The Mass Deception of Engineered Winter

November 22, 2022

Monday was the first day in about a week that I was able to emerge from my prison of horrendously frigid temperatures, parked in front of my kerosene heater, trying to keep from freezing to death. What is left of my house provides almost no protection from the elements at this time and if we do NOT STOP this atrocity going on in the skies, I will not survive this winter if it is even close to what is was last year. I again am eternally grateful to all those who helped me though with financial donations. I also realize that there are many who "pitied" me or thought me pathetic. Just wait. Your day will come and it IS for many. It is not until people suffer to the point where they face death that (some) will finally wake up and fight. People are already facing the decision of either eating or heating their homes. That is not going to be an option if engineered winter weather continues. NOBODY will survive these temperatures without heat. PERIOD. The chemical ice nucleation concentrations are getting stronger and stronger as the planet continues to heat. The planet is HOT and the weather controllers know if they stop what they are doing, temperatures will soar and they will never be able to cool them down again. But they must stop or we have no chance to survive. How much longer can this continue?
‘It’s like living in an igloo.’ People are turning off their heat as prices surge

I have all my stuff ready to publish a Farm Article and Bible Article, but the room where my computer is is not heated and my fingers go numb in a minute trying to type. Even with the outdoor temperatures up into the 50s, indoors it feels like 30s, especially in this unheated room, so I am still struggling to get this completed. The nights have been insanely cold and it takes forever to feel warm. Often at night there is nothing I can do to feel warm, and it takes me until late morning to get going. This angers and frustrates me beyond comprehension. I have always been one to rise early and get going on my plans for the day. I am SO SICK of my life being disrupted. ALL OUR LIVES are being disrupted. Why are we not outraged and taking appropriate action??

I had planned to make the latest news on engineered winter part of the Farm Article, but I have way too much to share. It looks like we have some warmer days coming, so I should be able to get some projects completed on my computer. I am absolutely bewildered that people STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND that the planet is in meltdown and MOST PEOPLE should NOT have to heat their homes at this point. Where is the outrage?? Why are people allowing this? Many people now "get it" that the plandemic was fully orchestrated. Most of them are smug that they did not get the killer "vaccine" and the hell with everyone else. Many people understand that the shortages and financial difficulties are also being orchestrated but also think that when the "war" in the Ukraine is over, or "their" candidate gets elected, or some other absurd reasoning, that we will "go back to normal" and it will be just fine. The fact that people are planning for their future based on the false reality that is collapsing by the day proves that they are only willing to face the world according to their delusions. And that includes the preposterous delusion that the U.S. military and government are there to take care of their people, and that also applies to most other militaries and governments throughout the, especially, "developed nations." Of course, the media provides those deceptions, as in this quote from the article above.

Several factors are driving hikes in home heating prices, including the war in Ukraine, OPEC+ cuts, a surge in energy exports, lower energy inventories, and a high demand for natural gas in the US electric power sector, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Dane's Global Alert News podcasts become more and more dire and sobering each week. In his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 19, 2022, he, as usual, covered engineered winter and the collapse of civilization from all its angles. He compared it to a branch snapping. The more force it takes, the more violent the snap. He also said, "None of this is going to continue much longer," and I totally agree. But I also believe that the more force that comes with the collapse, the more to our advantage it will be, not that any of this will be anything resembling easy. But I look at it this way: these people in the government and military and especially the Global Elites think they are infallible. They are so wrapped up in their hubris that they really connot imagine that they are not in control of the situation. But I don't think they have a clue as to just how bad the climate situation really is. And I think they believe they can continue with their lies and fraud concerning the economy. I mean, seriously, just look at the stock market rising. BUT, here we have a case of billionaire one minute and rock-bottom the next. Of COURSE it was fraud, but there isn't anything about the current financial system that isn't fraud.
FTX crash is eerily similar to the Bernie Madoff scandal, ex-regulator Sheila Bair says

Here is one of Greg Hunter's interviews. I am not able to listen to it with everything else I'm dealing with, however, I found Greg's commentary interesting. Please at least read the entire text. Here's a long quote from the opening.
FTX Implosion Leads to Chaos in the Streets—Bix Weir

According to precious metals and financial expert Bix Weir, when the FTX cryptocurrency exchange imploded, it took with it billions of dollars of investments. It now has more than a million creditors both big and small. Weir says it is the tip of the iceberg in a dying over-indebted system. Weir contends it is orders of magnitude worse than the Lehman Brothers meltdown that caused the Great Recession in 2008. Weir explains, “Does it really matter if we control the House or the Senate or the Presidency? The only thing that will matter, the only thing that will change what is going on is when the ATMs shut off and, all of a sudden, people cannot get money out of the bank. That would change things really fast. I think it will happen. All we need is one highly connected derivative bank to go down, and they all go down. They can bail out a trillion-dollar bank, but they cannot bail out a $2 quadrillion failure, and that is what is coming. The moment that hits is when everybody will say, okay, nobody is getting paid off. . . .We are going to find out in about a month how many counterparties in the FTX debacle will be translated into the derivatives, which is probably 100 times bigger than what happened on FTX. Every one of those people on the FTX ledger was placing derivative bets that were hedging their crypto position. Now, their crypto positions have disappeared. The actual cryptos are no longer there . . . that is what was hedging this transaction. There are two sides to a derivative trade. If one side loses, they double lose. So, we could see a massive, massive fallout from the derivative mess.”

And the law of the jungle will take over, and the pitchforks and torches will come out, and there will be SO MANY people FINALLY outraged enough to go after these criminals. But will the military step in and "eliminate" vast numbers of the population? Perhaps they won't be able to, and THEY will be shut down like everything else, and it ALL WILL BE shut down. How will they finance their agenda? That's why it will be better if it all comes at once, because at that point the perpetrators of all these lies and misery will become the prey. If things happen more gradually, they will have more time to fine-tune their agenda, but all at once, they'll be in a state of chaos and paralysis. At least that's the way I see it.

I want to spend most of the rest of this article on Hurricane Nicole and this outrageous "cool-down" of most of the contiguous 48, plus my weather situation and observations. If you have not listened to Dane's Engineering Winter: The Untold Story Of Hurricane Nicole, please do so now. Well. I said that, didn't I—that here was the means of the cool-down here in the east? I cannot stress ENOUGH how we must circulate this information AND get people to understand that they are being ROBBED by the fuel companies, along with continuing to worsen the global climate catastrophe by burning all these fossil fuels and carbon. Plus the increasing number of planes spraying 24/7. Remember, a KC-135 military tanker holds a 100 ton payload of this toxic shit. Start doing some math. Most people think with their wallets, so we must get their attention in a way that will shock them. Winter is NOT winter any more, and it doesn't matter if you are in the U.S. or Canada or Europe, if you are paying for heating fuel you are being ripped off! It is a little different perspective than Dane stresses, and may work to get the attention of even the brain-dead. And most of all, we must get the attention of Global Research in Canada to give attention to this aspect of weather warfare. I am sure they will, since they now publish at least one article a week on weather warfare/climate engineering. I will provide more info at the bottom of this article. I know there are some of my readers who are doing their best to wake people up, but I also know there are those who do little to nothing. That needs to change. Do you want to live, or not?

And here's what that insignificant storm that came out of nowhere did to Florida. Again.
The Worst Of Nicole In Photos
But I still can't understand why anyone would EVER want to live on the beach THAT close to the ocean. Here are more related articles.
Snowfall tops 6 feet in western New York, triggering road closures and flight cancellations the weekend before Thanksgiving
In pictures: Snowstorm hits western New York
Incidentally, we here in NE Ohio really got little to nothing as far as snowfall, except perhaps right along the lake, especially in the extreme NE tip of the state. And notice how it is all so sensationalized, as Dane always points out. They have another "system" planned for Thanksgiving weekend. Of course they do. Is that a surprise? NONE OF THIS is "nature" or even remotely coincidental. Let's see how it all pans out. Here's the 11/23 QPFs. Each one gets progressively worse. The rainfall totals keep doubling with each map. We shall see.

QPF Days 4-5

QPF Days 6-7

Now here is my timeline since Nicole hit, which was November 11 in NE Ohio. In my previous article I had mentioned that it seemed to be veering off more to the east, and it did. We were scheduled to get heavy rain, as much as 3 inches, but I got 1.4 over the entire period, which at no time was even remotely heavy, thankfully. Here is a map from that day showing the cone and spaghetti models, STILL as a "tropical depression" ALL THE WAY TO MAINE. OMG, are you fucking serious??? An insignificant storm suddenly blows into THAT and dumps its heaviest rain in the northeast. Is anyone DUMB enough to think that's natural? My highs from November 9-11 were 66.4, 72.1 and 61.3, and except for on the 11th, the overnight lows were still way too cold. Again, I did NOT enjoy that supposedly well-above normal warmth.

QPF Days 6-7

I want to add an aside to the last sentence above. My house and my property is almost ALWAYS way below anyone else around here. I can walk to the end of my drive and feel WAY warmer than back at my house. Do I feel targeted . . . ? I realize I live in a woods, but it should not be THAT much colder. It has been over a decade since I owned a fan. I used to have a huge pedestal fan that I finally gave to a friend for her horse barn, and haven't had a need for it since. Twenty years ago, the flannel pajamas and thermals came out for winter wear. NOW that's summer nightwear, with rare exceptions. I now have those super-heavy fleece pjs and loungewear for sleeping in, which were not even available years ago. Have you noticed that the winter nightwear in stores keeps getting warmer and warmer? Yet, Brent Papon, who is one of our regular community members and lives in Akron, which is only a 25 minute drive from me, goes on and on about the heat, which indicates that there is absolutely NOTHING NATURAL about anything climate-wise, and yes, areas ARE targeted, just like Dane's area is targeted for wildfires. And speaking of my woods, one of Dane's community members, and I thought it was Earth Angel but I can't find it now, made the comment that they would rather be uncomfortably hot than cold and I agree, not that either is OK, but in my situation, I probably would be able to survive the heat longer than others, simply because of my precious trees, many of which I planted myself, and at this point are still mostly healthy.

When I was growing up, as I've mentioned before, we had only a coal stove in the living room to heat the whole house. The pipe went up through my bedroom, but on the opposite wall was my parents' bedroom, which NEVER was heated. My mother would stoke up the fire before bedtime and it would go out overnight. She'd get up early to fire up, so it would be warm when I got up for school. We never froze and I NEVER felt so cold as I do now. There is NO WAY anyone around here in the northeast could sleep in an unheated room now. And why? Because this chemical ice nucleation feels SO MUCH COLDER than the thermometer indicates, as much as 30 degrees, and it DOES NOT MELT. Here are some little tufts of snow I photographed today. Monday's high was 47.3 degrees, Tuesday, 53.8 and Wednesday, 58.1. It's not like these are huge drifts!! They are tiny patches of sNOw. NO, it is NOT SNOW, it is extremely toxic, and it is doing unimaginable damage to EVERYTHING. I will elaborate in a bit. Here's a continuation of my timeline. Incidentally, the one on the bottom photo did disappear on Wednesday.




They had a hard time cooling us off at first, in fact the overnight lows were way higher than scheduled, although The Weather Channel was less inaccurate. November 12 reached 41.4 degrees after a low of 39.6. We had a dusting of sNOw. I think they are having an increasingly difficult time cooling things off, and it will only get worse. As with Dane's analogy with the branch, one could also say, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall," which is also similar to what I said in my last article, Pushing the Envelope . . . Way Too Far. November 12 went up to 41.5 degrees, but was 32 in the a.m.. Most of the night it was 35 degrees. Occassional tiny white pellets could be seen falling. I want to point out that there is a vast difference in when they are spraying and when they stop. No matter what the thermometer reading, you can immediately feel a shift in the warmth. Temps in the 30s or even 20s should not feel deadly as they do now. When I was a kid I always played outside in the winter. Now, when they spray heavily, I can barely get Molly in and out for a tinkle.

And that's the way it was the next day, November 14, with a high of 39.4 and morning low of 34.2 BOTH above freezing, but the spraying was so heavy, it was a total whiteout, and I felt muscle weakness and lightheaded. The following day was 39.6-29.3 degrees—the first time all year we had dropped below 30 degrees. In my notebook I had written, "thick white sky; miserably cold, dark. It took them that long to actualize this cooldown. At 37.4 during the day, but only 34.3 overnight, I wrote "drizzle/mist/sNOw, darkly cold, miserable for the 16th. Apparently they were not achieving their goal fast enough, because the 17th reached 38.3. but they started with the cold, cold, COLD GUSTY WINDS—another means for them to enhance the ice nucleation. When they create a whiteout, even high readings feel miserably cold because the sun is blocked, but when the sun is fully out, cold readings feel warm. They often do half and half, blocking the sun just enough to make it miserable but appear sunny. They also keep the covering thick during the day, then let it clear overnight, making the temps plummet. They then spray at sunrise to keep the cold from dissipating. This however, no longer works on the west coast. Dane often points out that just the opposite happens, and overnight temps rise. It is only a matter of time before we here in the east experience that, too. The planet is HOT and getting HOTTER by the day.

On the 18th, after a morning low of 27.7, I decided to harvest the last of my tomatoes and bring my massive tarp into the greenhouse because it was scheduled to drop to the low 20s. It was cold and windy with about a half-inch of sNOw, and I was out harvesting the last of my tomatoes. More on that in my Farm Article. I ended up with two dishpans full of green, and five containers of ripe or partially ripe. The green went to the greenhouse and the others inside. I also harvested the last of my summer squash and cucumbers and pulled up the plants. So now I'm living on winter squash and tomatoes rather than summer squash and cucumbers. Makes no difference to me. It is all food that I love. Anyways, I was amazed that I was able to pick tomatoes out in that wet, mushy sNOw without frostbite, but again, I believe there is something going on with the programs—perhaps a shortage of supplies, dead pilots, too warm in upper atmosphere to fly as in the past. They are having more difficulty being effective, thus the concentrations have gotten stronger in the past several days. Dane said the military has hired—I forget the number—of commercial airlines to do their dirty-work. That could be because they are unable to keep up with the increasingly massive spraying that must be done just to keep ahead of the game, or perhaps even with it. In any case, I still believe something is going to snap—that branch Dane mentioned—that will bring it all to a screeching halt. Before the end of the year. I agree with him that this cannot continue much longer.

Anyways, I took the tarp inside and covered everything and it got down to 21.4 that night. Then the real hell began for me. The 19th reached 34 degrees and was cold and windy, but also with periods of sun that was very warm. There was a stark difference between the times they sprayed and not. The next two days I worried about my survival. The 20th was 30.4 degrees, but had dropped to a horrendously cold 17.4 overnight. I had added comforters over my bins of squash and tomatoes in the greenhouse, topped by the tarp. Everything survived the next day. And here was where the warmup was supposed to begin. Both NWS and The Weather Channel had forecast a low of 18 degrees for the morning low on Monday, which worried me that both were identical. That seldom happens, so I didn't believe either. That evening, under clear skies, the temperatures plummeted, way past 18 degrees. I went out with my flashlight and put another layer of comforters on my food bins, plus brought in my cacti which had been under a box covered with rags on the porch right by the door. It dropped to 14.4 degrees and I nearly froze. Then, in a matter of hours, the temps rose to 47.3—a difference of 32.9 degrees!! I am relieved to report that my food survived, the cacti are fine and I may even be able to salvage those tomato plants and eggplants. Actually, I uncovered it all today, and even my pepper plants survived. So I'll have those cayennes after all for my vinegars. That is one serious tarp! Here's photos and more will appear in the Farm Article.

Tarp in Greenhouse

Tarp in Greenhouse

Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Anyways, Monday was a very warm 47.3 degrees! It felt so good, I was inspired to scrape of all the old license stickers off my plate before applying my new one. 2010 was red . . . . They were about a quarter of an inch thick! But that night it dropped again to a low of 22.1 and Tuesday, the day I began this, felt nowhere near as warm as Monday, even though it reached 53.8 degrees. Wednesday's readings were even higher, but with the thick white toxic shit, I felt little warmth and the overnight low was a frigid 25.9 rising 32.2 degrees to 58.1. This morning's low was supposed to be much higher, but wasn't, at 26.1 degrees, rising today to 60.8 degrees, a difference of 34.7! That is OUTRAGEOUS. But today felt even colder because they sprayed the shit out of us, and the room with my computer is even colder than it was yesterday. Now we have all this "bad weather" scheduled. Let's see what happens.

And one last screen shot. Dane had mentioned that the contiguous 48 U.S. states was the mostly anomalously cold country in the world. I started doing daily screenshots but they were all mostly the same. Except for Siberia and I'm sure Russia is doing those unfortunate people that live there. Keep in mind, Eastern Siberia reached 118 degrees this past summer. This is from November 13.

November 13 Temperature Anomalies

I want to use the rest of this article to supply data that I plead with all my readers to use as you are able. I emailed Greg Hunter about Dane's Nicole video and I suggest you do the same. And PLEASE, let us get Global Research to publish material on Engineered Winter. That is essential. Copy and paste whatever you want to create your own documents, emails, social media posts and even fliers that you can print and hand out or leave in stores or businesses. Restrooms are a good place. PLEASE, DO SOMETHING. There is nothing more important you can do at this point.

I will try to get that Farm Article out within the next few days, if I am able, but will not be able to do the next HAARP article in November. We will see what happens in December.

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky and Peter Koenig email (Global Research):

Information and Data to Wake People Up

Here are some quotes and other conversation starters.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, (CIA Director 1981-1987) to Ronald Reagan.

“It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world's cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather; and he who controls the weather will control the world.” Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962)

We are being lied to on all fronts by the government, military, and media. Our Constitutional Rights are being grossly violated. International Laws are being broken. We have the right to live without being sprayed with poison. Why are we allowing this?
And that applies to most "developed" nations, not just the U.S.. Take control of your life and demand your rights!!

Demand that the Department of Defense account for all that missing money. Where might it have gone? Hmm, gosh, I can't imagine. As Dane has said, the military has hired commercial airplanes to do their dirty business. These are ghost flights carrying NO PASSENGERS. So. We're wasting all that money and JET FUEL (kerosene) to fly empty planes to make us freezing cold so that we have to pay for horrendously expensive heating fuel which is ALL adding to the overall intensified heating of the planet. If that is not INSANITY, I don't know what it, but it needs to STOP NOW.
Where Has the DoDs Money Gone? The Pentagon Fails Its Fifth Audit. $3.5 Trillion in Assets, 39% of which are accounted for…
Incidentally, the cheapest I can find kerosene now to heat what is left of my house is 6.49 a gallon!!!!

As Dane says, engineered winters and chemical ice nucleation are being used to confuse and divide the public and mask the true severity of global temperatures. THE PLANET IS HOT! We have already exceeded a 3 degree C. rise in global temperatures. WE SHOULD NOT BE COLD!!!

One of the hot topics of conversation for Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 12, 2022 was symptoms of chemical ice nucleation poisoning, so when you email Global Research, this would be the best GAN to include, although he covers this subject in every issue because it is SO IMPORTANT. Also, please include my Would You Willingly Consent to Theft?. I have compiled these below plus added some of my own.

Seizures, bad breath, neurological deficits, acting intoxicated
terrible cough and sneeze
burning eyes and throat
kids in town have dark circles and look so ill and acting extra ADD
brain fog
fluid on the ears
my tongue felt as if it had been scalded, becomes totally numb, lose sense of taste temporarily
light headed, feel like I am going to pass out, tremors, shakiness
body and teeth ache
heart palpitation, lack of oxygen
hands smelling of ammonia
super dehydrated
chilled to the bone and the temps here in Eastern Oregon are in the 20's to 30's; Montana, Wyoming, Washington state and Alaska sub-zero temperatures down to -40 and not felt as cold
itching burning sensation on my skin
feeling more agitated
feels like a very acidic fluid has been sprayed in my face
sickened and tired, muscle weakness
cracked fingertips
difficulty breathing and shortness of breath
metallic taste and smell
inability to warm up

If you have experienced other symptoms, please add to my list.

What is chemical ice nucleation? It is a patented process similar to mixing the chemicals in a medical ice pack. It makes water freeze at high temperatures and stay frozen long after temperatures have risen way above freezing. I have witnessed chunks of ice, unmelted, after the temperatures have been in the 60s for THREE WEEKS. I have seen it sNOw at 50 degrees. And these chunks of ice keep the surrounding area brutally cold as long as they remain. They cause flash freezes such as the one that killed all those poor defenseless cattle in October, 2013, and also all those poor defenseless people in Texas.
100,000 cattle feared dead after early South Dakota snowstorm

Here is a paragraph from my article Would You Willingly Consent to Theft?

The disastrous flash-freeze event in Texas, in February, 2021, is another example of a completely orchestrated cooldown, which also killed as many as 700 Texans.
Texas Is Still Not Recognizing The Full Death Toll Of Last Year’s Devastating Winter Storm
And at the same time, at the same latitude, Florida was 85 degrees. Where's the outrage? This was genocide. And weather warfare. Here is Dane's report after the event.
Chemically Nucleated Winter Weather
Here is another about the completely anomalous weather extremes in the U.S. and all over the world.
Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes
Dane has a whole section on this subject called Engineering Winter, found in the right column of his website.

Here is the The Knollenberg Patent for chemical ice nucleation. I keep a copy of it in my purse and pull it out often so people can see that I'm not making this stuff up.
Creating Snow Storms, The Knollenberg Patent

Here are two paragraphs from Wikipedia's page on Cloud seeding

The most common chemicals used for cloud seeding include silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide). Liquid propane, which expands into a gas, has also been used. This can produce ice crystals at higher temperatures than silver iodide. After promising research, the use of hygroscopic materials, such as table salt, is becoming more popular.

When cloud seeding, increased snowfall takes place when temperatures within the clouds are between −20 and −7 °C. Introduction of a substance such as silver iodide, which has a crystalline structure similar to that of ice, will induce freezing nucleation.

So it is no wonder that our skin burns and we have difficulty breathing when this toxic shit is sprayed on us. PLEASE DO YOUR PART TO STOP THIS INSANITY.

Now, here are some other observations I have made about the damage being done by this highly toxic brew.
It is highly corrosive and destructive to infrastructure. I would be willing to bet that the damage caused last winter in, I believe it was the U.K., or maybe here in the U.S. which caused roads and bridges to crack was not about the cold temperatures, but the ice nucleation chemicals, because I have seen that same damage here on my farm. A crack in anything that allows the unfrozen water in will also allow it to freeze, then thaw, often splitting, for instance, wood. It also makes electrical cords brittle and will eventually cause them to crack. And there was major damage to pipelines from cracking to bursting, all over the place. It makes everything, especially metals, incomprehensibly cold to touch. Of course, anything that cold is going to kill many members of our wildlife population, along with people and domestic animals. It makes everything it comes in contact with, even if just the air, feel extremely cold to touch, and often makes fabric feel wet when it is dry. It also eats away at fabric, leaving tiny pinholes that then causes the fabric to wear away.

What else can you do to help us in the desperately important battle? Educate yourselves, first of all. I began 32 years ago as an environmental activist, and I knew something was very, very wrong with the weather. That is how I happened upon Dane ten years ago. I have learned everthing I now teach with him as a guide to my own reseach and investigation. Here's what I recommend.
First, study Dane's materials and listen to his weekly broadcasts. Become accutely aware of the weather, especially the unnaturalness of ALL WEATHER EVENTS now. Keep weather data. I've been keeping data in little notebooks since 1994. Buy an inexpensive min/max thermometer that records the highs and lows over a period. Be sure to buy one that has a button so you can manually clear it when you record the numbers. I record the morning's low and the daytime high, the clear it in the evening, or before it exceeds the morning low. They have three views, the top is the high, the bottom the low, and the middle, the current. I got mine from Amazon for ten bucks years ago. I just recently changed the battery for the first time.

Study weather maps, become familiar with all the resources at NWS and NOAA, (, and read my articles and Farm Articles, which are filled with maps and screenshots and resources. We do not have much time to stop this criminal insanity before there is complete biosphere collapse. When the earth no longer has any natural functioning systems, then all is lost, and there will be no chance that she can recover in her own way. That's why we MUST stop this assault on the only place we currently have to call home. Spread the word and join us. All are needed in this battle for our lives.

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