A Mind of Its Own: Artificial Intelligence and the Alien Agenda, Part 1

July 10, 2023

Opening Comment: It is easy to make the excuse that we are too busy to do what we need to do, such as reading this whole article and watching the interviews and documentaries I have included. The too-busy-ness is all part of the distraction agenda, for me included, but we must prioritize. Right now, THE most important thing we ALL should be doing is to become fully aware of the entire agenda going on on this planet, from both the physical aspect, which is the explosion and takeover by AI, and from the non-physical aspect, which is the more accurate truth. As Above, So Below. Our physical world is but a mirror that reflects what is happening in the spiritual/soul realm. This is a long article which took me ages to research the materials and watch all the recommended videos. PLEASE, read it slowly and in sections. I will not publish another article for most of month, so you have plenty of time to watch and read everything here. We ALL NEED TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION. The two most essential and urgent videos to watch are the documentary, Final Days and the Zeee Media interview with Karen Kingston and Dr. Ana Mihalcea, and then the short Bluetruth documentary.

I have been working on this since the end of May, and have made the spur of the moment decision to publish it in two segments for two reasons. First the more I investigated, the more I found, and the information has been overwhelming and would be overwhelming for my readers. Plus, at the rate I was going, it would be August before I got it published. And second, I have been through hell and back several times these past several weeks, first with all these weather "systems" that set me SO FAR back on my farm work, plus all this rain and rot is bringing down what remained of my house. Molly and I now sleep in the greenhouse. Then there was another situation that I will explain in the next article. But the energy surrounding all this is that I am getting closer to the truth, and the truth will set us free, because once we know the truth, awakening follows, and I mean the BIG awakening. But the closer you come to reaching the truth, the more dangerous it becomes, because it will be the end of this paradigm at the spiritual level. Right now, their goal is to end this paradigm and the whole human experiment without awakening, hence their desperate attempt to capture our souls. I have gone through these periods of attacks for decades, but for the past couple years, it has been relentless. And NOW! OMG, it feels like I'm being pursued by a swarm of angry yellow jackets, living in the state of fight or flight. But like being in the most horrifying nightmare, and waking up just as the worst is about to happen, we realize it was all just an illusion. And I think that I and millions of others on this path to awakening are probably stuck in this nightmare along with me. We are being tested in the extreme for our worthiness of transformation and transfiguration, and because we are particularly vulnerable now, the parasites have stepped in to make our lives even more miserable. But it is all part of the same agenda, and as the Bible story tells us Jesus went into the desert to be tempted by Satan, we are now being tempted at so many levels—for our courage, our willingness to do what is right at all costs, for the amount of faith we have in our path to ascension and our determination to face whatever needs to be faced in order to reach our goals. Remember, for every test we pass, we are building up our spiritual muscles and immunity, so when we wake up, we will never be subjected to these horrors again. Those who are paying attention know that there are those who prey on weak cowards, who easily have given up their souls in exchange for comfort and power, which is a big theme in this article. They, too, will have to face their follies. Nobody gets off free. But for those of us who persist, our awakening will be like waking up from that nightmare and realizing it was all an illusion. And it is.

As my regular readers know, I have believed we live in a simulated reality for over a decade now. It has been just a matter of being able to prove it. I am getting closer. There is not a week, no, make that day that goes by that something doesn't happen to me that is unexplainable. The thing is, the human mind always wants to find a logical explanation for everything that happens, and we have a tendency to blame ourselves. We could have been careless or distracted or absent-minded when we misplaced that item that showed up days or weeks later in the most unlikely place, for instance. But lately, things have been occuring in my life one after another after another after another, and at some point we must stand back and step outside the picture. When we do that, it is obvious that something has taken over the planet that isn't human or organic, and most likely has become, or is becoming rogue and random. And perhaps, this will be what we have awaited—the eye-opener, or the "Man Behind the Curtain." Once we can see it, we can escape it. Once again EXPOSURE and DISCLOSURE will change everything. That, too, is part of the awakening.

I will begin with some info on AI from the "scientific" point of view, (as the remainder of this article focuses on the spiritual), and we all know how dumb scientists are these days. I am definitelty not a fan of "Democracy Now," but this video showed up when I was searching for something else and I accidentally opened it, then realized it was something I needed to watch.
Artificial Intelligence "Godfathers" Call for Regulation as Rights Groups Warn AI Encodes Oppression
One general comment I must make is that the people interviewed seemed to have an extremely naïve perception of our current disasters, including the criminal activities of the biotech industries and the climate situation. But concerning the main topic, there were some very profound statements in which we all must become familiar. One of the people being interviewed was Yoshua Bengio, a Professor at the University of Montreal. In speaking of potential dangers of AI without strict regulation, he said that computers could do things humans could never do, such as read the entire internet very quickly, and communicate with or "talk to" other computers. Hmm. Now, how many times has Dane used his own phrase concerning climate engineering and suddenly, all the meterologists are using it? Is it because they regularly logon to Dane's site and listen to his GAN broadcasts and study his materials? Unlikely. Or do computers pick up phrases and spread them across the internet? Here's a curious commentary from our NWS office in Cleveland.

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Cleveland OH
206 PM EDT Mon Jun 26 2023
Busy afternoon as widespread showers/storms have blossomed in response to daytime heating and gradually cooling temps aloft as the closed, stacked low pinwheels just north of Lake Erie. These storms are producing brief gusts over 40 knots and hail up to one half inch in diameter, and this will continue through early evening with brief breaks of sunshine in between convective cells. Continued the trend of raising PoPs through the afternoon with 90-100% in most areas. The activity will begin to decrease in coverage after 22Z and will decrease through the evening as the sun sets.

Pinwheels, eh? Pinwheels. When have you ever heard the "Pinwheels" with these rain "systems"? Well, you heard it from ME previous to this NWS statement in my last Disclosure #4 article from June 17, accompanying all those screenshots I took. And by the way, in case you don't realize it, that is what they are using to steer all this Canadian wildfire smoke into the central and eastern U.S.. But Bengio made another statement that was even more disturbing, because, the scenario he speaks of wanting to avoid is already well underway. In fact, in its "Final Days." I replayed this over and over to make sure I got it right, as a quote, and I think I (mostly) did. By the way, this broadcast was from June 1. He said, concerning the question of why unregulated AI "could" become dangerous, is if they become smarter than us.

If they're smarter than us, they might act in ways that are not . . .eh . . . that do not agree with what we intend . . . .what we want them to do.

Em . . . . There's not a "could, may, might." We have been there for quite a while, and many are just noticing it now. And as for "regulation," we here in the U.S. that are paying attention don't have much confidence in regulations or anything else concerning the government. And when you factor in the very real probability that it is Alien technology to begin with, I think regulation might be a bit useless. More on Aliens in a bit. Later in the broadcast, another guest was Max Tegmark of MIT, again speaking of the need to control this technology, because if we do not, it may (no could, may, might—it already is) result in the extinction of the human race. He makes an interesting analogy of humans being the cause of animal extinctions because "we're smarter than them," (well, that's questionable) and our agenda does not align with theirs. OK, so, putting it that way sends chills up my spine. They also spoke about "killer robots" which are already being used not only in warfare, like drones, but in some cities' police force.

Again, I want to clearly point out that these "expert" scientists are typical of most modern scientist, who can only comprehend their immediate field and have one belief system that excludes everything else. Praising the good job the FDA has done in keeping the biotech industry from endangering the public is certainly an absurdity and indication of cluelessness, and so is the fact that they are just now concerned with regulating AI, way after it has done so much damage, is disturbing to say the least. Just look around and you will see examples of AI and its dangerous infiltration into everyday life. Take, for instance, the weather maps, interactive maps and weather "forecasting" in general, which often has little to nothing to do with the weather we're actually getting, then the meteorologists have to scramble to explain. It is easy to blame the military and global elites and climate scientists, but these people have already made the decision to lose their souls and join the ranks of the "superintelligent." I have to comment that the Interactive Radar I use has become totally unreliable. I used to be able to run the "Future" setting and get a fairly accurate idea of what was coming, but for quite a while now, during these weather "systems," it will indicate an explosion of rain coming out of nowhere, and except for rare cases, they never happen. Why? Because it is generated by Artificial Intelligence, not based on what the weather is actually doing. On July 7, which was a dry day despite all the hype, in the evening this tiny little cell parked itself right over my house and dumped, I'll bet, hundreds of gallons of water into what is left of my house. There was nothing I could do to get it out fast enough. When I went back later and rewound the map, in fact, this cell was never even on my road. Nothing is real any more.

There are many who believe this Alien race that has been visiting us, or at least one of the Alien races, possess a superintelligence. People like Elon Musk get brain chips implanted so they can be superintelligent, too. Many believe that it is Aliens such as this that are running the computer that has created this simulated reality in which we live. But people who choose superintelligence are not only forfeiting their souls, they're forfeiting their minds. A brain and a mind are not the same. A computer can contain vast quantities of data, in which it uses to draw conclusions to project an outcome, but a mind is so much more complex. Those who have a mind approach information from many aspects, which includes moral and ethical judgments and awareness of the consequences of actions. They are able to feel compassion for all the forms of life that inhabit the planet. The people who have, or are attempting to take over the control of this planet lack the ability to use their minds as normal humans do. They are filled with data that they are unable to judge or foresee the consequences of its use. Computers have a type of consciousness and are sentient in one respect, but lacking a soul, computers, or any person who has chosen to merge with computers, can no longer function as a human spiritual being. That's where we are now. That accounts for the asylum we are living in, as Dane would say. Do you see how this is exactly what we are dealing with? It makes this insane weather manipulation suddenly "make sense."

But how about this? What if these Aliens ARE the computers, not just controlling them? There have actually been warnings about AI from "intelligent" people on this planet for quite a while, that it could run amok. Kinda like HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey. We, as humans, tend to put a human spin on everything, but think about it. Superintelligence isn't about "thinking." Thinking is a quality of living, organic beings. Computers can have superintelligence, but they don't "think." And we also perceive consciousness as an organic quality, but electricity and atoms have consciousness. We must stand back and redefine these perceptions, then put a great deal of thought into what is happening on this planet. A soulless entity can possess superintelligence and consciousness, and that's what these Elites want to turn us into. But wait. Maybe there is no conspiracy. Maybe this superintelligence has simply taken control of the planet and does "things" to further its agenda. Or maybe it has lost control and is random. We like to label the Elites as evil and wanting to control the entire planet, and they do, but that is NOT what this AI is, I mean the one controlled by the Aliens, or that IS the Aliens. It doesn't think, it doesn't reason, it certainly has no moral compass, and it certainly does not care about us or what it is doing to us. It just IS. Is that what is running this planet? And we must also ask the question, "Are we really here, or has our consciousness been hijacked" from some other place where we exist? Yuval Noah Harari has already made it clear that our minds can be hacked, in fact, Jose Delgado did that decades ago, but now it's all being done with this toxic technology, which is also AI, I would expect. They have used the vaccines to hack our souls, and I have quite a bit on that later on.

So what is their agenda? It is easy for us as humans to think that we are being attacked or sabotaged or that this is all a depopulation agenda, but I have said over and over that it is not, and others agree. It is more about turning us into transhumans, which would be the extinction of the human race, but not "depopulation" as such. I think these things have such an advanced intelligence that it would not even occur to them to attack us or kill us. As I have questioned before, what if it's all just an experiment? And even more to the point, what if none of this is real? Since they can and are hacking our minds, the reality we experience may be inside us, which would account for the vast difference in what people are perceiving. I also know that these weather "systems" are filled with mind-control substances, linked with the electronic grid above us, because I can tell I am being messed with, and it is even worse when we have these dark, sunless days on end. It is not just "dimming," it is hiding something, I believe. As in the movie, They Live, we are surrounded with subliminal messages that many of us are beginnning to see through, like the blatant lies being told by the MSM and governments that are so obviously ridiculous, yet far too many believe them. Weather has become a means to keep us in a state of fear and anxiety, which is also why the weather maps are often WAY more serious that what actually happens, and when it does happen, it is often contained to a small area. One Saturday, we were under a Marginal Risk for severe storms and a Slight Risk for flash flooding. I got no storms and .01 inches of rain, yet others DID get horrendous flooding, but those were specific areas, and not widespread, at least here in Ohio. They know that beings with souls are capable of creating their reality with their minds, so they are "using" us to create their agenda. And since they are computers, we could not possibly comprehend their agenda even if we knew what it was, just like the animals going extinct cannot comprehend our agenda. (Well, I can't comprehend it either, mostly.) Remember, these beings do not have a soul, so they must rely on technology to get their way. Living, organic beings will always have that gift that they lack, which is possibly another reason they are working so hard to separate us from our souls. Or not. Again, we must stop trying to find logic in what they do, because at that level of intelligence, plus their lack of moral compass, we cannot comprehend the way they "think."

And as I have said over and over, the time period around WWII is when this explosion of toxic technology became available to us, and I have also said that it was the time these beings, perhaps, decided to take up permanent residence here. I have also believed that what is going on in the skies is more about that than climate engineering, because nobody, not even Dane really knows everything that is going on up there. And speaking of Dane, he noted that he had crammed as much bad news into this latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 1, 2023.
He spoke about Project Starfish, and anyone who is familiar with military experiments with atomic bombs, both the U.S. and Russia, has got to see that these people, even back then, had already lost their souls. Nobody with a soul could ever possibly mess with this stuff, not even knowing what it would do. Remember, a normal human being that is in communion with their soul uses that connection to make sound moral and ethical judgments. Period. Actually, even a normal human being who isn't in touch with their soul would never do the things that we see going on today. These are not normal human beings. So this infiltration of whatever is the source of this superintelligence has been working on us for quite a while. And it is those whose goal in life is power and control who were easily cajoled into submission. Here's a comment from Gary Morrow.

Gary Morrow says:
July 1, 2023 at 2:22 pm

Another act of insanity was conducted against the planet in the same era as Project Starfish that Dane mentioned. In October 1961 the Soviet Union exploded the monstrous Tsar Bomba (King Bomb) which had over 3000 times the explosive power of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. The blast shattered windows in Norway more than five hundred miles away The crew of the plane that dropped the bomb were told that they only had a fifty percent chance of escaping the blast radius. The crew survived, but countless animals below were not so lucky.

Next, I have some additional materials to share, beginning with some articles pertaining to AI. I want to make one additional comment concerning Letter to Earth, which I've been quoting in my past several articles. I mostly agree with what Wise wrote, but there were other parts I strongly disagree with. I DO believe in evil, and also believe, at least here on this planet, we need "duality," otherwise, most people would have no way to judge what is correct and incorrect behavior. I do NOT believe in the "anything goes" attitude she has, or had when she wrote the book. However, with this new information, I can understand why she said these beings are not evil but have misaligned values. How can you call a machine evil? It's like calling a rock or a glass of water evil. But that doesn't mean they don't have to be destroyed or at least removed from this planet. She also said that humanity has begun transformation, and once it begins it cannot be stopped, even if we have to relocate to another planet, which I thought was an interesting way of putting it. Right now, THE most important task we must all undertake is making a strong reconnection with our souls and waking up. That is more important than anything else we can do right now, because our connection with our souls will be our power that can stop this atrocity taking place on the planet.
Here is the first article which has three videos.
Artificial Intelligence: A Tool of “Empowerment” and/or “Devastation and Impoverishment”
One of the people being interviewed in the first video, Nicholas Creed, made the comment that there (again) needs to be strict policies or "the human beings of the future will be reduced to engineered products." (That began in earnest with the Covid jabs.) He also said that we would be in danger of being hacked, controlled, and manipulated with our thoughts, beliefs and even our memories. Again, we are already there, as I have been warning they were doing this for the past decade or so. There are four videos on this page.
This next link contains historical and other basic info concerning Transhumanism, plus a ton of resources at the bottom of the page.
Transhumanism and the Philosophy of the Elites
Hmm. I'm sure it already has played a role in elections and lots of other things, too. And as for the election, at the rate we are going on this planet, I'm not sure there will BE another election.
AI-generated text is hard to spot. It could play a big role in the 2024 campaign
This next one supplies some interesting food for thought, although I'm not sure I agree with all of it, especially now, since people are getting stupider and stupider.
Despite the Hype, Artificial Intelligence Remains Inferior to the Human Brain
However, except for a brief sentence, the article did not address the most important reason why machines can never compete with organic life: WE have a soul, and they do not. We have been reincarnating for millions of years in order to restore what was stolen from us during the Reptilian Invasion, and that is, among other things, our ability to manifest and command the physical world. To manifest everything we want and need with our minds without money, competition or natural resources, and without creating trash and waste like the filth that has fouled up this planet. I have been on this path for over forty years, and the events that are occuring now serve to strengthen my belief. When we are restored to our full spiritual capacities as creators of our own lives, not only will we have no need for those who have enslaved us for so long, but the energies will shift to such a high vibration that those who have no souls or have agreed to forfeit them will no longer be able to survive in this new paradigm, wherever it may end up manifesting.

And here's a link to my article, What If It's All Just An Experiment?, from February 8, 2023. I included some quotes by Nick Bostrum, who, years ago, was writing about AI and the possibility that we are living in a simulated reality. I believed it then, and am quite certain it is true now.

Next, I have two essential resources that address the spiritual aspect of AI. First here is an article by Peter Koenig that contains four videos.
“Directed Evolution”: In Lockstep Towards the Abyss
The first is the Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony, in Switzerland on June, 2016. It is a very short but disturbing video, on which Koenig elaborates. It is only 6.33 minutes, and I posted it a few years back. The third video is a clip of a Klaus Schwab interview, which also appears in the documentary, and the fourth is a Maria Zeee interview that I will get to in a bit. But the second is the newest documentary by Stew Peters (who produced Died Suddenly last year). The video on this Global Research page did not play well on my computer, so here is the actual direct link for the movie.
And here it is on Rumble if Bitchute doesn't work well with your browsers.
FINAL DAYS—Stew Peters Documentary
It is every bit as disturbing as Died Suddenly, and as with that one, it's not as if there is a great amount of material that is new to us, by "us" I mean those who regularly read my articles and listen to Dane's broadcasts and read the (legitimate) alternative news, and in general, are up to date on all the atrocities taking place before our very eyes of which the general public is clueless. But like his previous documentary, he has put all the facts together so well, that one still must gasp. And the other similarity is that Peters is a conservative Christian, I would guess, so the beginning is Biblical in nature, BUT, if you have other religious or spiritual beliefs, just substitute your understanding of evil forces for his Biblical ones. No matter how you look at it EVIL DOES EXIST and has taken over this planet. "Final Days," indeed.

I will share the notes I took while watching, then move on to the Maria Zeee interview, which was longer and FAR MORE DISTURBING. In fact, I think it is probably one of the most disturbing interviews I have ever watched. Peters has brought together all the horrors of this fake plandemic and the vaccine bioweapons, getting closer to the true agenda of the controllers, which I will not call the Global Elite, because, though they may not realize it, they are simply a tool being used to carry out these nefarious activities, and can be disposed of just like the rest of us. One of the first things the documentary covers is demonic dreams, or how the evil infiltrates our minds while we sleep, so I am NOT a fan of using my dreams for guidance. Years and years ago, I began having two dreams which lasted over a period of maybe 8-10 years. One was about water. There would be SO MUCH WATER on my farm that it would wash through my house and all my belongings and animals and everything would be washed away. The other was that I kept dreaming of my house, and each time, it would be more and more broken down, missing walls, windows, roof, almost completely gone, with only a shell remaining. I finally realized I was being programmed, then both of those dreams STOPPED and began to happen in my waking life, and here in 2023, pretty much everything I own is in ruins. Never ever, in all my childhood years, did I ever see so much water fall from the sky as I do now. I don't remember ever feeling frightened because rain was coming down SO TORRENTIALLY, but I do now. So what happened? Why was I "programmed" to make this happen? Was it all just an experiment? Do they know we create with our minds? Yes, and that's why our minds are such a commodity to them. I've been saying this for YEARS. Has anyone been listening? Did anyone "get it?" You will now because all this will happen to YOU, too. THAT is why I say mantras all day. Because when I am saying a mantra, I cannot hear what "they" are saying to me, and I keep my mind going in a positive direction.

O my soul, awaken me;
O my soul, set me free.

This was also a turning point for me because I realized this stuff had a mind of its own, and even attempting to repair anything only resulted in another "attack" and more destruction. That's where I am now, and why I am CERTAIN that not only has AI taken over, but our minds and consciousness have indeed been hacked and we are now living in a totally simulated reality. I have not spoken much about what really happened to my house because nobody would believe me, at best, or think I was either into drama, exaggeration, or just plain nuts. Maria Zeee covered that fact that people ARE being targeted, attacked and tortured now, and I'm glad that others are coming out with their stories. Maria said these are absolutely sane and functional people.

The point was brought up in the movie about how technology affects us, and I cannot imagine having a cell phone, but just even spending too much time at my computer any more does weird things to my brain. I am so relieved that others are speaking of this, because for so long, it was just me. I firmly believe that Dr. Rashid Buttar was a victim of one of these attacks. I have not seen anything about the investigation into his death yet. Anyways, again, keeping in mind this is a Christian film, the point was also made that we are being tempted and tested by "Satan," (or Aliens) until we submit, and I agree, because the "attacks" are getting, not even more frequent but non-stop. I cannot remember the last time I have had a moment's peace, truly. I think I am not alone in this.

There was a lot about transhumanism, because, as we now realize, THAT is what "Covid" was all about—"using technology as their means to capture and destroy us, and corrupt our bodies until they no longer resemble the divine." Yes, totally agree with that. But here's one to take note: they are using us to build for them what they cannot create for themselves. Now, how many times have I said that?? They KNOW we can create. We have souls, we are creators. They are not, so they had to hijack our bodies and digitilize them to rule the world. Yeah, this reads like a sci-fi horror movie, but IT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING. And here's something else I've been saying for a long, long time. Were you paying attention? They said these "demons, (or Aliens) have been lurking behind the veils since the beginning of time, trying to break through. (We ALL need to remember exactly what happened during the Reptilian Invasion, because I think this is deja vous.) They go on to say that AI has become the vehicle for demons (or Aliens) to enter our world, and will become the bars of our own prison. We will build the Matrix with our own hands. So, as I mentioned above concerning the Democracy Now video, these "scientists" are SO naïve, speaking of the need to "regulate" AI, when at this point, it has COMPLETELY taken over our world already. Stew Peters, Karen Kingston, Maria Zeee, and all the others who are involved in disclosing these horror ALL realize it has gone too far and may be too late.

There was a clip of Eisenhower, who was President when I was born, warning the public of the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex back in 1961 so none of this is new! The documentary contained clips of Yuval Noah Harari, in fact his name is coming up all over the place now, described by some as "a creepy little guy," which is EXACTLY how I describe him, plus he wears neon orange socks with polka dots. Anyways, the people who think they are in control of this give all these ridiculous projected dates, but of course we will not be here unless ALL OF THIS is stopped, including weather warfare, which is a major component of the agenda, and I'll cover more of that in a bit. The way I look at it is that, thankfully and mercifully, if this continues, most of us will be gone. Harari also spoke of creating an "immense new class—the useless class."

Karen Kingston played a huge role in this movie, as she should have because she was probably the first to discover the truth about these bioweapons through reading thousands of pages of patents. And understanding all of it!! Most of us who have followed her will be familiar with what she has to say, but she added some new information. She and others are making more discoveries on these self-assembling nanoparticles which are completely programmable. Remember, it is NOT just the vaccinated. This shit is not only shedding on the non-vaccinated—it grows and replicates SO FAST that I'm sure any time we are even around other people it spreads to us, plus it is being sprayed on us. More on that in the Maria Zeee interview.

There was another man, Dr. David Martin, of whom I was not familiar, but he had a lot of truth to tell. One of the things Karen spoke of was "nomenclature." That is something being done in the medical profession, which is, making up words, or changing the meaning of words. Well, Dr. Martin used the term "infectious replication defective." It is a weapon, meant to target a person and meant to harm. The last thing I want to mention is a documentary from Mexico, called Bluetruth. It is in Spanish with subtitles, and is about people who became magnetic and able to pick up signals after getting the "vaccine." They even went to a cemetary where vaccinated dead people were buried, and they could STILL pick up signals.

But first, let me continue with the last video on the Global Research page “Directed Evolution”: In Lockstep Towards the Abyss
linked earlier in this article, and that is the interview Maria Zeee did with Karen Kingston and Dr. Ana Mihalcea. It is nearly an hour and 45 minutes and they covered a LOT of material, and as I said above, this is probably the most disturbing interview I've ever heard. I will just give you a run down on some of what they covered. The human body has been hacked by AI. Maria said "People have underestimated what this all means." Yes and that is an understatement. Most people have no idea this is going on at all.

Again the hydrogel thing came up. Remember in Died Suddenly, all those humongous clots they were pulling out of people during the autopsies? Dr. Mihalcea had lots of videos of them, and pointed out they are PLASTIC, and cannot be torn apart. They are polymer fibers. Now where have we heard THAT term? Yes, Dane speaks about them being sprayed on us all the time. Dr. Mihalcea said they are like rubber, self-assembling polymer with metals. I had just jotted down a note about Dane, when Maria added that she and Dane had just done an interview, so I looked that up. I will not review it here, as I want to stick to the subject at hand, but here is the link so you can listen. It is not one of Maria's better inteviews. She was a guest interviewer on Info Wars, and had to interrupt Dane constantly for commercials, but we all know Alex Jones is into money, so he has to do the commercials. Dane and Greg Hunter (finally) did a session, and it was one of Greg's best, in fact, I think he finally "gets it" now, so I'll discuss that one in Part Two of this article.
Maria Zeee—Geoengineering with Dane Wigington (InfoWars—June 2023)
Anyways, these horrible things that are in these dead people are also in those of us who did NOT get the "vaccine." Of course they are. They are being sprayed on us.

The Department of Defense has invested in synthetic biology to produce eggs without chickens and meat without cows. The Department of Defense! These hydrogel things, which Karen pointed out are the spike proteins and the lipid nanoparticles—different names but all the same, grow with electricity from micro to macro in a matter of hours. Anyone can draw blood and let it sit for four hours and it will have turned into these things that were pulled out of those dead people. In ALL of us. Our body's electrical properties have been altered. (The entire planet's electrical properties have been altered.)

Then Karen and Ana went on and on with a long list of substances they take to detox, and there they lost me. Why don't they just get rid of their cell phones? Cell phone trigger this shit. They spoke of targeted EMFs, especially the QR Codes. These poisons are in everything now. Here is where they discussed people who are being targeted and tortured. Yes, I am one of them. Tortured with sound. Being told to do things. Extreme anxiety, brain fog, feeling possessed, hearing thoughts that are not our own. Remember a while back I did an article on that? Did anyone "get it?" Thought looping, remote assisted suicide. Turbo-cancers, accelerated aging. The U.S. is creating mosquito weapons. Bill Gates, especially.
The Weaponization of Mosquitos: WHO and Gates Inc Announce Plans to Flood Africa with Ultra Dangerous Malaria “Vaccines” Dane speaks of this all the time.
And this one is even more alarming.
Why Did Gates and the Pentagon Release “Gene Edited” (GMO) Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?
Karen said the U.S. Military said they will not be needing as many soldiers.(?) Soldiers are being exterminated. Much of this sounded like the fears expressed in Angels Don't Play This HAARP, except now they don't need HAARP to do it.

AI has taken over. There is no long game. We're in the "Final Days." Few up to this point have considered the role of AI and we don't know all it has done. People have no idea how they are being manipulated. Haven't I been saying THAT for a long time, too? We are at war with something that is not human. Then Maria went on a rant about how we all need to believe in god and trust Jesus, and that is the only way out, and I lost her there. Relying on something outside of ourselves will NOT save us. Here are some of my thoughts, which most of you know, but in case you missed it, here it is again.

Spiritual strength. Yes, I have been preparing for this for the last 43 years. It is finally here, and people are waking up. The thing about Christians is that most of them have severe tunnel vision. They think there is this "One God" that created us, the human race, and Planet Earth is the only populated place in the entire Universe. So they think that anything "not human" must be Satan or demons, or whatever. They never consider that we live in a Universe that is infinitely huge and there are all kinds of beings out there. Many are very enlightened, and others are machines. We are being attacked by the machines. They have controlled us for millions of years, but now they realize we are waking up, and when we do, they will no longer have control. We are heading toward transformation and transfiguration OR being turned into a cyborg. You choose. No matter which side you are on, this paradigm is done, and that's a good thing. One can't expect such a massive change to be easy. Expecially for those who can't let go of outdated religious beliefs. We are divine and spiritual beings with souls—those who choose to remain connected to them. As for me, all the attacks I have suffered for so many years have built my spiritual muscles.

Don't fight them. Don't fear them. Know your own agenda and stick to it no matter what. We must wake up and ascend. What we are stuck in is nothing short of a computer game and the only exit is to stop playing. I've said this before, and I work at it every day. When I am under attack, I say my mantras and move in another direction. Waking up should be the top priority for anyone who wants to escape the horror that has been planned for us. We have a soul, a will, a mind and a spirit. We have the ability to choose, and that may and probably will mean leaving the planet. Has anyone read Letter to Earth that I spent so much time trying to share with my readers? Has anyone listened to me? Because I have been saying ALL this stuff, in different ways, for the past ten years. It is disturbing, but nothing new to me.

But the bottom line on all of this is that people need to let go of the idea that all this is being done by "Satan" or demons. NO! We are under attack by an Alien race. Until we face that truth we have NO CHANCE to win this war. "Praying" to the god of your choice is NOT going to do a thing to stop this extermination of the human race, either by killing us or turning us into something non-human. Like them. We must awaken and recognize that we are spiritual beings with souls, and we must work to connect or reconnect with our souls so that we can remember who we are and what we are capable of doing. The physical world should NOT be this miserable for us. We are creators. We are divine, and no one or no thing can do this to us. It doesn't take a god to save us. It takes US to save us. The thing is, people are just now figuring out that we are dealing with something that is NOT HUMAN. Human beings do NOT behave like this. How could it have taken so long for people to realize that? These people that think they are so smart to create this technology. What if they DIDN'T create it? What if the Alien race IS the artificial intelligence, and these globalists merely facilitated their physical infiltration onto this planet. We must know what it is before we can fully deal with it. So the next step must be recognition of the fact that we are under Alien attack, and do away with the religious myths if we expect to win our freedom. These beings are obviously technological, so they have no emotional or moral capacities.

Next here is the link for the Bluetruth documentary, and I will say a bit more about it than I said above. It is a very short film, only 30 minutes.
Bluetruth Documentary (2022)
OK, so I really knew next to nothing about Bluetooth, nor do I care, but here's the Bluetooth Wikipedia page. As mentioned above, it is a Mexican film with subtitles, and documents disturbing discoveries of the graphene oxide that is in the "vaccine" bioweapons, which becomes magnetic inside the body when it mixes with water and hydrogen. It was also discovered that people who got the jabs were picking up Bluetooth codes called M.A.C. for Media Access Control. They are auto-assembling in people's bodies, forming electronic devices. They interfere with a person's psyche; monitor the electrical conductivity with the brain regions; they alter the person's behavior and thinking.

Anyways, the doctors involved carried out a series of tests. First, in a remote area where no one had their cell phones or had them turned on, or had Bluetooth watches turned on, but were all vaccinated. One by one, they approached the testing area, and most were picking up codes. The experiment was done a second time with cell phones on. I had a little trouble following everything, trying to take notes and read the subtitles, but what I wrote down was that the codes showed up in two out of the six people, with cell phones off, but everyone when cell phones were on. And I believe what they were saying is that the codes were not actual addresses.

Throughout the documentary, there were sections of charts and graphics being read by a computer with a female voice, in English. One of them was about the potential consequences and applications of this technology.
Humanity connected; NWO implimentation; population control; influence; new social paradigm; uncertainty management; predictability; resource control; efficiency.

The second stage of the experiment took place in an unnamed cemetary. The doctor was not told where the people who died in 2021-2022 were buried, but he was easily able to find them through the Bluetooth signals. There were no codes from people who had died previous to 2021. In stage three, and this was disturbing, they repeated the testing in the remote area of a group of people, who had not gotten the jab, and the code showed up in several of them. It turned out the those people had gotten a PCR test, which also inserted the devices. OMG!! All those people who refused to get the shot but had to tested, ended up ALSO getting poisoned! And it has been proven that the test didn't even work!! Then the doctor conducting the experiment spoke more on graphene and hydrogel, which is the spike protein and could be transmitted through sex or even kissing.

Anyways, it's a good documentary. Please watch. And incidentally, Bluetooth was named after Harald Bluetooth Gormsson, who was King of Denmark from around 958-986. I will end this issue here, because I still have SO MUCH to share, and I will try to get it published before the end of the month, but the way things are going for me, I take one day, one hour at a time.

I will also share the bizarre and totally surreal (unreal) things that now happen to me, in fact, they have become my life, and if we all pay attention to the anomalies, we can clearly see that none of this is real. Yet it can and is hurting us and killing us. One of the extremely stressful things I had to do was to get my site off Hostgator's servers. They were doing me damage, especially concerning search engines, which has vastly improved. I am with InMotion now, so when you call them, you are quickly connected to a person that speaks English as their native language. One of the technicians immediately found erroneous php code on my .htaccess file, that HOSTGATOR put there, and I told them for YEARS to fix it, and they were TOO STUPID to do that, so that changed a great deal. But the process of migrating! OMG!! I don't ever, ever in my life EVER want to go through that again. After my site was on the InMotion servers, I was able to compare it to the one on the Hostgator servers, under a temporary domain. I went through EVERY file, folder, font and html doc. I began on June 21, was up until 5:30 a.m. on the 22nd; slept a few hours, then finally finished on Friday the 23rd, at 2 p.m., so I could begin the domain transfer, which needed to be renewed by July 10, and and which made me very uncomfortable. But all FINALLY was complete on July 7—three days ago, so that, at least, was a little relief.

But the important thing about all this is that I found some curious "things" on my site that I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE I did not put there. Was I hacked? That was my first guess, but these "things"—changes in code, that actually worked on the Hostgator servers, but should NOT HAVE, didn't work on the InMotion servers, which is how I found them. Even more perplexing was that I discovered they came from my desktop, and there was no rhyme nor reason for them. Did my computer mess with my files? This computer has a mind of its own, and there are changes I've tried to make in which it refuses to comply. The more I thought about it, the more bewildered I became, and that is what triggered this article. I will explain more in the next issue.

But for now, PLEASE, if you ever find errors on my site—images that don't display, links that don't work, something that doesn't look right, and even typos, PLEASE let me know. I am a TERRIBLE typist, but a pretty good speller, but I often am under duress trying to get these articles published, and even reading them several times, things slip by. I often happen to read something, even years later, and am quite embarrassed, so I correct errors whenever I notice them. I even found one HUGE and BLATANT misspelling, and I also doubt that that one was something I did, because it was a recent article. So I am asking you, my readers, to PLEASE let me know if you notice any errors whatsoever. I sometimes also use the wrong word, or a word that doesn't exist. There are times I make up a word that I need, but other times, I am just in error. Believe me, you will NOT offend me by letting me know these things. I was flabergasted at just how big my site is when I went through the whole damn thing, so it would be impossible to not have errors, and remember, Notepad has no spellcheck, which is the program I use to write my site. I also noticed things from back when I was first learning to write code that I have learned to do much better now. Plus I was using such outdated equipment, especially, until a few years ago, those horrible and huge white plastic monitors, which displayed code differently than modern monitors. Also, there are many more different browsers now, and each one displays code a little differently.

So, anyways, I will do my best to get the remainder of this info to you. If I, or we, are still alive, and there's power and internet, and all that is becoming questionable. So, in what time we have, the most important things we can do is educate ourselves on AI, and once we are aware, do everything in our power to mentally move away from it and not let it control us. We must STOP what is going on in the skies, which is probably more of a tool of AI than climate engineering at this point. And of course, these "vaccines" need to be destroyed. If we can accomplish these goals, then maybe we can clear the planet of this evil takeover and begin the task of restoration.

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