Still Don't Think We Have Climate Problems?
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July 27, 2023

I have volumes of climate related articles, and rather than put them in a Disclosure issue, I decided to put them all together here. For those of you well-aware of the climate agenda being carried out, please share this with those who are still asleep at the wheel. C'mon people. I have served you all these years and given thousands and thousands of hours, without pay to share this material. Google doesn't help much, although Bing is giving me excellent coverage, and a little bot called "Petalbot" is really doing me some good. But I need more of you to get the word out. Where are my helpers? WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT. How do YOU want to end this paradigm? I think many of us who DO pay attention to climate issues across the globe would be shocked at just how little most people care about anything but their own weather. Dane points this out and so do I. This article is a good summary of the state of the climate on this whole planet.

I have the sequel to my last article A Mind of Its Own: Artificial Intelligence and the Alien Agenda, Part 1, about one-third written, but the climate news is coming so fast, it is clogging up my bookmarks and needs to be released, beginning with Dane's recent interview with Greg Hunter, which, by far and wide, is the best interview Greg has done with him. Greg FINALLY "gets it." WOW!!! Good for you Greg!! I'm proud of you.
Biden Blocking Sun & Destroying Earth—Dane Wigington

He begins with a passionate rant, which is his specialty when he feels strongly about something, about this and similar articles that were recently published.
Beyond Insanity: White House Wants To Block Sunlight To Save Planet From ‘Global Warming’
What is INSANE is that Global Research published this bullshit, and they have been publishing a lot of bullshit lately, so I don't know WTF is going on, but I am losing my confidence in them. The article comes from Zero Hedge, and I am not a fan of them anyways, but anyone that is STILL so fucking blind and ignorant to write and article stating we should not begin blocking the sun as a means to combat global heating (no, we're in final meltdown at this point), is most certainly a victim of the Alien Artificial Intelligence mind control agenda. (See article above and its upcoming sequel.) I don't think a great many of these people, especially those who are telling the truth about other issues, are "lying" or being paid to lie about the climate engineering issue. I think they really DO NOT REALIZE it has been going on for SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS. They really DON'T KNOW. How can anyone NOT NOTICE?? It is The Gatekeeper and related mind control programs. The same one that prevents people from knowing that we are under Alien control and that AI has taken over the planet. Mind control on steroids, at this point. Anyways, Greg made the comment that it was strange that RFK didn't know, and I have made that comment and one of my regular readers and I have discussed it and some of Dane's community have also mentioned it. I will have more on Kennedy in a bit, and I'm not sure I totally trust him, but I am beginning to, after what I've been reading, and will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Now I'm going to share recent articles on the climate/weather disasters that are hitting the entire planet at blinding speed, arranged by category, beginning with the most dire, which is the HEAT, and it's not gonna stop. How many years has Dane been warning that this would happen? Climate Engineering and Weather Warfare needs to stop NOW. Just check out the MSM articles. It cannot be hidden any longer. Here's the first and it's a scary one.
Here's what happens to the body in extreme temperatures—and how heat becomes deadly
This article also links to a story from October, 2021. Here it is.
Heat stress likely caused the deaths of a California family while they were hiking
I followed this story, and had questions at the time about what really happened, because something didn't seem "right." Here is the "cause of death" release.
Investigators finally release the cause of death for a family who mysteriously died hiking near Yosemite
I saved this article when it was published, but the strange thing is, this is NOT the article I saved. The thing I thought was strange mentioned that they found the couple's cells phones and they had supposedly called for help, but this one says nothing of that. I thought it was strange because it seemed to me that would have been the FIRST place they would have looked to find information during the investigation, not a year later. Plus, these were experienced hikers and it seems to me they would have not continued into a dangerous situation. Keep in mind that this was two years ago when the temps were just beginning to get really out of hand.
Anyways, there have been a record number of deaths so far at National Parks, but often the people that visit them are NOT experienced. And the heat is much worse. WHY would anyone be dumb enough to subject themselves to something so dangerous? But we see it all the time now. Is it the mind control program that is making people lose their sense of reason?
Deadly extreme heat is on the rise in national parks—a growing risk for America’s great outdoors
And this one. How could ANYONE be dumb enough to go hiking when it's 114 degrees? What is wrong with people? They have lost all sense of common sense. Covid jabs? Mind control? AI? WTF is going on with people?
2 women hikers die in heat in Nevada state park
And this one! OMG, unbelievable. I'm sorry, but I would just walk off the job.
Amid a record heat wave, Texas construction workers lose their right to rest breaks
This next one contains a number of climate-related stories.
Millions face extreme heat across the globe
As Dane has mentioned, do people really believe they can "adjust" to this? Seriously? And in this next one, there's that "heat dome" Dane also frequently mentions. Remember, HAARP can and does produce these heat domes. The article states, "An enormous, relentless stubborn ridge of high pressure has trapped air inside in a “heat dome” resulting in extreme temperatures as the dome parks itself over areas. And meanwhile, here in NE Ohio, I am STILL wearing flannel pajamas, except for last night. NO SHIT. Think something's wrong with this picture??
39-day heat wave could last into August after smashing 2,300-plus records

Here's one from awhile back, but as Dane constantly points out, we are hearing about that "heat dome" all the time now. Remember, it was DANE that was using that word before it was popular. AI must have picked it up and spread it to the media.
What is a heat dome? What to know about the weather phenomenon baking Texas
For this next one, "climate change" should read "climate engineering" Again, blame it all on Mother Earth's menopause.
Heat waves in US and Europe would have been ‘virtually impossible’ without climate change, new report finds
There are some really absurd statements in this article, for instance:

If humans hadn’t heated the planet by burning oil, coal and gas, these kinds of blistering heat waves would be extremely rare, Otto told reporters on Monday. But, as the world continues to burn fossil fuels, they are no longer unusual, she said.

The article also states, "But the study should not be interpreted as evidence of “runaway warming” or “climate collapse,” she added." Oh yes it should. That's EXACTLY what is happening. Why are people so oblivious to the truth? Here's the paragraph following the sentence above.

“We still have time to secure a safe and healthy future, but we urgently need to stop burning fossil fuels and invest in decreasing vulnerability. If we do not, tens of thousands of people will keep dying from heat-related causes each year.”

And more (and more) heat-related articles, which shows that they are finally beginning to "get it," but not enough to realize that climate engineering is the main driver in this and NEEDS TO STOP NOW.
Deadly extreme heat is spreading, threatening coral reefs and fueling wildfires that compromise air quality
This one makes me sick—the suffering and death of these poor innocent creatures because of human greed and stupidity.
Florida ocean temps surge to 100 degrees as mass coral bleaching event is found in some reefs

Next I'll cover storms and flooding, beginning with this recent event. OMG!! How much worse does this need to get before people wake up and take to the streets with their "proverbial pitchforks and torches," as Dane would say?
Four people, including two children, are missing after heavy rains in Nova Scotia
‘Biblical proportions’: 3 months’ worth of rainfall floods Nova Scotia, forcing evacuations as crews search for missing people
Tropical Storm Calvin bringing strong winds and torrential rain to the Big Island
Indian rescuers find 27 dead and dozens are missing after rains cause landslide
And these floods in Vermont!! OMG, Vermont? WHY? When things like that happen, I have to ask myself, "why were they targeted?", because they surely were.
Northeast Flooding As Seen In Photos
There are also photos from New York included. It seems they didn't get hit quite as bad as Vermont, but there appears to be a lot of infrastructure damage, like collapsed roads. It seems there were also some problems at the West Point Military Academy, but I feel as bad about that as I do about Pfizer getting hit by a tornado. The whole academy could have been washed away. Good riddance.
Here's more on Montpelier, Vermont.
Winooski River Swamps Montpelier, Vermont
And here are more storms, including a tornado in Chicago. One of these days, a really big city is gonna get hit and wiped out if we do not STOP this insanity NOW.
At Least Four Tornadoes Confirmed in Chicago Metro
And here's one from the Netherlands. These wind gusts are out of control. 90 mph!! OMG, it's GOTTA stop.
Netherlands' Strongest Summer Wind Storm On Record
And here's another about the increasingly high winds that are hitting the U.S.
Derecho Leaves Trail of Damage Across Midwest
And here's more nonsense from The Weather Channel and my favorite (not) "meteorologist" Ari BigSalari (which I'm sure he gets for telling us all that bullshit).
Guitar Shaped Tornado Spotted In Idaho

And now here's new on wildfires. As for this first one, my question is the same as the one for National Parks. Why the hell are "tourists" at these places? Why the hell are people touring at all, when we are in such a dire situation? Do they not realize that at any minute the whole shebang is gonna collapse, and the likelihood that some American stuck in Greece will be able to get back to America at all when that happens will probably be pretty slim. People have no clue as to what is coming.
Authorities scramble to carry out largest fire evacuations in Greece's history: "We are at war"
Here's a sort of reply, but most of the article is ludicrous. The author is yet another clueless member of the "highly educated," a "Professor Emeritus of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London."
Opinion: Vacations as we know it are over
The article is filled with flaws, errors and downright lies. Here's an example:

A 2 degrees Celsius rise, which we are currently on target to far exceed by the end of the century, would see the average number of heatwave days increase six-fold across southern Europe—so that 1 in 100-year heatwaves would happen every other year.

I mean, seriously. Do these people REALLY think we will be alive sat the end of the century? Or the end of the decade, or perhaps the end of this year? I wake up every day wondering if it will be my last one here on this planet. And as Dane has said for years, we have already surpassed 3.5 degrees Celsius. And this! Really? Is that how "normal people" live their lives? I took a vacation once. It was in 1975. A group of us at Heidelberg College drove out to Boulder, Colorado. I didn't like it. And I've never been on a plane and have no intentions of changing that at this point.

The events of the last week in the Greek Islands should, then, give us pause for thought, not only about whether we should any longer be flying on holiday to places that may threaten us and our loved ones—but about the whole point of having a holiday.

For many of us, jetting off every year on a foreign break has almost become instinctive—just something we do without really thinking about it.

And here's another ridiculous one from NPR. And to answer their question, the answer probably is that Trudeau is likely in on the "Forest Fire as a Military Weapon" agenda. You can download that military document for free as a PDF. Then the article tries to make it sound like these outrageous events have always happened. Well, sure, but NOT EVERY DAY. Of course, blame it on Mother Earth and her menopause. They manage to include a lot of truths, but no mention of the primary driver of all these out-of-control weather events that are now non-stop, which of course is the climate intervention operations, and until THAT is brought to the public's attention, these articles are nonsense.
Why can't Canada just put the fires out? Here are 5 answers to key questions

Here's one last weather story that doesn't fit into the other categories.
Weather Decimates 90-95% Of Georgia Peach Crops, Experts Say

Here are some various climate-related stories, some truthful and others ridiculous. Here's one by Prof Michel Chossudovsky about HAARP, for any new readers that may be unfamiliar.
Weather Warfare “Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare”
See also my series of HAARP Articles.
Index for HAARP Articles
Again, I urge everyone to share this article on whatever social media platform you participate in, as a resource, especially for those who still do not "get it." For instance, many articles sound truthful and convincing to those who are not fully aware of the climate engineering agenda. Like this one.
A ‘perfect storm’ is unfolding this summer and it’s ‘supercharging’ the weather, scientist says
They state:

There’s another, more surprising way that the climate crisis could be driving these extreme rainfall events, Mann said, and it’s something on the forefront of climate research: The jet stream could be getting “stuck” in positions that prolong these kinds of extreme events.

No, the jet stream is NOT "getting stuck," it is being STEERED by HAARP and other similar equipment. Until these "scientists" wake up to these realities, we do not have a chance of stopping this agenda. Here is another equally ignorant remark that sounds good to the uneducated. It takes NO ACCOUNT of the fact that we in the lower 48 get the shit sprayed out of us with chemical coolants that bombard us during these "severe events." Otherwise, we would NOT be cool, and much of the U.S. is now heating out of control.

But the planet is not warming equally in all locations, Mann explained. The Arctic is warming much faster than the Lower 48, for example, which “reduces the temperature difference from the equator to the pole.”

I do not believe these "scientists" that are promoting these lies are being paid to do so. I think they are just that DUMB, because I am witnessing something I never would have believed 40 years ago, which is that scientists have become some of the stupidest creatures that ever walked on two legs. They are being taught in universities now to NOT think on their own, but to take as gospel truth what they are told in their classes. I am now seeing that in all areas of science—no creative thinking.

This next one goes beyond the scope of absurdity and the stupidity of scientists. Yes, I agree that the "climate models" are wrong, and that there are those who are benefitting from the lie, but to then state that there is no climate crisis is even more ridiculous. As Dane says at least once a week, unless we acknowledge the climate intervention programs, all other discussions about climate are moot. Every week, the MSM is forced to admit scientists had no idea how bad it really is. Yet those of us in Dane's community have known for well over ten years. And most of us are NOT scientists. And one more time: Why is Global Research publishing such bullshit?
“Corruption” of Climate Science: Nobel Laureate John Clauser Speaks Out

This one, on the other hand is excellent!
“What a scam this is!” Assessing COP27 and Modern Climate Activism
I did not listen to the radio broadcast, but I read the transcript, and I remember Prof. Claudia von Werlhof's contribution to Global WAR-NING! Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity
which is an eBook published by Global Research and can be read online or downloaded as a PDF. She says so much that sounds like Dane, which is very good! She also vindicates him. As I mentioned above in the commentary about Dane's interview with Greg Hunter, concerning RFK, Jr.. I know of quite a few people who questioned why he did not know about climate engineering/weather warfare since he is so well-known as a "climate activist." I also was rather offended that he came close to calling Dane a liar when Dane said that his legal team had been to all the so-called "Green" activist groups and spoken with their legal teams, and the reason they would not discuss geoengineering is because they would lose their 501c3 non-profits. Kennedy said point blank that wasn't true and they would never do avoid it for that reason. One of Dane's other activists felt the same way. WELL! Here's what Prof. von Werlhof had to say about these groups! And by the way, I TOTALLY agree that the claim about CO2 being the culprit in "climate change" and "global heating" IS a scam. CO2 is needed by plants which in turn produce oxygen for US. Von Werlhof explains how and why this "theory" was created by the Global Elites. But that doesn't mean we do not have a desperate crisis on our hands, and she is not claiming that we don't. It is the CAUSE she disputes, and she rightly states that the damage is being done mostly by climate engineering.

“The articles in this section have been collected to show the hollowed-out reality of groups like, WWF and Greenpeace who are run from the top down and have one overriding policy: to keep the industrial system running at any cost, even if it means salvaging the reputations of corrupt politicians (all of them), inviting corporations to come and play (and making sure the water’s nice and warm), lying to the public about how much power they have (none under this system), and ignoring the simple fact that industrial civilization is terminally unsustainable and has to end (the truth).”

That quote is from the website, Wrong Kind of Green and is found here:
Symbolic Action? You Came To The Wrong Place
She also points out what a phony Greta Thunberg is. I've said for years she's nothing but a prostitute for the "climate scientist" pimps. I think many more people are "getting it" about her real motives. Anyways, if you don't want to listen to the entire interview, at least read the transcript of her section. The Dane/RFK interview I mentioned above is included later in the article in the "RFK" section.

Here is another interview with Prof. Claudia von Werlhof, but it is not quite as impressive because there are some glaring errors in what she states.
Climate Disruption: It’s Not Due to CO2
First, she is the SECOND European that says NASA is the North American Space Agency!! OMG, NOOOOOOOO!!! It is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Another things she gets really wrong is that geoengineering has NOT be ongoing for 30 years, but for 75. However, there are some interesting points she makes concerning the reason metals are being used in the sprays, and the disaster we face with ozone depletion. Compared to the baloney we usually read that doesn't even mention climate engineering, despite her errors, what she says is mostly correct. She also wrote a letter to Greta Thunberg. You can read it here. Greta, not surprisingly, did NOT reply.
Dear Greta Thunberg: the real causes of the planetary disaster
In addition, she was a friend of Dr. Rosalie Bertell, who was one of the first to speak of geoengineering. I've mentioned her before and will include more on her again at some point.

I will end this article with a bunch of info concerning RFK, Jr.. As I've said, the likelihood of another election actually taking place grows slimmer by the day, however, Kennedy is not keeping his mouth shut, and whether or not there's an election doesn't matter, because he's saying things that need to be said. I don't agree with everything, but I DO think that he is trying to do the right thing because it is the right thing, as with so many others who are speaking out. People know who he is and like him, or at least respect him, and appreciate that fact that he's telling the truth, so his messages, and there are quite a few, are getting out to the public. And the more the MSM calls him a "conspiracy theorist," the more attention he is getting. I don't think I'm the only one becoming weary of that term being used for every person who does not conform to the official narrative. This first link is extremely important for many reasons. First, it is the edited version of the interview Kennedy did with Dane, on Kennedy's platform. Later, Dane edited it by adding addition videos and explanatory materials from his own site, making it longer and more informative. But what I was very excited to see was that it was posted on Global Research, along with The Dimming by Dr. Joseph Mercola, who, along with Kennedy is one of the "Disinformation Dozen" concerning telling the truth about the Covid bioweapon jabs. That number, of course, is now eleven, since Dr. Rashid Buttar died "suspiciously." Now, those of you who have been with Dane a long time will remember that Dr. Mercola did an interview with Dane, which Dane posted on his site. Shortly after, the doctor requested it be removed, which really kinda screwed Dane, and sent the message to many of us that Mercola had no balls and could not be trusted, even though he KNEW about climate engineering. This sort of vindicates him.

Well, perhaps he figures he's got nothing to lose, plus, no doubt he's a friend of Kennedy, and also realizes how desperately we need to stop the atrocity in the skies. The write-up he did is excellent, and since Mercola is a regular contributor to Global Research, hopefully this will give Dane much more exposure. In any case, here it is, and I am very pleased about it.
Is Climate Engineering Real?
And speaking of Dane, before I continue, those of us who have been with him for a long time know that he frequently mentions the illegal gag order placed on National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employees. Here's a good explanatory text, which also cites as a source.
Why is NOAA director Kagan forcing a gag order on weather service employees?

And now, here's more on Kennedy. This next one is a short but informative inteview with British broadcaster, Piers Morgan. I really knew little about RFK, Jr., and found his willingness to be candid about himself refreshing. They talk, just a little about vaccines, and also the fact that Wifi is giving people cancer, which I've been saying for years. Morgan asked him about his voice, and he shared that fact that he has neurological damage due to an accident he was in. He also talks about his love of falconry, and his love for the book The Once and Future King by T.H. White! YES!! My favorite for over fifty years. He talks about his family, and running for president, which he believes he will win. IF there is another election, I believe that also, because he is the only "normal" person running, and by normal I mean that his motives are, really, to solve the problems of this country, and let's face it, it's been a long time since we had someone who wanted to return to the Constitution, and had no ulterior motives for running for president. I believe Kennedy is running for the right reasons.
Video: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Uncensored
Here is a smear effort on the part of National Propaganda Radio. I'm not familiar with all the things Kennedy claims, so I cannot agree or disagree, but most of what he says I am familiar with and DO agree.
RFK Jr. is building a presidential campaign around conspiracy theories
And here's a believer in Kennedy's strength!
Connecting Dots and Opening Doors: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr Tells Us the Truth

Here is one about the delightful concoctions of our favorite company, Monsanto. You have to have strong stomach to view the first video of these horribly deformed children in Vietnam STILL being born as a result of Agent Orange. As Dane would say, "The gift that keeps on giving." The second short video is about a GMO advocate that claims Roundup is safe to drink. But refused to drink it. Kennedy's interview is the bottom video, and I learned some new facts. Glyphosate was originally used to clean underground tanks. OMG!! Then someone threw some into the yard and everything died, so, gosh, they decided to incorporate it into food. 95 percent of the corn grown in this country is (or was, I'm not sure if Kennedy's statement applies to the present), is "Roundup-ready," meaning that it is genetically altered to resist the affects of glyphosate. Planes fly over and saturate the entire area. Those who read my farm articles will be familiar with my complaint about my tomato plants and other leaves that suddenly turn brown and die in usually late August. This shit SPREADS all over. Kennedy also pointed out that Monsanto's flagship product was DDT! I DID NOT know that was a Monsanto product, but certainly am not surprised. This company, if left unchecked, could probably poison the entire planet. In fact, I think they have. And Kennedy also pointed out that when Roundup-ready wheat began to be grown, there was an explosion of diseases, such as Celiac Disease, but the only one Kennedy's team was able to prove was Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. As I've said, however, lawsuits are just a slap on the wrist. These people need to be tried in criminal courts, put in prison, and their companies shut down, and certainly production of these horrendously toxic substances NEVER allowed again. Monsanto needs to be first on the list, but there are hundreds or thousands of others that need to join them.
RFK Jr. Exposes the Sordid, Seedy History of Monsanto’s Roundup

And that takes me to the end of my weather/climate book marks, but there are more in my upcoming Part 2 of A Mind of Its Own: Artificial Intelligence and the Alien Agenda, which should come along soon, as I worked on the two together when I went through my bookmarks. Those focus more on the connection I am finding between the outlandish and often inappropriate weather "forecasts" that often now have little to do with the weather, and their connection to AI, plus more on Aliens and the persistence of lawmakers to get to the truth about UFOs. I have one more item to share, and this is from one of my regular readers and Dane's long-time activists. If you live in Ontario, you should especially make a point to get involved, and I realize Ontario is big, but you can still be part of the group. And for people everywhere, this provides a good model to bring together local people for geoengineering awareness and activism. All it takes is a few people, then each of those people can invite a friend, and each friend can invite another friend. It is doable, and can result in a powerful coalition. EVERYONE on the planet should be doing their part at this point, and Christina is a shining example.

First, here is her Facebook page, and I urge everyone to view it and join her in spreading the dire message about the need to STOP all climate intervention activities.
Ontario GeoEngineering Action Group
You can do THAT no matter where you live. If you are creative with that sort of stuff, you can create your own Facebook page, or whatever social media you participate in. Also, remember I posted Tucker Carlson's Twitter page (or is that "X"?). Here it is again. Tucker Carlson. Can someone who has a Twitter (X) account please email him and suggest he do an interview with Dane? He seems open to anything.

She also had an event in Toronto and ended up doing a presentation to about 14-15 people, which I thought was a great turnout for a first-time event. In her email from June 20, she wrote, " I am however, scheduled to speak at a freedom gathering that happens once a week in a city close to Toronto. The owners of a pub lend their space to the Newmarket Freedom group every Wednesday and I requested the space to have an event solely for geoengineering." I have not heard how that one went, but I'm sure she did a fine job. She is also working on a The Dimming billboard, and always thinking of ways she can help Dane get the word out. She had mentioned in another email about possibly having a little conference on Skype. My situation would make that not possible here, but I'll bet there are others of you who could maybe help her out and make some arrangements. Getting some of Dane's community members together to discuss the issues would be great to brainstorm new ways to unite in the cause no matter where you live.

And one final item. Christina requested I share the letter written to the firefighters in BC and the Yukon. It is a very good letter, and can be copied and pasted from my site or the Facebook page linked above, and sent to the firefighters in your region, especially if you live where the heat and fires have become rampant.

I would like to thank you for your dedication to public safety. With the vast growing concern of wildfires and the increasing intensity, unprecedented characteristics and unpredictable behavior, I am calling on those we greatly respect, appreciate and depend on to investigate fully and kindly ask that you to take some time to review the credible information from the global lead researcher on climate engineering operations, Dane Wigington. Dane's website,, is the world's largest repository site on exposing the global climate engineering coverup with irrefutable evidence and testimonies. All data available at Geoengineering Watch is verifiable.

In 2021, Geoengineering Watch released the ground breaking documentary, The Dimming, that conclusively exposes the existence of climate engineering operations. The film features high altitude atmospheric testing, conducted with the same aircraft also used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), revealing climate engineering contamination. It also includes climate engineering confirming testimonies from a US Air Force Major General (Ret), US Air Force Brigadier General (Ret.), Presidential Cabinet Member (Ret.), US Forest Service Scientist (Ret.), Decorated CIA officer (Ret.), Canadian Minister Of Defense (Ret.), Premier Of British Columbia (Ret.), California Department of Fish And Game Scientist (Ret.), US Air Force Environmental Testing Specialist (Ret.) and Major Tech University Scientists.

Covert climate engineering operations have been used to mask the climate collapse from public view for as long as possible, paradoxically fueling overall planetary meltdown, not mitigating it. The price the planet has had to pay for this unimaginably destructive form of climate mitigation cannot be quantified. The impact to the forests is far beyond catastrophic, contributing to massive global tree die-off and leaving forests tinder dry, exacerbating unprecedented global wildfires. Below are some of the converging climate engineering factors that are further fueling the wildfire cataclysms:

—Completely disrupting the global hydrological cycle causing record droughts and cutting off precipitation where it is desperately needed.

—Greatly contributing to the fire intensity and volatility due to the fallout of climate engineering elements which are incendiaries. This incendiary dust settles down through the atmosphere coating forests and blowing in the winds around and above the fires.

—Killing trees from the roots up with the highly toxic elements like aluminum and barium, which peer reviewed study proves cause trees and crops to reduce or stop nutrient uptake. The elements also act as desiccants that further dry out forests and foliage resulting in record low fuel moisture contents.

—Killing the trees from the top down by destroying the ozone layer which is allowing lethal levels of UV radiation to reach the surface of the planet, including UVC radiation, scorching trees and virtually frying off the bark.

—Creating exponentially more dry lightning strikes due to the atmospheric saturation of the electrically conductive climate engineering elements.

—Disrupting upper level wind currents. Extreme and unpredictable wind conditions can be directly connected to convection manipulation via jet aircraft dispersions of atmospheric aerosols.

—Creating and maintaining high pressure domes like the ridiculously resilient ridge over the western north American continent, the result of ionospheric heater installations. These massively powerful radio frequency transmission facilities are a core part of the geoengineering operations.

The incredibly shortsighted and destructive agendas of the climate engineers are directly connected to what is unfolding in the polar regions. The catastrophic wildfires are not just an unintended consequence of climate engineering, they are now, in fact, part of the geoengineering desperation; When enough extreme wildfires are burning and expanding the fires then, in and of themselves, become a form of climate engineering. As abrupt climate collapse accelerates exponentially, climate engineering operations have been used to set the stage for wildfires of unprecedented size and intensity. In a desperate attempt to temporarily cool portions of the planet, the selective and systematic incineration of forests is being facilitated and utilized to fill the skies with sun blocking smoke particulates, creating a scenario that is comparable to a volcanic winter effect. Numerous science reports confirm the conclusions that the climate engineers need to generate the hottest possible fires in order to push the smoke particulates as high as possible into the atmosphere which allow the particulates to migrate maximum distances and thus have the maximum duration cooling effect. Peer reviewed science study confirms the temporary cooling effect of wildfire smoke in the arctic, this is exactly the goal of Solar Radiation Management operations, a form of climate engineering. Wildfire smoke can and has temporarily cooled the arctic at the cost of making the overall long term warming worse.

Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet and biosphere, the intentional climate intervention operations are mathematically the single greatest factor derailing the planet's climate and life support systems, at an ever escalating rate. How far are global power structures willing to go in their attempt to mask the unfolding climate collapse from the masses? Are the climate engineers desperate enough to fuel the fires of Earth’s remaining forests in order to temporarily cool parts of the planet with continent covering expanses of smoke, regardless of the overall long term cost to the planet as a whole? I hope you will examine the dire data presented at Geoengineering Watch and decide for yourself. This information was sent to you because I believe that you are in a unique position to grasp this reality and make a great impact in the arduous and growing battle to expose and halt these omnicidal programs. All I ask is that you review the verifiable material enclosed. Objective investigation is not just an option it is an absolute obligation, it is our responsibility. Thank you for your time.

Dane Wigington is available to be reached at

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