Zooming Out, Part 3

We must become more and more outrageous with our imagination. We must go out into the energetic field of all possibilities, and imagine ourselves far beyond our wildest expectations. This is not the time to stick our tippy-toes in to test the water; we must dive in full force, using, as always, our finely tuned sense of moral integrity to guide us in creating what is beneficent and benevolent, because surely if we create evil, it will come back to us. After all, we are creating our own reality. And as we navigate through the timelines of ever-increasing higher frequencies, we will find ourselves becoming far-removed from Reptilian agenda, or any other agenda that seeks to harm or control us. In these higher states of ecstasy, if anyone does attempt to pull us back, they will find themselves dissolved by our energy, like the Wicked Witch of the West with a harmless bucket of water. The time is now, while we still have an opening. If those who wish to keep us enslaved are able to follow through with their plan—vaccines, 5G, total destruction of our food source and complete control of the physical world, there is a good chance we will find ourselves transformed into 'bot or 'droid hybrids without a soul, or else a useless mental and spiritual vegetable. Many ARE THERE already. The insanity is running rampant. When a fly on the Vice President's head becomes an internet sensation, we must really seriously question our ability to recover our mental faculties. So time is of the essence, and I cannot begin to stress the urgency.

I am finding my expansion to be quite a delightful and sensual experience, and I do it whenever my mind does not need to be engaged in other matters. I sometimes just surround myself with light and explode myself across time and space, neither of which are real, of course. But until we can find outselves in the eternal present where our minds can manifest into physical reality anything we choose, we must move farther and farther from the boundaries and limitations that humanity has accepted as "Laws of Nature" since the beginning of our existence in this third dimension.

So, is anything I have been saying right, or is it totally wrong, a delusion dreamed up by my over-active imagination? It is both, and it is what we make it. If we do not learn very quickly to think in a COMPLETELY different mindset, we have no chance whatsoever to survive, and any new civilization tied to the old rules and beliefs will suffer the same doom. How do we know any of this is wrong or impossible? We do not, and the more we realize that we create, create, create with our minds, the quicker we will "get it," and delve into uncharted territories of our imagination. We are heading someplace new, and that's exciting! Were the planets always here? Some being imagined them into existence by thinking outside the box. And so we must do—imagine possibilities that have never existed before, and bring them into existence.

Just look at all that we have created on this planet. Yesterday's most outlandish science fiction plots have become part of our every day reality. And what I am suggesting is to stretch yourself as far as you can go until that begins to feel normal. I have been lying out on my cot and doing very deep visualization work, all the time saying my special phrase because it prevents hackers into my mind. I will say this over and over, but this phrase has been a whole new ball game for me and allows me to go out into the vast universe without being traced. I have been breaking my current reality down into its most subatomic particles, then into just waves of energy, infusing it with intense light, and then creating something different with it. Energy is the building block of everything, so why not take what you have, break it down, and rebuild to your wildest imagination? Then bring everything back to the physical world and carefully note the changes. The first thing you will notice is that the world you are creating begins to seem more real than the one you have been living in. This hit me like a shock a couple days ago—when I looked at something—there were actually several instances, and thought, no, this cannot possibly be real.

When I was a little kid, I got a big box of Tinker Toys. I remember I went for the big stuff, and built the ferris wheel, then the telescope. Ok, so what do a ferris wheel and telescope have in common? They were both, of course, made from the same materials. And in the same way every object we perceive as physical is made up of the tiniest of particles once they are broken down to the subatomic level. And yet we have this delusion that no matter what we want or need, it must go through some sort of process that takes time and money and raw materials. Quantum physics has proven that we can indeed manipulate particles and energy with our minds, yet we have been pulled down to the slowest possible means of creating what we want through manufacturing, the money system, decimation of the planet's raw materials . . . . Why not just learn to play with energy? Set yourself aside at least an hour each day and practice it as you would a new skill. Work hard at it and take it seriously. Expect results. As you become comfortable with it, begin to shift your WHOLE perception on how you wish to supply yourself with what you want and need. Again, I cannot stress this enough. The controllers are planning another big Covid-19 outbreak, and it may be here already. Those who thought things would get back to "normal" are living a delusion. With each new crisis, and add to that the relentless climate terrorism issues and most certainly a food and supply shortage that will probably be WAY worse than the first one . . . . Just pay attention, then decide HOW IMPORTANT have my words been this past year. We DO have a way out, and this is IT.

And it is not just creating physical things that we need, it is about a complete shift in absolutely everything we believe and the way we have functioned for all these centuries. We CANNOT go there any more. Do you not see the handwriting on the wall?? That's why I suggest that we ALL need to practice expansion into places we never even knew existed. Taking an hour or two a day for deep work is good, but nowhere near sufficient. We must carefully scrutinize the way we think and behave and take drastic steps to break from every aspect of our current functions and behavior. THAT is what a paradigm shift is. It is not political or social or legal reform, it is a massive change of everything. There are those that will hem and haw and say, yeah, sure, but it will take years and years and years and will be gradual. Folks, it HAS been years and years and years, and the shift we are about to experience will be the birth of the new baby that's been growing in the womb for centuries. Delivery time is near.

As you diligently work to break free and follow a new set of rules—your own—on how you create what you need and want, you will find that any attempt to return to the old ways will become increasingly disasterous. I had that unpleasant experience a couple days ago. I had three issues that I could not seem to solve, nor did I know even where to start. One concerns a kerosene heater that I bought last year that is absolute JUNK. The fuel tank cap fell apart! OMG!! Talk about a fire hazard. I've been using kerosene heaters for probably eighteen years and NEVER had a fuel tank cap go bad. I still have my original Kerosun, which is one of the most well-made pieces of equipment I have ever owned. Anyways, the company sent me a new cap for free, but I really question the safety of it. It is not even a year old and I paid over a hundred dollars for it, and now I am leery of even using it. So, what do I do? Does any government agency give a flying fuck about unsafe anything? The government is in bed with all these companies which is why Monsanto is still not only in business but one of the most wealthy and powerful corporations in the WORLD. I discovered that in the book, Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, which everyone should read, or at least read my lengthy review. This company is DynaGlo, and I will never buy another one of their products. But the thing is, no matter what you buy, most of it is JUNK any more, and SO expensive. Why should we have to even deal with any of these people or products?

Anyways, there were two other issues also, so, I thought, well, I will just call the Ohio Attorney General's office. I should have known this was a mistake when the Google search for their phone number also turned up a "One-Star" rating. The woman I spoke with was a rude idiot, as I have learned to expect from most government employees. I finally said, really slowly WILL-YOU-PLEASE-LISTEN-TO-WHAT-I-AM-SAYING. She said she heard every word, then said I needed to talk to legal aid and gave me a number, which I called. The person that answered the phone wanted to know why I was calling them because they were for Southwestern Ohio residents!! I told her the Attorney General's office gave me their number. OH MY. Anyways, SHE gave me the number for legel aid right here in Ravenna! So I called the number and you can't speak with anyone unless you have an appointment and they no longer have a receptionist because of Covid-19 . . . . Uh? So I wasted an entire morning and got almost nowhere, but it was a lesson, and a realization that these issues can be solved differently by simply eliminating them. When we create with energy, we will have no need for "products," and certainly no need for the government or corporatations. THAT should be an inspiration in itself!

I want to be rid of all these superfluous aspects of civilization. Just imagine your life without banks and agencies and lawyers, pharmaceuticals, corporations, air traffic . . . all this shit people think we need and we do NOT. For forty years, I have dreamed of being FREE to just create my life as I please—a life filled with beauty and joy, perfect health for not only us and our beloved animal friends but a vibrant, LIVING reality. I want to live where NO ONE can stop me from expressing who I am. I want to live in a way that my creations never interfere with the creations of others, and vice versa, where NO ONE can enslave ANYONE because they have control of some necessary aspect of life. It is all preposterous, when you really think about it. I am a firm believer that our original selves were beings of joy and humor and that life was meant to be fun and challenging and limitless. How the HELL did we wind up like this? Somewhere along the line, after the Reptilian Invasion, we developed tunnel vision, and that malady became an epidemic that must be eradicated.

I will be continuing on this theme for a while, and will especially be discussing our perverted love of wealth and money, and why we need to let go of it. The more we realize we can live without it, the more we will be ABLE to live without it. That is the first step towards setting our determination to create what we need outside the system. Again, just take a good hard look around. How much longer do you think we will be able to even remotely survive this present paradigm? Nothing works any more and the more people try to make it work, the worse it all becomes. And so we have this uprising of anger, terror, violence, and division, which only fuels the fire towards extinction. Most people will believe to their dying breath that if . . . they just had more money, or we had a different president or this or that law or social change or a different currency, or whatever, because they cannot see beyond the physical, third dimensional world. But we are in fact, leaving it. Now. It is time. It is long past due. Just let go and move on.

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