Becoming Something Other

May 1, 2023

We are now at the critical point in history of becoming something other than we were. The age of Homo sapiens is quickly coming to an end, triggered by that particular species overtaking all other species on the planet. Robert Bakker believes the dinosaurs finally came to an end when a certain species also became too overpopulated, killing off other species and thus depriving themselves of the means to survive. There have been other lesser examples of this throughout our history. Dane often uses the example of Easter Island.

However, in this stage of evolution, we are being forced to make a choice. The direction of what was once humanity is now split between those who have chosen to forego the right to have a soul by implanting computerized devices into their bodies and becoming a machine-organic hybrid. Thus, they believe, they will be endowed with "super-intelligence," and imortality. They think.

At the other end of the spectrum are those who strive to become "something other" by devoting their lives to spiritual evolution, thus rediscovering their latent powers that were stripped from them during the Reptilian Invasion, which, of course, is the path I am on and the path that I teach to others. Another group thinks "god" is causing all this horrendous evil on the planet now to punish the bad people, and will soon be swooping down to rescue them. Those are the people who have carried on business as usual and haven't really given much thought to taking responsibility for the planet or their future. Let me remind those people that this "god" has been promising rescue and revenge for thousands of years and it has yet to happen. Meanwhile the planet is going to hell in a hand basket.

So what I want to do in most of my articles from now on is to pull out all the stops and find everything at every level for us to do to break free from the Matrix and become something other than we are—something that will rise higher than those who are controlling us, and thus, not only free ourselves, but overpower the energy that now supports them. These articles will be more of a hodge-podge of various ideas for my readers to choose from, and hopefully employ them all. As I have been saying for the past month, I will also use ideas from Letter to Earth: Who We Are Becoming . . . What We Need to Know. I am going to update that one at the bottom of the page so there will be a listing of articles as they are written that are related. If anyone has purchased the book as I strongly suggested, please let me know and share any comments about it.

Likewise, I will be using a wealth of quotes from the book, The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi. I hope everyone has read my review, and I also suggest purchasing that one from Dover or doing a search of his quotes. The book provides a wealth of additional information on Gandhi, so it is worth buying. I will also update that one as I publish related articles so new readers can get connected. Did everyone notice Dane shared a Gandhi quote at the end of his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 29, 2023? Here it is: "Strength, true strength, does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." At the beginning of the broadcast he also quoted from Henry David Thoreau's On the Duty of Civil Disobedience, which is available from Project Gutenberg, and part of my eBook collection. I just pulled it onto my desktop, and will load it on my reader, because it will also be useful for my articles.

And last, I hope everyone has read my latest Disclosure: Cosmic Dream Farm 2023 article from April 20. It is loaded with news links about weather, food, catastrophes and Covid, since I'm not putting those (mostly) in regular articles now. There's a ton a materials to check out there.

The first thing I will do here is to pick apart one of my mantras and explain what it means so that others can create a mantra that, when practiced faithfully, moves one's consciuousness into the "Other." So it is important that we reprogram our minds and spirits to where we truly wish to be. Only deep meditation and soul searching can determine what that will be. Some people are still not aware that, no matter how conscious of the agendas being carried out now, we are ALL being mind-controlled because AI has taken over the reality here on Earth. I promise you, WE ARE ALL BEING MIND CONTROLLED. The difference between knowing and not being aware of it is the difference between truly knowing your own mind. Those who have spent a great deal of time in meditation and self-examination can easily tell when something is attempting to control them, and the more we know, the stronger the signals become. Honestly, there are days when I am totally exhausted just from the mental/spiritual work I must do to keep it from taking control. It is ALWAYS WORSE when we have rain and these totally engineered rain events which for the past week have been almost non-stop here. I also promise you this: the shit they are spraying on us is laced with mind-control agents, along with the radio waves also being used to manipulate the weather systems. I KNOW THIS from the vast amount of research I've done, for instance, concerning HAARP. They CAN and ARE using it for mind control, and add to that the off-planet agenda. So the first step is being aware that your mind is not your own unless you consciously work to keep it under your control. Yuval Noah Harari bragged in a recorded interview that they can hack your mind and indeed he was speaking the truth. I also find that the more time I spend at my computer, the more mentally weakened I feel, but since I must use my computer to communicate information, it is one of those things I work at to overcome. When I feel I am losing my grip, I say my mantras. I have three I rotate, plus a chant I sometimes do. I also begin every day saying my "breathing mantra" I learned from The Blooming of a Lotus. Here is one of my regular mantras.

I create everything I want and need with my mind;
I control my own environment with my mind;
I fix everything that needs to be fixed with my mind;
I heal everything and every being that wants to be healed with my mind;
There is no other way to do it now;
I have left the Third Dimension;
I am ascending into higher and higher dimensions;
Dimensional doors are opening for me now;
I live my life as I please;
I am sovereign and independent;
Everything and every being here is infused with my energy and spirit;
Everything and every being here is in harmony with my vibrations;
Everything and every being here is my ally;
No one or no thing can ever interfere with us again.

I never think about creating a mantra. I usually begin with a few phrases that express something I am working to accomplish. I easily find that other phrases make their way into it, and I have a sense of when it is complete because I easily say it without having to think and it flows together well. When I have other issues I want to work on, I begin to create a new mantra that usually uses some phrases from another, but adds to them, with the focus on something else. The phrases here are all things that are important that I attain, but may not be important for you, so that's why you need to discover what it is you want to change about yourself and your reality, then set about re-programming your mind. I guarantee that as you learn to use mantras, you will become accutely aware of just how many of your thoughts were not your own. In addition, your physical reality will change, also, because you will be projecting into the energetic world a reflection of what you envision your life to be, not what someone or something is trying to make you create. You will also become aware that we are being manipulated at the physical level, as in, well, a sort of dream reality or hallucination, which includes visual as well as auditory artificial stimuli. We also know for a fact that this is being done, first, through the information given to us through Bringers of the Dawn, AND through the experiments caried out by mad scientists such as Jose Delgado, who was featured in the documentary, The Minds of Men and whose work was "borrowed" by the CIA. I will go into this in more detail in the HAARP series article on Mind Control. So this is NOT stuff I or anyone else has made up! IT IS HAPPENING TO YOU AND I. And one last suggestion on creating a mantra that is beneficial to you: AIM HIGH, even when something that you yearn for seems outrageous, but make sure all your goals are harmonious with the rest of the Universe. This is no place for being self-absorbed because your mantra goes out into the vastness of eternity and infinity. As you heal yourself, you also heal others, and if you are only concerned with your wants and needs, then you need to start there in making changes in your attitude. And now, here's a bit about my mantra.

The first four lines refer to letting go of the Old Paradigm, with its slavery to the money system, where NEARLY EVERYTHING we want or need must be bought and paid for. This is all collapsing, no matter how you look at it. Even these trillionaires who think their money will keep them comfortable while everyone else starves to death or fries to death, like the dinosaurs that killed off their means of survival, or like a cancers that kill their host, they cannot live without us. Or those who think they will control the entire global money system with digital currency, thus controlling global populations will fail for the same reason. When the planet no longer can support life, that means ALL LIFE. But to those who are criminally insane enough to literally destroy an entire planet, money has been a means to control others ever since it was invented. At one time, usury was considered sinful and even illegal, but now it is the way millions of criminals have become grotesquely wealthy. So what better way to destroy them than to not need them any more? And since these entities are being controlled by off-planet beings who know full well that the original creator-beings that first inhabited this planet in fact did create everything with their minds, it makes perfect sense that the most important thing they can do is control our minds to keep us from remembering that ability. As the New Age began, people DID remember—people like Shakti Gawain, Deepak Chopra and many others who made it their mission to teach people to remember. That's why the mind control agenda is in overdrive, because the controllers are very worried. This happened during the Reptilian Invasion, and those who were creators had their DNA altered in order to forget. But over the millions of years of living in slavery, plus with the help of all the New Age techniques that allowed people to restore their original blueprints, people across the globe are waking up. I studied many of those techniques and I can vouch that this is true from my personal experience. Is it no wonder that those of us in our 50s to 80s are the ones most interested in this because were there at the dawning of the New Age? The Beatles' visit to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was like a door opening to the world. The problem was that too many got on the bandwagon that were fakes and wrote books and did workshops and made tons of money making promises that never happened and turned a great many people off. But people like Shakti Gawain, who was my favorite, WERE sincere. And certainly Elia Wise, author of Letter to Earth, is also.

So that's the big part of why the first four lines of my mantra are important. And add to that, if we do not learn to control our own environment, the weather will either kill us or destroy everything we own. I've said this over and over also—do you notice how NOTHING is fixable any more, from the smallest thing to the unravelling global catastrophes. If we are to be able to restore and rebuild, then we must do it outside the non-physical world. Will it be here? Do we WANT it to be here? Or will we be able to create another planet in another dimension? Elia Wise touches on that, and I will get to it at some point, and anyone who has a belief in the "bifurcation" also knows there will be a split in the Earth's population. Do I want to be HERE? HELL, NO!!

And as for the last one about healing . . . .knowing what we do about the fact that Big Pharma controls the world and has nothing to do with health, I cannot imagine anyone going to a doctor other than a reputable holistic healer. But again, we need to practice mind-body healing and keep our own selves well.

The next four lines are a reminder to myself, and also a way of reprogramming my brain to accept the fact that nothing works in this paradigm any more, because it is done and we are moving into something new. It reminds me that I can no longer do things the old way. Do I still have to go to the grocery store to get what I need? Of course, but it is becoming more and more uncomfortable—more of a chore. I no longer trust that any food I buy is safe, even Non-GMOs, but more importantly, as you program your mind to do things differently, it begins to react to the old ways as an incongruity. That's how change happens, from the inside out. Eventually physical behavior will be forced to match, and I am there now, in this sort of no-man's land where I have pretty much left the Old, but have not absorbed and shifted what I need to survive in the New. Talk about a rock and a hard place . . . . OMG! But I know there's no turning back, so when I get frustrated I just say my mantras louder!

The next two lines are dear to me. I want to live my life as I please, as we ALL should be doing but none of us are, and to be independent of relying on anything or anyone to supply my needs. When we reach that stage, then we are truly free, and we become even greater in our Service to Others, because we no longer have to be concerned with survival. And believe me, everyone on the planet is foremost concerned with their own survival, especially those who wish to take over the world. Think about it. THEY, having done no work at the spiritual level will have no means whatsoever to survive what is coming. People like myself who have spent a lifetime surviving and living on almost nothing, knowing what to do and how to do it the basic and simple way have the advantage over those who never have learned what in old times were necessities, like cooking, sewing, living in harmony with nature, and especially doing without. When we create everything with our minds, we will not have to do without any longer, but to get there requires immense personal sacrifice. And what we create with our minds will not be able to be destroyed or stolen by someone else.

The next three lines are to constantly remind me that I am surrounded by energies in my favor—my trees, my animals, my books and things I love have all absorbed my energy and reflect it. If we keep thinking that everyone is against us, we can be overwhelmed with our task, but to feel that all of nature is on my side, not only greatly augments the mental and spiritual energy I am putting out into the Universe, but greatly assists to spread it. I, by the way, have a running conversation with my animals, I mean, I never shut up here at home. Speaking conversationally to animals teaches them to know your language and they fully understand what I say and mean. Cats are especially easy to communicate with. Maggie is a smart-ass and can be vulgar! Really. I will say something to her, and suddenly a sentence, totally out of my thoughts will pop into my mind, so I know it came from her. One of the stray cats I care for is a very shy grey tabby. He has the most gorgeous amber eyes, and will sit on the porch and stare at me. One day quite a while ago, I asked him, "What's your name?" The answer returned to me in a flash! "Smedley." OK, so I would never name a cat Smedley, but in fact, I began calling him that, and whenever I did, he would respond, so I thought, well, apparently his name is Smedley. And as I've gotten to know him, Smedley turns out to be a perfect and adorable name. There are times I stand and look at my trees and get an almost overwhelming sense of sadness, and I know it is coming from them. I have butterflies fly around my head, and little wild bunnies that allow me to hold them. I pet my snakes and toads and frogs, and spiders will walk across my hands without fear. We must be in harmony with nature if we are to survive anywhere. It forces us to realize that we are not the most important thing in the Universe by a long shot. Here is a beautiful comment from one of Dane's people in the UK. He often speaks of missing his late, dear wife. Here is the link.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 22, 2023

Geoff Hanham says:
April 28, 2023 at 11:46 am

Dane, so long ago now, we went to an animal rescue center to find a dog that chose us, but on the way out there was an Amazon parrot that went frantic as we passed . . . We approached but were warned that it had been badly treated and would bite! But she put her head down and we both unhesitatingly gave her a 'hug' . . . We then started to move away and she started to 'cry' . . . We had never seen or heard such anguish and pleading in a wild one . . . We took her home . . . The bonding was immediate—my wife was a beautiful dancer and Penny would sit on her shoulder and display, wings outstretched in all her beauty—when I played our piano she would sit on my shoulder and react uncannily to what I was playing . . . her song would range from very loud raucous to beautiful quiet sub-song and indescribable soft murmurings . . . She is now sitting on my shoulder spellbound at some Debussy piano music . . . But looking all the time at my wife's empty chair . . .

In our infernal human arrogance and wickedness these beautiful wonderful creatures that have so much Love are being burnt alive and destroyed in their millions . . . WHY? WHY?

For those of you who are willfully blind enough to STILL believe the Georgia Guidestones were the product of the Global Elites, let me point out once again that the last line states:

Be not a cancer on the Earth—Leave room for nature—Leave room for nature.

REALLY? The Global Elites don't give a flying fuck about nature. They are in the process of killing off everything "natural," and turning what remains into robot slaves. How could they possibly have designed the Guidestones?

I realize people with a mental block can't get past the first line:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

But let me also again point out that "maintain" and "kill" are NOT synonyms. In my Oxford American Dictionary, one of the meanings for maintain is "provision of the means to support life." And let me also reiterate what I said above about being mind controlled. Maintain here means to reproduce responsibly because, as is blatantly clear now, the lack of that responsibility has put us on the edge of extinction, AND NOT provided the means to support life. Yeah, I know Bible-totin' Christians claim the Good Book says to "be fruitful and multiply." But it does NOT say to multiply like fruitflies. In many cases, those people that claim to know the Bible inside out are the most lacking in spiritual development. Gandhi says:

"Spirituality is not a matter of knowing scriptures and engaging in philosophical discussions."

"Propagation of the race rabbit-wise must undoubtedly be stopped, but not so as to bring greater evils in its train. It should be stopped by methods which in themselves ennoble the race."

For anyone capable of an open mind and understanding the English language, the Georgia Guidestones are about living in harmony with everything and every being on the planet. Do you think once they get rid of us, the Global Elites will all live together in peace, love and harmony?? Heh, heh, they'll more likely kill each other off.

And one more item concerning nature. This is an excellent article on the work of the late Rosalie Bertell. What a misfortune that she has passed already. She and Dane would make a great team, and she, for a woman was unfathomably knowledgeable on the subject of the military, including HAARP and other silent weapons, the destruction of the planet by patriarchal leadership, the killing off of nature, the depletion of the ozone—really, just about everything Dane says. I made the comment about women, which is mostly true, because this article was written by a woman urging women to wake up and face the truth. The author is obviously not as well-informed as Bertell, who was a Catholic nun, by the way. She makes little mistakes and several big ones, including the fact that NASA stands for the North American Space Agency!! Oh my goodness gracious!! . . . It, of course, stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Heirs of Rosalie Bertell? Her Significance for a Women’s Movement, in View of Today’s “New War Against All Life and Mother Earth Herself”
The author asks the questions toward the end of the article,

Why could these weapons be invented and get into the world at all?
Why was and is nearly nobody aware of them and why is nearly nobody resisting them?
Why is questioning the military a “taboo“, thus preventing it from becoming a part of the debate?
Why is the military allowed to do whatever it wants, and as we now know, even threatening all life and the very conditions of life on the planet, including the planet itself?

Which I think can be answered in part by the fact that we are being controlled by an off-planet race, which also will hopefully be disclosed soon. Everything will make SO much more sense then, and people will finally realize who the real enemy is and unite to take back control of the planet.

Here is the impressive Wikipedia page for Rosalie Bertell
There is also a link to her writings on my review of Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology
There is quite a bit of mention in this article about ionosphere heaters and geoengineering, particularly about using weather as a weapon. Wow! This lady was certainly before her time. Basically, what the author is saying, is that we need to end the Death Culture and support LIFE, all life. She presented this first at the DEP Conference "Disarming Women—Donne Disarmanti", University Ca´Foscari, Venice, first published on February 13, 2022.

And finally, the last line of my mantra is not optional. We are being experimented on, bullied, abused, slaughtered, poisoned, surveilled and enslaved, and all possible steps are being taken to ensure that we do NOT live our lives as we please. If you think you are an exception begin to ask yourself how much of what you have really wanted has been compromised in order to live in comfort, and is that REALLY what you would choose if you could create your life exactly how you wanted it to be?

And now, here are some more quotes from Gandhi. These have to do with spirituality and morality.

"Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause."

And I might add, also in one's true faith in one's religion.
And here's a good one HA!! I agree absolutely. And the one after that, too. I've often said that for many people, praying is more like begging for favors.

"If Jesus came to earth again, he would disown many things that are being done in the name of Christianity."

"God never answers the prayers of the arrogant, nor the prayers of those who bargain with Him."

And here's one to ponder.

"Evil in itself is sterile. It is self-destructive; it exists and flourishes through the implication of good that is in it."

"There is no such thing as religion overriding morality."

"Ultimately a deceiver only deceives himself."

Every time someone tells the truth, every time someone refuses to cooperate with the enslavement agenda, every time someone makes a firm resolve to "Awaken and be Free," a huge swath of healing energy is thrust out into the Universe, which is FAR more powerful than the Death Culture energy. That's why it does not take even CLOSE to a majority of the population to shift the energy. Gandhi says:

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

WOW!! Indeed! And when someone who is in the public eye speaks the truth publicly, that energy is even more powerful, not because they are more powerful or better than anyone else, but because their position has allowed more people to hear the truth coming from someone they trust. In fact, for anyone paying attention, TRUTH is bursting out all over the place now. Here are some links, beginning with the bomb dropped by Tucker Carlson on his FOX news show. As my regular readers know, I do not own a TV, so I have never watched FOX news. I had heard of Tucker Carlson, but that's about it. Well, now I know who he is, and WOW! YES!!, he did indeed tell the truth, at the same time making people aware of the lies being told by the other news networks. What courage! What balls!!
Video: Tucker Carlson: It Is Hard to Believe This Is Happening
Of course, he got fired, and now, I guess, FOX is attempting to say it was because he was racist and sexist, with no mention of the news item, by either FOX or Carlson.
Tucker Carlson breaks silence after abrupt departure from Fox News
Well, whatever. Not that racism and sexism aren't grounds for firing, but, gosh, what a coincendence, eh? In any case, the firing, I'm sure, has brought more publicity to the video, and I would be willing to bet he will not be unemployed for long. He should start his own news network, as he already has a strong base of listeners. Anyways, exposions of truth such as this will amplify the energy shift greatly. Let us see what happens . . . .

There have been lots of other eye-openers along with that, particularly concerning the U.S. Military, which I would dearly LOVE to see GONE. There are those who would scorn such a comment, and ask, "who would protect us from our enemies?" What enemies? Who is attacking us? Right now, here in the U.S., the greatest, most destructive enemy we have is the U.S. Military. Lot's of people are catching on to that, and ALL OF THIS shifts the energy, because when the energy no longer supports something, it cannot survive.
The U.S. Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II
The Real Reason America Used Nuclear Weapons Against Japan. It Was Not To End the War Or Save Lives.
These articles make me ashamed to be an American, therefore, I cannot help but speak out against such heinous behavior. If you have not yet seen the documentary,
Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Story
please do watch it. It is beyond disturbing.

What goes around, comes around.
Died Suddenly: Military Cadets, Mandated to be Fully COVID-19 Vaccinated, Are Dying Suddenly Recently
Well, this is good, but we are still having the shit sprayed out of us. Patience, LC. It will have to stop soon.
U.S. Army grounds all non-critical aircraft after latest fatal mid-air collision
And more pilots disabled.
Pilot Had a Cardiac Arrest and Collapsed at Richmond International Airport (Richmond, VA) on April 11, 2023, Was Saved by Two TSA Officers
I live for the day when I can look up into the sky and the only things there will be beautiful blue—and birds, bats, insects, clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars . . . . Doesn't that sound glorious?

And here's more truth by a well-known truth-teller, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr..
Video: RFK Jr. (And Others) Expose the CIA’s Involvement in the COVID Plandemic
I am collecting more information on truth, the downfall of those in power, and how we can create a new reality, which I will share in upcoming articles. But for now, the last part of this article will be spent sharing information from the book, Letter to Earth: Who We Are Becoming . . . What We Need to Know.

Before the regular text begins, Wise has written a letter to her three-year-old daughter to read when she is old enough, and another letter to the "People of Earth." Remember, as I mentioned in the review, she is speaking to us as if from somewhere beyond Earth, as she actually is, as are many or most of us reading my articles. I want to quote a few lines from the first letter, beginning with this one that made me chuckle, but only because I agree. "I aspire to equal myself rather than humble myself to that source we have called God—the challenge is humbling enough." There are those who are "religious" that would consider a statement like this as blasphemy, but the point is, which I've said over and over, that we ARE gods and goddesses striving to reclaim our divinity. We are creator beings. We are extensions of that Source, and unless we claim our rightful powers, we will be stuck living as slaves to who-or-whatever is controlling this planet. Next I want to quote a paragraph from the same letter.

In liberating ourselves from a mechanistic worldview we are readying ourselves to experiece a spirit-endowed Universe and the multidimensional nature of reality. When we open ourselves, reaching beyond the dimensions of space and time for our reality, the meaning and insight we seek flows through that opening.

The second letter to "us" is more, well, obviously for mature readers. She first speaks of the "pains and conflicts" many of us are suffering as we try to survive, especially since too many of those who have gained material abundance are self-absorbed. She then goes on to tell a bit about her life, being born as all humans, but, as all beings, we are Indigenous to the Universe. She speaks of merging with her Soul.

In the process of stalking the wild truth of my spiritual nature and my human potential I arrived at the reunion of my local, temporal Self with my multidimensional and eternal Soul. From this aligment a merging occurred that informed me of the cumulative experience and understanding of all manifestations my Soul has ever expressed. I was so transformed by this spiritual amalgamation that my former worldly identity dissolved into the background of a newfound Universal Selfhood.

Perhaps in not the same way, I went through a similar transformation which was actually like a different being moving into my body. She then goes on to say that she "experienced the unfolding of all Creation, from thought form, to light form, to matter, and from single cell to planetary organism. In a collective with numerous other Souls, I experienced moving from energy into substantive form to create the Earth herself." She goes on to say how she experienced herself as all the Earth's elements and living beings, and again, I can relate to this. As the Pleiadians spoke of Creator Beings in Bringers of the Dawn, I knew I was one of them. I am certain that's why I am so sensitive and protective about everything in the natural world. Because it was ME. And that's also why I know for certain that we can create with our minds and energy. Because we created this planet!

She speaks a bit about the mentor under whom she trained, whom she describes as being like Merlin, who could make Arthur become anything he wanted to be. She said at one point she wanted to know what it was like to be an old-growth tree, and she became one. She says that her mentor never explained or guided, but relied on experience to teach. She told Wise the explaining was her job. Though she was just twenty-two at the time, and she studied with this woman for four years, she writes (at age fifty), "I am just beginning to comprehend this Being in her abilities and her inconsistencies. But I can attribute all the phenomena I experienced with her to one splendid capacity: her ability to dissolve the seeming separations between things." When we finally let go of the ingrained belief systems that keep us prisoners in a world where everything but physical labor to acquire what we need seems in the realms of impossible, then we will be free to experience statements of my mantra above. We must reach that point soon, and with every person that regains an ability and insight, that gain will effect us all.

The rest of the letter speaks of her experiences, of which she goes into more detail in the chapters of the book, and trying to write it from the perspective of a human, which she abandoned. She also states that we are reaching a point where we will begin to interact with the rest of the Cosmos, and indeed, twenty-some years ago, many of us spoke of that. It seems to me that all these desperate attempts by certain beings to ensure that we lose touch with our Soul is a direct reaction to this Cosmic interaction, which would release us from their hold. I look back at the past three decades, and see how we have seemingly regressed because all our energy is spent on survival and freeing ourselves. Had we not had so much interference, we would be much more advanced by now.

To end this article, I will share some quotes from two chapters that concern energy communication. Well, actually they all do, but here's some ideas for you to ponder as you grow into "Something Other." First, from the chapter entitled "How do we in the Cosmos know when you need our help? Do we hear you?" This chapter is about putting out energy in the form of a question or requesting assistance in which you need help to manifest a certain "value," as Wise would call it. She says that only those beings that are in harmony with what you seek will respond. She says, "The stimulus you send is specific to the essence of your inquiry. Only a being who embodies the full realization of what you are seeking will be attracted by your call." She also says, "You do not have to send a call into the Cosmos with formal intent." If we focus on what we want to create, whether physical or in the form of a particular emotional values, such as love or compassion, that focus, which is energy, will automatically be sent into the Universe. Knowing the way energy works strengthens my conviction on the effectiveness of mantras, especially now, as the veils are lifting, and our energies are stronger and more able to function with less interference. This is because more people are waking up, more people are leaving the planet, and those that wish to control us are running into unexpected problems.

Here is one more chapter that is particularly relevant to this article, entitled "How do things come to be?" It is about how we use energy to create. She states, "Everything in the world, and in the Universe, is made of the same basic stuff—energy." And "All energy is inherently capable of manifesting substantive forms—bodies, stars, ecosystems. All energy is also inherently capable of manifesting subtle forms—feelings, thoughts, planetary influences." Again, I hope, by pondering these words you will begin to experiment conscious creation. The thing is, we ALL create, constantly, but with the mind control programs that are assaulting us, we are creating what THEY want us to create, not what WE want. Do you see what a devastating effect this has had on the planet? If we do not pay extremely careful attention to what our minds are churning out, and in particular, what is going on in the background, which is often deeply hidden, we will continue to create the Death Culture until we are all gone, and that is NOT in the far future. Here are two paragraphs that help explain the technical process that's going on as we create. Being aware at all times is essential, lest we attract those "helpers" that we do NOT want, but who are attracted to what we are sending out. Remember, energy makes no judgment of what is "good" or what is "bad." Energy just is.

When you merge your awareness with your action and thereby give expression to any value, you become magnetically charged with the frequency of that value. The union of your potential and your actuality releases a burst of luminosity that enhances the amplitude of your frequency and sends out a stimulus. The energy of the world and the Universe respond to the stimulus by delivering experiences that reflect, demonstrate and edify your self-realization. This is Sympathetic Vibrational Magnetism at work.

All creations begin with a stimulus and proceed through processes of response, alignment and merging before they become manifest. For you to create something, available energy must be magnetized by the stimuli being broadcast from the frequencies and values inherent in your intention. Not all of the responding energy will align compatibly. Attempting to align, it will self-select in accordance with its ability to give expression to the discrete values and amplitudes within your overall intention. The responding energy continues to self-select until the required mergings occur and a stable and self-perpetuating constellation of energy is achieved. As a result of your creative stimuli something has come to be.

Just a few closing thoughts. The more you know about energy and its magnificent perfection, the more horrified you must become over the manipulation of frequencies on this planet. No wonder this is so dangerous and deadly to all life-forms. It absolutely goes against the natural flow of the entire Universe. Does it not seem likely that these heinous activities going on above us are not only affecting this planet, but other Cosmic civilizations? I have said for decades that we have many extraterrestrial allies, whose lives and existence also are at risk for what certain beings here on Planet Earth and off- planet, too are doing. When one realizes that energy is everywhere and all connected, like the water in the ocean, it would be absurd to think that what is going on here is not having deadly effects on off-planet beings. So why aren't they helping us? They are, but the struggles they are engaged in are off-planet. And I do believe they have tried to communicate with us. I will present more on this in my UFO update.

And one last comment on mantras. Though we should always create a mantra that is beneficial to all life, it still must be personal. In other words, we cannot say that we want the U.S. Military to quit spraying us with poison. We cannot manipulate anyone else, plus, we must always make our statements in the positive. We could say instead, "The sky above me is clean and healthy." "My rainfall is gentle and pure." "My land always has the perfect balance of rain and sunshine." Get it? Of course, those are positive statements and beneficial to everyone. If you have something you want to create and change, work with the phrase until it will work for everyone. Now, just consider this! What IF!!? Suppose everyone would begin saying mantras faithfully as soon as they read this article. We are all working for the same things—Peace, Freedom, Health, Joy, Happiness, Love, Harmony . . . . and the list goes on of positive values that benefit all life here on Earth and beyond. Again, I repeat this quote from Gandhi.

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

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