Big Changes

April 5, 2024

Most of my regular readers (I hope) know that there has been a massively important event take place in our favor. The BRAVE state of Tennessee has just passed a law banning geoengineering. I have never seen Dane so excited, as should be the rest of us, not because they can actually stop what is going on in the skies. but the credibility and exposure we now have will begin to change everything. I have lots more to say on that in a bit, but here are some changes that have happened for me.

As I have mentioned, little by little I am cleaning up what used to be my house. Several weeks ago, I noticed that my internet cable moved freely in and out of the hole of what used to be the foundational beam on the south side of my house. It didn't before, but as I've said, as things shift around, I have access to things I didn't have before. This internet situation was just SO BAD—You cannot possibly imagine how much distress it caused me. Last Wednesday night, I went to bed and said to myself that I cannot and will not endure it for another day.

So the next morning, while still in my pajamas because I knew I would get filthy and didn't want to take my bath before I did what I needed to do, armed with my tools, I painstakingly dug out the ground-level siding and unscrewed the rusty screws holding the outdoor section of the cable. It actually hasn't been mounted correctly on my house almost as long as I've had it. Time Warner Cable never put it up right, and it just kept falling down, so finally, for the last fifteen years, I've had it roped up on the porch and in trees. Yeah, I know. I live creatively. I suggest you follow my example. You will need it very soon. Anyways, it took me over two hours but I finally had it freed and I was able to pull the entire section that had been in the basement easily out through the little hole. I untied the ropes holding it to the porch and dragged it across my driveway to the greenhouse, where I had a tiny spot picked out right by my computer where the replex had a little gap. With a crowbar, I was able to open it enough to get the cable through. And now most of the cable is strung up in the trees, so at least it's off the ground. So, for the past week, I have had my internet connection in the greenhouse. YES!!!! I have spent most of my time frantically catching up on four years' backlog of tasks, and I can now work any hour of the day or night that I please. This could not have happened soon enough with all the tornadoes and flooding in my region. I was able to keep up on all the changes being issued from NOAA/NWS. Not that they know what's going on. More on that, too, in a bit.

I want to make it very clear that this Tennessee event doesn't even come close to us winning the war, but it does put it out in the open now, which will change the dynamics immensely. I usually sleep pretty well, but for the past month or so, my sleep has been disturbed. I am having very bizarre dreams, and feelings of anxiety—not necessarily bad, but that everything is coming to a head. So here are some suggestions.

Stock up on food and necessary items, which includes paper products, stuff like detergents, etc., certainly pet food and other things you anticipate needing. Food, of course, is the priority. Do this urgently and seriously. Dried legumes and rice are good choices. I'm not a big fan of canned goods, but they are still a good bet. Make sure you have a non-electric can opener. Tie up as many loose ends as you can. It is all coming to an end, and, in my case (and I know others who feel the same), I just want to get the hell off this planet, or whatever it is. I don't belong here, so I just want to finish my work and leave. My Own Little Planet is my destiny, and if you don't have a place prepared to go, I suggest you create one now so you don't end up in another hell-hole like this one. When the whole Matrix is blown wide open, EVERYTHING here will change in a flash. Disclosure about everything, not just the atrocity in the skies, but the Alien Interference we have been subjected to for all these centuries. Neither of them can continue operation out in the open. But at the same time, we must be prepared for a backlash. It is happening now. I wondered if what inflicted upon us this past week wasn't a subtle warning that could have been an outrageous disaster, even though it was disastrous enough. And when I got up this morning, everything appeared to be coming apart at the seams. More on that below. And damage control is now in full force.

And now, more on Tennessee. If you have not listened to Dane's
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 30, 2024, please do. And of course, listening to this next one is required.
Climate Engineering: Tennessee Senate Is First To Pass Bill To Ban Geoengineering
And I know I said I would not mention Greg Hunter's name again on this website, but this one cannot be ignored. It is one of Dane's best interviews. He does an excellent job stressing the urgency of the situation, which is what most people just can't wrap their minds around.
Destructive “Chemtrails” Finally Coming to Light—Dane Wigington
I'm going to talk about all three of them, beginning with the last one.

Dane clearly pointed out that Tennessee carefully worded the bill to include only the correct scientific terms, but the media made certain that they used the term "chemtrails" to keep it in the public's mind that it's just a "conspiracy theory." As all of this criminal activity comes to light, everyone involved is going to have to answer for their behavior. And what the hell is going on at The Weather Channel?? I don't own a TV, as most of you know, but the online version is now silent. There are no "meteorologists" any more. All my "favorite" (not) people are GONE. No more Ari BigSalari, or Domenica the Garbage Collector, or Smiley-Face Danielle. The videos are done with just music and text—even the forecasts. What happened??? Were they getting threats? Nasty comments? I sent a few of those. Perhaps AI sent them copies of my articles? This all happened around the same time the Tennessee Bill was passed, or a few weeks prior. Do you not find that interesting? Anyways, if you Google it, you come up with pages of this bullshit. What a bunch of fucking cowards. They will have to answer for their behavior when the pitchforks and torches come out and people go after anyone and everyone that participated in this atrocity, or helped cover it up. Desperation is setting in, and when they find that it can no longer be kept hidden (we are there now, I believe), they will pull out all the stops.
An attack of the vapours: Tennessee bill endorses chemtrails conspiracy theory
OK, so I realize these articles will will make you seethe, or perhaps want to puke, but just imagine how much fun it will be when they have to face the public as either criminals or totally brain-dead morons.
Tennessee passes 'chemtrail' bill banning airborne chemicals
And here's yet another, as I sit here and sigh, and wonder, if these people really don't notice that there is something desperately wrong with the weather. And I wonder what happened to the human population to turn it into such a brainless, soulless, heartless organism that seems to be existing in a state of suspended consciousness. And not only on this subject, but everything. Each time I go out in public, I see the gap between me and the incoherent growing wider and wider, and I think of the Human Tractors in the novel We. People have become something other than human ever since the plandemic, and what is horrifying is that they all seem normal to each other but to me I wonder just what they've become and how much worse it will get before they're all dead. People can barely hold a conversation, and there's this vacant look in their eyes. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. What soul? These peoples' souls have disconnected from their bodies. People that are this out of touch with what is going on before their very eyes won't be able to withstand the shock when the truth finally comes to light.
Tennessee lawmakers vote to ban geoengineering, with allusions to 'chemtrails' conspiracy theory
And here's the article Dane spoke of in his March 30 GAN linked above. It has to be one of the most absurd, ridiculous things I've ever read. OMG!! Here's the first three paragraphs.
NOAA gets dire warning about solar geoengineering

Picture this: As a Phoenix heat wave is killing hundreds of people, an entrepreneur approaches the city’s mayor with an extraordinary offer.

The company will spray enough aerosols into the sky to reduce temperatures near Phoenix for a week, until the heat wave passes. It’s a tempting offer that could save lives, although the science surrounding what happens next isn’t clear.

Such a scenario might once have been the stuff of science fiction novels, but it’s no longer far-fetched, said David Bookbinder, a longtime climate attorney who previously served as Sierra Club’s chief climate counsel.

A HEAT WAVE????? OMG. These people DO NOT understand what we are up against is NOT a heat wave but Venus Syndrome—the planet's rapidly rising temperature that ISN'T GOING DOWN. Too much damage has been done. Even if everything were to stop NOW, we still have a catastrophic situation on our hands. Even if the Earth can begin to rebalance herself, it will be a LONG time before her life-support systems will be restored. And they're worried about someone sending up a few pounds of substances in a balloon, when KC-135 military tankers can carry a 100-ton payload of it, 24/7. How ludicrous can it get??

Here's an article I've had saved for over a year, then everything happened with the house and I lost track of a lot of things I had planned to write. This is in reference to my comments above about how the plandemic has turned people into something other than human and it is not just my imagination. Everything is different. And people don't notice because it has been happening gradually. But I notice.
mRNA Vaccines, Transhumanism, And The Battle For Our Souls (Part 2)

And now, this WEATHER! OMG! It has been raining for days (and nights). We are already almost up to THREE INCHES of rainfall over the past five days. And those TORNADOES! My first thought was that they were gonna wipe out Tennessee. Perhaps they felt that would be too obvious. At first Ohio was only under a Marginal (Level 1) risk of severe weather. But through Monday, it kept inching its way north. Tennessee was put under a Slight risk four days ahead, then it went to Enhanced. But by Monday afternoon, most of Ohio was under a Moderate risk (Level 4—that's pretty bad) for Tuesday, when it was supposed to hit us in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. It was all the way up to NE Ohio, and I was right on the border of Moderate and Enhanced. But when I went to bed Monday night, I knew it was not going to happen. The rain, however, was horrendous—over an inch by morning. But the severe storm risk had greatly changed. I was now right in the Slight risk area, or right on the border of Enhanced, but Moderate had shifted south into Kentucky and southern Ohio, and almost the entire state of Tennessee was in Enhanced. Kentucky, by the way, is one of six other states working on similar legislation. Coincidence? I think not. Below is the map for Tuesday, April 2, but the Moderate kept shifting south. Our local Cleveland NWS office didn't seem too worried, so I figured some of it was a scare tactic. Other than the FLOODING!! OMG!!! I got nothing as far as wind or hail and certainly not tornadoes. The bottom map shows the flooding here in Ohio and surrounding areas at 10:40 p.m.. The dark burgundy is Flash Flood Warning.

SPC Risks, Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Flooding, Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Incidentally, the six other states named in the Tennessee video that are also working on similar legislation are Kentucky, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, South Dakota, and Iowa. The Guardian article above also mentions Pennsylvania but I wouldn't rely on them. So keep your eyes open to what is being done to those states. And back to that video—the two doctors that gave testimony were excellent, and did a good job pointing out health risks, along with property and crop damage. A big deal was made about the crisis in Vitamin D deficiency. Well no shit. Here in NE Ohio, we sometimes go for days or even weeks barely seeing a speck of sunshine. OF COURSE we need the sun. How people can say the sun is bad for you is troubling. Yes, I realize we are getting exposed to UV levels that are dangerous, but when the spraying STOPS, perhaps, little by little the earth will begin to repair some of the ozone damage we've inflicted. That alone would help protect us from the searing UV radiation. And perhaps it may happen quicker than we think, especially if a great number of the population is gone. The Covid "vaccines" are taking care of that.

The testimony of the doctors was based on a document released by the White House last year that names NOAA and NASA for their involvement (but no mention of the military), which bothered me at first. But Dane made it clear in his GAN linked above that he was working with the people in Tennessee. Plus, perhaps it is better to not mention that aspect at all, because everyone will find out soon enough of the military involvement. I think most people, even the ones facing this problem head-on would still be reluctant to go against the military, but that WILL change (as we see the states adopt the Defend the Guard legislation, which is definitely going against the military). People need to (and will) let go of all their naïvite concerning the military and the fact that they are NOT here to protect the people at this point. Dane makes that clear in just about every GAN. I was also concerned when the doctor referred to the floods and other horrendous weather damage as "unintentional" side effects of geoengineering. They will also have to face the fact that it IS INTENTIONAL. I have more information coming on that subject in another article. The interesting situation will be when the spraying doesn't stop even after the law takes effect. Tennessee's will on July 1. I wish it was sooner. As Dane said, this has all happened not a minute too soon, and as I mentioned, his energy level in the two videos is like sparks flying. That's the way I feel, too, so I say, bring it on and let's get it over with.

And the controllers have no intention of backing down on the weather misery. It looks like another month of flooding here in Ohio and much of the eastern U.S.. The map below is the Outlook for April. The map below that is what went on all day here on Thursday. You can see the microwave steering at the station in Ottawa. That was taken at 10:40 a.m. on April 4. The bottom one is the Day 6-7 QPF for Wednesday, April 10, 8 p.m. to Friday, April 12, 8 p.m..

Precipitation Outlook, April, 2024

More Rain and Snow, Thursday, April 4, 2024

QPF for Wednesday, April 10, 8 p.m. to  Friday, April 12, 8 p.m.

And about these tornadoes. First of all the original forecast was that this potent system was suppose to spawn those long track type tornadoes, you know, the ones that stay on the ground for 200 miles. I know that there were people killed and damage done, but nothing as widespread as we were made to believe. And I keep reading all these articles that claim a dozen states were hit, yet NONE of them mention more than three or four. I am in no way minimizing the tragedy. Tornadoes and severe storms are bad news no matter what. But it seems that the media has been instructed to dramatize (and exaggerate) it. Dane says this all the time. Hmm. We'll see how this all rolls out.
Deadly storms and tornadoes leave a path of destruction from Georgia to Illinois
Storm Damage Spans South; More Than 20 Tornadoes Confirmed
Multiple Tornadoes Confirmed Inside Dangerous Line Of Storms
It seems Kentucky got the worst of it.
KY Towns Hit By Severe Storms; Trees Down, Homes Blown Apart

I want to make one more comment concerning Dane's GAN above. He often plays recordings but, at least here, I can barely understand them. Perhaps it is because of my state-of-the-art $6 Walmart speakers. I dunno. Anyways, here is some info on Zbigniew Brzezinski, and here is a very clear copy of the recording Dane played.
Former President Obama’s handler, Zbigniew Brzezinski at Chatham House: “It is easier to kill a million people than to control them.”

When I got up this morning, there was a barrage of new weather disasters, and worsening updates on previous ones. Here they are. A word to the wise: Please take every step to protect yourselves at all levels—physical, mental, psychological and spiritual. I say my Protection Mantra off and on throughout the day when I am not working on something that requires words or concentration. I also say it when I drive or am doing something risky or get a creepy feeling, which I often do. These people—things—are not playing games and the shit is about to hit the fan. Please be aware and awake at all times.
Does it not seem like there's been an awful lot of earthquakes lately? In strange places? Hmm?
Earthquake Shakes Five Northeast States
What You Should Do During An Earthquake
How Rare Are East Coast Earthquakes?
Security Cameras, Cell Phones Capture Northeast Earthquake
Taiwan Earthquake Leaves At Least 12 Dead

Flooding and snow . . . .
Dozens Of Midwest Rivers Above Flood Stage
Again, I always get irritated when people are out doing things they shouldn't be doing under serious weather conditions that require others to sometimes even risk their own lives to save them. But I am glad the dogs were rescued . . . .
Hiking Groups Stranded By Rising River, Airlifted To Safety
I'm not that far from Wheeling. Back in the olden days, we could pick up a TV station from Wheeling-Steubenville (Ohio).
West Virginia Island Flooded As Ohio River Overflows Banks
2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Be One Of Most Active On Record, CSU Outlook Says
So Much For Spring: Winter Storm Blasts The Northeast

And for anyone that gives a shit about the eclipse. (I don't, but it's coming through my backyard, apparently.) HA! All those idiots that are travelling to Texas and paying rent might not see it because of the clouds . . . perhaps? Maybe it will rain on the whole track. It's a spiteful, hateful, nastiness thing, you know . . . done for the same reason they plan a blizzard for every winter holiday.
Where Clouds Could Limit Solar Eclipse Viewing
Here's What Time To See The Eclipse Across The US
Millions of Americans live in the path of 2024’s solar eclipse. See where to watch

As mentioned above, I have more info concerning the Tennessee legislation that I will get published as soon as I can.

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