Spiritual Transformation and Shitty Weather

March 14, 2024

Opening note: It has been nearly eleven years since I began writing these articles. Most people cannot fathom the amount of time and energy it takes to put just one page such as this together to publish. Since then I've asked little to nothing of my readers, and that's what I've gotten. Energy that constantly goes out and is never returned becomes a drain, and with the losses I've suffered in the past year, I am about spent. If there are people out there who value the information on this website, then please show it with moral support and a financial donation, or I will deduce that these articles are of no importance and cease to write them. The story I relate in this article has greatly changed me, and the effects of the plandemic have changed the mindset of the general population in ways that most people are unaware. It has been a gradual shutting down of people's ability to discern what is important and what is not. I see more and more people gravitating toward the mundane and straying from the path of spiritual evolution. To put it bluntly, most people don't give a shit, and are clinging desperately to a material world that will soon be gone. It has been my mission to keep my readers on the path for all these years, but I can only do what I can do. Words that fall on deaf ears and closed minds become lost in the debris that has become our physical world.

I am still struggling to get stuff posted online because it has been just too much of a bother to drag my computer system through calf-deep mud and standing water to get from the greenhouse to the mostly frigid basement. We cannot go more than three days, at most, without something wet falling from the sky, although, fortunately, most of these totally engineered weather systems dump WAY less rain than forecast. The last one was supposed to be over an inch, and I ended up with a quarter overnight, then (when the "powerful cold front" was supposed to move through), only .15 inches, plus that fake sNOw the next day. We went from a sweltering 67.1 degrees on Friday, March 7 (I had to wear shorts!) to that "sNOwstorm" on Sunday, which all melted by afternoon, and got more overnight, dropping to a brutal 26.1 degrees on Monday morning, which rose to 53.4. Tuesday's high was 68.5. This is desperation on steroids, and we are ALMOST to the point where they will not be able to cool us at all. I shudder to think what they will do next. I can easily sleep with no heaters running, even down to the lowers 30s, but when they dump tons of ice nucleation on us, I nearly freeze when it's in the 40s.

I've been going on and on about this for years—how dangerous this shit is. It is a chemical concoction meant to flash freeze water and our bodies are nearly all water. I've been seeing some really disturbing videos lately, but this one left me gasping. And I want to add that I DO NOT feel sorry for these assholes at ALL. Anyone THAT ignorant deserves what they get. The exception would be children, and I sincerely hope that no child had to suffer from the stupidity of their parents. People are about to discover the brutal truth the hard way, and when that happens, the pitchforks and torches (and guns and homemade bombs) will come out, and I don't want to be around at that point. It will be like the Gordon Riots in London of 1780 or the French Revolution. More on all this at some point. Here's the video.
Attendees at the Chiefs-Dolphins playoff game in January faced extreme cold, resulting in multiple people suffering from frostbite with some now undergoing amputations.
Chiefs Game Frostbite Leads To Multiple Amputations
How can people be so unaware of their bodies? And then we can't understand why they don't see what's going on in the skies. Go figure . . . . Plus, as I've been saying over and over, thermometer readings (and meteorologists) are useless now. We should not go numb when the temps are in the 40s, or swelter in the 60s. NOTHING on this planet is normal or natural. Here are some photos.

I'm not exaggerating about the calf-deep mud. Here's one of my pathways with me in my boots. The next one is on a bit higher ground and not travelled as frequently. I make new pathways when I can, but often there are trees or shrubs in the way, or there's no option to get where the path leads. Plus, it doesn't take long for a new path to look like these. Like the next two photos, at my clothesline, where I don't have an option to walk. The last two are along my driveway and my driveway. And these dumbass NWS people at the Cleveland office keep talking about how dry it is! What NE Ohio do these people live in? We get precipitation three or four times a WEEK. We used to get that much a MONTH. My farm has been this flooded since DECEMBER. How can this be labelled DRY??

More Mud

Calf-Deep Mud

Along Clothesline

Along Clothesline


Along Driveway

More on shitty weather later on, which will spill over into another article because there is SO MUCH GOING ON NOW. But I want to get to the spiritual transformation part of this article first.

I had an experience several months ago that can only be explained as that. My first inclination was to share, and my second was that that was probably not a good idea for several reasons, the first being that I have come to the harsh realization that most people reading my articles and the people I speak with don't believe a word I say, and apparently think I am . . . what? I dunno? Prone to exaggeration? Looking for attention? One of those people that makes things up because they have lost their sense of what is real because they've spent so much of their lives lying? I know way too many people like that, but I am NOT ONE OF THEM. Anyone who has known me personally for an extended period of time, knows that if I say something, it is true, and will state their lives on my brutal honesty. So what is the problem? I really don't know, but this experience I had has opened me even further into the general population's total inability to discern who is speaking the truth and who is lying, and I'm not the only one noticing it. Global Research has posted articles on it, of which I've shared over the past year or so, and as the effects of these Covid bioweapons continue to manifest themselves in people, I am noticing the inability of them to discriminate much of anything of importance. So this article will partly be a bitch session on my bewilderment and frustration of peoples'—no, it's not even stupidity or dumbing down—it's a complete shutting off from view everything that they cannot see or hear right in front of them. And sometimes even that. And once they get a perception in their heads, it is nearly impossible to change it. Dane speaks of this all the time, and it has immensely hindered our mission to stop the atrocity going on in the skies. But little by little, there are breakthroughs, and my last regular article, Weather Misery and the Collapse of the Agenda provided numerous instances of changes being made at the State level, here in the U.S., which ultimately will effect the world, if any of us remain.

Anyways, back to me. Too many people see the world in black-and-white, and are unable to discern anything in between. So they perceive an impression, form an opinion, and are unable to be moved from it, no matter what. When I was having all that expensive work done on my car last year, my mechanic made a derogatory remark to me about being a "Democrat," which made me fly off the handle at him. I said, "WHOA—wait a mintue here. WHAT would make you think THAT?" His answer? "Because you hate Trump." OMG. I said, "I DON'T EVEN VOTE!! I hate Biden, I hated Obama, I hate the Clintons—I would never vote for any of these people. How the FUCK can you call me a Democrat?" But I have spent my life being scorned by people who, because of their own delusional perceptions, take me for someone I am not. It is one of the reasons I have not shared what I am going to share today, and another reason why there has been a scarcity of articles from me as late. I really have considered not writing them any more, as I get almost ZERO support in any way. So if you want these articles to continue, I need a sign that anyone out there thinks they are important or actually takes me seriously.

It befuddles me that certain fake people can make comments on blogs that are nothing but lies and bullshit, yet people believe them, even though they are so off-the-wall, and, certainly, if one does a bit of research and checks them out, they will discover the nonsense. People who think they are so spiritually enlightened in many cases are not. Anyone who is on the spiritual path is able to comprehend the non-physical world in whatever way is best suited to their gifts, which must be recognized and cultivated. And trusted. Some people are clairvoyants, others are clairaudients, and I am a clairsentient, the worse of the three "gifts" which can also be curses until you know how to control them. (If you don't know what these terms are, please look them up.) In any case, for decades, I had all this non-physical energy radiating from other people onto me, and I didn't know how to separate it from myself, therefore, I became that other person and lived out their energy, thus taking burdens from them that were there to serve their own spiritual development. Yes, talk about living hell. But in the past maybe seven years or so, having made myself a recluse as much as possible, I was finally able to create a boundary around my physical body, and strengthen the spiritual one. Now, people still bother me, and I hate being around them, but I no longer take on their energies and burdens, and am able to clearly discern and protect all that is "me" from spiritual invasion. In the past three years, I've made the most progress. In any case, I am used to people hating me when they meet me for the first time, and it doesn't bother me, because I know it is "their problem," and not mine. We all have intuition, although that is being numbed even more, and often wiped out by the effects of the Covid bioweapons and the whole plandemic scenario. I can usually tell who got the jab by their aggressive behavior toward me. And incidentally, I am also occassionally clairaudient, which always jolts me. I will hear someone shout something right in my ear, or often I'll hear distant conversations, but cannot make out the words, or I will hear something like a TV or radio announcer, and I have neither of those appliances. Anyways.

And the reason people hate me on sight? Because the intuituve part of them can sense that I know things. I can see right through people and for most, that is disconcerting, but for those who are honest and good-hearted people, they take a liking to me right away. It is those who have a lot of inner deceit and fraudulence to hide that feel like they are standing bare-naked before me. This is all because of clairsentience, that ability to perceive life through the unseen, energetic world. It never lies, and over the years, I have found that my readings are very accurate. So people that choose to not believe me—well, that is their problem and loss.

I have a Sterilite bin an arms-length from my cot, which contains the books I plan to read in the near future. When I was moving my books out here to the greenhouse last year, I became reacquainted with many of my "New Age" books from the 1990s. Because my spiritual views have changed so much, and I realized there was—gosh, talk about fraudulence—in many of them, written by people who wanted to make a buck or a million bucks from people like me who were vulnerable at the time—those have long since been donated to the Goodwill bookshelves. However, a number still remain. I put three of them into this above mentioned box that were favorites—Deepak Chopra's How to Know God, Sandra Ingerman's Soul Retrieval and another called Tranformations that I couldn't remember at all, but it stuck with the others, so into the box it went. I have an uncanny ability, which is strengthening greatly, to read books that have a very pointed message to me, or possibly, that I am able to see messages in whatever I read. That's one of the many reasons I am a huge advocate of reading and literary mastery. Anyways, I had two small stacks of books sitting on a bin on the other side of my cot, which makes up the "wall" to my little comfy "bedroom." These are books I either need to review, or those that I plan to read in the next week or so, which has dwindled to two each. Somehow, once again, Transformations leapt into my hands and I found myself reading it next, so I concluded that there was something very important I needed to know. Indeed, there was, and therefore, I am sitting here writing this totally unplanned article.

One of the problems with spiritual books written during the peak of the New Age frenzy is that, though there was an attempt to broaden and expand us, there was still an adherence to what most people believed were unchanging truths. There was an integration of Eastern philosophies, (which was GOOD!), but still, the basic tenets of "reality" remained—life, birth, death, some sort of "god," the inherent goodness of people, the constancy of nature—all these were still there as "given laws," though perceived differently through different religious traditions. Perhaps it was my second "Bible," Bringers of the Dawn, that in many ways began the breaking of the mold. Certainly, the perhaps less well-known (but more far-reaching and liberating) was Letter to Earth: Who We Are Becoming . . . What We Need to Know. So I kind of began to doubt my intuition when I began Transformations, as the two authors—the husband and wife team Tracy Cochran and Jeff Zaleski—wrote of Tracy's mugging in NYC, death, love, nature and this sense of seeking and experiencing life as it is. Many of us—certainly myself, no longer think in those terms, but think of ourselves as creators of our reality, and the very real possibility (fact?) that it is ourselves that can create the dimension in which we want to live, which I've taken to heart, and we all should. So much has changed since the book was written in 1995, and many of us realize we are being controlled by an Alien race, and are most likely in a simulated rerality. We have a faction controlling us that is pure evil, and seeks to separate us from our souls, and in essence we are involved in serious spiritual warfare. Not much of that, other than in "Bringers of the Dawn," was part of most of the New Age dogma, which actually focused on how to use your mind to create wealth, for many of the authors. Well, THEY certainly did, and hopefully it wasn't long-lasting, because they were frauds.

But suddenly, there it was. The book began to speak to me, as I frantically made notes, finding SO MUCH that IS relevant today, beginning with the chapter on Creativity, then Cyberspace (Oh, my—back when the internet was first being developed!), Science . . . . Well, I decided that it, too will become a book review/article combo that will be posted sometime this month, at least that's the gameplan. So, here, as the inspiration for this article, I will share just a bit of it, then go on to share (still with reluctance) what happened to me, and has left me reeling for all these months, and truthfully, having very little interest in writing an article. Something within me has drastically changed, and I am still discovering my new self—not sure how much of it I want to make public. However, I've written a ton of book reviews, (because I read a vast number of books), but even more importantly, I've returned to my coloring (with a vengeance!), which has filled a part of me that had become a huge void. For the past three years, I have not had a place to color. My living conditions when I was still in the house were SO HORRENDOUS, that I had no place to do anything creative, plus I lived, knowing that the house could come down on me at any time, and the thought of my coloring books being ruined was more of a worry than of me "getting ruined." And to return to the beginning of the article, I still don't think anyone out there believes all I've said about my house, which has become so frustrating and angering to me. THAT is another reason I've considered no longer writing articles. Three years ago when I put out the desperate call for donations to buy kerosene to keep from freezing to death, I was not exaggerating. The remnants of Hurricane Laura had knocked out an entire wall, and I was literally separated from the great outdoors by tarps and plastic. By the time we moved out, there was almost no roof, no ceilings, and only a few places where drywall remained. When it rained, there was barely one square inch of my living quarters that remained dry. I stayed because I had no place to go, until I realized this sacred temple of mine—my greenhouse—would make the perfect shelter. And it has, but I'm not sure I would have been able to survive out here had we gotten a severe winter because kerosene is so horrendously expensive.

And incidentally, for those that still roll their eyeballs, remember when I wrote that I'd bet millions of people lost their homes to weather warfare last year? I WAS RIGHT
Disasters Displaced 2.5 Million People In US In 2023
Thousands are still homeless, since most of them were not blessed with what I have here. Of course, the liars at The Weather Channel call them "natural disasters," when there is nothing natural about them at all. Where will YOU go when YOUR home is destroyed. I suggest you consider that, because they have already started with the severe weather, as in tornadoes, here in my region. In FEBRUARY!! And it won't stop unless THEY ARE STOPPED. More on that in the Shitty Weather section to follow. But the point is I am SICK of people not believing me when I tell them what happened to my home, that should NEVER HAVE HAPPENED.

To lose my ability to color was like the last straw, after all the losses I'd suffered—the destruction of my house, my ruined farmland that was once so fertile, the loss of so many of my belongings, the death of my beloved critters—everything that brought me joy was gone. But now! The little nook I have fixed up, with the floor I made with planks I salvaged from the house that are like new, I have the most perfect coloring environment I've ever had. This building is so filled with brightness and light (to dispel the darkness and evil outside), I am able to see the tiniest details as I color, and I'm seeing a great improvement in my coloring skills. And even into the night, I have an old beat-up table lamp without a shade I salvaged that throws enough light for me to color any time of the day or night, and the return of this simple joy has also served to help replenish my weary and forsaken soul. Lately there have been so many times when I think I should be doing something, but just cannot and often those times, I go color, then realize that the task I delayed comes much easier. The experience I am now going to share has supplied me with a "method," (for lack of a better term).

If you remember, I had bemoaned the fact that I had not moved two of my five kerosene heaters out of the living room before the upper floor collapsed down on it. First, I really did not think that the destruction of my house would be so final, since part of it had been ruined over such a long period of time. And I also didn't think it would get cold enough this winter for me to need them. Basically, it really hasn't, except for a few notable days, when I needed both of my 23,000 BTU Dyna-Glos.

The way the upper floor collapsed down trapped them under debris with the remains of the brick and stone chimney dangling above them—not something I would take a chance on messing with. But in the back of my mind, I kept saying that, one way or another, I would rescue those heaters.

Every time it rained, more of it collapsed, which had been the case for a number of years, due to the incessant and torrential rainfall, and lack of sun to dry anything up. The weight of wet wood increases exponentially compared to dry. Anyways, I kept my eye on the situation until the weather controllers decided to throw that big "cold front" on us, beginning on January 13, when temps went from 44.4 degrees to a high of only 14.5 the next day, then dropping to 2.8 that night, the bullshit of which lasted about a week. Having only three heaters would have kept us dangerously cold. So when I saw that coming, I said to myself, I'm gonna get those other two heaters, no matter what. And that's when something began to change within me, though it was not until I had completed the task that I realized I was in a different mode of operation, and being clearly directed by a force outside of myself. I began to analyze the situation clearly and meticulously. The first thing I did was to view the physical situation from as many angles as possible. I had, several months previous to that, attemped to prop up what had fallen on the Kerosun, because I could see it and touch it but it was wedged under the fallen floor. It wasn't until I made my way into what was the dining room where we had lived for three years that I was able to get a clear view. From that perspective, a bit more certainty came to me, as I realized there wasn't anything resting on the Dyna-Glo, which was up against the wall. However, it was wedged in by the other section of the stone chimney. I began planning options, one being that I could possibly saw out a piece of wood and pull it through into the dining room, but that would have been a last resort. I also climbed up on the debris of what was formerly my downstairs bathroom, which now resides in the basement, to see if I could pull it through into the closet, which was still supported by a floor.

But ultimately, I went in through the collapsed living room. Over the past several years, I had put floor jacks all over the place to keep things standing as long as they did. Well, the magnitude of the collapse brought down many of them, which I rescue and put elsewhere, such as the part of the floor that remains in the basement where I get online with my computer. Anyways, my first order of business was to rescue one and reassemble it on a remaining beam from the place I would be working to the door, so I'd have a clear exit if needed. My toolbox included a hammer, saw, large crowbar, wrench, broom, and my "Protection Mantra." The next thing I did was to carefully remove all the bricks and blocks I had previously used to attempt to prop up the boards that were resting on the Kerosun, which, after I had surveyed the situation from different angles, I realized were only making the task more difficult. I also realized that, even though the Kerosun was right in front, I had to clear everything to the left of it so I'd have room to move it out from under the floor that was resting on it.

The big problem was the other part of the chimney, which was a heavy framework of thick boards that encased what appears to be a hollowed-out STONE! I have analyzed this since, and the grain of it is too fine to be cement. Keep in mind this house was built in 1895. I was in luck because, upon falling, it broke in two—one part a third of the whole. I used the crowbar to pry apart what I could of the framework, and by gently rolling it, I was able to loosen the smaller one and (just barely) carry it out to the porch. My thinking that this is a stone isn't far-fetched, because that's what the foundation of this house was built on, and I suspect it all came from this property, as did the hand-hewn split tree-trunks that were the beams, rafters, etc.. YES, this house was amazingly well-built and THIS never should have happened. More on that in a bit.

Anyways, the thing is, and I wasn't even aware of this while I was doing it, but something was guiding me, like a whisper in my ear—"Do this next. Now do this . . . ." So after I had pulled apart everything I could with the crowbar, I took my little saw that I bought at Lowes last year . . . . I had wanted a hand saw for years, but I have so little money that I put off buying what I want and only get what I absolutely need. This has been since the plandemic, which I won't go into here. . . . Anyways, this was an inexpensive saw and it has paid for itself ten times over in usefulness over the past six months. So I sawed off part of the frame, and the thing lost its balance and tumbled over—exactly what I needed it to do. I was able to carefully drag it enough to roll out the other part of the stone, (which was way too heavy to pick up), then pull out the framwork enough to use my crowbar to dismantle the other half of it. All the while, the main part of the chimney dangled above me on the other side of the fallen floor. Do you remember that game, Pick-up Sticks? Apparently it's still around, but mine were plastic with dangerously sharp tips. Well, I felt like that's what I was playing, except the stakes were a bit higher. One wrong move and I would have ended up under a brick chimney—perhaps we might have gone through the floor and into the basement. Below are photos of all that. The chimney has come down quite a bit more, and it seems like it will hopefully, gradually come to rest, rather than a sudden thud, which really would probably send what's left of the living room into the basement. Oops. I didn't mean to get my boot (with the purple horse) in that photo! And no, the photo of the chimney isn't taken at an angle. The entire upstairs cross-supporting wall flipped over.


One-third of Stone

Dangling Chimney

Two-thirds of Stone

Anyways, after I got that out of the way, sliding the other boards and debris out of the way was much easier. During this whole ordeal, again, I was being given instructions, and worked carefully and meticulously, not even realizing it at the time. Suddenly I looked up, and there was the Dyna-Glo—in plain sight, unhindered, except it was up against the dining room wall, which meant I had to crawl underneath that floor tio get to it. I listened closely for any sign of movement or falling debris, then swept around the base. All I remember after that was grabbing it, gently pulling it out, then running out the door. I set it on the porch and kept saying, "I did it! I did it." I don't even remember how I did it. Both of the heaters were wrapped in trash bags, so I couldn't carry it by the handle, and that wire cage surrounding it can't be picked up. Plus, these heaters are big and heavy. I really don't know how I pulled it out of there.

But I still had the Kerosun to rescue, and though it was right in front, it was wedged under the fallen floor. More instructions. I then realized that two layers of floor were there, and that the inner one easily came apart in planks—perfectly good, solid, blonde (pine, no doubt) wooden planks, using my crowbar. (Those are what I used to build my "bedroom" floor.) The second layer of the floor was caught on a beam, so still, nothing moved. After that, again with the crowbar, I gently pried the Kerosun away from the floor until I realized it was also free. Again, I grabbed it and ran. Amazingly, other than a couple very minor issues, neither heater was damaged. The Dyna-Glo is my youngest heater, but I only use it four or five times a year. My Kerosun, however, is my oldest—it is my first kerosene heater, that I've had for over twenty years, and one of the best pieces of equipment I've ever owned. They haven't been available for nearly that long, at least in this country. I must have bought one of the last ones. Below is the floor as it looks now, and it's come down quite a bit since January. You can see the chimney dangling above it in the previous photo. The Dyna-Glo was up against that back wall. That entire area was filled with boards and debris before I started, so I couldn't see the back wall at all. That's how much I pulled out of there.

Fallen Floor

I also rescued the few other items that were under there, one of which had to be moved out of the way. I have a huge sterilite bin that the floor fell on. I was able to remove everything that was in it right when it happened—fabric articles, so nothing was damaged. After I removed the first layer of floor, I was able to pull it out, though the lid was crushed. I later realized that the lid popped back into it's right form, and now seals the bin again. It's an extra-large one, so now I'll have more storage for in the greenhouse, probably my winter blankets, although the likelihood I will ever need them again . . . . Anyways, below is the Dyna-Glo next to its much older brother (the white one), neither of which I've used for over a month. The Kerosun is sitting safe and sound in my little "bedroom," (with the plank floor!). One night as I was coloring, quite late, I saw something move, and there was a frog crawling up inside it! (Which I removed to a different part of the greenhouse.) About an hour later, there was another frog, which had climbed into my tin box that holds my erasers and pencil sharpeners. That's how warm it was. I slept with no heaters running that night and was perfectly warm. The overnight low was 37.9 degrees. More on the weather and frogs in a bit, but I want to finish this story.



I'm in the process of taking apart as much of the house as I can and salvaging or burning it. I have laid boards all over in the greenhouse as walkways, first pulling out the nails. The next photo is some of them. They are hand-hewn square nails. I looked that up and 1890 was about the last year they were made, so these must have been leftovers, or made by the builders of the house. In the next photo is the big bin, which I had out in the rain to see if it leaked. It doesn't.

Rescued Sterilite Bin

Square Nails

It wasn't until it was all over—that evening when I sat quietly, that I "got it,"—what happened that day, and most of it is too personal for me to share, but indeed, it was a spiritual transformation. I have been analyzing what happened ever since then, because the set of instructions given to me was a method of operation, not just for that task, but for making things happen in the physical world using my mind. It wasn't until much later that I also realized I was in a sort of trance while I worked. Everything flowed so faultlessly and I knew without having to think, each step I needed to take as I got to that step. One wrong move could have easily killed me. As you can see, I am not making this up.

This is only a tiny segment of the whole story. Keep in mind that it was three days prior to that total collapse that I had decided to move all my books out of the dining room, so I spent the good part of a day dragging boxes that I could lift, or armloads of books in boxes that were too heavy. Three days! Those walls and bricks could have easily chosen to fall during one of my loads. And if anyone remembers, on the day that happened, I had been in the kitchen making a salad. I walked through the passage, which at that point, I had to bend to get under, holding my salad, ready to eat, except I wanted some herbs from the greenhouse. The salad was on the porch, and on my way back—a matter of maybe two-three minutes, down it came. Luck? Or something more profound? This was about a month after my critters and I had moved out, so they were safe, of course. I had Molly on the porch when it happened, but the porch is solid.

There are a lot of factors that brought me to the decision to share this story. One is the article linked above, concerning all the people who have lost their homes from weather warfare, and that is just from 2023. How about in the past five years? How about, not just the U.S., but the world? Here's another article that made me gasp.
Category 5 Hurricane Otis Was Mexico's Record-Costliest Tropical Cyclone, NHC Report Says
And what about the people of Turkey who died during that engineered earthquake?

This never should have happened to this house, my beloved, hand-made Victorian that I planned to spend the rest of my life in. What would make a house that was SO SOLID that you could barely get a drill bit through the wood without it breaking, do THIS? This house even had a tornado cable that ran through the center. Why would a house like this suddenly turn to rotten mush? It was not neglected. When I was in music, it qualified for a large home equity line of credit, and I poured thousands of dollars into it. But something very evil and diabolical happened in those years, that I have known but have never been able to prove. Was I one of Ken Caldeira's "biological experiments"? SOMETHING was sprayed on that house, but something beyond even human activities also took over, and that I know for certain. And I also know there will come the day I will be able to prove it. The Day of Vindication nears for many of us.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are completely under the control of Alien Artificial Intelligence at this point. What was perhaps an experiment with me and handfuls of others, is becoming global. People are having things happen to them that are inexplicable now. Yeah, we can blame weather warfare and HAARP and the Covid bioweapons, but it is even deeper. People are having their lives stolen from them from all angles. Many refuse to recognize that, but many others that find themselves suddenly homeless, must be questioning WTF is going on. I shared this segment of my story because I finally believe I am not alone in these attacks.

When things like this happen to people, a stigma is placed on them—that old religious belief that "god" must be punishing them, or they are getting karmic payback. Whatever. It is always the fault of the person who is the victim, but few give it a thought that we have been invaded and are slowly in the process of losing the entire planet. Just listen to Dane. If anyone is dumb enough to think they will survive what is coming, or that it can't possibly happen to them, they are in for a shock.

I remember back when all these horrible things began to happen to me. Everything I tried to do came immediately undone. Everything I fixed immediately broke again. I had all these people tell me what was wrong with me to make all this evil stuff happen. I cannot begin to tell you how many people told me that I was getting a message from the "Universe" that I needed to move. I even had one ditzty woman who had an even more ditzy "tea-leaf reader," who "read me," (without my knowledge or approval), and the clear solution was that I needed to move to CALIFORNIA. HAHAHAHA!!!! OH MY GOD. Can you imagine me moving to California? As each of these "well-wishers" gave me their unsolicited advice, I found myself muttering, "Get thee behind me, Satan." I am SO glad I know myself better than any other person knows me, and had enough wisdom to ignore all this "advice," or I would probably be living in a ditch somewhere. Or dead. Just as Dane NEEDS to be exactly where he is, so do I. I was appointed the caretaker of these fifteen acres, and here I will remain until this is over (soon).

Whether or not most people understand this, those who are listening to instructions know they are getting information to move to the next level, or dimension, and the instructions supply a method of operation to move slowly and meticulously OUT of this reality, and into another. And that's exactly what is happening to me now, and though I don't yet understand it yet, I can see that it is indeed happening. And that is the end of my story, at least the part I am willing to share. And now just a bit on shitty weather.

As Dane says, yes, we are indeed in a weather roller coaster, and apparently the controllers aren't even trying to hide it. Why should they? People are still TOO STUPID to notice. I am bewildered once again. I can tell the minute they start to spray ice nucleation on us because my skin starts to burn and I feel cold from the inside out. No matter how warmly I'm dressed, it doesn't matter. I put boiling water in my hot water bottle and hold it to my hands and feet, and that helps. Also, taking a very hot bath and getting into my warm cot with a pile of blankets and two comforters (and my hot water bottle), keeps me warm overnight. Cold weather should not be painful until it goes down into the sub-zeros, and even then, the people that explored the Yukon withstood very cold temps. But chemical ice nucleation is a chemical reaction that causes flash freezes. Dane says this ALL THE TIME. Why do people not understand this? It is DANGEROUS!! And so, up and down we go, and we can expect, at least here in NE Ohio, that if we DARE to warm up, we will get deluged and iced. You can see it on the Outlook maps. When temps are below normal, so will precipitation be. Above normal temps will follow with above normal precip. And that's why.

Just glancing through my weather notebook—February 21 high: 60.6 degrees! Followed by a deluge (3/4 inch rain the next day.) It shouldn't be raining at ALL in February in NE Ohio. The day after: 55.2 degrees high. I made a note that I had to open the shutters in the greenhouse. February 27, SIXTY-EIGHT DEGREES!! Followed by heavy rain the next night, then a "cold and miserable day" following. Then right back up. March 4 high: 74.3. The next day, 74.5. I noted that I wore a TANK TOP. Wednesday, March 6 reached 50.4, but "cold and miseraable." I also noted that the "100 percent chance of rain never happened." And so on. As I finish this up on Wednesday evening, this morning was frigid—at 43.2 degrees! The high was 73. It should be obvious to all but the brain dead that the engineered cool-downs are NOT WORKING, but only making us hotter. How much longer can this continue? They won't stop, but they will BE STOPPED.

Here are a few articles and videos I saved, beginning with flooding. Everything now is "historic"—"record breaking," isn't it?
"Rain in Charleston smashed daily records, swamping the city with flooding that reached knee-high."
Residents Battle Floods After Historic Charleston Rainfall
Talk about a waste of money. OMG. When are people going to realize that we cannot live much longer on this planet unless the atrocity in the sky is stopped? We CANNOT "adjust" to this or find ways to live with it. Even when it does stop most of us will be gone. Just wait. It is all coming to a head.
"A group of homeowners in Salisbury, Massachusetts, spent more than $500,000 to build a sand dune to protect their properties. Here’s what happened when a storm and high tides moved in."
$500,000 Sand Dune Washed Away In Three Days
And speaking of moving to California—OMG, they are just beating the SHIT out of that state.
California Snowstorm Leaves Jaw-Dropping Scenes
Ongoing blizzard pounds California's Sierra Nevada with heavy snow, dangerous winds
"A massive blizzard buried parts of California under snow, dumping more than five feet in higher elevations, and blanketing roads, homes and businesses."
Powerful Blizzard Shutters Parts Of Sierra Nevada
"Californians dig themselves out after a blockbuster snowstorm dumps feet of snow, burying homes, cars and even plows."
Residents Dig Out After Mammoth Blizzard Buries Homes, Cars
And more from California—from blizzards to fires.
"Witnesses say a lightning strike sparked an intense fire that destroyed a post office in Leggett, California."
Neighbors Say Lightning Strike Set Post Office Ablaze
"Officials in Wyoming closed parts of I-80 as strong wind gusts blew a large grass fire into the road."
Strong Wind Fueled Massive Grass Fire Near Wyoming Border
And here's one related to the article I posted above about "Disasters Displaced 2.5 Million People In US In 2023." I would guess that the numbers are WAAAY under reported. How anyone survives these monster storms with 100 mph winds (or more), not hurricanes, the inland storms where we're not built to survive them, is beyond me. And people lost in floods, fires. OF COURSE the deaths are under reported.
"New research shows more people are dying or their health impacted following natural disasters than is initially reported."
More People Are Dying Because of Storms Than We Realize
And one last article that has nothing to do with weather, but the Covid bioweapon "vaccines." My opinion of these people is the same as for the ones that needed amputations above. They got what they deserved. It's bad enough that people are just fucking STUPID, but the problem here is that the choices they make affect all of us and make it so much more difficult for the truth-tellers to put an end to all this activity that's killing every living thing on the planet. If they want to harm themselves, fine, but when their behavior affects others, especially the innocents animals, plants, children, then karma should be swift and complete. I'm just sick of all this. I'm sick of this planet. Sick of people. How about you? Had enough?
They Complained About Others Not Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, Then They "Died Suddenly"

And I'll end with a few more comments from my neck of the woods. I mentioned frogs above, and was glad to see them visit me in the greenhouse. I am always happy to see reptiles and amphibians. It took a while for the Spring Peepers to sing, even with as warm as it's been, but for the past weeks, they've been in full chorus. I wish I could say I'm also hearing the normal cacophony of birds, but I am not, and I'm very worried. I love my precious, beautiful birds. I am working with a book on Birds of Ohio that I got several years ago at the Goodwill bookshelves, and I am doing a coloring book on Ducks, Geese and Swans. But as I was looking through, I realized how many of my regular birds I didn't see all winter. Of course, when I was in the house, I would bring Molly out to walk, and they'd be on the porch and the maple and surrounding trees. But the house, the maple and Molly are all gone now, so maybe I didn't notice them. But more likely, they weren't here, because I always notice their songs and calls, especially during mating season. I have one poor lone Scarlet Tanager, who just sings his little heart out, looking for a wife, but none are to be found. Although today, I think I finally saw a female. But morning and evening should be deafening with bird noises. I shudder as I think about Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. If you still haven't read that one yet, please do.

Meanwhile, my crocuses burst into bloom last week. The photo, for the time being, is on my Welcome Page, but here it is again. My daffodils burst open this morning, and my silver maple, just overnight, it seems, is suddenly full of leaves ready to open. My garlic is all up and growing, and my outdoor sorrel is ready to eat. I've already been swatting mosquitoes. The Weather Channel had a video on how early flowers were blooming, but I didn't watch it because I'm sure it was full of lies. They were giving advice about if we should start planting. Now, who do you think is gonna be farming this year? When it's in the mid-70s at the beginning of March, what will it be in July? I think we've reached the end of the line.





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