What If It's All Just An Experiment?

February 8, 2023

Back on April 5, 2016, I published an article called The Sim Theory, concerning the possibility that we are all living in a computer-simulated reality similar to the one upon which the movie, The Matrix was based. Even that short time ago, it seemed far-fetched, but as we look at our current earth situation, it, at least in my opinion, seems not only possible but probable. So many unexplainable things are happening now, one would have to be completely oblivious to what is going on around them to NOT notice that there is something very wrong with this picture. My beliefs for well over a decade have not strayed, but strengthened, and as more and more evidence of not only this theory being fact, but also the fact that we are being controlled by Aliens, I feel it necessary to again point out what others might be missing.

What triggered this article was one of Karen Kingston's recent interviews with Greg Hunter. Toward the end, she spoke about the horrible experiments done on animals that allowed them to, for instance, grow a human ear. For the record, I don't care if it's an animal-animal or a human-animal, IT IS MORALLY WRONG TO EXPERIMENT ON LIVING CREATURES. Anyways, she concluded by saying "They're experimenting on us." That set forth a flood of information that came together in my mind. None of it is new, but each time we return to information and find new ways to connect the pieces of the puzzle, we come closer to understanding how we have been trapped in this Matrix, AND how we can find our way OUT of it. Bear with me if I fail to organize it all in writing as succinctly as it is organized in my mind. Here is my last article that contains several of Karen's interviews, including the one I note here. I hope everyone has made use of all these excellent resources. This one took me well over a month to compile.
More Videos, Documentaries and Interviews

So where do I start? Well, here is a brief list of the bits and pieces that came together. First, when we think of perverted experimentation on humans, what do we think of? Well, first the Nazi's, for many of us. And what about people who have been abducted by Aliens? Many of them speak of being experimented on. And keep in mind the Milgram experiments, of which I've written before, and will comment upon again, in a new light. But WHAT IF . . . it's ALL just an experiment being carried out by whatever Alien Race is controlling us. As mentioned above, I truly believe we are in a simulated reality, a computer-generated reality, as in the movie, The Matrix. For anyone paying attention, our whole existence is now infiltrated with AI. Belief in a simulated reality is but a step away. And what if the purpose of all this is like scientists and lab rats . . . and all other kinds of creatures, not so much physical but psychological. WHAT IF . . . "They" want to know how to behave like a "human" so they can truly take over control of the planet in "human" form. Like in the movie, They Live? Here it is for free, and if you STILL have never watched it, do it now, PLEASE, and pay very careful attention to the dialogue. It is just too real to be ignored.

These are some of the topics of which I will go into more detail here. And by the way, I have been saying for years and years that WWII was the point upon which the Reptilians, and/or whatever other Alien race has been controlling us, decided to "move in" at the physical level. There are just TOO MANY people today that ARE NOT HUMAN, and TOO MANY things going on that are also NOT HUMAN. Or organic, because whatever race this is, it is NOT organic, or at least not completely. Again, WHY the desperate push to make humans "transhumans"? And total disregard for everything in the "Natural World," turning the planet into a, well, here it is again, a computer-generated, AI simulated "reality." "Normal" humans would NOT poison the entire air/water/food/soil supply, but indeed, that is EXACTLY what is happening now, and I will cover THAT topic in my next article, which will be #5 in the HAARP Series. Incidentally, I hope everyone noticed that I created an Index Page for those. It is found on both the right and left columns of my Home Page, on the Articles Index, the bottom of the Book Reviews link, and will also be at the bottom of every individual article in the series.

I am a firm believer that the Reptilian Race has controlled this planet for millions of years. If you have not read my review/article of Bringers of the Dawn published on October 8, 2018, please do, plus there is a link for you to download the whole book for free. It is probably my most visited articles page over all these years. But something happened after WWII that has changed everything. The Department of Agriculture got in bed with the U.S. Military and began "experimenting" with all these extremely toxic pesticides, like DDT, which, thanks to the efforts of Rachel Carson, author of the renowned book, Silent Spring, and through her efforts, STOPPED that atrocity, and was one of the people responsible for the formation of the EPA, which has since been totally infiltrated with Aliens, along with all the other 3-letter criminal government organizations. The CIA was formed in 1947, I believe, and the documentary,
The Minds of Men, an immensly well-researched movie, documents the history of the CIA's mind control "experiments." The post-war 1940s was also when this criminal atrocity going on in the skies began. And as for the Nazi's, remember, the U.S. Military "rescued" many of their scientists to come here and work for them. It was called Operation Paperclip. Is there a connection of all this with Aliens? I have believed the CIA is made up of Aliens for a long time. And here is a VERY interesting Russian film connecting them with the Nazis AND HAARP.
Third Reich—Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary
This stuff is beyond creepy and not human at all, and I wonder why more people are not making the connection. I mean, we have "medical doctors" who are recommending "vaccines" to their patients when they know they are poison, and we have hundreds of thousands of people in the government, media, and entertainment/sports industry who are also recommending them. There is something seriously wrong here, and it is NOT just about money. This is mind-control. Coming from somewhere else.

And by the way, this idea of a simulated reality isn't something I just made up. Here is the Wikipedia page on Nick Bostrum, the eminent Swedish-born philosopher at the University of Oxford in the U.K., so I am in good company. Just because he believes in it does not mean he supports it. Concerning Superintelligence, here is a quote from the Wikipedia article describing his 2014 book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies

Bostrom reasoned that the creation of a superintelligence represents a possible means to the extinction of mankind. Bostrom argues that a computer with near human-level general intellectual ability could initiate an intelligence explosion on a digital time-scale with the resultant rapid creation of something so powerful that it might deliberately or accidentally destroy humanity. Bostrom contends the power of a superintelligence would be so great that a task given to it by humans might be taken to open-ended extremes, for example a goal of calculating pi might collaterally cause nanotechnology manufactured facilities to sprout over the entire Earth's surface and cover it within days. He believes an existential risk to humanity from superintelligence would be immediate once brought into being, thus creating an exceedingly difficult problem of finding out how to control such an entity before it actually exists.

Bostrom points to the lack of agreement among most philosophers that A.I. will be human-friendly, and says that the common assumption is that high intelligence would have a "nerdy" unaggressive personality. However, he notes that both John von Neumann and Bertrand Russell advocated a nuclear strike, or the threat of one, to prevent the Soviets acquiring the atomic bomb. Given that there are few precedents to guide an understanding what, pure, non-anthropocentric rationality, would dictate for a potential singleton A.I. being held in quarantine, the relatively unlimited means of superintelligence might make for its analysis moving along different lines to the evolved "diminishing returns" assessments that in humans confer a basic aversion to risk. Group selection in predators working by means of cannibalism shows the counter-intuitive nature of non-anthropocentric "evolutionary search" reasoning, and thus humans are ill-equipped to perceive what an artificial intelligence's intentions might be. Accordingly, it cannot be discounted that any superintelligence would inevitably pursue an 'all or nothing' offensive action strategy in order to achieve hegemony and assure its survival. Bostrom notes that even current programs have, "like MacGyver", hit on apparently unworkable but functioning hardware solutions, making robust isolation of superintelligence problematic.

I have not studied the entire page, but I have it book marked and am interested in his books. Here is the page for Simulation hypothesis.
Incidentally, in regard to superintelligence, and this should come as no surprise to anyone that Bill Gates and Elon Musk are two people who certainly believe in it and advocate it. And speaking of Musk, here is a quote from this Wikipedia article:

Elon Musk firmly believes in the simulation hypothesis. In a podcast with Joe Rogan, Musk said "If you assume any rate of improvement at all, games will eventually be indistinguishable from reality" before concluding "that it's most likely we're in a simulation. "He also stated in a 2016 interview that "there's a one in billions chance we're in base reality".

Other than the fact that both Elon Musk and I are intelligent, the difference between the two of us is just about everything under the sun. We both are striving to be "super-humans," but he wants to get there by implanting computer chips into his body, and I (and those of us who are devoted to ascending) want to get there by following the path to Spiritual Enlightenment, Holiness and Divinity. Sorry Musk (and Gates and the whole lot of you) . . . you are playing a dangerous game and will NOT WIN. Our way is about eternal life through spiritual evolution and yours is a death wish, born of greed and arrogance. You are NOT becoming a super-human. You are becoming a grotesque Alien hybrid human-machine, while those of us who are sincere in our spiritual goals are working toward benevolence and service to others, peace and harmony among all living things.

OK, so back to the article and experiments. Why are they experimenting on us? As mentioned above, if in fact they are planning to take over the planet and inhabit it physically, they would have to know how to behave like a human, AND they would have to know where human weak spots are found, and what triggers fear and what is the tolerance level for mind-control and psychological torture. They want to know how we react to outside stimuli and they are also interested in sexual perversion. Anything sound familiar here, like, all of it? Again, I refer to the documentary above, The Minds of Men.

How do we recognize this is happening? By paying meticulous attention to anomalies. Anomalies are wonderfully informative critters. Once you learn to recognize when things are really REALLY not normal, then you realize we are surrounded by a completely anomalous reality. I have been doing a lot of mind-work these past few weeks, not that this is anything new—it is my normal practice. But I have been going back in time and viewing just how different things were fifty or sixty years ago. For instance, when you went to a grocery store, there was food on the shelves, not these toxic bio-engineered substances masquerading as food. When did food cease to be food? It happened in the blink of an eye because we were not paying attention, and I will go more into this subject in the next article.

And the last question is, how do we stop it? How do we escape? and we NEED to do that REAL SOON. We must expose it. As Dane always says about the climate engineering atrocity, if we can expose it, we can stop it. Dorothy's reality changed when she saw the Man Behind the Curtain. In the movie They Live, once people put on the sunglasses, they could see things as they really were, and the Aliens could no longer function as they had been. As Catherine Austin Fitts said, and I believe it was in Dane's documentary, The Dimming, "They can control us covertly, but not overtly." Once the veil is pulled down, and people can SEE that it is all an illusion, then it is no longer a threat. What makes it a threat now is that we THINK it is real, and what we THINK is real CAN kill us because we create our own reality with our minds. Once Dorothy realized the Wizard was just an old man behind a smokescreen, he was no longer a threat. Therefore, we must seek all the clues that show us none of this is real, then refuse to cooperate with the experiment.

So, let us begin with the The Milgram experiment(s). If you have not read, or at least speed-read through this entire article, please, do. And, please also note that it is based on the Nazi experiments, and why people would consent to carry them out. Yep, there's that Nazi connection again. I have my own opinion here, as to why such a HUGE percentage of people would actually agree to administer a fatal shock to another person or living being. It seems to me that, just by the fact that these people agreed to participate, they indicated they were willing to do something fatal or painful to a living being, "for the sake of science," which to me, that makes it deeply flawed and does not represent the population at large. Plus a person, impersonating a doctor, which is someone that most people perceive as an authority figure, is the one telling them, commanding them, they must administer the shock. I wonder if that would change now, as people realize doctors ARE deliberately administering something fatal to their patients.

The thing is, I would NEVER, under any circumstances agree to participate in an experiment where I would have to do something that caused another living being pain, including any animal, and for me, probably especially to an animal. So only a certain segment of the population took part in the experiment anyways. According to the article, there were those who were "glad" they particitpated. But I wonder, if deep down, there was not a deep-seated guilt embedded in their karma, knowing that they were capable of killing another person just because an authority figure told them to.

Even though the purpose of the experiment was to understand why people submitted to authority, even if it meant doing something horrible, there were other human characteristics being tested. Obviously we KNOW, due to the genocidal programs being carried out that billions have "partipated," either in the "teacher" capacity or the "learner." But the other things being tested, all over the place now are tolerance and fear and what triggers it. And these experiments are being carried out both on and off the planet. Just look around and notice what we are being forced to endure, and how many cracked at the very beginning. As with the Milgram experiments, the person who was really the person being experimented on thought that it was the other person—the one supposedly receiving the shock, but who was in fact just an actor. So, who are the victims and who are the actors in this Planet Earth experiment? Are those who THINK they are the "actors" actually victims like the rest of us?

Just look how many, at the first threat of catching a "deadly" disease, succumbed to fear and got the "vaccine." Yes, we know that it is really a bioweapon that was injected into victims to purposely harm. Many believe it is a genocide agenda, but maybe not, as I have always said. Why would they inject people with ID chips, and substances that are guaranteed to turn them into human/machine hybrids? See, this is where there are incongruencies, and my thoughts are that the on-planet agenda is different than the off-planet agenda, and that to the Aliens off-planet it is all just an experiment to see how much the human race can tolerate. And not just with the plandemic scenario, but everything, from how much toxic shit we can tolerate being sprayed on us to how much toxic shit we are willing to eat, to how much we can resist the non-stop mind-control bombardment carried out through HAARP and the electronic grid that used to be a blue sky. Perhaps the "genocide" program is what we are meant to believe all this is about, when, in fact, it is about the off-planet Aliens' agenda to invade us in physical form and take over the entire earth. Which is more terrifying? Which would wake up the population faster? And WTF is REALLY going on in the skies that is being covered up with aerosols? I have said for over two decades that nothing is as it seems. In any case, I think there are a great many entities that got a shock that so many people did NOT rush out to get their "vaccine," and even more shocked that so many are willing to lose everything they have worked for their entire life to expose ALL of the agenda. I am one of those people. And so, just as the intensities of the shocks supposedly increased in the Milgram experiment, so are the levels of tolerance many of us are being forced to endure. Again, I keep doing my mind and spiritual expercises, and remind myself that it is an experiment in which I refuse to cooperate. Ask yourself, if an Alien were to experiment on us, that is an Alien that is NOT organic, or at least totally, but more of a computerized being, what would that experiment look like and feel like? Here are some ideas. Dane always says we're living in an asylum, but when you begin to perceive it this way it makes absolute sense. And if we think of ourselves as nothing more than lab rats, which we are to them it makes even more sense, because the HEINOUS experiments people do on animals . . . well, where the hell did all that come from? How could anyone subject a living creature to such horror and torture? But to scientists, it is "just an experiment." And to the Aliens, that's what all this is, too. They have no concern whatsoever, as to how we "feel" about all this, and if all the "lab rats" die, well, they can just get more. If you think I am way off, watch the movie, Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Story

Always remember, As Above, So Below. That not only refers to what is going on at the spiritual levels, but what is going on in the non-physical, hidden, or "occult" levels, too. Our physical world is but an illusion, always, and its purpose is to make us aware of what is going on at the levels most people do not perceive. It is a mirror into which we can peer to see the truth, and the energetic world is the only truth. If it is not happening in the energetic world, it can NEVER physically manifest.

Keeping that in mind, the above lab rat scenario is an example of As Above, So Below. And how about these lockdowns? Even if you were not subjected to them, and those of us out in the country, at least here in Ohio, suffered no lockdowns at all. In fact, I don't think Ohio was ever under lockdowns, due to Governor DeWine. But all the same, we ARE under a lockdown and it is called Laboratory Planet Earth. For those of us who have been on this path for many decades and have spent a good chunk of our lifetimes investigating our situation through not only reading and study, but through our own metaphysical/spiritual practice, we KNOW that we were never meant to be "locked down" into the third dimension, but should have been free to move on as we raised our vibrations to each level. The thing is, most people are so mind-controlled and brainwashed, not just in this lifetime but over thousands of incarnations, that they think this is all "just life," and even worse, "god's will." What kind of perverted "god" would allow some evil Alien race to absolutely TRASH the entire planet?

And speaking of trashing, if YOU were a non-organic being, would YOU care if all the living beings—plants and animals—were poisoned or died horrendous deaths? Or would you seek to make the native inhabitants more like you? As in transhumans? And speaking of perverted, what about all the sexual perversion on this planet? The likes of Jeffrey Epstein and his buddies like Clinton and Gates? And women and children who are sold into sex slavery, or forced to participate in sex rituals. Those are real because I know women who have spent a good part of their lives trying to recover. And I know, or knew a while back, a woman who was abducted by Aliens. Many abductees have reported that they were subjected to sexual experiments. Why? Well, for the same reason "human" scientists do horrible things to animals. It's all just an experiment. And speaking of Aliens and sexual perversion . . . .
WEF Davos—The New Sodom and Gomorrah?
Here's a quote from the article.

This man, Klaus Schwab, a megalomaniac who looks like a phantom from outer space and speaks like a humanity-hating monster, is so unpopular worldwide, it seems he himself doesn’t have a clue.

His unpopularity is perhaps best reflected by a reader’s commentary after Schwab’s speech at the recent G20 / B20 meeting in Bali: “I wish Klaus Schwab will get everything that people in the world wish him . . . ” Say no more. It’s all bottled-up in these few words.

And what about all these implants that have been done on billions of people through these "bioweapons" masquerading as "vaccines." That is sick, BUT, it is also an Alien trait. Back in 2004 when I took the course on Energy Interference Patterning, removing implants was one of the features that we learned to do. For anyone that has studied the Reptilian Invasion, one of the most devastating effects of their takeover was that they implanted things in us, changed our DNA, and erased our memories. Yet, listen to Karen Kingston speak about all the DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE of what these Covid bioweapons are doing, and you will hear the same thing. The physical world is a MIRROR to what has been going on in the non-physical world that we could not see or perceive, but NOW it has worked its way into the Third Dimension and we can see it plain as day. These are all clues—GIFTS for us, so that we can understand and escape. Once we see The Man Behind the Curtain, then his power over us is DONE. We are not helpless and the situation is not hopeless. We have the power to NOT COOPERATE. For those who participated in the Milgram experiment, they had the power to end it by refusing to "shock" the person in the other room.

And here's more: We can also refuse to react. As I've been saying for years and years, it is all just a feedback loop, and when we understand it is NOT REAL and that we are stuck in a lab resembling a planet, we can refuse to react and take the next step. Then the problem often stops in its tracks. It is only when we panic, and that sets off the next step of the experiment, and the possibility that the situation will spin out of control. I have proven that in my own life. We DO have more control than most people can even fathom.

It was, I believe, in the documentary The Minds of Men, or maybe somewhere else, that I first became acquainted with Sensory deprivation, which can be used for good or evil, but either way, it affects one psychologically. Now, let's thinks about this one. This whole idea of "deprivation" . . . . Is that not EXACTLY what is being done to us now? We are living on a planet that is losing its ability to support life. EVERYTHING is toxic now, and as mentioned at the beginning, that will be the subject of my next article. Is it all just happening by accident? Or is it the "deprivation" part of the experiment? People were threatened that if they did not get the vaccine, they would lost their job, and that was enough to get a pretty good chunk of the population to comply. People value their money and security more than their health, and most all of them will lose both. And what about the whole "digital tyranny agenda?" The plan is to control the planet's entire population by their ability to cut off all money to people who do not follow orders. And what about these horrendous food and fuel prices. I found a place in Summit County where the kerosene is SO MUCH CHEAPER, that I save FIFTEEN DOLLARS every time I fill my cans. Marc's had eggs on sale for $2.50 a dozen this past week. Ya gotta look, but there are still ways to survive on little money. Most people do not know how, so they are digging into their retirement funds, which won't matter if they are dead. But the point is, it is all part of the experiment to see how far the envelope must be pushed to beat us into submission. I dunno about you, but this pisses me off to say the least, and makes me even more determined to defeat them.

Here's an interesting related article.
How the Super-Rich Destroy Our Minds
Here's another with, again, a reference to Nazis. This stuff is SO SORDID that it could NOT have come from humans alone.
The CIA and the FBI Exposed. Historical Analysis
And another. And here's a quote from it: "For example, Jim Baker spent three decades with the FBI before becoming Twitter’s head lawyer, and Facebook employs no less than 115 “former” employees of the FBI, CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies, most of whom now work in Facebook’s content moderation department."
Every Facet of Government Is in the Censorship Business

And returning to the Alien part, here is the latest involving the military. Keep in mind that several years ago, I believe the total sightings were reported as closer to 1,500. Hmm . . . And their explanations! Balloons? Space Debris? Really? That exhibit flight patterns, such as, um, disappearing, that no known technology, supposedly, has been developed to do? C'mon. Governments ALL OVER THE GLOBE, at least major governments are all in cahoots with beings that are NOT from Planet Earth.
Opinion: The Pentagon’s long hunt for UFOs

For those who are really paying attention, there are now so many little things that just are not right. Like the passage of time. I remember when I was young, we had three meals a day, and I was always ready to eat. But over the years, it seems I just finish breakfast and it's time for lunch, so it has become dinner and keeps getting later, because I am rarely hungry at the traditional lunchtime. Does anybody really know what time it is? I often feel as if I have been whisked away and an enture chunk of my life is missing. So where am I? Where ARE WE? What year is it, really? In the movie, The Matrix the year the population thought it was, was very different than it really was. Things often feel surreal to me, and I can tell when they are trying to fuck with my mind, I really can. It is almost always after one of these fake "fronts" moves through, especially if it drops a lot of toxic "rain," or whatever that wet stuff is. I usually feel like I've been drugged, and it affects my critters, too.

If this IS all AI, and we ARE in a computer-generated reality, then the Controllers have control of everything. But what if they are losing control? What if enough of us have raised the vibrational frequency of the "lab" so that incongruencies, or "glitches" in the program are becoming more obvious? Numbers, for instance. Temperature readings make no sense any more. On Monday, the low was 31.3 degrees. Then it rose to 32.5, then dropped to 32.2 and remained there all day, then dropped back to 31.3. Danes' people have noted similarities. Earth Angel, from Georgia commented that one day it remained 27 degrees, I believe it was, the entire day. And the thing is, here on Monday, it was supposed to reach 40 degrees. And that 32 degrees was SO COLD, I spent the ENTIRE day sitting in front of a kerosene heater reading because I was so chilled to the bone I could barely move. And it was SO DARK, I needed a light on in the house, also the entire day. It was one of those pasty-white days where you can see the aerosols in the air, which again always makes me wonder just WTF they are hiding. There are no seasons any more, anywhere. All the plants and animals are confused. On January 18, there was a green frog sitting on my basement steps (outdoors). If it is all AI, then there truly ARE no seasons because it is all computer generated.

And another thing that has struck me is how the human race has blended graphics into reality. We see a picture of something on our computers and it automatically registers as "real." But is it? More and more, especially with the weather maps, there is an incongruency between what I am seeing on the screen and what is really going on outside. I have seen interactive radar map indications of wind when it is dead still, and heavy rain when a drizzle or light rain is coming down. Or rain, when there is nothing on radar to indicate it.

Another thing I have noticed is that things wear out in a flash. I take very good care of my clothing, but it seems all I do is mend. But what is even more disturing is that food seems to disappear so quickly now. I buy ALDI's "cheese melt," which is their store brand of "Velveeta," and it is about $3 or $4 dollars cheaper. I buy it because it used to last me almost the whole month. Now, in less than two weeks it is gone, and my eating habits have not changed, at least not THAT much.

For the last probably three decades, I have felt like I've had this tremendous force working against absolutely everthing I try to do. Like the Greek character, Sisyphus, I have felt like I've gotten nowhere, rolling the stone up the hill only to have it roll back again to repeat the task. And have not most of our lives been that way? Too many people think that THAT is what life is. You grow up, get married, have kids and work a job all your life, then you retire and die. That is NOT what our lives should EVER have become. We should have evolved into spiritually advanced beings at this point, NOTHING like we are now. We have all this technology, but we as DIVINE BEINGS have devolved, and that is not by accident. For millions of years, we have been lied to, dumbed down, and kept in the dark about WHO and WHAT we are. We no longer have compassion for other life on this planet, and that has become obvious in the last three years. The reason so many of these horrendous agendas have been allowed to happen is that most people have lost all connection to Nature and the natural flow of life, as we are being pushed to become robot-hybrids, in an ugly, perverted world bent on death and destruction with no regard for life.

But it is all coming to a head now, and there are enough of us here, WE, the BRINGERS OF THE DAWN, who came to win this final battle and exterminate the vermin that have controlled this planet for millions of years. Remember, it takes a great deal of darkness to hide the light, but a tiny light will pierce the darkness. We all have to be willing to become conscious of the whole agenda. Continue to remind yourself that it is only an illusion, then expose it, and stop it. Say your mantras and reclaim your power!

Just one more item before I end. Yep, there are some Red Dwarf episodes that fit right in with this topic. The first is
Red Dwarf Season 05 Episode 06—Back To Reality.
Here, the crew experience a group hallucination geared to make them commit suicide.

While Red Dwarf began as silly, slapstick humor, by the time several series had been written, they became more profound and even serious, often with a message that, over these years has proven to be psychologically, metaphysically, socially, and even spiritually accurate, and this episode is the epitome of that, humorous but very deep. It has been my favorite for all these years, and was also Stephen Hawking's favorite, so I am again in good company. PLEASE watch this episode, if you are not familiar with it. Incidentally, Red Dwarf at the time had the highest special-effects budget of any BBC production, ever! It was in production from 1988 to 1999, so the last series was VIII. Then it began sporadic production again in 2009, same cast for all the main characters! WOW! Yep, they have stuck together all this time! I have not seen anything past Series VIII because I do not own a TV any more, plus, the PBS station that aired them no longer exists. Another took over and I don't know if they still air British comedies, which was what the original 45/49 was noted for.

Anyways, series VIII returned to silly, and the first three episodes were continuations, but Part 3 is the one where they are in an AI reality, hooked up to a machine so they can be under surveillance to see what they say and do in the fake reality. Watch all three or it won't make sense. We also get to see Danny John-Jules dance! He is a professional dancer, and I often wished they would have given him more opportunities to dance on the show.
Red Dwarf Season 08 Episode 01—Back in the Red (Part 1)
Red Dwarf Season 08 Episode 02—Back in the Red (Part 2)
Red Dwarf Season 08 Episode 03—Back in the Red (Part 3)
List of Red Dwarf episodes
I am working on a Movies Index to add to my site, and will eventually include all the Red Dwarf episodes, at least through Series VIII.

This, again is an exceptionally long article, but it will be probably a few weeks before another comes along. Meanwhile I have a backlog of book reviews to finish, and they are still the most popular feature on my site. Google gives them excellent coverage, and they draw in readers that explore other areas, such as articles and my farm articles.

Mastery of the physical world;
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Awaken and be free!

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