG! Since when does a hurricane EVER make landfall, cross over the land back into the ocean, then turn and MAKE LANDFALL AGAIN? This is only going to get worse until we STOP IT. What are YOU doing to help make that happen?
Ian is no longer a normal hurricane as it lashes South Carolina
And of course, NONE of these articles say a thing about climate engineering/weather warfare, EXCEPT Global Research which is now frequently publishing articles that back up Dane. I'll get to that in a later article.
Hurricane Ian strikes South Carolina after leaving at least 42 reported dead and millions without power across Florida
We have a great many activists living in the areas that got hit, and I hope they and their families and property are all OK. I am particularly worried about V. Susan Ferguson. She left The Olympic Peninsula in Washington State because the Navy had turned it into a practice war zone. Her health had declined so badly that she had to move. To Florida. Then Florida gets hit by a hurricane on steroids. OMG . . . . I hope they all comment on Dane's site to let us know they are OK. We are a community! We CARE about each other!!
After slamming Florida, Hurricane Ian barrels into South Carolina
There's that phrase again . . . "1,000-year."
1,000-year rainfall, record-breaking surge: How climate change made Hurricane Ian more destructive

Here's more on Ian.
Targeted? You bet. Does he know about weather warfare. Perhaps I, and hopefully numerous others will send him Dane's Ian video. People in Dane's community have suggested this was because of his political activities. Remember, this is weather warfare, used to punish those who do not comply with the official narrative and follow the official rules, in this country and the entire world. I am just SO utterly, thoroughly, absolutely SICK of this shit. WHEN are we gonna stop it?
Ron DeSantis pivots from political battles in aftermath of Hurricane Ian
OMG, these photos will break your heart. And what about the zoos and animal shelters? I don't even want to know . . . .
In pictures: Hurricane Ian slams the Southeast
A harbinger what is to come for life on the whole planet . . . . And let me remind people that Puerto Ricans are OUR PEOPLE (here in the U.S.). We had a former "president" whose name I won't mention who thought they were foreigners . . . .
Opinion: The staggering toll of this constant state of emergency
Dane quoted from Esquire on this Saturday's GAN that "In the end, climate change is the only story that matters," and I thoroughly agree, because if we do not STOP it NOW, nothing else will matter because we won't be here.

I'm sorry, but I don't sympathize with people that ignorant. WHY would anyone build on Florida's coast when it is ALREADY going under water? Why are they allowed to? Dane speaks of Miami all the time and the I forget how many $billions are spent to keep the streets pumped. With all these glaciers collapsing COASTAL CITIES WILL BE GONE. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, for Christ's sake. WAKE THE FUCK UP AND PAY ATTENTION.
Florida's population has skyrocketed. That could make Hurricane Ian more destructive
Again, why are people living on beaches. My heart goes out to all of these people, because this was an act of warfare, but still people have GOT to stop being ignorant and self-absorbed, thinking they can do whatever they please and it will be OK. IT WILL NOT. Once again, EVERYONE is going to understand how people like myself have been living, and I suggest they voluntarily learn to live without comforts and conveniences, because those are soon to disappear. Learn to live with less and less and less. Live creatively and independently, and find alternatives to all those things you think you need. And GET RID of what is killing you. PLEASE START WITH YOUR SMART PHONE. And any other smart technology. And most technology, period. I own a computer and a tablet that I keep in "airplane mode" (no signals sent or received), that I use strictly as an e-reader. And a car. And that is the limit to my technology.
Hurricane-ravaged Sanibel Island ‘is cut off from the world right now’
Here's related photos.
Before, after images show Hurricane Ian storm surge completely destroyed some Sanibel Island, Florida hotels
Here is an example of insane self-absorption. Are you fucking serious??? And I'm sure the tourists will show up . . . totally oblivious . . . .
Tourist attractions in Florida and the Carolinas: What's open and closed

Here are some photos from Ian, and these are heart-wrenching, first Florida, then the Carolinas, then Cuba.
The Most Jaw-Dropping Images Of Hurricane Ian's Aftermath
And more from Florida.
Photos Of Hurricane Ian's Wrath In Florida
It seems the Carolinas were not hit quite as bad as Florida, but bad enough.
Images Of Ian's Impacts On The Carolinas
And now Cuba, where the people are so poor, these (orchestrated) disasters only bring more misery. This also contains more photos from Florida as they prepared. Think those shelves look empty? Just wait. We ain't seen nothin' yet.
Photos Of Hurricane Ian's Devastation In Cuba

And now I will share the numerous screenshots I've taken. As with Dane, I collect them to provide and save credible records of data that would otherwise be lost. I will begin with spaghetti models of Fiona and lesser storms to Ian. I'll start with Ian, because I KNEW they were gonna try to push this thing into Northeast Ohio. Theses two were taken at 7:40 p.m. on September 27. Do I feel targeted? Is the Pope Catholic? If that line had moved ONE-HALF MILE to the east, it would have come right through my farm. The first is a close-up and the second, zoomed out. Just look at the yellow line on the bottom one, how it twists and turns and deperately attempts to hit those poor people in Appalachia who suffered those terrible floods earlier in the year. Targeted! Yes, indeed!

Hurricane Ian Spaghetti Model, 7:40 p.m. on September 27

Hurricane Ian Spaghetti Model, 7:40 p.m. on September 27

But fortunately that scenario did not play out, so now they are planning a frost because LC and hundreds of other farmers still have crops in the fields not quite ready. You know, we were supposed to have a string of nice sunny warm days, but once we hit September, no matter what we are supposed to get, we get NO SUN and cold, cold, cold. My tomatoes are ripening, but without sun it is slow-going. My squash/pumpkins are about done, though. I have harvested some, which are hardening-off in the greenhouse. I will have more on this in my upcoming Farm Article, which will be the next thing I post after this.

The next three shots are from September 29, 30, and October 1. In the first one, you can see how the models are now pointing Ian toward the Arctic—Greenland in particular. Hmm. I just read somewhere that Trump wants to buy Greenland. Why? Gosh maybe he thinks when all the ice melts he can turn it into a hotel heaven. Asshole. In fact, nearly every Atlantic hurricane so far this season has done a U-turn and headed north. Does that seem natural to you? It isn't and there's a good reason they are headed there. The Controllers, who are totally out of control, realize that the Arctic is in absolute meltdown, and are feebly attempting to re-freeze it. So they send up these volumes of water that they lace with chemical ice nucleation and there is a temporary cool-down, but in the end, the heat comes back with a vengeance. In the second shot—yep, that's where he's going all right, straight to Greenland. But in the third one, nope, we're going to Iceland instead.

Hurricane Ian Spaghetti Model, 9:13 a.m. on September 29

Hurricane Ian Spaghetti Model, 10:10 a.m. on September 30

Hurricane Ian Spaghetti Model, 6:24 p.m. on October 1

These miserable bastards really truly need to stop fucking with the weather. I have two from Fiona, then will say more about her. The first is from September 19. Honestly, I've never seen hurricanes twist and turn like this. It should be obvious to everyone this is NOT NORMAL! The second shows the models for Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, and Ian taken on September 24. What a strange mess. And I apparently forget to turn the cone on when I took that shot, but that's OK because you can see the spaghetti lines clearer. Fiona, of course, devastated parts of Nova Scotia before moving north, and I think Gaston petered out in the middle of the ocean.

Hurricane Fiona Spaghetti Model, 8:31 a.m. on September 19

Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, and Ian, 1:16 p.m. on September 24

Here is a comment from Rose in Nova Scotia who posted on Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 24, 2022. Another confirmation as to the agenda with these 2022 hurricanes—cooling the Arctic and northern regions.

Rose says:
September 25, 2022 at 5:10 pm

Hello from Nova Scotia! Fiona hit here Friday night/ Sat morning. There are still hundreds of 1000's of "customers" (homes, buildings, etc.) without power. Fiona made landfall at precisely the same time as high tide, with very high winds. Some houses were swept out to sea by waves in places in Atlantic Canada. Not sure of the totality of damage yet.

One Twitter user said "this hurricane should've come with a wind chill warning." We get the end of hurricanes regularly, hurricanes are part of the normal hydrological cycle, as I understand it. However, I've never experienced a hurricane that turned back towards land, nor one that was so COLD. The temps went down to 7*C, with very high winds, it felt like freezing was around the corner. Normally we get warm air with the end of a hurricane, usually a tropical storm category by the time it hits land here, but not always.

Nova Scotia has sometimes been called "the tailpipe of North America" because of our position and the prevailing westerly winds much of the year, bringing pollution. Now, I learn about geo-engineering, and that we are also getting nano-particle crap and engineered weather.

We are all on this beautiful planet together! It pains me to see what crazy fools are doing to life on the planet.

Here are some Hurrican Fiona articles you may have missed.
‘Destruction everywhere’: Officials assess full extent of damage after Fiona batters Atlantic Canada
Here's a collection of 106 photos, from Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and French island of Guadeloupe. They're pretty horrible, especially since so many of these people have so little to begin with.
Hurricane Fiona, In Photos
I know Fiona did a lot of damage in Nova Scotia, but I do not have photos for that.

Now I have some shots of the local system here in the Great Lakes regions that just kept spinning round and round and round, and gave the lakeshore and just south a non-stop flooding. For several days, all in the same places. As the weather controllers always do, for the past couple decades, they cut off the sun to NE Ohio when September rolls around. It is getting more difficult for them because they no longer have many natural clouds to work with, so the first half of the month we had a more "normal" September, as I remember from my childhood. I would stand out waiting for the school bus with a jacket, but coming home, it would be draped over my arm, way too hot to wear. Nights were crisp and clear and days hot and sunny. Well, as for this year, once this "system" moved in, we had a couple weeks of damp, (and several torrential rainfalls), dreary and sunless days. That was to be expected, because September in NE Ohio is harvest month. My tomatoes had begun to ripen, and the cherry/grape types ARE, but the larger ones need that hot sun beating down on them. The Controllers always make sure they move in just in time to devastate crops before they are harvested.

As it turned out, we did not get a drop of rain from Ian, just some cold winds and a frost advisory. That is the second time frost was scheduled—of course, because I still have a ton of tomatoes to ripen— but I got nowhere near cold enough. Usually I am the first to get the frost, but as I've said before, it is getting difficult to impossible fot them to cool us down, and if we can stop this insanity this year, there will be no winter. Dane mentioned in his October 1 GAN that it was 100 degrees in San Diego. It is only a matter of time before we here in the east experience that, too. When they resort to sending hurricanes to Greenland, you KNOW it is bad. Anyways, as of yesteday, tonight's low was supposed to be even colder, but by this morning the Frost Advisory had been cancelled, and it has still not been reinstated, in fact the Hazardous Outlook has also been removed. Then we are supposed to have a "strong cold front" move through later in the week to drop our temps even more. Let us see how that goes, especially with this latest methane release. I will cover all this more in my upcoming Farm Article. Here are some comments I typed into my notes about the way I've been feeling since this long span of dark and dreary days which began in mid-September

These rains are laced with mind control elements, along with HAARP and other ionosphere heaters. I have been in such a state of brain fog, which upsets me a great deal because I work do hard to keep my brain alert, plus, I find myself doing really stupid things. I do not even want to drive during these period. I had a TERRIBLE DAY Monday 26, after two days and nights of rain/storms, and three more scheduled, which didn't happen. At least not here on my farm, but the rain was still all around me. This "system" was the most disorganized thing I've ever seen—rain coming from all directions and going in all directions at once. Dane's people have mentioned that, too, and also the wind that blows from everywhere. I have an old windsock on the porch that I use for a weathervane, so I know that is true.

On that Monday, I woke up feeling positive and there was no rain. But one thing after another happened, ALL DAY. Strong winds made messes to clean up. Everything I picked up I dropped and even worse, I'd have something in my hand one minute that I was using and the next minute it was gone. ALL DAY. I'd waste 10-15 minutes looking for it, and it usually ended up having fallen behind something. WTF?? And I'd keep losing my train of thought, and what I was doing. This went on the WHOLE DAY. Dane's people have said the same things—the brain fog, etc., associated with the "systems."

These orchestrated "storm systems" (well, they're all orchestrated, aren't they?) ALWAYS bring bad energy, especially the day after. Molly has not felt well, and took a turn for the worse, so much of my time has been spent tending to her needs. I finally attributed it to a food allergy— that "Non-GMO Nutro." She's allergic to tomatoes, and I always check anything I buy for her, but sure enough, they were there, however in small quantites, or she would have thrown up the first time she ate it. I ended up putting her back on the Walmart Pure Balance which was the best food suited to her digestive system I've ever found. And apparently their new supplier corrected the formula, because she loves it again, and is doing much better. However, I realize she IS 14. And now here's the screenshots.

The first is Fort Wayne. How blatant can it get? That "system" has been spinning around the Great Lakes for days. The next shot is zoomed out. Just LOOK at all the rain! The third shot is 10 minutes later. The towers are spinning this system from Lake Huron to Lake Ontario, through the southern tip of Ontario and the lakeshore of Lake Erie. And on the fourth shot you can see the microwaves at work in Ontario—from Barrie to Toronto. I have the Flood Alerts turned on, as you can see. There were flash flood warnings from Barrie to Wiarton to Kincardine (Ontario), plus northeast of Cleveland along Lake Erie.

Microwaves in Fort Wayne, 8:43 p.m. on September 26

Microwaves in Fort Wayne, 8:43 p.m. on September 26

Microwaves in Fort Wayne and Ontario, 8:50 p.m. on September 26

Flood Warning in Ontario on September 26

And the fifth shot. WELL!! What the hell is that??? Like spokes on a wheel! You can see it also on the shot above, between Ottawa and Pembroke, Ontario. And OMG!! When the animation was running, each of those spokes was spinning, and you could see the rain being drawn up. The next one is about an hour and twenty minutes later. Just LOOK at how the spokes have changed. The top one is now short, but the one to the west is elongated. I had never seen anything like that on my Interactive Radar, but when I watched Dane's recent video on Hurricane Ian, linked above, I saw them all over the place. JUST WATCH the video and see how those spokes works. This is all such scary shit, and We The People are its victims. But as Dane says, THEY ARE NOT GODS AND WE ARE NOT HELPLESS.

Strange Spokes, 8:55 p.m. on September 26

Strange Spokes, 10:15 p.m. on September 26

And this is why I cannot get anything accomplished. It is one distraction after another, and most are weather related, which would not be so bad if I wasn't living under such deplorable conditions. People in Dane's community have said they are ready for the collapse. Dane probably is, too. He made a comment in this past week's GAN (9/24) about the beached whales and how whales are so much more intelligent that we are. (Well, that wouldn't take much, would it?). He said we really do not deserve to be on this planet. I could not agree more. I'm ready to leave it any time and move on to better things WITHOUT the drag of this current "un-civilization."

Wednesday, 28, there was dead, uncomfortable stillness, energetically. And Sirens, sirens, sirens. I went to Alliance yesterday and had the most bewildering experience. I was heading to the light where I turn to pick up the by-pass to get back on 225 to get home, when I heard this REALLY LOUD siren. It was coming up the road that I would be turning onto. I was in the left-turn lane and the light was green. The traffic across from me was stopped, but in the lane next to me, the cars just kept going through the light. It is impossible that they did not hear this screaming siren, unless it was a deaf brigade. But, no. They HEARD it, and were trying to BEAT IT to the intersection, by speeding through it. I sat in my car screaming, "STOP! PEOPLE, STOP!!, which of course was absurd because no one could hear me. The paramedic vehicle had to STOP at the intersection to let these cars through. I would like to give these people the benefit of the doubt—perhaps they were volunteer paramedics and were going the same place as the emergency vehicle. But those people usually have a flashing light they can set atop their cars when in an emergency run, so I have to conclude that they were just members of the ever-growing totally ignorant and self-absorbed quasi-humans that are taking over the planet, whose only concern in life is that they have everything their way. I hope the cell-phones came out among those of us who behaved normally and stopped for the paramedic vehicle, and license plates were sent to the local police station. These people deserve a nice long visit to the local jail cells.

Next, here are some photos and articles from the earlier devastating storms caused by Typhoon Merbok in Alaska. I saw that off the coast of China/Japan, headed northeast. It was not even covered on the hurricane page at NOAA. Alaska IS a U.S. state, is it not?? There's that cutesy new term again, "bombogenesis" which sounds more like a new Jamaican dance. Anyways, it is a shame this thing didn't move a little farther northeast and demolish HAARP.
Alaska’s western coast is expecting high winds and flooding in powerful storm this weekend
Here's another heartbreaker, and as with the peoples of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic, these people have very little, and many or most are Indigenous Americans. These photos are really bad.
Powerful storm slams Western Alaska
Alaska's Weekend Coastal Flooding Knocked Homes From Foundations (PHOTOS)

To end, here are some photos and articles about earthquakes, and other weather/environmental issues.
Photos Of The Damage Left Behind After A Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake Struck Mexico
Aerial Footage Shows Scale Of Destruction In 6.9 Earthquake
Again, more lies and bullshit to explain away weather warfare from National Propaganda Radio.
The 'triple-dip La Niña' explained—and how it affects the weather in your area
Worst drought ‘in living memory’ threatens the world’s olive oil supply

Just a couple more comments. Dane mentioned several weeks ago in his September 17 GAN about the rain in Southern California that was such sensationalized flooding in the news, but in fact, they only got about a half an inch. He and I and members of his community have noticed that the maps do not match what is actually happening, so I don't trust anything I read or even photos. Another thing I have noticed is that for the past several months, rather than issue storm warnings, the NWS is issuing "Special Weather Statements," and I wonder why . . . . and one last comment: The background for this article was created with GIMP using this photo from this page, also listed toward the beginning of this article.
In pictures: Hurricane Ian slams the Southeast
"A causeway to Florida's Sanibel Island is seen on Thursday. The causeway is the only way to get to or from Sanibel and Captiva Islands to Florida's mainland."
Here it is in its unmanipulated form. Next article coming soon: Farm Article.

Florida's Sanibel Island

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