A Heartbreaking Tribute to Molly:
October 23, 2008-November 12, 2023

November 14, 2023

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my sweet Molly, my precious companion for fifteen years, who died Sunday night, November 12. She had been struggling with her health for several years, exacerbated by the constant onslaught of engineered weather systems, and especially lately, the dumping of what seems like triple doses of chemical ice nucleation every night now, in their determination to not allow, under any circumstance, my particular area of NE Ohio to warm up. We are all suffering, but Molly has had a growing list of health issues for the past year or two, plus her age, mental state, and deafness.

For the past year, she had developed this inability to sleep, or rather what seemed to be a fear of falling asleep, lately, sitting up, or resting her chin on my cot, in a constant state of dozing, and her head slipping down, which would wake her up until she finally crashed and relaxed on her blanket, usually resulting in eight hours or so of sound sleep. Then just recently, one of the few times I was outside when she needed me, or just panicked, she began wandering, apparently getting her front leg caught on something, causing it to swell, and make it more difficult for her to walk than she already had. I think that was the beginning of the end, because she went fast downhill after that. On late afternoon Sunday, I was finishing up my usual chores—scooping litter pans, getting water, replacing the ice in the ice chest, checking each time I came in to make sure she was OK. It was when I was putting fresh water in the water bowls that I saw she had finally zonked down on her comforter, which is what happens when she crashes. So it was only a matter of a few minutes since I had last checked her. But something was wrong. I picked up her head and it was limp, and her tongue was hanging out. I don't think at that point she was gone, I think she went into a coma, because I could feel blood moving through her body which was very warm. In fact it felt "alive" yet. So it wasn't for a number of hours later that she finally began to shut down. I had covered her with her green blanket and Goblin kept vigil at her feet. At first I was upset that I wasn't inside at the moment she went unconscious, but it is obvious it happened suddenly with no suffering. I buried her this morning, while my little Goblin looked on, very much upset. I especially worry about Maggie, who adored Molly. Since she is outdoors, she has not seen Molly since Sunday. She is a very perceptive cat, and I've tried to explain, but . . . .

Molly had suffered a lot in the past couple years with age and debilitation. All of Monday, she remained in the position in which she fell. She looked like a beautiful angel and so at peace—more peaceful than I've seen her in years. So death came quickly when it came and what better way to go? We have all been suffering immensely at all levels, but I firmly believe it is all coming to an end. Whenever Dane says that we won't be here by the end of the decade, I wince. I wonder if we will be here by the end of the year, at the rate we are going. I am certainly ready to leave here any time. From 1990 on, every pet of mine, including my chickens, have been cremated by the same family who own a pet crematorium. But with Gurdle's death, I opted to bury her in a container, as I am doing with Molly, because I am reluctant to drop the body off, and have the end come before I pick up the ashes, leaving me separated from it. Yes, that's how close I think we are to the end, or at least me. It has become very important for me—OK, almost paranoid—to have everything I love gathered around me here on this farm. It is my goal to be GONE from this hell-hole by the end of the year—or at least free from the Matrix—and I will go into more details on that in a bit.

This is how I see our situation, and there are many ways to visualize it. Here is just one. Imagine a pile of pennies that you begin to stack perfectly on top of each other. Even if they are on a perfectly flat surface, and you take great care to stack them precisely, as the pile gets higher and higher, you know that it is inevitable that at some point, it will collapse because there's nothing to support it. That is exactly what is happening to the planet, especially by those who are orchestrating the most destruction, seemingly oblivious to the fact that that Mother Earth is a living organism, and when all her life support systems are destroyed and she is constantly being bombarded with toxic everything, she dies, and everyone along with her. And like the stack of pennies, all it will take is one too many, and down the whole pile comes. So I am looking at our Earth situation as "any penny now." Dane is absolutely right, that we cannot survive a nuclear war, no matter how small. But I am thinking that the final penny could be something seemingly insignificant, done carelessly by some military (probably ours), or leader (we don't have one), or "scientist" or institution of scientists. Here's an example, and while the viewers oohed and aahed, again I winced. Research? An experiment? Or a potential weapon, like HAARP? In fact, isn't that what HAARP was supposedly built for? High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program? To shoot things into the aurora? The answer is "yes," and as Dane always points out, that's just a name to cover up its real purpose, which is a weapon of mass destruction. We see it at work all the time. Check out the earthquakes below. And maybe even the volcanoes.
Northern Lights Sky Brightened By NASA Rocket Launch

And as for the election, if you live in the U.S., do you really think there will be another President? Let us hope not, and for those who had an inkling of hope for RFK, Jr., that he might be just the one we need to make the changes we desperately must make, he just shot himself in the foot. My prediction is that his campaign is DONE. I've said a number of times that I don't trust him. I found his interview with Dane insulting, and wondered how someone who supposedly was such an environmentalist could POSSIBLY not know about climate engioneering/weather warfare. But THIS! Even I was shocked. He has made the choice to side with Israel and their mass extermination of the Palestinian people. Yes. Now, the people in this country who think that's the right thing to do will vote for Biden, or some other war-mongering insane or morally debilitated politician—I'm really not following the candidates AT ALL. And the people that so enthusiastically embraced Kennedy because they thought he was the one person to do the right thing, will be revolted by his decision. Therefore, he is DONE. He LOST. Period. And as Dane keeps saying, it doesn't make sa difference who is President. It's all a political circus. Here's the article. PLEASE read it in its entirety. It will make you sick.
An Epistle to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Sunday night was the first time I got really cold as I slept, and that scared me. The days are still nice and warm here in the greenhouse, but they clear out the skies at night so the temps plummet sometimes 20 to 30 degrees, and the ice nucleation makes it feel at least 20 degrees colder than that. I lost two of my kerosene heaters when the house collapsed, so I know if I do not get out of here, I won't survive if it gets much colder. What happened to El Niño? That was supposed to keep the Great Lakes region far above "average temps?" My only choice is to escape. That goes for all of us who wish to survive. More on that later. I am working on two other articles that will be published soon, as the global insanity worsens by the day. In Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 11, 2023, he spoke of "Thunderstorm Asthma" and V. Susan Ferguson supplied us with a link.
Epidemic thunderstorm asthma risk forecast
Every day now, more and more living beings are dying or becoming debilitated because of the lethal activities being orchestrated on this planet. How do you think it's possible for anything or anyone to survive? The answer is, it's not possible, and even Dane admitted that it doesn't look like we will be able to stop it in time. And likewise, the planet is being ripped to shreds. Earthquakes, volcanoes all over the place now.
Italy's Mount Etna Volcano Lights Up Night Sky
Iceland Officials Warn Eruption Likely In Coming Days
Earthquakes Ramp Up Near Iceland Volcano
"More than 1,000 earthquakes a day lately."
"intense earthquake storm," on Friday" (Nov. 10) more than 800 between midnight and 2 p.m.
Are these being engineered as part of the desperation to cool the planet? And at what point does the first domino fall that sets off all the others? Or does the crucial penny send the whole pile tumbling down at once? How much more abuse can this poor planet endure? How much more can WE endure? The only certain answer is that it won't just keep up as it is without a major breaking point. What we don't know is if it will be a sudden death to all. Perhaps this planet has become so evil that that's the only way it must be. I have tons more to share, but that will come in the next Disclosure article, which will follow this one. As long as I'm still here, I will keep typing . . . . And now back to Molly.

She and her brother Rex came to me when they were four-and-a-half WEEKS old, because the owner of the parents wanted to dispose of the unwanted litter as quickly as possible. Well if you don't have your animals spayed and neutered, WTF do you think is gonna happen? I held them for the first time when they were nine-and-a-half hours old, which was when I chose them out of the litter of six. Rex was the first-born, at 1 a.m., and Molly came fourth. Rex was always the lively one, in fact, calm was not in his vocabulary. He was the smart-ass, and the affectionate one. He was the leader, and Molly adored him. She looked up to him more than she looked up to me. In 2018, he developed what I was told was a fatal condition, but had I gone to a vet that was more intelligent and creative in the art of healing, I could have saved him. I found that out too late. Of course, I was devastated, but Molly was even more, and I worried that she would lose her will to live, as often happens with animals and people that have spent their lifetime together. So I realized I needed to reinvent my relationship with her, and that's what I did. I loved them both equally—I love all my family and don't play favorites. They are all precious to me, even the wild ones. But Molly stayed in the background when Rex was alive. Well, we changed that, and our relationship became all-encompassing. Since Rex died, Molly has been the major energy of my life. So, it goes without saying that right now there is a big hole within me. And since she has been in such poor health, my energy has often been drained. On Monday, I had a very strange sense that time was finely slowing down to a little more normal pace. During the last couple days before her death, hours flew by like minutes. Now I have more time and energy to give to my cats, not that they are neglected. I am their household servant, whose purpose is to respond when they meow. But I've been spending more time grooming and cuddling them, and certainly they are not in great health, either. What also deeply saddens me is that I know Molly was my final canine companion while we are still living on this planet. The thought of my life without a dog is devastating.

My goal had been that my remaining animal companions and I would all make this upcoming dimensional transition together. But then Gurdle died in July, and now Molly is gone. I think she, too, wanted to stick it out with me until we were all ready to go to our next reality. Perhaps that was her fear of going to sleep and dying. Though her conscious mind had pretty much gone, her unconscious mind, her spiritual mind was still intact. It still is. I feel her presence all around me. But I think we both knew that, unless we could make this tranformation very soon, her physical condition would succumb. So perhaps that's why she fought so hard to not sleep, when what she desperately needed was rest. When I buried her, she still seemed alive. Her little wet nose touched me as it always did. I am sure she is not, however there have been cases, actually quite a few, where people would come back to life as they were being buried. I did not bury her completely, as yet.

I have spoken much about My Own Little Planet, and people can think whatever they want, but I have enough years invested in the non-physical world to know that what I speak of is not only possible, but inevitable. Many people on the path to awakening and transformation speak of bifurcation, or splitting off of realities to accomodate those who are ascending and those who are not. But it's much more complex than that, and from what I am seeing now, I think it will be more of a shattering, like the smashing of glass into multitudes of dimensions, because people are developing their own unique vibrational frequencies. When we are free from this simulated prison, we will go to the reality that matches our frequencies, because that's how energy works. Woe to those who have opted to focus their lives on material wealth and pleasure, self-absorption and willful blindness. They will end up in a place like the current simulated earth, being controlled by Alien machines with Artificial Intelligence. We see that happening RIGHT NOW, so it's not just one of my theories. Those that are farthest removed from the dying paradigm are experiencing a totally different reality than those who are completely in lock-step with the Matrix. Lisa Renee is one of the many other spiritual leaders who have also written of this, as has Elia Wise. That's one of the reasons there is such a lack of unity now, and also another reason why a massive shift is coming. So it's not just about the physical collapse of the planet, it's about the inevitable energy shift, which will be the shattering of the old paradigm. And as for those who have opted to become machines and gain "immortality," entering the land of the soulless: their future may not be as rosy as they think. Remember, machines can be dissembled and shut down. Computers crash, and electronics can short out. Grids go down, and satellites fall apart, whose fragments hurl through space and crash or burn up. Need I say more? Anyways, please read this short and disgusting article.
Brain Implants for Elon Musk's Neuralink: Thousands Are Reportedly Lining Up to Have a Portion of Their Skull Removed

So when I speak of going to My Own Little Planet, I do not mean I plan to pack up my farm and fly off somewhere. I mean that once I transfigure myself to the frequencies I need, my physical reality will also transfigure as a result. Infinite dimensions can occupy the same space without interfering with each other because the frequencies won't allow it. So I will still be here on Cosmic Dream Farm, but in a higher dimension. Once we are free of the Matrix, we can continue to raise and shift our frequencies to create whatever we want. So it is not far-fetched. It is the way energy works. We have just been separated from our true selves for so long, that we've forgotten how things work.

In any case, it all excites me so much, I can barely keep it contained! The thought of finally being free to be who I really am and do what I want to do, which is to clear the karma of all the animals that have been abused on this planet, along with creating a paradise of beauty, love, peace and joy. I also need to heal my own karma for all the suffering I may have caused an animal, or failure to alleviate it. I have a load of guilt which burdens my soul, and I would bet that everyone who has a deep love for the natural world carries that guilt with them, too, perhaps bearing the burden of the sins of the world, as Jesus did. It is the soulless animal abusers who cannot even fathom their evil behavior. I think my critter companions understand all this, and perhaps know me as I really am, not as the avatar we have been forced to play. And hopefully they forgive me for all my shortcomings. They see beyond the façade, and know me at the highest level of my vibrations.

And so, my separation from you, my blessed Molly, is painful now, but we will all be together soon, and Rex will be there, too, as lively as ever. Goblin, Jasmyne and Grizzy, you'll be with your brother Tyler, and sister, Sofie, and Gurdle and Odie will be united with Murdle and Berthe. I have all the urns with everyone's ashes, I think about 40 from these past 33 years. Once we are all free from the yokes of the Matrix, and the lies we've been told about who and what we are, a whole new world of creation will open up. We will all be together again in a world without pain, where life is celebrated, not death. I look around and there is a deceptiveness surrounding all I see. I look at the ruins of my house and think, that's not my house, I know it's not. It is not denial, it is a sense of the surreal. The more one perceives the world energetically, the more striking this "unreality" is. In any case, I cannot express how ready I am for this transformation/transfiguration! And with Molly gone ahead of me, I'm even more determined to go. Does it sound like I'm wishing for a miracle? That couldn't be farther from the truth. Because once we remember our authentic selves, our rightful identity, we will remember that this is how things should have always been.

Meanwhile, Molly, my angel, rest in peace. Until we're together again. Soon.

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