Pushing the Envelope . . . Way Too Far

November 8, 2022

Yeah, yeah, I know. I said the next article would be at the end of November, EXCEPT if something major happened. However, Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 5, 2022, set off so many triggers that a sooner article has been necessary. First, he spoke of the deaths of some celebrities who had been outspoken against the anti-vaxxers. I wrote down where it came, minute-wise, in the KQMS broadcast on Saturday morning, which should have been very close to the beginning, but I could not find it, so maybe Dane cut it in his website version. However, remember, you can always listen to the original podcast at
98.9 The Answer in Columbus, Ohio. It takes a few days to post. Many other stations across the country also provide this service of making all of his past podcasts available.

I know little and care less about "celebrities," so most of these people I've never even heard of. The first he mentioned was Julia Powell, who apparently was a vulgar and offensive bitch, who wrote the book Julia and Julia, and had set about to "cook all 524 recipes in author Julia Child’s 1961 best-selling book Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year," according to this website which does not portray her as anything even remotely appealing. The opening headline reads, "Julie Powell: 49-year-old New York food writer calls the non-vaccinated “lunatics” and “assholes,” dead 10 months after mRNA booster shot." Dane didn't have much good to say of her either. The name of this website is
The Covid Blog
which states in the title that "Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences." Well, yes.

Here is another site that quotes some of Powell's even more offensive insults, such "I would argue that COVID does kill some of the right people. The Anti-Vaxxers/Maskers Are Dying In Legions." And that is why we should all be very careful about whose beliefs we mock and insult."

In any case, this is an example of a delightful and blatant case of "what goes around, comes around." There are a lot more that have it coming, such as Gavin Newsom, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gates, Biden, Fauci, Trudeau . . . but how many of THEM actually got the jab? I'm not speaking of revenge, I am speaking of the urgent need for the planet to be purged of such a level of ignorance and evil, and those who are, in many cases, deliberately leading people to their deaths, so that there may be a chance of some life surviving. And that also includes just about everyone in the MSM, local drug stores, pharmacies and stores who have also led people to their deaths. As the great T.H. White wrote at the end of The Queen of Air and Darkness, "but it seems, in tragedy, that innocence is not enough."

And from the same website as above is a story on bodybuilder and author, Doug Brignole, of whom Dane also spoke. At least he wasn't being obnoxious, and was obviously convinced that he was right. He was using himself as a "test" for the vaccine safety, and at least gave the benefit of a doubt that he was wrong. Here is a quote from the article:

"I have enough confidence in the vaccine, based on my research, to get it done," he wrote in April. "Those of you who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test. If I die, you were right. If I don't die, and have no ill effects, you were wrong, and should admit it (at least to yourselves). Better yet, you should admit that you were misled, and tell the world who misled you, so other people can benefit by avoiding those fear mongers."

You have to feel some compassion for someone like that, who obviously did not put as much emphasis on building his spiritual life as he did his body, or he would have had more truthful guidance and not fallen for the evil-based official narrative. May he rest in peace and reincarnate with a better connection to his soul. Here is the article in which that quote appeared.

In any case, not just "common people" but celebtrities are now dropping dead in droves. Not just heart attacks, but cancer, or being diagnosed with later-stage cancers, also a result of the vaccines. It is my belief that so many people will suddenly drop dead that it will be the event to finally awaken people out of their stupor and FORCE the media to TELL THE TRUTH. Here are more.
Mimi Parker, vocalist and drummer of the minimalist rock band Low, has died
Andy Taylor, former Duran Duran guitarist, has stage four prostate cancer
Coy Gibbs, co-owner of NASCAR’s Joe Gibbs Racing, dies at 49
Aaron Carter, singer, dead at 34
Not sure about this one, but when no cause of death is published, one always wonders. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease ten years ago, but that rarely kills so quickly.
Jeff Cook, guitarist and co-founder of the band Alabama, dead at 73
And here's one Greg Hunter mentioned.
Adam Zimmer, son of former Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, dies at 38
Athletes and entertainers . . . . And what about all the "regular" people we don't hear about?
And here's another sign of truths that can no longer be hidden.
Association Between Vaccines and Excess Mortality Getting Stronger—And Is Discussed in UK Parliament
And another. And Nuremberg comes up an awful lot these days. YES, we need to reinstate the Nuremberg Trials. ABSOLUTELY!
Quebec Doctors Group Demand Health Officials to be Truthful and Comprehensive Regarding the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine

And speaking of Greg Hunter, I actually got the idea for the name of this article from his Voting, Vax & Economy Frauds Will End Quickly
I never listen to his "Weekly News Wrap-Ups" because they are just he alone, ranting like a spoiled child. Some people may get something out of that, but I prefer the sober, articulate and undramatic voice of Dane, which makes him such an effective speaker and one whom NO ONE can win a debate against on the subject of climate engineering/weather warfare. Anyways, what I think he meant is that frauds end quickly once they are exposed. There are frauds that have been going on for centuries, but it is when the public finally recognizes they are frauds that they fall apart, which is what is happening now at blinding speed on so many fronts. And it does NOT take a majority of the population either, because those that know the truth and speak it are sending out a much more powerful energy that works against the lies and fraud. Anyways, that's the way I interpreted what Greg was saying, and if that's not what he meant, he should have. And I liked his quote from Forrest Gump, “And then one day it was over, just like that.” Many people said that when the Berlin Wall came down, and I'm sure there are SOOO many more examples.

I skipped the first half hour, because he went on and on about voter fraud. I'm sorry but that did NOT begin with Trump. EVERYTHING about the government is a big lie and fraud and has been for a very long time. Anyone who thinks that putting new people in office will make a difference is really STUPID, which is why I will not participte in the system by voting for what has become the candidate that is less incompetent than the other. During one of Greg's recent shows, and I can't remember which, he mocked himself saying that he majored in General Studies and was just a dumbass. Well, Greg, we agree on that. Anyways, I was most interested in his commentary about the vaccine fraud coming apart, which began around the 30 minute mark, and I agreed with most of what he said there. And so my title means that you can only push the envelope so far . . . and then it just begins to fall apart. It burns itself out. People get sick of hearing it and dealing with it and begin to question it when what they are actually experiencing points to something completely opposite. We are there now, on all fronts. As the vaccine and economy lies fall apart; as more and more people continue to drop dead, which also clears the energy, exposure of the climate engineering/weather warfare atrocities will become impossible to hide. Those pushing the official narrative became too cocky, too confident on too many agendas, and got too blatant and too careless. Now they are desperate to cover their tracks.

In any case, Greg's mocking of the Democrats and his confidence that they would all be booted out of office kind of fizzled, didn't it? In his bio, he writes "Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com is neither Democrat nor Republican, Liberal nor Conservative." OMG, what a joke!! He's about as far-right/conservative as it gets, and again, I comment that extremism in anything is counter-productive. Moderation, open-mindedness, and willingness to constantly adjust your belief system as you become more enlightened, is the path to wisdom. Tunnel visions is the path to being an asshole. And as I said, it makes absolutely no difference who is in office. We and every other country are being run by the Global Elite and off-planet entities.

I want to point out that there is a metaphysical aspect to all this. Of course, there always is—As Above, So Below. We, too are burning off karma, and it is having the same effect. I have thought for many years that we were re-living the Reptilian Invasion, and that was even before all this transhumanism stuff. When that came along, it felt even more so, and when Karen Kingston made the remarks in the interview I posted on my previous article, No It's Not Safe and No They're Not Sane: HAARP Series #4, about "them" being able to alter our DNA and erase our memories, I felt it even more. And if that is so, it is for a purpose, and that is to rid ourselves of millions of years of karma caused by this horrific event. And so, in our re-enactment of it, of course, it would have to be equally horrible. And it is because we have lived with the memory of this unspeakable takeover of our planet that it has finally worked its way to the surface of our consciousness. In order to be aware of it, we had to be in a physical situation that would trigger these memories so they could be flushed away—burned off—rendered powerless at last to have any effect on us. That is what we call freedom. It is essential that we all are able to see our situation from both the physical and non-physical aspects, so we understand that this is all for a purpose. When all we can see is the evil and insanity, it is difficult to keep a positive outlook. But when we know there is something working for our greater good, then we can keep going. Many of Dane's people completely understand this, and express it in their comments. In order to get to the other side of it, we must go through it. It is the courage to go through it that removes it permanently from our karmic memories.

But it was Dane's closing story that triggered this article even more, because it was about religious extremism and those self-righteous Christians who think they are right and everyone else is wrong, You know that's a HUGE topic for me, and for a great many of us on Dane's team. This begins at 46 minutes in his website version. He tells of briefly agreeing to co-host a Christian radio broadcast in order to speak about environmental issues. During the 3rd session, however, the "Christian" co-host made this statement. He believed "that god intended the oceans to be a place where humans could continuously dump anything and everything, no matter how toxic, without consequences." GASP!! Well, Dane reacted with a gasp, too, and said publicly, on the air, that he would no longer be part of such unimaginable hyspocrisy. Then he continues with my usual rant, about "how many believe they've found the only truth and everyone else is wrong." [For instance, Greg Hunter, eh?] And also, as I frequently state, nuggets of truth are scattered everywhere and it is up to us to sift the truth from the dogma. I say this all the time in my Bible articles. He also said that there are over 4,000 known and recognized belief systems in the world, so it is absurd for any group to think they are the chosen ones to know the truth. In any case, that has become a hot topic for this week's community discussions. Because there are SO MANY comments on this subject, all in agreement, I chose one to post. They all pertain to the fact that it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to care for nature and everything on the planet. But first, here, again, is the 1st and 10th "Suggestion" taken from the Georgia Guidestones:
1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
10. Be not a cancer on the Earth—Leave room for nature—Leave room for nature.
Whether you like it or not, following the wisdom of the Guidestones will ultimatelty prove to be the only chance for the human species to survive on this planet or anywhere else.

Orwell Luxley says:
November 5, 2022 at 6:22 pm

Thanks again for another great broadcast Dane. I truly am grateful for all your honorable efforts, and you have taught me a lot. I spread awareness to others whenever possible and share your data.

I really resonated with the last part of the segment about the so-called religious "chosen" hypocrites and their apologists who think only they and their contrived polarizing dogma have the truth and all other belief systems are wrong. These same people virtue signal their beliefs in the Creator while justifying the act of destroying the Creator's creation in the same sentence. Cynical to say the least.

This is a large part of the controllers Psy-OP and has been highly effective, sadly for thousands of years through divide and conquer. Pacifying and dumbing people down to apathetic sheep, while actually stunting our entire species spiritual growth, and ensuring our total demise in the process. So clear for those of us with eyes to see.

May the Great Spirit protect you and your Family.

Mahalo and Aloha.

And of course, the other area Dane covered in this podcast was chemical ice nucleation which, as we have both said, is probably the least noticed or understood of all the climate engineering agendas, and is used to divide and confuse the population as to the true state of the planet, namely, just how fucking hot it is! But they have NEVER done what they are attempting to do now, that is, keep the entire country cold at once. And of all the envelopes being pushed, THAT is by far the biggest and most blatant. Let us just see how far that goes, because it may end up being the straw that broke the camel's back. Dane provided an Outlooks map on the page linked above, and I have some more recent ones. I want to point out that it is taking probably thousands of tons of chemical ice nucleation to carry out this agenda. And of course, Hurricane Nicole just happened to come along, which is providing the moisture to seed the clouds, along with that fake mass of moisture that hit the West Coast. We here in the eastern half of Ohio are scheduled to get some the heaviest rain from Nicole. Seriously? We'll see what they do with that. The last advertised "system" ended up petering out. They have not been very successful with carrying out many of their plans, so this one had to be really big. I'm just waiting for these pilots to start dropping dead in these planes. Greg mentioned in the linked show above that when he had Lt. Colonel Theresa Long, MD. on for an interview, she told him, off the air, that she was waiting for that to happen, too. She is a flight surgeon, by the way, so pilots are her specialty. One way or another, it has all been pushed way too far and is ready to burn out.

To say the weather is unnatural is a gross understatement. Dane spoke of his temperatures dropping 30 degrees after they got sprayed with chemcial ice nucleation, which is its hallmark—sudden and extreme drops in temperatures, flash-freezes, snow while it is still in the 40s, huge hail, and "rain changing to snow," which Dane always mentions because it is so absurd. NEVER, when I was growing up did that happen. Ever. Here's some extreme ice nucleation.
The destructive power of extreme hail
And here's map I saved from our Cleveland office, sensationalizing the sudden temperature drop on Saturday, published November 7

Weather Story feature from Cleveland, Ohio, November 7

Incidentally, if you have not yet seen it, here's the activist page on Dane's site for his new t-shirts, where people can send in photos. Quite a few new ones have been added since I last looked—a nice variety of people and places.
Geoengineering Watch T-Shirts, Cards And Bumper Stickers

Here's another one I saved to add to the ENGINEERED WINTER collection . . . . OMG!!! NWS and The Weather Channel (especially) ALWAYS sensationalize these events.
Over A Foot Of Snow, And It's Only Mid-October
In fact, all of October was very strange. As for those way above normals temps, I certainly never got them. I had maybe two or three days that could be called "hot," but mostly very cold nights. HOWEVER, my tomatoes are still ripening outside. I have this massive tarp . . . . More on that in my Farm Article. I was actually wondering if they had run short of ice nucleation chemicals, which could very well happen. We had strange weather on Thursday night 10/13, which I think was the first scheduled patchy frost, but NWS mistakenly posted "fog." The temps dropped to 44.6, then ROSE to 48.4 and the a.m. low was 38.5—nowhere near frost but heavily sprayed and very cold. I also have a map for that date. Here's the note I wrote for it. "So this is what they're doing—pulling the moisture up from Hurricane Julia, lacing it with ice nucleation, then pushing it up into the snow to the Arctic, along with pulling the snow DOWN, and, yes, we are scheduled to get snow on the SECOND WEEK OF OCTOBER. IN OHIO. This was the Future map, and the animation was fascinating. This shit is going on ALL OVER THE WOLRD." We did NOT get snow, however, and we have not yet. Here's the map, from that date, 3:17 a.m.. Just look at this mess, and how they are directing these winds!

Future Map from October 13, 3:17 a.m.

And here's another storm being steered to the Arctic on October 25.

Storm Steered to Arctic, October 25

And speaking of manipulation of snow, here are maps from November 7 and 8. The view was for the 24-hour snowfall totals. OK, so SNOW, does not come in scalloped designs. HOW BLATANT can this microwave manipulation be!? OMG! And by the way, these precipitation total map views are really inaccurate, so I wonder just how much snow actually did fall in the mountains of California. Hopefully Dane will share that in his next GAN.

November 7, 24 Hour Snowfall Totals

November 8, 24 Hour Snowfall Totals

Did Canada actually get that much snow? These maps lie, and half the stuff that supposedly happened really did not pan out. On November, the western half of Ohio was in a Wind Advisory, and the east just scheduled for gusts up to 34 mph most of the day. Well, for most of the day there was not even a breath of wind, even though the Interactive Radar Map showed my area was windy. We had a couple breezy hours, and a few gusts, but nothing even close to 34 mph. Thursday Nov. 3, I woke up to fog SO HEAVY the porch was sopping wet. There were puddles of standing water FROM THE FOG, and NO it did NOT rain.

Here are two Temperature Outlooks Maps, Days 6-10, from November 8 and 9. Dane has one on his page, linked above, but these are more updated. As I mentioned, the weather psychos are actually attempting to keep the ENTIRE COUNTRY COLD. Let us see how that pans out. On the November 9 map, they are apparently going to allow the teeny tip of Florida to warm up, if any of it is still left after this next hurricane.

Temperature Outlook Map, Days 6-10, from November 8

Temperature Outlook Map, Days 6-10, from November 9

And speaking of Hurricane Nicole, apparently, their first intention was to do the same thing as they did with Ian, but this time, entering from the east, exiting from the west, then making landfall again. The first map is from the National Hurricane Center, November 7.

National Hurricane Center, November 7

But here is the one from November 9, 7 p.m.. You can see how they are steering it up through the east, well off the coast so they can lace all this massive amount of water with ice nucleation, which is their plan to carry out the above maps.

National Hurricane Center, November 9

Here's the spaghetti models from November 7, then from November 9. Just LOOK how they changed that path! The bottom one is from this morning at 9:25 a.m., and it appears that it has shifted more to the east again. There are no lines in or within 100 miles of Ohio, and several of them end south of NE Ohio, which I certainly hope will be the ongoing trend. I did a closer view on that one to focus on the U.S. rather than where it was going after it left us.

Nicole Spaghetti Models, November 7

Nicole Spaghetti Models, November 9

Nicole Spaghetti Models, November 9

And that's all I'll do for this one. A Farm Article is next, but that's not carved in stone. As I said, things are happening so fast now, it is a task to keep up.

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