Reclaiming Our Inner Powers

December 6, 2022

This will be a shorter but extremely essential article. It is one I've had in the making for a long, long time and it finally came together in my head, so I wanted to get it in print. I've actually had most of it written for well over a week, but it has been SO COLD again. Temps in the 40s should NOT numb one's fingers. We shall see how much longer this can continue. Today I pulled out an old coat that I haven't worn for years, and realized it's the warmest piece of clothing I own, so I can sit here and type and not go numb!

For anyone not brain-dead and totally brainwashed, we must face the realization that it is becoming blatantly obvious we will soon no longer be able to survive on this planet through physical means. Technology will not only NOT save us, but it is one of the main causes of the the rapidly accelerating collapse of our entire life-support systems. As I have been teaching for decades, we must reclaim our inner powers to create our reality. We had the power of creation before the Reptilian Invasion, after which our DNA was manipulated and our memories erased. After all these millions of years of reincarnations, there are now a vast number of us on this planet who have finally been able to reinstall most of our original blueprints. Again, you can pooh-pooh all of this, but I can assure you that it is the only way we will survive AND make the jump to the New Paradigm, thus leaving the Third Dimension. This we must do because all else will soon be gone. Here's something else to think about, but my gut feeling tells me this WILL be stopped, either by biosphere collapse beating it to the intersection, as Dane would say, or the grids going down, or enough people waking up and that IS happening, or a vast number of people dropping dead, and THAT is happening, too, or some other unforseen event. Anyways, no matter how you look at it, just reading what they have in store should be enough to get most people off their lazy asses. The rage that is rising over vaccine deaths, and I have another article going on that one, may explode into something that cannot be quelled, especially when people in the military realize THEY are just as much a victim as the rest of us.
Vaccine Passport, Digital Identity, Social Credit System, Digital Currency (CBDC): An Invisible Prison Has Been Built Just for You

In order to do this, we must allocate a great amount of our time and energy to devote to spiritual practice, and by that I mean descending into the innermost depths of ourselves to re-establish the consciousness of the totality of who and what we are. There are those now who want to bypass all spiritual activity because they think they can insert brain chips and other technological paraphernalia into their bodies and become super-humans. Just wait and see what will become of these transhumans, and it will not be pretty. Like Elon Musk. Just look at this recent photo. He looks like he just crawled out of a cave. Or starred in a horror film. YUK. The sight of him turns my stomach.

Elon Musk

Yeah, yeah, I realize he just changed the rules of Twitter so that people can spread "vaccine misinformation." OMG! If you Google that, you will get pages that state just that and NOT ONE that says Twitter users are able to publish the TRUTH about vaccines. Just LOOK at all the media sources that are STILL saying thses vaccines are "safe and efffective."!! But, anyways, I'm not real excited about Musk. I don't trust him and he is IN on this vaccine genocide, because Starlink satellites are being used to activate them, along with 5G.
The ‘Twitter Papers’ Reveal the Totalitarians Among Us

Then there are those of whom many of us in Dane's community look upon with great disdain. They are the self-righteous religious extremists that think their "god" is going to swoop down any day from heaven and rescue them from this misery and everyone else will go to hell. We'll see how that goes. And just as bad are those who brag about how much they pray. I knew a woman who did just that, and she was one of the most evil creatures I've ever known. Unfortunately, too many children, myself included, were taught that "god" will give us anything we want if we just pray hard enough, so we prayed and begged and pleaded to god to bring us that doll we wanted for Christmas. But even more unfortunate is that way too many adults never outgrew that mindset, so prayers are little other than begging favor and often little more than hoping and wishing, none of which leads to self-empowerment. Praying is fine, if one asks for inner wisdom, discernment, strength of character, honesty, goodness of heart and deep connection to one's soul. By why would we pray to some god for that, when it is really our soul we should be praying to in the first place? The idea of asking favors of some god, any god, goes WAAAAAY back in history and is absurd. The people of the Old Testament killed animals in sacrifice to beg favors, which has to be one of the most ludicrous activities I can imagine, and of course that practice was part of many non-biblical races as well. It served a purpose for our Reptilian masters. It kept us disempowered and relying on something outside of ourselves to supply us with our wants and needs. That needs to change, and it will. Those who are so far removed from their own inner selves and powers will either die off or go insane. Why do you think suicide, addiction, and many mental illnesses are so off-the-charts these days? People are beginning to wake up and realize it was all an illusion, and they also realize they have nothing to fall back on, no integrity, no self-knowledge, no sense of their own multidimensional magnificence. We see an explosion of these people in mass killings and just doing basically stupid shit.
Like this.
The National Park Service wants humans to stop licking this toad

If we want to really reclaim our powers, we first must admit that we lost them. Then we must recognize that mind control programs were installed in us eons ago, and still remain until we remove them. Recognition of them is the only way to render them powerless. Then we must also at least consider the possibility/probability that we are in a computer simulated reality. It is becoming more evident by the day that AI has taken over. We must learn to not accept it as our reality, then begin the process of breaking free from it, like NOW. I began almost 43 years ago, and those like me were the pioneers for what is coming. If you have not begun the process, the energies are now available to make it much easier for you than it was for us, but you still must put a great deal of effort into it. I have been sharing through these articles the steps of my journey, and this summer I had some serious breakthroughs that have given me much more control over my life, bit by bit. But what usually happens is that all of a sudden I make a leap and realize a huge part of my past is gone. And that's the way we progress and break free. And I want to discuss in detail this major breakthrough because I know it works. But I NEVER under any circumstances, become over-confident, because this program installed in us centuries ago was created to not be removable. So with every chunk I banish, another rears its ugly head. Is there an end to it? YES. Again, as the energies continue to shift, and more and more people add to the energy of waking up, the process will become easier because we are leaving the third dimension and it cannot exist in the higher dimensions. So I guess my personal goal is to get both feet into the next level and that alone will set much of me free. Once a number of us do that, we will have made a pathway. The controllers fear this immensely.

And speaking of fear, one of the first steps we must take is an awareness of our motives for what we think and what we do. Are we going about our activities because of habit or fear-based reasoning? Or are we constantly looking to our inner selves for guidance in right-action? Learning to discern between the two is a major undertaking but always checking in with our souls or higher aspects of ourselves, and being aware of the consequences of our thoughts and actions, are good guides. I have found now that the more I do at the physical level, the more requires to be done. When I let things go and use my mind to create solutions, often the problem disappears or solves itself. These are feedback loops, programmed to keep us tied to the Third Dimension and also to keep us in a state of chaos, neediness and helplessness. As you begin to seriously break away, the program makes it more difficult and we are faced with increasingly more dire situations. Do what you absolutely must, but continue to use your mind to create the outcome. The more we learn to do this, the more we will find that we are immensely powerful, and can draw upon that power more and more. Just look at how many are doing it now, though each has a different process, we are all doing it. Dane, of course, is a prime example, but also the myriads of people who are standing up for their rights and for the truth. We are all pieces of the puzzle needed for the whole picture to complete the whole task. If you do not yet understand your role, set aside time for serious inner work.

And speaking of things solving themselves, that is, by creating solutions with our minds, I had three important events this past week. One was an unexpected check for enough money to buy me kerosene and some other needed things. Yeah, I know, I am working to eliminate money all together, but when it lands in my lap like this did, I consider it a manifestation, to keep me alive as I continue my work. Another concerned these horrendous winds we got several days ago. I was reluctant to fall asleep, so I kept repeating, "calm . . . calm . . ." And it got calm. And stayed calm. The next day was supposed to be worse, and we even got put under a wind advisory with 45 mph gusts. But here it remained calm. I thought maybe they were just wrong as usual, so I went to Alliance to pick up some necessities. And it was windy and gusty. But when I returned home, it was calm. Our minds are powerful!! The previous day, before I began working with calm, a tree came halfway down in my driveway, leaving just enough space for me to get under it. Yesterday, the country crews just happened to be scooping out the drainage ditches with one of those big shovels. Yep. The guy doing the scooping gladly scooped the tree off to the side of my driveway. And all I did was to imagine it gone, and ask a favor when an opportunity presented itself.

I think it might have been Dane's comments on the mind-control program he called The Gatekeeper, that triggered the breakthrough for me. Here is an article I wrote a while back.
Beware the Gatekeeper
In the course of my meditations, I was nudged to notice another reality being played out in the back of my mind of which I was unaware except when it was triggered by something that I feared. I began to see split-second scenes being played out, like subliminal messages on a movie screen that nobody notices. But the more I noticed them—OMG!! The more I realized that they were totally incongruent with what I was trying to manifest. In essence, a perfect way for myself to work against myself. And this is NOT, I believe, one of the earthly mind control programs that are now running all over the place, but an Alien one that was installed at the time of the Reptilian Invasion, which is what makes it so pervasive.

Anyways, the more I observed this, the more fascinating it became, because I was aware of this secret "life" I had behind the scenes. The flashes would always be detrimental to my plans or even an everyday activity, and the more I noticed them the harder they worked to—what? Well, keep me in a state of fear, anxiety, failure . . . . and so on. For example, I would see myself being injured by walking across the road or in some other way ending up in a tragic situation. I was stunned at what I observed!! But I also realized that every time I noticed one then POOF! It was GONE. And the more I notice, the less they interfere with my life, but they also have become more subtle, or integrated their way into thoughts that were my own, and that would often lead to a domino effect.

Often a particularly upsetting flash will trigger a rogue program to run in the back of our minds. Those can range from annoying to debilitating, but more often dangerous or deadly if we allow them to run free. Do not try to push those away, but bring them front and center and stare them in the face. In that way, we can render them impotent. But keep in mind they are very persitent, and go "under cover" when we think they have dissipated. That's why it is SO IMPORTANT, especially at this juncture in our spiritual evolution to analyse everything going on in our minds, and even more importantly, to become aware of the background noise. All of this counteracts what we are attempting to manifest. That is their purpose, and like the Global Elite, they will seek to kill if they cannot control. I believe the Global Elite are the physical incarnation of these rogue programs.

Crafty little bastards, but I'm getting them under control. You see, most people would NOT believe this, but until we become extremely discerning, most thoughts that go through our head are NOT OUR OWN. Begin to notice when you have a sudden change of mood, which is a sure sign of a subliminal flash or a hidden rogue program running in the background, kinda like sometimes happens with a computer. Most people have a running conversation with themselves. That is not the same as consciously visualizing what we wish to manifest, but inner noise that does not serve our greater good. From those, the subliminal messages take their cue. BE AWARE! PAY ATTENTION! And you will clear out a lot of mental rubble. And one of the other wonderful outcomes of this is mental clarity. The brain fog is mostly gone. The clumsiness is, too, and all the other frustrating disruptions are dissipating. Like going into a room and forgetting what I went in there for, or just general forgetfulness and losing my train of thought. That alone is a relief! I have never been a spacey person, and finding myself so confused at times had become concerning. By taking control of our lives and minds, we can finally be free to do what WE want to do, that is, what we enjoy doing on the physical plane. I have believed for decades that this Planet Earth experiment was to allow being to fully operate at both the physical and non-physical levels. The necessities that we would rather not be doing could be relegated to mind-creation, while that which we do enjoy, we could still do the "old" way, and that would be different for everyone. I would never want to give up cooking and working with my plants and other such activities, however, I can easily give up weeding and washing dishes. But the most important change we must make in our thought processes and belief systems is to begin operating as if we were already in a higher dimension. The more we live it, the more it will BE.

To help reinforce this new clarity, I created a very effectual mantra to add to my practice and I've been doing this one the most lately. Because I have always been one to walk my talk, I am now paying close attention to how I plan my day, and I'll tell you about that, but first, here is the mantra.

I create everything I want and need with my mind;
I control my own environment with my mind;
I fix everything that needs to be fixed with my mind;
I heal everything and every being that wants to be healed with my mind;
There is no other way to do it now;
I have left the Third Dimension;
I am ascending into higher and higher dimensions;
Dimensional doors are opening for me now;
I live my life as I please;
I am sovereign and independent;
Everything and every being here is infused with my energy and spirit;
Everything and every being here is in harmony with my vibrations;
Everything and every being here is my ally;
No one or no thing can ever interfere with us again.

So now the next step is to be very aware of my mental process of planning my day, and I'm just beginning this, but, rather than thinking I have to do this or that or put that on my shopping list or whatever, I just picture it being done or already having it. I been working on the health of my critters and I am quite sure that my food and plants in the greenhouse survived 14.4 degrees because I protected them with my mind. I have also been working especially on living my life as I please, and becoming accutely aware of when I feel forced to deal with something that wastes my day. Like the day I had to change the wick on one of my kerosene heaters. Or not being able to work on my computer because of the cold. I am working on all of this with my mind. Anything that causes an incongruency between what you are working towards and what the voice in the background is whispering must be analyzed as to whether it is being helpful or leading you off your path.

The more of us that work toward entering the higher dimensions, the more they will manifest in our physical world. Notice when things happen that are not of this world as we know it. Do not trust your senses and, I have found, do not trust numbers. Be especially aware of what we so often think of as the "voice of reason," warning us that this won't work, or we can't do that or that something is impossible. I have found that it is really the "voice of treason," keeping us small and powerless. Should we jump off a bridge and trust that we will remain in the air? Of course not. Should we imagine our highest state of being, where the physical world no longer controls us? Absolutely. THEN the bridge poses no danger. One step at a time.

So that is where I'm at now, because I know I cannot continue my life like this much longer. I am physically miserable, freezing—a prisoner in a world I have long outgrown. But that world is dying away. Do you want to die with it? Or can you invision a reality that bears no resemblance to this one? Would that not be a relief, a joy, the ultimate freedom? Scrape away at yourself until nothing is left but YOU in your divine magnificence. Awake and Arise!! NOW is the time!

Mastery of the physical world;
Triumph over the illusion;
Conquer all fear;
Awaken and be free!

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who has been immersed in the study of
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