A Mind of Its Own: Artificial Intelligence and the Alien Agenda, Part 3

September 8, 2023

Opening Note: As I wrote below, I began this on August 16, but decided to do the Wildfire Document report first. If you have not read it yet, PLEASE, it is essentail that EVERYONE knows what is going on here.
Forest Fire as a Military Weapon
As usual, I cannot follow my plans because everything is changing so fast. I kept most of what I wrote when I began, and marked the place where I picked it up again as I type this on September 1. I will include information on Aliens, as planned, but must continue with the wildfire situation in Lahaina, which is FAR from over. I believe it might be the game changer in this whole sordid mess called "Planet Earth," (or is it a simulation of what was once planet earth?). SO MUCH has also happened concerning the weather, but I will update what I wrote below and include lots of maps and screenshots in my Disclosure article to follow this one. At least, that's the plan.

I am beginning this on Wednesday, August 16.

This issue will be mostly about Aliens, and the growing documented evidence we are finding that will finally make full disclosure of their presence and takeover of Planet Earth inevitable. I will also include more on evidence that we are in a simulated reality being controlled by Aliens/AI, including drastically different realities people are experiencing, and things that are happening to me that have no logical explanation. I also have a documentary and interview to share. But first, here are some articles published on Global Research that are bringing me high expectations that the doors will be blown wide open to what is going on in the skies. People are getting it and writing it and making it known. Dane is getting more attention and others are adding to his message. Some of these articles have statements with which I disagree, but this first one I mostly agree with all of it. Perhaps it took something like the unspeakable disaster in Maui to awaken the masses to the heinous agenda that can and will wipe out all life on the planet if we do not stop it right now. Please read these articles.
Geo-engineered Fire Bombs = Directed Energy Weapons Not Climate Change
This next one is by Peter Koenig, a regular writer for Global Research, and someone who, compared with the majority of writers, does know quite a bit about geoengineering/climate engineering/weather warfare, so there is much in this article that is very true and with which I agree. However the point which frustrates me constantly, and Dane also, is that he still does NOT know about chemical ice nucleation, engineered winter, chemical cooldowns in the summer months, that often create those massive hail balls, and THAT is the HUGE missing bit of information that explains the "below average" temperatures. Here is the link, then I will continue with my commentary.
The Criminal Insanity of Climate Change: Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) Create Forest and Bush Fires, Destroying Entire Cities and Igniting Boats in the Sea.

Here in NE Ohio, this has been the coldest summer I can remember. I am STILL wearing flannel and even fleece pajamas, and have pulled out of storage many of my sweatshirts. As I mentioned in my last article, I, and my critters are now "camping" in the greenhouse because of all the damage that has been DELIBERATELY done to my house by one weather event after another after another, non-stop for the past two decades or so. It finally reached the point where my small remaining living space disappeared. Now, you would think that after all these years, I would sleep really well, know that I would wake up in the morning without a building having collapsed over or under me during the night, but in fact, I have been sleeping terribly. Finally, last night, I pulled out my lightest comforter, and put that on my cot, which is very comfortable, by the way. Well. I slept better than I had since I changed sleeping areas, leading me to believe that I was sleeping poorly because I was COLD. This is INSANE. They are keeping us in the 70s during the day, and if the temps dare to rise, we get a deluge and a "cold front," meaning, an engineered cooldown. As of this day, August 16, we have had TWENTY days of precipitation, sometimes a little, but often a LOT, with severe risks to go along, over the past 33 days.

One more time I will say this. When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s, July and August were the hottest and driest months of the year, and that was NORMAL. We would take our annual trip to Boulter, Ontario at the end of July or early August and stay two or three weeks. When we returned home, we would keep the station wagon mat handy because it was WAY too hot and stuffy to sleep upstairs. My mom and I would sleep on the mat on the dining room floor and my dad on the couch. One of my (and Dane's) people asked me specifically about the Great Lakes region, and why they are keeping us so cool. I have read that the Great Lakes region is heating up faster than anywhere else in the lower 48. I know the Lakes don't freeze any more, but I still think that's nonsense, and even if it is true, what they're doing certainly isn't having any effect to cool down the country. In fact, with everything I am learning now about AI, and the agenda to go with it that I believe is NOT human, I don't believe ANYTHING they are doing with "climate engineering" has anything whatsoever to do with trying to cool us down. Period. Solar radiation management is a label that makes it sound like it may be beneficial, but, c'mon. If they REALLY wanted to cool down the country, they could do to Texas what they are doing to us. The fact is, all these Directed Energy Weapons are causing the planet to HEAT, not COOL. They are WEAPONS, designed to HARM, and this is WAR, just like the Covid scam.

I ran some errands today, and stopped at the nearest Dollar General, just as it began, once again, to sprinkle. I commented to the cashier, and she said, "well, we need the rain." I just stared. I said, "We've had 20 days of rain in the past 33; what STATE do you live in." (Other than the state of ignorance). And she answered that we needed it because of the drought. I said, "WHAT DROUGHT? Everything I've planted is rotting." (I will cover all this in the planned Disclosure article, and when I think of the gorgeous crops I had last year, it makes me sick. And why? Because LAST YEAR, we actually had a little more "normal, dry" summer.) Anyways, it is another case where people are experiencing DRASTICALLY different realities. Yeah, OK, back in JUNE, it was a bit on the dry side, but June is long gone and I have hardly used my garden hoses at all.

But the thing is, I think that's the whole idea with all this weather manipulation—to create vastly different weather for different areas, to confuse and divide the population, and generate articles as the one above that claims it is NOT hotter than ever, and many places are below average in temperatures. I also want to mention, that if you study the maps as I always recommend, you will see that often it is JUST US who get rain, not all of Ohio. It is that northeastern tip, from about east of I-71, plus along the Lake, then south, forming a triangle, then heading into western Pennsylvania. Do I think we are being TARGETED?? Study the maps and you will easily see where the targeted areas are. If it is all just a simulated reality, than it makes even more sense. And as Dane says over and over, until all this climate engineering/weather warfare activity is completely STOPPED, we will really not know the true state of the planet's climate situation. As it stands right now, simulated or not, we are heading toward massive deaths. Hardly a day goes by without a huge swath of people either dying or losing everything because of a manipulated weather event. As I also said, pretty soon, living in a greenhouse is gonna look good compared to what's coming for most people. This will be an ongoing discussion, but now back to the article linked above.

First, here's a curious statement from it that I believe is true. He writes, "on July 6, 2023, the Aviation Tracking System, “Flightradar 24”, registered a record number ever of civilian airplanes in the air—some 134,384 airplanes." Hmm. Now, consider all the flights that are cancelled. What do you think all those civilian planes are doing? Dane has told us repeatedly that they, too, are carrying out the military's agenda of spraying aerosols and whateverthehell else is in those concoctions. Do you wonder if THAT is the real reason all those civilian flights are cancelled. Or perhaps the pilots dropped dead.
Pilot Died in Flight: Aug. 14, 2023 LATAM Flight LA505 (MIA-SCL) Miami to Santiago, Chile
Pilot Deaths: Diverted to Dubai as 51-year-old Pilot Collapsed In-flight and Died!

Anyways, back to the article. Other than the bit about below average temps, most of the rest of it I agree with. He says:

Just a thought: The self-styled masters of the universe think linear. That is what their minds have been trained for. What if these weather and climate modifications they now carry out on specific—always more diverse—targets, develop their own dynamic, since they are not linear, but, yes, dynamic—and have long-lasting effects much different from those intended by the Globalist Cult?—Just saying.

Gosh, that sounds like the fears expressed by scientists concerning AI, which I included in Part 1 of this series. A Mind of Its Own indeed. Does any of this sound human to you. He also writes:

Back to DEWs and other ENMOD technologies. This science has been developed since the 1940s and in the last 80 years has become highly sophisticated, resulting in a myriad of technologies, capable of causing unspeakable damage, destroying infrastructure, housing, forests—and lives of all sentient beings, including animals and humans.

People are spellbound—have no idea what is going on and why. They cannot understand that such all-destructive and killing disasters are actually man-made, by technologies intent of simulating “climate change”. These people, the Globalist Cabal, who have sold their soul to the devil cannot be called humans anymore.

Yep, these are NOT HUMANS. This is ALIEN technology. Koenig includes a number of videos, the first two on HAARP, interviews which are elaborated upon in the book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology. You can read all the HAARP articles I've written so far, found on the Index for HAARP Articles. The video on Lahaina is heartbreaking. I dunno. There have been so many catastrophic events in the past several years that those who "know," KNOW were not accidental. But there's something about this one that . . . it is just unspeakable.

Anyways, it is the video toward the bottom of the page, just before the last video that opened my eyes to the reality of DEWs, pointing out buildings that were totally decimated and right next to them, one that was untouched. How can that be otherwise? I am now picking this up on September 1, armed with a great deal more information, so we will continue with the horrific slaughter in Maui. Please study this material, because the next time it might be YOU or your LOVED ONES. As I stated at the top, this may be the game changer that wakes people up, because it is SO OBVIOUS that NONE of it was natural, and that's what we need. I don't go out much, but when I do, I always talk to people in stores or whatever building I'm in, and the majority of people now DO know what is going on, or that something is terribly wrong. The problem is, getting them off their lazy (or terrified) asses to step up to the plate and take responsibility. So many people I speak to act like they are eager to know the truth, so I arm them with Dane's information and my website. The number of people who actually follow through is near ZERO, and that is a scary fact. Dane lamented in his most recent Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 26, 2023 about all the people who have fallen away—people who seemed devoted then just disappeared. But I will say this, and it would be a good statement to share with others: If you are not there to help when help is needed, NO ONE will be there to help you when YOU need it. Period. Dane says often that the day is coming when no one will be able to help anyone. Here is a well-known poem that was posted on Dane's site back on July 18, 2021 by Gary Morrow. It would be a good one to make copies of and give it to people who don't want to get involved because they're busy covering their own asses, or even worse, all those who promise to look up these materials but never do. WE ARE COMING TO THIS POINT VERY FAST.

First They Came

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist
Then they came for Socialists
And I did not speak out
because I was not a Socialist
Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist
Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew
Then they came for me
And there was no one left
to speak out for me.
Pastor Martin Niemöller in 1930s Nazi Germany.

One more comment about Dane—he has said this before and I wish he'd say it every week, concerning the direction we are heading, barring intervention by some other source. He doesn't say what source, or maybe he is leaving the possibility up for grabs, which is a good idea. While we ALL must continue to strive to stop these atrocities, it's extremely important to always keep a positive outlook. I DO NOT mean "hopeful" or "wishful," I mean keeping open to the "All That Is," as Elia Wise calls it, or the "Field of All Possibilities," as Deepak Chopra called it. That is the way a being who is spiritually healthy would think, because SO many of us have put SO MUCH energy into doing the right thing as we awaken and transform. To me, it is impossible that all this divine energy that we are working with and bringing to the situation would not make a difference in a very positive way. As Elia Wise pointed out in Letter to Earth: Who We Are Becoming . . . What We Need to Know, this tranformation is in process, and once it begins, it cannot be stopped, even if it means we will continue it somewhere else. If enough of us raise our vibrational frequencies, it can and will put these hideous entities out of business, because there will be no energy to support their activities, and that will ultimately be the only way to completely change the situation we are in. We must work from both the physical and non-physical realms at all times. And now on to Steve Quayle's interview with Greg Hunter.
Maui, Mayhem, Murder & Supernatural Evil—Steve Quayle

He began his hour-long, non-stop rant by saying that the five most dangerous words are "I was just following orders," then continued on the theme that there is no help because the ones who are doing this have taken over everything, and, I didn't write this down, but I believe he mentioned Nuremberg. Those words were not a legitimate defense in the original Nuremberg trials, and for a while there it looked like there would be a Nuremberg II, or the International Criminal Court at the Hague would try all these murderers for crimes against humanity concerning these Covid Bioweapons, but that sorta faded away, didn't it? Something happened with Karen Kingston, but I won't go into that because the info I have is not convincing. If anyone knows what is going on with her, please let me know. And this just came out recently:
Who’s Behind “Ban Robert F. Kennedy, Jr”?
Do you think they are getting nervous? Desperate? Kennedy better watch his ass really closely.
U.S. Homeland Security Denies RFK Jr. “Secret Service Protection”: “This Man is a National Treasure”
Anyways, back to Steve. He said that there is a wall around the whole Lahaina area so they can control and contain what they don't want people to see. People have lost the means to communicate and are blocked from receiving help, food, water . . . . A licensed Drone Flyer was ordered to stop taking photos and made to turn over those he had taken. "Where the F*** is FEMA?" Steve continued, and said that HUNGARY was sending aid to Lahaina. OMG!!! Every American should be outraged and ashamed that Hungary has to step into take care of OUR CITIZENS. Here is good news, but where the fuck is everyone else that should be helping out?
Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson launch People's Fund of Maui to aid wildfire victims
Now if she and others like her that have a great amount of influence with the population would step up to the plate and speak out against what is REALLY happening—the criminal activity going on in the skies and everywhere else—THESE are the people that need to get the attention of those who are terminally asleep.

Steve also mentioned that a friend of his just left the Pentagon out of conscience, and was looking up some information on sites that are not generally accessible to the public, and found he had been blocked. He also said there were incendiary devices found, and he and Greg made reference to Dane. Steve said this was the most "in-our-face mass murder." Yes, I agree. Greg kept prodding him with the question, "WHY, WHY did they do this to this town?" Steve kept giving him the same answer—that it was prime real estate and strategically located, but Greg didn't buy it, and neither do I, nor do I buy it when Dane says everything can be traced to those who print the money. These people don't need the money or the power or the control. They've got all they need. The more I am aware of how AI has taken over everything, and especially after researching the fears people have that AI will become so much more intelligent than we are and create its own agenda—now THAT seems plausible as we watch these horrors unfold. And add to the the inevitable disclosure of Alien Interference, all these horrific events are WAY deeper than what appears on the surface.

This was a very disturbing interview. Even Greg was disturbed, often seeming to attack Steve, which is not his usual style. I want to make it clear that I am NOT a fan of Steve, but there is SO MUCH in this long interview that is important to know, that I could not neglect it. I have very mixed feelings about this information, and that's always how it should be with anyone reading or hearing anything these days. Steve is very well known and respected among a large audience, and has a strong background of knowledge and experience in many areas, including Aliens. However, he is also a strong Christian, so his perceptions are much different than mine. Remember, facts are facts, but the way each person interprets them varies greatly. With Steve, his Aliens are "fallen angels" or Lucifer, because it seems to me among many Christians I know that they cannot wrap their minds around the possibility, or rather—FACT—that there are billions of other inhabited worlds on which other beings or life forms, or sentient mechanical beings can reside or exist, in addition to disembodied spirits, and within both groups are a wide range of spiritual and intellectual development, from divine and benevolent to works in progress, to immensely evil with little to no chance of redemption. It has been my purpose with the AI articles to urge my readers to consider that we have been taken over by a race of mechanical super-intelligent beings, who have absolutely no sense of morals or integrity, and are using us as lab rats, and/or preparing the planet for their occupation.

The other aspect that Christians differ in from my opinion, is that they do not understand this great spiritual transformation/transfiguration that is occuring now. Anyone familiar with Bringers of the Dawn and the Reptilian Invasion will perceive what we are dealing with in a totally different light than those who are waiting for Jesus to come again and save them. I want to be clear that Steve did NOT suggest that we should sit around and let "god" take care of it. His attitude is the same as Dane's—that we need to wake up and take responsibility to stop this. The interview was a desperate plea to wake the fuck up and help. And by the way, I am SO PLEASED that he is such a champion of Dane!! Between him and Greg, Dane's name and opinions came up frequently throughout the interview. So, having stated this preliminary information, here's some of what they covered. But first, once again, this is the link to Lisa Renee's blog that I posted in Part 2 of this series.
Edict of War against Starseeds
If you have not read it yet, please do, because it fits right in with what I'm discussing. The bottom line is that they do NOT want us to wake up and tranform, because that will put and end to them.

Whether or not you agree with everything Quayle says, there is a great amount of material here that deserves to be pondered. I will continue with other Lahaina news, but here is something else that Steve discussed that is of utmost importance to ALL of us. OK, so, yeah, I am now living in a greenhouse. (The rest of my house came down, which I will discuss in my next Disclosure article.) Yes, I am livid. I poured my heart and soul and money into that house for 67 years and have lost much of my belongings. But I know how to rough it—to live with almost nothing. How many of you can do that? I am investigating little inexpensive solar devices, and some that I will have to put money away each month to afford. Steve shared a website for helping us get off the grid, and he, like Dane stressed very strongly that we need to think of essentials and non-electrical stuff. I will tell you more about how I am surviving in the next article, as mentioned, but seriously, I practically live outside anyways. As Dane has said, he'd be happy living in a teepee and eating acorns, if the planet was returned to health. If you do NOT start approaching life with a different set of priorities, you will NOT have a chance. Anyways, Greg also supplies info on the website Steve mentioned, and it is in Greg's text summary of the interview. By the way, I just bought a REALLY nice cooler/ice chest at Walmart for $25. I have so little I need kept cold. I am living on summer squash, which survived the flooding and has returned with a vengeance.

Steve also spoke of people not being able to get money out of ATMs over the weekends, and said that will get worse, because banks are getting short of cash. I have said this, Catherine Austin Fitts preaches it, and Steve urged it: DO NOT USE PLASTIC TO PAY. He made the point that everytime you use cash, you help to break their hold. Isn't that what you want to do? And if not, WTF is going on in your head? We NEED to shut these people, or whatever they are, down every way we can. He said we can't just lay down and die, we need to start DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY from those in power. Start by learning to DO WITHOUT. How many of you can do that? This is NOT a dress rehearsal. The play is in progress NOW.

Here are other stories on the mass murder at Lahaina, a mix of truths and cover-ups, such as here. C'mon. As Steve pointed out, just check the tax records and that will supply residents' names. And there must be record of tourists who were booked to visit the town. Hotels? Airlines? Aren't family members coming forward looking for their loved ones? How can that many people just have disappeared? How long did it take to determine how many died on 9/11? This scenerio reeks of that one, does it not? As Steve said, the U.S. is the country that mass-murders its own.
Lahaina death toll remains unclear as Hawaii authorities near the end of their search
This next one illustrates SO many of the points Steve made. Like this seeming inability to communicate. (No, communications have been purposely cut off.)
Maui officials face questions over wildfires response as search for victims wraps up
Here's a quote from the story. WTF??? Flames tore through this town with NO WARNINGS. People were running into the OCEAN to keep from being burned to death, and this Fucking Asshole Major General says he thought everyone had gotten out safely??? WHAT THE FUCK!!! And the response by MAYOR BISSEN is even more obviously a cover-up. These people need to be arrested and charged with complicity to murder.

"Mayor Bissen, you are the highest ranking official here on the island. If the buck stops with your office, how is that possible?" Vigliotti asked.

"I can't speak to what—or whose responsibility it was to communicate directly," Bissen responded. "I can't say who was responsible for communicating with General Hara."

Major General Kenneth Hara, the director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, said in a recent interview with Hawaii News Now that he was initially unaware of crucial details about the fire. "I thought everyone had gotten out safely," he said. "It wasn't until probably the next day I started hearing about fatalities."

Here are a few more Lahaina stories, then I will continue with Aliens, as was the original plan. If you are still skeptical about DEWs, please watch the first video on this page. OMG, has she got some information. Sickening. Then you begin to think of all the horrendous events of late. This one was so blatant. As I said, this may be the game changer.
Are Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) and HAARP Experiments Being Ratcheted Up Worldwide?
You know, a lot of info, as usual in September, is coming out about 9/11. We know the official narrative is a blatant lie, but we still don't have all the facts. What if . . . ? Now keeping that in mind, please watch the second video on this page.
Here's an updated "official count" of missing people. Hmm. "At least 115 people have died." Considering the magnitude of this atrocity, doesn't that seem like a really low number? Out of 12,000 residents and an unstated number of tourists? This is an update of the above two articles from CBS, so there is some duplicate text.
New "FBI-validated" Lahaina wildfire missing list has 385 names
I am just going through my bookmarks for all the stories I've saved on this atrocity, so they will be a bit mixed up. I wanted to save as much as I could because each one contains bits and pieces of the truth. This next one is more evidence of DEWs—melted cars near untouched buildings. This is just plain fucking terrifying. How much longer before this happens to me? to you? When are we gonna get together and STOP THIS. As he says in the video, "'We The People' is all we got left here."
Video: Maui Wildfires: Evidence of Direct Energy Weapon?
And more evidence. This is just too bizarre.
See the nearly 100-year-old "miracle house" that survived the Lahaina wildfire and now sits on a block of ash
Lahaina: Why Is There Such a Frenzy to Buy Up the Properties that Were Just Burned Down During the Fires in Hawaii?
Hawaii governor vows to block land grabs as fire-ravaged Maui rebuilds
Fears of predatory land grabs mount in the ashes of Maui, opening old wounds
Even with all this, I STILL don't buy it that this the reason all this was orchestrated. I think it is something much more sinister than money and power.
This last one I have posted several times previously, but it's such an excellent article that it deserves to be posted again and again. Please read. It is my personal opinion that 5G is a sort of "next generation" HAARP. It seems to me they both have similar capabilities.
Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions In the Context of Contaminated Nanometal Covid-19 Vaccines with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas

And now, here's the info I've been collecting on Aliens. This one contains a short video.
UFO hearing key takeaways: What a whistleblower told Congress about UAPs
This next one has an even shorter video with additional information.
UFO whistleblower: 'Non-human' biologics discovered
This one has more additional information. Watch the bottom video. Hmm. Seriously? Do YOU believe NASA's explanation? Neither do I. What bullshit.
Officials and lawmakers push for more government transparency on UFOs
The next one is a much longer and more informative article. Of course, the official narrative is that there is no evidence of extraterrstrial visitors. Really? C'mon.
What are UAPs, and why do UFOs have a new name?
Group of House members want a select committee to investigate UAPs
Well, it's about time they stood up for their rights and the rights of the Ameican people. And that goes for everything. You know, if our representives had been doing their jobs for all these years, we would not be in the dark place we are in right now. But certainly, exposing Alien interference and government collusion with them would bring a WHOLE LOT of light to this world. And everything would begin to make sense. We could put an end to these atrocities, because we would know where they were coming from. And absolutely, we could shut down all this toxic technology and put an end to AI. Do you think anyone would still be willing to support our military if they knew they put the interests of ALIENS above their responsibility to the American people? What a bunch of traitors.
This last one from National Propaganda Radio, as usual, tried to water it down, but didn't succeed. When the behavior of these aircraft is described, how could anyone with one functioning brain cell claim it was a bird or a weather balloon? That's why, in July, there were several shoot downs of what "turned out" to be weather balloons and they knew DAMN WELL what they were, but it made their claim more credible. What a bunch of fucking liars. How can these people live with themselves? It has been made clear that non-human biologics were recovered from crashes, and yet they still insists there is no evidence of extraterrestrials. So what the hell was flying these aircraft? Monkeys? Puppy dogs? Semi-organic robots, like Kryten on Red Dwarf?
U.S. recovered non-human 'biologics' from UFO crash sites, former intel official says

OK, so these were all from July, but this one showed up in August. It is the CBS video I have linked above, but the short commentary gives evidence that more and more people KNOW that there is Alien Interference going on here on Planet Earth, or Simulated Planet Earth. When I'm out talking to people, the majority ARE aware of Aliens here among us.
“Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”(UAP): What’s Up with All the Elites’ Alien Talk? Let’s Talk Motive
This next one sounds like more hot air and bullshit. It's ALL hot air and bullshit until they come out and admit COLLUSION WITH ALIENS. Period.
This is a sign the Pentagon is taking UFOs seriously

And finally, this is a review of Jeremy Corbell's documentary on Bob Lazar. I saved the best for last!! Please please PLEASE watch this doumentary. It was everything I hoped it would be. It strengthens my argument above, that I don't buy the explanations given for anything that is going on now, including Dane's. It is not about money or greed or power or control or the elites or the WEF, it is about THIS.
Bob Lazar: Area 51 And Flying Saucers (2018)
If you are STILL Alien-hesitant, this should change that. Of course Wikipedia smears Lazar, and in fact, he has been smeared, threatened, surveilled, and in general, has had his life made miserable by the very government that hired him in the first place, that being the U.S., of course. Along with presenting to viewers some pretty convincing evidence of Alien Interference on Planet Earth, much of the film works to vindicate him of all the lies he is accused of telling. He has spent the last three decades doing everything he could to PROVE that everything he says is true. Jeremy Corbell has done an excellent job in supporting that. In watching this documentay, you have to like and respect this guy. He is not theatrical or looking for attention. He is about as down to earth as it gets. He's not an actor. At one point during the film, he says he really doesn't understand why he was chosen for this job. He said he is not their type. (He was hired by the Navy, but there is a blur as to who was actually in charge of this project, apparently.) And in my opinion, perhaps it is because he was NOT their type that he was hired, because he could be easily fucked with after the project was completed, as opposed to a world-renowned scientist, or someone within the military or government. And he certainly was, having his records, such as his education, wiped out. (Wikipedia says "Lazar graduated from high school late, in the bottom third of his class.") Lazar obtained a Master's Degree in Physics from MIT and in electronics from Caltech, neither institution having a record of that. Hmm. Just disappeared. However Jeremy did prove it was true, as with numerous other disputed statements made by Lazar during the making of the film. He went on to work at Los Alamos. But the best vindication is happening now, as the former military intelligence officer turned whistleblower stated exactly what Bob said: That they "reverse-engineered" Alien technology from the crash sites and recovered "non-human" remains. And last, here in 2023, much of the global population has become accustomed to the media and government smearing anyone who goes against the official narrative, automatically labelling them a "conspiracy theorist." More and more of the population is waking up to this official disinformation, and if anything, perhaps it gives more credence to those who are targeted, because they are speaking the truth and the truth is a threat. Toward the end of the film, the military was quoted as saying that UFOs and Aliens are the easiest secret to keep, because even when information leaks out, nobody believes it. I think a great deal has changed since 2018 when this documentary was made.

I took lots of notes, so here is a summary of the documentary. It is narrated by Mickey Rourke. Throughout the film, little philosophical statements appear that should cause one to ponder. They were much like what I have been saying for at least a decade. It began with "The Earth is not the center of the Universe. Things are not what they seem. Everything around us is a mental construct. We create our own reality." Gosh, does that sound like me, or what? The interviews with Lazar jump back and forth from 1989 to the present. George Knapp was an investigative journalist and anchor for the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, KLAS-TV, who broke the story with an interview of "Dennis," who later was revealed to be Bob Lazar. According to Wikipedia, "Knapp broke the story on Bob Lazar in 1989, who claimed to have worked on UFOs at the secretive Area 51. In 1990, Knapp's stories on UFOs earned him an "Individual Achievement by a Journalist" award from the United Press International." You can obtain much more information on this film by following the links on the Bob Lazar page above.

Bob began to be threatened. He was charged with espionage, and had his tire shot out on the freeway. He said working at the top-secret site called S-4, near Area-51 in Nevada changed everything in his life. He doesn't miss his life with UFOs. It was all very disturbing. Are we in a simulated reality? In an Alien video game, or an Alien drive-in movie production? Or are we just cattle to them? Who are they? What is their interest in us? What is their interesting in our souls? Hmm, sounds like me again. See my articles,
What If It's All Just An Experiment? and
Update on Alien Interference and UFOs.
The second one contains the link to Jeremy's interview with Russell Brand, where I became familiar with his work and this film.

Bob went into as much detail as he could remember, for the filming. All he wants is for people to believe him. He had even gone to a hypnotist to recover details he had forgotten, and was then able to draw the spacecraft and explain how it worked, to his knowledge. He said there is no possibility that humans could have constructed it. It is way beyond our capabilities at this point. He said this device produces and controls gravity, and we don't even know what gravity is. He said the craft is "reactionless" and creates a distortion or time and space, which is how it travels—a different physics than the one we know. And when the people in the military who have come forward describe the way these crafts move, Bob's statements make sense.

He also took a series of polygraph tests. Everything has indicated that he is telling the truth. He said knowing how this machine works would change everything on the planet, and he is fucking scared all the time. Well. Hmm, again. Take a look around at what's happening. Have I not been saying all of this toxic technology is Alien? Have I not been saying Artificial Intelligence comes from Aliens, or perhaps IS the Aliens? Remember, Bob worked on this reverse engineering project in 1989. Just look at how much we have "advanced" since then. I use the word "advanced" with hesitation.

Bob said he was perplexed about everything when he worked at S-4. Why were they showing him all this secret stuff? He knew something wasn't right.

Maybe the "people" he was working for were Aliens masquerading as humans, eh? How many times have I said THAT?

He also described a hand-scanner they used to allow people into the site. Jeremy actually found a picture of one, and Bob found that kind of cool. He said there have been little moments of vindication. Are we all not experiencing that? Like me, Dane, the toxic jab whistleblowers—all of us that are working so hard for the truth to be known. I live for the day when we are ALL vindicated. The statement was also made that "ideas are the most dangerous weapon on the planet." So why do you think we are being dumbed down and mind-controlled? Bob also pointed out that "they" had created an "alternate" reality for him. He said they need to show him their facts. There are none. He warns us to pay attention to the big picture. Again, it is NOT what we think. It is NOT the WEF or climate change, or even climate engineering. It is Alien Interference.

Just a couple more comments on the documentary, then some closing remarks. Lazar made the point that there is suppression of extremely advanced technology and unknown science, and it is a crime that we aren't allowed to know that there's another intelligent civilization, that came here from not another planet, but from a very distant solar system. Well, I'm sure there are billions of other "intelligent civilizations" and I'm not sure we qualify to be part of that group. Toward the end, Lazar speaks quite a bit about "Element 115," the key to this technology, because it produces its own gravitational energy.

This film is very well done and extremely important to view. It is an hour and 37 minutes long. Please watch.

As I sit here nearly finished with this article on September 7, a week later than planned, I once again fume at the constant barrage of obstacles and hurdles that make their way into my path, delaying absolutely everything I attempt to do. Just chance? Not on your life. The final count of rain days ended up as 25, from July 15 to August 25—nearly a month of farm days lost, and one third of the summer. What I really needed was two straight weeks without a drop of anything wet falling on this farm, and after the center of my house caved in, it appeared we would have a dry spell, but, hell no, they won't even allow us a week. Plus it NEVER dries up here. I know Dane and many of his people comment on how it becomes very dry even after heavy rain, but here is stays wet after a week of NO rain. It often takes until mid-afternoon for the dew to even dry.

I never in my life thought I would loathe rain as I do now, after over two decades of nothing but deluge, and rarely a break. Just the sound of rain, the sight of it, the thought of it turns my stomach. When your house is rotting to the ground, a couple thousand gallons of water dumped on it every few days DOES make a difference. Yesterday I stayed dry through the 60 percent chance of rain, but today, the persistent forecast here has been 20 percent chance, the Forecast Discussion having not been updated since 9:25 a.m. and it is nearly 2 p.m.. Maybe the next shift at NWS didn't show up for work. Here is my local map showing the "20 percent chance" deluge.

Interactive Radar September 7, 1:20 p.m.

Ah, me. Here it is September 8, and I was once again prevented from finishing yesterday. The deluge turned to sheets, with water pouring in everywhere. My computer is in the basement, ever since my office caved in three years ago, because my internet cable is down here. But it is far from safe, and when THAT much water is coming down THAT hard, I grab my computer and run for safety. EVERYONE should. I also shut off the power to my house—the one working outlet also down here. I run an extension cord to the greenhouse until I can get off the grid, as mentioned above. I look at this as temporary, I mean, it's ALL temporary at this point, right? People who have survived these daily catastrophes and are rebuilding are FOOLS. To continue my thoughts from the previous paragraph from which I was so rudely interrupted, Dane has said that he used to enjoy all weather. I agree. I would sit out on the porch and enjoy thunderstorms, wind, and sunshine. I played in the snow and laid in the grass watching the shapes of natural clouds. For those who have spent a good portion of their lives outdoors, this is all so painful.

These vastly different weather scenarios are a big part of the planned confusion. People, local people think it's hot and dry, and I am sleeping with a comforter and wool blanket—yes even during this "supposed" dangerous heat spell that never actually materialized in most of Ohio. I have come to believe that SOMEONE is paying SOMEONE to keep us cold. And wet. Or at least some of us. I went to Ravenna Wednesday, which is about a twelve-minute drive from me. My car thermometer began to rise the minute I pulled off my road and onto Route 14. It hit 91 degrees. When I returned home, the high, according to my min/max thermometer was only 83.3. THAT is a vast difference.

This is not separated from the rest of what I wrote in this sort of hodge-podge article, because I believe all these unexplainable and anomalous events are being generated by AI, and the simulated reality we are now in. EVERTHING. ALL of it. As for me, I could so much relate to Lazar's frustrations in his attempts to get people to believe he is telling the truth. I have said before that most people who read my articles read the words and substitute what I have actually said, based on their own filters and the AI mind-control agenda. PLEASE, I beg all of you, take me literally.

For well over a decade I was associated with a group of people, and when the "Covid Shutdowns" happened here in Ohio, I was able to gracefully disappear and never reappear with them again. For as much time as I spent working with these people, I would bet that NOT ONE PERSON even remotely knew me. For instance, right away, someone spread the belief that I never drank coffee and I was a tea drinker and it took years to break that false impression. Whenever everyone was taking a coffee break, I was always looked at with the remark, "Oh, you don't drink coffee," not even, "Do you drink coffee?" Why? Because I am a vegetarian? An organic farmer? I never figured it out, but the fact is, I love strong coffee, just the way it comes out of the coffee pot, and really do not like tea at all, unless it is made with my own herbs, such as my chocolate mint. That's an insignificant example, but as time went on, I began to realize what these people really thought of me, based on the same false ideas as the coffee, and there was nothing I could do to change it. In the documentary, Lazar laments, "Show me the reality you have created for me. Show me the facts. There are none." Just look at what RFK, Jr. is dealing with. Here's an article that just came out.
Vaccines and “Fabricated Propaganda”: The Character Assassination Directed against Robert Kennedy Jr.
And Dane, at least once in his weekly GANs makes the statement, "I never said that," constantly correcting what people have accused him of saying. The smear campaigns are becoming so obvious for anyone telling the truth. Where does all this come from? It is my belief it is ALL being generated by AI, then taken up by the media and every other professional liar, with its roots in the ALIEN AGENDA. This will, at this point, be an ongoing theme in my articles, both these and the Disclosure ones. I have two of those planned, plus another, more spiritually-oriented regular article in the making. I have so much I have wanted to reveal about my life, but nobody believes or pays attention to what I'm REALLY saying. I have had SO MANY non-physical experiences that give credence to all that I preach, but if no one takes any of it seriously, then what's the point of sharing it?

I have people that think I am lazy and irresponsible, based, of course, on the fact that I don't have a "job." Well, I had jobs most of my life, and now I just work without the benefit of a paycheck. In fact, all I DO is work. I have not been able to color all summer, and that was what I always looked forward to, after the planting was done. At least now I have a chair and a lamp in the greenhouse, so I've been trying to catch up on my reading in the evenings. I know people that think I'm stupid and incompetent. Yes. And even not quite mentally sound, which is why I hestitate to speak of my experiences. More people are coming forward with the mental and psychological torture they've experienced. And their encounters with Aliens. Now, think about it. If you were a super-intelligent invading Alien race, and you realized your victims were waking up and speaking out, what would YOU do to counteract it? Just look around. It's happening all over.

And my last comment—I want to thank all the people who regularly check in to my site, and especially those who are accessing it through a search engine. I have been with InMotion Hosting since May 23. They immediately discovered the erroneous code HostGator put in my .htaccess file, which was preventing serach engines from accessing my site. It has taken me this long to recover, but finally, I once again have first-page listings with Google for many of my book reviews. Book reviews draw people to my site, then they can explore other things, like my articles. I have several book reviews to complete, and will try to get a Disclosure article out soon, provided I still have electricity and internet and my basement hasn't caved in, and that is iffy.

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