Grey Areas, Part 1

July 20, 2022
OMG, I have SO much information to share, I can barely keep it all organized, even with all my notes. There are two areas I will cover in this article, but there's enough to spill into another one, so I will do this in two parts, or possibly even three, followed by a Farm Article, or maybe the Farm Article will come in between. I haven't decided. I have enough for two Farm Articles, too. Nope, I've changed my minds again. When I got up this morning to prepare this for publication, I looked at the news headlines and realized I needed to publish a regular article on the weather. In fact, I will start it today. All those billions of people who are still blissfully ignorant that something is VERY WRONG with the climate are in for a VERY RUDE awakening VERY SOON. Everything else above still applies, so the best thing to do is to just carefully watch the right column of my Home Page so you don't miss anything.

I am literally inundated with information that needs to be shared concerning the weather, (and other related materials), which EVERYBODY should notice by now is becoming increasingly dangerous. Please, everyone, make sure you keep up with these because nothing is separate, you know. You cannot just deal with one aspect of our catastrophic situation, because there are so many catastrophes unfolding now and they are all connected. Climate engineering/weather warfare is the root of it all here on the planet, but Alien interference is the base cause of EVERYTHING going on, and I will discuss an interview with Steve Quayle by Greg Hunter, and he just did another interview with Dane, also. Even though I am really disgusted with Greg, as I expressed in my latest Bible Article and this one, too, I am NOT disgusted with his guests, so I continue to listen to his interviews.

When I post a new Farm article, the date will change under the heading "NEW! Farm Series for 2022" at the top of the Right Column on my Home Page. And when the date at the very top of that column changes, that means I have posted something new on my site which will always be found in that column. I will first discuss my two most recent posts. First, my latest Bible Article,
A Tale of Two (or More) Gods,, from July 9. Please read it if you have not already. Then on the 18th, I posted a book review that turned out to be more relevant than I first thought, in fact, even now, I am continuing to discover points of importance that I had not realized at first. Here is the link to that.
Lord of the World

So I will pick up where I left off in the Bible Article, in which I discussed the current dangerous attitude of religious extremism which is preventing the participants from grasping the big picture, including and especially, Greg Hunter and his ilk. But it is not just religious extremes, it is political, social, and everything that pertains to the way people are perceiving our current situation and hindering those who are attempting to stop the atrocities which are blatantly being carried out right in our faces. People are so wrapped up in the own self-righteousness that their minds are becoming more and more narrow when they should be expanding, to enable them to stand back and see the truth of what is being done to us. Those who stubbornly cling to belief systems without updating them, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually are just dangerous as the ones who are attempting and in most cases succeeding in controlling us. In fact, as more and more people become increasingly extreme in their belief systems, they are doing EXACTLY what the controllers want. Divide and conquer. The grey areas are disappearing, where people can perceive things with an open mind, which allows the soul and creative spirit to find solutions and ways to bring about change and ultimately escape our captors. One who is truly on the spiritual path is always updating their belief systems. That's why those people do not stagnate at the mental and spiritual levels.

Now, that doesn't mean we should not place blame where it is due, provided we have absolutely credible evidence.We know for a fact what is going on in the skies, but we still do not know the entire agenda, nor do we know exactly who is behind it. Dane always says it is those who print the money, but I'm not sure I agree. We obviously need specific names. Certainly we can follow the money and see who benefits from all these atrocities. And the same goes for the experimental Covid jabs. We know who is in on all of it—Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, and I'm sure there are if not thousands, even millions more. But my guess is STILL that it is based off-planet. However, one does not need to know this information at the moment. The important thing is to get it stopped. These are facts crucial to our survival, or I should say, to the possibility that anyone will survive.

But what I'm talking about that has become so dangerous is ignorant comments made by Greg Hunter after the Georgia Guidestone were exploded. And believe me, there's tons of people who agree with him. I went over this in the Bible article but it needs to be said again. Here's one I saved from CNN, but if you do a search there are lots more. It was all filmed on a surveillance video, and whoever did it could go to prison for 20 years. Well, good, because you know what? It really does not matter what your religous beliefs are. Blowing it up was a criminal act of vandalism.
Authorities are searching for the individuals who set off an explosion at a mysterious Georgia monument
Person who blew up Georgia Guidestones could get 20 years in prison says DA
And here is the Wikipedia page. They updated it to include the video of the bomber.
Georgia Guidestones
Here is a picture of it in 2020, and in 2008 when it was defaced. OK, so we need to talk about that, because it is a perfect illustration of my message here.

Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones defaced in 2008

Here's another article that mentions a 2015 documentary. I found it online for free and will watch it before I post Part 2.
What Did The Georgia Guidestones Say? Mysterious Words On Blown Up Monument

Dark Clouds over Elberton, a 2015 documentary, claimed the Guidestones were designed and paid for by Herbert Hinzie Kersten, a doctor from Fort Dodge, Iowa, who was accused of being a white supremacist and a supporter of David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Here's another quote from the article. Ah, that's the crux of the matter—those nasty Pagans.

The Georgia monument was first revealed to a crowd of around 100 people. A local pastor who was in the crowd said he believed that the stones were built for cult and devil worship due to their similar appearance to Stonehenge.

And please read the Wikipedia page, especially the "Interpretations" section at the bottom of the page. The "Ten Commandments of the Antichrist"? Really. Now, as for Pagans, and though I do not consider myself a member of any "religion" as such, the three I most identify with are Buddhism, Hinduism, and PAGANISM. Pagans worshipped nature. NATURE is sacred to me. Many Christians think they are above animals and plants, and oceans and mountains and all that SHOULD be revered on this planet. But instead, JUST LOOK what we have done to nature. Furthermore, we have an Old Testament "god" that demanded constant animal sacrifice rituals. REMEMBER, Christianity came from PAGANISM. Do some research on HOW MANY GODS were born on December 25. The whole "Christmas" celebration came from Paganism. And furthermore, here is the Wikipedia link to Stonehenge.

Here is a quote from the above page.

Proposed functions for the site include usage as an astronomical observatory or as a religious site. In the 1960s Gerald Hawkins described in detail how the site was apparently set out to observe the sun and moon over a recurring 56-year cycle. More recently two major new theories have been proposed. Geoffrey Wainwright, president of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and Timothy Darvill, of Bournemouth University, have suggested that Stonehenge was a place of healing—the primeval equivalent of Lourdes. They argue that this accounts for the high number of burials in the area and for the evidence of trauma deformity in some of the graves. However, they do concede that the site was probably multifunctional and used for ancestor worship as well. Isotope analysis indicates that some of the buried individuals were from other regions. A teenage boy buried approximately 1550 BC was raised near the Mediterranean Sea; a metal worker from 2300 BC dubbed the "Amesbury Archer" grew up near the Alpine foothills of Germany; and the "Boscombe Bowmen" probably arrived from Wales or Brittany, France.

The Wikipedia article talks about Stonehenge and Neopaganism. Of course there are other links within that paragraph, including the one on the Ancient Order of Druids, of which Sir Winston Churchill was a member. Here is the link to the page on Modern Druidism, or Neo-Druids. I have included a quote from that page below the Stonehenge quote.
Druidry (modern)

During the twentieth century, Stonehenge began to revive as a place of religious significance, this time by adherents of Neopaganism and New Age beliefs, particularly the Neo-druids. The historian Ronald Hutton would later remark that "it was a great, and potentially uncomfortable, irony that modern Druids had arrived at Stonehenge just as archaeologists were evicting the ancient Druids from it."The first such Neo-druidic group to make use of the megalithic monument was the Ancient Order of Druids, who performed a mass initiation ceremony there in August 1905, in which they admitted 259 new members into their organisation.
Druidry, sometimes termed Druidism, is a modern spiritual or religious movement that promotes the cultivation of honorable relationships with the physical landscapes, flora, fauna, and diverse peoples of the world, as well as with nature deities, and spirits of nature and place. Theological beliefs among modern Druids are diverse; however, all modern Druids venerate the divine essence of nature.

And finally, before I continue, here once again are the inscriptions from the Georgia Guidestones.

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion—faith—tradition—and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the Earth—Leave room for nature—Leave room for nature.

Seriously. Does THAT sound like the New World Order? The Elites? The Ku Klux Klan? Fucking seriously??? "Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts." "Avoid petty laws and useless officials." "Balance personal rights with social duties." Do any of the NWO people or WEF people or the Elites, or White Supremacists care about truth, beauty, love and seeking harmony with the infinite? And LEAVING ROOM FOR NATURE??? No, these are the people who are spraying POISONS on every living thing on the planet. And once again, here is Greg Hunter's reaction.
Guidestones Blown Up, Vax Deaths Blow Up, Economy Blows Up

I was praying to God for a win or a sign we are headed in the right direction in our fight with the satanic God-hating, Deep State globalists. The next day, the infamous and evil Georgia Guidestones were blown up and torn down by sunset. Inscribed on the huge 30,000 pound stones were the evil goals of the globalists such as "maintaining humanity under 500 million people." Of course, the creepy globalists survive, and almost everyone else has to die for their dark, Godless world without Jesus Christ. Boy, did the globalists have a hot cup of coffee thrown in their faces. My question is: Did they get so freaked out they just tore down the Guidestones because they want to go back under the radar of "We the People" and lower their evil profile? Too late!!

And that is my point about this religious intolerance we are facing. And these intolerant Christians don't understand that they have their beliefs just as other people have different beliefs. A belief is NOT a fact, therefore, it should NOT be forced on others. Until we deal with THAT we are going to continue to plunge into the abyss, because what is happening now is a full-blown war between good and evil, and people CANNOT call others EVIL because they have different beliefs. EVIL is a TOTAL DISREGARD for LIFE and for all of the suggestions inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones. It is about mind-control and slavery, killing and imprisonment, tyranny and everything that is lacking in Light, Spirit, Soul, and Divine Energy. It does not matter how you perceive Divine Energy or what you call it. It is GOOD, not EVIL, and those who immerse themselves in it are also Divine.

But for most of these far-right conspiracy theorists that couldn't get past the first line, THEY think population control means eugenics and killing babies. OMG!! Dane has said that we need five Planet Earths to adequately support the number of humans we now have on the planet. It is about unihibited consumption, greed, waste, and a total disregard for nature. Even if every single person on the planet lived in a way that allowed all life to thrive, there are still TOO MANY PEOPLE to allow all of us—humans, other animals, and plants—to thrive in a healthy environment. BUT if everyone was devoted to all life, there would not be an overpopulation crisis because people would have a different attitude about their supposed "superiority." My theory is, if there is a benevolent force out there that can help us to rebalance the planet, most of the human beings will be gone. I think I am right about that, and Dane has said repeatedly that most people will die. WE—those of us who are working like mad to stop the criminal atrocities are NOT the killers. Yes, the elites and the WEF and the Globalists ARE killers, but it is the population itself that has brought on their own demise. As Dane also says over and over, none of this would be happening without the active or passive consent of the population.

Now, let's look a little deeper into this population control thing. Dan Brown seriously got it right in his book, Inferno. And Harry Harrison got it right, too, in his book, Make Room! Make Room!, the book on which the movie Soylent Green was based. In the book (but not the movie), Sol is trying to explain to Shirl about birth control. Here are some quotes from my book review.

"But, Sol—you can't force people to practice something they don't believe in. A lot of them still think that it has something to do with killing babies."

"So they think wrong. Am I to blame because the world is full of fatheads? You know me well enough that birth control has nothing to do with killing babies. In fact, it saves them. Which is the bigger crime—letting kids die of disease and starvation or seeing that the unwanted ones don't get born in the first place?"

"I blame the stinking politicians and so-called public leaders who have avoided the issue and covered it up because it was controversial and what the hell, it will be years before it matters and I'm going to get mine now. So mankind gobbled in a century all the world's resources that had taken millions of years to store up, and no one on the top gave a damn or listened to all the voices that were trying to warn them, they just let us overproduce and overconsume, until now the oil is gone, the topsoil depleted and washed away, the trees chopped down, the animals extinct, the earth poisoned, and all we have to show for this is seven billion people fighting over the scraps that are left, living a miserable existence—and still breeding without control. So I say the time has come to stand up and be counted."

What IS IT with people that gets them all in a tizzy when they think their reproductive rights are being questioned? Just because we have the equipment, it doesn't mean we have the right to use it irresponsibly. Too many people still believe that "God Creates Babies." No, SEX creates babies. Read your fucking biology books. Do they think that some deity is up in heaven, or wherever, steering that sperm into the egg with every single baby that's born. What kind of sick and sadistic "god" would bring ALL THESE BABIES into these countries where people are STARVING to death and live under the most deplorable conditions that any human should ever have to endure. IF the baby manages to live, it will suffer mental and physical deformities from lack of nutrition and sanitation. Or what about these war-torn countries? Countries where most people live in abject poverty. And still the babies keep coming into a life of misery that is certain. How can people think some god planned it that way. I cannot wrap my mind around such ignorance. You want to talk about SIN, that has to be one of the worst—bringing a new life into a world that cannot support it. You want SATANIC? There it is. And it isn't just the less developed countries. Look at all the babies RIGHT HERE in the U.S. that are born to people that could never under any circumstances be competent and loving parents. And so the babies are abused and neglected and if they manage to grow up, they repeat the process.

So let me repeat, SEX creates babies. THAT is a biologically proven fact. "God creates babies" is a personal belief that CANNOT BE PROVEN, and yet it is being used to justify IRRESPONSIBLE REPRODUCTION. The Georgia Guidestones are speaking of RESPONSIBLE reproduction, NOT killing babies. As I have been saying for years and years, unless the human race completely changes their attitude, this sense of self-righteousness that "god" put them here so they can do whateverthehell they want as long as they "love god," we are NOT going to get out of this situation alive. Most won't at least. We should all be living with common sense, not tied to myths that are clearly endangering all life on earth. We need to expand, not become more narrow. People that think they are so aware of what's going on, and counting on "god" to take care of things are playing right into the hands of the controllers.

And speaking of irresponsible reproduction, did everyone see this? How many does that make now? About nine? Ten?
Elon Musk reportedly had twins with a Neuralink executive

Nobody can prove their religious beliefs are right, and yet too many assume they are. With the catastrophic situation that worsens day by day, we should be seeking ways to unite against those that are truly dangerous and that means letting go of this pettyness and meeting in the grey area between the extremes. I agree with John Lennon and imagine a world without religion, which does NOT mean a world without spiritual consciousness and seeking our highest realization. Religion should be abandoned but not spiritual pursuit. Too many Christians just want to make it to heaven without even exploring their own personal divinity and realizing that this present incarnation is but one tiny possibility and there are infinite others. What has me concerned is that, when disclosure happens about Aliens, most people are going to assume all of them are evil, too, and I'll get more into this later. But my opinion is that most of the other off-planet races are so much more spiritually developed than we are. If all these people cannot accept that not being Christian doesn't make ANYONE evil, how are they going to accept off-planet benvolent beings? We need to prepare for this because it is coming. Good or evil dwells within and it doesn't matter how a person labels themself or what myth they adhere to, it is what is in the heart and soul and mind and intentions.

Since this article is getting long, I want to just share a bit of the info I have on Aliens and just a couple points on the book mentioned at the top of this article. In Part 2, I will discuss it is more detail. That will give everyone a chance to read the review. I suggest that, rather than just looking for a new article, make a habit of scanning down the right column of my Home Page to see what new materials I have published. So many books I read turn out to be relevant to our situation, or at least trigger something relevant in my mind. I also have some interesting material from Lisa Renee, and of course, the Steve Quayle interview on Aliens.

In the book, Lord of the World, the Antichrist appears in the form of a man, Julian Felsenburgh. The priest who is fighting all of it, Father Percy Franklin, describes his struggle to keep from being pulled down into the evil that has taken over the planet. Here is the quote I used in the review.

  For himself, he scarcely knew if he believed what he professed. His emotions seemed to have been finally extinguished in the vision of the white car and the silence of the crowd that evening three weeks before. It had been so horribly real and positive; the delicate aspirations and hopes of the soul appeared so shadowy when compared with that burning, heart-shaking passion of the people. He had never seen anything like it; no congregation under the spell of the most kindling preacher alive had ever responded with one-tenth of the fervour with which that irreligious crowd, standing in the cold dawn of the London streets, had greeted the coming of their saviour. And as for the man himself—Percy could not analyse what it was that possessed him as he had stared, muttering the name of Jesus, on that quiet figure in black with features and hair so like his own. He only knew that a hand had gripped his heart—a hand warm, not cold—and had quenched, it seemed, all sense of religious conviction. It had only been with an effort that sickened him to remember, that he had refrained from that interior act of capitulation that is so familiar to all who have cultivated an inner life and understand what failure means. There had been one citadel that had not flung wide its gates—all else had yielded. His emotions had been stormed, his intellect silenced, his memory of grace obscured, a spiritual nausea had sickened his soul, yet the secret fortress of the will had, in an agony, held fast the doors and refused to cry out and call Felsenburgh king.

Doesn't Dane always say that the one thing they can't take from us is our wills? How many of these far-right Christians that think just because they believe the Bible word-for-word and do exactly as it says, will be easily pulled to a Lord of the World, when he or she shows up and promises to save the world. Even Bringers of the Dawn predicted that. How many fell for Trump's phony promises. Well, certainly Greg Hunter. In an interview, Elia Wise, author of Letter to Earth made the comment that there were so many people who had suffered abuse in some way, that when Trump came along, he provided something for them to relate to, which is why so many were drawn in to his fakery and sweet promises. If one does not do personal spiritual exploration, deep meditation, soul alignment and other spiritual practice that does NOT rely on a religious institution to tell them what to do, they will NOT be able to discern anything beyond the façade. I have spent years going on and on about the importance of learning how to read energy fields surrounding all living things. It is a keen sense of living partially in the non-physical world and seeing the goings-on from that perspective and that is usually accurate, although everyone makes errors ocaasionally because there are so many factors working against us.

I go through periods when I KNOW I am under attack, and they are almost always, now, connected to these storms. Yes, I REALIZE we are being mind-controlled by H.A.A.R.P. and all these toxic sustances being dumped on us, but THIS comes from off-planet because 1) It targets people specifically in their personal situation and hooks onto any inner fears or weaknesses, then uses them as a weapon; and 2) For anyone even remotely aware of energies, these attacks are obviously sorcery. After this last set of storms, and apparently we have nine days of them coming up, things have been really "unreal." I have been experiencing things that I KNOW are projected, like not seeing something right in front of my face, then seeing it. Last night I was up until the wee hours working on this, and when I went back into my kitchen/dining room, it was literally swarming with insects—bees, wasps, moths, mosquitoes, flies, waterbugs—then all of a sudden everthing was gone and all became quiet.

Years ago, I was easily caught up in it without realizing the source, and recovery would take me weeks, sometimes months, which of course would set me back in my spiritual work and also daily activities, because once you get "hooked," it takes much effort to get free. Looking back, I suppose that's what built my spiritual endurance, and now I can recover very quickly, which is why they keep hitting me with increasingly horrific attacks. This is also why I keep stressing the saying of mantras. Create one or several that apply to you and say them when you are doing something that does not require mental concentration, because it is in those moments we become vulnerable to mind-attacks. Saying a mantra keeps your brain focused on spiritual matters. Here's the one I use most often:
Mastery of the physical world;
Triumph over the illusion;
Conquer all fear;
Awaken and be free.

And yes, there is a Red Dwarf episode on this theme and a very funny one, too. Here it is, for free. Please watch! It is relevant!!
Red Dwarf Season 03 Episode 0—Polymorph.

One other point in the novel was that as the end was approaching, people, but only certain people experienced a disconnection from the present reality, and I can absolutely relate to that. Plus, there were strange happenings in the sky; it grew very dark like a storm was coming, but there was no storm. And it became anomalously hot! Now here are some links concerning Aliens/Alien Interference.
Recently uncovered 1947 headline from long-defunct newspaper offers "amazing glimpse" at UFO incident in Roswell
75 Years After Mysterious Crash In Roswell
This is a long and informative article that fits right in with what I've been ranting about, and I firmly believe that all these mind-control agendas are Alien in origin. They are NOT HUMAN. NONE of this stuff is HUMAN. It also contains tons of links to related articles.
Terrified of Freedom: Why Most Human Beings Are Embracing the Global Elite’s Technotyranny
Here is a quote from the article: "History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods, (according to the WEF). Well, we ARE gods and goddesses, but not on THEIR terms, by merging with electronic equipment injected into our bodies or sprayed on us. Our divinity comes from spiritual toil and perseverence, and the end result is The Awakening—a full-blown spiritual transformation. Do not confuse the two, as the far-right does, making it all into an evil! And also keep in mind that the Elite are talking about themselves becoming "gods," not the rest of us. Here's another quote: "What psychological qualities are needed to resist effectively? Mainly, just one: Courage." Isn't that what Dane has always said? The article ends with ways we all can firmly resist what is coming.
Several weeks ago, Dane played a recording from a 2016 episode of The X-Files that accurately predicted much of what has happened with Covid. This video offers an in depth explanation.
The X-Files Predicted The Pandemic, The Riots & The Vaccine
And here's another scary one:
Beware of the QR Code, Remember Agenda ID2020?

And that's it for now, but more is coming, provided of course, that I, we are still alive. A final confrontation is coming and it is like a freight train out of control. Take care, everyone, and be ready to jump into the next reality, if that opportunity arises.

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