Surviving Lethal Weather and Other Year-End News

December 29, 2022

I didn't plan to write this article but all my plans have been fucked up once again by the evil, criminal and sadistic US military and those who are employing them in this genocidal agenda. I won't go into the gory details too deep, but just a few comments on my own survival. I spent four days preparing for this weather warfare assault, physically, mentally and spiritually, so at least as of this writing, I and the creatures who are my family are still alive. I had bailed enough water for two days, and had several backup plans if I needed them. I brought my squash into the basement from the greenhouse, and set up my five kerosene heaters in the configuration that I thought would work best, and it did.

Friday was a nightmare. OMG!!! That wind!!!! But at least I only got a tenth-of-an-inch of rain and maybe two inches tops of sNOw. I ran all five of my heaters, going through 30 gallons of kerosene, and a major portion of my SS check, and STILL just avoided freezing. I was wearing two pairs of socks, leggings, sweatpants, leg warmers, a shirt, a sweater, a sweatshirt, a fleece hoodie, a fleece jacket, and a knit hat. I tried to get a little sleep curled up with Molly in front of the two 10,000 BTU heaters, but even right in front of them I felt ice cold. Saturday was a little better and I was finally able to wash and put on clean clothing. Sunday was unbearably cold again, but it has gotten gradually better each day. Today, all heaters are off, Molly and Maggie are on the porch, and the doors are open, but the room my computer is in is still insanely cold. Most of the sNOw is gone and the laundry I hung yesterday dried over night. And they are already planning their next attack.

And these ARE lethal weapons. Many people who did not take this seriously are dead, and I would be willing to bet that "Winter Storm Elliot" will prove to be another Texas on steriods. It took over a year for the official report on the number of frozen bodies discovered after that event in February 2021, and I would also be willing to bet by the time it is all said and done, the number of fatalities in this one will top 1,000. Will we ever hear the truth? Probably not. But I do know this: the tons of chemical ice nucleation used to fuel this absolutely totally engineered event was massive, and along with those ungodly winds, NOBODY will be found alive who was trapped or without power and had no alternative heat. NOBODY can survive temperatures like this for anything but a very short time. Be sure to read the comments for Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 24, 2022

Dane and I have been communicating on a daily basis for the past week or so. There is such a sense of urgency here, and I personally get the feeling that we are just a hair away from something massive. Dane sent me a pack of materials and I have been frantically handing them out and having long conversations with people and most of them I've spoken with, at least here in Portage and Stark counties, NE Ohio, DO know something is going on in the sky. Some just have that feeling, but others know and want to know more. Nearly everyone I've spoken to believes the government/military is behind it all, and some are very aware of much of the agenda. This is WAY different than the last round of distributions I made. Dane keeps urging me on and reminding me to let him know when I need more materials. We MUST get this STOPPED.

In one of his emails, he said what I have been saying all year, that they will not be able to cool us down much longer. I think THAT is going to be a turning point. We shall see how they react to it, or if they even can. I asked him if the military was confiscating Southwest Airlines' planes for their own use, and he replied, "About Southwest, yes, whatever is occurring is certainly not in our best interest."
The blizzard is just one reason behind the operational meltdown at Southwest Airlines
Hmm. Wonder how many employees "died suddenly." They didn't mention that.
Southwest Airlines scrubs thousands more flights as it struggles to rebound

Here's more lethal weather articles.
A Buffalo woman went out on Christmas Eve, telling her daughter she’d be right back. They found her body a few hundred feet from home
Homes on Lake Erie were encased in ice as blizzard whipped frigid waves onshore
At least 50 people have died across the U.S. in 'once-in-a-generation storm'
Buffalo roads reopen as search continues for victims of deadly winter storm
Kinda wonder why Buffalo is being targeted now, eh?
And Texas, and the poor innocent creatures that suffer from the evils of humanity . . . .
Over 1,000 bats plunge to ground in Houston amid frigid temps; most are saved "minutes away from freezing to death"

Here are more odds and ends. Someone posted this on Dane's site. I, of course, agree with it, as it is what I've been preaching for decades. I made the decision when I was quite young that I had no intention of bringing a new life into this world, simply because I had absolutely no interest in becoming a mother. Women are AFRAID to admit that because it would REALLY go against the official narrative that that's what women are supposed to do—have babies. Whatta crocka shit.
You want to stop climate change? Then don’t have children!

I had mentioned a bit about the explosion of "foods" that contain "bioengineered ingredients," in a previous article, and I want to say more on that subject, and it is not good. I don't buy that much junk food or processed foods, but a couple times a month I buy doughnuts, either on a Friday at Giant Eagle, which is doughnut discount day, plus I get a senior discount at the Alliance store only. But usually I just buy a box of a dozen assorted ring doughnuts at Walmart, where they are always only $4.97, which is pretty cheap. Well, this is what triggered the horror of discovering how so many items are being switched to Frankenfoods, or worse. I happened to turn the box upside down. Now, seriously, most people do not turn a box holding bakery upside down. But there it was, a tiny label with not only tinier print, but blurred print, so if you were not looking for that specific information, you would not even notice. So I began checking all their bakery. Same thing. I had words with an employee behind the bakery counter. She really didn't give a shit. The next visit, I had words with a manager. She said there was nothing they could do about it. I said, "Walmart can REFUSE to buy this stuff. Do you know how toxic it is?" She just shrugged her shoulders, and did not give a shit either, apparently. But the strange thing is, they also carry fresh sliced Italian bread, in-store baked, a big loaf for only $1.47, and I have looked over every inch of the wrapper and there is no indication it is bioengineered. so that is the bread I buy now. They also have loaves of French bread.

This extends to all stores. Almost all candy bars, packaged cookies, bakery, snacks, breads—nearly all are now bioengineered. Mr. Goodbar (Hershey) is not and Dollar General has dollar packs of different candies that are not. I tried chocolate peanut clusters and they were very good. I have not checked Giant Eagle, and their doughnuts might be safe, as they are a more hoity-toity store. Dane had mentioned, I think it was in the GAN linked above, about "lab-grown meat." Soylent Green, anyone? What EXACTLY is in this shit. I remember this summer reading of a lab in California that was producing lettuce containing vaccines. ALL this shit might contain vaccines now. The other uncomfortable thought I had is the fact that the shelves don't seem to be empty as they should be with all these crops destroyed. Why? Maybe cookies, breads and candy bars are LAB-GROWN too. I shudder to think what they are doing to us, which is why it ALL needs to come to a head NOW. I am SO READY for this to be over, NO MATTER WHAT. George Orwell must be turning over in his grave. This is worse than his worst dystopian nightmare. Here's an article, and it is a global issue.
Who Needs or Wants GMOs? Not the Public, Not India’s Farmers

Just one more comment and it is about the growing stupidity of the segment of the population that is not growing aware. These are just a few observations from the past couple months. The first one is about YouTube. I was doing some research for a book review I was writing, and was looking for a particular song that was sung by the Underground Railroad. Well, I found one, but when I played it, I was dumbfounded. First, the singer stated she would "give it a try." WTF?? NO, when you give a performance, you must PRACTICE first. Well, she not only didn't know the words, she didn't know the tune. OMG! A few weeks before that, I was looking for a video on changing the wick on my Senguko kerosene heater. I found two. One was a woman similar to the singer—had no idea what she was doing. The other was some smart-ass who kept turning the camera sideways and really distorting the video. Like, how the hell is THIS supposed to give viewers directions? I figured it out myself. I have always found YouTube How-to videos helpful, often put out by professional, say mechanics, plumbers, electricians . . . . OMG, not any more.

Then there was the day I was looking for clothesline at Giant Eagle, which is the only place that carries the type I use. I know exactly where it is in Ravenna, but I was at the Alliance store. There was a young man helping me, but he didn't know where it was, so we were looking to find an employee who did. We asked one young woman who gave us a blank look and said, "I don't know what that it." OMG, again. I said, "IT'S WHAT YOU HANG YOUR LAUNDRY ON TO DRY. CLOTHESLINE." Then there was the woman sitting in a public building—a small area. She had her cell phone on a table and was talking into it without holding it SO THAT THE ENTIRE ROOM COULD HEAR HER. She had normal hands and arms and was not doing anything with them at the time. . . . And the last one is about people who wear shorts. In public. When the temperatures are in the 30s. THOSE are the ones who freeze to death in cars. Sigh.

We obviously CANNOT continue life on this planet as we are. What will 2023 bring? An upheaval? It is already here, but most don't see it yet. They will. Will we make it to 2023? Every hour, every minute brings us closer to complete collapse. Then what? We are soon to find out.

I will get my final Farm Article out before that time. As mentioned in the previous one, it will be the yearly Photo Gallery, plus some odds and ends news. I have been working on a new Essential Videos article for well over a month now. I have two more documentaries to watch, plus a couple interviews, then I will get that published. At least that's the plan but plans are changing now by the split second.

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