Be Aware and Forewarned

April 28, 2024

This is not the article I had planned. The planned one was another issue in my HAARP Series, and that will come next. But after those tornadoes Friday in the Midwestern U.S., this one took precedence. I have been beating my head against a brick wall, trying to get people to listen to me for over two decades. Dane has been beating his head against a brick wall for two decades, for the same reason. We simply know more than most people about the areas we cover—Dane, covert climate intervention operations, and me, the non-physical, energetic world. We can both claim excellence in our fields because we have put way more time and energy into research and investigation than the average, or even above average person. Way more. In his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 27, 2024 Saturday morning, he, too lamented that people STILL DON'T NOTICE things. As I've mentioned in my previous numerous articles, I am noticing a cognitive breakdown in people that is accelerating. When I am out in public, it is rare that I don't give out Dane's and my website info at least once. I have people that ask me for info after we talk a bit. They know what I'm saying rings true, and want to know more. They promise me they will get on my site when they get home, and will email me, and yet, I can count on one finger the number of people that have actually followed through in the past four-five years. Before the plandemic, it was never like this. I had people eager to read my articles. So what happened?

I have an uncanny talent for choosing which book to read next, or rather it chooses me. The one I'm reading now, by former British spy, Ted Allbeury, is about the Kennedy assassinations, but more to the point, the CIA, Mafia, and MKUltra. Those are all real and true. My point is, everyone on the planet is being mind controlled now, and yes, that means you. If you have wisely given up what is killing you and being used against you, you have a vast amount of inner power and strength to resist the program. That means TV, CELLPHONES, WiFi, CELLPHONES, microwave anything, CELLPHONES, everything "smart," CELLPHONES, and wireless anything, including CELLPHONES. I won't even buy a wireless mouse or keyboard. But CELLPHONES are being used, along with the toxic jabs, to take control of our lives. I am not making this up. During the first and second year of the Plademic, this information was widely published on alt media. Both Angels Don't Play This HAARP and its companion documentary, Holes in Heaven spoke of radio frequencies being used to control our minds. I plan to do one or maybe two HAARP Series articles on the subject. But the point is, all these people that are in a walking stupor are being mind controlled. When they promise to check out materials, they are being sincere. Then they are made to forget. That's also why people are unable to see what is in front of their very eyes. Some of them are paid liars, and others are willfully blind, but now here in 2024, as the jabs are taking full effect and altering peoples' DNA, they are simply being mind controlled to forget. This happened to one of the characters in the spy book I am reading—she received an injection by a "doctor" that enabled him to hypnotize her so that she was always under his control when he needed her for a job. She was sent on a day-trip to Greece to point out a man he didn't like to the killers, and whisked back home, not even realizing she left her house. OK, so this is a fictional book, but the man that wrote it knew how the CIA and the British equivalent, SIS, did business. They have been doing it for decades, but now it is not just for spy purposes, but to control the entire global population. I am seeing this level of unawareness all over the place now and it is turning the human population insane. Do you not NOTICE? And as far as the jabs, it has been a long time since I looked at obits, but I did the other day. Just in our local paper, one of the biggest age groups represented were people in their 60s, along with way too many "died unexpectedly" in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Here are a few articles from the volumes I have saved. This IS happening. It is NOT a conspiracy theory. Along with exposing it and bringing it to a halt, again, the next most sensible thing we can do is to distance ourselves from our TOXIC TECHNOLOGY. All these gadgets people think they need are nothing but an invitation to the invasion of every aspect of our lives. When are people going to begin to choose LIFE over DEATH? I have said repeatedly that we are living in a death cult. The only way we can change that is to change our attitude about the way we live and to give up what is killing us. We need to do that NOW because we are on the edge. And for those who think that dying will release them from this misery, I would strongly suggest they scrutinize that perception. Whatever energy we embrace while we are here, is the one we will carry beyond life in this body. In order to rise beyond it, we need to transcend, transform, and transfigure, focusing on our connection to our souls and manifesting ourselves as spiritual beings. We must become something other than we are, and that is indeed happening. The vast majority of the population has chosen to forfeit their souls for material wealth and power. They are becoming the "human tractors," as in the novel, We. And now, here are some articles.
Will Neuroweapons and the “Control of the Human Mind” Trigger the Demise of Western Democracy?

Here is an excellent informational page from Dr. Mercola on EMFs and how they are in essence, causing human extinction. (And I add, also the extinction of the non-human life forms of this planet.) Anyways, in the interview, he points out that WIFI ROUTERS and CELLPHONES are the most dangerous means of exposure to people, and are also the easiest for us to control. And he also points out that NO ONE should have a microwave oven in their home. Yep! JUST GET RID OF THEM. It is now a matter of life and death, and I know people who ARE DYING from them, though they won't listen to me. Some of the health issue include heart and neurological illnesses. C'mon people!! WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT? Your lives, or your fucking technology??? Get a grip on reality here.
Ten New Studies Detail Health Risks of 5G

And I want to point out that this is KILLING OUR BELOVED ANIMAL COMPANIONS, TOO. There are so many essential tidbits in this interview, including the fact that SpaceX was just granted permission to launch an ADDITIONAL THIRTY-THOUSAND more Starlink satellites. OMG!! 20 times more satellites than exist up there now, which will broadcast 5G all over the world, whether we want it or not. NOW is the time to regain your sanity and refuse to cooperate with this deathly agenda! Mercola points out there are actually not many legitimate 5G towers up in the U.S.. What we are seeing are FAKE towers, so those who blame them for their health issues need to look at what they have in their own homes. He mentioned that it is affecting people's sleep. I even unplug my modem in the evening, so everything shuts off. But still, I haven't had a good night's sleep in a while, which is unusual for me, and I don't have any of this toxic technology, or much of it. But I am still being affected by everyone else's. Mercola says that not only do many people keep their cellphones turned on in their bedrooms, but many SLEEP WITH THEM UNDER THEIR PILLOWS. I cannot imagine anyone doing something so insane.

He also recommends shutting off the electricity to your house when you sleep. Well, I don't have much electricity in here anyways, but I keep it turned on because my turtles still need their heat lamps. Once the nights are warm enough (or probably way too hot, soon), they won't need their lamps. Last summer I didn't have them on at all, and I discovered my turtles adopted a "normal" sleep pattern, going to sleep when it got dark. Infrared lamps should not effect sleep in reptiles and amphibians, but I think they do, to a certain extent. Here are some quotes from the text of the article, the first being from the section entitled 5G May Cause Neurological and Psychiatric Problems.

The second study, published in November 2022, investigated the effects of 4.9 GHz (one of several 5G frequencies) RFR on the emotional behaviors and spatial memory in adult male mice. The exposure was found to induce “depression-like behavior” caused by “neuronal pyroptosis in the amygdala.”

Pyroptosis is a form of programmed cell death distinct from other forms of apoptosis, characterized by its inflammatory response. It involves the swelling and bursting of the cell, leading to the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and intracellular contents that can trigger an immune response in the surrounding tissue. . . .

The amygdala is a region of the brain involved in emotion regulation, memory, and decision-making. So, pyroptosis in this area could be indicative of neurological damage or inflammation, potentially affecting emotional regulation, behavior, and cognitive functions.

From the section Four Studies Confirm 5G’s Impact on Neurology.

Cellphone radiation may cause cognitive impairment and deficits, behavioral changes and dysfunctional mood regulation, neurodegenerative disorders (due to the oxidative stress within neurons) and psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Inhibit the electrical activity of neurons in vitro—Neurons communicate with each other using electrical signals and this activity is crucial for everything your brain does, from processing sensory information to controlling muscle movements. Inhibiting electrical activity means disrupting normal brain cell communication, which could potentially impact brain functions.

And from the section 5G Will Harm Every Living Being.

“5G is dangerous and will harm every living being. Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:

DNA single and double strand breaks
oxidative damage
disruption of cell metabolism
increased blood brain barrier permeability
melatonin reduction
disruption to brain glucose metabolism
generation of stress proteins

The article ends with two succinct text boxes, the first listing the health dangers associated with EMF and radio frequency poisoning. The second is a really good list of suggestions to get you separated from what is killing you and everyone else, even people like myself that AVOID this toxic technology. I was unabashedly rather proud of myself for mostly following all the rules for avoiding exposure.

One other topic Mercola covered was how Google has really decimated his web traffic. Yeah, tell me about it. The small traffic I had has been reduced to almost nothing. He said his has been reduced two-thirds of what it was. When you Google any of these health questions, he said sites like WebMD come up, which are strictly commercial, mostly selling drugs or junk foods, and are in bed with Google to make money. He also warned that Google collects every single email you send or receive from gmail. I would love to go with a different email program. I hardly use my Hotmail program any more because every time Microsoft "improves" it, it is more difficult to use. Plus, I'm sure they are collecting info, too. I would also love to switch to Frontier internet, which is fiber-optic and safe, which would also allow me to use their email program, but it isn't on my road. Yet. That is what Dane uses. Does anyone know of a good, free alternate email program?

And now, on to the next topic. In the time we have left, I plan to publish as much as I can get to on the mind control programs that have taken over the human population, along with more information concerning Tennessee, and their passing of the law banning climate engineering. But the remainder of this article will be about the totally unfathomable and incomprehensible events now taking place that should have everyone up in arms, and racing out the door with their pitchforks and torches, as opposed to shrugging their shoulders and going back to whatever they were doing. Let us begin with the weather, that is now SO anomalous, SO out of control, SO FOREBODING, that, say 50 years ago had it been like this, few would have failed to be alarmed. Let us begin with the tornadoes that hit the midwest Friday and Saturday. BEWARE. They are coming to a town near you soon.

Please watch these Weather Channel videos. OMG! The SIZE of these tornadoes. Some of them split off into two or three funnels and some of them were separate, then joined together. I remember when I was growing up, during the summer, we had, perhaps ONE or TWO catastrophic weather events per year, for the entire country! Now it's like three or four A WEEK. And remember the Weather Channel video I posted a couple times . . . . Here it is again. My gut feeling is that we will double or triple that number this year, unless we can shut down the whole agenda. And we really have no idea how many people died in these events. And that's just IN THIS COUNTRY ALONE. What about for the entire world?
Disasters Displaced 2.5 Million People In US In 2023
Here are the tornado videos. Keep in mind, Iowa is one of the states working on legislation to ban climate engineering. This video is just . . . beyond description. A whole town wiped out. Don't just skip over these videos. PLEASE WATCH THEM. This happened on Saturday. They are horrific.
Dramatic Drone Video Shows Scope Of Tornado Damage In Iowa
This one is ground footage, just after it hit. The damage is massive. Stunning. Staggering.
Scenes of Devastation: Aftermath of Iowa Tornado Unveiled
At Least Two People Killed In Oklahoma Tornadoes
Here, the tornado chasers watch a house get hit. And by the way, NO ONE but official people doing their job should be on the road when these things hit. People should have prepared. WHY DIDN'T THEY PREPARE? Why was school open? NOAA issued Enhanced Risks for these areas the previous day. It is just another example of people walking around in a stupor. Is THIS what it will take to wake them up. Or will they just die, never having learned their lessons, and have to keep coming back (somewhere worse, probably), until they do?
Iowa Wowed By Multi-Vortex Tornadoes
Jaw-Dropping Video Of Tornado Hitting A Train
Midwest, Plains Tornado Outbreak: 4 Killed Amid Devastation
And this! OMG, a HUGE Dollar Tree warehouse wiped out.
Dollar Tree Warehouse Decimated In Tornado Outbreak
Daylight Reveals Devastation in Sulphur, Oklahoma

And more from Oklahoma.
Live Updates: Tornado Outbreak Ongoing, Homes Damaged In Oklahoma
Here's one from NPR on the devastation in Nebraska (Omaha) and Iowa. Forty to fifty homes were destroyed. Yep, we're off to a record-breaking year.
Tornadoes collapse buildings and level homes in Nebraska and Iowa
And here are the ones from Nebraska from The Weather Channel
Tornadoes Flash Across Nebraska In Friday Flurry
Tornadoes Cut Violent Path Across Nebraska And Iowa
This is from Friday's outbreak in Iowa. Yes, they got hit two days in a row.
Iowa Tornadoes Captured Live On The Weather Channel
And this one from Texas on Friday. OMG!!!!
These Tornadoes In Texas Will Have You Holding Your Breath
And one from . . . Alaska? In the mountains. In the snow. DO YOU THINK THAT'S NORMAL???
Landspout Tornado Spotted In A Most Unusual Place
And this last one is from this morning. Apparently, the devastation is scheduled to continue. Please read the text along with watching the video. Yes, they won't stop now until they are forced to stop. If anyone is still alive by then.
Tornado Outbreak Leaves Devastation Across The Plains
And this one is from April 16, but I included it because it is anything but normal.
Long, Lanky Lasso Of A Tornado Leaps Across Iowa Landscape
And a reminder, especially to my U.S. readers—we have a much greater window of opportunity to stop this atrocity through our state lawmakers since Tennessee has had their major victory. As Dane has said, their legislation is a good working model, especially for other states that have attempted to pass this law and failed.

And now, here is flooding news from the past month or so. Dane has spoken quite a bit about the disaster in Dubai, which has also triggered the damage-control media to deny it had anything whatsoever to do with cloud seeding, because cloud seeding would not be able to do something of this magnitude. Yeah, right. And that cloud seeding could produce unintentional flooding. Yeah, just like they didn't steer Hurricane Harvey to dump FIFTY-TWO inches of rain on Houston. How many years ago was that? And by the way, the weeks that much of the flooding in the U.S. took place, was also when we here in Ohio were supposed to get tornadoes and other aspects of severe weather. Didn't happen here, but we sure got the rain—nearly SEVEN INCHES.
Chaos in Dubai as UAE records heaviest rainfall in 75 years
Dane has pointed out that, it is true, little single-engine planes only carrying a few pounds of seeding material would not cause such damage, but cloud seeding done by military tankers, such as KC135s can and DO. Of course the damage-control media always has an "explanation." This article is ridiculous and only the terminally stupid could think it's true.
What is cloud seeding? Torrential Dubai rain sparks questions about weather modification
Dubai flooding hobbles major airport's operations as "historic weather event" brings torrential rains to UAE
Here's some from The Weather Channel.
Cat Rescued From Flooded Street In Dubai
And now to the U.S.. This dear man risked his life to rescue all his horses from flooding in Texas, and transported them to safety. Bless his precious heart. And yeah, I know horses are worth money, but these horses love him and trusted him. He remained calm and so did they, so everybody got out safely.
Man Rescues Horses From Texas Flood
Charleston, S.C., Floods In Record Day Of Rainfall
Ohio Valley, Appalachians Flooded After Heavy Rain Moves In
And severe weather. And I'll bet there are A LOT more people killed from these monsters than we ever hear about.
‘Mangled Mess’: Cleanup Begins After Louisiana Tornado
At Least One Killed As Severe Weather Rakes The South
Three Killed In Ohio As Tornadoes Ravage Midwest And South
Tornado Hits Indiana And Kentucky
And Canada
Guardrails And All: Coastal Road Washed Away In Storm

And now on to cancer.
Does Wireless Tech Cause Cancer or Is It Just Another “Coincidence” Being Propagated by Tin-foil Hat Conspiracy Theorists?
And the truth comes out. Yep, it's coming out all over the place, putting us in greater danger from the damage control thugs.
Turbo Cancer Literature Is Growing Rapidly. The Dam Is Breaking and It Will Take Pfizer and Moderna with It
Yep, it's those pesky "vaccines." Hey, wasn't the "Royal Family" pushing them as being "safe and effective." Gosh, do you think there's a connection here??
Prince William returns to public duty as Kate continues cancer treatment
King Charles III is returning to royal duties after his cancer diagnosis

And I will end this with a miscellaneous collection of stuff that will make you angry, disgust you, or totally gross you out.
Of course, make it sound innocent.
Maui Wildfire Report Highlights Communications Breakdown
Eeew, yuk.
New Orleans Chef Puts Cicadas On The Menu At This Café
It makes one joyful to be a vegetarian . . . .
Unusual Superfood Cheaper To Farm, Requires Less Feeding
And people that eat bioengineered food will probably start to glow, too.
Watch your garden glow with new genetically modified bioluminescent petunias
And more bad news from Iowa.
What Killed At Least 750,000 River Fish In Iowa?
Hmm. You know, I go to Alliance frequently, and I haven't seen one "NS" train pass through in ages.
Norfolk Southern will pay $600 million to settle East Palestine derailment lawsuit

I am grateful to be as old as I am, because I can remember when humanity wasn't insane—well, some were like Edward Teller, and Nikola Tesla, and they will be the subject of two of my upcoming HAARP issues. But too many people are too young to remember gorgeous weather and compassionate people. If just about any of the stories I have included here happened in the 1950s, when I was born, people would have been alarmed and frightened, and would not have shrugged their shoulders, then gone on with whatever useless activity they were involved in. So I say to my readers, "Be Aware and Be Forewarned." These are not events that bode well or indicate a long and happy life here on Planet Earth. Please, for goodness sake, NOTICE EVERY LITTLE THING that is "not right." Make a list, and as is grows, BE ALARMED. Here are some additional things I've noticed.

Two nights ago, I was in my little "bedroom," coloring. A helicopter zoomed overhead, which isn't unusual. It wasn't a military chopper that beats the air with their double propellers. It was most likely a Life-Flight helicopter, because it was going so fast, and they fly through frequently. Life-Flight helicopters saved the lives of two people I cared for—one was a student, and the other, a boyfriend, so I always send them light and blessings as they pass through. But this one smelled. Literally. As it passed over, I smelled something terrible, in the greenhouse with everything closed up. It went away after the helicopter passed. I have never smelled a helicopter, and I found this beyond strange.

The other thing is, companies do not seem even remotely interested in serving their customers. The web hosting company I switched to last year has got to be run by the stupidest, most incompetent bunch of technicians imaginable. I signed up with them because they all speak English as their native language, and supposedly had an excellent tech support team. Well, they do all speak English. I don't even bother calling them anymore, even though I have massive issues with their hosting program. I am debating as to whether I will sign up with them for another year. Will we even be around by the end of the year? I am almost certain some global catastrophe will happen. Local catastrophes are happening every day now.

I used to do most of my shopping at ALDI but I hardly go there any more now. Most of their "food" now is bioengineered—food that I had bought there for decades, like bread, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream. And while everyone else's prices are going down, theirs is going up, and ALDI is supposed to have the lowest food prices. Yes I've complained. They don't care. I am finding items at Marc's that I always bought at ALDI much cheaper, like oatmeal—the big box for $3.29, as opposed to ALDI at $3.95, plus Marc's is non-GMO.

But the employees aren't always bright. When I went there on Thursday, half of their "live" plants outside were dead. I complained because I thought no one had watered them. One of the ditzy cashiers explained that they got hit by the frost, which made me even angrier. NOAA had FREEZE WARNINGS out for almost all of Ohio for days. Then I went to Walmart, where I just had to buy twelve cans of Friskies, and asked for a little hand-held basket. No, they all got stolen. Really? I said to the greeter that everywhere I go, all I see is "stupid." I told her about the plants at Marc's. She said they covered theirs at Walmart, then walked away. Some day soon, people will be in anguish over the way they treated the life-forms on this planet, whether they be animals or plants. I feel the same reverence for both, and get sickened at the shrugging shoulders.

And speaking of . . . I took a walk down my road, turning east from my driveway. I rarely go in that direction, and I was shocked. I thought it was just my farm, but much of my road looks like a war zone. Normally neatly kept yards with a woods, are filled with dead, fallen trees. At least my precious birds have somewhat returned, so I am greeted with a chorus of songs every morning, evening, and throughout much of the day.

I see this inability of people to take responsibility and for businesses to solve problems now with just about everyone with whom I do business, which isn't too many companies, but long-term and always trusted. I am even angry with Dover, who has made a mess of things that affect me. Complaints are no longer even acknowledged. This has never been the case. Human tractors. Yes, that's what is happening. How much longer do you think we can go on? Everything is breaking down. Nothing works any more. Do you not notice this?

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