Awaken and Be Free

February, 2022

Mastery of the physical world;
Triumph over the illusion;
Conquer all fear;
Awaken and be free!

With this article, I hope to resume what I have been attempting for the past couple years, that is, to focus on spiritual evolution. Other events have certainly taken priority, then I began the HAARP Series, and didn't want to overwhelm myself. I plan to conclude that project very soon. This article is also a follow-up to my previous two articles, Our Toxic World: HAARP Series #5, and What If It's All Just An Experiment?, but first, some comments on healing and healers. As readers of my Bible articles know, I am a big fan of Jesus, NOT because I am a Christian, but because I am not a Christian. He is my role model and I strive to follow his teachings. Most Christians I know think he's there to save them from their sins, and too many brag about how they have been "saved," so, apparently they can go on sinning and not have to worry about it.

Jesus wasn't a "savior." He was a teacher who was here to teach us how to heal ourselves, to awaken, and to remember our power over the illusion. He wasn't here to make people feel good. He was here to show them the truth which is the most painful thing to the majority of the "human" population. But until we can know the truth, especially the truth about ourselves, we can never heal. Healers, REAL HEALERS, are not particularly popular. The popular ones are those who fill their listeners with sweet bullshit. Most of the "popular spiritual gurus" around today are more concerned with keeping their clients by telling lies than by telling the truth and being an outcast.

Back around 2005, I was invited to do a workshop I had designed called "Metaphysics 101." The person hiring me said she wanted me to teach the participants how to get through this transition easily and to feel good. I told her point blank I couldn't do that because it is NOT easy and does NOT feel good. Well, she hired me anyways, apparently thinking I would comply. I didn't, of course, and most of the participants were angry. If I remember correctly, some even demanded their money back. So, what did I tell them that pissed them off? Well, I spent a good part of the class teaching them how to completely upend their whole belief system, because we could not move into a new reality with outdated and false beliefs. But the most important thing was that they needed to pick themselves apart, little by little and scrutinize every belief they held, and ask themselves if it was really true, or if they believed it because that's what they were taught to believe. For most people, that is nearly impossible, just like with the Milgram experiments and people who follow orders, no matter how morally disturbing those orders are. That's where we are on this planet right now, and I promise, the people who are stuck with these two blocks have little to no chance of survival. I will continue with this as it applies to our present situation in a bit.

I have been on this grueling spiritual path for 43 years. Those who are so totally devoted to spiritual evolution do not perceive the world as most others do, and to try to explain this to people either comes across that I am bragging about being "better" than others or that I am just making stuff up or living in in LaLaLand. Whatever. As we continue to strip ourselves of what no longer fits, we become other than we were, not just once, but on a regular basis. I am not even remotely the same person I was in March 2022. Rising to higher and higher vibrational levels squeezes us more and more out of the physical realm and into the world of the non-physical where everything exists as energy. Those of us that have been there a while can read the energy signatures of people, so we are very rarely fooled by liars and phonies. We see beyond the cause and effect that most people use to judge world activities, and get to the energetic root of the issues, which often has little to do with what appears. We see hidden motives and agendas that others cannot perceive, and also, for those of us who are REALLY working toward spiritual transition, we can see the mind-control machine, and read its intentions. Thus, we know what it is attempting to make us do or think or feel, and we go in the opposite direction, which ends that particular program and really pisses off the controllers, thus sending us another far more challenging one. What if it's all just an experiment? Yes, I am quite sure it is and that knowlege changes everything. I'll come back to this in a bit.

As promised in my last article, I want to discuss the documentary Died Suddenly. I hope everyone has had a chance to watch it. EVERYONE on this planet needs to watch it. Yes, it is an excellent movie and yes, we are being killed on purpose and no, I do not under any circumstances think that any of this agenda is OK and yes it is pure evil and yes, we ARE at war. So, yes, I agree with the movie, as it pertains to the physical world in which most people reside, having no clue that the real world we live in is the world of energy. From that perspective, I have a whole 'nother opinion. When we combine the reality of the physical world with that of the energetic, then we come closer to the truth.

Let me begin as the movie began, with the "perceived" over-population program and the Global Elites' solution, starring Bill Gates and his buddies. Yes, Gates represents pure evil and I doubt if he is even human. HOWEVER, let us discuss the over-population issue, which SO FEW PEOPLE want to face. And those of us like myself and Dane who DO want to face it, when it is SO OBVIOUS that we DO have a problem, are labelled also as evil or killers. No. People like Dane and I and those who are not afraid to talk about the overpopulation issue support LIFE, not DEATH. And we cannot have LIFE when the population grows beyond what the planet can support. Dane has spoken of bacteria growing in a petri-dish, and how quickly they multiply, till they reach overpopulation and the entire colony collapses. That's where we are now, like it or not.

Now, let's look at it from still another perspective which will no doubt be offensive to some people. Whatever. I say what needs to be said.

Those of you who read my Bible articles know that I don't think too highly of the "god" of the Old Testament, who is vengeful, jealous, angry, tyrannical and someone or thing I cannot imagine "worshipping." Unfortunately, most Christians still believe "he" created the world. Well. "He" must be a sadistic and cruel entity, because what "he" created is a death culture. (I quote "he" because of course, people have created "god" in their own image.) Please note: I am a firm believer in the Reptilian Invasion. The true creators of this planet were benevolent beings who supported life, not death. But another Alien race or races that were organic/robotic hybrids took over control, and here we have been for all these millions of years.

Let me explain the death cult and energy. The "operating system" of this planet has been fight or flee; kill or be killed; eat or be eaten. Death has always been the means to control the animal population, so why is what is happening now such a shock to everyone? Because we are now the species being "culled" by something higher than us? Yeah, yeah, it's the governments or militaries or Global Elite committing all this evil, but from an energetic perspective, it is simply the operating system that is in place following through with what it is programmed to do. And the vast majority of the population goes along with it. We support a death culture. That's where most of the energy is now going on this planet, so why would we think our reality would support life?

Most "humans" think nothing whatsoever about "culling" animals, wild or domestic. We subject them to the most cruel and inhumane suffering in the form of "lab testing." Even people who say they love animals can eat something that was once a sentient being, then was slaughtered, even though it may have lived on a farm where it trusted those who cared for it. A number of years ago, I was talking to a man about being a vegetarian. He got nasty, and declared that the BIBLE said "god" created animals for us to eat, so therefore, I was a sinner. He wagged his finger at me and said, "You'll find out when you die." A few days later, he collapsed, was diagnosed with an incurable illness, and died a few months later. That statement was nearly as bad as the "Christian" radio host Dane worked with before he walked off the show, on the air, when the man declare that "god" gave us the oceans so we would have a place to dump our toxic waste.

The problem with the vast majority of "humans" is that they think they are superior to other species and have "dominion over them." But in fact, as Dane has also mentioned, whales are much more intelligent than us. I would say dolphins are, too. He also points out that trees are sentient. Every living thing is sentient. And humans are getting dumber by the day. What other creature would be stupid enough to allow someone to inject them with something that no one knew anything about? Just to keep their job or go on a cruise. As I said earlier, those who have developed their spiritual life can see beyond the lies and phoniness of those who want to control us. People who have spent little to no time nurturing their spiritual life cannot see beyond the physical world into the world of energy. They take things at face value, and have no inner sense of who is lying and who is telling the truth because they themselves think nothing of lying when it suits their agenda. But lying is part of the death culture, so those who support life must also be devoted to seek the truth. Therefore, because of bad judgment, the majority of what were once "humans" have become something hybrid just like their "god." It is a blessing that most of them will die, and hopefully incarnate into a reality focused on life rather than death, where they can contemplate their folly and poor decisions and make the necessary changes.

It is so easy to blame those evil Global Elites for this genocidal/depopulation agenda, but, as Dane points out all the time, especially concerning the atrocity going on in the skies, none of this would be happening without the active or passive support of the majority of the population. Here in the U.S. we have a Constitution that, at one time, guaranteed us of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Most people DO NOT realize that these unalienable rights also require the personal responsibility of every adult and the responsibility of every adult to pass that responsibility down to their children. In this time of culling the human population, most have only the last word of that phrase in their agenda, that is "happiness." And most are finally realizing that, by making happiness their only goal, they have lost life and liberty. And without responsibility, there is no happiness, no matter how wealthy one is. Most people believe in "what goes around comes around," so why are so few able to grasp how it apllies to themselves?

When one understands the energetic world and how it works, one also understands that is has no sense of judgement. Energy just IS, and whatever energy you pour out will be the energy that not only returns to you, but circulates among all living things. When so many people embrace the death culture, how can they expect life to continue? "Humans" have allowed the entire planet to be poisoned, and most are oblivious, or turn a blind eye. We eat food that isn't even food any more. But don't worry. THIS is NOT the food of the future because we don't HAVE a future. And neither does Gates, he will suddenly discover one of these days.
Bill Gates “Solution: Lab-Grown Meat Is Made of Cancer Cells. Would You Like It Rare or Medium?

Most people not only allow but contribute to the environment being horrendously poisoned and never give it a thought until it comes home. As in East Palestine, Ohio, where the train derailment is "the gift that keeps on giving," as Dane would say. Just LOOK at these photos.
A doctor near East Palestine, Ohio, details the main thing he's watching for now
House Republicans launching probe into Transportation Department's response to Ohio train derailment
EPA temporarily halts waste shipments from site of Ohio train derailment
As it is my practice to work on these articles over a period of time, this particular story is not even remotely done, and more and more stories keep showing up. And each one gets worse. You think we are not living in a death culture? Read this one.
Biden Administration’s Decision to Ignore the Poisoning of Thousands of People, Not Only in East Palestine but Across Ohio and Pennsylvania
Ohio East Palestine Residents’ Shock Illnesses After Derailment. “My normal voice is low. It’s hard to breathe. My chest hurts”

One of my long-time faithful readers (and an even longer activist for Dane), was kind enough to email me and check up if my critters and I were OK. I replied that we were going through some health issues, but ones that we usually go through when they dump this toxic "rain" on us. My cats, especially Grizzly Bear, had upset tummies, but Grizzy couldn't eat for about five days without throwing everything up. I began giving him coconut oil, which has all kinds of medicinal benefits, plus I had done some research and found that pumpkin was good for cats with stomach issues. So I gave them the remainder of my last pumpkin. I had no idea cats loved pumpkin! Molly loves it, but cats are usually more picky. Well, he had been ravenously hungry, but as soon as I gave him the pumpkin—just a little bit at a time—he calmed down. Between that and the coconut oil, in two days he was able to eat without vomiting. But then I thought about it and realized I had lost my appetite for several days—very unusual for me, and so did Molly, plus she was more mentally confused than usual. So maybe the toxic stuff from the detailment did affect us. The winds blow usually out of the west or southwest, which probably made it less of a threat for us. Anyways, my friend emailed me back and said she was glad we didn't have to evacuate. EVACUATE! Oh, my, I never even considered THAT, and I have no idea where I would go or how I would get all my old decrepit creatures transported. Then I realized that what upset me so much from my last article was the picture of the farm I posted. East Palestine is a rural area. How could people possibly save their cows and pigs and chickens? Or would they just slaughter them and not care? But the brutal truth is, we have poisoned the entire planet. There is no place to go, no place to hide. And with the overpopulation, how could a city like NYC or LA or any other sprawling metropolis POSSIBLY evacuate their people? They couldn't. We have painted ourselves into a very dark corner. Now, just imagine what would happen if the criminal psychopaths started a nuclear war. Only WE can stop this madness, so why are so few even aware of it? And strangely (perhaps) during this latest "system" that flooded us on Friday, our normally SW or westerly winds suddenly shifted out of the east for a while, a very rare occurance here. Are they out to destroy Ohio now?
And so, was it really an accident? Or part of the orchestrated death agenda?
Call for the Total Evacuation of East Palestine Due to Extremely Toxic “Dioxin Fallout” that Will Poison the Land and Crops for Generations
So I guess these are what are being called "forever chemicals." Please read this essential article. Here's a quote from it.

The toxic cloud event that’s dropping extremely toxic dioxins across a large area of residential housing and farmland was deliberately generated by the open burning of vinyl chloride, creating combustion byproducts of dioxins which are many orders of magnitude more toxic and dangerous than the original substance.

Burning the vinyl chloride was an act of ecological terrorism and a crime against nature and human civilization.

Again, is this all part of the orchestrated crop decimation? It is beginning to appear that it is. To my locals, please note the reference to Giant Eagle in this one.
Food Industry Insider Warns of Contaminated Crops as a Result of the East Palestine Environmental Disaster
And here is a quote from this article.

The horrific environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio has contaminated the air, the soil and the water in much of the region. So how much, if any, of the food that is grown in that part of the country will be safe to eat? I had not thought about that question too much until I received a very alarming phone call. One of the people that I spoke to during that phone call was a woman that I know personally. I have known her for years, and I have visited with her in her own living room, and so I can vouch for her honesty. She told me that her “son-in-law manages three organic food farms in California, Idaho, and Washington State”, and that he is “warning family and friends to get ready for severe food shortages starting this spring”. Apparently there are several factors that will cause food supplies to be tighter, and one of the biggest is the fact that the “Ohio spill has contaminated a lot of land and water”. Apparently there is a scramble “to find clean food” and her son-in-law is receiving lots of phone calls from buyers in the eastern half of the nation that want to buy what his farms are producing.

And it continues . . . .
Here's why it's hard to clean up toxic waste from the East Palestine train derailment
And then, as I write this segment on March 5, I discover . . . Oh, NO!!! Not another one! In Ohio!! SAME RAILWAY LINE—Norfolk Southern. Coincidence??
Norfolk Southern train derails in Springfield, Ohio; no hazardous materials aboard, railway company says
And in Greece . . . .
At least 38 killed as trains collide in Greece
And a tanker truck explosion. Do you not notice that these "accidents" are now happening at blinding speed? How many of these happened because someone was "vaxxed" and no longer was in control of their mind?
Driver killed in tanker explosion on Maryland freeway; fire damages nearby homes

But, no, I'm not done with East Palestine. After I typed about half of this article, I decided to do a search to see if Norfolk Southern was one of the trains I hear on and on and on here at the farm, or one of the trains I have to sit and impatiently wait to pass when I'm trying to get in or out of Alliance. The answer to both is yes, but it is even more horrifying. Here's an article from one of our larger newspapers here in NE Ohio.
Train carrying toxic chemicals traveled through many northern Ohio cities before derailing
OMG!! According to the Beacon, that train passed through RAVENNA, on it's way to Salem, where one of the cars caught fire!! I am 12 miles from Ravenna and about 20-25 from Salem. I am also halfway between Ravenna and Alliance. The second map shows it moving south through Alliance, then Sebring, then Salem in Columbiana Country. If you look at that map, the diagonal line above Sebring is Route 14, which is the main intersection a half mile west of my house, and roughly corresponds to the red line I drew on the map I posted in my last article. So this catastrophe could have happened just as easily in any of these towns and cities, most of which are way more populated than East Palestine. All of NE Ohio would have been a disaster area. And WHY THE FUCK did it keep travelling to East Palestine. Just LOOK at how much farther it travelled while it was on fire!! In one of the links I posted in my last article, it stated that THREE alarms went off, and supposedly they stopped the train, but one of the axles broke before it stopped causing the derailment, and to me that sound like a big fucking lie. It doesn't take thirty miles to stop a train. I have a feeling this will be an ongoing story for a while and has really started to creep me out.

Next day, March 7, I decided to do a search of RR tracks in NE Ohio. I found this map from the Ohio Rail Development Commission. By clicking it I was able to move it around to where I needed it with the scrollbars and enlarge it. The Norfolk Southern line IS the one that goes through my area and it is green. Then I used GIMP to draw a yellow and pink line from my house to the place where it is closest to me, across the word "Portage," which I know for a fact is 7 1/2 miles away. Then I drew a line going south to Alliance which is the place where I always get stuck waiting for trains to pass. It is ten miles from me. So, from Ravenna to Rootstown to Atwater to Alliance, then turning east toward Salem, (following the tilted "L" from Ravenna to Salem) that train was probably 45 minutes to an hour, depending on its speed, perilously close to my farm. And Salem is where it caught fire! And Salem is a little less than halfway between my farm and East Palestine. So it travelled ALL THAT WAY while it was on fire!! Much of this area is farmland.
Ohio Rail Map: View, Download and Order Form
OMG! Let's move on.

Map for Norfolk Southern Railway Line in NE Ohio

And one more comment, as I prepare to post this today, March 8. For days now, it has been one train after another, I mean like, every fifteen minutes, and now I KNOW they are Norfolk Southern. And today? Blissful silence. I haven't heard ONE all day, and I DO notice. Here's another article.
NTSB to investigate Norfolk Southern Railway over 'significant accidents'
And this next one . . . . Yeah right. A lot good it will do. The photo below is from the article. Just LOOK at all that farm land that is probably ruined and all those poor innocent animals that will probably die or be slaughtered.
Railway transport safety is failing. These lawmakers have a plan to help
Again, let me reiterate my loathing of most of the human(ish) species. Here's the caption for the photo:
A view of the scene in East Palestine, Ohio, in late February as the cleanup continues at the site of a Norfolk Southern freight train derailment. Matt Freed/AP

East Palestine, Ohio, in late February as the cleanup continues at the site of a Norfolk Southern freight train derailment

And another!!! Just happened yesterday.
Norfolk Southern conductor killed in accident involving a dump truck at Ohio steel facility
It is now late afternoon as I prepare this to publish, and I have STILL NOT HEARD ONE TRAIN ALL DAY, which has me spooked. Maybe they got shut down . . . .

Let me just insert a couple comments here, then we will continue with the death agenda. What is the ultimate solution here? We must choose between life or death, and then shift our energy, thought process, and belief system to support LIFE if we wish to exit the death agenda. And that means ALL LIFE. We cannot pick and choose, and think it is OK to slaughter animals or defile the land and expect to escape this runaway scenario now being played out in our physical illusion. Yeah, I'd like to see the perpetrators of all this misery lined up against a wall and shot, but ultimately, that would serve no purpose, because a death culture would simply produce more death until there is no life left. It is only in a complete spiritual transformation that we can stop this by not providing the energetic support that is running the program. It's like, these people that march in "Pro-Life" protests against abortion, who are not supporting life at all, but supporting the continued proliferation of unwanted children being born into a ready-made hell. WE CANNOT CONTINUE IRRESPONSIBLE OVERPOPULATION. It is a death agenda, and no matter who is running the world, the outcome would be the same. Remember Dane's story of the bacteria colonies that collapse and die once a certain reproduction rate is achieved. This is the sixth mass extinction and may be the final one, because we are leaving the planet as unsupportive of life, except for entities that are non-organic or hybrids. This is not science fiction, it is all happening now. Unless people change their outdated religious beliefs that "god" creates babies, and therefore we must accept this overpopulation nightmare as what "god" wants, we do not stand a chance to survive much longer. The petri-dish is full and the colony is collapsing.

To support life means we must alter our way of thinking and of living, and not put our wants and greed and convenience above all else. Everything we do must be carefully planned in a way that it does not interfere with other living beings. Period. If we are to leave the death culture and support life, we must accept the end of our selfish ways and adopt a lifestyle devoted to serve rather than acquire. Both Dane and I have gone on and on and on about this for years but few have listened and changed their ways. And few will, therefore, the death culture will have its way. People won't even give up their fucking cell phones. They think all this junk technology is more important than putting an end to the horrific and catastrophic scenario that we are barreling into at the speed of light. Yes, the majority of the human population, or what was previously human, has gone stark raving mad.

And now let's discuss the U.S. Military, the entities on this planet that have turned everything that was once divine into a weapon. And people STILL think they are here to protect us, although that delusion is changing. In my activism work in handing out Dane's materials, I find very few any more who think the military is on our side, and that is a good sign. But until people stand up and force the government to quit funding their global slaughter, and to begin charging these beings with murder and treason, the death culture will only continue to spread until one day, YOU will find yourself a victim. As in the increasingly terrifying weather warfare agenda being carried out against not only our entire country but other countries as well. So let's cover that next. It is now one after another after another. None of it natural and all done deliberately to harm. These cover the past couple weeks or so.
At least 13 people are dead as severe storms bring tornadoes and flooding to South, now sweeps across Northeast
Roof Of California Market Completely Collapses Under Weight Of Snow
Yeah, like in Ohio . . . .
Stronger hurricane winds threaten homes—even away from the coasts
Snowfall tops 6.5 feet and rainfall tops 5 inches across southern California
California faces more blizzards, floods in multistate storm
A derecho is forecast to bring damaging hurricane-force winds to the central US today
OMG! The canals in Venice are drying up. And it was only a few years back when they were flooded.
Dry canals, low rivers and shrunken lakes: Europe braces for severe drought amid winter heatwave
It’s never been this warm in February. Here’s why that’s not a good thing
Blizzards, snow and ice disrupt thousands of US flights
No could, may, might, and the tipping point was passed two decades ago, as Dane would say.
Nearly 30 dangerous feedback loops could permanently shift the Earth’s climate, scientists say
Same for this one.
Antarctic sea ice hit record lows again. Scientists wonder if it’s ‘the beginning of the end’
And, OMG! The latest from California.
Some California residents are urged to prepare 2 weeks of essentials ahead of expected flooding

Here is one of Dane's recent and disturbing interviews concerning the massive amount of nanoparticles being sprayed on the entire planet. The person being interviewed is an emminent scientist in the field of nanoparticle testing in water. He has worked with Dane for a number of years and goes by the name "Joe." He says that the amount of aluminum being sprayed now across the whole planet is about 40 million tons per year. They discussed the detrimental effects these toxins are having on plants, and how it is affecting their nutritional value. I've been saying that for years that food does not satisfy hunger any more. It is a short video and recommended listening.
Nanoparticle Contamination Cover-Up: Answers From A Scientist

Well, these are all pipedreams and too little too late. However, if it all could be STOPPED, it would allow the creation of a new energy that so many of us have worked so hard to manifest, each in our own way. Yes, at the physical level all of these people need to be stopped and removed. But that would merely be a bandaid to the real issues. However, bandaids stop the bleeding and allow the wound to heal. In the case of the Pentagon, how 'bout we just shut it down and arrest everyone there.
Seven Things We Could Do If We Cut the Pentagon by $100 Billion
The point is, we all need to begin migrating away from the death culture, or will we be victims of it. That includes physically, financially, psychologically, mentally and spiritually until our entire consciousness is no longer connected with it. We do this by withdrawing our support of anything that does not support life ALL LIFE.
Food, Dispossession and Dependency. Resisting the New World Order

And now on to more death and destruction. Incidentally, it is predicted by some that the death toll from the Covid bioweapons will be in the billions. I predict that the number of homeless people due to weather warfare will equal that. And, no, it is not just the U.S. doing all this criminal activity. It is my guess that other countries follow in lockstep, Why? Threatened and bullied? Afraid they will end up like Turkey and Syria? Iran? Pakistan? Or THE U.S.?? By the way, I have the ENMOD document downloaded and it will one of these days end up in my book reviews, along with all these other military docs. Please read this typically excellent article by Michel Chossudovsky.
Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and the Turkey-Syria Earthquake: An Expert Investigation is Required
Here's another good article. Leaders are waking up and speaking out!
“Mass Murder Campaign”: Turkey-Syria Earthquakes, Ukraine, Plandemic. Interview with Romania Senator Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă
And another. Please note that though HAARP is mentioned in all of them, it is also stated that it was "shut down" in 2014. Well, that is the official narrative, but Dane will certainly vouch that it is not true. This article contains several videos, one with aerial footage of the massive damage in Turkey.
Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Is This An Act of Terror?

Signs of death, destruction and decay are everywhere. The entire planet is trashed, contaminated and unlivable. How can people keep on with their lives as if everything is fine and normal?
5G Wireless Technology Is War against Humanity
Oh good lord have mercy . . . . Please check this one out. And you don't think we have an overpopulation problem? We are suffiocating in our own trash, and it's NOT just India.
One of India’s trash mountains is on fire again and residents are choking on its toxic fumes
Suffering from "vaccine" related brain dysfunction, perhaps? Have you noticed all the plane crashes lately? Are people losing their minds, as predicted?
Air Force relieves six officers after failing safety inspection at nuclear base
Ya think maybe all those engineered floods that covered 70 percent of the country last year might have had a purpose . . . .? Starving people to death is a great way to reduce the population. For those that don't die of poison "vaccines" and toxic food, water and air. And it'll be all of us soon, if we do not STOP THIS MADNESS.
The proud Pakistani tradition of feeding the hungry is strained as food prices soar
Have you noticed all the "studies" now being done to attempt to explain away all the people dropping dead from heart attacks. Hmm. Won't work. People KNOW what's causing them.
Artificial sweetener erythritol linked to heart attack and stroke, study finds

And finally, I will end this article where I began, that is with more comments on the documentary Died Suddenly. But first, here are the latest "Covid" stories. OMG! This is as bad as the documentary.
Young People Who Suffered Blood Clots and Amputations After COVID-19 Vaccination Are Being Lied to, and Media Uses Them to Lie to Us
Turbo Cancer . . . . WHEN have you ever heard of THAT?
A 37 Year Old UK Mom Finds a “Lump” After COVID-19 Vaccine. It Turns Out to be a Turbo Cervical Cancer Leaving Her with Months to Live
It's about time.
COVID-19 Vaccine-Injured Doctors Are Finally Starting to Speak Up . . . And They Are Shocked that the Medical Establishment Abandons Them.
And this one!! All these innocent children. Babies even. How much more diabolical can this get?
Covid Vaccine: Over 96 Canadian Children Ages 2-19 Have Died Unexpectedly in the Past Three Months. A Warning Call for Canadian Parents.
And yet more beautiful, innocent children . . . .
Canada’s Youngest Athletes, Ages 6-13 Are Dying Suddenly: COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Children Playing Sports Were a Crime . . .
And breaking news today.
South African footballer dies at age 29 after collapsing in training
And last, I am so glad Kennedy is getting involved with this and confirmed the evidence turned up by Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt. I hope we hear more of this, especially criminal charges against the military once it is brought to light that all of this was illegal. And, as I understand it, the military gave all these companies classified status, therefore making them "military contractors" and exempt from the law. But we shall see . . . .
RFK Jr :138 Companies Involved in COVID Vaccine. “They’re all military contractors.”

And now back to the documentary. Yes, I absolutely agree that we are at war and it is a war against our hearts and minds. And it is certainly a spiritual war, which is why we must fight it in a new way. I was very glad to see Lt. Col. Theresa Long, MD, in the film. As I mentioned in one of my articles a while back after she interviewed with Greg Hunter, I was disappointed that she was still choosing her words carefully and covering for the military. Not so, here. She introduced herself as a "whistleblower," and had no good words to say about the military. And she provided a laundry-list of illnesses that were affecting people in the military. And she is not the only military whistleblower now. But, again, I must say this, because this is how energy works. If you belong to an organization whose purpose is to kill, why should it be a surprise when it returns to you? The U.S. Military has become nothing but a killing machine, weaponizing everything on the planet that should be sacred and divine. Or was it ever? How long have we been stuck in this simulated reality? It doesn't matter now. What does matter is that those who are willing to devote themselves to transformation have a chance to escape.

As mentioned before, I have three more HAARP articles coming along, and after that, I will focus on our transformation. There is little left for me to say about what is going on in this hell-scape. It is not going to get better and anyone that still thinks it's all good is hopelessly blind. And I realize there are lots of Christians who can't wait for "god" to swoop down and carry them off to paradise while the rest of us heathens burn in hell. And most of these people have never lifted a finger to do their part in making this planet the paradise it should have been. What if that was all part of the "Experiment?" And how could ANYONE in their right mind even CONSIDER bringing a baby into the world at this point? That is a question that bewilders and dumbfounds me.

I am reading a book of quotes by Mohandas Gandhi, much of which I absolutely can relate. I, too, believe in non-violence, passive resistance, and civil disobedience when the laws are unjust, or even worse, are a direct contradiction of our Constitution. And it doesn't matter what country you live in, most now are behaving the same way. Henry David Thoreau also wrote a booklet entitled On the Duty of Civil Disobedience. I have it downloaded from Project Gutenberg. Guess I'll have to read it soon. We cannot fight what is going on with the same weapons that are being use against us, so we must learn to use the power of our minds, souls, and energy to transform. There is no other way to do it now. In any case, I can no longer do this, as I have moved far away from the reality in which most people reside. So, the next article will be HAARP #6, plus I want to finish my Bible project of exploring the minor prophets of the Old Testament, of which I have two more to go. I have felt the need lately to finish up old projects and tie up loose ends. And that's the game plan.

Again, it will be a few weeks before the next article appears, as I am working on some book reviews. Thank you to all my book review readers, and thank you to all the people that returned numerous times to my last HAARP article. I hope you will return to this one many times also.

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