Truth and Consequences?

May 22, 2024

This is gonna be a rather short article, by my standards at least, but the last few days have felt like something SO BIG is coming, and so many events that, for anyone devoted to connecting the dots, they will have to wonder . . . . Some of these are good, some are bad, but all are really ugly, that we are living on a planet where the imhabitants conduct themselves in such a manner. And add to that the ongoing decimation of the Divided States of America by Weather Warfare of which still too many people are completely oblivious. I have all kinds of stuff saved here, and it really couldn't wait.

Let us begin with the ongoing assault on Texas. Could there be some connection here? At the bottom of the page you can click to read the PDF of the entire petition.
Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer for Misrepresenting COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Conspiring to Censor Public Discourse
And here is the ongoing assault on Texas. Note: there is NOTHING normal about this weather. And this is the second barge to hit a major bridge in this country in the past, what? Two months? These are all new since I published Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025: HAARP Series #D-1 on May 15.

Bridge Between Galveston And Pelican Island Remains Closed After Barge Crash, Oil Spill
At least 4 dead in Houston as destructive storms lash Texas and Louisiana with strong winds and flood threats
Texas Town Flooded As Storm System Drenches The Region
7 dead as storms slam Houston yet again; hundreds of thousands still without power
Worries Mount Over Power Outages, Heat In Houston Area
This was updated on the 22st.
Sweltering Heat, Falling Glass: Houston's Storm Recovery
And as I write this on Tuesday night, NOAA's Excessive Rainfall Forecast has the Dallas area at risk on both May 22 and 23.

And here's some other interesting news. Are these wealthy corporate bastards finally beginning to worry?
AstraZeneca Withdraws Its COVID-19 Vaccine Worldwide
And what about this? Is the ICC FINALLY going to start doing their job?
The International Criminal Court is seeking warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders
Here's Biden's reaction. And he should speak for himself, NOT for the country because WE do not all agree.

In a statement, President Biden called the application for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders "outrageous," saying, "And let me be clear: whatever this prosecutor might imply, there is no equivalence—none— between Israel and Hamas. We will always stand with Israel against threats to its security."

And what about all the other millions of warrants that should have been issued. YEARS ago? Beginning with Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab . . . And speaking of. Hmm? Is she removing herself from the scene of the crime?
The Gates Foundation is losing its smarter half, Warren Buffett says
And more from the Middle East.
What might have caused the helicopter crash that killed Iran's president
Was "Weather as a Force Multiplier" being used here? Remember the quote I used in my article on this document concerning the creation of "Artificial Weather? Of course, NPR makes it sound completely innocent and reminds us of many other helicopter crashes. Who is to say those were all innocent?

For instance, virtual weather could be created by influencing the weather information received by an end user. Their perception of parameter values or images from global or local meteorological information systems would differ from reality. This difference in perception would lead the end user to make degraded operational decisions.

And speaking of air traffic accidents, what about this?
London-Singapore Flight Hits Severe Turbulence; 1 Killed
It dropped a mile in altitude in three minutes. People who didn't have their seat belts fastened hit the ceiling. From the video, it appears there's blood everywhere. Remember when Dane was talking a couple years ago about both military and passenger planes being lowered because their auto-pilot kicked in when the upper atmosphere was too warm to support them? Could this be related?

And speaking of Dane, he also was noticing more than the usual unusual events. Like this whole aurora thing. Well, yeah, I would say that HAARP was involved. But WHY? I didn't see any, by the way. And these solar storms are being blamed for the auroras, but I would bet there's a lot more going on than we are told.
The huge solar storm is keeping power grid and satellite operators on edge
Dane spoke of agricultural equipment using GPS being shut down among other equipement. Agriculture? You mean there are people who have actually been able to farm this year? Anyways, Dane has said over and over for the twelve years I've known him that one of these days the power grid is gonna go down, which will include all these 444 nuclear power stations, giving us Fukushima times 444.
He also mentioned Weather as a Force Multiplier which was coincidental, seeing I had just published my article a few days prior. Here's his latest.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 18, 2024

Things have just felt strange, out of place, uncomfortable the past few weeks and getting worse, again, like it's all coming to a head. What is? Has AI taken over, as many people have warned? The bots on my website stats have completely gotten out of control.
“Can Machines Think and How Can They Think”: What Is More Dangerous? Artificial Intelligence or Natural Intelligence?
Do we know the difference anymore?
Here is a quote by Stephen Hawking from the above article. Yes, I have those fears, too, especially since I believe it is already happening and has been for a long time. I suggest you read this article and also get on my Articles Index and read the 3-part series I did on AI and Aliens. I plan to do an updated one.

Stephen Hawking, one of Britain’s pre-eminent scientists, who was well aware of the importance of research about the artificial intelligence and in fact was in need of a primitive form of artificial intelligence in his communication with the world, has been skeptical about the development of artificial intelligence, saying that the primitive forms of artificial intelligence developed so far have already proved very useful, but he fears the consequences of creating something that can match or surpass humans. He told the BBC:

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

According to Hawking, it would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate, but humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.

The probability of developing very robust autonomous weapons or new ways of oppressive methods in authoritarian regimes by using artificial intelligence were the threats which Hawking emphasized.

And here's more about AI. I have nothing to do with social media, or CELLPHONES, all which are being used to collect data on people and use it against them. But as I mentioned earlier, the bot traffic on my website is totally out of hand. I go through my stats numerous times a day and block them from getting on to my site, and one of them is called "facebook external hit." They are becoming more crafty now, often not identifying themselves, which is fine because I block their I.P.s. But they are still, at best, a nuisance, and at worst, a threat.
AI-generated spam is starting to fill social media. Here's why

Or perhaps the Alien Invaders have landed?And they ARE the AI—machine or computers. That's a legitimate question, because I've noticed other things, or even conversations I've had with people that made me feel as if I had just put another piece of the puzzle together. When things just fall at my feet, I know they're important. I've found myself obsessed with organizing, and ordering items from Amazon and that I've had on my list for years. I have this growing feeling that we may not be able to get what we want and need much longer. I'm stocking up on food, and cat and turtle food, too. I just bought the books I've needed to continue with my HAARP series, and have been downloading eBooks (free), too. I feel like something is keeping me from moving ahead on many fronts, whispering to me, "Wait, it will all change soon." I intend to be totally ready. So let us continue with this article.

And to return to the topic with which I opened this article, here is a video of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who has been gathering evidence and a topnotch assemblage of expert witnesses to testify against the perpetrators of the Covid scam in Criminal Court. If you do not listen to anything else in this article (but I hope you explore many of the links I've provided), please listen to this one. Fuellmich has organized the events of the plandemic and the agenda behind it in the most concise and simple presentation that even the most inane, the most asinine among us (the majority of the human population) should be able to grasp the truth behind the lies told to global populations about the "Covid Pandemic" and its resulting deadly and destructive consequences. He also provides his long list of witnesses—several for each of the areas of expertise required. The video is only a short 18 minutes long, so we do not get to hear any of the witnesses. Fuellmich is such a knowledgeable and intellectual person, and such an excellent speaker, that the 18 minutes flew by as I listened with rapt attention to his presentation.
Not a Single Court in the Western World Is Willing to Examine the Covid-19 Evidence. “Crimes against Humanity” Revealed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Upon doing further investigation, I discovered this informative page. The list of expert witnesses is only a fragment of the ones he mentioned in the video, which included familiar names such as Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and John O'Looney.
Virtual International Grand Jury Seeks To Expose Covid Crimes Against Humanity
OK, so here's the bad news. He is now in jail on false charges. Imagine that. Here is another video, where he speaks of the spiritual energy embracing him because of all the support he is receiving. This one is recent, from April 5, 2024. I also urge you to listen to it as well. We are beginning to unravel the whole shebang, so it doesn't matter if it is weather warfare, digital tyranny, the plandemic, bioengineered "food," AI and transhumanism—it is all part of the same agenda, coming apart at the seams and becoming more dangerous by the day. In the first video, as I said, Fuellmich brings it all together (except for weather warfare). And let me also include the ultimate DISCLOSURE that will come after everything else is exposed, which is the control of the planet by an Alien race, and our simulated reality. It is all coming, and I sincerely believe it will happen this year. Here is the video that was just made, followed by his very brief Wikipedia page. Yeah, they didn't have much to say about him. Surprised?
Statement Dr Reiner Fuellmich 5 April 2024 English Audio
Reiner Fuellmich (Wikipedia)

And here's another. This is NOT going away. The perpetrators WILL be sent to prison, though I'd prefer to see them lined up against a wall and shot. That would help us with our population reduction issue . . . .
The Notice of Liability Delivered to Individuals at the WHO
And here's one that will enrage you.
Fauci’s Inquisition Against Safe and Effective Anti-COVID-19 Drugs
But one thing we all have to keep in mind is that those of us who have devoted our lives to manifesting a reality where none of this horror exists—and we are all approaching by the means with which we are best suited—have developed not only a strength through our inability to surrender, but are surrounded with a spiritual steel armor that keeps us going and keeps us guided down our path, making us, as a whole, invincible. The WEF and the rest of the criminal cabal will not have their way.

And now, back to more weirdness. As mentioned above, I have felt a strangeness around me. I hardly ever go to Ravenna anymore, because I feel like my brain is being scrambled. I don't know what is out there, but I don't feel that anywhere else, not that I ever like being out among people. When I have to spend a few hours running erands, I become totally drained, and have to sleep when I get home. I have the same problem when I spend too many hours on my computer, especially when I am writing something that takes an immense amount of concentration, as with the article on "Weather as a Force Multiplier." But other strange things are happening, too. I am so overrun with insects, I cannot even begin to describe my situation. I know a lot of it is because of the constant flooding, but I also wonder if some of it is, em, virtual. There are ANTS everywhere. Every size and shape imaginable. I have never seen so many ants in my entire life. They crawl all over my keyboard when I'm trying to type . . . no matter what I'm doing I am accompanied by ants. And spiders, but I like them. They apparently like me too, because there are times when I keep removing the same one, only to have it return.

Then there's those minute—gosh, what the hell are they? They are the size of a pinhead and they are in swarms. Sometimes I have to hold a tissue in front of my mouth and nose to keep from breathing them in. And they BITE. Yesterday was actually the third day in a row when it was quite hot and DRY. I think we set a record. I can't remember when was the last time we went so long without rain. . . . Yes. But it poured this morning, and apparently plans to do so for the rest of the week. Anyways, yesterday I FINALLY was able to mow certain places. I have grass that's taller than me. I spread all the clippings in my pathway to the greenhouse, or as much as I was able to get done, so now I can walk out my door without feeling like I'm in quicksand. But the clippings only exacerbated the problem with the miniscule insects. Plus I apparently unearthed a juvenile snapping turtle, because I found him down my path trying to burrow in the mud. I took a shovel and relocated him to the self-made ponds that line my driveway, where he immediately resumed his process of burrowing and had disappeared in a minute.

The there's those little green worms that drop out of the oak trees. They do that every year, but never in the volumes I experienced this year, and I have LOTS of oak trees. They spin these silky and very sticky threads, thus working their way from the branches to the ground. Unless they get stepped on. Heh, heh. But it was SO bad this year, again, I had to cover my face, and wash myself every time I came back inside. It was like walking through millions of spider webs.
What are those little green worms floating in the air?

In any case, I often find myself in wonderment these days, mumbling WTF?? And speaking of. OMG. Please open this link. I don't care if you read the article, just look at the photo. Seriously. LOOK at it. That could NOT have been an accident.
Biden will name new boss soon to lead 'toxic' FDIC
Anyways, since that article actually concerns finances, let us continue on that subject. I read recently, and I didn't save the article, that 44 percent of Americans are either maxxed-out on their credit cards or behind on their payments. We now have millions upon millions of people who have lost their homes, their jobs, had their entire town wiped out—lost everything. And yet the stock market is the highest it's ever been. Fuellmich discussed this in the first video—the orchestrated financial crash which the WEF is using to usher in their digital tyranny, giving themselves complete control of everyone's "money," and thus, if we do not follow their orders, they can cut us off from our funds.

But it ain't gonna happen, because people are wise to it and are paying cash. And all this digital stuff isn't working out quite as planned. Here's a story.
Woman uses self-checkout to steal more than $60,000 of items from same Target store over span of a year
HA! Not only was she a THIEF, but a fearless one! One would have thought she'd at least have gone to different stores. Well, anyways, here's a local story.
When I was at the Alliance ALDI several weeks ago, the woman ahead of me was SO embarassed. The last time she had shopped there, she was fussing with her kids and forgot to pay for an item. It was bottled water so it must have been in the bottom of the cart and she didn't realize she didn't pay for it until she got home and looked at her receipt. Anyways, she made sure she paid for it this time. That has probably happened at least once to most people. Anyways, the cashier told us of a woman who had recently come in and used the self-checkout to steal $400 worth of meat. Maybe she'll get Mad Cow Disease. That'll serve her right. And maybe these stores will get rid of these self-checkouts. Many are. That is a strike against the WEF digital tyranny plan.

I will close with yet another listing of weather warfare disasters that have happened since my last article on May 15. HOW LONG do you think we can continue on this path.? Beginning with Iowa, which has been absolutely battered in the past several weeks.
Photos: Iowa Tornadoes Leave Widespread Destruction
Watch Huge Tornado Spin Toward Iowa Town
Wind Turbine Wrecked, Set Ablaze In Iowa Storm
Up-Close Look At Tornado Devastation In Greenfield, Iowa
Live Updates: Midwest Picking Up Pieces After Deadly Iowa Tornadoes
At Least One Dead As Tornadoes Rip Iowa
And Oklahoma.
Multiple Tornadoes Hit Central Oklahoma
Oklahoma, Kansas Storms Destroy Structures, Spawn Dust Storm
‘It Just Won’t Stop’: Hail Destroys Car In Oklahoma Storms
And here's one from flooded Omaha.
Trash Bin Twirls In Flooded Street Like A Ballerina
And Louisiana.
Severe Storms Bring Wind, Flooding Rains To Louisiana
Don't Underestimate The Power Of Water
People DO underestimate the power of water, and most have NO IDEA how much comes down at once during these flash flood events until they are caught in one.
This one from India
Flash Flood Hits Waterfall, Killing A Teen
This last one from Colorado is absolutely insane.
Rivers Of Huge Hail And Rain Blanket Colorado Streets
And China.
Go Inside A Giant Wall Of Dust During Huge Dust Storm
And Canadian Wildfires.
Colossal wildfires burn across Canada, driving thousands of people to evacuate with kids, pets and precious belongings
Unwieldy wildfires scorch Canada and threaten a community scarred by past catastrophe
No shit. And where are they gonna go when it's all gone?
Severe Weather Driving People From Their Homes . . . Permanently
And it will only get worse if we do not stop it NOW. And even then, recovery is iffy.
Ocean Water Rushing Under ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Spells Trouble
Record Loss Of Antarctic Sea Ice Linked To Climate Change

And one ending thought. I cannot help but every day wondering to myself, "what if none of this is real?" If we ARE in a simulated reality, then the only thing we can do to change all this horror is to AWAKEN AND BE FREE. Before the year ends, something DRASTIC will happen. Let us make sure it is that.

My next planned article will be on animals. I have quite a collection of stories.

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