Droughts, Floods and Hot as Hell

July 22, 2022

As mentioned in my recent article Grey Areas, Part 1, I have too much weather material for a Farm Article, plus I am covering here Dane's latest interview with Greg Hunter. I will list the articles by category including any personal comments, then continue with other stuff. But first, OMG, these storms we are getting here in the East, especially the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region. The one that hit Wednesday night—I am still trying to find out if tornadoes materialized because there were big, long-lasting warnings posted. A couple weeks ago, over the 4th of July weekend, I was scheduled for a 20 percent chance of rain—less than a tenth-of-an-inch, but ended up getting a deluge—THREE-QUARTERS-of an inch. Just me. The rest of the area was dry. Wednesday night was the opposite, because I had an 80 percent chance of severe storms, but this terrifying squall line split apart just before it reached me and one part went north and the other, south, so I ended up with a little wind and almost no rain. And the people that DID get hit—I'll bet it was really bad. But it was this lightning that freaked me out. The thunder rolled non-stop for at least a half hour, and the sky was like fireworks, or a flickering light bulb, with a couple close strikes that tore across the sky. This is not normal or natural. It is being done with H.A.A.R.P. and other ionosphere heaters and is REALLY DANGEROUS. They have turned the sky into an electrical grid. Dane commented in the written introduction to his June 25 GAN that there were 66,000 lightning strikes in Northern California. Of course, those were dry strikes, the kind that set off wildfires. Ours came with a deluge that was supposed to move fast but it was moving quite slow. This NEEDS TO STOP. And it will, probably sooner rather than later, because we are reaching the point where NOTHING is going to cool down the planet. In his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 16, 2022, Dane mentioned a patent that "outlines a way to cool our planet by detonating nuclear bombs." Wow, what a great idea, eh? He spoke more of it in his interview with Greg, and said if they do decide to do that, which will result in what is called a "nuclear winter," then it's game over. What NEEDS to happen is that everything related to climate engineering/weather warfare has to come to a screeching halt, especially H.A.A.R.P.. Then, yes, we will REALLY get hot, but that is the ONLY way to allow the planet to possibly begin to rebalance herself. At least the Western U.S. and other parts of the globe that are suffering from these engineered droughts will get rain, and hopefully those of us that have been deluged for the past decade will start to dry out. For a couple weeks, I had some much-needed sunshine without rain which enabled me to finally get a huge patch of land cleared and planted, but now everything is mud again. July and August are NOT the rainy season in NE Ohio, or shouldn't be. Traditionally, these were always the two hottest, driest months of the year.

In order to put a stop to this criminal atrocity, it is not enough that orders would be issued for the people controlling this to stop. It would have to be a global order, and even then the likelihood that it would really stop is slim. They would only find ways to be more covert about it. Like when the Clinton Administration ordered the CIA to stop the mind-control programs, and they've only gotten worse. With climate engineering, several things might happen. Dane is hoping that it will stop from the inside, like people from the NWS going public with the fact that the Obama Administration placed an illegal gag order on them in October 2015, I believe it was. And it's not enough that it all goes public. The people who are behind it need to be tried for planetary omnicide and sentenced to execution. Slapping them on the wrist or issuing a fine is NOT acceptable. The other thing that very well could happen is that they will be stopped by outside forces. If all the military and commercial pilots suddenly drop dead from the vaccines, it will bring the spraying to an end. And, I'm not sure how this works, but I know we face blackouts and the grids going down. Sooner or later, with the mess we have in space and in our atmosphere, something will happen to disable all these ionosphere heaters and microwave towers, which NEEDS to happen ASAP. And it is only a matter of time before the atmosphere gets too hot for anything to fly. Whatever it takes, it better come soon. Here is a video I will post one last time. PLEASE watch it. It describes a scenario of activating the "payload" of whatever is in these vaccines to cause a sudden outbreak of three possible diseases. One is Marburg, and an article just came out about that. I suspect that if they do carry this out, they will find a way to put the blame on something natural, like bats. Also be aware that the experts that are doing sample analysis for Dane have found graphene oxide in nearly every precipitation sample from all different areas. He pointed out in the interview that it was being used as a pathogen carrier, from cloud to people, and they have the means, at any time, to spray us with something lethal.
Dr Rashid A Buttar—Millions Will Be Affected, So You MUST Know This Information!
Two dead as Ghana confirms its first outbreak of the deadly Marburg virus

OK, so let us begin with Droughts. Even though I hate The Weather Channel, they have actually had some very good videos lately.
OMG! Look at that photo!! And people are worried about fucking fireworks? Unbelievable.
Western cities get creative after megadrought leads some to cancel firework displays
This one will make you weep. What if those beautiful people had not come along?
Bighorn Sheep Rescued From Lake Mead Mud By Good Samaritan
Missouri governor sounds alarm, warns spreading drought could spell financial ruin for farming families
Now there is something interesting going on here. I will explain below.
Mexico Declared Emergency Over Drought Conditions
For years, during what should be the dry summer months, the climate manipulators have drawn up water from the Gulf of Mexico and dumped it on us. If there is a hurricane or tropical storm, they have even more water to deluge us with. But lately, they have been drawing water up through MEXICO, where it has provided monsoonal storms for parts of the U.S. Southwest, then dragging it up to the Great Lakes!! WTF?? Here are three QPF screenshots, the first for Days 4-5 and the second, Days 6-7. The third is the 7-day QPF Forecast for 8.p.m. Thursday, July 21, to 8 p.m. Thursday, July 28. OMG! Look at all that rain in Mexico, when parts of it are in an emergency drought situation. You can see how that rain is being steered east, diverting it from the west. That is being done with microwave towers.

QPF for 8 a.m. Sunday, July 24, to 8 a.m. Tuesday July 26

QPF for 8 a.m. Tuesday July 26, to 8 a.m. Thursday July 28

7-day QPF Forecast for 8.p.m. Thursday, July 21, to 8 p.m. Thursday, July 28

Here is one more on drought, that I posted once but needs to be posted again. I will continue on the subject later when I discuss Dane's interview with Greg Hunter, which is specifically about this issue.
Drilling Under Lake Mead To Drain The Last Drop
And here is a bit of satire from Stan Sylvester, one of Dane's awake and aware community members. I am bewildered that these people can be SO CLUELESS. WHERE do they think water is going to come from when it's gone and it ALMOST IS? Dane predicts early next year, which will also take down all the hydro-electric power plants. So, not only no water but no electrcity. And it gets even worse, as I will explain later.

Stan Sylvester says:
July 8, 2022 at 2:34 pm

Las Vegas needs the water! They are still growing! In 11/21 the Resorts Hotel/Casino opened. It cost $4.3 billion. It has 3500 rooms. It has a 5000 seat entertainment venue. It has 110,000 feet of gaming areas. It has 270,000 square feet of restaurants and shopping. There must be more water somewhere. They would never do this if there was a water crisis! Viva, Viva Las Vegas!!! Viva the 3rd intake drain!

And now here's Floods
How Devastating Virginia Flooding Unfolded
River of Hail Flows Through Omaha
Flash floods have killed at least 21 people in southern Iran
House Swept Away By Mudslide As China's Rainy Season Continues
Flooding Hits New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
Video Captures Moment Surge Of Debris And Water Arrives

Hot as Hell
Japan swelters in its worst heatwave ever recorded
Deadly European Heat Wave Breaking Records
Grim warnings are issued as oppressive heat wave in US shows no signs of slowing
It's so hot, roads are buckling, they're putting foil on a bridge and roofs are melting around the world
The amount of Greenland ice that melted last weekend could cover West Virginia in a foot of water

UK Burns in Record-Shattering Heat Wave
Two New Texas Wildfires Burning Homes And Spreading
OMG! Like, what's your worst nightmare?
Wildfire Surrounds Train Full Of Passengers
London wakes up to the realities of heat wave hell as its European neighbors battle widespread wildfires
California's fast-moving Oak Fire burns nearly 12,000 acres and forces thousands to evacuate outside Yosemite National Park

Storms from Hell and other weather stuff.
I would fucking freak out if that was coming toward me. OMG!! NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL.
Shelf Cloud Captured On Video Approaching Downtown Minneapolis
Where Shopping Is A Terror: Storm Blasts Grocery
Tornado Damages Ohio Fire Station
Las Vegas. You know, people don't give a flying fuck about the fact that there is ALMOST NO WATER left in Lake Mead. But, hell, let's go to Vegas anyways and party hearty. Those lawn chairs should have knocked people upside the head. Maybe knock some sense into them.
Swirling Chairs Send People Running
No, it's WEATHER WARFARE, idiots.
How the climate crisis is forever changing our national parks
Looks like aerosols to me . . . .
Rare White Rainbow Spotted Above City

And now, here are some notes from Dane's latest interview with Greg Hunter.
40 Million in US West Without Water in 2023—Dane Wigington

Oh, my. Everyone NEEDS to listen to this one. I have never seen Greg so flustered. The information Dane was giving him made him stutter and stumble and obviously overhwelmed him. He didn't even know what questions to ask, and he is usually good at keeping the conversation going, but here he was struggling—speechless. Dane tells it like it is and it is bad. He mentioned that in 2008, GeoengineeringWatch.org posted a newspaper ad warning that this is exactly what would happen. How many times have I said that in the ten yeas I've known him, everything he's said would happen, has, and is.

Dane mentioned that back when this huge ozone hole was discovered, there were official statements about it in the news, and I'm sorry, but I did not get the date this happened. But he said, by the next day, Google had eveything blocked except those articles debunking these facts. (These people that have blocked the truth from the public on all issues also need to be lined up against a wall and shot.) He said that if local agencies in the U.S. Southwest do not start rationing water, the Federal Government will. California has already cut off 100 percent of irrigation to farmers, which basically puts an end to farming in that state.

If you have not watched the short video above on Lake Mead, please do, so you can see the tunnel. It is 600 feet below the lake at full capacity and has 36 pumps, 24 of which are running now. And the bottom of the Lake is in a "V" shape.

Dane said it has been 120 degrees in Spain. The planet is very damaged by human behavior, and most, if not all of the population will not be here much longer. Greg tried to pull Dane in about the Global Elites wanting to kill us all off, kinda like his rant about the Georgia Guidestones I spoke of in my last article, linked above, but Dane wouldn't go there. Yes, what the Global Elites are doing is evil and yes, they do have a depopulation agenda, but the bottom line is that we have been terrible stewards of the planet.

As I have been saying, had humanity not been so greedy, apathetic, ignorant and self absorbed we would not be in this place right now. The vast majority of the population is more concerned with their own comfort and convenience, and always puts that ahead of the good of the whole. Believe me, I promise that everyone will soon understand what it means to be extremely uncomfortable, at best. At worst, those who thought their money would always protect them will soon understand thirst and starvation. It is time to pay the piper. What goes around, comes around, and it is coming.

And on that note, to continue with Dane, he said that climate enginneering has prevented the planet from responding to human behavior, and that too many people do not understand that food comes from the habitat, not from Walmart or McDonald's. No habitat, no people. I think it was about at this point that Greg was finally beginning to "get it," as he has not understood the gravity of the situation before.

Dane also spoke of the dry lightning I mentioned above and added that there were 17,000 lightning strikes in Alaska. The particles dispersed from planes are electrically charged, which was explained in the documentary Holes in Heaven about H.A.A.R.P., narrated by Martin Sheen and can be viewed for free, if you have not already, and if you have it is worth watching again. I watched it twice, and the next book review I post will be Angels Don't Play This H.A.A.R.P. by Dr. Nick Begich, who was also featured in the movie. This is scary shit.

But what really floored Greg, and me, is when Dane said that this drain under Lake Mead will not only drain the last drop of water, BUT, it will divert it from the other cities that rely on that water source, and THOSE CITIES DON'T KNOW LAS VEGAS IS DOING THIS!! I woke up with that one still on my mind, and Greg's comment was that these cities would be really pissed. Well, yeah, I would guess. We are talking, LA, San Diego, Phoenix . . . . So, what's gonna happen when these cities DO realize what is going on? They might have a clue by now with the work Dane has done to spread the news. It seems there might be some violence, don't you think? Oh my goodness . . . .

Again Greg probed Dane to be specific on what was the cause of all these issues, and he said that the drought is caused by climate engineering—yes, THAT is what is causing the drought, but as for other climate issues, any human activity that affects the planet is a problem. Just the wastefulness alone absolutely blows me away. I find uses for just about everything after it no longer functions for the purpose of which it was purchased. And if not, I recycle. At the end of several years, I just might have maybe one bag of trash, usually light bulbs, batteries and maybe a small appliance. And FOOD. Stop at a restaurant some day and take a peek in the dumpster. OMG!!! I grew up being taught that FOOD is NEVER WASTED. Every last scrap, peeling, core, eggshell, coffee grounds—it all gets returned to the Earth to feed the soil microbes. And clothing! I literally have some shirts that are from the 1970s. I wear them when I'm working the farm. When they fall off of me, they will officially become a rag. And all this electronic junk that people think they just must have. Then it all gets replaced the next year. But no more. That is done, I PROMISE. Do you think people will voluntarily change their behavior? No, neither do I, so the vast majority are going to learn the hard way and probably not survive the lesson.

I want to mention one last point, and this was a comment I got from one of my regular readers, who, after reading my last article and Bible Article, referred to the commentary I made on the Georgia Guidestones. This person asked if I really advocated the eradication of 7 billion people. I have to admit that not only was I bewildered that anyone could ask me such a question, after I took such care to point out all the ways that the Georgia Guidestones are about HARMONY with ALL LIFE. I was, I suppose, a bit offended, too, although I try not to let anything anyone says offend me because I follow the guidance of my heart and soul and if others find ME offensive, that has nothing to do with me. But, for goodness sake, I spent the past THIRTY YEARS of my life as an activist in an attempt to PROMOTE HARMONIOUS LIFE, so how could anyone associate me with Death Culture? But that doesn't mean I will lie about the reality of our situation, as Dane will not do so either. He said point blank in the interview that most if not all of us will be gone soon, but not because of anything HE has done, nor I, nor any of us who have put our lives not only on hold but at risk to do what is right. People are marching with gusto to their own demise.

I want to point out that the person that said this to me is a good person and a friend, and the question was an honest one. And so I return to Dane's explanation of the mind-control program called The Gatekeeper. For those under its control, it only allows the mind to go so far in facing the truth. He spoke of people that were completely aware of the Covid "vaccine" lies, but when climate engineering was mentioned, they would just shut down. It does not matter how much evidence there is for something, this program prohibits the mind from moving beyond certain boundaries. Dane certainly has more evidence than any person in the world of the truth about climate engineering, with all his verbal and visual data. That also bewilders me that people cannot see what is before their very eyes. Yet most people on this planet ARE being controlled to some extent by this program. Who is running it? The CIA? It is my guess that it's Alien in origin.

And so, back to the Georgia Guidestones. It is obvious to me that anyone who thinks they have ANYTHING to do with the Global Elite, the NWO, WEF, etc. is NOT seeing the same words I am seeing, but words projected onto their mind to keep them locked in a limited belief system. For anyone else that still believes there is evil intended on the Guidestones, I suggest you omit the first line or two, then spend a few minutes reading each line after that, pondering the meaning of each word. I guarantee, you will find nothing there about death culture. It is my gut feeling that their original source was from our Alien allies, preparing us for the apocalypse, and, for those who survive, a guideline in creating a world that is not like the one we are leaving. And perhaps the explosion that destroyed them and the act of taking them down all together is symbolic that our end is near, and if we do not "get it" now, we never will.

So, how do you deal with The Gatekeeper? Awareness. Always be aware when your old belief systems are preventing you from growth and expansion, and do that on a regular basis. We should always keep our "systems" updated, and be ready to embrace greater truths as they are revealed. Again, keeping a mantra going while doing tasks that don't require mental concentration keeps mind-hackers from gaining access to your mind. Or when you are doing something, such as driving, that does require staying alert, keep a mantra going in the background. But most important, be aware when a belief system is based on fear, which most ingrained ones are. People are afraid to question their religion because if they did, they might realize it is false. And that goes for ALL our belief systems. I did a major update back in 1980, and it was traumatic, forcing me to rethink my entire life, which was not fun at all. But after that, I realized letting go of what no longer serves me allows me to move on to greater and more expanded possibilities. After a while, it seems that nothing is impossible, if one just keeps moving forward and patiently awaits as it all falls into place.

And speaking of updating, over the next few weeks, my Home Page will be getting some new colors and backgrounds. The main background, you may have noticed, is blue now rather than green. Also, at the bottom of the LEFT column, the photo that appears on the Welcome Page (www.cosmicdream.com), will also appear here.

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