Zooming Out, Part 2

In this issue, I will discuss primarily three themes in this ongoing and intensifying journey towards our awakening and dissolving the illusion of what we believe to be our "reality." They are, "Jumping Timelines and Reaching Milestones;" "Giving Ourselves Credit For What We Create;" and "What Goes Around Comes Around." But first I want to mention that I am extremely disappointed that only a couple people have read my book review Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. As much as I try to not dwell on our current illusory reality, in order to move beyond it, we must be willing to face it as it is now so that we fully understand the magnitude of evil in which we are surrounded. This book is an eye-opener, not just about the atrocities created by GMOs, which is probably the second most urgent activity on this planet, next to weather terrorism, that needs to be fully exposed. But it names specific people and their specific activitiescriminal activities, that WILL be, one way or another, fully and indisputably disclosed to the public as we enter this final stage and the beginnings of massive "what goes around comes around" scenarios. This would include especially the unspeakably evil deeds of the Rockefellers and those who run Monsanto, plus those of every president since Nixon, and no doubt, also prior to him as all this activity ramped up after WWII. You can be absolutly certain that those lying about GMOs are also the main liars concerning vaccines, another area discussed in detail in this book, and weather terrorism, which was not discussed, but fits right in to the depopulation agenda and the planned era of "Full-Spectrum Dominance." It's not "gonna" happen, we are already there. I spent weeks working on this review because it is so important for those who are serious about awakening. I would hope that more people will read it.

The other thing I want to share is a very appropriate post on Dane's latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 3, 2020. It is part of a comment by Robin Christensen, and this paragraph is actually a quote Dane included in one of his past GAN broadcasts. In a roundabout way, it sums up much of what I stand for and am promoting, that is, a COMPLETE shift in our reality and how we function. If we do NOT do that, we will simply end up the the exact same scenario, with different players at the helm. And of course the root of it all, which is NOT part of this comment, is that we are stuck in the lowest level of existence, where our physical world controls us, AND IT is being controlled by off-planet forces. Until we completely evolve ourselves away from it, NOTHING we do at the physical level will change a thing. The good news is that we ARE doing it, and it is moving forward at an ever-increasing speed. I will discuss this in a minute, but here's two paragraphs from Robin's comment.

Robin Christensen says:
October 4, 2020 at 3:46 pm

Dane quoted Russel Means, former American Indian Movement—AIM (co-founder). It caught my attention that he was once also in the running, in a close race among Libertarian Presidential candidates. Regardless of political orientation, Mr Means summed up the whole of things in a way that includes the Military/industrial/pharmaceutical/ & social (friends & family) complex. Here it is, hope it's close to exact quote:

"The most recent era of human history, the last 13,000 years of relative geological stability, has been defined by unsustainable philosophies of the few controlling the many in a litany of metastable expanding vortices—the harvesting of conflict & completion sown among mankind. Every empire & mitre of this era rises falls under the same principle, each in turn becoming the enemy it vanquished—that vortex of centralized power in all its clever and glittering eminence, but persistently devolving into military economy & fervent rationalization, ultimately consumed by vengeance & greed, designed to usurp its sustenance from others whose delicate algorithms of life, love, & sublime purpose are not spent upon resistance to such a principle. One of these others is the planet itself, quite soon to be discovered by all . . . the cracking branch we are sitting upon. In this iteration of feckless arrogance, so many turn & blame the earth & sun for the hemlock that man has resolutely served himself.

Excellent and eloquent expression of sublime wisdom. And now, on to my latest discoveries, ALWAYS gained now through the chanting of my special phrase.

A great deal of information has been brought to my attention these past couple weeks concerning our forward movement towards awakening. I have mentioned numerous times in the past about feeling in this spiral, where I seem to repeat past errors or forget what I knew the day before. I also often experience this jolt where everything seems surreal and I have trouble establishing my (mental, spiritual) balance. This information helps to understand those perceptions, which I am sure many of you also experience.

As I discussed in Part 1, the more we zoom out to view the bigger picture, the greater our clarity becomes concerning the totality of the situation. We are no longer looking at just our own street, but at more expanded views of the map. And the more we expand, the better able we are to see the vast universe as nothing but energy from which we can manifest infinite possibilities. Here is an article I found that, well, at least it shows scientists are thinking about this stuff, but really is an example of exactly the OPPOSITE of what I'm saying.

Paradox-Free Time Travel Is Theoretically Possible, Researchers Say

Let's face it. Most scientific studies today are really closed-minded and single-focused, using this false reality as a base. Areas such as quantum physics and people like Enstein would be much less so, but even he, it is said, only used a very small percentage of his actual brain potential. This theory implies that there is only one history and there's a sort of fate about it. OH, MY!! How silly!. If you ask five people to repeat any event, you will probably get five different answers. Remember a while back when a fairly large portion of the population, at least in America, thought Nelson Mandela had died, when he was actually just imprisoned, then went on to become the President of South Africa? Either they were just plain misinformed, which in this day could be expected, or perhaps they, at least for a brief time, were on a different timeline. Believing there is only one history is to be firmly entrenched in the Matrix. When we finally understand that it is ALL just energy that can be formed at will by our minds, then we realize there are infinite possibilities. Even a person of lower to average intelligernce would, I imagine, be capable of infinite thoughts. If Einstein was only using two or three percent of his capacity, then we are not near the point where we can fathom the vastness of what is possible. And I'm not making this up either. There IS a theory where every possibility is being played out in the universe, according to every choice we must make. Now, most people cannot even wrap their minds around that one. Gosh, I mean, wouldn't it take up SOOO much space??? NO. Of course not, because it is all just ENERGY, and only becomes a physical manifestation through the power of our minds and perceptions. But it is still THERE and available. THAT is where zooming out comes in. What if . . . . What if we were able to gather all possibilities, and put them together into the reality we wish to experience, and I believe we do, but our ability to grasp that, plus the blocks that have kept us imprisoned, has kept us thinking on a teeny-tiny plane? Here is a way to break free of it, that began to stream through my mind as I was attempting to sort it all out.

Imagine we are on a rather large freeway and we are in the "far right" lane, (HA, pun intended). Things move mighty slow here, plus it is super crowded and the view is REAL narrow. Now imagine these are timelines in which we exist. We are finally able to move to the next lane to the left, where we can zip along much faster. Since there is less traffic, we are able to see a much wider view. But eventually more traffic moves into this lane, and along with that, we have gotten a taste of freedom and want to move even faster, plus we have "outgrown" that lane. So again, we find an opening in one more lane to the left, and move into it. Each lane allows us a wider view, faster movement, and more freedom. And there are occasionally times when we find ourselves moving into the lane to the right again, because we were not quite ready for the next lane, or we have been shoved back into that lane against our will. Those experiences can be upsetting, but allow us to see our progress and areas that still need work.

But with each movement, we eventually stabilize and also find that with each movement, we outgrow that lane much faster. Our evolution accelerates. And THEN!!! We find ourselves in the farthest lane to the left. So where do we go from here? Well, there appears another, more awesome freeway that can only be accessed by that farthest left lane. When we make that jump, we have reached a milestone, and suddenly things in our life REALLY change at the physical level where we can see them clearly, and there is no going back. Then we begin the process again on our new and more removed "freeway."

Now imagine we are just jumping timelines instead of freeway lanes, and since linear thinking is the enemy of creativity—remember that—we are actually just accessing higher and higher frequencies of energy, and each one includes a different energetic landscape and different people and situations. Have you ever noticed how people seem to flit in and out of our lives? People we once knew are now miles away from our mental plane, while new ones take their place. As we learn to navigate these timelines we will be more able to find more appropriate ones to suit our level of evolution until FINALLY, there are none at all. We will live in the eternal present at all times, creating our own reality according to what we choose to perceive, and which does not interfere with others' reality. And though we can be in touch with other beings, of a vast variety, I would imagine, we are no longer tied into anyone else's agenda. Total freedom! And THAT is zooming out. Most people on this planet will never make it out of the right lane, like babies stuck in a womb, only able to see the immediate surroundings and believe that that is "real." At this level people are always in the victim state, where the physical world controls the energetic—ass-backward to what it was meant to be, and what the majority of humanity experiences as "real." This right lane represents the purely physical third dimension.

And that is what makes the above quote so appropriate. This "far right" (and you understand I am not speaking politically) lane is the symbol of destruction, decay, dystopia, descending—helplessnes, despair and stagnant. It is perfect for the Reptilian agenda and also the reason that, no matter what we do at the physical level, we will always end up with the same result. I've been saying that for years. Learning (or remembering how to) create our reality with our minds is the ONLY way to evolve out of that low-level means of functioning which will allow us to finally change our ultimate outcome. Moving out of that slow and stuck lane is moving towards creativity, personal power, awakening, ascending, evolving, LIFE!" There have been guardrails set up along that right lane for eons, but, just like everything else here, they too are in a state of decay, making it much easier to slip into that next lane. The first one is the most difficult. I discovered that forty years ago. Since then, I've changed lanes numerous times and reached many, many milestones. They are getting easier and faster now. The time and conditions are optimum. Don't allow any opportunities to slip away.

One of the best ways to navigate timelines quickly, and this is more difficult than you might imagine, is to constantly give ourselves credit for what we create. Lately, when something awesome happens, I say to myself, and totally believe it, "WOW! I did that. But it is easy to slip back into that mindset of "shit happens." So I have gone back through my life, and given myself credit for things that happened out of the blue. In one of my articles I had mentioned a couple instances that could have been fatal, and yet something happened to get me out of harm's way. Most people say that a god or guardian angel or "someone up there," or whatever was looking out for them, but how about just becoming aware that we are much bigger than we can possibly imagine in this tiny world we currently occupy and we are quite capable of taking care of ourselves. The more conscious we become of that, the more we can draw on ourselves—our Universal selves for all we need. Notice every little thing that comes to us, that we create, that we shift, or avoid—all the ways we are protected, all the "aha!" moments where we suddenly understand a vast situation without having to think about the details. It is ALL coming from US, the multidimensional US that is everywhere and everything, 'cause it is all just energy. I have experienced more and more of these "aha!" moments lately. It is information coming to me in abstract forms that I can't even put into words, and if I tried, the magic would be gone. Much of it deals with me personally, but some of it I continue to try to interpret into words for these articles.

And giving ourselves credit for what we create does not only mean at the personal level, it also means for the collective global level, and here is where we get into the third theme I will discuss, which is "what goes around comes around." Some people call that karma, but I do not, as I explained a while back. When I took the DNA course in Cleveland in 2004, the instructor defined karma as a repeated pattern recorded in the DNA that plays itself out over and over through each lifetime. THAT is why DNA clearing WORKS and I can verify that in my own life. And THAT is why all these scummy bastards on this planet continue to get away with theft, fraud, and murder. But that is changing as WE change. As we evolve and consciously put out energy to dissolve these heinous creatures and their even more heinous activities, WE can take credit for their downfall. We can also visualize scenarios always while we are saying our special phrase to keep it in the background and in secret. When you do this be sure not to visualize someone's death or anything like that, because it will surely return to you. Instead, do visualize something totally benign that would only be devastating to those engaging in evil activities. For instance, years ago, I would go into a shamanic meditation to deal with people who were deliberately doing harm. All I did was surround them in a sealed circle of their own energy. That way, they always got the benefit of the doubt. If I was in error and they were really not evil, then surrounding them in their own energy would be beneficial. I certainly would and DO thrive in my own energy and DO surround myself in it. However, I do not remember ever being wrong in my hunches and I saw, one by one, people getting what they deserved.

But then I began to get hacked, as I have spoken of so frequently, and a corrupted energy would turn upon me. Now, by the use of my special phrase, I am more protected and I am finding more benign ways to disable all these miserable creatures on this planet who deserve much worse than I can even fathom.

OK, so let's talk about Trump . . . . We have this total fucking moron; this white supremacist racist bigot; this greedy, self-serving, narcissistic egomaniac, who has spent the year mocking the millions of people on this planet who have suffered and/or died from Covid-19. And then he gets it himself, downplays it, gives it to half of his White House staff, then tells people not to be afraid of it. But he is committing political suicide, while he pretend to be a "man." NO, a real man would protect others and put their well-being first. That's what REAL men do. So, I am not really sure exactly what the fuck is going on here. If no one else in the White House had been diagnosed positive, I might even think the whole thing was staged. Were the tests fraudulent and the results a lie? I dunno, it is all so surreal now. Many people danced with glee when he went to the hospital, and there was at least one article published on Trump's karma. There was also one banning people on social media from wishing he would die. Gosh, hell, no, I don't want him to die. I want to see him alive so he can spend the rest of his life in jail for all his criminal activity, including tax evasion. And not only Trump, but more and more criminal activities of the rich and famous are coming to light. We have far to go, and until weather terrorism is exposed completely and the thousands of people promoting it locked up, I will not be satisfied.

But there is a voice within me getting stronger every day. And that voice suggests that for every crime exposed and justice dealt, it simply means that I have jumped another timeline, and where I am now is a place where this sort of behavior is less and less tolerated. As I, we, continue to jump into higher frequency realities, is it not possible, probable that we will find ourselves in a place where none of this shit even exists? How many people will we lose along the way? Because most "regular" people now think it's OK to lie and cheat and be racist and violent; to put their needs, especially where money is concerned ahead of the welfare of the planet and the rest of its creatures, plants and trees, water, skies, and natural habitats. If that were not true, someone like Trump would have gotten no more than five percent of the vote, eh? Spiritual awakening is not for wussies, for the half-hearted, or for those with hidden agendas.

But for myself, I have sacrificed all that most people assume is necessary to lead a comfortable life. My life is FAR from comfortable, and yet I am perfectly content in the company of myself alone, with no radio, TV, CD player, or any other distractions, and few can say that. But until people CAN say that, their lane jumping abilities will be hampered. I not only plan to reach that farthest lane to the left, I intend to get off the freeway all together. How about you?

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