What Do You Want to Be When YOU Wake Up?

Every once in a while I write an article of which I have no idea just how significant it would become when I wrote it. It is in the weeks afterwards, when it begins to work on me that I realize the magnitude of what I wrote. I know then that it was inspired by some greater part of me that abides somewhere far from where we are here, now. The one I am referring to now is the Bible article, Defying the Illusion. If you have not read it, please do because it will become a major theme in future articles. Please note, for my regular readers who are only looking on the Articles Index for new posts, there will be few, at least for a while. My major summer writings will be Bible articles and Farm articles, all of which are indexed on my Home Page, and all will tie together.

Everywhere we look, at both the personal and global levels, our physical reality is becoming more and more absurd and outrageous each and every day. There is a force determined to keep us at this very low third-dimensional level, but remember, it is ALL a gift, that when recognized, can catapult us into higher and higher phases of awakening until we cease to exist in this reality. It IS happening, and I can vouch for that with my own experience. There are many reasons I believe all we are experiencing is an illusion, and certainly the absurdity and surreal quality of our lives is a major one. But the other one that strikes me is that, I am convinced that no matter what we do at the physical level at this point, NOTHING is going to change and NOTHING can be solved. Our situation will continue to accelerate into total collapse and oblivion. We can stop 5G and weather terrorism and war and biowarfare, fracking, GMOs, Monsanto, vaccines, and all the other horrors that are being foisted upon us, and NOTHING will change. Meanwhile COVID-19 rages on, and that, too, is out of control. Of course, we have already done so much damage to the planet that, even in a purely physical world, nothing is likely to make a difference. This planet has been there done that, and we are in the, what number now? sixth mass extinction? But even that will solve nothing because we will come back and do it again. Even if we got rid of all Alien interference, at this point, I STILL believe we would come back and do it again, the reason being that, I think the majority of human beings are ignorant, selfish and self-absorbed, apathetic, greedy, and just plain evil. In any case, most on this planet WILL NOT CHANGE.

I think perhaps this whole Earth thing was a grand experiment that failed. I believe it was meant to be a creation of this super race that could excel in both the physical and non-physical worlds, even as we grew to extraordinary levels of spiritual development. Granted, had the Reptilians not invaded us, then perhaps we would have had a chance. In any case, those of us who ARE doing our work are most likely aliens ourselves, come here, like Jesus, to awaken humanity and bring us back on track. But I do not believe that is meant to be at this point. Because this collapse has a mind of its own, and now the best thing we can all do is to realize it is a GIFT to enable us to see the illusion of it all. If you talk to the regular person on the street, the vast majority of the population, they would just look at you and laugh if you tried to explain this to them. Absolutely NO imagination that there is something greater than what meets the eye. Of course, you have the Bahble-totin' Christians who assure us that all this is happening because "god" wants it to, like the old man I got stuck behind in the line at Giant Eagle a couple weeks ago who informed me, for ten minutes, that Trump would win by a landslide because "god" wants him to. Hmm. Don't think that's gonna happen, but again, look what the other choice is, and it is JUST AS BAD, or perhaps even worse. Really. Each one gets worse than the previous one.

Of course there are the people like myself who are also saying it is all happening for a purpose, but that is not the same as certain groups saying that some god is going to rescue them and the rest of us will burn in hell. But if we think of it as nothing but an illusion, a projection of all the evil and horror the inhabitants of this planet have stored up within them, then, yes, it NEEDS to collapse, and we NEED to see it is an illusion. And as I wrote in Defying the Illusion, Jesus showed us that even death was not real. And so, if the whole planet perishes, and we go on to create another world, will it be "real?" No, it will still be an illusion, but with a massive difference.

Perhaps when the ancient creators, including myself and many of you, first conceived the idea of this planet, we ourselves were not as spiritually advanced as we should have been for such an undertaking. This thought keeps recurring as I try to grasp the truth of where we are now. And perhaps it is because we ourselves still contained unresolved evil within us that this whole human experiment turned out to be such a mess. That's why we must all NOW become very clear on what we wish to create for our next long-term reality, and it cannot be done with the same energy that was used to create this planet. Again, I refer you to the Bible article, Water to Wine. During the wedding celebration at Cana, Jesus created, with his mind, a far superior wine than anyone could produce in the traditional physical manner. This article, too, has become a landmark for me, all of which is leading me out of here and into a very new place. This is happening VERY FAST now, and whether or not you are ready, it's gonna happen anyways. I wonder how many others see the urgency here. Certainly only a tiny number of people "get it."

I cannot begin to tell you what I have been going through lately. It is terrible and it is a GIFT, because something very significant has shifted within me and, without even trying, I automatically react differently to all of it. Yes, I see it as an illusion. All around me all I see is death. My plants, animals—I have a cat near death now; my beautiful sugar maple that sits practically on the house, and which has been my best friend for sixty-four years, finally succumbed at that last fake freeze we had in May that also killed my fruit bushes. And yes, the maple was alive before that. And when that is done, it will just be one more thing after another, another sick animal, something else broken down and collapsing. I do not even try to fix any more, but what I do INSTEAD is see it as all part of the illusion, and the illusion must be faced head on, and defied. I even see myself as an illusion, as I catch glimpses of the "real" me, not in a body, observing this avatar here on Earth. That is probably the way the physical dimension shall always be, but the problem here is that we have become stuck in this computer game and cannot hit the escape button. And what is the worst part of all is that, after all these eons of being stuck in this projection, we believe it is real. It is NOT.

I have crossed the point of no return in this, and absolutely CANNOT operate in the old manner any more. It is one of the many reasons I really am no longer interested in the news, even in what Dane has to say. There is a growing feeling within me that the whole geoengineering thing and all the other horrors are also nothing but projections of sick and evil souls. I am just not part of it any more, and mind you, it is NOT denial, because as you all know, I have NEVER denied. It is seeing beyond the façade, then moving through it, deliberately following through with OUR agenda, and not someone else's. Every time I defy the illusion, it becomes less of a threat and I move very quickly to a new level. And most importantly, I have been able, ever so slowly, to begin the creation of my new world.

SO, will we jump off this planet to a new one? I thought so at some point long ago, but I see it now as more of a transformation, where, as each of us moves forward, more and more of this planet will simply cease to exist. However, I also must add that, as in awakening from a very deep dream, there is a merging of two realities until one completely awakens, then the landscape changes completely. And it is because of this that I urge all of you to make haste in deciding exactly what you want to awaken to. That's why the whole isolation thing with COVID-19 was such a gift, or should have been, because it was a grand opportunity for people to use their solitude for quiet time and spiritual work and strengthening our creative minds. But all most people did was bitch about their rights and jobs being taken away. I live in solitude anyways, but the global shift in energy made it even more significant to me. With what I have been going through, especially with sick pets, I have to ask myself if THAT, too, is an illusion. As more of this world becomes less and less real, a new one is indeed emerging. And as for the people who are only concerned about getting their jobs back and who will be the next president, the likelihood of them waking up before the apocalyse is about nill. Though they think they will be going to "god" where everything is easy, they may be in for an extremely rude awakening. NO ONE escapes the pain of evolution.

Therefore, all of that brings me to the subject of this article. Those of us that can reach awakening, which is fully seeing the illusion of our current reality, will be able to move forward into a new creation, and the greater amount of thought and energy we put into just exactly what we want that creation to be will not have to settle for something we don't really want. It all requires an immense amount of imagination, and a complete confidence in limitless creativity. But having said that, it must also be ruled by the highest levels of morals and integrity. I have sort of mapped out a few guidelines for us to use as we navigate through this opening door to what has every possibility of being the paradise for which we all yearn.

We must all have a set purpose. That absolutely does not mean it can't or won't change as we grow and evolve in our creative abilities. First, we obviously should choose something that interests us and is of great importance to our individual journey along our path. It also should be something challenging. I know we have been through challenges here that we hope will never, ever happen again, but I am not talking about fighting all this horror and evil. I am speaking more in terms of growing and developing our minds, spirits, and abilities, like in art or sports or science, where we keep striving for that which is just a tiny bit beyond our reach. The more we flex our creative muscles, the greater the heights to which we can rise, and the more tools and abilities we will acquire. We will discover new talents! We must also absolutely choose that which will benefit others. That is not to say we cannot do nice things for ourselves. When Jesus turned the water into wine, it was strictly for pleasure. Pleasure, joy, happiness and an abundance of what we love is necessary, too. BUT, we must also always keep in mind that what we create physically will ALWAYS be an illusion. Once we know that, IT no longer controls us, but we control IT. We see through the falseness of it, just as we can enjoy what seems real on our computers, when it is all nothing but code and pixels. Learning code writing taught me a great deal about façades!!

We must also be very careful to never allow ourselves the thought of using what we create to control others or to impair others' ability to create their visions, and we must never think about rewards or gain, other than the spiritual joy we receive by serving others and doing what is good and beneficial. Remember, there will be no money or financial system—why would we need it when we can manifest with our minds? We must think in terms of an energetic world, which will change the entire way in which we operate. I would start NOW. There is great urgency here. I also want to mention a great book I read a while back that has left a lasting imprint on my perception of emerging worlds and realities. It is called The Turning Place: Stories of a Future Past, and I recommend reading not only the review but the book as well. It is technically classified for young adults but is perfect for us old adults, too. The important thing is that we do not place limitations on ourselves or think any idea is too far-fetched. Go back and re-read Bringers of the Dawn for some major inspiration

I have had this vision for a very long time of living on my own little planet—a mini-version of Earth, which has the same variety of environments, at least when things here were behaving what seemed to be normally. Now, everything is hot and getting hotter. When it hits 100 degrees in Arctic Siberia, you KNOW there's a problem. My vision is that I would be the only human, or whatever I really am, on this tiny planet, and the rest of the inhabitants would be animals and plants who have suffered under the evil and cruelty of human activity, both directly and indirectly. There would be the poles for polar bears and other arctic life, deserts for those creatures, a mini-version of the Amazon Rain Forest, mountains, plains—well, you get the idea. Because we will all be capable of astral travel, I could visit the giraffes on the African plains, then whiz over the ocean to check on the whales, and drop by Australia to pet the koalas. Of course, my little farm would be pristine, with fields of fertile soil, clean air and water, rain when I need it, and the most important thing would be that NO CREATURE WOULD EVER SUFFER OR BE IN PAIN. Nobody would eat anybody, and all would live in peace. That's why I named my Farm Series Toward the Peaceable Kingdom this year. This has been a very, very long-term dream and vision for me. And when I found the artwork by William Strutt entitled Peace, along with the Bible quote from Isaiah, I knew it was perfect for what will probably be my last farm series, as we exist now.

But just as important, I want to learn how to play. As a young child I played hard. I had my dolls (I still have them), my paper dolls, I played dress-up and played with toy tractors and fishing tackle. I have photos of myself before I was two on the tractor with my dad, and standing on a chair cutting cookies. But my parents were so fucked up that I ended up growing up way before my time and before I was ten I was the only responsible force in the household. That has never quite disappeared. When I was in undergrad school, several of us drove out to see a play in Boulder, Colorado because a former Heidelberg student and friend of our was working on his Master's degree in theater there and one of our friends was engaged to him. We went in two cars. Her car made it, but ours did not, getting stuck in a blizzard. But we ended up spending a few days touring Boulder. I was ready to be back home because I do not enjoy traveling, but that was the last "vacation" I ever had, and that was in 1975. So. My life has been work, and that is not to say that I don't enjoy my work. I love my farm and my website and my animals and the other things I do, but it is still work. That's why I am making coloring a priority in my life because it is probably the nearest thing I do now that comes even close to play. In fact, as I mentioned in my last Farm issue, I am limiting the amount of time I spend in the greenhouse. Goodness knows, I deserve a break. However, I CANNOT IMAGINE ever lying around on the beach, and I NEVER go to parties or social events just 'cause I find that sort of stuff boring.

Therefore, on MY little planet, I also plan to do a great deal of astral and time travel. I want to go back in time and explore my land from different eras, then restore it, even as it was when I was born, and my house and all the other out buildings that were here at one time. I want to go back in time and attend that Beatles concert in Cleveland in 1963 or '64, when I was too young to go, and to visit the Medieval times and wear those pretty dresses, and meet Charles Dickens and hear Bach play the organ. It's all an illusion, of course, but when WE finally have control of our lives, they will be OUR illusions, not some Reptilian projection. And of course, I want to bring back all my deceased pets and create for them, or co-create their dream environment. As you may guess, I did not just make up this stuff on the spot. I have spent years and years planning exactly what I want to do after I escape this hell.

Not that long ago, I read a book that made an immense impact on my post-apocalyptic goals. Called The Souls of Animals, it is unlike too many animal "spiritual" books that are either overly sentimental or put motives that do not exist into animals' behavior, or claim that animals are much more spiritually advanced than we are. I do not agree with any of that, and this particular book was exceptionally down to earth, based on observations and relationships with animals in a mostly non-judgmental way. I think that animals, like people are in a very wide range of spiritual development. I have lived with two cats over the years that were extraordinary, and, like myself, very old souls. But I have also lived with animals that were very spiritually undeveloped. In going through what I have gone through over the past twenty years, especially since I have been tried and tested, so, too have my non-human companions. Just recently, as I once again did a series of past-life travel, it struck me that these creatures I love so very much are also dealing with the pain of the Reptilian Invasion, and the millions of years of abuse at the hands of humans. And it also struck me that my little earth where everyone could be happy and safe and free would not nearly be enough. After reading the above book, I typed this paragraph into my notes that I save for future articles.

As we head into the final times on this planet, my one most sorrowful thoughts is that I caused an animal pain. Though I have been an animal rights activist for over thirty years, I look back before that, and lifetimes before that and feel remorse that I did not understand the sacredness of animals. Though I have done decades of work to clear the past from my being at all levels, perhaps it is because I see so much flagrant disregard for the beautiful creatures of this planet, that I have taken on the guilt and pain the rest of the world does not feel.

And I began to realize that here was my challenge, not only to provide safe haven for all these exquisite beings, but to bring about the healing of their souls, so that they, too will be able to fully move on to their destiny without the baggage of memories and shadows. Perhaps my little planet will be a sort of half-way house for creature rehabilitation, and I will certainly have my work cut out for me, BUT I will also have more energetic tools to work with, and greater abilities for communicating with non-human beings. And what if it STILL is all an illusion (which it is and always will be)? The thing is, except for the 'bot and droid' hybrids, like Elon Musk and Bill Gates, and probably over half the human-ish population now, who really DO NOT have a soul, the rest of us, especially animals, even if the physical part is an illusion, it is still backed up by a soul, and souls are suffering immensely. Too many people believe that once you are out of a body, all problems cease, but that is absolutely false. Those that think Jesus will swoop down to save them while the rest of us suffer the pits of hell are in for a rude awakening. I know I say that too many times, but THERE IS NO ESCAPE from doing our spiritual work. In order for us to go on and create paradise, we must be free and clear of all that would hinder it, and that certainly means that we cannot expect someone else to randomly save us, like "god" or Jesus. However, I believe that Jesus was one of the greatest healers and most evolved beings that ever visited this planet, and that does not mean we cannot use his teaching as a guideline. Lately, I have been imagining myself tapping into his healing energy and projecting it to my animals and to the world. But to think there is a free ride anywhere is like begging for failure, and it will come back to haunt those that think they are above the need to personal spiritual cleansing. I also want to point out that if we believe in a savior, then we must also believe we are a victim, because the two go hand in hand. And that will be the subject of my next Bible article.

I hope this has given everyone some fresh and inspiring ideas, and also the need for urgency. If you go back over my articles of the past couple years, I think you will find that I have been pretty spot-on about what is coming. Remember, I urged everyone to prepare for a crisis long before it happened. I look back at the canned goods I have stocked, and though I rotate and use the older ones, I still have some dated from June, 2019. And what is coming next will completely obliterate COVID-19. This down time is a GIFT—it is happening for a reason, and that reason is preparation, so we must all take heed!

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