A Mind of Its Own: Artificial Intelligence and the Alien Agenda, Part 2

August 9 , 2023

Opening Notes:
First, I want to recommend an article that everyone please needs to read. I have not found too much of interest in Lisa Renee's site for the past year or two because what she has been writing seemed irrelevant to me. But I have continued checking anyways, and what I found yesterday was PERFECT to support what I'm writing about AI, being targeted, being attacked, tortured, having every imaginable obstacle thrown in my path, being worn down and attempted to be weakened. Those who are, or believe they are, controlling the planet are desperately attempting to stop the awakening process in every way, shape and form they possibly can. This is taking place both on and off planet. Lisa gave examples of apparently what she is going through. I don't relate to the money/prosperity issues because I am so dirt-poor that I have learned mostly to live on nothing, because that's where we're ALL gonna be pretty soon. I have been saying for years thart MONEY is an Alien Institution and needs to be gone, therefore, we should all be practicing creating with our minds. While is may not seem like we are progressing, when everything collapses and the Old Paradigm in gone, everything will operate differently. But I could certainly relate to being hacked and blocked from communications. I'll bet I spend over a half hour a day blocking malicious bots from my website. I'm not sure what she means by the opening paragraph, because she doesn't refer to it in the text, but the text is excellent, and can be read in 5-10 minutes. PLEASE READ.
Edict of War against Starseeds
So if you want to know the REAL motive behind all this Weather Warfare, this is it. Distraction and destruction, and often death, all to keep us from waking up.

As mentioned in my article of July 27, Still Don't Think We Have Climate Problems? (A Resource) , I was writing the two together, and planned to publish this sooner. But SO MUCH is changing SO FAST, I have had to adjust my agenda. I wanted to give my readers plenty of time to read both articles, and meanwhile, I decided to just do weather issues with this one because the climate engineering/weather warfare program is ALL ABOUT Artificial Intelligence. I am realizing more and more that the two go hand in hand. Stopping what is going on in the skies, I believe, will also massively change the AI mind control agenda. This is ALL about mind control. Do you not notice how much weaker your mind feels—how foggy everything is and how fatigued you feel after these weather "systems" move through? I struggle to get my bearings, and my critters behave strangely, too.

So, I am going to make a very strong suggestion to everyone reading this, even if this seems ridiculous to you. PLEASE suspend your beliefs and live, for just one week, under the assumption that we are living in a simulated reality, then observe how the world looks very different. You will begin to notice things you did not notice before and see through a clearer lens, I promise. Once we allow ourselves to venture out of the world we believe is our physical reality, we begin to seriously wake up, and we all need to complete that process very quickly now. One of my very faithful readers, who is also a very faithful activist for Dane (I have quite of few of those), asked me if I agreed with Dane that they are keeping the East cool because it is more heavily populated, and my answer was "no, I do not agree," in fact there is more and more of what Dane says that I disagree with, because of the information that is blasting me concerning AI, which Dane is not taking into consideration, at least he has not spoken of it. My belief is that the worst-case scenario concerning AI has come true, that is, IT has taken over. It actually has been moving toward that since WWII, which is when everything began to focus on death and destruction rather than life—extremely toxic chemicals, technology, warfare, and let's not forget the establishment of the CIA. I believe the superintelligent computer or computers that have taken over are bent on a death agenda, and have also gone "insane." Because both ends of the country are getting attacked—we here in the East are being drowned and stormed to death, while the other half is roasting. Both are equally catastrophic.

I was glad to see yet another article published on Global Research that points out that CO2 is NOT the problem in this climate freight train that's about to hit us, and acknowledges climate engineering as a serious culprit, citing Dane and his website and The Dimming, along with giving him praise, but at the same time voicing the same doubt as I did above. He writes, "Dane Wigington has done more than anyone to document this. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the phenomena, but I don’t believe he understands the motivation for weather manipulation." I agree, and believe that he is the most knowledgeable person on the face of the earth about climate engineering, and that there is no other person alive that could do what he is doing, and I wholeheartedly give him that credit. However, in all the years I've known Dane, I also must suspect that he has his own Gatekeeper that prevents him from exploring anything that cannot be proven scientifically. As a Shaman, and someone who has been exploring the non-physical world for over 43 years, I can vouch that unless one knows what is going on in the energetic world, one cannot possibly understand the motives of anything going on today. Plus, I worry that Dane doesn't update his worldview, particularly concerning AI and Alien Interference. I realize that he cannot speak about Aliens in his podcasts, because he would lose his credibility with a lot of people. For now. That will change soon. But as for AI and its effects, everyone who is investigating climate engineering/weather warfare, has GOT to realize that much or most of it, and everything else, is now being run by computers with superintelligence. If he would investigate that aspect, I think he would understand that we are not in an asylum, but in a simulation that has gone rogue. Soon, this, too will no longer remain hidden, as anyone who still has any sense, will clearly see that NOTHING makes sense now because it is not being controlled by humans. And there is plenty being published about AI now, across the board, from MSM to alternative sources, so it is not some conspiracy theory. Here is the article.
Carbon Dioxide Is the Least of Our Worries

I decided to leave most of what I wrote before July 27 intact, except for minor editing and updating, but I have designated where the current material begins below. The other thing is, with all this stuff coming out about Congress and UFOs, I will do yet a third article on the subject of AI, because, as stated above, THAT is everything now—the root of EVERYTHING happening on this planet. We must RESIST it by refusing to go with the program, and once we recognize that there IS a program, we can see the "Man Behind the Curtain." Or put another way, as in the movie, They Live, we can put on the sunglasses. Once we SEE it we can also see this is a false reality, and begin to operate outside of it. My goal now is to PROVE with indisputable evidence that we are living in a simulated reality. Pay attention and help me! Say your mantras!!

Mastery of the physical world;
Triumph over the illusion;
Conquer all fear;
Awaken and be free!

This first half is what I wrote on or before July 27.

This is the follow up to one of my previous articles, so if you have not read it yet, please do, as it contains some essential videos and lots of information.
A Mind of Its Own: Artificial Intelligence and the Alien Agenda, Part 1.
(Note: It is also a follow-up on the article on Climate Problems linked above.) I am actually beginning to get caught up on my farm work, but still have so much to do because I have had one setback after another after another, as pointed out in the opening paragraph. And the biggest setback is this incessant rain, partially orchestrated to keep farmers from having a successful year.

Here I want to begin with the increasingly bizarre things that are happening in my life. Has it always been like this, but we just didn't notice? Well, it depends on how capable one is to notice little details and anomalies, but even for those of us that do pay close attention, there have been strange and unaccountable events going on here, but NEVER like this. AI has completely taken over, and I see proof of that everywhere I look now. But also, I am seeing people not only "getting it," but massive numbers of people speaking out and refusing to go with the program. Remember, whatever has infiltrated this planet are computerized beings that do not have souls, nor are they able to empathize with beings that do have souls. They operate, or at least these are operating as a mind control program and it is incredibly powerful. Say your mantras all day to keep them from messing with your thoughts. And the other thing to remember is that there are many of us headed toward a full-blown awakening—a spiritual transformation and transfiguration. I can feel myself getting closer every day. Will I, will we still exist here when it happens? I dunno, but I DO know that this shift will be so massive that we will be flooded with a vibrational frequency that is so much higher than anything we have ever experienced on this planet, that the machine-beings will be unable to function. I am noticing failures all the time now.

For instance, in weather forecasting. I know that with these fake "systems" that are unrelenting now in the U.S., people are suffering horrendously, and I covered that in my last article, and will continue here, as I am being overwhelmed with information that needs to be shared. According to the maps, often a great portion of the country is under some kind of risk. It is becoming more absurd every day, plus the fact that there is almost no consensus between forecasters, or even departments within NWS/NOAA. Rather than focus on a specific area that is at risk, they put the entire state or region under a Hazardous Outlook. If you look at the Storm Prediction Center's maps, nearly every day, much of the country is at risk for a thunderstorm, and a pretty good chunk under some kind of flood risk.

Here are some maps from Thursday, July 13, beginning with the map from the above named NWS/NOAA division. Wednesday, the Slight risk for severe storms extended as far north into NE Ohio, including my county. Thursday, it was reduced to a Marginal risk, but the fact is, there were no storms here whatsoever, for most of Ohio, except for the southern third or less. Not a drop of rain even expected. None of the maps indicated rain for us. The Weather Channel gave us a 12 percent chance. Our local Cleveland Office often just ignores the rest of NWS/NOAA because their forecasts are becoming so ridiculous. My local NWS forecast gave me a 4-11 percent chance for rain. We got nothing in most of Ohio.

Storm Prediction Center, July 13

We have been under a Hazardous Outlook for days, and yes, along the Lake, I am sure people were suffering from torrential downpours the previous day. The original Excessive Rainfall Outlook had just the area along the lakeshore at risk for flooding, but then they extended it south, when they should have left it where it was, because I, and those south of me did not get any rain at all, thankfully. Here is the map for July 13, as equally absurd as the one above. It is beginning to seem like anywhere that is at risk for the slighest bit of rain automatically gets put under an official risk. Why? Because the NWS/NOAA forecasters are wrong so often and people are getting killed and property damaged because a "storm" ended up more severe than expected? Or because part of the agenda is to keep people in a state of anxiety, because when these totally engineered storms do hit, they are often deadly? Or is it because AI has taken over and gone rogue?

Excessive Rainfall Outlook July 13

So our Cleveland Office, as I mentioned, chose to remove all the Hazardous Outlooks, except right along the Lakeshore, but those are Rip Current notices for swimmers. The entire white area makes up our Cleveland region, except for the part in Michigan. Below that is my specific local forecast, and you can see that there is no mention of rain or severe weather until Saturday.

Cleveland NWS, July 13

My Local Forecast, July 13

And here are two random pages from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center that illustrate what I just wrote about most or much of the country being under a thunderstorm threat nearly every day. I don't know about other parts of the country, if this was EVER NORMAL IN JULY, but I can vouch that it certainly was not so here in NE Ohio. The first is from July 14, which covers also the "projection" for the 15th and 16th. On the 15th, we had what was actually an "old-fashioned" thunderstorm,—nothing severe and no torrential rain. The 16th was a dark dry, hot day with a little rain overnight. This comes from my weather data notebook.

Storm Prediction Center, July 14-16

In the next image, taken as I write this segment on Saturday, July 22, you can see more of the same. However, you'll notice that thunderstorm are only projected in about a third of Ohio, but in fact moved all the way across northern Ohio and into Pennsylvania, and one of those cells appeared destined for me before petering out. Go figure. The third image is an Interactive Radar shot from July 22 at 4:40 p.m., as I write this section. And as of this day, my local forecast calls for only a 30 percent chance of storms on Tuesday and none on Wednesday.

Storm Prediction Center, July 22-24

Interactive Radar, July 22 at 4:40 p.m.

Bear with me while I show you two more maps, again, another indication of absurdity. Obviously one of these is seriously wrong. The QPF map shows rain, amounting to between a tenth and a quarter of an inch or less moving through Missouri into the Northeast where they definitely DO NOT need more rain, from 8 p.m. Tuesday until 8 p.m. Thursday, and yet the Excessive Rainfall Outlook has us under a Marginal Risk for flash flooding. Someone is being absurd, or rather, AI has gone out of control. As stated in my previous article, Artificial Intelligence will eventually prove to inferior to the human brain. Would it not seem to you, with all the modern equipment, satellites, etc., these people have at their fingertips that weather forecasting would be getting more accurate, not more absurd? Therefore, something is very wrong with this picture.

QPF for 8 p.m. Tuesday until 8 p.m. Thursday

Excessive Rainfall Outlook for July 25

And another point: Dane goes on and on about the "script" and that the forecasts are wrong because the script changed and the forecasters didn't get the change in time. I agree with much of what Dane says, but I spend a vast amount of time analyzing all this data, and on this point I absolutely DISAGREE with him and I can prove my point. From what I have discovered about AI in the past several months, I believe that now it is running everything (and I hope to be able to prove that soon, too). These maps are NOT being created by humans, they are being generated by computers. I suspect that those who programmed these computers are running the weather warfare/climate engineering agenda, and the maps serve to enlighten us on what they have in store for us, BUT they are not able to actually follow through with it. There comes a point when the planet's life suppport systems become so fucked up that no one will be able to control anything here, simulated reality or not. Here is proof.

I have The Weather Channel page saved for "Deerfield, Ohio," which is the closest point for me where the weather would be most similar. I also use an Interactive Radar map, which is a Mapbox and is crap, compared to the old Bing maps which were fairly accurate. I have not seen any other Interactive Radar maps of this type that can be used by regular people. This is the one The Weather Channel uses, and they always have it set on the "Future" projection, so when I get on their site to see what they think my weather will be, I can see the exact same map I have saved on my computer. It is being used to "forecast" people's local weather. But the problem, the BIG problem with this map is that it almost always inserts these HUGE globs of rain that come out of nowhere and almost NEVER actually happen. Is that what the weather controllers are attempting to do? They seem to get their jollies from flooding the population and keeping us in a constant state of anxiety over severe storms, tornadoes, etc.. So, you can run the "Future" map and if "storms" are "forecast" to move through your area, it is likely that at some point or points, one of these massive globs will appear on the map over your house, especially if you are being targeted. If you check your online local forecast, then, on The Weather Channel website, you will find that what was previously to be a 40 percent chance of showers has suddenly become a 100 percent chance of heavy rain, 1-2 inches, perhaps. And since the Mapbox map changes frequently, in another ten minutes you will find that it has changed again, perhaps to 60 percent chance of rain, a quarter of an inch. And it will go on and on like this during the entire movement of the "storm system," (engineered). I promise you, this is true, because it happens ALL THE TIME and will completely coincide with the Mapbox map. And the "Storm Tracks" arrows are also usually unreliable, and the "Future" projection will often have the storm moving in a totally different direction than it actually is. So this is NOT a script, it is a COMPUTER PROJECTION based on a goal created by someone or something. Several years ago, when all the Interactive Radar maps switched to Mapbox, they were nowhere NEAR this inaccurate. It seems to me that this massive infiltration of AI has all happened since the Plandemic began. Not that AI wasn't being used before. It was, but COVID was a means for this force or entity or entities to take over. It snuck up on us while the world was being distracted, even the most aware among us, and now it is (or thinks it is) in control. But actually what I see in the midst of all this horror, is a loss of control and total chaos descending upon us. So my suggestion, as always, is to be aware that it is primarily a mind control program and a simulation. Say your mantras, keep your mind focused on awakening, and do not allow yourself to tap into the unreality. Continue to move in the opposite direction.

One more weather comment, then I will go on to other areas of AI, and that is this "storm system" that moved through on July 20. First it was a Marginal Risk, then moved up to Slight, but by the morning of the 20th, had become Enhanced, and we are rarely at a Level 3 Risk here in NE Ohio, which put me into a rather uncomfortable mode. But the thing is, The Weather Channel usually does a video when there is severe weather expected, and they did none that day, plus the Excessive Rainfall Outlook moved us down to Marginal, the lowest risk level, from Slight, where it had been the day before. Well, I had a backup plan, and began moving valuables into the greenhouse, like my fash drives with all my data and website, plus water, pet food, seeds, and the turtles. It began in the north while it was still light, and I watched this thing—this monster move toward me. After it crossed the Lake, it formed a squall line which was all under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, plus a few tornado warnings. We were all under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch. When it got to the northern half of my county, I grabbed the cats and out we went. The greenhouse is a framework of steel cemented into the ground about two feet deep, covered with a corrugated polycarbonate called "Replex." It's a pretty strong place to be in severe weather.

And so. I got basically nothing. A breath of wind, and supposedly 70 mph winds were predicted, and way too fucking much rain that I DID NOT NEED. But by the looks of this storm, I would have thought it would be torrential. It wasn't. It was heavy, but not torrential. So we all spent the night in the greenhouse. Molly and I sleep out there now anyways, but the cats were not happy campers. Well, Grizzly Bear didn't seem to mind. He found a place to curl up and sleep; he ate and drank water and used the litter pan. But the girls were freaked and hid. Goblin later joined Grizzy, but Jasmyne was pissed all night. The turtles weren't too happy either. Anyways, I am glad I had everyone out there because we were all together and safe. Maggie was outside, but she has her own special places to hide. Smedley, one of the strays, joined her. Today, The Weather Channel had this video. Supposedly a woman was killed by a falling tree in Ohio, but they do not even name the town. So it doesn't seem to me it was the even they expected, and I am glad most people were safe. I didn't see anything on any national media about it. I'm about sick of this shit. You can see that squall line in the video, and that alone was scary.
Ohio Storms, Fallen Tree Kills One Person

However, on the same day, this happened. Hmm. Not sure I feel too bad about this one. I wish it would have wiped out the whole factory.
Tornado Hits Pfizer Factory In North Carolina

Here are a couple more articles on AI. First, here's one praising it, and I am not sure why Global Research has been publishing such crap lately. It is from a "scientific" perspective, and we all know how stupid scientists have become. Plus, we are NOT gonna be around long enough to implement these programs. Why are we planning for a future, at least in this paradigm? Not gonna happen.
Record Speed on AI Implementation
THIS one, however, is chillingly real, and I think more advanced, perhaps than this article admits. And yes, this would bring immediate extinction to all of Planet Earth. Let us see what happens with the climate in the next couple months, because . . . well, that could be the game-changer . . . or the trigger. PLEASE read this article.
AI Versus AI. And Human Extinction as Collateral Damage. “AI and the Nuclear Trigger”
Here is a quote from the above article. "Hallucinations." Hmm. Is that not what is going on with weather warfare/climate engineering? The maps show us one thing while the results are another. How many other ways does this apply to our lives?

Such a prospect should be ample cause for concern. To start with, consider the risk of errors and miscalculations by the algorithms at the heart of such systems. As top computer scientists have warned us, those algorithms are capable of remarkably inexplicable mistakes and, to use the AI term of the moment, “hallucinations”—that is, seemingly reasonable results that are entirely illusionary. Under the circumstances, it’s not hard to imagine such computers “hallucinating” an imminent enemy attack and launching a war that might otherwise have been avoided.

And here is a quote from the text accompanying Dane's latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 22, 2023

Almost a thousand fires are now burning in Canada, climate engineering operations are inseparable from the incinerations that are occurring all over the world. "Climate collapse could happen fast" and the current "extinction event will be worse than first predicted", two not so pleasant admissions just issued by matrix media. Not because they care about the truth, but because they can no longer hide it. Is there still time to alter our current course before impact at full velocity? We will very soon know the answer to that question.

And this one! OMG, we enter creepy land, seriously.
AI Robots Could Run the World Better Than Humans, Robots Tell UN Summit
This next article proves much of what I've been writing. I trust nothing any more. Again, back to what I wrote about the computer-generated "forecasts" at The Weather Channel, and the repetitive phrases, such as "Showers will evolve into a steady rain over night," or "A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible," all the time. As I write this segment on Sunday, July 23, that phrase appears in every forecast from July 23 to July 28. The point is here, this shit has infiltrated everything in our lives, in the blink of an eye. No wonder kids are getting stupider and can't even carry on a conversation that lasts more than a minute. They can't write and don't read. This is a very revealing article and, though in a different way, every bit as creepy as the one above. No wonder nothing makes sense any more, to those of us who still have our senses. The second example in the article, the one about toys, is ludicrous, but bears resemblance to what we are now seeing all over the place, as in weather forecasting. And there's that term again—Hallucinations—referring to AI again, to quote the article above, "seemingly reasonable results that are entirely illusionary."
Bot or not? How to tell when you’re reading something written by AI

The day after I read the above article, this one was published on the National Propaganda Radio website. Do I thing this was written by a computer that was "hallucinating?" As with the toy example above this is entirely ludicrous. Not only is the economy in meltdown, so is the planet and by the end of the year we will all, most likely, be roasting to death, unless we can put an end to the climate intervention programs, like NOW, and even then it is gonna be bad, no matter what. Plus all the massive numbers of people that are dropping dead, not only from the Covid bioweapons, but from the heat, tornadoes, drowning . . . . (That's probably why the unemployment rate is so low, eh?) But, hey, the U.S. economy is doing GREAT! Yes, that HAD to be written by a computer.
Could the U.S. still see a recession? A handy primer about the confusing economy

August 8, 2023

OK, so here is where I am adding the new material from the past two weeks and goodness!! What a ton of new material there is. I will focus mostly on weather issues, as stated above because that is what is being used to carry out much of the deadly agendas happening now. I looked over the maps I had posted two weeks ago, and, gosh, not much has changed there. Here in NE Ohio it has been nothing but rain with maybe a day or two in between. A NORMAL summer here would be just the opposite. This endless precipitation has been going on for over twenty years now, with only a few times we have had relief. Last summer was an example, which is why I had such good crops, but now everything is growing SO SLOWLY, rotting, being attacked by armies of slugs and disease. But I am planning on continuing to grow all winter. Who thinks we'll have a winter this year? At some point the planet's climate will collapse, and I agree with Dane that it is coming very soon. That's why we MUST END THESE AGENDAS NOW.

I have lots of maps to share—please take them seriously and don't just skim over. When you become very good at weather maps, it will make a HUGE difference in the way you perceive the weather warfare program. Dane is certainly an expert at weather maps, and so am I. I also have lots of links, and lots of NWS Forecast Discussion which is evidence that they are just as confused as we are. THERE IS NO MASTER SCRIPT!! These are computer generated. Many times now our Cleveland, Ohio office just chooses to ignore them. Such as on Monday, August 7, which was to be a severe weather event for most of Ohio and east. We were put under a Mariginal Risk on Sunday by the Storm Prediction Center, which changed to a Slight Risk (Level 2) on Monday, but Cleveland ignored that. They usually publish a screenshot on their daily "Weather Story," but instead published a map of their own with expected temps and rainfall. After Sunday's inch, we did NOT need a whole 'nother day of rain, but we got it. Nothing even dries out any more. Anyways, I will begin with the Forecast Discussions I have saved. These are from my local NWS page which can be obtained by U.S. residents by clicking National Weather Service, then clicking the region where you live, which will take you to your regional office. Click the place on their map where you live, then you can fine-tune it to your exact location by using the map in the right colume below the forecast. I keep that saved in my bookmarks and refer to it numerous times a day. Their Forecast Discussion is toward the bottom of the page, plus I find the "Hourly Weather Forecast" graphic, below the map in the right column very helpful for a lot of different data. Well, sorta helpful, as it is usually wrong. Here's one from July 14, which seems to be the forecaster trying to justify the bizarre and anomalous weather patterns, or else they are too young to realize that there is nothing "typical" about any weather any more, and CERTAINLY not mid-Summer in NE Ohio, which should be HOT and DRY.

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Cleveland OH
707 AM EDT Fri Jul 14 2023

.LONG TERM /TUESDAY THROUGH THURSDAY/... The long term forecast period will be best characterized as a typical mid-Summer, unsettled pattern with fairly generic rain chances. The upper trough over the Great Lakes region will advance eastward on Tuesday and some subsidence behind this feature should allow for a high pressure system to move through the Great Lakes region.

The next group of discussions implies confused forecasters that are trying to make sense out of the (computer-generated) scripts that have little to do with what their data is telling them. Plus, none of the of the models are in agreement. They are from the "systems" that moved through on July 27-28.

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Cleveland OH
130 PM EDT Thu Jul 27 2023

As alluded to in the previous paragraph, there is a low chance (20-30%) for thunderstorms to develop on Friday. With the heat and humidity, a lot of instability develops, with the 00Z HREF mean MUCAPE of around 2500-3000 J/kg by 20Z Friday afternoon. The problem is there is very little confidence in occurrence and timing of forcing and thus the occurrence/initiation of thunderstorms. Some models have a shortwave trough coming through during the morning, with remnant showers/storms during the morning. Other models have isolated/scattered developing with diurnal heating in the afternoon/evening. A few have nothing. Additionally, there is relatively little CIN forecast (although modeled soundings do show a small temperature inversion around 900-850mb), so a remnant outflow from previous convection or a lake breeze boundary could be enough to initiate more afternoon storms (without much synoptic-scale forcing). So there is very little confidence in the storms chances on Friday. With that said, if storms do develop, it`s a decently favorable environment for severe storms due to high instability, and marginal deep layer shear of around 20-30 knots (model variability on this too). Damaging winds would likely be the greatest weather hazard due to high PWAT and very high theta-e differences (upwards of 30 to 35 C) though can`t rule out some isolated large hail, especially if there is higher shear than forecast. Tornadoes are very unlikely due to weak low-level shear. High PWATs would lead to efficient rainfall.

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Cleveland OH
331 PM EDT Thu Jul 27 2023

The new guidance coming in with the 12z runs shows our severe weather threat may be increasing late Friday afternoon into the overnight. The SPC outlook for day 2 has been upgraded to a slight for the entire are of northern Ohio and NW PA. With the heat and humidity, a lot of instability develops, with the 12Z HREF mean MUCAPE of around 2500-3500+ J/kg by 21Z Friday afternoon. There is quite a bit of uncertainty and low confidence regarding the timing of forcing with the small disturbances riding over the flat upper level ridge of high pressure late Friday.

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Cleveland OH
700 AM EDT Fri Jul 28 2023

.NEAR TERM /THROUGH SATURDAY/... Although no changes have been made for the next six hours or so, there is increasing uncertainty in the forecast this afternoon into this evening. Isolated showers are beginning to develop across NW OH this morning and 06Z guidance is much more aggressive with convection this afternoon into early this evening with storms possibly initiating in NW OH this afternoon and spreading east into this evening with additional rounds of convection rippling across the CWA tonight into the overnight. It`s also possible that storms initiate along the lake breeze in NE OH and NW PA this afternoon. Still expect the convection heading into NW IN to weaken at least a little bit as it tracks east, however 00Z guidance did not resolve this well at all so it`s possible that it makes it into the local area later this morning or early this afternoon. Will need to rely heavily on mesoscale features in addition to radar and satellite observations over the next several hours to determine what will unfold this afternoon into this evening. If 06Z guidance is correct and storms manage to pop during peak heating this afternoon, the high CAPE values will likely result in a higher hail threat than outlined in the current convective outlook. The increased chances of multiple rounds of convection would result in a higher flash flood risk. Opted to not make any significant changes with this update, but changes may be needed if the storms to the west hold together.

Regardless of what happens during the day today, not much has changed for tonight. If the atmosphere is worked over from earlier convection, it`s possible that tonight`s main threat will be heavy rain and flash flooding.

Thunderstorms and cloud cover may throw a wrench in temperature/heat index forecasts. Will continue to monitor temp/dew point trends, but it`s possible that the Heat Advisory will need to be canceled early this afternoon.

(Note: it WAS cancelled, as the temps, other than a quick and temporary rise to 84 degrees here, fell into the mid-70s for the remainder of the day—hardly a heatwave.)

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Cleveland OH
1045 AM EDT Fri Jul 28 2023
Update . . .

Our near-term forecast is evolving quickly this morning. Additional updates will likely be needed by early afternoon. CAM`s have had a terrible handle on evolving convection now entering our CWA from the west. Expect multicell showers/thunderstorms with torrential rainfall along the E`ward-advancing downshear gust front to persist generally E`ward amidst W`erly mean mid-level flow, moderate effective bulk shear, strengthening 0-3 km AGL bulk shear with a W`erly component, PWAT`s near 2.0", a humid boundary layer destabilizing via daytime heating, and moderate to strong MUCAPE. As low-level lapse rates steepen via diurnal convective mixing of the boundary layer and DCAPE grows toward 1000 J/kg, the potential for strong to damaging convective gusts should increase. Despite expected sizable MUCAPE in the hail growth zone, melting levels near 14kft AGL should cause hail to melt considerably before reaching the surface and limit severe hail potential. Will also monitor a MCV approaching from northeastern IN. Low-level convergence/isentropic ascent ahead of this feature amidst abundant moisture and sizable MUCAPE may trigger additional showers/storms very late this morning into at least this afternoon.

This, by the way, was that monster system that moved through Ohio in the early hours of Saturday, July 29, at 4:30 a.m., which dumped over an inch of rain here in a matter of 30-45 minutes. We were under all kinds of watches and warnings, but by the time it arrived here, all that was left of it was torrential rain. That is the image Dane used for his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 29, 2023.
In this week's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 5, 2023,
he provides two very short (12 seconds and 29 seconds) animations of these totally engineered systems. The second is the one that moved through Ohio that I just mentioned, and it scared the shit out of me. Plus, they are seeding the clouds—I suspect that's what they are doing up there just before we get hit, and that's why the PWATS are SO HIGH. We NEVER had rain come down that hard. It was when I moved to Cincinnati to work on my Master's degree that I first experienced this torrential rain. You couldn't even drive because you could not see a foot in front of you. It followed me home when I moved back here in 1986. By the way, during that "system" that moved through, all my critters were safe in the greenhouse—Molly, my cats and two remaining turtles. My house is so rotted now that it is crashing to the ground—floors, beams, walls— there is barely anything left, so we are living in the greenhouse. My turtles finally have "real" light and are loving it, and my old cats bask in the heat. They also have a shelter I made them if they get too hot, but as cold as it has been, nobody has had a problem. Molly spends here day on the porch with Maggie to keep her company, and I'm outside. Plus we have WAY more room to move around. It is a big greenhouse! Just take a look at what is going on in the rest of the world, and a greenhouse on 15-acres doesn't look too bad! I will continue with links to weather stories, but first here is one more text from NWS, which was actually in the 7-Day Forecast at the top of my local page on Monday, August 7.

"Showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 2pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 78. South wind 9 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New rainfall amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible."

Mainly after 2pm. HA! It was pouring rain when this was posted at 9:35 a.m., but it only came to .45 inches for the entire day, as we did not get any of the heavy stuff, although others close by did. Here's a screenhot I took. As you can see, the pinwheels continue. The one below it further supports Dane's videos. You can see the frequencies at work at the border of Missouri and Arkansas, plus that spoke that is ALWAYS visible now during storms right between Pembroke and Ottawa In Canada. I took the first at 8:10 a.m. on Tuesday August 8, and took the second one, same day as I wrote, at 2:35 p.m. and it was STILL there. On that one, you can also see the frequency towers in use off the coast of Maine.

Interactive Radar, August 7, 9:35 a.m.

Interactive Radar, August 8, 8:10 a.m.

Interactive Radar, August 8, 2:35 p.m.

And now on to news stories. Let us begin with this one. Living in a greenhouse doesn't look so bad, does it? I am glad to have shelter. How many will by the end of the year?
Alaska Flooding Rips House Into River
Flooding from glacial break sends home tumbling into Alaska river
Severe Weather In East Kills 2, Knocks Out Power To More Than 1 Million
Cars Trapped For Hours After Storms Down Power Lines
And how about this?
Severe weather in East kills at least 2, hits airlines schedules hard and causes widespread power outages
Here's a quote from the article. "The White House pushed up by 90 minutes President Biden's departure on a four-day trip taking him to Arizona, New Mexico and Utah." Hmm. How convenient that Biden just happened to be scheduled somewhere else at the time. Kinda reminds me of Bush reading kiddie stories in Florida when 9/11 hit. Eh? Anyways, I should have taken a screenshot of the Storm Prediction Center's map, 'cause it kept getting more dire through the day, and I believe they were at a Level 4, or even Level 5 Risk of Severe Storms, and you don't mess with that.

Of course, nearly every day now we here in NE Ohio are designated to have thunderstorms, and they designate an area even it there is less than a ten percent chance because it is also about sensationalizing, as Dane always says, and I DO agree with THAT. Plus, usually at least two out of the five days shown on the Excessive Rainfall Outlook page lists us here in NE Ohio as "at risk," most often "Marginal," again, even if the chance is tiny, we are still put under a risk, and the risk area hovers near us nearly every day. NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL. Let me show you four more maps to illustrate how absurd it is all getting. And incidentally, we did not get a drop of rain all day.

Below is the NWS graphic forecast I mentioned above, this for Friday, August 4, beginning at 8 a.m.. You can see there is a tiny chance of rain or a thunderstorm at 1 p.m.. The next is the QPF Map, beginning at the same time, and you can also see there is possibly some light rain to move through Northern Ohio, or more Central Ohio. But the Storm Prediction Center has it appearing that most of Ohio will be getting thunderstorms, and the next one, the National Forecast Map is even more foreboding. My point here is this: They are sensationalizing the weather, but even more importantly, what intelligent meteorologist would, on their own, create maps absurd maps like this? Pay Attention! This is more about the agenda than the reality—what they are trying to make the weather do, rather than what it does most of the time. Dane goes on and on that they can do whatever they want, that they are in control. But are they? I don't think so, they just want to make the population think they are. Or, even more to the point, are these maps just another example of AI gone mad? And now on to news stories.

Hourly Graphical Forecast, August 4, 8 a.m.

QPF Map, August 4, 8 a.m. to August 5, 8 a.m.

Storm Prediction Center, August 4

National Forecast Charts, August 4

OK, so here's another, gosh, maybe we'll just try it article, EVEN THOUGH it's been going on for 75 years, and as mentioned above, Cloud Seeding is the reason for these outrageously high rainfall rates and flooding. Period. Do I think they are lying? No, I think they really do not know. Why? Because of AI and the simulated reality in which we live. Do you not wonder why people are experiencing such vastly different realities? It's not because they are lying or paid to lie or even just plain ignorant and unable to see what's going on. It's because THEY are experiencing something DIFFERENT. Please give all of this deep thought. We MUST break open the agenda and reveal the truth.
Drought-stricken Mexico is turning to a controversial technology to make it rain
And here's the opposite.
Heaviest rain in a decade kills 11 in Beijing as raging torrents wash away roads and cars
And this is the worst of Weather Warfare.
Wildfires in Syria Used as a Weapon of War
And yes, here in NE Ohio, I am STILL wearing flannel pajamas, Mondsay night topped with a sweatshirt.
Relief from heat wave is on the way for Northeast and mid-Atlantic, but southern areas remain at risk
All you have to do is listen to Dane to understand the looming heat disaster.

What would happen if all these ionosphere heaters and microwave towers and 5G towers suddenly went down? The "heat domes" would certainly disappear. Would that help relieve the problem? I would think so, to a certain point, at least while the planet still has some ability to cool herself. What would happen if all cell phones went down? If the internet went down and all computers went dead? Yes, of course it would cause massive chaos, but do you not think it also might shut down the AI? I am not a doom-and-gloomer as some are. I believe that we are on the verge of a massive rise in vibrational frequencies and nothing can stop it. Have you ever wondered if all these seemingly catastrophic events are meant to shut it all down. We are ending the old paradigm. We must let go of it if we are to move on to something new, we just cannot yet see what that new is, or how it will manifest, but I have long-believed that things that are so massively important find their own path to succeed, and there are SO MANY both on and off planet that are desperately ready to move to higher levels. That's why we must always keep in mind what is going on in the non-physical world, because there is the only true reality. This physical world is merely a mirror to help us to understand what we cannot see. Keep that in mind.

Here are just a few more stories I found this morning as I was preparing this to publish.
Cars And Roads Flooded As Tornado Hits Massachusetts
Tornado touched down in Marstons Mills, National Weather Service confirms
Fire on Hawaii's Maui island forces people to jump into water to flee flames
Tornado touched down in Allentown, National Weather Service says
Storm damage in Newark, Delaware caused by straight-line winds, NWS says
Brutal storm leaves Carroll County community in shambles
"Apocalyptic": Mother Nature shows no mercy as residents in Philly region assess storm damage
As Dane would say (sarcastically), "Blame it on Mother Nature. . . ." We all need to wake up and blame it on CLIMATE ENGINEERING, then UNITE to put an end to it.

Here's more.
Extreme heat has killed 147 people in 5 counties, coroners report. The real number is likely much higher
And that's just the beginning if we don't STOP what's going on in the skies.
At least 16 people dead from heat-related causes as South Korea swelters under high temperatures
These next two articles have nothing to do with weather, but how the media manipulates the truth, in this case, NPR—National Propaganda Radio.
Ohio voters reject measure that would have made it harder to change constitution
The article blatantly omits what the Issue was really about, briefly mentioning abortion, and making it sound like those who oppose it were victorious. But this article, from CBS News tells the TRUTH, and in fact, it was a victory for pro-abortion supporters. Thankfully. YES! Ohio!! Nobody has any fucking right to tell a woman (or any person), what they can and can't do to their own body.
Ohio votes against Issue 1 in special election. Here's what that could mean for abortion rights.

I know this is another long article, but I hope everyone reads it in sections with breaks in between, to absorb the meaning of what I am trying to communicate. I have said over and over that people do not "get" a fraction of what I write, often reading something totally different into my words. Another act of AI and the mind control agenda. The next regular article will cover Aliens.

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