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January 17, 2023

(Opening note: I have been working on this for over a month, and the videos are still piling up, so I will just publish what I have and begin a new one. In addition, I have had one delay after another, and really had planned to publish this at the beginning of the year. Between the floods, with another on its way, followed by insanely cold temperatures, even though the thermometer doesn't reflect it—this cold has literally paralyzed me from getting anything accomplished. I will say this one more time: I have never been so cold in my entire life. The concentrations of chemical ice nucleation being sprayed on ME, at least, freeze me to my very bones, even when my skin does not feel cold, and this is scary. Remember, our bodies are mostly water, and since this shit freezes water at high temperatures, well, just HOW much stronger are these concoctions going to get before we freeze solid in our tracks?

Then there was the problem with my monitor. After the first flood, when even the very air was sopping wet, a little black or very dark blue blob formed on my task bar. I thought maybe some humidity was affecting it, or a bit of water had gotten into the bottom of the screen. Soon the blob began to grow. I looked it up, and found it might be dead pixels. Dead pixels? No, this was a pixel apocalypse. A pixel nuclear holocaust. The blob got bigger and bigger, forcing me to move my task bar icons to the right of the screen. Then a green vertical line formed from top to bottom. Then a black line right down the center and another blob which threatened to wipe out my icons again. More lines grew and thickened on the left side of my screen, which forced me to keep moving my browser windows around to see the text. Talk about reading between the lines! Meanwhile, another blob formed to the left of the first one, which was now about four inches tall and oozing toward the left, merging with the new blob. My task bar began to look like it was strewn with beached whales.

In any case, Walmart had my exact same monitor on sale online, only $30 cheaper than the first one, at $79. If this one serves me as well as the first, I will not have to ever buy another monitor, for the time that we have left on this planet . . . . Anyways, this material was added today. Now, on to what I wrote beginning in December.)

I had a number of videos and documentaries piling up for me to watch, so rather than incorporate them into another article, I thought I'd just do another "Essentials Videos" page like I did a while back. I am in the process of creating a new Index that will go on my Book Reviews page (at the bottom). It will contain movies, videos, documentaries and Series, all free online. The movies will include some of my favorites—not for education but for entertainment. However, the bulk will be documentaries such as those listed here and on the previous Essential Videos, Documentaries and Documents. The ones on this page all pertain to environmental issues or the mRNA "vaccines." Let us begin with Greg Hunter's interview with the world renowned Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.
CV19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People—Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
I have to admit, I was impressed with Greg. He treated this great man with extreme respect, not that I have ever seen him be disrespectful to a guest—quite the contrary; he is always grateful to his guests and quick to point out their praiseworthy qualities. But there was something different here.

Oh, my. Where do I begin? If you Google his name, you get pages of lies and smear campaigns, starting with Wikipedia, but I'll link that page anyways, because it contains background info on him. He was actually born in Washington D.C., but has lived in Germany, and is now facing five years in prison. Germany is accusing him of making antisemitic remarks (I seriously doubt that), but of course the real issue is his speaking out against the Covid "vaccines." He tells Greg about this during the interview. He is a humble Buddhist with little money. He has no website and when Greg asked him where people could make donations, he said he did not want donations. The trial isn't until March of 2023, but the likelihood of organized society existing at that point may be very low, at the rate it is all collapsing, so he probably doesn't need to worry about jail. There are SO MANY DOCTORS screaming out about these jabs at this point, and with all the people just dropping dead, it is more likely that the tables will turn and his persecutors will be facing jail time. A firing squad would be even better.

This interview is not easy to listen to, but is very well worth it. Dr. Bhakdi speaks slowly and emphatically, and it is obvious that he is flaming angry. He called Covid a "criminal hoax" and the worst man-made disaster in the history of the world. Well, I think it ties with climate engineering. He began his presentation with charts that illustrated the T-cells, lymphocites and how they recognize what is "you" and what is an "invader," which is how our immune systems work, or were meant to. Then he illustrated how the spike proteins "leak" through the blood vessels of all sizes. When they go to the brain or the heart, the patient will die because those are the two organs that cannot regenerate. Please read the write-up that Greg did for this review before you listen and I urge everyone to listen. Here is a quote:

He had typical things being seen now in people post vax. They lose their personality. They lose their minds. They lose their capacity to think. They become demented. They can’t hear. They can’t speak. They can’t see. They are no longer the humans that they were. They are destroyed human beings. Their brains are destroyed.

Greg pointed out that that accounts for the bizarre accidents, like people smashing their cars into buildings. After they got through with the technical stuff, he and Greg just talked. Dr. Bhakdi did not mince words about what he thinks of America, and I found this part the most interesting. He said his father thought highly of this country, but especially now, Dr. Bhakdi does not. In fact, he said he is ashamed to have been born here. Hmm, yes. Join the crowd . . . . He said billions are going to die from these vaccines. He said the only country that will be able to stop this is America, and he believes the agenda originated in America. He said no other country would be able to do this, except perhaps China, and they were working with America. I totally, TOTALLY agree, and I am glad he said it. The day when all the other nations of the world unite to condemn the behavior of the American government and military will be the day healing can begin. And there's a pretty good chunk of the population that also needs to be condemned. He said the FDA, CDC and WHO needs to go. I can name a whole laundry list of others that need to go with it, including a list of people that need to be lined up against a wall and shot. That day draws near, and when it all happens, it will happen in a flash. He also said now that they want to turn ALL vaccines into mRNA! OMG!!! And he said that many adult Americans have a death wish—overeating, drinking, smoking, self-indulgence—they are shortening their life expectancy, and he said if they choose to get this vaccine, he really doesn't care. But he is horrified of the children who are dying because their parents chose to have them jabbed. I agree with THAT, too. If people are SO STUPID, and they are . . . . Anyways, please do listen to this interview. Dr. Bhakdi is brutally honest and THAT is the one thing we need more of right at this moment. Below is the paper from Vaccine journal from which Dr. Bhakdi obtained the illustrations he used in the interview.
A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19
If you want to know just how globally invasive the U.S. military really is, here's a shocking map. Click on the interactive version and you can explore every one.
The USA’s Military Empire: A Visual Database. World Beyond War
It is only a matter of time before the tide turns. This may be the beginning. May this sentiment grow rapidly. We do not have much time, and American tyranny and domination needs to end, for ALL of us. The article states, "Behind the scenes, there is also growing irritation about the money flowing into the American defense sector." Americans are irritated about it, too.
Europe Accuses US of Profiting from War

(I want to insert a note here just before I publish this. The last interview on the page is the very latest with Karen Kingston, and she points out that the U.S. military were the ones who developed this bioweapon falsely called a "vaccine," so, yes indeed, the whole scamdemic originated HERE IN THE U.S. and she has that documented.)

Here are some other related links of interest.
UK Documentary Exposes Lies Behind ‘Safe and Effective’ COVID Vaccine Narrative
CV19 AI Bioweapon from Infection to Injection—Karen Kingston
Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions In the Context of Contaminated Nanometal Covid-19 Vaccines with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas
“Global Covid Response”: Health Officials Admit Bill Gates “Runs the World”

I have a great many pages saved to review and many concern the vaccines. So I began with this one, which is a page of many videos about vaccine deaths. Michel Chossudovsky from Global Research compiled them. I watched all or part of every single one, as I sat there gasping, crying out, cursing. Most are very short. One is over an hour. I keep hearing about news anchors dropping dead on the air. Have you seen any? Have you watched a young athlete drop dead on the field? Well, you get to here, and it is like nothing you have ever seen before. Shocking? WAY beyond shocking. And wait till you get to the one with all the little children being vaxxed. How many are still alive? It's like they are being marched to the executioner and chills the soul. It is bad enough that these evil beings have done this, but even worse is the fact that so many adults are SO STUPID to believe these blatant lies. After seeing this, I reiterate what I said above: that very soon, the tables will turn, and the perpetrators will be the prey, and they will be facing much worse than jail time. And it will finally break the stupor. I knew the deaths were numerous, but I had NO IDEA, until I watched these videos. I PREDICT that this will not continue much longer. The law of the jungle will take over? NO, it will be much worse, when the PEOPLE go after these murderers who have killed their children. And there will be nothing ANYONE will be able to do to stop them. OMG!
The Covid “Killer Vaccine”. People Are Dying All Over the World. It’s A Criminal Undertaking

Here's a three-and-a-half minute video about THIRTY-TWO Canadian doctors that just dropped dead. He ends by saying that the people that did this will eventually be held accountable. That day is drawing near. Again, pushing the envelope. When this finally breaks, there is gonna be an explosion like we on this planet have never seen before, and the perpetrators of this evil, I don't care how rich they are or how many underground hideouts they have, WILL be caught and punished. There is no place to hide from such an atrocity as this!
Video: 32 Young Doctors in Canada All Dead in 6 to 8 Weeks
Hmm. Well. Dead people are usually not looking for employment. That wasn't mentioned in this article.
The labor force is shrinking. Here's what is keeping Americans from working.
And remember when I was commenting on the miles of clothing clearance racks at Walmart? Perhaps that is because dead people usually don't buy clothes, either. Ya never hear that mentioned, do you?
How stores ended up with too many (wrong) clothes

Dr. Peter McCullough is one of the outspoken doctors telling the truth about the Covid jabs, and of course being punished for it. Here's a short article about how lies have been disseminated to the public.
The Department of Homeland Security’s “COVID-19 DISINFORMATION TOOLKIT”: The U.S. Government Office of Medical Censorship and Propaganda

Here is another Karen Kingston interview with Greg Hunter. I never miss her interviews.
Everybody Knew CV-19 Vax Was a Criminal Bioweapon—Karen Kingston
Every time I listen to her, my admiration, respect, almost reverence of her, much like I have toward Dane, just grows stronger. She is much like Dane, in the respect that she's a pioneer, and NOBODY ELSE is giving us the information that she is, because she's a biotech analyst, and has approached this whole plandemic criminal atrocity from that perspective. There are many extraordinary doctors and other health care specialists speaking out, but Karen knows how to read patents and find and research documents that most people would not be able to do because it is particular to her line of expertise. I think she is just plain brilliant!!

(Another added note: it seems that OTHERS ARE now saying what Karen has been saying, and have been contacting her. More on that below.)

Anyways, in this one, she has even more documented evidence that these injections were meant to kill, and the FDA approved them knowing that because Pfizer included it in the document they submitted to the FDA!! OMG, just think about that for a moment. Like Dane, she too is angry, outraged, and has no intention of giving up. She wants to hook up with lawyers who will start filing criminal charges against thesed people. Kennedy files lawsuits, but these people have so much money, that's really not an effective way to deal with this situation. What is going on now is criminal, it is murder, it was not an accident, but engineered to be just what it is and everybody who was in on pushing these injections on people knew it. She speaks of how people have been so trusting of those they consider trustworthy, such as their family doctors, but that needs to stop. These people were paid to do what they were told and they did. She said the psychology behind it was that they believed they would get away with it because they were all in it together. She also pointed out that they are becoming more bold and aggressive, and that even those not vaccinated can receive these toxins by aerosols, or through our food and water. Dane would agree with that totally and so do I. Greg said these people need to go to jail, or before the firing squad, which is an even better idea. But the conclusion of Karen and Greg was that people ARE waking up and these people will NOT get away with it. That is also expressed in the videos above by Canadians. Perhaps that is why our weather is becoming more dangerous and alarming by the day. None of this is going to stop unless the PEOPLE STOP IT. Once again, DO YOUR PART!! And I do believe that once this is blown wide open, the atrocities in the skies will be so much easier to believe, and that will come next. And I think this is coming really fast now, because SO MANY people are just dropping dead. I was collecting another batch to post, but said, what the hell, and deleted them.

I discovered that Dane had done another interview with Maria Zeee at Zeee Media in Australia back on November 10, and I knew it would be excellent, and it was.
Uncensored: Geoengineering Expert Says by 2025 There Will Be No Food or Life Left—Dane Wigington
They covered a lot of territory, so here's a synopsis of what they discussed. I strongly recommend listening to this interview. From the catastrophic drought in the U.S. west to the non-stop flooding in Australia, Dane made it clear that there is no natural weather now, so we don't even know the state of the planet. He talked about HAARP and how it is used to manipulate weather, and pointed out that there are hundreds of ionosphere heaters around the world. They also discussed the insanity of certain people who actually believe a nuclear confrontation would be good for the planet! And that the Ukraine is being used as an excuse, because everybody involved with these programs is in on it. Dane also mentioned that in his December 10 GAN, which I'll get to in a minute. Dane said that if there is a nuclear confrontation, we are done, period, because the planet is so decimated now, that would be the final nail in the coffin. He said there would be almost no rain. Maria said that Australia is moving ahead with "Smart Cities," of which Sydney is designated as one and she asked Dane his opinion. He answered that it was science-fiction—not gonna happen. He said when the planet's life support systems fail, all bets are off, and we are perilously close now. He also pointed out, as I have, that the people who plan this stuff are so filled up with their own hubris that they have no clue. He made an interesting comment which I had never heard him speak of before. It is about bacteria growing in a petri dish, and how quickly they multiply. But when they reach a certain point, the entire colony collapses and dies, comparing it, of course, to the overpopulation of the planet. People just don't want to face this truth, but will be forced to sooner than they can imagine.
In any case, this was back in November, and the weather situation just continues to worsen. The hotter the planet gets, the more chemically nucleated ice they dump on us. I have never been so cold in my life, especially when the temperature readings are not even that low. This cannot continue much longer.

And now, on to Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 10, 2022. He added some material since the original broadcast, but what I particularly wanted to mention from this edition is his undeniable documented facts concerning the ongoing climate intervention operation for so many decades. Beginning around the 8 minute mark, he spoke of the UN, saying they called upon world meteorologists to develop a program of cooperation that would strengthen weather service and research designated the "World Weather System," headed by Washington and Moscow. And this was in 1961-62, during the "Cold War." PLEASE listen to this so that you can share it with the unbelievers. I sent it to Greg Hunter, urging him to have Dane on his show again to speak of engineered winter weather, which is, or will be killing all of us if it does not stop.

And here's more science-fiction. Block out all sunshine, then build a machine to imitate it.
A giant donut-shaped machine just proved a near-limitless clean power source is possible
There's only one tiny little problem. It can only run for five seconds before its magnets overheat

In a giant donut-shaped machine known as a tokamak, scientists working in the English village of Culham, near Oxford, were able to generate a record-breaking 59 megajoules of sustained fusion energy over five seconds on December 21 last year. Five seconds is the limit the machine can sustain the power before its magnets overheat.

Now let's continue with another documentary recommended by Dane. I should have known it would be another environmental horror film, and it is.
GasLand 2010.
It is about fracking. OMG!! I have to admit this is a subject I have not given much attention to, because, even though there are numerous gas wells in my immediate area, they seem to be quiet and mostly benign. I have lived with one back in the woods, just across my property line for forty years, and not had any issues. It is not a very productive well, and I don't believe they have ever fracked it. And when it was drilled, the Safe Drinking Water Act still applied. However, I have heard people more toward Youngstown complain. This movie began by a concerned young man named Josh Fox in Milanville, PA, when he was offered a very large amount of money to allow a gas company to drill on his property. The more he investigated, the more he realized he was making a documentary.

This one covered so much territory—literally—across the country, and figuratively, from Nixon's Clean Water Act in 1972, to Dick Cheney's Energy Policy Act of 2005, signed by George W. Bush, which "exempts oil and gas producers from certain requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act." Cheney was the CEO of Haliburton, one of the huge oil companies before he became Vice-President, which is known as "Revolving Door Politics."

Anyways, Fox presents us with numbers, too many for me to catch, even as I replayed some parts. He began by telling us how many chemicals are required to frack—596 and most of them extremely toxic. It requires 1-7 million gallons of water to mix with the chemicals to drill and each time a well is fracked, it also takes that amount, and each well may be fracked up to 18 times. These big oil companies move in to large properties and soon there are numerous wells to muiltiply by that number. Fox supplied the total water consumption as 40 trillion gallons. Here is the Wikipedia page for the film, which by the way, not only won numerous awards, but helped to mobilize the anti-fracking movement. This is a good page to visit before you watch the film, and you should definitely watch it.

Next Fox began visiting residents in the small town of Dimock, where strange and horrible things were happening to the water wells. The gas and chemicals were mixing with the water lines, causing the water to bubble, catch fire (coming out of the spigot), smell and taste terrible, turn brown or black, and of course make people very sick if they drank it, and they soon learned they could not drink it, or use it for anything else. Upon doing some research, apparently a settlement was finally reached between the community and Cabot Oil and Gas. Here are some articles.
‘Gasland’ driller will pay millions for new water system in Dimock
Dimock, PA: "Ground Zero" In The Fight Over Fracking

Fox continued his research, from Arkansas to Utah, and what he found just kept getting worse—way beyond contaminating people's drinking water, but literally destroying the land. I was horrified. In a quote from the film, John Fenton, (who is pictured on the Wikipedia page above) says, "What took Mother Nature millions of years to build can be destroyed in a few hours by a big piece of machinery." That quote symbolizes the catastrophic situation we are in now, from the land to the skies to the oceans. GREED, GREED, GREED has destroyed our planet. We are at a point of no return, and at this point, we do not know if anything will still be alive in the next few years. Fox said at one point, he wanted to get out of GasLand, but there was no place to go. The same stories were heard everywhere. We have no idea just how many of these toxic wells are everywhere in the U.S. The maps he shows are shocking, and this was back in 2010. The entire coastline, from Texas to Mississippi is entirely contaminated, made only worse by all these hurricanes. And one last point—he also talks about surfactants, which dissove the gills of fish. And we wonder why all the fish are dying.

This one should definitely be watched. And stick through to the end, so you can hear the wonderful fiddle/banjo duet, with Fox playing the banjo!

OK, so here's the next documentary, A Shocking and Revealing Documentary: “State of Control”. It begins with the statement that after WWII, "money was clawed out of the government" to provide a secret way for organizations like the NSA and CIA to be "non-transparent." And the the government lost control of technology, much of which was brought over by the Nazis when the U.S. government rescued them during Operation Paperclip. I have covered this material in my artricle, Grey Areas, Part 2 and as my regular readers know, I believe it was not just Nazi technology , but Alien technology, which is also covered in this article, and I have been saying for years that it was after WWII that all this really creepy "non-human" activity began.

Anyways, this is an excellent documentary about all the ways we are being tagged, tracked and traced, and our identities are being traded for billions of dollars. The numbers presented here are overhwhelming. This is not a thing of the future; it is already being implemented all over the world. In China, and I beieve this referred to the Covid lockdowns, people could not even leave their apartments or order groceries. How long could most people last without replenishing necessities? As I keep saying, we must learn to create what we need in a new way, outside the realm of this dystopian nightmare. Many are working to develop ways to bypass it.

One is Catherine Austin Fitts, who is one of my favorite people and appears in the film. She has been speaking out against digital tyranny for years, and uses her website to help other break free. Unless we get out of the digital system, we will be victims of it, and these people can and will cut us off from everything if we do not follow their orders. We must stop it before it is completed, because then there will be no way to escape. People don't want to give up any of what they perceive as their "comforts" but at what cost? Austin Fitts believes it will fail in the end. Of course, as Dane always says, biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection. And let us not forget that these "vaccines" are being used as digital identification. However, the people that received these killer jabs are dropping dead, which is another reason it will ultimately fail.

Meanwhile, we are having our privacy invaded in every possible way, and our identities, histories, activities—ALL our online activities—are being tagged, tracked and traced, but I suspect if you are not participating in wireless technology, you are less vulnerable. In any case, this is only a little over an hour, and free, of course, or I would not have watched it. Much of it is in German and Dutch, with subtitles, but it is narrated in English. Highly recommended.
And here again is the article about QR Codes. DON'T USE THEM!!
Beware of the QR Code, Remember Agenda ID2020?

And finally, here's some final thoughts to ponder. 'Cuz it's all coming to an end, anyways.
Government Requires “Make Believe”
And speaking of former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano, here's something interesting, not that we will have a 2024 election. We will either all be dead, of most of us, or the government as we know it, will be completely gone. Please listen to the two videos anyways, especially Kennedy's.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Andrew Napolitano, a 2024 Third-Party Presidential Ticket?
Please listen to this speech!! He begins with a quote by Hermann Göring, convicted Nazi war criminal, explaining that anyone could gain control of the people of any country and type of government by invoking fear, then telling the people you were the only one that could protect them. Kennedy pointed out that fear completely obliterates critical thinking. But what was really fascinating was his knowledge of the "pandemic" simulations that began to be carried out in 2000 and involved hundreds of thousands of people. In every case, it had nothing to do with healing but with censorship. And so the people that participated were brainwashed into believing that during a real "pandemic," censorship was the most important goal. OMG, how sick and perverted is that? But it worked, didn't it? Please listen to this excellent speech. He also mentioned the Milgram Experiment, which I've written about a couple times, and I have more to say about it in an upcoming article.

Napolitano's speech was a mix of humor, history, and personal anecdotes, but always returning to his theme that we have a Constitution and we have rights, and we are losing them because the Federal Government is tyrannical and overgrown, and does what it pleases. He predicts it will collapse and I agree, although he doesn't think it will be in his lifetime. Oh yeah it will. I think it is coming sooner than most can imagine, and that would be a step in the right direction. It would of course take down all the useless and bloated federal agencies, the FBI, CIA, and best of all the U.S. Military. I long for that day.

The last interviews I will cover in this compilation are the latest with Karen Kingston and Greg Hunter, plus a new woman who has discovered through separate research the same documented facts as Karen, and even more. Karen now has people contacting her and she is collecting them all together so they can not only make a massive impact by bringing all these facts to the public, but getting attorneys that will begin to file criminal charges against. Again, "they" think they are too big to fail, and indeed, the number of people involved in these horrific crimes against humanity is mind-boggling. HOWEVER, as more and more people drop dead, people DO "get it," and as they realize their loved ones died in an act of genocide carried out by their own government and military, the tables will turn. And have you noticed the attempted damage control showing up on MSM? One about what to do when a child has a heart attack, which is "rare." Rare? Over 1,000 children have had heart attacks playing sports in the past year or so. There was another with the wife of someone that just died and I forget who because I never heard of most of these people, who was speaking out that her husband died from the vaccines, and MSM doctors were trying to "help" her disconnect from such "disinformation." And how about The Weather Channel's announcement that the drought in California has been greatly relieved from all this flooding. Really? Dane has a 500 inch deficit of rainfall in the past fourteen years, and he has hardly gotten any rain. Even the areas that were flooded with 3, 5, 10 inches or so of rain . . . after it all runs off, will not be much better off. Even if the lakes and reservoirs filled up a bit, the western drought is SO severe and prolonged, it will take years to correct. We do not have years on the track we are on. Then there was one I just saw about a mass of geese that died from "avian flu," but I can't find it now. More likely, it is from 5G, but provides an excuse for killing off more poultry. Walmart had eggs last week nearly $5 a dozen. Why would anyone PAY such an outrageous price, yet I see people stuffing their baskets and most likely running up more credit card debt. REFUSE and BOYCOTT. Then prices will be FORCED to go down. Anyways, here is Karen's interview.

FDA Criminally Approved Bioweapon as Safe & Effective Vaccine—Karen Kingston
In this one, Karen has once again uncovered more documents. These state these "vaccines" are really bioweapons intended to harm. She also found military documents using the word "bats" as a code for "people," which was very strange, but made sense, knowing the sordid activities the U.S. military engages in. These injections are turning people's bodies into medicine factories, and can program us to grow biosynthetic organs or structures like they do with lab animals. But here's the statement that gave me a start: She said the purpose of all this is that they are "experimenting" on us. That sentence has stuck with me for these three weeks, and it has moved me to a new level in my awakening and understanding of the Matrix in which we are stuck. It's not that it was such a shocking statement, but to hear someone like Karen, who, like Dane, is all about presenting credible evidence, gave me more support in what I have believed for so many years. I am planning another article to cover this. Does it all sound Nazi? Quite a bit of what is going on these days does. Remember Operation Paperclip?
And the Nazi connection to Aliens? And people who have been abducted (and I do believe many of them have), and speak of them doing "experiments" on them?

Anyways, Karen ended the interview by saying that many people have been contacting her, and she is gathering scientists, researchers, doctors to come together and bring this all out in January, and she said it would all happen very fast. The faster, the better. At the beginning of the interview, Greg mentions a woman by the name of Sasha Latypova, also a pharma insider, Karen said she was glad he mentioned her, so I hope she and Karen are working together, plus the other people Sasha has gathered.
Pharma Insider Reveals Irrefutable Evidence of Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by the US DoD, HHS, and Pharma Cartel Via the COVID Injections in New In-Depth Presentation

Sasha takes the criminal investigation of this global genocide agenda to new heights as she reveals the step-by-step process that enabled the entire scenario to explode upon the world. She said that 40 people in Wuhan came down with Covid, and suddenly it was a global pandemic. Yes. Remember how it just suddenly "showed up" all over the place? Of course, I'm sure our military and other cooperating militaries sprayed it, or it was orchestrated to spread in other ways. Remember, the U.S. military has . . . hmm, I believe well over 400 biowarfare labs all over the world. Why would anyone even question their leading role?

She also clearly explains all the illegal "laws" that showed up, contradicting laws already in place, to allow such a criminal agenda to happen and happen very fast. And anyone that STILL thinks Trump was on the side of the people and was elected to "drain the swamp" needs to do a serious reality check because he was in on this, too. And the number of people/corporations that were involved!! OH, MY!! And paid a hefty sum to be involved. There is a graphic on her page listing them. She also explains that Pfizer was mostly a smokescreen, appearing to produce all these "Warp Speed" "vaccines," but in fact, all this had been done ahead of time by the military, who simply handed them to Pfizer and told them what to do, because it would have been impossile for them to manufacture all those vaccines that fast. This is an absolutely fascinating video, which is not an interview, but Sasha speaking on her own. She, like Karen, is brilliant, and has organized an immense amount of documented evidence to present to the public.

In any case, it ALL needs to be dismantled, because the government, military, and all their three-letter agencies: CIA, FBI, WHO, CDC, NIH, FDA, EPA, and even NWS, are nothing but criminal organizations. When the government goes down, and it will, the whole shebang will go with it.

And on that, I will finally get this published. I will do what I can on my computer, but when it is so cold, I just cannot work in this unheated room. And it looks like they are trying to freeze the entire country again. But as Dane says, pretty soon they will not be able to cool us down any more, and I suspect that day is very close, or they would not be rampaging across the country as they are. Unless they kill us all off, and they will go down with the rest of us, ALL of these heinous crimes are soon to be revealed.

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