Truth, Lies and Conspiracy Theories: HAARP Series #2

September 8, 2022

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987.

I realize this is a gargantuan subject that would take volumes to cover, so I am going to focus on the two most glaring issues in which the Controllers absolutely are desperately determined to convince the public are blatant lies, which are, the poison mRNA jabs and weather warfare. And as for HAARP, well, gosh, trying to decide what to post about THAT has been a challenge, because everything about it was built on lies and deceit. What is written in this article is just a smattering. The rest will eventually follow. If you wish to read the HAARP information first, you can scroll down toward the bottom of the page. It is sectioned off with its own heading.

This will be an exceptionally long article and I do not plan on writing another for at least two weeks, as I have numerous projects that I must complete. I don't write these articles for entertainment, so I hope you don't read them as such! Please, take these two weeks to read this slowly and explore the important links I provide. Be sure to read my latest Farm Article, Shifting Realities, September 2. Also, as noted, this is the second in my HAARP series. If you have not already, PLEASE read the initial review/article, Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology.

I believe and have believed for decades that we are in a false or simulated reality. It is a mass hypnosis, in which a small percentage of us are not participating. We have literally brought a false reality into being with our minds. Even though more and more people are awakening from the stupor, the vast majority of the population is not. They, however, are dropping dead because they are fully enmeshed in the false reality and allowing it to rule their lives and decisions. So before I launch into the main body of the article, I will provide some preliminary commentary.

Let's begin with José Delgado. That name keeps popping up, and that trend will continue, especially in the related article about mind control. But let it suffice to say that he and numerous other scientists that were involved in work to heal, such as exploring ways to control epilepsy, were also doing work that, in the wrong hands, would be horrific to human populations. The wrong hands, of course, would be the U.S. military and the CIA. In any case, the early experiments that stimulated certain parts of the brain, induced people to hallucinate to such a degree that they thought what they saw was real. WE ARE THERE. That is why I STRESS that we can no longer trust our five senses because they are being controlled. That is NOT conspiracy theory, it is fact. Unless people develop an extremely strong sense of inner wisdom and guidance that demands scrutiny of everything we now experience, they will find themselves sucked into the false Matrix. Most people who brag about being strongly religious, particularly those religions that demand complete submission to their rules have absolutely NO self-awareness. They have been convinced to just leave it all up to "god," and go about their lives. How convenient for the Controllers. Believe me, even with all my years of practice, I have to keep on guard every minute, and purge what has been done to me overnight. Since monstrosities like HAARP were built, with all the damage it has done to the planet, they no longer must physically stimulate the brain in order to cause it to hallucinate. It is being done through the atmosphere now.

The first time I heard of Delgado was in reading Carl Sagan's The Dragons Of Eden: Speculations On The Evolution Of Human Intelligence. I will cover that more in another article. I was a huge fan of Sagan, and I think he was a good, ethical person. But the second time I heard of Delgado was in a totally different light, in the documentary, The Minds of Men. I have more to say about that later, too. In any case, anyone who still does not "get it" that we are ALL being mind controlled needs to do a reality check. And anyone that STILL believes all this evil technology originated on planet by human beings is delusional. and I am not implying that all we are experiencing isn't "real." Of course it is and it is unspeakably tragic and horrendous. But what I am saying is that they know we create our reality with our minds, and when the entire population is being mind controlled to project a particular belief, then it is projected into our physical realm. The less we tap into it, and keep reminding ourselves that it is being projected from our minds, the more we can move away from it and be less affected. ALL of us who are leading the march towards the truth are doing that to some degree, and some, a great deal. That is the only way we are able to see through the falseness and have the courage to speak the truth. Remember, the physical world is all an illusion anyways. Our goal should always be to project a physical reality that promotes peace, joy, harmony, selflessness, love and integrity. Say your mantras, and practice listening to your inner wisdom, or "gut feeling," as some call it. Learn to trust it and rely on it for the truth and correct action. Listen! And shift your consciousness away from this physical world into the highest aspect of yourself.

First, let me just do a quick mention of a few of the important areas that most of the population has been convinced are just conspiracy theories. They are important, and once the truth finally comes out, and I am thinking it will be when enough of the believers are dead (sorry, but that's the way it is), then the lies about ALL these cover-ups will be blown wide open. There's the 9/11 travesty, which set the American population against people of Middle Eastern countries even though they had done nothing wrong to us. But it gave our government more support to invade and brutilize these peoples and steal their resources. I mentioned the horrendous conditions in Pakistan in my Farm Article from September 2, and Dane mentioned the fact that Pakistan was not complying with the official narrative, so they had to be punished. Remember, Weather Warfare: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. A means to attack people and nations without them even realizing they are being attacked. Except for the President of Iran, who is completely aware that they are under attack, which is causing their devastating drought. Hopefully the Pakistan government knows the truth, too. It breaks my heart and soul to think of how these poor people are suffering, and enrages me that the bulk of the human population has no clue of just how evil our government and governments all over the world have become.
A third of Pakistan is underwater amid its worst floods in history. Here's what you need to know
And on this subject of 9/11, if you are still not aware of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, please investigate. These peopple are the "Dane Wigingtons" of 9/11, having spent nearly as much time and effort bringing the truth to light as he has in climate engineering. And here's something from Global Research
The “Best Evidence” Contradicting the Official Position on 9/11: Excerpts from 9/11 Unmasked: An International Review Panel Investigation

Another "conspiracy theory" lie that needs to be eradicated centers on GMOs and Frankenfoods. Our food labeling laws in the this country are about worthless, and so are those who supposedly regulate and monitor food safety. What a joke, but not a funny one. Everything, even foods labeled "Non-GMO" are laden with glyphosate. We have trashed and poisoned the entire planet. The same with "forever chemicals." How can SO MANY PEOPLE be so asleep at the wheel that they don't even notice, or care? As Dane says, a few of us cannot make the changes. It will take all of us. When the bulk of the population is dead, the energy will shift, provided the survivors are those who are speaking the truth. Either that will happen, or we will all be dead. Or, at the non-physical level, we will experience the "bifurcation," or splitting of the two realities. Anyways, if you want to know some hard truths about the whole GMO scene, I highly recommend reading Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. This agenda has paved the way for unimaginable food manipulation, which includes vaccines. One of the universities in California—don't remember which one—is already producing lettuce containing vaccines. Do you think THAT will be on a label? Seriously?

And now on the the bulk of the article, beginning with Alex Jones, and it was his situation that inspired this article in the first place. First of all, I am NOT and never WAS a fan of his. The only time I ever listened to him was when he had Dane for an interview, and for that I was grateful, as I always am to anyone who promotes Dane. But I am so livid with him that I really don't care how much he is fined and whether he loses his business, or ends up in jail. I just hope that Dane's connnection with him has done no damage. Those who are promoting the lies, I'm sure, are gleeful, because they can lump everything together that they are promoting as a "conspiracy theory," with Jones's lies, or "errors." Much of what he promoted, of course, IS TRUE. YES, the entire 9/11 official narrative IS a lie. YES, climate engineering and weather warfare IS THE TRUTH. Anyways, as I go through my notes, I will just copy and paste my original thoughts when the lawsuit was concluded. And I have to wonder what prompted him to continue broadcasting such a lie when he HAD to know that children DID die at Sandy Hook. I'm not saying it wasn't planned by someone higher up than the killer, but it still happened. Why did he continue to harm these poor families of victims? Money? Well, he's got lots of it, which also makes him someone I could never trust. DANE does NONE of what he's doing for money. He is a non-materialistic person, as I am. And that goes for all these people in the medical profession and scientists that have lost their jobs and been blacklisted. Like Karen Kingston. I have great respect and trust for these people. Anyways, here's stuff on Alex. Below was the first comment I made to myself when the following article came out,.
Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook massacre was "100% real" as he testifies at defamation trial
Liars like this make it twice as hard for those of us who are telling the truth. Just READ this article. He KNEW he was lying. It wasn't an accident.

I don't feel sorry for him AT ALL. Hopefully this will set a precendent and people will start to go after EVERYONE who is lying to the public, deliberately or not, and that will put an end to this extremism, but also to those who shout "conspiracy theory" about FACTS that are able to be 100% verified. Such as the false narrative of 9/11, the killer Covid injections, weather warfare, and of course, the presence of Alien Interference. That last one isn't quite 100% yet, but it will be, especially when all the truth comes out about HAARP. JUST HOW MUCH of all this mind-control is coming from off-planet? I suspect that's where most of it has its origins.

Here's another news article, followed by my first impression comments below. You notice how lies are mixed with truth. Yes, OF COURSE 9/11 was an inside job. The thousands of global professional architects and engineers of "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" have proven that, with CREDIBLE EVIDENCE. But articles such as this make it easier for doubters to believe it's a lie. And YES, I personally believe Bush was in on it. HE is the one who stood to benefit, giving him public support for more wars (and stealing resources) in the Middle East. Have you even seen Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 9/11? A friend and I went to see it when it first came out, and we were both trembling in anger when we emerged from the theater.
How Alex Jones helped mainstream conspiracy theories become part of American life

This is what happens when you allow personal beliefs and prejudices to rule your decisions as to what is true and what is false. BEWARE. We CANNOT operate this way any more. And we've all been guilty of this. That's why Dane is so extremely careful about having proof of everything he says. We are swimming in a sea of lies, and even those of us with the best intentions who DO research can discover we made an erroneous statement because of erroneous information being stated as true. When we discover that is the case, of course the right thing to do is correct it publicly. HOWEVER, when beliefs are held as true with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FACTUAL to back them up, it damages the hard work of the truth-tellers because it makes them seem less credible. Jones is in deep shit most likely and might have a real hard time rebuilding his business for such irresponsibility because he knew he was lying. People are waking up that we are being lied to on every front by those who are supposed to be protecting us, there will be less tolerance for people who spew bullshit. And that goes for the "truther" movement who, for instance, are claiming global warming/climate change/weather warfare is a hoax. I really know little about them, so I am not qualified to make a judgment other than the fact that I KNOW BEYOND A DOUBT that those three situations just named are absolutely NOT a hoax. Dane publishes indisputable proof that he can back up with volumes of credible data, and so can I, not just from his data but from my THIRTY-TWO years as a environmental activist and ten as a climate activist. And as far as my BELIEFS, I always state that is exactly what they are and people are free to accept or reject them. There is nothing wrong with sharing opinions as long as they are stated as such, UNLESS they cause harm to others. But even my opinions are based on 42 years of my own experience and practice of metaphysical/paranormal/spiritual phenomena.

Here are some other articles about Jones I just found when I began writing this. Is Jones finished? Probably not, unfortunately.
Being Thrown Off Social Media Was Supposed to End Alex Jones’s Career. It Made Him Even Richer
And here's another that indicates it's all about money.
Sandy Hook Parents Want Alex Jones Out of Infowars Bankruptcy (2)
People like this are scoundrels and shouldn't be allowed to operate at all. But if people are dumb enough to listen to them . . . and they are . . . .

Meanwhile Dane is fighting his lawsuit against Douglas MacMartin for, single-handedly banning his materials from Facebook. They had a setback, which goes to show these unscrupulous courts will do whatever they need to do to get their way, and the Controllers are now fighting tooth and nail to stifle the truth about weather warfare and mRNA toxic jabs. They can't. Too many people are becoming aware because they have no choice. Here are some articles. Most of them are subtle—subliminal, offering "solutions" to the "climate change" issues, when it is not about climate change, but weather warfare. And the ONLY SOLUTION is to STOP all climate intervention activities, including and especially HAARP. Read between the lines. What these are all about is soothing and comforting people from any worries they might have (if they notice), about the catastrophe that is approaching at blinding speed. Just go back to sleep.
Biden has a $369 billion climate plan—and new advisers to get the program running
This is a ridiculous article.
Stressed out about climate change? 4 ways to tackle both the feelings and the issues
Do these people seriously think this will make a difference. STOP CLIMATE ENGINEERING, ASSHOLES!! We don't have time to fuck with this nonsense.
Clean energy package would be biggest legislative climate investment in US history

People will not elect an official who vows to do what is right and necessary for us to survive. They will only elect those who promise to keep things comfortable, prosperous and convenient. Every time I go to Ravenna, I see these flabby women on their riding lawnmovers on these postage stamp-sized yards. GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES and maybe you won't be so goddamn FAT. I am not critisizing people who are large or overweight. I have known way too many people who are large-built, who eat right, are physically in fine condition, but whose DNA has simply produced a larger body. I can think of so many students I went to school with who were star atheletes, cheerleaders, in marching band, who were large-built. I have also known people with medical issues that caused them to be overweight, but in many cases there are treatments for that, which lead to a healthier body. What I am speaking of are those who are just fucking lazy, gouge themselves on greasy burgers and potatoes, and spend most of their time in front of a TV. If I was an elected official, there would be a law banning riding mowers from people that do not live on AT LEAST three acres. I really don't know how people can even afford the gas to run these gulpers, but I do know that I have a little gas can that holds a bit over a gallon, and it lasts me all month with my little push mower. But see, THAT is the crux of the problem. People won't support those who tell the truth and face the facts of our reality and the collapse of all of the planet's life support systems. I promise, before this year is over, most people WILL understand discomfort and inconvenience. Actually, it is happening already, so I need not make the future prediction.

Misery, misery, misery. It is everywhere now. What will it take to wake people up from their stupor and eradicate the planet from this evil force? What needs to happen is ending weather warfare. No humanitarian aid will do any good until we STOP this insanity.
Pakistan Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding, UN Seeks Aid
No water and too much water.
This city has around 20 days of fresh water left. Officials are racing to find another source
'Get out now': Mayor urges residents to flee ahead of rising river waters in Mississippi
Remember, Forest Fire as a Military Weapon . . . .
As wildfires and high temps scorch the West, millions across Nevada and California are asked to reduce their power consumption
Oregon wildfire triples its reach in 1 day, burning thousands more acres and forcing evacuations
Dane has been warning that this would happen. Soon all the hydo-electric plants out west will be shut down because there will be no water to run them.
Drought threatens coal plant operations—and electricity—across the West

The weather disasters are coming in droves now, each and every day, and fortunately people ARE "getting it," and Dane is getting more and more exposure to the public. He just did an excellent interview with Mike Adams on Natural News. The two of them really clicked, much like Dane and Maria Zeee. Mike is very up to date on this material, and so is his audience. He said Dane is his listeners' favorite, and that says a lot. Here is the link.
The geoengineering KILL SWITCH has been activated for the entire planet—Feat. Dane Wigington

I want to mention that the NWS is becoming more and more totally inept, and I can count on these "systems" that move through to be NOTHING like they are "scheduled" to be. Why? MY OPINION is because they are totally losing control of the weather and everything else. We here in NE Ohio were supposed to be deluged for four days. Saturday it didn't rain a bit. At least here it didn't, and in fact was a rather nice day. Sunday, we were not under any flood watches, and we got TORRENTIAL rain. One NWS forecaster said Lake Erie got 5-10 inches. THEN they put us under a "Slight Risk" for excessive rainfall as it was happening. It was supposed to be torrential on Labor Day. We were under a Slight Risk, which is Level 2 for excessive rainfall. Didn't get a drop. In fact, a good part of the northern half of Ohio didn't get a drop. At least our local Cleveland office was more on the ball. If you noticed Monday on the NWS National Map, practically the entire eastern third of the country was under a flash flood watch, but my county was just north of it. Still, most of the northern half of Ohio again got little or no rain. When I got up Tuesday morning, we were STILL under a risk for excessive rainfall on the Excessive Rainfall Outlook page, and it had gone back up to Slight Risk from Marginal. SERIOUSLY?? The new Day 1 always begins at 8 a.m..This time, it was so ridiculous that the Cleveland office ignored it all together. We had a foggy-misty day with periods of extemely light drizzle. We were also progged for thunderstorms from the Storm Prediction Center, which was ridiculous. And we STILL were (both for t-storms and excessive rainfall, which got downgraded to Marginal) at the end of a totally uneventful day, with absolutely NOTHING on the horizon. There was only a trace of water in the rain gauge at the end of the day. How can anyone even remotely trust these people to forecast the weather? And have you noticed how there have been NO HURRICANES in what was supposed to be an even more active year than 2021? That's been a conversation subject with Dane's people. OK, so there ARE some Atlantic hurricanes finally forming, but they're turning around and heading off to Europe!! WTF? Here is a comment from Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 3

Hailey M. says:
September 5, 2022 at 5:33 am

Any thoughts on the abnormal hurricane season? Forecasters keep moving the goal posts. They start the season out by saying it's going to be busier than ever (i.e. the scheduled weather). Then after a slow June and July they try to explain the slow season by claiming most activity occurs after July. Every article in August claimed that 'next week' activity will be ramping up. August had zero names storms, the second time in 50 years.

September starts out with weak storms that they predict will strengthen, however they are falling apart and struggling to organize. They already know Sept won't be going as planned, because I just read an article that says most hurricanes happen in October! There is some factor at play that is outside of the weather maker's control.

(I totally agree, and have some thoughts on that which I will keep to myself for the moment.) Here's an article. Of course, it's mostly bullshit. ALL MSM WEATHER ARTICLES ARE BULLSHIT. The only weather articles that are NOT bullshit are the ones that speak the truth about climate engineering.
The first hurricane of the season arrived late, but don't let your guard down

And back to Labor Day, many people DID have catastrophic flooding, like NW Georgia.
Flooding Emergency Declared In Northwest Georgia
Stubborn? How 'bout cloud seeding? Microwave cloud manipulation? HAARP. I hear them up there above me 24/7, spraying non-stop.
More than 80 million people are under flood watches today, from Alabama to Maine
Travelers Stuck On I-95 In Rhode Island Due To Flooding
From floods to drought, there's nowhere to hide.
Fire conditions are 'extremely dangerous' in California, officials say, with 2 dead and thousands of acres scorched
And back to total nonsense . . . . It's called "too little, too late." And that goes for ALL the out-of-control waste of ALL resources on this planet. The damage is done and cannot just be undone by a few basically insignificant changes, compared to the magnitude of the crisis. ASSHOLES.
Las Vegas isn't betting on Mother Nature to solve its water problems. Here's how it intends to win
And another west coast disaster.
A brutal heat wave brings record highs in the 110s and threatens power outages across California. And a hurricane could prolong it
UTAH!!?? OH, MY . . . .
Floodwaters Wash Through Downtown Moab, Utah
And here's a short and encouraging comment from Dane's community, the same page as linked above.

September 4, 2022 at 3:25 pm

North GA just had 8-11 inches of rain while the surrounding area is overcast or light rain all the way into the midwest, upper south. While keeping our temps down here in TN. This is so obvious now that I'm waking up people daily. Best progress I've had in 10 years. They don't care any more. This isn't going to get any better soon. Keep it up all. Dane well done with Natural News. Best interview hands down for that crowd. USA watchdog was solid too. Wake people up folks. Let's go!

This is one of those articles that sounds true from the title, but when you read on, it is so flawed that it is sheer nonsense. How many flaws can YOU find?
Unseen Heat across Europe: Is this the ‘Climate End Game’?

Other countries are downright open about the fact that they are carrying out geoengineering.
China is seeding clouds to replenish its shrinking Yangtze River
Spain: Law Allows Geoengineering Experiments

I will end the weather section with this absurdity from The Weather Channel, where a chirpy Domenica Davis assures us the next extinction won't happen for 500 years. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG, how much do they PAY these people to tell such FUCKING LIES?????
New Climate Change Study Predicts Timeline For Next Mass Extinction

OK, that's enough on weather. If you are a regular reader and STILL do not get it, you are hopeless. If you are a new reader, thanks for joining us. Wake the hell up, NOW. And now on to the mRNA experimental jab crisis. I don't have much in addition to say on this, but I DO have some very interesting links. First, the Controllers are aware that people DO understand what is being done to them, and we have an ever-expanding pool of doctors and other health professionals, scientists, and people in the media who are not only courageous and willing to lose their jobs and licenses, but are ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to stop this insanity. Here is a chunk I included in the Farm Article linked above.
Mass Medical Bankruptcy & Collapse Coming—Dr. Elizabeth Eads
Here's more military data.
Active US Military Service Members: Significant Increase in Cancers, Myocarditis, and Pericarditis Resulting from Covid-19 Vaccine
Falling Military Recruitment Is Another Sign of Waning Faith in the Regime

On Dane's August 13 GAN broadcast (live), he played a great clip of Dr. Peter McCullough, and I believe he said it was a Washington D.C. testimony. But when the online version appeared on his site, I saw that ten minutes had been cut, and I had a hunch it was that clip, and it was, because I was unable to find it. So, I wonder why he cut it, and I'm sure he had a good reason. Anyways, Dr. McCullough has become one of the most outspoken truth-tellers about the mRNA toxic jabs. In this speech, he was expressing a state of bewilderment about the over a thousand young, healthy athletes that have collapsed/died on the field. "Where's the outrage?" he kept saying. "There's a lack of family outrage. People are in a zombie-like state—a mass formation psychosis." Those are the notes I managed to take during the Saturday a.m. broadcast on, (Redding, CA.). While it was playing, I was attempting to do a search to find the entire speech, but nothing came up.

Greg Hunter did an interview with Lt. Colonel Theresa Long, MD, and I have to say, though it contained interesting information, it was a very unusual interview for Greg. Most of his guests are quite willing to vent their spleen, but she was typical of people in the military, and chose her words almost painfully carefully. And I absolutely give her credit for speaking out, especially in her position, but other than the vaccine mandates for the military, she is still totally brainwashed. Greg kept trying to fire her up. He said her leaders were a bunch of morons! HAHA. He also said they were committing treason, and still could not get more than a guarded response. He asked her if our military is ready to go to war, several times, and she kept evading the question. At one point, she pointed out that the first goal of the U.S. military was to avoid wars, and that's where she lost me. The U.S. military is known for their habit of starting wars! Her main area is to take care of the pilots, whose health and readiness to fly is more rigorous and carefully monitored than ground-based soldiers, and as she spoke, I realized she really did not have a clue as to just what these pilots were doing up there, and the criminal activity they were engaged in. So, in all this was not a very satisfying interview.
“Hell No” to Any CV19 Vax—Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD

But here's one that IS. JP Sears always makes me laugh. He is a pro at presenting a dead-serious subject in a very humorous way, while getting his point across, dead-on. This one is about all the people dropping dead in Canada.
‘Unknown Cause’ Is the Top Cause of Death in Canada!
I want to point out (in seriousness) that Dr. Eads clearly made the point that there is no such thing as "Sudden Adults Death Syndrome. Anyways, PLEASE watch this short video. We all need a laugh.

Greg did one more interview that I wanted to listen to before I published this article, but just didn't have time. I will as soon as I can, and report on it afterwards. Dr. Pierre Kory is one of Greg's most frequent and popular guests. Just reading Greg's introductory material makes it sound very interesting and compelling. Here it is.
Global CV19 Vax Propaganda Means Mass Casualties—Dr. Pierre Kory

But the one thing that looks very positive, is that the whole Covid scheme is being blown wide open, and the ones blowing it open are determined to go after the perpetrators. You know, Dane keeps saying that they could do something fatal to the earth's population when they realize it is game over, but I keep saying that there will come a point when the military and other supporters of the official narrative become so decimated because of death and debilitation, that there will be no one, or certainly not enough people to carry out the agenda. Again, do you not wonder about these hurricanes, or lack of them, rather? And I am sure Ohio is not the only place experiencing TOTALLY different weather than what is scheduled. Why? Lack of personnel? Is that also what is keeping the military less agressive concerning "war?" Here's some articles, mostly from Global Research. The first is very comprehensive in its scope, and also contains two videos (which I have not watched), plus additional links. If you are a new reader and are not up to speed concerning the mRNA criminal disaster, this would be a good place to start.
As the COVID Myths Explode, Delusions Are Shattering: Our Exit from Subservience Leads to Nuremberg 2.0
Graphene Oxide is also being sprayed on us, however, Dane has said that he and his researchers do not yet have enough evidence to say whether or not the graphene oxide being sprayed on us is self-replicating, like that in the vaccines. Either way, it is all unfathomably sinister.
The Vaccinated Are “Infecting” the Unvaccinated with Dangerous Graphene Oxide: Biomedicine Experts
Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the Eyes of their Fans? Impacts of Covid-19 Vaccine

Here are some desperate attempts to convince people that a bad diet is causing all these people to drop dead. It is a very subliminal message, but that's what it is.
Ultraprocessed foods linked to cancer and early death, studies find
From National Propaganda Radio, here's their response to all the mRNA vaccine-caused heart attacks. One thing is for certain. These people will be called out and punished for their participation in this evil.
The U.S. diet is deadly. Here are 7 ideas to get Americans eating healthier
And more from NPR. I CANNOT believe, not only that the media is STILL pushing these vaccines, when there is such a tremendous movement now to bring the truth to light, but that there are people STILL DUMB ENOUGH to fall for it. Amazing and bewildering.
Omicron boosters: Do I need one, and if so, when?
And from CNN . . . .
Who should get the updated coronavirus vaccine booster now—and who should wait?

The Lies Surrounding HAARP (well, some of them at least).

I want to begin the HAARP section with this article from Michel Chossudovsky from Global Research. However, there are a couple points I dispute. He says," "While Environmental modification (ENMOD) techniques have been available to the US military for more than half a century, there is no concrete evidence that these techniques have been used to trigger extreme weather conditions." That is not true. Dane (and I) have tons of evidence on our websites, such as animations or screenshots of radar steering storm systems. For anyone capable of doing a search and reading, there is SO MUCH undisputable evidence out there, including readily available military documents, right in our faces, ADMITTING these agendas are being carried out, and yet, how many are willing to educate themselves? Chossudovsky, I'm sure, knows this, because he goes on to contradict himself. He also states the "official narrative" that HAARP has been shut down, but, of course, it hasn't. Why would anyone believe anything coming from the U.S. military. Everything about HAARP from the get-go has been a lie. Chossudovsky has written on this subject frequently, so I'm sure he is completely aware of what is going on, and I appreciate that he and many more people from the media are finally covering this criminal activity.
Does the US Military “Own the Weather”? “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?
Please listen to the short video included from a CBS New report. Both Jeanne Manning and Nick Begich participate. It is about the Bernard Eastlund patent that became the prototype for HAARP, which I mentioned in the report on Angels Don't Play This HAARP, and will talk about it and the eleven other patents that followed in a separate article. Also included in this news report is John Heckscher, who was one of the main liars-in-chief to the public, I believe, and also the project manager. He was also in the documentary, Holes in Heaven. He, and military, have denied from the start that HAARP was based on Eastlund's patent, but in fact, it was the basis for the prototype. Bernard Eastlund clearly spelled out everything that would be possible to do when a facility was constructed according to his patent. By denying that HAARP was based on this patent, it made it possible for the military to lie about everything HAARP was capable to doing. This, I believe, became the primary lie upon which HAARP was built, and made it so much easier for the military to lie about everything else. This video also contains materials that I had designated to discuss in the article. IT IS VERY GOOD. PLEASE WATCH.

I am going to cover here, the initial lies that actually set the stage for HAARP to become the weapon of mass destruction, funded, at first, by our government without them even realizing its purpose. Not that our government is benevolent or moral, but if they knew what HAARP was intended to do, they could have stopped it just to save their own lives. So, I will begin with the series of events that triggered Bernard Eastlund to develop his first patent that became the basis for HAARP. Most of the information presented here comes from Part Three: Electropaintings in the Sky, of Angels Don't Play This HAARP.

ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company) had a problem. They had gas. Trillions of cubic feet of natural gas—methane, to be specific, and billions of barrels of oil on the North Slope oil fields in Alaska. The oil wasn't the problem, it was the gas, which they had no use for, nor a way to transport it. They had been reinjecting it back into the ground, which also maintained oil pressure. ARCO hired Bernard Eastlund to invent a technology that would require this surplus of natural gas, and located nearby. Eventually, there would be eleven more patents connected to Eastlund's first one, two more created by him, and the rest by other inventors. Plus, ARCO already owned the right-of way for a future TransAlaska Gas Pipeline. A year after Eastlund's first patent, ARCO created a subsidiary called APTI, or ARCO Power Technologies, Incorporated, because the parent company, ARCO, had no interest in the technologies field. APTI was a tiny company, based in Washington D.C., employing just 25 people, with annual sales of only five million. This paragraph contains key information, so remember it, because it set the foundation for the lies surrounding HAARP.

In some later article, I will discuss each patent, but here I just will focus on the events. So, ARCO encouraged the U.S. military to build HAARP, which was at first referred to as "Skybuster,", or zapper (which should have raised some eyebrows.) The military was interested, but what was even more interesting was that this tiny, unprofitable company, APTI, won the military contract over the huge military contractor, Raytheon. Yeah, most of my readers are well-familiar with that company. So, why would such an insignificant company be awarded such a massive military contract? Because, of course, they owned the twelve patents that would become HAARP.

Several events happened to allow the military to distance themselves from Eastlund. Eastlund applied for his patent in 1985 and the others patents were developed between 1987 and 1992. But in the late 1980s, Eastlund's first patent "was locked up under a Navy National Security Order." The military and those involved with HAARP began denying that Eastlund's patent had anything to do with the project. By 1992, even APTI denied their association with Eastlund. Here is a quote from page 35 in the book and page 42 in the PDF:

The publicity was apparently not welcomed by ARCO Power Technologies Inc. In August of 1992, Jeane Manning had confronted the president of APTI, Ramy Shanny, Ph.D., after a power-beaming workshop at an International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference. She had come to the IECEC meeting to further educate herself about energy alternatives, but one item on the program took her away from the "advanced and innovative systems" sessions for a morning. The schedule said that a representative of APTI would be in a workshop on power-beaming, and she wanted to ask the person whether APTI was going to build Eastlund's invention.

After the meeting, when she finally did confront him, this was what she got.

Shanny backed away from her, gesturing with his hands and using facial expressions to convey the impression that Eastland is crazy and the company was not going to have anything further to do with Eastlund's futuristic patent.

Momentarily assured that APTI would not be building the mega-instrument, Manning let him rejoin his group and head for a restaurant. Then she replayed the scene in her mind and realized he had not given her a single complete sentence that she could quote. The message—disavowing Eastlund's work and reassuring her that APTI would not build such a technology—had cleverly been conveyed without Shanny having committed to uttering words.

In 1994, APTI was bought out by the huge defense contractor, E-Systems, who changed the name to Advanced Power Technologies, Incorporated. On October 24, 1994, John Mintz wrote an article in the Washington Post, and here it is:
Incidentally, this is the company that created GPS (Global Positioning System) in 1995. They are the blackest of the "black-ops." The article is less than flattering. The second paragraph states, "E-Systems designs spy satellite gear that can snap photographs of automobile license plates from space and capture electronic communications, from phone calls to rocket telemetry." And here's another quote: "As one Air Force official put it, E-Systems 'has been black so long it doesn't know how to operate any other way.'"

E-Systems was also featured on a CBS 60 Minutes airing on February 26, 1995. The video is available, but my computer won't play it, but here is a quote from the book about what was aired that night, page 92-92 in the book and page 99 in the PDF.

E-Systems was one of the featured stories in a CBS, 60 Minutes segment which was aired February 26, 1995, The report echoed the assertions which were made in the Washington Post article. The company was described as an organization operating in the "black world"—an area so secret that employees are not permitted by law to discuss anything about their work except with those individuals who have an official "need to know" classification. Of the company's annual sales, 85 percent was for classified work, with an estimated $800 million involved in projects so sensitive that the government denies that the projects even exist. The story went on to paint a picture of an organization which thrives on contracts issued by the CIA, NSA and military intelligence organizations.

In the CBS 60 Minutes segment, the secret relationship with the United States government was illustrated by describing one of E-Systems more public law suits. In the course of the law suit, a court order was issued which forbade the disclosure of E-Systems' classified relationship to the United States government. The most unusual part of the order was that none of the parties to the suit could even disclose that the order existed or that the government had even sought such an order. Even more revealing about this shadowy organization was that no one was allowed to have a copy of the document. They could only view it for a few moments in the United States Attorney's office. They were not allowed to take notes or in any way record their comments about the order, and they were forbidden from even talking about the existence of the document, under threat of incarceration. The order was so secret that even the judge could not have a copy of it, and could only view it upon special request. The secrecy of the document was appealed all the way to the United States Supreme Court where a ruling was issued which allowed the parties to talk about the order. Even now, nobody can get a copy of the document itself.

Isn't that ridiculous?

I want to once again mention the terms "need to know" and "compartmentalization." The first time I heard the latter term was in an excellent interview between Dane and USAF Major General Richard H. Roellig. I don't often say this about people in the military, but I have tremendous respect for this man. HE sought out DANE for answers as to what was going on in the sky. Imagine, an Air Force Major General completely unaware. But he carefully explained "compartmentalization," in which the military only allows their people to know about the goings on in their immediate area or assignment. General Roellig is now helping Dane to expose the insanity, and find out who exactly is behind this. He appears in Dane's documentary The Dimming. Here is the link for the interview.
Geoengineering: An Interview With A US Air Force General

So this REALLY covert-operations company buys out little tiny APTI, and it shouldn't be difficult to fill in the blanks as to why. First, of course, now THEY (who were tied to the military and CIA), now owned the twelve patents connected to HAARP. But not for long, because another even bigger and notorious company associated with military intelligence, ballistics, missiles, and yes not only under contract with NWS/NOAA to create all the national weather maps, but the ones who are orchestrating the scheduled weather. The company was originally Raytheon Company, which merged with United Technologies Corporation in 2020, and is now called Raytheon Technologies, and operates four subsidiaries. Here is the Wikipedia page.
Raytheon Technologies
Educate yourself and check them out. And remember, weather is now a weapon the U.S. military is using against their own citizens, so it should be no wonder that the forecasting is being done by a company that specializes in weapons, intelligence, etc..
Raytheon Wins $269M NOAA Recompete for Weather Forecasting System Support
Anyways, in 1995, they bought out E-Systems for a whopping $2.3 BILLION, making them the new owners of the HAARP patents. And this acquisition further distanced the project from Bernard Eastlund. Why did they want to distance themselves from Eastlund? Because they didn't want, not only the public, but the U.S. government to know what they planned to do with HAARP. There's more connections that they sought to hide. Here are two more paragraphs from the book, page 93 in the book and page 100, PDF. Remember, this was back in the mid-1990s.

APTI, when it was owned by ARCO, was relatively easy to keep track of because it was small. The patent records and the data surrounding ownership could be traced. Its purchase by E-Systems raised eyebrows and began to mask the assets behind a clouded corporate structure. With the takeover, it seemed that the HAARP project would go into the black world of hidden programs. HAARP was now at the bottom of the sea of the corporate structure of one of the largest private companies in the world.

Besides their newly acquired HAARP contract, E-Systems had developed a number of other technologies. They have developed clustered computer networks called EMASS systems which can store five trillion pages of text—a file pile that would reach a hundred and fifty miles high—from the surface of the Earth right into the ionosphere. Their computer can sort data at lightning speed, and has applications in the oil industry for storing and sorting seismic information. They also control once secret remote sensing equipment capable of mapping the Earth's underground formations. These technologies, coupled with what APTI brought together in their patents, formed an incredible technology package for one of the most profound weapon systems yet conceived. Could the marriage of technologies in these companies create the possibility of those types of uses contemplated in intelligence circles as necessary for the ultimate control of mankind through bloodless warfare and manipulation of mental functioning? E-Systems had amassed huge capabilities for the most secret organizations in the country, and had gained control of the HAARP technologies.

I want to point out that it was through the diligent research of Manning and Begich and also people from the "No HAARP" activist group that so much of this information was discovered. For instance the connection of HAARP to the Poker Flat Rocket Range. "The Poker Flat Rocket Range is the largest land based research facility in the world and the only high latitude rocket range in the United States. It is the only University operated range in the country. Poker Flat Rocket Range has been funded in past years with NASA grants of $1.5 million annually." Then they got a $30 million upgrade as a part of a national defense bill passed by Congress in the early 1990s. HAARP Project Manager John Heckscher in a letter to Alaska's legislators, flat-out denied any connection of Poker Flat to HAARP. The same can be said about the new supercomputer that had just been acquired by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, who was in on the deceit being promoted by the military and HAARP personnel. Here's what is written in the book, page 87, page 94, PDF.

Public relations communications on HAARP, during 1993 and 1994 denied that the project was formally tied to the Poker Flat Rocket range. During 1992 the Air Force funded, under a separate program, the launch of a 17,000 pound rocket carrying a payload of 2,770 pounds. The Spirit 11 rocket was used to send a high-tech telescope about 205 miles above the Earth to measure emissions from auroral displays. The Geophysical Institute disclosed that "Researchers at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts plan to use the measurements as a part of a larger Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (commonly known as Star Wars) study on atmospheric disturbances. Studying infrared light is important because it can prevent some Air Force satellites from being able to detect targets, other satellites, or clutter in space, just as city lights can prevent people from seeing stars in the sky." A number of other military projects have been reported in the Geophysical Institute's publications which, although they were funded separately, produced information crucial to the planned uses of HAARP. Many of these kinds of projects are revealed throughout this book.

What was the reason for such deception? "A review of just one year's grants to the University of Alaska shows dozens of projects not 'directly or formally' tied to HAARP, but forming complements of research which will undoubtedly further the program objectives. It was found that the military's public relations program was intended to minimize the significant factors regarding the technology, the interactivity of other projects and the real control and direction of the project. The records showed that HAARP was part of a global cooperative effort which included the USSR, Canada, Japan, Greenland, Norway, Finland, New Zealand and others." I also want to point out, and I perceived this also as I watched the documentary, Holes in Heaven, that Eastlund probably had no idea his invention would be used with such sinister motives. In the book, it states, "Sounding quite proud of his accomplishments, Eastlund replied that nothing in the patent was science fiction; it is based on combining known technologies. 'Many of the applications in here are aimed at beneficial effects.'"

In the short video I mentioned in the Global Research article in the first paragraph of this section, we see a clip of reporter Wendy Mesley speaking with Nick Begich about Memorandum 195, which is also covered in the book. Nick discovered it by accident, even though it wasn't to be released to the public. The military claimed HAARP was not a "classified" project, yet, gosh, all the evidence about its intended use was. He had the 613-page document with him when he was interview by the CBS reporter, so she saw it, too. It was presentation notes given at Hanscom AFB between April 30, and May 1, 1991. This material is contained in the chapter entitled, "The Project's Not Classified." Here's a quote:

"The PL/GP Technical Memorandum Series is intended to make results of PL (Phillips Laboratory) in-house scientific efforts rapidly available to specific groups and individuals known to have an immediate interest in the results obtained. . . A Technical Memorandum may not be referenced in the open literature; however, results presented therein may be referenced as 'private communication' with the written consent of the originating office."

This would make it "not readily available" under FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). "This revealing paragraph explained how the government could say, in slick word games, that there was no record or that there was no published document available when one was requested." In the video, Begich stated, a couple times, that HAARP was clearly a prototype for a "ground-based Star Wars Weapons System." For those as old as I am, remember how that term "Star Wars" was used so frequently, then just seemed to disappear. Well, that's what HAARP is!

In the next HAARP Series article, I will cover the patents in detail and what HARRP is capable of doing, and, as we look with horror at the state of the planet, we know it IS doing all as planned, and even more. I just want to make one more comment, and that is the name, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. In the original article/review, I clearly pointed out that it is NOT a research program, but was built as a weapon, which has been more firmly confirmed in this article. But why "Auroral." Yes, it's true that HAARP can create an artificial aurora. Here's one last quote from page 42 in book, 49 in the PDF of Tony Ferraro speaking of ionosphere heaters in general. You know how I'm always saying that they've turned the atmosphere into an electrical grid, and Dane is always saying they're using it as a physics lab? Well, there it is.

Why make an artificial aurora borealis? He replied that the plasma physicists wanted to control the northern lights to learn more about the physics which created them. Ferraro instead came in and used the facility to modulate the electrojet. "These currents can be modulated by high power transmitters so that they could be made to act as little antennas." Ferraro explained that in their natural state the ionospheric currents are direct current (DC), as is the electricity from a battery. "By modulating that atmospheric region from these high power transmitters we can convert (the electrojet current), in a small volume, into alternating currents. Alternating current flowing in a wire is an antenna. Now, these are not flowing in wires; they're flowing in space. But it's the same principle. We can create a little antenna."

I have spent an immense amount of time and energy researching and committing this material to my memory. I've read it over and over, and each time, it makes more sense. I am so glad I took SUCH profuse notes, all organized and clearly marked by page number and chapter. I am putting a big highlighter "X" through what I cover, and when both notebooks are "X"ed out, then I will be done with this series. We all NEED to know about HAARP, then work to stop its destructive activities, if we expect to be around much longer. How did such insanity ever take such a hold on this planet? It sneaked in the back door veiled in lies, when most people were not paying attention. We are now suffering the consequences. I hope everyone will spend the next couple weeks returning to this article to re-read and follow the numerous links I have provided.


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