Zooming Out, Part 1

I have been putting off writing this article for a long time, mostly because I am finding that timing is extremely important in what is being revealed and what I should put into writing. Since I've begun working with my special phrase that I've been writing about these past couple months, so much has changed in my life, including the awareness that when we verbalize a thought or project it, it is being hacked, corrupted, jammed, or used as a weapon against us. These are indeed VERY strange times, and those who believe they are in control are in desperation mode. So I do not think they would have a problem wiping us off the face of the planet, then covertly re-establishing the whole shebang somewhere else, where even our off-planet allies would be temporarily confused. I've said before, I often wonder if that is what happened on Venus, which once had a life-supporting atmosphere. But still, with all the powers working against them, I'm not sure that even that would work at this point. Nothing lasts forever, and many of us believe that we are at the end of this evil rule. But we cannot let our guard down for a minute. Everything we do to defy them goes out as a force of energy, and when enough of us send out that force, it will break them.

Most of the time I get the feeling that hardly anyone really "gets" what I am saying in my articles. It is the same feeling Jesus must have had when he was here, trying to awaken people to their own creative powers, and his message was continuously corrupted. And that's what is happening to so many of us—we write, and by the time our work reaches the readers, the message has been jammed so that it is perceived totally different than what was intended.

Here are my latest two articles, for those who truly want to awaken at all levels.
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In addition, for those seriously seeking the truth, reading my book review for Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation is imperative. I really mean that. My perception of evil on this planet is pretty expansive, but this one even made me gasp. For anyone who even remotely doubts the covert operations which have been established in this country and globally, through American greed and corruption, this book is guaranteed to wipe out any of those doubts. It was published by Global Research in Canada. I have included a link to their store at the bottom of the review. I would imagine you could borrow it from a library, too. In order to fight these forces which are working against us, we must educate ourselves at all levels. This book, I'm sure, also gives us fairly accurate clues as to who is behind the weather atrocities we are all experiencing, and why. And remember, when the date in the right column of my Home Page changes, something new has been posted. Links to all three of my article formats are also in that column, and below that are my book reviews, many of which pertain to our current situation. I have probably 700 book reviews on my site. There is a lot to explore here.

As more and more people face life and death situations, there will be greater awakening. Many of us already are, with illness, floods and hurricanes, heat and wildfires, extreme poverty, starvation and homelessness, and living with terrorism, mostly from US military attacks, whether it be weather terrorism, or just plain needless brutality, here or overseas. I can check-box a number of those. How about you? Perhaps it is all necessary, because until one faces total destruction and death, they often do not want to face themselves and do the inner work which will enable them to comprehend and recover their immense inherent power over these illusional physical forces attacking us from many directions. We are completely at the mercy of the physical world now, and until we can break the spell and see through the illusion, they have power over us that can and does kill and threatens our very existence. We must wake up before we are wiped out so we do not have to endure this hell-cycle for another millions of years.

And so, as I see it, several scenarios are happening. The first is for people like myself, who are awake enough to know that we are totally capable of escaping this prison by using the power of our minds and our creative abilities to shape the physical world around us, rather than be at its mercy. Another group probably has no chance to awaken, because they believe god or Jesus or Trump or some other "savior" is going to rescue them, then they can continue being the same person they are—never moving beyond the surface, never taking responsibility for their own life, and never becoming a fully realized being. The last group is hopeless, because they have totally succumbed to the Reptilian agenda and are well on their way to becoming service 'bots and 'droids.

Obviously I am writing to the first group, but even in that group, we are NOT MOVING DEEP ENOUGH. We are still, for the most part, seeing our physical reality as a set of laws—as in "Natural Laws," but that cannot be further from the truth. Nobody, no matter how enlightened or "in the know" they claim to be, NOBODY, including myself, can really see the big picture yet. The closest I have come to that is Bringers of the Dawn, but even that obviously had material that did NOT come from the Pleiadians. The reason for this is that the frequency fence surrounding this false and projected reality is able to hack and corrupt incoming information. That has been made perfectly clear by the covert data I am receiving through my special phrase. The difference is between night and day. Even those of us who believe we can meditate very deeply should beware. And those who rely on heart or "gut" feelings should be especially aware, unless they can back up the information they receive through another source. No, I'm not coming down with mental illness. I have proof of this in things that are occuring in my life, and I've been analyzing and documenting this stuff for decades. It is the "pop-up" info that shows up in the background very quietly and unexpectedly that we can trust. Therefore I continue to refrain from any sort of speculation as to the details of our final mission. Bringers of the Dawn certainly made it clear, but lots has changed since then and we are at a critical point RIGHT NOW. Not in five years or twenty years or next century. It is all coming to a head, as exemplified in our world situation, always a reflection of what is happening behind the scenes.

At this point, we are trying to discern the image of a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle by looking at only one piece, so there is way too much room for our creative imagination to decide what it chooses to perceive as the truth. As we work with our special phrase and conquer our fears; as we more and more clearly can see the illusion of the physical world, and understand that we have power over it, and not vice/versa, little by little we will begin to zoom-out and see a widening picture. Just like on a weather radar map, if we want to see what is happening on our street, we look at the close-up image, but it is not until we zoom out that we can see the big picture, and we often realize that what we thought was happening in our little world is not accurate. It can appear that there is no rain near us, but when we zoom out, we can see a thunderstorm approaching. As we work with our special phrase, we will gradually be guided to a wider and wider view. That must not be rushed because we cannot screw this up. But I KNOW we have a mission here, and that we came equipped to do what we need to do.

I've said this many times, and will say it again. We REALLY do not know the true nature of our reality, so we cannot understand our mission until we know the big picture. I've have always had this feeling that the big picture is quite different than what we have imagined. If we have lived in a dark cave all our life, we can only create a world with what we have experienced. And in essence, we have been living in the dark for all these millions of years. I have to conclude that that's why most people really don't understand much of what I write. Because people are still perceiving physical reality as something solid that follows the laws of nature, like gravity, for instance. And yet Jesus could walk on water, and return from the dead in a body. Both of those feats defy everything we believe about physical laws. Yeah, I know, Christians say it was because he was god. But I'm not Christian, nor do I believe in god. And furthermore, throughout the Bible, he repeatedly told us that we, too, were capable of doing everything he did, and even more. So what gives, here? The conclusion I have to draw is that we are in error about the laws of the physical world which we call our reality. And it wasn't just Jesus. You can find people of all spiritual beliefs that have defied and mastered the physical world. I use Jesus as an example because the Bible is so accessible to most people, and it contains so many examples to illustrate my points.

So our first goal in zooming out must be to suspend all beliefs in which we have based our lives. I'm not saying all are untrue, I'm just saying that we need to be open to the possibility that nothing is what it seems. When we let go of beliefs that we have clung to, almost superstitiously in many cases, it will allow our minds to zoom out just a little farther each time. When we open our minds to what we now think is impossible, we will soon find that ALL is possible. Start with a clean slate and be open to all possibilities. That would be a great first step. I've actually followed this policy for a good many years, and I've found that the more I suspend my beliefs and pre-conceived notions, the faster my mind opens to much greater possibilities. In the situation we now find ourselves, thinking small is deadly. As we free ourselves from the Reptilian spell we are under, we will be ready to manifest the physical paradise that always should have been. We will travel the universe, travel through time, create higher levels of beauty, peace, and joy, and expand to incomprehensible states of being.

One of the first pieces of information that came to me when I began saying my special phrase in earnest was "Linear thinking is the enemy of creativity." That sort of stunned me because it is so simple and so true. I took pages of note on the information that was pouring in to me, but by the next day, when I tried to retrieve it in my consciousness, it was gone. That's why I always take notes. But other information was also making itself known, and that's what I've been writing about these past number of weeks, and that seemed more pressing. There seems to be an exact order we must follow. This idea of non-linear thinking and zooming out to see the big picture will ultimately reveal our true mission, but we must prepare ourselves further so that we are guaranteed not to fail. And our mission is both to serve others, and to serve ourselves. We must become the enlightened beings we were meant to be, and were at one time. As for how we are going to serve others, I am not ready to say yet. Certainly in Bringers of the Dawn, the Pleiadians told us we were here to, well, basically, get rid of Reptilian rule, and restore the planet to its rightful owners. I certainly know what I would like to do, but I am awaiting instructions.

And so for now, let's just focus on non-linear thinking. Unless you have devoted your life to awakening, which means giving up most of what most people define as "necessities," you will still be stuck in linear thinking, which keeps you tied to the physical realm, especially the monetary system. That's the reason most people do not really comprehend what I've spent years preaching—that is, that we, like Jesus and other fully realized beings, can create something out of nothing but energy. People cannot get past the point where they believe every physical object they need must be purchased, and to purchase, one must have money. THAT is the big lie. We originally existed with the ability to create with energy and our minds. THAT'S where everything came from before the existence of currency and physical labor. I mean when we first created this planet, as the Pleiadians reminded us. And until we can pry our minds and perceptions out of the old and false rut, we will be destined to repeat this miserable existence, where the physical world controls us, and the wealthy control the physical world. Do you want to spend every incarnation living as we do now? For an even more dreadful look at our current reality, read the book review linked above. If THAT doesn't scare the shit out of you, you are probably past the point where you will awaken, at least in this cycle.

Decades ago, when I became so immersed in the New Age Movement, it was through reading a book by Deepak Chopra. After the first one, I couldn't stop. I literally devoured every one of his books I could get my hands on, then expanded to other authors, most of whom were frauds. My hero-worship of Chopra ended abruptly when I learned what a hypocrite he was. And it was personal. He later appeared to me in a dream and apologized. I have not picked up a book by him since. In any case, one must not judge the message by the messenger, and I believe at first Chopra was much more humble. He was born in India on a military base. His mother was strict Hindu and his father strict Catholic. He came to the US to be a medical doctor. In his book, which I believe was his first, called Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams, he talks about his years of being an intern, strictly following the laws of medical science to his transformation to mind-body medicine and using the mind to create our lives. It is in this book that his humility shines, and was my favorite because here, he was a real person, not a mega-star, if I remember correctly, but it was 1995 when I read it. I just pulled that one out, and I believe I will read it again, along with his others. He studied Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, with whom the Beatles also studied. George, of course, took the whole Indian thing dead seriously and became a devoted follower of Hari Krishna, a sect of Hinduism, from 1970 until his death. He and Chopra were friends.

Anyways, I have thought a lot about him lately, especially pertaining to what I am writing now, and I suddenly today remembered why. In one of his other book that I really liked, The Seven Spritual Laws of Success, which was on the New York Times Best Seller list for 72 weeks, he spoke of the "field of all possibilities." He used that term frequently, but I believe it was this book where I became familiar with it. In "The Law of Intention and Desire," he writes:

The past, present and future are all properties of consciousness. The past is recollection, memory; the future is anticipation; the present is awareness. Therefore time is the movement of thought. Both past and future are born in the imagination; only the present, which is awareness, is real and eternal. It is. It is the potentiality for space-time, matter, and energy. It is an eternal field of possibilities experiencing itself as abstract forces, whether they be light, heat, electricity, magnetism, or gravity. These forces are neither in the past nor the future. They just are.

To put this into practice, he speaks of "slipping into the gap." He says. "This means to center yourself in that silent space between thoughts, to go into the silence—that level of being which is your essential state." Well, I am finding that now, I am using my special phrase in a new manner. It is my entrance into the "gap," and though it is a bit different than Chopra's it is essentially visualizing a manifestation in the backgound of my phrase. It remains hidden from alien hackers. I do not believe Chopra was ever concerned with aliens, but having lived so many years praciticing what he preached, I now find myself in familiar territory, but in a much higher consciousness.

For the past several months, I have been completing all sorts of things at an extremely deep level. I suddenly have a jolt, and say to myself. That is done. And that is becoming stronger each time it happens. It is like I'm breaking free in a series of steps, undoing damage centuries old, completing more and more goals which inch me every day now to not only awaken, but regain my physical mastery. I have been going out in this space-time "field of all possibilities" and playing with creation. But the best part is, done in the background of my special phrase, which is really a mantra, I finally feel protected; I am not being hacked or spied upon or having my visions hijacked, and THAT is a BIG deal.

My next article series will be on "zooming out," expanding, and suspending all beliefs. Playing in the field of all possibilities. I still have a couple Bible articles planned, and something very interesting that happened in the greenhouse, which, I believe, is tied into all this, and it made me gasp. I've been gasping a lot lately. Remember, as in holistic healing, which works its way from the most outer levels of our chakras, because it is energy, it eventually makes its way to the denser levels, finally reaching our physical bodies. That is why spontaneous healing can and does happen. Once everything has been cleared and healed at the distant non-physical layers, there is no longer a reason for the physical body to be ill. That is what is happening to me, and all of us, as we work to clear all this rubbish that was foisted upon us by the Reptilian Invasion. It seems like nothing is happening, but when something is finally cleared at all levels, our world changes. It seems "spontaneous," yet it has been at work for a long time at levels unknown to us. And I am not just talking about illness, I'm talking about all the horrible things that were done to us which created karma for endless more horror. THAT is another reason we must begin to "zoom out," so that we can see into the worlds beyond our physical realm, which will enable us to clear things even faster. Breaking away from our old belief system will expand what we believe to be possible. The more we expand, the faster we will outgrow this stifled world in which we have been stuck. And like a baby having outgrown the womb, we will be born into a new world more wonderful than we can even imagine.

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