Another Heartbreaking Tribute
Goblin: September, 2006-December 16, 2023

December 31, 2023

As mentioned in my final Disclosure article, I am ending the year with another heartbreaking tribute, this one for my little Goblin, the runt of the litter of five, born in September. 2006 by a mean feral momma, just outside the greenhouse. After they were weaned, she promptly deposited them on the porch and said, "Here—you take care of them." And so I did, for all these years. Grizzly Bear and Jasmyne are the two siblings that remain. As I mentioned previously, I was more prepared for Molly's passing, because she had been in such ill health for a couple years. But Goblin—not that she was in great health, but she was still eating and bouncing around like a normal cat, even in spite of her age. However, in all honesty, there had been some issues, and behavioral oddities over the past year. Nevertheless, this happened so fast. She suddenly could barely walk, falling over to one side. A stroke, perhaps? By the next day, she could barely move. I kept her beside my cot that night, because she had been crying out, and getting muscle spasms, so I was there to reach out and touch her, which calmed her down. But I knew she would be gone by the next morning, and she was. Then there had been an incident several weeks prior. The three of them were sleeping all on top of each other on the edge of a Sterilite bin, (stacked on top of another one). Suddenly, the whole pile slipped off, and the other two fell on top of her tiny little body. I ran over and scooped her up, and she seemed a bit dazed, but also seemed to recover quickly. I had, quite a few years back, an even older cat that had fallen, and several weeks later he had a stroke, but recovered, then had another, and didn't. So that could be a possibility of what happened to Goblin. Jasmyne always sleeps on the edge, and falls off about once a day, but she just picks herself up and climbs back up again unscathed.

Goblin used to curl up with Molly, especially in those last few months before her passing. As I mentioned in her tribute, I was not positive she was deceased. Rigor mortis did not set in. Ever. I left her lie as she was for over two days, so the others could know she had passed. I filled an 18-gallon Sterilite bin with dirt and buried her above ground, with her head uncovered, and I continued to check for possible movement. When I picked her body up to bury her, she was completely limp. There was just something so very unnatural about it all. And even after a month, her body still had not begun to decay. It reminded me of the old belief people had that the body of a holy person would not smell after death, as in Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov.

For the days before I buried her, Goblin continued to curl up with her, but after her body was removed, she began to go back where the "coffin" was and wail, as if she was in pain. I would go comfort her and she would stop. That has left me wondering if grief did not contribute to Goblin's sudden death. Maggie has also been grieving. She adored Molly, and being outside, she was not able to see the lifeless body or say goodbye. I am sorry I didn't bring her in, so she would understand. Every time I opened the door, she watched for her friend to come out, too, so we could take our regular walks. And every time it was me alone who emerged, I could see the look of disappointment on her face. I have made a point to get her to walk to the mailbox with me, as the three of us did. Now she has begun to cling to me. As soon as I go into the basement with my computer, she has to be on my lap, determined to leave her muddy footprints on every inch of my clothing. I keep a towel handy now, so she can sit on that. Those moments of close affection seem to be extremely important to her now, so I give her as much attention as I can while I'm outside to ease the pain of her grief.

Goblin and Grizzy were especially close and always slept together, while Jasmyne has been more of a recluse. Now, since Goblin passed, Grizzy is behaving strangely. Really strangely to the point where he is driving me up a wall. He deliberately will go where he knows he's not allowed, like walking all over my table where I keep food ingredients, or sitting on my computer components, tracking mud all over everything. He will sit in the mud or the coldest, wettest place, even though they have plenty of blankets and pillows. Jasmyne isn't dirty at all even with the flooding out here. (And not just me, but the whole area near me is wallowing in mud. Some of mine is calf-deep. I will get to that in the weather section.)

In any case, there are two agendas at play here. One is the totally confusing and unexplainable events that are happening now one after another after another, which leads me to continue asking that question I've been asking for years now, and I'm pretty certain the answer is "yes."
What If It's All Just An Experiment?
I am pretty sure that there are a whole lot of people enduring a whole lot of misery right now. But what makes it all so creepy, is that people are being attacked in ways that are unique to their lives and are guaranteed to not only cause a great deal of pain, but more to the point, to be obstacles that divert people from the things they want be doing. In my case, that would be working on my computer, researching, reading, coloring, farming—I have been one of those people who have always found great enjoyment in so many different activities. And that's the idea. They don't WANT us to do what we love. There is ALWAYS something that gets in the way of my plans. Full Spectrum Dominance. Artficial Intelligence is not only determined to have control over everything we do, but is experimenting with our endurance. How much must they do to us before we crack? Do you not see that? I see it all over the place, and most people who are unaware, in fact, are cracking. When people crack, they give up their sovereignty and unwittingly allow someone or something to take over their lives. There are many of us fighting for our lives at this point, and some of us are fighting for our souls when most others have readily given theirs up, having received a subliminal promise of prosperity and immortality. They are the ones that smirk at us who are going through living hell. Smirk all you want. Those of us who have opted to fight to keep our souls are now being tried and punished. But we will prevail, of that I am certain.

And so, I have to keep asking myself if I am really "here." Are my beloved critters real, or just avatars? Am I real?. Or has my mind been hijacked and projected into this false, simulated world? I've believed that none of this is "real" for about two decades, and the "real" awakening will come when we finally break free from the computer program that holds us captive. I've written of this many, many times, and I hope that each time I repeat it, I get more people to at least consider it. Once you break down that first barrier, the others begin to fall away on their own. And as for my critters, their behavior is so pointed at me to cause me distress, that I must believe that they are either computer simulations, or being controlled by computers. There is just too much here that does NOT fit into any description of "normal" reality or behavior.

OK, so that's the agenda that is taking place beyond the physical world, and most people are incapable of understanding that it is what we cannot see that is creating the illusion that we DO see. When Goblin fell so ill so quickly, all I could think of was that she was poisoned. But the indoor cats do not go outside, and we are living in my organic greenhouse, where I cannot imagine what would be in here that was poison. But as I've been writing for months now, every time these "systems" move through, the health of my critters has continued to decline. We are literally being fed poisons through the food industry. I hope everyone read my Final Disclosure Issue. It is filled with horrifying facts about the anything-but-safe "foods" people regularly buy in grocery stores. If our food is that bad, then pet food, even at its best, is probably much worse. Dane keeps us informed on the latest toxins that are added to the brew being dumped on us 24/7. And between the ungodly amounts of chemical ice nucleation we here in NE Ohio have been suffering through, and now, after months of supposedly above normal temps, we actually have warmed up, we are suffering with not only horrendous flooding, but gross, smelly "rain."

The fact is we are all being poisoned. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Killing us softly. And since many animals age faster than humans, thus having shorter life spans, it would stand to reason that their metabolisms would run faster, so the damage being caused would show up quicker. Which in fact, it is. But the other thing we ALL have to think about it what kind of human being would spray such poisons on living beings? Certainly not normal ones. Beings who are controlled by an on or off-planet mind control agenda being run by entities that are most likely computers, or part computer. Why would a computer care about what poisons are in the air or water or soil? Turning the sky into an electrical grid. And all these toxic (for humans) radio frequencies, which are not toxic for them, but essential. What if their agenda is to terraform the planet to suit them? All of these poisons would make sense. Remember, if ANYONE tries to give an explanation for all this that really doesn't make sense, then it is probably incorrect, and that includes Dane. To just pass it all off as being insane, or being carried out by criminal psychopaths, is not an acceptable explanation. In fact, it ALL makes quite a bit of sense, but we just do not yet have all the facts. I guarantee, when we do, I promise, the root cause of everything, everything, happening on this planet is ALIENS. I am planning another Artificial Intelligence/Alien Interference article if we live long enough. I personally am numb. In the moments I allow myself to face my feelings, the pain I feel for the suffering of animals on this planet is unbearable. Unbearable. And so I keep going, doing everything in my power to break the spell, escape the program, and set myself free. There is no other way. Just as a program installed on your computer operates in a certain way, you cannot make it do something it is not programmed to do. The only way to escape all this horror is to escape the program.

And so, as mentioned, this article will deal with all the non-food toxins we and our precious creatures are being subjected to. No matter what caused Molly and Goblin's death, I am certain these poisons played a big role. How could it be otherwise? Let us begin with radio frequencies, which could be the easiest of all of them to be rid of. Just DITCH your dumbphones. When there is no longer a need for a product, it disappears. All these people that say they love their animals and hate the horrible things that are killing all the wild critters, too, but how many people, to save the lives of their pets, would do that? Hypocrites!! 5G is a weapon and if people realized that, these towers and satellites would be stopped in their tracks. If the population refused to participate, those who are advocating this technology would not be able to justify it as something beneficial, and it would not be approved.
5G Danger: 13 Reasons 5G Wireless Technology Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity

This next article is much better, which again, proves what I have been saying about mind control and programming. Our own military is using it on their own citizens. What do they care? They have been experimenting on us for decades. Did you not even consider that it is being used on animals? That would account for their strange behavior. Do you think all this horrifying and toxic technology was developed by humans? I think not. None of this is anything a "normal" human would consider ethical or moral.
The Effects of Pulsed Microwaves And Extra Low Frequency Electromagnetic Waves on Human Brains? Governments Routinely “Classify Information” Pertaining to the Manipulation of the Human Nervous System

And now on to environmental poisons that nobody can avoid because they are so prevalent and persistent everywhere on the planet. I discussed glyphosate in my final Disclosure issue, and I've discussed PCBs in an article and book review, but here is one last link that I had saved. Even though the federal ban on their production and use has been enforced since 1978, we will not be alive long enough on this planet to see the day when their damaging effects have disappeared. This short article points out those most at risk, especially from eating fish and game. It also notes specific health issues, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is also associated with glyphosate. So again, even though everything is contaminated, you still have less chance of being poisoned by becoming a vegetarian or vegan, and eating foods grown locally by an organic farmer you trust. Easier said than done. I don't trust many farmers, but I do trust myself. If anyone's produce is safe, it is mine.
Polychlorinated Biphenyls Contaminant: Utah Fish Advisories
And here are two articles on PFAS chemicals known as "forever chemicals," but actually there are apparently ways to destroy them. This article, as with any article concerning the U.S. Military, makes me sick. These people don't give a shit what they do to harm people, animals, or the entire global environment, as long as they can do as they please.
600 Military Installations Are Leaking Toxic PFAS Chemicals Into U.S. Drinking Water Supplies
V. Susan Ferguson posted it on Dane's site. That's the only time I get on Children's Health Defense. And speaking of RFK, Jr., I have an article about him to post, then you will never see his name mentioned on this site again. And that goes for Greg Hunter and Steve Qualye, all of whom SUPPORT Israel's mass genocide being waged against the people of Gaza. And I'm sick of Greg and his guests going on and on about how "they" (the Deep State), are out to "destroy America." What a fucking JOKE. America is destroying itself without help from anyone else. Any country that sits back and allows their own military to kill their own citizens deserves to be brought down. And it WILL (and it will take the rest of the world down with it).
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Outspoken Critic of U.S. Foreign Policy, Endorses the Zionist War in Palestine
I may be wrong about this, but it seems to me I read somewhere that Kennedy stepped down from his position at Children's Health Defense because of running for president. Well, he's not gonna win, but neither will anyone else, because the likelihood that there will be any semblance of organized society by then grows slimmer by the day. Anyways, he didn't write the article on PFAS chemicals, which is a good article. Here are some quotes.

Beginning in 2010, state officials and later residents who lived near the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base were horrified to learn that the chemicals, collectively called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), had leached into their rivers, lakes and drinking water.

Thirteen years later, the community is still waiting on whatever it will take to clean its water. As a result of dogged activism and pressure from government officials, the U.S. Air Force has finally taken initial steps simply to contain the chemicals.

Wurtsmith is just one of hundreds of contaminated U.S. military sites. Under congressional pressure, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has acknowledged it has a big mess to clean up. It has spent years trying to grasp the scale of the contamination and assess the costs U.S. taxpayers will shoulder to clean it all up.

TAXPAYERS!!? No, this should be taken out of the paychecks of the officials at the Pentagon and those who not only allowed it to happen, but KNEW it was dangerous and turned a blind eye. They should also have criminal charges filed against them. But, Nooooooo.We wouldn't DARE do THAT. Nobody has balls anymore. The criminals are treated like heroes and the heroes are labelled as terrorists. Here are more quotes.

Further, there’s no clear scientific agreement on how to destroy the chemicals, even as companies pitch their scientists’ best solutions in a bid for a share of billions of dollars in looming government contracts.

So not only will the taxpayers foot the bill, but big corporations will PROFIT from it. And people think the Deep State is destroying America? No, it is the apathy and stupidity of American citizens who sit back and make nary a squeak about all this in-your-face, BLATANT corruption, that is destroying America. I will have more commentary on stupidity in a bit. Here's another quote.

Despite rising concerns over the potential effects of these substances, Pentagon officials have defended their use as a matter of national security, asserting in a report to Congress in August that banning them would undermine military readiness.

Have you noticed that the Pentagon justifies everything they do that is irresponsible or dangerous to its own citizens, "as a matter of national security." Like everything concerning HAARP.

The article also points out that "as many as 600 active or former military installations and adjacent communities are or may be contaminated with PFAS, and that they knew of the health risks associated with them back in the 1970s, but didn't respond until 2014!!!

And this final quote—Oh, my!! Keep in mind, all that money is just to clean up PCBs and PFAS chemicals. That's not counting all the funding they get to orchestrate all these floods and fires and earthquakes and tornadoes, PLUS the trillions of $$ missing and "unaccounted for." It's all so fucked, is it not? Here's Wikipedia's article on PFAS chemicals. And always keep in mind that these horrible substances that now permeate the earth are not only toxic to humans, but probably much more lethal to the poor innocents—the animals and plants that have no choice but to be exposed to them.
Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances
This is a lengthy and informative article that I am going to study more and I may use it again. Here is a disturbing quote, and I suspect when they speak of surfactants, that would refer to what is being sprayed on us that causes ice to be so slippery and also causes these horrendous multi-multi-vehicle pile-ups during sNOw-storms. And just LOOK at how many different kinds there are—"more than 6 million!!"

According to the OECD, at least 4,730 distinct PFASs that contain at least three perfluorinated carbon atoms are known. The United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) toxicity database, DSSTox, lists 14,735 unique PFAS chemical compounds, while PubChem lists more than 6 million. The fluorinated surfactants or fluorosurfactants subgroup has a fluorinated "tail" and a hydrophilic "head" and are thus considered surfactants. These are more effective at reducing the surface tension of water than comparable hydrocarbon surfactants. They include the perfluorosulfonic acids, such as perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), and the perfluorocarboxylic acids like perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

As mentioned above, I have a bit more to say about stupidity, especially as it has become an epidemic. I was speaking with a store employee as I was looking for organic peat moss to put down in great quantities in the greenhouse to absorb all this floodwater. Well, this particular store didn't have what I wanted (Lowes did). Anyways, I always find ways to talk about all this orchestrated weather and how nothing is normal or natural any more, and I went on to say how I made a point to look at the properties and farms along the way, and how everyone was flooded and filled with mud. She stared at me for a few seconds, then said, "You mean, because of the rain?" I thought, well, what-the-hell else causes flooding . . . .?? I knew that was a hopeless case and I didn't waste any more time discussing the completely anomalous weather. In Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 23, 2023, Jonathan shared this info.

Jonathan says:
December 26, 2023 at 10:26 pm

Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidity explains how this can happen.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer argued that "stupid" people are more dangerous than evil ones. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German Lutheran pastor and theologian. He was put to death in April 1945 in a German concentration camp for his views.

One of the things he wrote about while in prison is how This quality, which he explained is a moral quality and not an intellectual quality, are quick to attack those who do not see the world as they do. Anyone who has been personally attacked because of their efforts to alert people to the dangers of weather modification will find what he wrote very interesting.

I totally agree. The WEF and the Global Elite would have no power whatsoever, were it not for the stupidity of people. Anyone with a brain would say, "Like hell your gonna do that to me, Uh-uh." Then proceed to make sure their sordid plans never saw the light of day. Of course, many of us ARE saying that, but the vast majority sit there picking their noses with their faces stuck in their dumbphone, stuffing themselves with Coke and junk food, oblivious that there is a world going on all around them that isn't very nice. I hate going out into public, but when see nearly everyone talking on their phone as they're shopping, I think, WHO are you talking to, and WHAT is this conversation about that is SO important that you can't wait until you get home? It's bad enough that I loathe people, but I am REALLY beginning to HATE the sight of a phone. It has become one of the most dehumanizing forces on the face of the planet. As I have mentioned numerous times, I own a land-line phone that plugs into my computer modem. I keep it in a Walmart bag in a box, and only pull it out the few times a month I need to use it, mostly to pay my three monthly bills. So nobody can reach me by phone and I think that is rather nice.

Anyways, I looked up Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and found this article. The author is using Bonhoeffer's theory to explain the (incomprehensible) phenomenon "MAGA" (QAnon would fit, too). But Jonathan referred to the people that just cannot even consider the situation going on in the world now. They smirk when you try to explain, then mock you as to make it appear you are the stupid one. Here's some quotes.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer explained how stupidity enables MAGA

“Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice. One may protest against evil; it can be exposed and, if need be, prevented by use of force. Evil always carries within itself the germ of its own subversion in that it leaves behind in human beings at least a sense of unease.”

“Against stupidity we are defenseless. Neither protests nor the use of force accomplish anything here; reasons fall on deaf ears; facts that contradict one’s prejudgment simply need not be believed—in such moments the stupid person even becomes critical—and when facts are irrefutable they are just pushed aside as inconsequential, as incidental. In all this the stupid person, in contrast to the malicious one, is utterly self-satisfied and, being easily irritated, becomes dangerous by going on the attack.”

And that is pretty much what I've been saying, and Dane, too, I believe. He always points out that these agendas would not be carried out without the active or passive consent of the majority of the population. It is the regular people I blame for all this horror. As I mentioned above, the controllers would be impotent amongst a population that stood up for their rights. No one would EVER dream of getting away with what these people have done. Henry David Thoreau believed the same. We have a Constitution in this country that guarantees protection from everything that is now being done to us. And yet when you point that out to people, they just shrug their shoulders. Yes, that is the epitome of stupidity.

And now, back to the poisons that are being sprayed on us 24/7, which are getting more and more atrocious the more desperate the controllers become. And as the planet gets hotter and hotter, (and it is, and they know it), their "experiments" will become more deadly. Here is one Dane mentioned in his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 16, 2023 It is about them now spraying "Superglue" on us. Here's an article from Science Daily. You know, if they would have just left things alone the planet would do just fine by making her own clouds without the "help" of all these toxic chemicals. But now so much damage has been done, when they DO stop, and they WILL, one way or another, I shudder for what will happen then.
Superglue' for the atmosphere: How sulfuric acid increases cloud formation
Here's a quote.

The observed process of particle formation from sulfuric acid and dimethylamine could also be relevant for the formation of CCN. A high concentration of CCN generally leads to the formation of clouds with a high concentration of small droplets; whereas fewer CCN lead to clouds with few large droplets. Earth's radiation budget, climate as well as precipitation patterns can be influenced in this manner. The deployed method will also open a new window for future measurements of particle formation in other chemical systems.

The thing is, they've been doing cloud seeding for decades and we here in NE Ohio have been the victims of it. Rain and rain and rain and rain, It NEVER stops. Yet, other places are in severe drought. IF these people actually wanted to do something benerficial and benevolent, they would drop the rain where it is needed. But that is NOT what they are about. They are using the weather as a weapon, so all the rest of this stuff is bullshit. Now here's some info on Dimethylamine, pronounced "dai·muh·THAI·luh·meen." Dane also covered this in his December 9 GAN, previous to the one above, and it was also mentioned in the article on "Superglue." It supposedly "is not very toxic." This description doesn't sound harmless to me.

It is raw material for the production of many agrichemicals and pharmaceuticals, such as dimefox and diphenhydramine, respectively. The chemical weapon tabun is derived from dimethylamine. The surfactant lauryl dimethylamine oxide is found in soaps and cleaning compounds. Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine, a rocket fuel, is prepared from dimethylamine.

For those of us who love animals, and especially we who have lost our precious companions under questionable circumstances, the real question we should all be asking is "how much longer can any living entity survive on a planet that has become completely contaminated? As Dane frequently says, it's a wonder any of us can still function. I have one more article to share, then I will move on to the latest weather catastrophes. If the poisons don't kill us, the weather will, along with destroying everything we own.

Here's another disturbing and enlightening report from Dr. Joseph Mercola. It seems that this plandemic has created a psychotic obsession among "scientists" to vaccinate every living entity on the planet. Without them even knowing it. Or certainly consenting.
Air Vax—The Latest mRNA Delivered Into Lungs. No Jab Required
Here's a quote.

Saltzman says this “new method of delivery could ‘radically change the way people are vaccinated,’” making it easier to vaccinate people in remote areas or those who are afraid of needles. But that’s not all. An airborne vaccine makes it possible to rapidly disseminate it across a population.

By releasing the vaccine in the air, there’s no need to inject each person individually—which is not only time-consuming but difficult if an individual objects to the shot. This isn’t the case with an airborne vaccine, which can be released into the air without consent or even the public’s knowledge.

The same comments of total insanity that were made in the article I posted in my final Disclosure issue, on lettuce being developed that contained vaccines, and could eventually be grown in home gardens apply here, along with, I would imagine, the fact that this would be considered a "crime against humanity." As was pointed out in that article vaccines are a medicine, and doses must be regulated according who who is receiving it, along with the obvious Constitutional Right we have to make our own decisions concerning our health. Do you not see that such blatant hubris, this extreme arrogance and tyrannical attitude that seems to make these "humans" believe they have the right to do whatever they wish with all life on this planet, cannot POSSIBLY have human origins? Of course not. This is Alien technology along with the Alien mind control agenda, that has swept through a large segment of the population. What about our pets and wildlife? How can a human dose of ANY "medicine," (especially one that fucks with our DNA) be even remotely safe for a dog or a turtle or a parakeet? Or the insect population—the entire EARTH population, including soil microbes that are essential for growing food? Oh, yeah, I forgot—they plan to grow all our food in labs. It seems every day I uncover more and more horrendous agendas. WHO will stop this, if not US? Here are more quotes. This from the section entitled, US Government Has History of Bioweapons Release

When you put the pieces of the puzzle together, a disturbing picture emerges. As reported by The Epoch Times, we have a history of the U.S. government taking extreme measures to mandate and promote COVID-19 shots to the public. Now, researchers have developed an airborne mRNA vaccine, offering a vehicle by which to rapidly vaccinate the masses without their knowledge or consent.

Is there proof that the government or another entity has plans to covertly release an air vax on the population? No. But there is a history of it carrying out secret bioweapon simulations on Americans. In 1950, the U.S. Navy sprayed Serratia marcescens bacteria into the air near San Francisco over a period of six days.

Keep in mind that Dane has frequently played the recording of former government agent and second most well-known geoengineer, Ken Caldeira, bragging about how he participated in 239 covert biological experiments conducted on the American population without their knowledge, back in about 1977, I believe. And this one is even worse. These people also believe they have the "right" to conduct experiments with "vaccines" that will improve our morals. Hmm. I think it is THEIR morals that need to be improved. Again, do you not see that only a being that is NOT human would adopt such an attitude that indicates total nonexistence of respect for life? I find all of this beyond offensive to MY human and spiritual dignity.

Adding to the story is academic endorsement of the use of compulsory, covert bioenhancements. Writing in the journal Bioethics, Parker Crutchfield with Western Michigan University, Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine, discusses moral bioenhancements, which refers to the use of biomedical means to trigger moral improvements.

Drug treatments, including vaccines, and genetic engineering are potential examples of bioenhancements. Further, according to Crutchfield:

“It is necessary to morally bioenhance the population in order to prevent ultimate harm. Moral bioenhancement is the potential practice of influencing a person’s moral behavior by way of biological intervention upon their moral attitudes, motivations, or dispositions. . . .

“I take this argument one step further, arguing that if moral bioenhancement ought to be compulsory, then its administration ought to be covert rather than overt. This is to say that it is morally preferable for compulsory moral bioenhancement to be administered without the recipients knowing that they are receiving the enhancement.”

This is not about "improving" life, it is the final stages of a death culture in its death throes, which will be the subject of my next "Spiritual Activism" article. Next, here is some weather info, first a commentary of the absolutely shitty, misearble weather we are getting, and get most of the time now. Never, ever, in all my childhood years, do I remember weather causing this much misery and disruption. Disruption and distraction are part of the agenda, to keep us dealing with, often dangerous and always uncomfortable weather conditions. I could probably count on ten fingers the number of days in a year we get that could be described as a "gorgeous" day, and yet, my life was filled with them when I was a child. These younger people today DO NOT have a clue.

I recently read John Grisham's very first novel, A Time to Kill. When I read the first two sentences of Chapter 34, I paused, then read them over and over. It brought back fond memories.

For Day Two the sun rose quickly in the east and in seconds burned the dew off the thick green Bermuda around the Ford County Courthouse. A sticky, invisible fog smoldered from the grass and clung to the heavy boots and bulky pants of the soldiers.

I am so glad I read that sentence, because I was beginning to think I was imagining things, or that my memory had not served me well. But it did. I remember my mother always saying, "Well, it's gonna be a scorcher today." You could almost hear the sun sizzling, then it would rise and burn bright, but still not with the intensity it does now, even covered with all that toxic shit. My mom used to get up early to weed and hoe, because by early morning it was already too hot to do heavy outdoor work. I long for, yearn for those hot summer days that were of such a different quality than they are now. For many people, the UV intensity is intolerable, but here in NE Ohio, the shit they spray NEVER EVAPORATES. Often the grass doesn't dry until late afternoon, if it dries at all. Even days that "appear" sunny, are not. There is such a different feel to them and it is not a good one. It is one of dullness and sunlessness, even when the sun is shining. Yeah, it was HOT here in the summer, but we played in the shade and it was all glorious. I would give anything to go back.

And it is all so fake—so anomalous. As I've said many times, thermometers are worthless. And so are meterologists. And the weather is also closely tied to the mind-control agenda. Here is a quote from a weather note I made on December 19.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023. I woke up at 3:30 and was sure my clock had stopped, as I felt fully rested and thought it was closer to 7:30. But I fell back asleep, then awakened at 6:30 and was ready to get up. It was still dark, so I knew it was right. But it was SO WARM. I sat there drinking my coffee and was truly cozy-warm. We had that big “sNOw overnight. I could tell when they began to dump the ice nucleation on us, because it shifted to not quite so warm. But the other odd thing is that time seemed to go SO SLOW. I liked that. It was more “normal.” The rest of the day was miserable—cold, flooded, mudded.

This time thing is really driving me crazy. It just seems to go faster and faster. If in fact, we are living in a simulated reality (we are), then whoever is controlling it could speed it up or slow it down at will, custom-created to cause the most intolerable situation for each individual person. All part of the experiment, to see how much it will take to make each person crack. Most people crack at the least discomfort, and run to their doctor to get filled up with Prozac, or get drunk or high. Or maybe they just go to a public place and start shooting people. But people like myself and Dane and many in his community, or the people that are speaking out against the Covid genocide agenda and the people that just simply refuse to cooperate. We are the thorn in their side, so they keep increasing the torture on us, on every aspect of our lives, to the point where I cannot make a move without something "abnormal" happening. I am sick of it, and the only way out is to break free of the program. Nearly all my energy now is directed toward that goal.

Anyways, back to the weather. For probably over a month, the NOAA Outlook maps indicated above normal temps for us, (and below normal precip), but in fact, we got maybe two or three days that actually felt warm. Often it will feel very warm when I first get up. On December 20, the day after I wrote that note above, I woke up to 18.1 degrees, but I was shocked. It felt so warm inside. Again, I sat back on my little cot and enjoyed my coffee in front of a kerosene heater and said my mantras. It is so obvious when they do a dump on us, because it will suddenly change from warm to frigid. Warm and flexible fingers, to numb, and yet the actual temps might only go down a degree. But that is the ONLY means they have to cool us down now. It rains nearly every day, but that alone is not cooling us as it used to. Even the winds don't feel that cold any more. On the 29th, it went down to 31.5 degrees, but there was finally, after a long string of dark, sunless days, a bit of clearing. Then after maybe an hour, they plastered it over again. The laundry I had hung the night before was dry, and the inside of the greenhouse was bright and warm. But that changed in a flash. suddenly, it was black again, and my fingers could barely move, and it remained like that the rest of the day.

And so we have been on this roller-coaster, up and down, up and down. We hit 60.4 on the 25th, and now we have a week with temps supposedly in the 30s for highs. But each day, those forecast lows inch up higher, but almost no chance to see the sun. If the skies do clear, it is overnight, so the temps plummet. As of the 29th, the day I am writing this section, those 30s have become 40s, then upper 40s, at which point we will get drenched again, and cool down for a few days. People ARE beginning to notice that there is something very wrong with the weather. And at some point, those temps are gonna just keep going up, no matter what they spray on us, and then, that will be the end. Here are three 6-10-Day Outlook Maps, dated December 17th, 18th and 19th., but as I said, we here at least did NOT benefit from any warmth. And oh, one more point: As Dane always says, this chemical ice nucleation they dump on us causes a surface cool-down, but only adds to the global heating problem in the long run. Yesterday, I noticed my daffodils were coming up, Some of them are about 2-3 inches high, which also proves that it is NOT getting colder, despite the fact that the ice nucleation numbs the fingers. The actual overall global temps are now very hot. DAFFODILS! In DECEMBER! Oh, my!

6-10-Day Outlook Map, December 17th

6-10-Day Outlook Map, December 18th

6-10-Day Outlook Map, December 19th

Here are some recent weather disasters from just the past few weeks. I have arranged them by type beginning with sNOw. Turkey, again. I wonder if WE did that to them. Like those earthquakes. Let me repeat once again—on a planet that is in meltdown, nobody should be getting sNOw, therefore, we can be pretty sure it is chemical ice nucleation.
Turkey Avalanche Buries Cars In Nearly 10 Feet Of Snow
At least China ADMITS they are engineering the weather, but this is a bit much. 327 hours straight below zero temps in Beijing! OMG, that's almost TWO WEEKS. But it's all part of the game, to keep the populations from knowing the truth about the true state of the planet, and these countries are all collaborating in the cover-up.
Beijing Records Longest December Cold Wave In Modern History
Hmm. I thought these states were supposed to not get much sNOw. You know— 'cause of "El Niño." Right.
Major winter storm brings blizzard conditions, making travel dangerous during busy holiday across US Plains and upper Midwest
Thundersnow Hits Colorado During Blizzard Conditions
Not "climate change." "Climate engineering." And these people are worried about tourism and winter sports . . . .
"Winter is warming rapidly because of human-caused climate change and it’s having an impact on snow, tourism, winter sports, dinner plates and even allergies."
Climate change: Winter is here, but it’s losing its cool.
Due to the surfactants in the sNOw, no doubt.
Michigan Snow Triggers Multiple Crashes
And more surfactants.
Several Drivers Lose Control On Icy Interstate-94
More Than A Foot Of Snow For Parts Of New Mexico
No. What really happened here is that the temperatures were too warm for the trees to drop their leaves; apparently they were not sprayed heavily enough with defoliants; and the sNOw is fake. Leave it to The Weather Channel to make a story out of it.
Where You Can See Spectacular Winter ‘Snowliage’
And I will end this section with a new, brief summary of chemical ice nucleation from Dane.
Manufacturing Winter Blizzard

And here's the latest flooding and severe storms. OMG—this first one from Argentina!! I hope no one was on that bridge.
"This massive rush of water and debris was triggered after 4 inches of rain fell in Catamarca, Argentina. After the bridge was destroyed, an entire town was cut off."
Shocking Video Shows Bridge Being Washed Away In Argentina
"Severe weather in eastern Australia has resulted in the tragic deaths of at least 10 people in Queensland and Victoria."
Just take a look at that evil cloud.
Wild Australia Weather Leaves 10 Dead
"Flooding caused by hours of heavy rain has killed at least 22 people in central Congo, including ten members of one family."
More Than 20 Dead In Congo Flooding
"Pilots struggled to land at London’s Heathrow Airport in strong wind gusts from Storm Gerrit."
Plane Struggles To Land In Strong Wind
"A strong thunderstorm produced a likely tornado in Manchester, England, damaging more than 100 homes and buildings."
Likely Tornado Damages Homes In U.K.
Flash Floods Cause Problems In Southern California
That's quite a diversion.
"Severe weather forces cruise ship to divert from the tropics of the Bahamas to the chilly weather of Canada and New England."
Tropical Cruise To Bahamas Gets Diverted To Canada
Maine Flooding Continues As Rivers Rise
"A storm roared across the Northeast U.S. Monday, killing at least four people, causing widespread flooding and flight cancellations."
Northeast Storm Turns Deadly
Alaskan Capital Hit By Record Rain, Then Snow
“Unprecedented” Flooding Strands European Travelers
And one wildfire.
Wildfire Destroys Homes In Cape Town, South Africa

And two house explosions!!
Police identify suspect in home that exploded near DC and are investigating ‘concerning social media posts’ he allegedly made
FBI is assisting investigation into Virginia home explosion and a suspect is believed to be dead. Here’s what we know
4 people killed in Michigan house explosion

As I finish this up, late Saturday night to publish tomorrow, here are a few closing thoughts. Today, as every day, was miserable. Non-stop rain and black skies. But what I am noticing now is that when they do a dump on us, the chemical ice nucleation dissipates very quickly now. They used to spray us and it would linger for a long time. This is an indication, I would imagine, of them fighting a losing battle to keep us from heating up. When I went outside this morning to refill Maggie and Smedley and BC's food bowls, about maybe between 10 and 10:30, it was SO COLD that it burned my nose and throat to breathe, my heart pounded and my fingers burned, too. It was THIRTY-SIX DEGREES. That's above freezing and should NEVER feel THAT cold. But they had just dumped on us. Shortly after, it dissipated and felt pleasantly cool/warm. We went through this ALL DAY. Numbing cold, to warm. And the changes are INSTANT now; that's how fast the sprays are being overcome by the heating, and why they have to use higher and higher concentrations, I would imagine. This is disturbing, and the right choice/ would be to just STOP THIS SHIT, let us get hot, and allow the planet to begin as much recovery as she is able. But if they DO NOT STOP, I swear, one of these days there will be an explosion of heat, and then we will be gone.

Meanwhile, give love and compassion to the innocents who have been stuck in this Human/Alien nightmare. My Grizzly Bear is doing much better. I was getting so frustrated, not only by his bad behavior, but because I didn't know what he wanted or needed, and I try very hard to understand what my critters are attempting to communicate. As always, these "systems" give him a stuffed up nose, often bloody. I was swabbing his ears with cotton swabs with vinegar water, which helped a little, then changed to cotton balls really saturated. That made a big difference. By putting vinegar water in their ears, it goes where is needs to, to kill infections, whether it is ears or throat or sinuses. But he still wanted something else. He wanted me to massage his neck and ear, which, apparently was either itchy or irritated. When I did that, he became my well-behaved, sweet, affectionate Grizzy again, cuddling me and asking for more. By the next day, his health had improved along with his behavior, so now I know what he wants me to do when he is trying to tell me what's wrong. He is not sitting in mud any more, but is curling up with Jasmyne; his feet are all clean and dry and he's all nice and calm.

Berthe lets me know when she wants her water changed. They're pretty much in hibernation now, so I leave them alone unless they need something. BC has chosen one of the blankets I have on the porch for his own, and he likes his breakfast in bed! Smedley doesn't want anyone to touch him, but he comes when I call. The more you listen, the more you can understand the needs of the innocents and give them comfort during these horrific times. Here are some quotes from Save the Animals: 101 Easy Things You Can Do,
Chapter 32: "Improving a Dog's Life," which of course applies to all animals.

Food, shelter and water do not a life make—at least not a great life. All warm beings need love, affection, interesting activities, and the knowledge that they are important to someone. Too many animals merely exist in human homes, loved in the back of busy people's minds but benignly neglected.

In these horrendous times in which we now live, it takes a special effort to shield the innocents from pain which they do not deserve. I have so little time online when my computer is in the basement, and it's so cold and miserable down there, and it is not easy to work on a computer with a large cat sitting in your lap. But I won't deny Maggie that pleasure that she awaits when I am down there, muddy feet and all. Even when I am not giving them personal attention, I talk to them all the time. Jasmyne talks a lot, too, in fact there are times she never shuts up, so we have a noisy household. Yet, I always feel I could do better—give more, be more aware of their needs. Here's another quote from the book.

It's important to pay attention to your dog's body language—his or her primary means of getting through to you. A stare, a wag of the tail, a paw on your knee, a whimper—ignoring these "remarks" is tanatmount to ignoring your friend's "hello" or "I'm in need of something." Even if you do nothing more than wink or make a reassuring clucking sound or say, "I see you," at least you've acknowledged your dog's communication.

Dogs also have a wide range of vocal expressions. In addition to whines, whimpers and growls, they have quite a variety of different barks. By paying close attention you will quickly learn the difference between barks that mean "I'm so happy to see you" or "There's a cat outside the window" and I'm having fun playing" and "There's a strange human at the door." Understanding your dog's message gives you the opportunity to respond appropriately.

And that is all for this year. It appears we may make it to 2024, but for how long, we do not know. I take one day at a time, and the only planning I do is for my new life when I break free of this one. If I write a next article, it will probably be the next issue of "Spiritual Activism," and will cover war and the death culture. InMotion STILL has not fixed the malfunction of their Visitors Stats program. It is clearing at random, wiping out my stats. I only saw two people read my final Disclosure article, and one who read the first Spiritual Activism article. Good lord, I HOPE more people than that have read them, or else I really have no reason to write at all. I emailed InMotion yet again yesterday. This malfunction has gone on for over a month, and I am not happy with this company at all. In any case, I am behind on six book reviews, so will probably do them before I write another article. For those of you who read my book reviews, thank you. I have quite a number to publish soon that pertain to my articles.

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