Would You Willingly Consent to Theft?

October 7, 2022

If someone approached you and asked for your wallet so they could steal all your money, would you willingly consent? Would you cheerfully and without questioning hand them your credit cards and give them access to your bank accounts? (This is providing, of course, that they posed no physical threat.)

That is exactly what we are doing now when we hand over money to whatever company to heat our homes during the winter. Right now the planet is in meltdown. According to Arctic News Blogspot, we have already surpassed 2 degrees C. Here is their latest blog concerning methane:
Methane keeps rising, (obviously exacerbated by the recent suspected sabotage of the two Nord Stream pipelines).
Record Methane Leaks in Baltic Sea: U.S. Government Likely Perpetrated Biggest-Ever Catastrophic “Global Warming Event”

But according to Dane Wigington, at GeoengineeringWatch.org, we have already exceeded 3 degrees C. I have worked with Dane for ten years, and everything he has said would happen is happening now. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. Do your own investigation, and you will find that he is spot-on with all his meticulously researched data.

So, if the planet is so hot, why are the winters still so cold? For the past six or seven years, the eastern half of the U.S. has been the most anomalously less-warm region on the planet. Why? It is called chemical ice nucleation, a patented process where ice nucleation chemicals are used to create drastic and often flash freezes. In 2021-22, here in NE Ohio, I damn near froze to death, and with inadequate housing and heat, here on my farm we dipped down to 15 degrees BELOW zero, absolutely INSANE. And we stayed miserably cold well into March due to the frozen material that had been packed down all over the area, which was not snow but chemically nucleated ice. It feels often 20 degrees colder than the thermometer reading, and will not melt, or melts extremely slowly, even when the temperatures are well into the 60s over a period of time. You can tell when it has been sprayed because it makes your skin burn. I've had my fingers feel frostbitten at 46 degrees, yet when we are not being sprayed, I can go outside when the temperatures read in the teens and not feel cold. Chemical ice nucleation acts like the mixing of chemicals in a medical ice pack—an instant freeze.That's why it is possible to see it snow when the temperatures are still in the 40s. I have seen it snow here at 50 degrees. Knowing this, you can imagine the disastrous effects this process has on plants, animals and the environment. It is very toxic.

By using HAARP and other ionosphere heaters, the jet stream can be manipulated. And anywhere water can be gathered, can be steered to wherever the weather controllers want it to go, then laced with ice nucleants and dumped on the area they want to cool down, which, as Dane often states, is the more heavily populated eastern half of the U.S.. This serves multiple purposes. First, it is a way of keeping the mostly blissfully ignorant masses completely unaware of the currently catastrophic temperature rises accelerating at blinding speed. As Dane has often said, it keeps the population confused and divided, People think that if it is cold somewhere, things must not be so bad. But sadly, most people listen to their local meteorologist and pay little attention to what is going on in the rest of the world. On Saturday, October 1, Dane mentioned in his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News that it was 100 degrees in San Diego. In February, 2022, Northern California, where Dane lives, was already up in the 70s, while we here in Ohio were sub-zero. For anyone who does even minimal research, it is obvious that there is nothing normal or natural about these cold temperatures on an incinerating planet.

The disastrous flash-freeze event in Texas, in February, 2021, is another example of a completely orchestrated cooldown, which also killed as many as 700 Texans.
Texas Is Still Not Recognizing The Full Death Toll Of Last Year’s Devastating Winter Storm
And at the same time, at the same latitude, Florida was 85 degrees. Where's the outrage? This was genocide. And weather warfare. Here is Dane's report after the event.
Chemically Nucleated Winter Weather
Here is another about the completely anomalous weather extremes in the U.S. and all over the world.
Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes
Dane has a whole section on this subject called Engineering Winter, found in the right column of his website.

And do people not notice how many times a certain area is hit with an agenda in mind? How many crops are now being either deluged or flash-frozen just before harvest time? And what about all the cattle and other livestock that have perished from "freak" freezes? As an animal rights activist for over 30 years, this one makes me sick and breaks my heart. It is from October, 2013.
100,000 cattle feared dead after early South Dakota snowstorm
These are not accidents or acts of nature.

And what about the weekly engineered blizzards that pummeled Ohio during early 2022 and were then steered right up to Ottawa, Ontario, during the Truckers' Convoy? Here is the QPF (Quantitative Percipitation Forecast) Map from February 16-17, 2022, illustrating the storm's movement. This same scenario played out every week for five, or maybe six weeks, if I remember correctly.

QPF Map for February 16, 7 PM to February 17, 7 PM

And it is not just the U.S.. Countries all over the globe are using this method for various reasons. China openly admits it is manipulating the weather, often with disastrous results.
China’s Weather Manipulation Brings Crippling Snowstorm to Beijing
This summer they were cloud-seeding to try to alleviate the drought. OK, so that's not an act of war, but because these climate intervention operations have gone unchecked for over 75 years, they have caused irreparable damage to the planet's natural hydrological cycles and weather patterns. It needs to stop now if we expect to be around much longer. And so this chemical ice nucleation also serves another purpose, which is a feeble attempt for the climate engineers to cool the planet down. Last year Eastern Siberia reached a record high of 118 degrees.
Record Heat of 118° In The Arctic
Don't you think that's a bit warm for that area? Why are people not paying attention to this? How many people noticed that nearly every Atlantic tropical storm this year was being steered towards the Arctic? Why? Because the climate engineers could seed them with chemical ice nucleation in the hopes to re-freeze the Arctic, which is now melting at blinding speed. Aside from a possible brief cooldown, they will fail in this attempt, which is in fact only hastening the heating. Here is a screenshot I saved from my Interactive Radar of the Spaghetti Models for four storms/hurricanes in the Atlantic in September: Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, and Ian.

Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, and Ian, 1:16 p.m. on September 24

We must embrace a global worldview and realize that everything that happens on the planet effects everyone on the planet. Here are some ways to begin.

The Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine has an excellent "Climate Reanalyzer" series of global maps that display an immense amount of data.
Climate Reanalyzer
Click "Today's Weather Maps" then "2M Temp Anomaly" and you can see the entire planet and where it is anomalously hot and cold. The anomalously hot temperatures have not been cooled down, and the cold areas have most likely been chemically nucleated, because there is no logical pattern as to why some areas are hot, and others very near by, very cold. If you follow these resources on a regular basis, you will find that often areas go from anomalously hot to anomalously cold in a matter of days, then back again. It is because the effects of the ice nucleation have worn off, which is exactly what happened in Texas in 2021. It is unlikely there are very many areas that are naturally cool now. Antarctica was as much as 90 degrees above normal temperatures earlier this year. Why do you think all these glaciers are in meltdown. The planet is HOT. So why is Europe "scheduled" to have a bitterly cold winter? Who benefits? Obviously, it would be those who want to bring the populations to their knees in total obedience to the Gobal Elite. And, of course, the oil corporations. Yes, it is indeed weather warfare.

Here are two Climate Reanalyzer maps from October 7, 2022. The first is the Temperature Anomaly map and the second, the Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly map. The Arctic regions are the fastest heating areas on the planet, but you can see the effect of the hurricanes sent to Greenland, which is presently anomalously cold. In the past, the climate controllers used the jet stream to pull down cold air from the northern regions, then used microwave towers to steer Pacific rain (that has been blocked from the west coast) across the country to the eastern half, usually mixed with tropical moisture, then dumped on us, especially in the Great Lakes region, one deluge after another. But they apparently were not able to do that this year, because this is the first summer here in NE Ohio that we had something more closely resembling "normal" rainfall and the most "sunny" days we have had in over a decade.

Temperature Anomaly

Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

The reason I felt compelled to devote an entire article to this aspect of climate engineering is because it is the least understood aspect of the climate intervention agendas, even among those who are otherwise quite aware of the atrocities going on in the skies. Too often I have read comments by Dane's community members to the effect of "they weren't spraying but it was still hot." People are under the impression that when the spraying stops, everything will cool down, which could not be further from the truth. As Dane has clearly stated, when HAARP and all ionosphere heaters are finally shut down, the drought will end. Rainfall will have somewhat of a cooling effect, but he has also clearly stated that the blowback will be horrific. When the climate intervention programs are stopped, then everyone will finally realize just how hot the planet really is. It is the spraying of aerosols that are blocking the full intensity of the sun, which provides short-term cooling but immense long-term damage. After 75 years of this activity being carried out, the damage to the planet cannot be hidden much longer. Climate engineering has absolutely decimated the ozone, which is why we are now being hit with intense radiation. Even on a day which has been "cooled," standing out directly in the sun can be painful. On the U.S. west coast, not only are UVC rays hitting the ground, but they have also detected X-rays, and this is catastrophic indeed. But nevertheless, if we are to salvage anything of the planet at this point, all climate intervention operations must stop while the earth still has something natural left to work with. We have no idea how the planet will react when the spraying stops, but it is our only chance for something to survive. And it will stop. One way or another because it will not be able to continue. The question is, will anything still have a chance to survive?

Here is another source for those in the U.S. where you can catch a peek into the minds of those who are manipulating the weather for their agenda. This is the NOAA Climate Prediction Center Outlooks Index. By scrolling down to the Extended Range Outlooks, you can click the 6-10 Day Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks, or 8-14 Day Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks. Both will illustrate just how erratic the temperature and precipitation patterns have become. Here are four temperature maps, the first two from October 5, 6-10 Day, then 8-14 Day. The bottom two are likewise, but from October 6. I always have to wonder about the sections designated "Near Normal." What the hell is normal? And you will noice that once again, the eastern states are the ones being cooled off the most. Yes, they are spraying us here. The tips of my fingers are cracked and bleeding, which is another sign of chemical ice nucleation.

October 5, 6-10 Day

October 5, 8-14 Day

October 5, 6-10 Day

October 5, 8-14 Day

So now, back to theft. When you thoroughly understand the agenda here, you will finally grasp that those who are forcing you to pay to heat your home and business are committing theft. Highway robbery. The planet is HOT. If it were not for the weather controllers spraying us with concoctions that are (temporarily) cooling us down, most of us would be HOT. And by forcing us to pay for heat, we are adding even more heat to the planet. How absurd is that? How insane? Especially with all these lying politicians and climate activists telling us we need to reduce carbon/fossil fuels! That will accomplish nothing. No, what we really need to do is to stop this criminal activity going on in the skies, and if we wait much longer, the planet will no longer have any natural functioning systems left, and then we are done. When the planet can no longer make clouds, we are done. When the ozone is completely gone, we are done, and it is almost gone now. What will it take to wake people up and get them to take to the streets with their proverbial pitchforks and torches, calling out all those responsible? Why is everyone not outraged? The mRNA jabs are now being recognized as genocide, but this is planetary omnicide. We can choose not to get a "vaccine," but we cannot choose to avoid weather and the toxic and destructive effects of climate engineering. We cannot choose whether to breathe or eat, nor can we live without water or in temperatures of 125 degrees and rising. We are on the path to Venus Syndrome. Educate yourself, get the truth (and start by visiting GeoengineeringWatch.org,). Then join us to sound the alarm and put an end to this illegal activity.

Here is a link to the Knollenberg Patent, one of the numerous patents for chemical ice nucleation. You can download it. I keep a copy in my purse, ready to show anyone who doubts my words. There are numerous other patents that can be found in searches.
Creating Snow Storms, The Knollenberg Patent

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