Update on Alien Interference and UFOs

June 3, 2023

In this issue I will provide some pretty convincing updates on UFO sightings (or UAPs—Unidentified Aerial (or Anomalous) Phenomena—as the military calls them), which I have been saying for a very long time are the root cause of much of the evil now taking place on this planet. And it is getting worse. First, some opening notes.

I am being seriously censored. I knew it was only a matter of time, but all of a sudden, my website activity just stopped. I scrambled to get my last Farm Article published on May 21, and I can count on one hand the number of times it has been visited. WHERE IS EVERYBODY? It contains volumes of links and information on Covid, food and environment, weather data and screenshots, plus material from The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi and Letter to Earth: Who We Are Becoming . . . What We Need to Know. Here is the link to the Index where you can read all of this year's Farm Articles. Remember, that is the platform I will be using now to cover all the above issues, including material from Dane, since most of my regular articles now will be spiritually oriented. So please read the Disclosure articles. Maybe that's what I should start calling them, so people that think they're not interested in farming will read them. Actually we should ALL be interested in farming, or we will all soon be faced with eating Soylent Green.
Disclosure: Cosmic Dream Farm 2023

And I will mention again that I had forgotten to change the date on the April 20 issue, which erroneously was labeled April 6, so if you opened it and thought you got the wrong issue, it was just the date that was wrong. When I create any series, I also create a form so I don't have to code all the basic stuff like fonts, colors, logos, etc., then just copy the previous issue and type in the new text. I actually have a whole folder of forms for all the different types of information I publish. It takes me over a week to produce these Disclosure articles, so I hope all my readers will check them out.

But the thing is, just try to find any of my articles or writings on a search engine. They are all gone. I used to have first-page listings on Google, and not that long ago, either. So, yes, I am quite sure I am being censored. And so is Dane and the rest of us who are telling the truth. But my regular readers can help, if you want to keep reading what I write. First, here is a very good suggestion that was posted on Dane's site and I totally agree. Here is his latest.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 27, 2023.

Jay says:
May 28, 2023 at 1:51 pm

As a practical suggestion: If you watch a Global Alert News via an email you received, please try to ALSO go to the GeoengineeringWatch.org website. You might even watch that broadcast again, or merely just start it. By visiting the website, even if it may *seem* to be redundant, you cause the "algorithm" to recognize that many people are visiting the site. This might (and probably will) help to increase awareness and make it harder for "THEM" to censor. (THEM are the sociopaths, money-printers, liars, sadists, etc.) You can also study at the site!

Here are some other tips. First, if you EVER have difficulty accessing ANYTHING on my site, including text, images, fonts, links, or if anything does not function properly, or if I make an error, such as the date mentioned above, PLEASE let me know. I am meticulous about my website, so if something isn't working, that means I don't know about it because on my browsers it is fine, but may not be for others. Every page must pass two code validators before I post it, plus with each new page, I test all the links, image titles (that you see when you scroll over them) and everything else.

Browsers have become SO COMPLICATED in the last twenty years. I remember when there were only two basic browsers—Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator for Macs, and they weren't picky. Internet Explorer could even read the HORRENDOUS code generated by Word. NO browser would be able to read it today. When people cannot access something, they get frustrated, then do not return, so that is a potential reader lost. When you devote as much time as I have to writing code from scratch, along with the immense amount of time expended doing research, that is a tragedy. As less readers visit, then, as stated above, the algorithm changes and search engines will give the site less exposure. Then add to that, all the deliberate censoring going on now, which makes it horrifying to watch all your thousands upon thousands of hours of work go down the drain. Remember, if all my regular readers checked in on my site once a day, that alone would make it more difficult to censor.

And here is another tip, and I've mentioned it before but I still see it happening. Always enter my site by either typing www.cosmicdream.com into your URL bar, or you can bookmark it, but if you do that, you must regularly clear your cache. On my stats pages I can see when people enter it either by a browser that automatically opens the last page visited, or by a browser that is displaying a cached page, which is actually saved on YOUR computer. You THINK you are logging onto my site, because you see the entire page, but I can see on my stats that only a small part of the page actually loaded. Therefore, you will not see anything new that has been posted. There are many ways to clear your cache, and all browsers have a place to click to delete history. I clear my history after almost every site I visit. In addition, if you run Windows, there is a Disk Cleanup in your accessories, which I always run right before I shut down. Every few days I delete my temp data. Type %temp% into the "Run" bar, then click OK. All temp stuff can be safely deleted. If you are running a program that is using a temp program, it will not delete, so always do this procedure when you are ready to shut down. This is just good computer hygiene. I know people that never clear data, then wonder why, after a few years, their computer runs so slowly or not at all.

I know this isn't about Aliens, but it actually is, because those who are controlling the planet are finding every way possible to interfere with our lives. Therefore, we must be meticulous about keeping straight on our paths. And we all have to work together to keep from being smothered in the evil descending upon us. Along with visiting all the sites that we support—I visit Dane's site several times a day—and I would appreciate it if you would do so with mine, but also, do at least one search a day for something on my site, and open it. And that goes for, again, all the sites we want and NEED to keep up and running. A small effort goes a long way.

And add to that, the energy has been particularly dead for the past couple weeks. Everyone seems out of sorts, myself included. It's that "dragging an elephant through peanut butter," feeling, where, no matter what you do, it is a major effort with one setback after another. But when these dead periods come along, in most cases, it is the calm before the storm, and the planet is ready to make a big shift. Every shift we experience now will be big and bigger and bigger. So many people have left the planet, leaving an energy void that must be filled, and as many of the people who remain are more awake and conscious, that will fill the void, as those who have been in control for so long continue to lose control. I am thinking that when that happens, much will begin to flow very quickly. So if you feel like you've been under attack, you are correct, because desperation is setting in for the controllers, especially the off-planet ones.

And last, it seems most people are suffering from too much to do and not enough time to so it, and that is all part of this control illusion. Once we break free of this dimension, which is three physical dimension, plus the fourth, which is "time," everything will change. Time does not actually exist and as we quickly shift from the old paradigm, time is slowly disappearing. That's why we have less and less of it, until we realize it doesn't exist at all. We are being squeezed out of everything in this paradigm that we have always thought was real. For most people, their jobs and earning a living is top priority (sadly). I give out Dane's cards to nearly all the cashiers that I see regularly, like at ALDI, Marc's, Dollar General, gas stations, etc., in both Ravenna and Alliance. So naturally, I ask them if they have had a chance to check out the information I gave them. I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of people that have actually said they did, and that is disheartening. Some really do not give a shit, but many do, because I have encountered many who know all about the vaccines, bioengineered food, and the whole slew of issues we cover. But the answers is ALWAYS the same: they have done nothing but work, and have not had time. This, of course, is also a tragedy, and a well-orchestrated one, along with all the distractions. Even people like myself, who are very aware of what is being done to us, and fight to distance myself from it all, find themselves having to deal with one thing after another. I thought, when I found myself no longer working a job outside the home, that I would finally have so much time to get caught up on the things that were important to me, but on the contrary, these past few years, I have had less time than ever. It's all an illusion.
Researchers say time is an illusion. So why are we all obsessed with it?

Anyways, this being a regular article, it will be spiritual in nature, and this whole censoring thing is meant to demean and demoralize; to shame; to divide and cut people off from support; to disempower . . . . remember, As Above, So Below. The Earthbound controllers are doing all of the above, but for the ones that are off-planet, it is part of their "experiment." And as we awaken to what is being done to us at all levels, we will be not only more difficult to control, we will raise our vibrations out of their range. It is all part of the imprisonment agenda. And by the way, again, thank you to all my book review readers and especially thanks to those who read both the reviews and articles. I recently published a review on an extremely short story—only five pages long, but it was the basis for the sci-fi/Alien classic, They Live, so I thought it would be a good time to read and review the story. Here it is, with a link to watch the movie for free, and if you STILL have not, it's an essential.
Eight O'Clock in the Morning

Are you aware that Dr. Rashid Buttar "died suddenly?" He was one of the "disinformation dozen" concerning the Covid bioweapons. He was also the first person I heard to speak out about the connection between 5G and the activation of potentially fatal diseases for those who had been vaccinated, or were victims of vaccine shedding. I posted that video numerous times. Of course, he obviously did NOT get the jab, and he had been speaking out against vaccines way before the plandemic because his son became autistic as a result of vaccine poisoning. Do I believe he was poisoned? FUCK, YES.

OMG!! What has me bewildered is, what sort of creatures are now being bred on this planet? Evil does not even begin to describe the reaction to his death, when we have millions of people on this planet dropping dead from these vaccine bioweapons, and these things masquerading as people who have caused an explosion of hatred and slander across the internet against this man who risked his life to keep people safe and healthy and to tell the truth. I am horrified. This goes beyond people who are being paid to lie, or people who are psychopaths or under the control of psychopaths. The behavior we are witnessing on the planet now can only be described as Alien, which is why I included this story. No matter how evil you think humans can be, this stuff is just NOT HUMAN. GLOATING over the death of a man who devoted his life to healing, and these demons on this planet are joyful that he's dead because he told the truth. Do a search. You will be horrified!! Although I noticed recently when I did a search that there was a much better balance between those who are gloating and those who will ultimately uncover the truth. As I wrote a while back, the envelope can only be pushed so far. Here is the Stew Peters interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis, a close friend of Dr. Buttar, who said they are going to do toxicology testing, and since Buttar was surrounded by friends in the medical profession who KNOW that there is something very wrong with this picture and have the wherewithal to investigate, all they need to do is prove that he was poisoned, and that might be a major game-changer in this whole sordid plandemic affair. Though I am stunned and heartbroken that this is what they will resort to, as they realize the TRUTH is being exposed, while these liars spread their "I told you so," perhaps others will follow it through and wake up. Remember, we cannot see all the ways energy is working. Here is the interview.
Investigating Dr. Rashid Buttar’s MYSTERIOUS Death: Doctor POISONED For Telling TRUTH About Covid?
When the subject of poisoning came up, Peters aptly pointed out that we are ALL being poisoned—our food, water, air, the aerosols being sprayed on us—everything is poisoning us. Yes, Stew, I totally agree.
Here is the tribute to Dr. Buttar.
Tribute to Dr. Rashid Buttar on Tuesday, 23rd of May at 7 PM PST-10 PM ET

But as I discussed in my last regular article, The Winds of Change Blow Stronger, every day brings new signs that people are waking up and those who think they control us are losing control. Here's an article I found. Of course, I do not condone violence or threats, but nevertheless, as people who have been sound asleep suddenly realize how they have been lied to, abused, poisoned, controlled, imprisoned and experimented upon, the pitchforks and torches are gonna come out and it won't be pretty. Again, the envelope can only be pushed so far.
‘Murderers’ and ‘criminals’: Meteorologists face unprecedented harassment from conspiracy theorists

My precious, obnoxious calico, Maggie, is experiencing some uncomfortable karma. For the three years she has lived here, she has killed so many animals, and tortured them before she kills them. When I see it, I quickly rescue whatever she has, which ranges from rodents to bunnies, chipmunks, frogs, birds . . . then take it to safety inside the greenhouse if it is still alive. I've done everything I can to stop her, ranging from scolding to begging and pleading, to shaming. Maggie is an unusually smart cat, and understands my English. I have sat down with her and explained that these animals are all part of our family and they are not hers to kill. She waps her tail in annoyance, but she DOES understand what I'm saying. I tell her how much it hurts me to see these poor little creatures killed and ask her why she wants to hurt Mommy. She usually then crawls into my lap and purrs.

Well, for the past couple days, she has unleashed the ire of two exceptionally large and agressive bluejays—apparently a mated couple with eggs or young. They sit on branches just out of her reach and squawk. Really loud. They dive-bomb her, to the point where she sometimes hides in the brush and crawls her way to the porch. I told her "what goes around, comes around," and suggested that maybe if she stopped harrassing other animals, this wouldn't be happening. But today I saw her walking up the drive with something fairly large dangling from her mouth. I have this special tone of voice, when all I need to say is MAGGIE!!, and she dropped it. It was a chipmunk, still quite alive and pissed, who, before it took off up a tree, managed to screech in Maggie's face. It's all a sign of things to come.

OK, so the next topic I will cover is the ever-increasing evidence that not only are we being visited by extraterrestrials, but the government knows full well (and is working with them). We don't have proof of that yet, but disclosure IS coming.This first link contains several news clips, one after another, ultimately stating that the government does not believe any of them are Aliens. Hmm. Well. Let's listen to one of the best UFO interviews I've ever heard. Jeremy Corbell definitely paints a different picture than that of the "official narrative." But first, here are the CNN reports. And I would be willing to bet that this Navy pilots isn't so sure it's not Aliens.
Ex-Navy pilot says he saw UFOs that did things his plane could not do
This next short video features Jeremy Corbell with CNN.
UFOs are making headlines. See new image that allegedly shows an unknown object in a conflict zone
And here's a longer one from FOX that also features Jeremy Corbell. It's getting more interesting by the minute.
Jeremy Corbell discusses the importance of a military-recorded UFO in a conflict zone in Iraq
This next one gets a "hmm, well, maybe."
Mystery solved after strange streaks of light seen in the sky over Sacramento: "We were in shock"
There is another video at the bottom of the page that is NOT about UFOs, but about space junk, and it is sickening. It's bad enough we've trashed the planet, now we've trashed space. Remember back in March, 2022, I wrote an article called The Encapsulated Earth, after listening to Clif High's interview with Greg Hunter? This was the first time I was made aware of what a disaster we are creating out there. Gosh, no wonder our Alien allies don't want to come here and help us. It's like sloshing in a technological pigsty. We should be ashamed. And now, here's the BIG interview with Jeremy Corbell by Russell Brand.

Jeremy Corbell (UFOs—Real or Distraction?)
The first question covered is why, all of a sudden, is the media openly covering these "UFO" incidents, when they have been going on for decades. Is it for a distraction? How is it serving the elite? How is it being used to control us? UFOs now are SO PREVALENT across the globe, Corbell tells us. Since SO MANY people are seeing this stuff, the government, military, etc, is like, "Oh, shit, how do we deal with this?" The cloak of secrecy being lifted to some degree, but, as we get close to the truth, it will be locked back down. How are the elite using this (Alien) technology? How can they cover their asses?

The Mosul Orb (Iraq), was being shot at, by everyone—Russia, China, U.S.—so obviously it does not belong to any of these countries. It is an intelligence-controlled machine, but whose? What makes this situation more dangerous is that it is in a conflict zone, so no countries can just shoot at it when we don't know its origin, but we DO know it is NOT a balloon. This was back in February, 2023. Remember all those supposed "balloons" the U.S. Military shot down? Well, those were balloons to create a distraction.

Brand wonders what will be revealed. Are we living in a simulation? Corbell is positive that these are NOT human-made. He knows people in the government that work on this stuff. He believes that the human population has the right to know, for instance, if what we think is real, is not. (Think of the movie The Matrix, which is an obvious example.) And what's the reason for the secrecy? Because this technolgy can be weaponized? Yes, as he points out, that's a no-brainer. (Of course it can be weaponized, and IS, but Corbell didn't mention anything about weather warfare.) Once we understand this technology, and everything is disclosed, it will change EVERYTHING! As I've said for years and years. HA! Brand commented that beings who have created this technology probably view us as flora and fauna—"We're in ant-farm territory." But that is not so funny when you think about it, because, as I have also been saying for years, we are lab-rats. "What if it's all just an experiment?" Remember?

Corbell points out that "they" have been here a long time, but what is their intent? Are we like cattle? Or are they interested in human consciousness? It seems to me, either way, we are being used as an experiment. He goes on to talk about Bob Lazar. Corbell made a documentary about him, and stressed that, no matter what you think of Lazar as a person, he knows for a fact that what he claims about reverse-engineering is true. Here's his Wikipedia page, and as would be expected, they smear him as a fraud and conspiracy theorist. Aren't you getting tired of hearing that term? I certainly am.
Bob Lazar.
And, OOH!! How lucky for me!!! I found a place where you can watch it for FREE.
Bob Lazar: Area 51 And Flying Saucers (2018)
I will watch it and do a report in another article.

Then Brand asked Jeremy about the spiritual aspect of this. Corbell answered that when he looks up into the sky, he feels connected to something Greater and Bigger. Brand then asks about AI and all this new technology, and if these have been influenced by extraterrestrials. Oh, my! Corbell has a lot to say about the merging of AI and human biology, thus, eventually making us all creators. That's probably one of the few statements here I disagree with. I don't WANT to merge with technology, and especially I don't WANT to be programmed by some other Being that is most likely part machine. That's what is happening to us now and I don't like it at all. Furthermore, I believe that we can achieve super-intelligence and super-conciousness spiritually. THAT'S what spiritual evolution IS and is has nothing to do with technology. My regular readers are familiar with my mantras, as I share them frequently. They are about creating our own reality, not one that has been created by something else, no matter how "advanced." As long as one deals with technology, there is always the threat of those who wish to use it and us maliciously. As we ascend to higher and higher levels of consciousness, we gain more and more, not only control of our own reality, but complete independence and sovereignty, thus making us less and less vulnerable to situations like we are being subjected to now.

So I will stop there, and I hope everyone listens to this because there is SO MUCH of interest here. It is a really extraordinary conversation by two men who are obviously very intelligent, very deep, very spiritual and very curious. Four essential characteristics!

Here is Jeremy's website, called Weaponized. I have it saved on the page about the Mohave Triangle UAP. Be sure to listen to the Witness Testimony toward the bottom of the page, and check out the other interesting material on his site.
And before I end this section, here are a few more articles I just found today. In fact, it's getting quite easy to find articles about extraterrestrials on MSM!!
First Contact: Global team simulates message from extraterrestrial intelligence to Earth
Alien-like message sent to Earth in a test to prepare for the real thing

The last thing I want to share is some material from Letter to Earth, linked at the top of the page, as she has several chapters that apply to this article. Let's begin with the comment I made above, concerning our abilities to create our own reality. From the chapter entitled, "Do we who come from beyond the Earth have superpowers like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Superman or Merlin?" Wise writes: "There are people on Earth now who are capable of forms of self-expression that are extraordinary, relative to the current state of Human development. Some of them are Cosmic Beings, living among you to inform you of Universality and to inform themselves of Humanity." She later explains that she is one of these Beings. "I wanted to experience what it takes to get to Universal alignment and Universal knowledge from Earth's current consciousness. . . . For this reason I am using only the same capacities and skills that you embody." I agree, and also believe myself to be in the same situation, because I know without a doubt in my mind that what I teach is true, no matter what we are currently experiencing. She says:

Your Soul is the source from which your identity on Earth is generated. It expresses Universal nature and is possessed of Universal knowledge. All the wisdom your Soul contains is available to you when you align and merge with it. This reunion enables extraordinary capacities to integrate into your daily life on Earth.

Addressing just the physical level, I have seen Human Beings walk through walls, manifest foodstuffs, change shape, move great distances in an instant, appear in times past, and perform profound healings.

Alexandra David-Neel witnessed identical feats by Tibetan monks and lamas, and was eventually able to perform some herself. She explains it all in one of my all-time favorite spiritual books, Magic and Mystery in Tibet. Continuing with comments from the book, Wise says:

In the earlier years of this lifetime on Earth I was not using these natural powers because I did not know I had them—just as you may not know you have them. Most of you have yet to discover your multidimensional nature. You are working your way toward discernment of your inner voice and trust in your inner direction. When you claim these resources, they will inspire courage of action. Then you will be able to experience and know your multidimensionality.

If you believe others hold secrets that you do not, you will look there and find them there. When you come to a question that no one else can answer for you, you will have to transfer authority back to yourself and become your own resource. You are not likely to produce such a question until you are ready to trust yourself enough to surrender external authority.

And that's exactlty what happened to me about twenty years ago. I found myself tumbling into this abyss, and, oh yes, I had lots of people telling me everything I was doing wrong and telling me what I should be doing. But I found that as I took this advice, my situation only worsened, until I broke free from all of it. That was the beginning of rapid spiritual evolution for me. Now, let's go to the chapter entitled, "Is there good and evil in the Greater Universe?"

This whole "non-duality" thing was really big back when this book was written, and I DO realize and agree that the "All That Is,", or, as Deepak Chopra called it, "The Field of All Possibilities" is just that, so it includes what we would perceive as evil and other negative labels. I get it. I also get it, that Beings who are from other planets or dimension who are greatly advanced, spiritually, have a well-developed moral compass, and are completely capable of self-guidance and consideration toward others in their explorations. But we here on Planet Earth seem to be losing the minimally developed capacity for inner guidance on moral and ethical issues. So what I'm saying is, what is going on now IS NOT OK. And the correct course of action is NOT to allow these controllers to continue their destructive behavior. I wonder if Wise would have written this chapter differently, had she published this book last year. I wonder how she is coping with the mass genocide taking place. I am not at all being critical with her, because I don't think even the most prescient among us could have expected what we are experiencing, except, of course, for those (Gates, Fauci, Schwab) who orchestrated it. Anyways, here are some of her comments, beginning with her opening paragraph to the chapter.

Consider a Universe reality that is nonjudgmental, its powers and potentials not intrinsically limited or enhanced by ideas of good and bad. How do you feel about a Universe whose potentials are not protected from use by any prerequisite standard of personal ethics or spiritual awareness? This picture of the power of the Universe is like electricity—it is equally available to those who wish to create with it and to those who wish to kill with it.

There is no such thing as bad energy. All ideas of good and bad, or good and evil, are local to the dualistic environments within which they are conceived. Negative ideas, and the behaviors they spawn, reflect inverted or misaligned values. They do not derive from something "other than" or competitive with Universal values.

But as I keep pointing out (and so does she in other parts of the book), that as we raise our vibrations, there will be less energy to support malicious use of these powers. And we can see that happening already. And the other point I want to make is, OK, so we should not judge other living Beings or label them as "good" or "evil," etc.. But what do we do when we are being assaulted by things that are part machine? Do the same rules apply? This actually is a timely conundrum to ponder, and I'm not the only one pondering it. What happens when AI gets out of control and begins to make its own decisions? Like HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Because that CAN happen, and many believe it already IS. Machines have nothing to do with "inverted or misaligned values."

The last two chapters I will cite are about extraterrestrials, first dealing with those who work behind the scenes and are benevolent, assisting us in our spiritual transformation. The second is about those who are attempting to take over Planet Earth, and are the root of all the "evil" going on now, though Wise stresses they are not evil. Well. I again wonder if she would write that chapter differently today. The thing is, there's a lot of truth in what she says, but they still need to be totally cut off from this planet and destroyed. I know she would disagree with that, but again, there comes a point when behavior cannot or should not be tolerated, and if the perptrators won't stop, then they must be permanently removed. And I do not believe there is any chance for rehabilitation here, especially since they are probably mostly mechanical/technological. The first chapter is titled "Are there extraterrestrial visitors?"

She begins by stating that they have always been in contact with the Earth, and there have been times throughout our history when "popular thinking allowed for our existence." She points out artifacts that confirm these visits. Steve Quayle has been involved with digs to unearth them, and swears that the Smithsonian has a whole collection, although he perceives them as being evil, and even "fallen angels," which they are NOT.
Alien Link to Human Destruction—Steve Quayle.
Here's a quote from Wise, which is even more interesting since I listened to the Jeremy Corbell interview above, especially his comments on Bob Lazar and reverse-engineering.

More recently in your time continuum, Beings from the Greater Universe—most of whom were not enlightened Universal Beings—have interacted with members of Earth's governmental and scientific communities. Because of the exclusivity of these meetings and the belief systems of those involved, what resulted was primarily intrigue and confusion, accompanied by a minimal exchange of information and technology. You would not be as advanced in general technology or space travel as you are today without the materials and information derived from extraterrestrial visitors. Industrial materials that are in popular use and propulsion technology for your space program have been reverse-engineered from the hardware of these sources.

Wise has a lot to say about our behavior on this planet. She states, "There is good reason why the people of Earth are not further progressed in reaching other life in the Cosmos. The models and ideas currently dominating your society are capitalistic and competitive rather than humanistic and cooperative." Again, she points out that it is the "vibrational construction" of our ideas and hardware that do not match the higher civilizations we wish to reach. She says:

When advanced extraterrestrial civilizations pursue the development of technology, they study the nature of Universal reality to find models for their technological expansion. If an idea cannot be realized in concert with the environment, they toss it out as an unsatisfactory or immature idea. When an idea is found to be consistent with Universal values and local nature, research and development are begun. This self-respecting value system is not legislated. It is the inspiring ethical code of the civilizations that prosper within it. With these controls of integrity, every step of scientific progress produces by-products that expand the well-being and creative options of their societies and the Greater Universe.

It appears that those who pursue technological development on Earth are willing to risk the whole earthly environment to realize the specific goals upon which they are focused at any given time.

Which, of course, is exactly where we find ourselves now, staring into the abyss and wondering how many more years, or perhaps months, we will be able to survive on this planet as a result of such irresponsibility. She also points out that "Anything created by manipulation has to be maintained by manipulation. Maintaining a manipulated reality system requires constant work to sustain that which has the inherent capacity to sustain itself—in its integral state." None of this is new to us, of course, but Wise has such a concise way of phrasing these truths and bringing them to the forefront. She further says, "The natural resources of the Earth are not products for your consumption; they are agents of your preservation. These natural resources are the storehouses of elemental stimuli that Earth uses to regenerate herself." As both Dane and I have preached for years, and exactly describes the total decimation of the Earth's life support systems we now face.

Wise tells us that there are Advanced Universe Beings who "await the readiness of your attitudes and receptivity." The Pleiadians told us that, too, in Bringers of the Dawn. She also points out that visitors must be very careful about their timing and mode of entry. "We don't want to be claimed or shot by any government, have zoos made for us, or have our images sold as chocolate-covered marshmallows." There are those that scoff at people like myself who know that we have benevolent allies out there. So why are they not helping us? Because they most certainly WOULD be shot down or captured. That's a no-brainer. She says, "We are most concerned with producing a means of entry that is nonviolent. This is no small undertaking. Our encounters to date have taught us that violation is in the eye and the belief system of the beholder." Indeed. I totally agree. Until we replace this Death Culture with respect for all life, visits from benevolent Alien races would be a disaster.

But she also points out that there are Earth Beings who are gaining awareness. She says "You are beginning to entertain in yourselves the idea of a greater reality. Your collective imagination and your collective dreams are expanding to include us. In your movies and other forms of entertainment you are creating characters of great wisdom who come from dimensions beyond your own."

And the last chapter I will include is about the Aliens who are abusing us. Much of her commentary revolves around the fact that we have attracted such Beings because they behave exactly as we do. Wow! Talk about a mirror that enables us to see ourselves more truthfully. The chapter is entitled, "Are there involuntary extraterrestrial encounters?" She points out, again, that interaction between Earth Beings and other Beings is increasing, but we should be aware that not all of them are enlightened.

Wow! No shit! Then she says:

The advanced and the enlightened societies in the Universe are ethically self-governed by their understanding of integrity and the multidimensional creative process. Their wisdom precludes them from interfering with the actions of those who are differently developed than they are. While this means they do not impose themselves on Humans, it also means they do not impose themselves on other Beings who do impose themselves on Humans.

I wonder what would happen if these "differently developed" Beings suddenly imposed themselves on them. Just wondering . . . . They could claim that that wouldn't happen because there is no sympathetic vibration between the two types of Beings, but I make the claim that a lot of Beings on Earth whose vibrations are also not sympathetic to them, are, in fact, under attack. In fact, Wise, being in a Human body, may very well also be under attack. So I don't always agree with the statements in this book. Here's how she perceives it.

It is important to understand that these Beings are not evil. The problem is that they are neither emotional nor relational. They have no need to relate to one another with subjective consideration because they are not emotionally differentiated from one another. It is their belief that all Beings in the Universe are interdependent. From this they conclude that all Human Beings have implicitly agreed to cooperate with them. Any interaction with a Human Being that serves the growth of their understanding appears to them to serve the whole Universe. Although these beliefs are currently misconceived in both meaning and application, they reflect essential truths of our multidimensional Universal integralism.

I have issues with this whole paragraph. It doesn't matter if you call them "evil," what they are doing to us here on Earth is reprehensible. If supposedly, we all have free will, and that allows them to take control of the planet, then we certainly have the free will to do what needs to be done to protect ourselves. There was a point in time, and not that long ago, where people were coming forward who had been abducted by Aliens. It was happening to individual people, and I make no judgment on why they had been chosen. But now, we are experiencing an Alien race that has invaded the planet and plans to take it over. But at the same time, is that not how many Human races have behaved in the past by invading lands and killing off the Indigenous peoples? Is this, in essence, our karma?

This notion of inequality among Beings is supported by the way you on Earth treat one another. Your manipulation of the less intelligent and less privileged in your society, as well as of other species, sets up the sympathetic resonance that enables these Universe Beings to aggress in your reality system as they do. Your behavior aligns with theirs. Given the laws of Sympathetic Vibrational Magnetism it is understandable that your societies are engaging one another in misconceptions of power and domination.

Consider the behavior of those on Earth who engage in the testing and dissection of animals. It is common in your society to regard other species as sources of information whose rights are expendable in service to the greater good.

She goes on to say that they are doing what they can to enlighten these beings. "What can we who are more enlightened do when others' interpretations of truth violate the free will and subjective emotional integrity of Humans and other Beings? Their behavior concerns us greatly, but thus far we have been unable to precipitate their enlightenment to the nature of emotional individuation or to convince them to behave otherwise." Yes, clearly your plan isn't working . . . . She also adds, that they are "assisting" in the interference in order to minimize the discomfort or violation we may experience during these encounters. It sounds like she is referring to individual abductions. Of course now, it is about the entire planet. She brings the chapter to a close by saying:

The unenlightened Beings who would try to control you are a small population of the Greater Universe. For the rest of us to try to stop them would be as inappropriate as our trying to stop you from creating crack babies, abusing one another and polluting our shared Universal space. Instead, we hope to inspire you toward higher options by joining with you and assisting you in enlightenment.

And with that I will end. This is a long article, but I only have two more planned for June. One is the final "regular" HAARP article which will probably take me several weeks to compile, and the other will be the June issue of "Disclosure." It is hot, and I wonder just how much longer this atrocity in the skies will be able to continue. Supposedly they have a major "engineered cooldown" planned for us, from the 90s to the mid 40s. So I will have a lot of material to discuss in the June issue, along with other current news. I am absolutely swamped with farm work, so writing these adds to my load. I also have some appropriate book reviews coming along, so I hope you will check those out also.

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