Beware the Gatekeeper

July 29, 2022
When the going gets tough, the weak give up. I know that's not how the saying goes, but it is what is happening now. On the one hand, I am seeing more and more people not rolling their eyeballs when I speak of weather warfare. I try not to miss an opportunity to strike up a conversation whenever I stand in a check-out line. And I don't whisper when I speak on this subject. (Imagine that.) No, I speak loud enough so that anyone within a ten-foot radius can hear what I'm saying, which in the past would elicit scornful stares, often from store employees. Well, screw 'em. I've been going to these local stores longer than any of them have been employed at them.

But something different is happening now. I look around and see people straining to hear what I'm saying, and nodding their heads in assent. I often later spend time in conversation with at least one person. PEOPLE KNOW about these criminal atrocities going on in the skies. One gentleman I spoke with said he is hearing about it from lots of people now, and said he needs to get more informed. Of course I supplied him with my website and Dane's.

But on the other hand, I am seeing people who are very conscious in many respects, but are infected with The Gatekeeper. Remember when Dane was speaking of this? It is a mind control program that prevents people from moving beyond their preconceived notions and belief systems that are based on NOTHING that is proven true. Because so many people are realizing that it is not someone else who will have to face extreme hardships, but all of us, they are reverting back to their comfort zones. When someone offers an idea that is more soothing, it is easy to grab it then erect walls to block out what is obviously true. Once that begins, these people split off into a different reality where they are no longer seeing the same things others are seeing, hearing the same things others are hearing, but being fed information by The Gatekeeper, who distorts the truth. Once caught up in it, their personal boundaries begin to retract instead of expanding.

This is what I have been going on about in A Tale of Two (or More) Gods, and Grey Areas, Part 1. I will have Part 2 of Grey Areas out soon, but I have been having a problem with my computer. I just got it back two days ago and there is still a problem. I am trying to catch up on the past several days lost work. I will tell you more about that in the next article, because it was an attack, and we are getting them more and more, both from the physical and non-physical realms. But first I want to share a comment from Dane's latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 23, 2022 that perfectly illustrates what I'm saying.

KillingUsSoftly says:
July 26, 2022 at 3:23 pm

I'd love to say people are waking up the ongoing attack on our biosphere but what I am witnessing is a proliferation of apathy and much has to do with the so called 'truther' community on websites claiming 'climate change' is a hoax and using all the previous claims by so many politicians that we'd be under water by the year 2000, etc. So many 'experts' spewing off and using these failed forecasts as evidence for proof that see, it's always been to take away your conveniences and comforts. On the other side believers who have bought into the incessant MSM climate change promoters want to support the idiotic proposed mitigation methods to counteract the 'climate change' so spraying is a necessary evil for their paradigms. God help us.

When Dane spoke of The Gatekeeper on his podcasts, he referred to people who were awake on so many levels, but when climate engineering was mentioned, they would just shut down, and no amount of evidence would be able to penetrate the wall that suddenly appeared. It is often easy to tell when The Gatekeeper has suddenly shut down one's mind. I remember last year talking to a woman about climate engineering, and she was open to what I was telling her. But when I mentioned that there would be no Alzheimer's Disease were it not for all the aluminum that is being sprayed on us, she went ballistic. It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She became creepy and moved away from me, screaming "Get away from me; don't follow me," like I had suddenly broken out in leprosy. She said she worked with Alzheimer's patients and "knew all about it." OMG. This was a perfect example of some outside force taking over her mind.

More recently, I was talking with a young woman about climate engineering, and she listened and agreed with what I said. Until I mentioned the CIA and their mind-control programs. It was the same scenario. She started screaming that she was a Christian, and the CIA was NOT mind-controlling us. Well. THAT isn't even a secret. Just type it into a search engine and lots of pages come right up, including Wikipedia, and you know how they are. If anything is even remotely connected to "conspiracy theory," they won't deal with it, other than stating it is a conspiracy theory, but that was not the case here, beginning with MK Ultra. And what did her being a Christian have to do with the CIA and their mind control programs? Absolutely nothing. Her reaction was totally irrational, but to her it was a defense for something she did not want to deal with.

With both of these people, something triggered in the brain that literally shut down their ability to discern the truth from an ingrained belief that had nothing to do with reality. It was something within their own mind, perhaps some unresolved trauma or a past life issue or a karmic issue, or something pounded into them when they were very young. In the past, my attitude would just be to walk away and move on to someone with a more open mind. But where we are now, it has become crucial that people learn to recognize when something outside of themselves has caused them to defend a belief that is indefensible; that when the facts are presented, cannot be justified. Here is an article I had previously posted, but it is worth posting again.
Reality vs. Illusion. People have been Robbed of their Ability to "Decipher between Fact and Fiction"

I don't mean to keep going on and on about the Georgia Guidestones, but I will, one more time. Greg Hunter's reaction was certainly irrational, but what makes it dangerous is that he made it sound like ALL CHRISTIANS felt the same as he did, and if you weren't jumping for joy because "God" destroyed them, then YOU must be evil, too, and it is exactly that attitude that is becoming dangerous. As the situation continues to worsen on this planet, I worry that people with hateful and closed-minded attitudes will commit acts of violence, then justify them by claiming they are doing "God's will." Kinda like the Inquisition and the thousands upon thousands of other wars and conflicts based on religious beliefs. We CANNOT succumb to this, or allow anyone to think they can get away with it. We have enough to deal with here without more irrational violence.

To read Greg's response, which was posted in both articles linked above, one would think whoever blew up this beautiful monument was doing the people of Elberton, Georgia a big favor. I mean, gosh, the southern states have a very large Christian population, especially far right or very conservative Christians. So, wow! How wonderful to get this evil thing out of their town. But the people of Elberton don't feel that way. In fact, the monument was special to them. They are angry and frustrated, and are calling for twenty years imprisonment for whoever committed this act of vandalism. Here is a quote from the mayor of Elberton: "My initial reaction was heartbreak and anger, frustration," Graves said. "And I think that's consistent with the community's reaction."
A Georgia monument was destroyed. Locals blame conspiracy theories

Anyone who condones such criminal acts had better be careful how they express that. Or just keep their mouths shut. Criminal vandalism is JUST THAT and cannot be justified by someone's "religious belief." If that is suddenly perceived as something "good," or as Greg put it, a "sign from God," then we are truly in trouble here, internally. We all need to band together to resist the REAL evil atrocities being committed by those who wish to enslave us. Control the weather; control the food; control the money; control the world. They LOVE it when people like Greg make such hateful and irrational comments because it is just another way to divide and conquer. Here is another quote from the article.

That failed candidate, as well as others who believe conspiracies about the Guidestones, have falsely claimed that God struck the monument down with righteous lightning—despite surveillance video showing a person planting a device and running away.

Elberton Mayor Daniel Graves says his county is a solidly conservative and religiously observant, so outside voices claiming Satan's hold on the stones don't add up. "Our view of righteousness is not an Almighty God that needs zealots to do his dirty work and destruction," Graves said. "That's hatred . . . all the dynamite in the world can't change a man's heart."

Please read the entire article if you are interested in knowing the truth about the personal connection many of the local residents had to the monument. My heart truly breaks for these people, and for such a beautiful structure that called out to us, or whoever survives what is coming, to live our lives in a different way: one of peace, justice, moderation, and most of all, in harmony with all people and all of nature. What could be more sacred than that? The article expresses exactly what I have been saying, about extremism and its growing danger. It is a very good article.

I personally couldn't care less what people's religious beliefs are, unless those beliefs are used to justify hatred and violence and prejudice. I have had friends over all my years that represented just about every possible belief, and that is good. I always tried to surround myself with diversity, because that is how we grow and learn, and can practive tolerance. Unless we embrace tolerance, we will have nothing but wars and violence—a repeat of this life of hell we are living now. I will not be here.

And I want to point out that there are many conservative Christians who are also open minded to the truth. Last October, TruNews did a wonderful interview with Dane, and the second half of the video was on the Milgram Experiments which are, of course, about mind control and people doing what they are told to do, even if it means killing someone. I wrote a very short summary of it and posted the link as an "Article." Apparently someone has linked it somewhere that gets a lot of traffic, because that has been the most popular hit on my website for several weeks now. GOOD!! I am glad. Get those Christians to wake up and mobilize to stop the atrocity in the sky.

Those who see evil where it does not exist and react with hatred and violence had better search out the evil in their own hearts. And while they're at it, take a look at fear and unresolved pain. As Above, So Below, and also As Without, So Within. Yes, there is immense evil proliferating on the planet now, and those who react as people like Greg Hunter are providing an energetic feast for evil energies and entities. There are only two ways to deal with it. First, at the physical level, we must call it out and bring it to light. THAT is what the activists are doing, and I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to Dane and his community. He says he exists in "a state of controlled rage," but OH MY!—look what he has done with that rage!! The other path we must take, and we have to renew this path every day, every hour, every minute, is to keep moving away, at all levels from these evil forces. Rid your lives of what is toxic, because it contains the hooks to evil. That includes all this toxic technology, including everything "smart" and wireless; GMO "food," toxic people and mindsets, and toxic behavior. Live simply and let go of what has you snared. Focus your mental and spiritual levels on rising above it all. Keep a mantra going in your head whenever you are doing something that does not require mental energy. Disconnect from everything that reeks The Matrix and reconnect with nature, or the little bit of it that still remains. Seek out what is sacred and holy and what speaks to your heart. If we do not focus on being what we wish to become, we will get pulled in to the evil force, as I and many of us are seeing happening now, because evil masquerades as comfort and security. When the going gets tough, the weak give up.

I am going to spend the remainder of this article going through EACH ONE of the "suggestions" on the Guidestones in the hope that anyone still mentally blocked will be able to open up and be free. Everything we do that continues to free us from old bonds and mental pregramming raises our vibrational frequency and lifts us into a more divine state. And that's where we need to be if we want to awaken and experience spiritual transformation. Isn't that what we want? No, unfortunately, that is NOT what most people want. They want to return to their material comforts and carry on their old lives, business as usual. Sorry, ain't gonna happen. This is the Apocalypse, and also the time of fruition for those of us who have worked for so many years and so many lifetimes to be set free and ascend beyond the density of this third dimension. For those who aspire to that path, here again is the wisdom of the guidestones.

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

For people that insist this is about the NWO and WEF, please note that there is NOTHING here about killing of culling. Furthermore, the people that are set on depopulation have NOTHING to do with nature. They are KILLING OFF ALL NATURE, so why would anyone be DUMB enough to connect this suggestion with the depopulation agenda? Those who do are being guided by the evil in their own hearts. Remember, these Guidestone were built as a message to those who survive the Apocalypse. Most of the population will be gone, if not all of it. If we are ever to build a NEW EARTH, we must not make the same mistakes we made on this one.

For anyone that is paying attention, the farther back you go in time, the more Nature played an essential role. Worship and behavior was geared toward harmony with nature, because nature was the only means to survive. Food, shelter, clothing and pleasure came from nature, and it was reverenced as sacred. But the Industrial Revolution, with all its expansion into material greed and the loss of awareness of the critical role nature plays in our survival, moved humanity further from its connections to the natural world. Suddenly, everything we "needed" could be mass produced. Food came in a can from a grocery shelf and the hell with the farms. Populations exploded, needing MORE housing, MORE food, MORE wealth, MORE junk, resulting in MORE waste and piles of trash and garbage defiling a once pristine environment. As Dane says over and over, you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet. And in the midst of his condemnation of everything the climate engineers and those who print the money have done to destroy the planet, he ALWAYS adds, that it would never have happened without the active or PASSIVE support of the majority of the population. So, before we point out the mote in someone else's eye, we had better remove the log from our own. It is so much easier to point the finger at "evil" then to go within and find it comfy cozy in our own hearts. When we eradicate it from ourselves, evil will no longer be able to take up residence because there will be no energetic support for it.

That is what this first suggestion means. When we put ourselves first, believing we are better than anything else on the planet, we head down the path of self-destruction, which is where we are headed now. First and foremost should be our respect, reverence and caretaking of the natural world. It is called The Web of Life, and we cannot exist without it. Period.

2. Guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity.

Unfortunately, there are too many people that see this suggestion and start crying Eugenics. Here is the Wikipedia page on that subject. It is part of a series on Discrimination, which is the opposite of Diversity. Diversity is healthy in all forms of life. One of the most destructive practices of modern "agribusiness," is the lack of diversity. One crop is grown year after year on the same acreage, which depletes the soil and weakens it. Therefore, more and more chemicals are needed to grow the same crop each year. Farmers who work in harmony with the land practice crop rotation. What one crop depletes from the soil, another supplies. Legumes are one of the really beneficial crops to replenish the soil.

And so in the animal and human world, diversity is just as important. I have spent my life learning about people in all cultures, all belief systems, all religions. When we expand ourselves to be as inclusive as possible, we grow very worldy and rich in knowledge and wisdom. We have a much greater menu of choices upon which to base our own belief systems, along with learning to be tolerant of those who are different than us. As long as peoples' beliefs do not cause others harm, I say, live and let live. But what I am seeing now, as I've been going on about for the past couple weeks, is a growing extremism in many aspects of life, and and increasing lack of tolerance for others. This is NOT the WEF or NWO. This is PEOPLE behaving like ASSHOLES and getting hateful and violent about it.

Though many people associate Eugenics with Nazi Germany, the practice has actually been around since ancient Greece. 400 BC is the date given in the Wikipedia article. And the practice of eugenics varied widely. Of course now, with gene editing CRISPR and all this toxic technology—yes, of course it is evil. But that is NOT what this suggestion is about. People jump to conclusions before taking the time to actually read the sentence. Here is a quote from the Wikipedia article:

Another criticism is that eugenics policies eventually lead to a loss of genetic diversity, thereby resulting in inbreeding depression due to a loss of genetic variation. Yet another criticism of contemporary eugenics policies is that they propose to permanently and artificially disrupt millions of years of evolution, and that attempting to create genetic lines "clean" of "disorders" can have far-reaching ancillary downstream effects in the genetic ecology, including negative effects on immunity and on species resilience.

But the suggestion says "Guide reproduction wisely." Everything we DO should be done wisely, but for most people these days, I see very little wisdom in their choice of action and behavior for just about anything. Too many children are taught that they should grow up, get married and have kids. It was like that when I was a child and I don't think that attitude has changed much. I made the decision at a very early age that I simply had no inclination to be a mother and I stuck with it. But how many children have the courage to defy society's expectations. I know in my day, girls were made to feel that it was their duty to have kids, and motherhood was their most important role. WHATTA BUNCHA BULLSHIT. Along with society, it is mostly religion that pounds such beliefs into children's heads, and most are too weak to defy it. And so, many of these girls go with the program, and end up living a life of resentment, which is passed on to their offspring and the cycle continues. And not just about motherhood, about everything. We have made so much progress in technology, but so little in humanity. We have NOT LEARNED how to be wise and decent human beings.

The only people who should be parents are those who sincerely see it as a mission. I know quite a few people that are excellent parents. They teach their children morals and ethics, peace and harmony, love and joy and tolerance of others. They teach their children about service to others, and encourage them to be genuinely who they are, supporting them every step of the way. Does that improve fitness of the Human Race? ABSOLUTELY! And it has nothing to do with IQs. Some of the dumbest people I have ever met have a genius level IQ, and a string of degrees. This Guidestone statement means just this. Why do people think it is evil?

On the other hand, there are people who should NEVER be parents. I am one of them, and I followed my inner guidance. Children should never be the result of irresponsible sex. EVER. And even worse, people who have no desire to have a child should NOT have one. People need to get past this myth that some "god" sends every child. No child should ever be born knowing it was an unwanted mistake. That's TERRIBLE. No child should ever be born to parents that have no intention of putting any effort into the raising of that child, and yet it happens more often than not. Guide reproduction wisely. When we use wisdom to make all our decisions, we make the right choices.

If I were to write out an ideal utopia, people would have to attend training before having children. I know there are programs such as this in schools, where the students have a fake baby to take care of over a period of time, so they learn just how much work it is to be a good and attentive parent, which means they have to give up things they want for themselves. Then after the child is born, they should have to attend support groups, and again, there are already such groups because I know people that attend them. No one would consider advertising themselves as a doctor or lawyer or teacher or any other profession without having the training. (Well, I guess there have been a few cases . . .). So why do we take parenthood as this god-given right, no matter how incompetent the parents? PARENTHOOD should be taken as seriously as a paid profession. Or even more seriously, because it is about being responsible for bringing a new life into the world and nurturing it to become a good human being.

Now, somebody please tell me WHAT is wrong with this Guidestone suggestion? Nothing is wrong with it. Let us continue, and the next eight are much simpler.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

Well, I think that's a great idea! Esperanto "created in 1887 by Warsaw-based ophthalmologist L. L. Zamenhof in 1887, it was intended to be a universal second language for international communication, or "the international language," according to Wikipedia. They also say, "According to Zamenhof, he created the language to reduce the "time and labor we spend in learning foreign tongues", and to foster harmony between people from different countries: "Were there but an international language, all translations would be made into it alone . . . and all nations would be united in a common brotherhood." And that doesn't mean people need to stop speaking their native language either. There are numerous countries that are bilingual or multilingual, and as I've mentioned before, I would love to have the time to become proficient in other languages. Here's a list of the bilingual countries of the world:
List of multilingual countries and regions.
Here is a good map of the countries that require students learn English.
Countries in which English Language is a Mandatory or an Optional Subject (interactive)

4. Rule passion—faith—tradition—and all things with tempered reason.

Again, we have become "distempered" and unreasonable in too many areas. If the human race had lived wisely all these years, especially in modern society, we would not be in the situation we are in. Had we nurtured prudence, selflessness, service to others, moderation in all things, simple living, thrift and had we avoided wastefulness, laziness, apathy and greed, do you REALLY THINK that people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab would have been able to get away with what they are doing? WE NEED TO TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT OURSELVES, or we will be gone very soon. It is called being responsible and owning up to our inability to pay attention to what is going on around us. It has been so much easier to elect people and give them complete reign over our lives. The chickens have come home to roost, as the saying goes.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

This is a no-brainer and I don't see how anyone could argue with it. We have NEITHER. People are NOT protected, laws are ridiculous, and protect the rich criminals rather than the poor law-abiders. Courts? They're all corrupt from local to world. And how has this happened? See the comments above.

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Well, supposedly we have that with the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands. Crimes Against Humanity charges have been filed against a whole slew of criminal billionaires, including Bill and Melinda Gates. What is the status? Anyone know? This particular suggestion would also imply that countries like the United States should keep their noses out of other countries' business which would be a good thing.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

That would put A LOT OF RICH PEOPLE out of a job, eh? I'm all for it.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

In our "me" society, personal rights have taken over most people's sense of social duties, and because of that we are losing all our personal rights. Social duties require that we participate in the governing of our society, but because people lack interest in paying attention to what the people who are supposed to be governing us are really doing, we have allowed them to become tyrants, right under our noses.

9. Prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite.

I cannot fathom why anyone would dispute this one. Oh, yeah, right. We have become a race of creatures who value lies, ugliness, hatefulness and discord. We cannot recognize the infinite because we are too focused on our own narrow, tiny self-filled world.

10. Be not a cancer on the Earth—Leave room for nature—Leave room for nature.

We HAVE become a cancer on the Earth. A cancer keeps draining off all the life force from its host until the host dies and so does the cancer. We have crowded out all other species of plants and animals with our asphalt and cement and endless towers. More, more, more. More buildings, more roads, more junk, junk, junk that soon ends up in the endless landfills that never go away. More nuclear power plants just waiting to become another Fukushima or Chernobyl. On the land, in the oceans, in the sky and now even in space the human cancer has spread killing everything in its path.

For anyone who STILL is delusional enough to believe the Georgia Guidestones are evil, and are connected to the NWO, I suggest looking at the evil within and dealing with that first. Get unhooked and allow yourself to step back and step away. We are all going through a terrible time, and dealing with it in different ways, or not dealing with it at all. Denial only hurls you deeper into the abyss, all the more reason to face the truth, head-on, but it is so much easier to blame someone or something else, especially when it points out a truth that terrifies us. What we all need now is strength and unity to resist the forces upon us together. That is our only hope.

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