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June 2, 2024

As I mentioned in my previous article Truth and Consequences?, I've been obsessed with getting things organized and projects completed, because when I wkae up every morning now, I never know if this will be the last day, at least in life as we know it. In his most recent Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 1, 2024, Dane stated that what is coming is happening so fast that it could be days, weeks . . . but he hesitated when he ended with "months." I totally agree. "Years" doesn't even figure into the equation at this point. Whatever is going to happen is actually happening now, and will soon reach its climax, with EVERYTHING—the toxic Covid bioweapons, weather warfare, the total and absolute corruption of world leaders, with the U.S. at the top of the list, and ultimately, disclosure of Alien Interference. The message I keep getting is: "They are getting weaker; We are getting stronger." Who is "We"? It is those who have given up their "normal lives," to fight the evil infiltration of this planet. The other part of the message I keep getting is "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GIVING UP."

It is my opinion that something massive will happen between now and August, and I say "bring it on." That's what it is going to take to arouse the majority of the population out of its apathetic stupor. As I've been also saying, the probablity that there will be no U.S. Presidential election grows stronger, which would be a blessing in disguise. There is nothing about our elections here that isn't being orchestrated. Why else would the worse possible candidates always be nominated? And Trump. Believe me, I loathe him, but what they have done to him is so obviously also orchestrated. Not that I don't think he's a criminal. Of course he is. They all are. That's one of the criteria for being a U.S. President, at least since JFK's assassination. I haven't followed the Trump trial at all, but I would bet that the crimes committed by career politicians are FAR MORE HEINOUS than anything Trump did. They ALL need to be locked up.

I have a number of articles in addition to the HAARP Series that I want to get published while there is still internet. I believe the internet is going down, killed by bots. I estimate that 99% of my web "traffic" is bots now, mostly malicious. When I look at my stats, most of the I.P.s are designated with a big red 403, meaning that it is an I.P. I have forbidden to enter my site. They still show up on my stats—I'm talking THOUSANDS, often over a thousand hits, or attempted hits at once by one single bot. These are the bots that are trying to shut us down. I believe they are mostly AI. Lots from China, Hong Kong and Singapore. But there are a lot from Europe and the U.S., too. I filed a complaint with Microsoft for hacker bots. I trace mostly all of them. I take screenshots. I am not passive concerning anyone fucking with my website.

This is not the article where I will discuss it in detail, but just wanted to let you know the situation. This is not my imagination. Here's an article from Wikipedia that they, of course, call a conspiracy theory, but it is NOT; neither is the fact that AI is taking over our lives. People just don't notice yet, but I DO. I am beginning to think the weather controllers are now themselves being controlled by "something other." It gets worse every day. Just wait till these hurricanes get going.
Dead Internet theory.

So while I can, I am going to try to get as much loaded onto my site. THANK YOU to my handful of faithful readers, especially those who enter my site through Google on my Welcome Page ( Thank you to those who return to re-read my articles, and thank you to those who also read my book reviews. More often than not, I find things in just about everything I read that opens a new window to my understanding of the nightmare in which we are currently stuck. I just published a review of the second most well-known dystopian novel, Brave New World. Oh, my.

Anyways, this article will contain my collection of animal articles and videos. Some will break your heart, but most won't. Many are examples of people who restore my faith in humanity, who go out of their way to rescue animals stuck in these unspeakable weather events—not only pets but wild animals, too. Lots of them. Some of them are laugh-out-loud funny, (we need a lot of that right now), and some are just plain precious. I have tried to arrange them the best I can, and I hope all you animals lovers out there will keep this handy and take bits and pieces of your time to open them all. Let us begin with disaster rescues. Here's my favorite.

Rescuing Animals
Sheriff Helps Save Armadillo Drowning In Floodwaters
This one seems horrible, but the horse was rescued, and I believe the dogs were, too.
Brazil Flooding Strands Animals, Kills Dozens
Caramelo the horse rescued from a rooftop amid Brazil floods in a boost for a beleaguered nation
Makeshift Shelter Saves Dogs From Brazil’s Floods
Dozens Of People Work Hours To Save Two Horses From Mud
Watch: Man And Three Dogs Rescued From Floodwaters
Bear-ly Made It: Bear Snacks On Tracks, Dodges Train
Found A Bear In Your Car? There’s Only One Thing To Do
Someone’s Pet Bull Got Loose (Then Stuck) In Colorado
Lots of bears, it seems. Well, that's good!
Orphaned Black Bear Siblings Released Back Into The Wild
Bless this man!
Watch A Police Officer Stop Traffic To Save A Sloth
Oh, that poor, precious terrified deer! It sounds like a little lamb. I didn't know deer made that sound. All of mine just snort.
Baby Deer Gets Itself Stuck—And Was Mad About It
Pool Party Fowl-Up: Ducklings Rescued From Fountain Mishap

‘Dinosaur’ Alligator Strolls Along Path Near Florida School
Ooh . . .sexeee.
Check Out These Smooth Vocals From Balzak The Walrus
Florida Gator Can’t Take A Hint
Florida Bear Raids Fridge But Leaves Disappointed
Pool-Loving Bear Takes Over California Family’s Backyard
Neil The Seal Strikes A Pose During Visit To Tasmanian Town
Anteater’s Antics In Gift Unwrapping Frenzy
So an ostrich walks into a grocery store . . . .
Watch This Ostrich Casually Browse Grocery Store Aisles

Awwww . . . .
Man Catches Magical Moment Between Real-Life Bambi & Thumper
Chiropractor thrilled to adjust 'largest neck in the world'
One of the numerous interesting facts I learned from Birds of Ohio is that many waterfowl will dump their eggs in another female's nest, who raises all of them. It seems there is a community agreement, plus the little ones are ready to take to the water shortly after they hatch, so they become part of the flock very quickly. These are Canada Geese, of which I am WELL aquainted. We get goosed about every day. And they don't limit themselves to farm areas. Sometimes they stop traffic while the entire flock one by one, crosses the road.
Make Way For Baby Geese. So Many Baby Geese.
Watch: Elk Joins Kids Playing Ball
I LOVE Opossums! I haven't had a regular in a while, but now I do. I put food out for him every night right outside the greenhouse. He's a BIG GUY!
'There he is, dead again': Opossum delights internet by faking death
Curious Seals Play With Diver
How Did The Alligator Cross The Road? Very Slowly
Yes! Yes! Yes! Bless the Snakes! Bless the Birds! Oh, YES! BLESS THE TURTLES!!! And the cats, dogs, horses and donkeys. Bless all our beloved animal companions!
Snakes, Turtles, Birds And More Attend LA's Annual Blessing Of The Animals
YES! Scratch the turtles! OK, so I tried scratching Murdle and Berthe. They weren't thrilled.
Tortoise Enjoys A Good Shell Scratch
And speaking of snakes, I have a BRAND NEW species here that I have never seen. Yes, the snakes live with us here in the greenhouse. I am used to seeing my beautiful milk snakes, and a number of different varieties of garter snakes, but this one—and he's a big guy—is a Northern Water Snake. I looked it up to make sure it wasn't a Copperhead, and found this great site that compares them to non-venomous snakes. The Water Snake is about a third of the way down the page. He's beautiful!! Snakes are my favorite animal, followed by spiders. I will try to get a photo of mine to post on my Welcome Page ( Please use that page to enter my site so you can see my photography. Those photos are also posted at the bottom of the left column of my Home Page.
Copperheads and Similar Looking Harmless Species
Help Name Punxsutawney Phil and Phyllis' Newest Arrivals
Punxsutawney Groundhog Club reveals Phil and Phyllis' new babies' names
Get Excited! Giant Pandas Are Coming Back!
Hold Onto Your Fins: Charlotte The Stingray Isn't Pregnant

Fascinating Facts and Strange Stuff
I dunno. I think of Hitchcock when I see them doing this.
Starlings Put On Beautiful Bird Ballet
By the way, the story, The Birds was written by Daphne Du Maurier, and she was furious at Hitchcock for messing it up. I think she was actually writing about climate engineering. I wrote a review on the story. It's in the collection called Don't Look Now
Raccoon Caught On Video Walking On Front Paws
What Is That? Shape-Shifting Creatures Are Washing Ashore
Hmm. Not sure if it is dead or alive, and why are "Dark Dwelling" creatures washing up on the Oregon shore? Somethin' ain't right . . . .
What Is This ‘Rarely Seen’ Creature That Appeared In Oregon?
Oh, my. You do NOT want a turtle to pee on you.
A Year’s Worth Of Pee: Why Not To Touch A Desert Tortoise
Maybe some "human" doctors could learn something . . . .
Primate Pharmacist: Peek At Orangutan’s Pain-Relief Practice
What IS That? Researchers Study Mysterious Worm Lizard
Giant Sea Monster Fossil Dating Back 150 Million Years Found
Oh, my!
Wild California Bear Walks A ‘Tightrope’ In Lake Tahoe

The Innocents Suffer From Human Irresponsibility
Dane spoke of these poor Howler Monkeys dropping dead out of trees from the heat. If we do not STOP the atrocity in the skies, we will all be dropping dead from the heat.
Mexico’s Deadly Hit Wave Bringing Temps Above 110 Degrees
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 25, 2024
This makes me SICK! I LOVE my owls and I have lots of them out here. How could anyone kill such a magnificent and majestic being? Maybe the owls should get together and kill a half-million U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Agents. Just a thought. Fortunately, there was a human outcry, so it is still on the table. There are OTHER WAYS to deal with these issues.
USFWS Proposes Plan To Kill Nearly A Half-Million Owls
Utterly HEARTBREAKING! How many millions, no, make that BILLIONS of our beautiful creatures have been killed in the past few years with all these HORRIFIC weather events?
North Texas family spends holiday cleaning up farm leveled by tornado
And this is SO HEARTBREAKING. At least people and their animals were in a safe place.
North Texas RV park residents recall fleeing to safety as tornado destroys their community
I am so glad this man and his dog were safe! The video features him and his 20-year-old blind and deaf Maltese. It makes you want to cry. HOW are these people going to pick up the pieces of their lives? We don't have a future here.
I see all this construction going on and new businesses opening, and I have to say WTF is WRONG with people? Like THIS. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.
Feds, States Partner On Bolstering Electric Grid
And this is even WORSE. It's HORRENDOUS. All those magnificent trees destroyed not to mention habitats for creatures, like those beautiful tortoises. Let us hope that this major imminent event happens very soon so all of this insanity stops NOW!
Solar Panels To Replace Thousands Of Historic Joshua Trees
How many innocent creatures do you think were killed in THIS?
Hundreds Feared Dead In Horrific Papua New Guinea Landslide
This is an update, but I believe ultimately the human death toll reached or exceeded 2,000.
More than 670 people feared dead after Papua New Guinea landslide, UN says
And what poor creature could survive this? OMG!!
Deadly Tornado, Floods Bring Chaos To Mexico
Dane has been speaking a lot about these totally manufactured hail balls—some as big as a basketball and weighing up to 75 pounds!
Not Snow: Hail From Texas Spring Storm Blankets Roads
Mexican town covered in ice despite heat wave
Baseball-Sized Hail Pummels Denver Area
OMG . . . . "Scientists will study these stones to understand how they fell and grew." WTF??? REALLY? PLEASE tell me these people aren't really THAT STUPID. PLEASE tell me they are being paid to lie. "It can be deadly," they say. Can you imagine an innocent little bird or chipmunk or frog or bunny surviving an onslaught of these? IT MAKES ME SICK.
DVD-Size Hailstones Fall in Texas
And more flooding and hail in Texas.
Another Round Of Storms Hits Texas; West To East Impacted
And this from India. How many of those precious cows (which are sacred to Indians) were killed? How can these poor animals survive this insanity?
Deadly Cyclone Washes Away Thousands Of Homes
Who can survive these? Neither people nor animals, but the animals DON'T DESERVE IT as many people DO, for sitting back and not taking responsibility for their planet. I realize so many of these poorer people have no choice—as Dane says, they are just trying to survive, day by day. And he also points out that these people are usually more awake than those who have everything they need. We'll see how this all turns out. Soon.
At least 300 people killed by flash floods in Afghanistan as humanitarian emergency looms

And yet, people STILL aren't paying attention. What I want to do is make people SICK of hearing about it, until they are FORCED to pay attention and take action. We should ALL be doing that. The nightmare unfolding on the planet should be our main priority and our main topic of conversation wherever we go. It is mine. But at SOME point, everyone is gonna "get it," and that will be Dane's pitchforks and torches moment. It needs to happen NOW.

Here are some animal-related book reviews I have published—some in the past, and others just recently, beginning with activism. Everyone needs to read this first one—a groundbreaking exposé of the U.S. Government and Military, and their total disregard for safety of the environment, animals, and people. Carson was instrumental in the formation of the EPA. HA! Here in 2024, it's about useless, but back then, it got horrific toxins like DDT banned. Now WHY has no one banned Roundup, which has forced Bayer/Monsanto to pay $BILLIONS in cancer lawsuits? The answer: Because the profit they make from it overrides the penalties. What a sick society we live in.
Silent Spring
And you can download it for free at Internet Archive. Everyone needs to read it.
Silent Spring-Rachel Carson-1962
And of course, there's this one, by Ingrid Newkirk, the Founder and President of People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Save the Animals: 101 Easy Things You Can Do
I will also quote some material from that book in a bit. And here is a short story by Mark Twain that was used as a pamphlet for the National Anti-Vivisection Society
A Dog's Tale
And the famous fictional story about a horse, that caused such an outrage in the U.K. that laws were passed banning abusive treatment of horses, especially by cab drivers.
Black Beauty

Here's two books about birds. The first one was interesting, but I got disgusted when I realized he was KILLING the birds to study them. There was eventually an outcry over that practice. Shooting birds with a camera, I believe, is now the accepted practice.
Wake-Robin: A Collection of Essays About the Birds
Stan has written about not only birds, but other animals and plants, and has covered numerous states and regions in the U.S..
Birds of Ohio Field Guide
And Dogs.
The Intelligence of Dogs: Canine Consciousness and Capabilities
And Dinosaurs. It is written by the world-renowned dinosaur expert, Robert Bakker, and is absolutely fascinating.
The Dinosaur Heresies: New Theories Unlocking the Mystery of the Dinosaurs and Their Extinction
He also wrote a wonderful fictional story about dinosaurs, where the characters were . . . em . . . dinosaurs. It is actually a romance, but don't let that put you off. Using his immense knowledge on the subject, Bakker has recreated what dinosaur life very well could have been. What a fun and informative work.
Raptor Red

And this is a one I posted earlier this year. It contains beautiful artwork by the author, and such a massive amount of usable information. I had no idea that certain of these bugs were essential. I am now noticing tiny ones that I never noticed before, and dutifully leave them alone. In addition. I added at least another book's-worth of research to my review, including lots of images, so it is a fun and educational review. I hope everyone takes a look at it.
Good Bugs For Your Garden
This is defininately a BAD BUG. With all this rain, I have swarms of biting insect, so bad that I sometimes need to wear a bandana across my mouth and nose to keep from breathing them in. They BITE. I am covered with welts. I've never had anything like this before, but I've never had so much rain here before, either. EVER.
Biting Midges
This next one is an excellent, spiritually oriented animal book.
The Souls of Animals
And a great collection of stories about cats, both fictional and non-fictional.
Lords of the Housetops: Thirteen Cat Tales

These are fictional books about animals, beginning with Jack London's two most famous stories about dogs.
The Call of the Wild
White Fang
And this, which has to be one of the most disturbing books I've ever read. It is about dolphins who become almost human and are taught to speak the human language. It is about Americans, set in America. The dolphins are being trained to be used by the military.
The Day of the Dolphin
It is a rather rare book, originally written in French by the French author, Robert Merle. Here's the Wikipedia page for the book, The Day of the Dolphin (novel)

And though it is classified at "sci-fi," and a "satire," in fact, the military does train and use these beautiful, docile creatures with an intelligence much higher than ours, for military purposes.
Military marine mammal
You can buy it here from Amazon, and I suggest you do while you can. It will leave you with a veeeeery creepy feeling.
Day of the Dolphin Paperback
Here's what the Good Readers at Goodreads had to say about it.
The Day of the Dolphin (Goodreads)
Here's a quote from that page.

Against the cool, precise backdrop of a government-sponsored laboratory in Florida, the Day of the Dolphin unfolds the drama of a brilliant and charismatic scientist on the brink of a world-shaking discovery. Intent upon his private dream he is unaware that he, his laboratory, and his accomplishments are pawns in a savage game of espionage and nuclear terror.

And here's the 1973 movie, loosely based on the book that you can watch for free.
The Day of the Dolphin (Movie)
Here's the Wikipedia page for the movie.
The Day of the Dolphin (Wikipedia).
If your heart isn't breaking by the time you finish the movie, then you must have a heart of stone. This is just ONE MORE REASON why we shouldn't fuck with nature. By the way, the movie pauses every 10-15 minutes for an ad. I have ad blockers on my browsers, so I had to find which worked best. Firefox has Adblock Plus and NoScript, and the movie wouldn't play unless I disabled them, which I wouldn't do. Brave ended up working fine, and the ad breaks only lasted a couple seconds, which was annoying but I didn't have to watch ads. The movie which stars George C. Scott, is quite different than the book, but the main theme is still there. Even if you don't read the book PLEASE watch the movie. It's only and hour and forty minutes. It flies by—an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

And last, here are some quotes from Ingrid Newkirk's book linked above, from Chapter 22, "The Flap Over Flipper."

Dolphins: graceful, enigmatic, and revered—and the objest of endless controversy. When this country's three major tuna companies, responsible for 75 percent of tuna sold in the United States, announced an end to their purchase of tuna from fishing companies that use seine nets (which, since the early 1960s, have killed over a quarter of a million dolphins annually), environmentalists and animal rights advocates celebrated.

While dolphins in the ocean may be a little safer now thanks to consumer action (and company re-action), dolphins in captivity continue to suffer. Ric O'Barry, who trained the dolphin Flipper for the television show, became an animal rights advocate when the famous mammal died in his arms of the loneliness and stresses of captive life. Flipper was just a youngster. According to O'Barry, "the average age of death of a captive dolphin is 5.8 years." (The average age of free-roaming dophins is 25 years.)

As for the tuna, it won't matter pretty soon, because the fishing industry is coming to an end, due to the fact the all the fish are dying. Anyone that seriously cares about animals should be a vegetarian anyways.

As pointed out, the book and movie above are quite different. But in both of them, the agenda by the "bad guys" is to kidnap the dolphins and use them to plant bombs under "enemy" ships. But it is terribly true. The military really IS training dolphins for warfare. Or was at one point. Here is another quote from Newkirk's book.

Former U.S. Navy dolphin trainers like Rick Trout are speaking out publicly against the military conscription of these intelligent and peace-loving mammals into involuntary service, where they are trained in maneuvers hazardous to themselves and to humans. Forced to hunt mines, retrieve spent torpedoes, and "deactivate" potential human saboteurs of barges and nuclear submarines, dolphins have become the military's favorite disposable soldiers. The navy has used dolphins, sea lions, and beluga whales in classified programs since the 1960s and is now placing .45-caliber guns on the dolphins' snouts and training them to ram the devices, which trigger on impact into "enemy frogmen." In 1988, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported that 13 dolphins in training for the navy's marine mammal prograams had died during a two-year period. According to the report, nearly half of them suffered from depression, loss of appetite, stomach ulcers, and severe stress before their deaths.

Leave it to the U.S. Military to draft marine mammals. These people are heartless and soulless, and this gives me one more reason to loathe them. And these mammals are not only intelligent, but they definitely have souls; they are joyful, free spirits. Anyone who has observed them should plainly see.

While we're on the subject of movies, here are some quotes from Chapter 38, "Silver Scream." And these are beyond sickening and heartbreaking, and make one sincerely wish that the people who participate in such DEMONIC BEHAVIOR will reincarnate as an abused animal in their next life. Or next 500 lives. So if you for one minute think that it's just trick photography and these horrors are not really happening, think again. Fortunately, laws have been passed making animal cruelty a federal felony.
The Senate unanimously passes a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal felony

During the filming of a stampede scene in The Return to Snowy River: Part II, a pregnant mare collapsed. Approximately 100 horses were used in the scene, yet no veterinarian was present. The "horsemen" could not determine what the problem was and decided to kill her. One struck her on the head with the blunt end of an ax, and another sliced her jugular vein, The dumped her body into a gully. Two other horses died in the making of the film.

Horses were tripped with wires in Reds, an ox was bled at the neck in The Killing Fields, and in Apocalypse Now, a water buffalo was macheted to death. To simulate a lion being shot in Out of Africa, the animal was violently pulled down by the use of a cable, according to the animal trainer who worked on the set. In The Abyss, rats were submerged in an oxygenated liquid and later died of pneumonia-like complications. A horse was blown up and others were tripped, injured, and killed in the 1980 film Heaven's Gate. In addition, an illegal cockfight was staged and cattle and chickens were bled to get real blood to smear on actors. In Cannibal Holocaust, released in 1984, an opossum was slit with a knife, and a tortoise and a monkey were decapitated.

It is all beyond words to me how anyone could commit such acts. You know, filmakers are able to simulate gory situations with people, so why not with animals? Or better yet, keep animals out of films. And so, to end this article on a happy note, let me once again share that I DO have 'possums once again, after going a few years without them. I have at least one, but I think possibly two that come to the little feeding station I have set up outside the greenhouse each night. And here's two photos I used on my Welcome Page ( Always make sure you enter on that page so you don't miss my photography. First is the little female crayfish I almost stepped on in the greenhouse back in March. I took her outside, but when I realized Maggie was observing me, I was concerned she might hurt it, so I brought her back inside and put her near the downspout in the northeast corner where there was a little pool of water. She was carrying her eggs and I didn't want them to come to harm. She apparently burrowed back into the mud.

A Mommy Crayfish and her Eggs

Below is a juvenile snapping turtle that I must have disturbed when I was mowing my extremely tall grass. Much is still not mowed. You can see how muddy it STILL is here, especially after that torrential rain we got last Tuesday—1.75 inches. He was trying to burrow into it, so I lifted him with a big shovel (they are heavy and can be dangerous) and took him to the self-made ponds along my drive, where he resumed his burrowing and disappeared in a flash. He's cutie, isn't he?

A Juvenile Snapping Turtle

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