Grey Areas, Part 2

August 2, 2022
I am finally getting Part 2 posted, and finally have my computer working correctly. It was nothing serious, just stupid shit to cause delays in my work, which is always a sign that I am under attack at the non-physical level because the issues are SO FOCUSED on ME. The initial problem wasn't the computer at all but my keyboard, but then a problem developed with the computer. One of the RAM sticks went bad, which usually can be easily diagnosed with a beep code, but I got nothing. So I found another computer repair place, this one in Ravenna, who does everything "old school," not like Computek who not only lied to me but ripped me off, plus wouldn't even touch my old XP because they were "professional," and didn't do hardware. Well, what the hell DO you do? Anyways, this guy said he WOULD check out my old computer—he does not use a diagnostic tool, but goes through everything manually through DOS. But they had a fire in their shop, so they have to run computers back and forth from their home until they finish the shop repairs. Which turned out to be a pain in the ass for me because when I brought my computer home the first time it still didn't work, so I had to take it back, then he had to take it home, then I had to go back . . . . In any case, he finally figured it out that it was going into "Setup" because of a problem with my keyboard. He kindly gave me an old keyboard he didn't need, which is quite nice, and it worked fine. For a day. Then I REALLY started having memory problems, and since I am not that familiar yet with Windows 10, having run XP for as long as I've had computers, I called him and he had me run a memory diagnostic, which indicated another hardware problem, plus I got an alert that my hard drive had a corrupt driver. So I removed the other RAM stick and all is well, and the driver problem self-repaired. This kind of bullshit just makes me crazy. I lost all those days of work, plus having to run back and forth to Ravenna. And add to that that fact that I had two major flooding events within a few days, and was up past 4 a.m. both nights dealing with it. Yesterday was the first day I felt like I had my energy back. And yes, it is Alien interference, and I've been putting up with it for decades. It has a trademark signature, that I have learned to recognize. This article will be about Aliens and a continuation of the growing problem of extremism.

The NEXT article will be a Farm Article, and will cover two areas: the "once in a thousand-year floods and droughts," as Dane spoke of in his latest podcast, and my farm, which is actually the best it has been in decades. I am still on my path towards planning to continue to farm all winter, with the optimism that weather warfare will be STOPPED by then. I say this because the situation on the planet is now SO GRAVE, that, either something will snap and we'll all be dead in a flash, or the controllers will realize they are committing suicide, OR something else will happen to bring it all to a screeching halt. As Dane said, more and more "experts" are now saying it is MUCH worse than they thought. I have LOTS to say on this subject in the Farm Article. Following that will be the book review of Angels Don't Play This HAARP, which I've decided to turn into a double-duty book review and article because I have SO MUCH information to share. Again, PLEASE, if you have not yet watched Holes in Heaven, please do, if you care at all about what is being done to us and the planet. The book is MUCH WORSE. I have gasped my way through half of it so far. I thought I understood all the horrible things the military was doing with HAARP, but, OH, MY, the information in this book is . . . . well, let me put it this way. It has taken me to a new level of my understanding of criminal insanity. Both the documentary and book can be downloaded for free. The links are in my article Essential Videos, Documentaries and Documents.

So, let us begin with Greg Hunter's interview with Steve Quayle
Alien Link to Human Destruction—Steve Quayle.
I want to remind everyone that I DO NOT support Greg Hunter after the hateful remarks he made when the Georgia Guidestones were vandalized, but I have nothing at all against Steve Quayle, in fact, a few months ago, someone commented on Dane's site that Steve had linked Dane to his website, and indeed, Steve mentioned Dane and geoengineering in the interview. I have no idea how Dane feels about Aliens, but I DO know he would never mention them publicly unless, or UNTIL full disclosure is made. Disclosure of Alien interference will make the insanity epidemic on this planet, along with the hatefulness and inability for people to see what is before their very eyes suddenly make more sense.

I will go through the notes I took on the interview, and there was much that I agreed with—the factual, physical evidence he has concerning Alien invasions. However, as a Christian, he also has some opinions, not facts that I do NOT agree with, but that is OK, as long as we get to the bottom of this, get these evil things off our planet, and be free from eons of imprisonment.

First, here's a video of 60 Minutes August 29, 2021, which I cannot get to play on any of my browsers, but there's a transcript.
UFOs regularly spotted in restricted U.S. airspace
Remember when Congress demanded the U.S. Military file a report on all the UFOs which had been officially observed by military pilots? I believe it was about 1,500. It got downgraded to 144, apparently. Well, the military came back with the answer: "We don't know what they are." However, the name suddenly changed from UFOs to UAPs, "Unknown Aerial Phenomena." Steve called it crap and says the military does know. Of COURSE they do! He said changing the name to UAPs was to take the focus off Aliens. The article calls it a "National Security Threat," but here is where I am going to bring up my recent theme of assuming all Aliens that come near earth are our enemy, so let me say a bit about that.

I cannot understand why people would automatically think that every Alien that was trying to contact us would be an enemy. For those of us who have been on the Alien path for many, many years, we know that they are already here, and many of them are US, who have come from a different planet or star or dimension at this particular time to usher out the Old Paradigm and bring in the New. The book I will be presenting soon, Letter to Earth is about just that, and these beings, US here and THEM still out there are very advanced, spiritually, although we here have struggled because there is so much working against us. WHY would people just assume that Earthlings are the most spiritually evolved, when in fact, most of the people on this planet are not spiritually evolved AT ALL. Spiritually evolved does NOT mean that you believe in the "Christian God" and follow the Ten Commandments and read the Bible and go to Church every Sunday. Being spiritually evolved is about reaching ever-rising levels of enlightenment. For anyone who has knowledge of Eastern religions, it makes more sense than to people who adhere to traditional Western philosophies. Yes, of course, there are very evil ones out there, too, but I have a strong sense that when the whole climate intervention/weather warefare agenda is blown wide open, the other needed disclosures will follow because it is ALL connected. Perhaps that is why this growing hatefulness and narrow-mindedness has bothered me to such a great degree lately. We CANNOT treat those who come to help us, as enemies. And for goodness sake, if you STILL have not read Bringers of the Dawn please make a point to do it now. The Pleaidians offered the best explanation of who we were and who we are now and what happened to change us. It was written in 1992 to prepare for the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, but I read it in 2018 and wrote three articles concerning it. Looking back, there were so many things they said then that have happened or are happening now. Hindsight is 20/20. By the way, the original Article/Book review combo is BY FAR, my all-around most popular page and that is GOOD! Here it is.
Bringers of the Dawn (Book Review and Article)
You can download the book to read for free.

Here's one of the photos that was unearthed in Mexico that Steve supplied to Greg. It was found in Tula.

Ancient Alien unearthed in Mexico

Of course, Greg begins the interview with his usual "God" rant and that they want to tell us that the Aliens created us and not "God" and it is a big lie. Again, we need to get ALL the facts about our origins. Lisa Renee speaks of this frequently, that there is so much we don't know. We NEED to know the TRUTH and be open to whatever the TRUTH is. And that means NOT jumping to conclusions, or inserting religious dogma.

But when Steve began speaking, he talked about the expedition and the equipment and cost! and the other particulars. And there are LOTS of artifacts. But he's not the first to discover this stuff! Here are some Mayan artifacts that resemble astronauts, and a short video from the series, Ancient Aliens.
Ancient Aliens: MAYAN ARTIFACTS PROVE ALIEN VISITATION (Season 14) | History

Mayan Artifact

Mayan Artifact

Mayan Artifact

Anyways, Steve goes on to say that we are talking about the greatest cover-up of ancient history. But then he refers to them as "Fallen Angels" from Genesis (and later, The Book of Enoch). OK, so here's where my disagreement comes in. First of all, I have read the Book of Enoch, and was not impressed. It seemed to me like some of the Old Testament prophets' books that were actually historical, in other words, written after the fact. But it is true that there is mention of the "fallen angels," who were also "giants" that had sex with the women of earth. Now, it would seem to me that these structures, such as on Easter Island or the pyramids, that even today with our modern equipment and technology, we cannot reproduce, would have been built by very large beings, so I agree they were giants. (Is anyone dumb enough to think that Egyptian slaves built them?) But the thing is, the earth people had no idea that there were billions of other planets and stars and other celestial bodies that beings could come from. So if someone came to earth from the sky, the Earthlings of the time would automatically think they were "gods." In Bringers of the Dawn, there is a chapter entitled "Who Your Gods Are" and I also did an article on that one. So, except for Christians who think that the earth is the only inhabited sphere in the Universe, and cannot imagine that there are probably millions and millions of other civilizations, whose members could visit us, most people when considering Alien visitors, would assume they came from another planet or galaxy, universe, dimension . . . . So the "fallen angel" thing is Steve's opinion, and though his team uncovered indisputable evidence of something that is not human, there is no evidence whatsoever that they are "fallen angels." Again, where we are at this particular time in the history of the planet, and in such a precarious situation, we need to avoid extremes, especially when they are based on personal belief systems that cannot be proven, do relentless research on everything, seek wisdom and recognize it when it shows up, and keep an open mind.

He mentioned that during the Congressional hearings, "Aliens" were never discussed, even though these spacecrafts defy the laws of physics as we know them, and I've mentioned that before, too. He also speaks of their previous expedition, which was located at a 500-mile radius around Mexico City. He said what they discovered here took place about 1350-1500 C.E., between the Aliens and the Aztecs. He said what they discovered included sex between Aliens and Aztec women, who gave birth to the strangest looking creatures. He's not the first one who has spoken of or implied such things, including the connection between Egypt and Central and South America. Here is a book I read several years ago.
Edgar Cayce On Atlantis
Steve also mentioned that some of these artifacts predate "Adam and Eve," and I have another issue there, because people who go by the Bible and still believe the "Adam and Eve" myth are WAY off in their timeline of human habitation on this planet, which dates back millions of years. Cayce spoke of that, also, as have many others.

Steve then mentioned the Nazi's ongoing connection with Aliens, and this is RIGHT up my alley. How many times have I written that something happened around the time of WWII because that is when all this creepy, lethal technology exploded, along with creepy and evil behavior by people in the military and government? Eh? I've been saying for years that none of this shit is human. He said to just look up "Operation Highjump" and "Operation Paperclip," so I did. This is what I found.

Operation Paperclip is about the secret transfer of Nazi Germans to the U.S. by the U.S. Military. Here's a quote from Wikipedia

Operation Paperclip was a secret United States intelligence program in which more than 1,600 Nazi German scientists, engineers, and technicians were taken from former Nazi Germany to the U.S. for government employment after the end of World War II in Europe, between 1945 and 1959. Conducted by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA), it was largely carried out by special agents of the U.S. Army's Counterintelligence Corps (CIC). Many of these personnel were former members, and some were former leaders, of the Nazi Party.

Here's some info about Operation Highjump.
Did US Navy battle UFOs protecting Nazi Antarctic sanctuary in 1947?
How many sci-fi novels have been written about some nefarious secret activity going on in Antarctica involving the U.S. Government and Military? Dan Brown wrote one, in fact Deception Point is my favorite of all his books.
The Complete Fiction of Dan Brown
And here is a Russian video, with subtitles.
OH, MY!!! Please watch. It contains historical film footage, and is about the Nazis who may possibly have had a secret base on Antarctica. It also includes their use of the paranormal, their belief in secret hidden knowledge which would make them invincible, and their belief that the Aryan race was the original inhabitants of Atlantis. But it wasn't until almost the end that I gasped and had to shut off the video for a minute to rebalance myself. What did the video then begin to cover?? The construction of a "research facility" in Alaska—HAARP!! I KNEW that was coming! The film supplies a few of the known purposes for its construction, but the final one is never mentioned: "the search for the entrance to the wormhole." Which makes PERFECT SENSE and fills in a BIG BLANK. They are searching for a means of intergalactic travel! This floored me, but also was no surprise. And the U.S. believes the exit of the portal is in Alaska, and the entrance in Antarctica. This will allow the military to "observe the movement of UFOs on our planet." OH MY GOODNESS! You MUST watch this documentary. It was made in 2006.
Third Reich—Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary

Steve makes a point of saying these Aliens are evil spirits, and they are but not ALL of them, just the ones that have invaded us and are controlling us. It is important that we don't lump them all together. That would be a ridiculous assumption, as is the assumption that your religious belief is right and everyone else's is wrong, or even worse—evil. By the way, Steve made the point that nearly everyone in Peru believes in Aliens. There's an awful lot around here that do, too, and I think that number is growing. As far as the webinar and documentary that Steve was preparing at the time of this interview, he made the point of saying that the dig was being filmed in real time and that cannot be faked. I believe the webinar took place at the end of July. He said there were twenty-seven different Alien species discovered. He also spoke of transhumanism and genetic manipulation, which I agree, IS Alien and I've been saying that. But Greg, of course, is only thinking about his fears that there will be a false narrative to get people to believe that "god" didn't make us, but the Aliens did. Well, I think they're both wrong and it is much more complicated than that, and I'm not even gonna go there.

He also spoke of Ohio, Pennsylvania—my neck of the woods and the mounds that were taken down by farmers, which included giant skeletons. The Cayce book linked above also covered the mounds, relative to Atlantis. He then went on to speak that the U.S. Government not only knows about Aliens, but has treaties with them, and again, I've said that for years, so I'm glad he did too because he has proof. Then he and Greg went off on the "every word in the Bible is literally true" stuff, and I tune out on that.

Many people think if you are not a member of a religion (Christian), you are therefore an atheist or anti-spiritual. Yes, Dane's mission has been difficult, but do any of you have ANY idea how diificult it has been for me to teach people about spiritual evolution? These are people who could NEVER "get it" that we are 1) multidimensional; 2) from another planet, star, dimension, etc, and that we have ALIEN ALLIES who are helping us. To these people, if you are not a "Christian human being" you are therefore Satanic. This closed-mindedness, tunnel vision, inability to see beyond their teeny-tiny belief system . . . . it must stop, because we have enormous changes coming at the speed of light.

Steve also makes the point throughout the interview that the Smithsonian has thousands of these artifacts which have been kept hidden. He calls it "the most guarded data base in the world." The last thing I want to mention is his comments on geoengineering. Now, mind you, I'm filtering out all the Fundamentalist Christian philosophy, but he says that geoengineering is taking down the barriers that "god" put there to keep the Fallen Angels out. Well, whatever, but I DO believe that there is SOME connection between geoengineering and Aliens. He spoke of stargates and portals and dimensional doors, which have allowed these entities in, and I DO agree with that. He calls it a containment or protective barrier. In any case, he says that geoengineering, HAARP, etc. is destroying all those boundaries, and I agree.

OK, well that's enough of Steve and more than enough of Greg. I do recommend listening to this. I kept focused on the evidence he had for Alien occupation of the planet and filtered out all the other stuff. Now, I'm going to share one of Lisa Renee's blogs from a while back. There's no date on it, but I've been saving it for a place where it fits in to what I'm writing, and it certainly does here. I have quoted quite a bit more than I usually do, because it is good material and I highly recommend reading the entire blog. Here it is.
Dark Arts Training
Here is the opening sentence: (Remember, 2012 was the year everything shifted and became more of a threat to the controllers.)
"Since late 2012, the human body is much more vulnerable to being used as a potential dark portal of invasion by outer dark forces."

It is suggested that we each do our best to stay out of lower forms of reactivity, mental looping and negative emotions with the victim-victimizer signature. These direct our consciousness into the lower harmonics and become self-reinforcing, creating a vulnerability that negative forces can take advantage of. The consequences of hijack and possession are heart breaking to witness and difficult to recover from. For this reason, when experiencing periods of energetic pressure or heightened life stress, it is often helpful to return to basics.

She then goes on to talk about Dark Arts Training, and this is particularly applicable after listening to Steve and Greg, with their closed-minded religious dogma. I'm quoting three-and-a-half paragraphs.

This term refers to a period in your life where you are pushed, usually through some sort of suffering, to go beyond your current frame of reference in order to fully comprehend what is happening to you. People at this stage may start to register there are energetic forces around them or influencing them and that awareness can be felt or sensed in different ways. Sometimes, this means pulling back the veil that hides negative alien interference in human evolution. Some people may use a religious context and call these dark forces by different names, not aware that the devil or Satan can also be used to describe non-human alien entities. Still, there are many people in the spiritual community that refuse to look deeper at the plausibility of non-human entities influencing human civilization and the current agendas of genetic modification of the human race for the purpose of the NAA's global enslavement agenda. Some common themes in this type of dark arts initiation are:

Having a first hand experience with extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional beings, clearly not human in nature.
Having an awareness of entity attachments, or Alien Implants appearing in your peripheral vision or lightbody.
Having people around you, used as Dark Portal puppets with entity attachments to incite chaos and derail your awakening.
Having an unexplained illness that can’t be sourced, sensing something unseen is draining your life force.
Having sudden awareness of thoughts that are not your own, with mental looping, increasing fear and addiction states.
Having a series of betrayals with close relationships that damage trust and leave you feeling totally bewildered.
Having a total dismantling; losing partner, job, housing, car, and friends all at once.

Rather than feel victimized by these events, this is a time to take 100% responsibility for your own spirit, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This is the time to build your spiritual house and develop some energetic muscle and Meditation skill. This phase usually requires that we educate ourselves about true earth and Galactic History, and go through a type of cosmic re-orientation process. If you don’t have an accurate assessment of the many forces operating on Earth at this time, it is very difficult to navigate.

Here is yet another paragraph, and on this I must comment that I am getting a great deal of information now that CANNOT be put into words and is indeed a "knowing." I am aware of my soul's access to the "field of all possibilities" and also of the myriad multidimentional aspects of myself—other manifestations of my soul. We SHOULD be pooling all of this energy and information so that each one of us contains the whole, but focuses, perhaps on different aspects. However, since there has been such a great thrust to keep us divided, we are limited to the miniscule information we have discovered here in our present bodies. That must and WILL change as we become more connected to our souls.

Dark Arts Training has a way of showing us where our strengths and weaknesses are. At this time there is only knowing, there is NO room for rationalization stemming from denial or attempting to think your way into a mentally perceived resolution. The rubber meets the road and we are forced to walk our talk, having been prepared to face the mysteries of the unknown standing before us.

Here's a beautiful poem by Dr. Jonathan O'Quinn from North Carolina that fits right in with what I've been saying in the last several articles about our necessity to not only connect with the natural world but to hold it in reverence. This was posted on Dane's site.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 30, 2022

Jonathan says:
July 30, 2022 at 3:04 pm

The thread of life

A delicate balance

So very fragile

Interconnectedness of all living things

Air, water and earth, all parts of the web of life as well

The very rocks alive, all of nature sentient

Tremendous beauty and life existing within a realm as thin as the edge of a knife in an enormous universe

Once it is gone we become Mars and Venus

One chance

What we do now will resonate throughout eternity

And another quote from a member of Dane's community, who so profoundly expressed what I've been writing about lately.
It is part of a longer post and from the same page as the one linked above.

Breaking the Chains says:
July 31, 2022 at 4:20 pm

[We have all been unwitting subjects in a sophisticated mass psychological experiment, as well as biological, physiological, etc. When we are dealing with people, we are dealing with victims. It is important to avoid falling into the trap of “victimhood” however a person must realize they have encountered catastrophe and experienced harm in the first place in order to be able to have a true survivor mindset.]

In order to have the courage to learn about and then take action about any overwhelming and terrifying problem, a person must have a strong reason to do so, otherwise fear will automatically kick the mind into a default mode of inaction.

It seems to me the courage usually comes from the natural and innate desire to live a whole life, to be a whole person and fulfill one’s meaning in life. It manifests spontaneously when the individual is in an internal healing and/or spiritual mood. I believe this is what people are referring to when they say someone “has that fighting spirit” or they “want to live”.

The frustrating problem we have at hand, I believe, is that so many individuals are in an internal mood of despair, which usually flows straight into moods of apathy and/or destruction. They are in deep pain within, which covers over and buries the natural drive to learn and grow. Unless they have another very compelling reason to face the truth, the fear will kick the mind into default mode even faster.

The default position of no action will typically transition into an immediate knee-jerk reaction of denial and escape, to run away mentally. I believe this is due to the distortion of our natural instinct for survival, although I’m sure it’s also related to the cognitive dissonance produced when an individual is gaslit by all major power structures for an entire lifetime.

Out of desperation to avoid feeling the crippling despair within, the escapism will become equivalent in strength to a religious belief and can take any and all forms and involve any number of ideas, both simple and complex. This will go on infinitely, until a person wants to find the meaning of their life and exist in a state of wholesomeness.

I believe this is why it is helpful to characterize the struggle we face as originating in the spiritual realm because it addresses this inner dynamic that is at the root of the problem of why people ignore and deny the truth.

The reality is that our home, the earth, sky, ocean and everything else is a beautiful miracle and so is every form of life here. If only every single person on the face of the earth knew their own value, inner beauty and profound ability!

If we can speak to someone’s inner despair and help direct their attention towards wholesomeness, goodness, and honesty, then we will have done our absolute best at helping them cultivate the courage needed to face the bitter truth, that is also the healing medicine.

And one more quote, the last paragraph of William Devlin's post, also from the same page as above.

william devlin says:
July 31, 2022 at 9:19 am

So worry not, and tune to nature. As undependable as SHE can be, SHE's still, 'MORE' dependable than the mind of man. Be fearless, humble, willing, patient, fortuitous and heroic. Above all, your first and foremost duty, since birth, is to remember God (without man made boundaries: ie—religion) TRUTH itself is the perennial RELIGION of humanity until the religion of man distorted it. "Connect the dots". As far as the criminals, "both active and passive", and the minions who roll over for it, . . .? I will leave that for the listening viewership to work out, on their own . . . !(?) Be in 'Swabhava', or Tuned to your nature Within, primarily, and Without, as a matter of fixed course. KNOW full well, Nature HIM/Herself will protect.

Mastery of the physical world;
Triumph over the illusion;
Conquer all fear;
Awaken and be free.

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