Worlds at War, Part 1: Weather Warfare

Most people who read my articles have got to be aware the we here on Planet Earth are at war—multiple wars in fact, both on and off planet. This is it, folks. We have awaited this final confrontation. The Pleiadians foretold it in Bringers of the Dawn, and what transpires will determine not only our future here on Earth, but many other futures not on Earth. And for those of us destined to evolve a new paradigm, we will most likely be leaving Earth to begin something totally new. IF we succeed in freeing ourselves from Reptilian rule, we will be FREE and our grandest dreams will open up to us with ease, provided we have done our work, prepared ourselves, and completely re-programmed our minds. For those who realize what an immensely powerful tool we have in our brains and beyond, because the mind is so much more than the brain, we understand that the universe is ours to create when we use our minds as they were originally meant to be used. The saddest, most pathetic part of this is that the vast majority of people on this planet are so tied to the false physical reality, that they are perfectly OK with the way things are, in fact, see little problem with life in general. When disaster hits, they say it was "god's will," and never understand that we are living in a false reality, controlled by off-planet aliens and their agents posing as humans, who are literally and blatantly using us as lab rats for whatever experiment they please. We are surrounded by immense evil.

Everything is coming to a head—a screeching halt, and no matter which way it all turns out, what is guaranteed is that most people here will be dead and that life on Earth will bear no resemblance to what it is now. If it goes OUR way, our alien captors will be permanently banished, dismantled, and shipped off somewhere far away, and those remaining can restore the planet to its original purpose. If it goes THEIR way, we will all be turned into bots and droids, controlled by central computers through the nano-chips in our bodies, and much worse. This is NOT sci-fi. It is in the works and being done right now. But either way, for anyone who thinks life will be business as usual, as in, we get a job, work, make money, buy things and either have what we want or struggle with poverty, but in any case, the economy will still be the most important thing in most people's lives, think again. I've written about this for years now, and I'm getting tired of it. You either get it or you don't, and if you STILL do not realize you must train your mind to think in a totally different direction, that is, create what you need with your mind, you will be stuck in another paradigm similar to this one, but probably much worse in your next incarnation. IF you are still human. If THEY win, all money will be digital, and controlled by the elite. If we misbehave, in other words, dare to disagree, we can have all our funds cut off. They will be able to prevent us from going to stores to buy food or anything else we need and deprive us of all basic necessities. This is DOCUMENTED and part of the Global Elite's plan. Now, is that OK with you?? If not you need to DO YOUR PART to stop it. Therefore, I am beginning this series with Weather Warfare. STOP that and we will pull the rug out from beneath their proverbial feet. There's a lot of creepy shit going on up there that has NOTHING to do with the weather. The sky has been weaponized and is being used to kill us, destroy our property, spy on us, experiment on us, and control us. As Dane says, they won't get their way, because biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection. However LC says that massive deaths will even beat biosphere collapse. It IS happening already. Massive numbers of people are "dying suddenly" or "unexpectedly." Check your local obits. People in their 60s were the largest age group in the local ones I checked, but lots of much younger people, often with no cause of death listed.

If Dane is correct, and biosphere collapse beats them to the intersection, how much of a chance to we have of salvaging anything on this planet? If massive deaths happen, we have a much greater chance. I know this is an uncomfortable subject and people don't want to hear it, but the fact is, anyone who wishes to survive needs to pull their head out of the sand, develop some backbone, and fulfill their responsibility. Dane never wanted to do what he's doing but he's doing it anyways. Same here. He'd rather be planting trees, and I'd rather be farming. But we are called to do what is necessary, and so are YOU. Anyways, as I've been saying, massive deaths will leave the controllers with no one to do their dirty work. Who will fly the planes spraying us with poison 24/7 if all the pilots are dead? They are ALREADY dying. Who will manufacture the chemicals, do the maintenance, shipping, and all the other myriad jobs that are required to fulfill these sordid agendas? When enough deaths come, the entire infrastructure of the planet will collapse, BUT, who will be there to protect the elite if all their people are dead? If the military requires their personnel to get the killer vaccine, who will use all those billions of hollow-point bullets purchased by the Pentagon, supposedly to keep We the People under control? I have much more to say on this subject, but not in this issue.

Here I want to discuss the weather, which is becoming more disastrous by the day. I have had a TERRIBLE couple of weeks, doing little other than cleaning up messes after non-stop flooding, torrential downpours, and of course Fred. I, by some miracle, managed to dodge most of him, but people in North Carolina, Florida, and numerous other states suffered catastrophic flooding. I have tons of screenshots, lest you think ANY of this was just Nature having a bad day.

But first, here are some links. Let us begin with the epitome of insanity, I sent it to Dane and pointed out that this "poll" didn't seem to mention anything about the fact that California is running out of water, going up in flames, losing all its agriculture, in the triple digits, and of course, those UVC rays. He said he would use it. It's what I just said about people who think everything is just fine, and the only conclusion I must draw is that these people are SO mind controlled that they are unable to see the elephant standing on their foot. This poll is so absurd it would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.
Californians optimistic about future of state—CBS News poll
Here is a great article published by Global Research. They are translated into 51 languages. If Americans are too stupid and lazy to speak out against these atrocities, let us hope that people in other countries will demand justice, especially those being damaged by America. That would include Haiti. Do you not find it curious that first, Haiti's president refused Covid vaccines, saying his people did not need them, they were not sick, and they were free to socialize and hug each other. Then he got assassinated. Then they got hit by an earthquake. THEN by Tropical Storm Grace. Hmm. Really?? Just coincidence? Oh yeah, I forgot. As soon as their president was dead, OUR president shipped them vaccines. And please be aware that those tropical storms/hurricanes are being manipulated for the use of the controllers. I have screenshots to PROVE that.
Weather Warfare: Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare
Haiti Quake Death Toll Rises as Victims Are Hit by Tropical Storm Grace
Some Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Received US Training, Pentagon Confirms
Haiti receives its first shipment of vaccines: 500,000 doses from the U.S.

Here are some other weather-related disasters, but I've quit saving them because they are just an increasing number of the same, which will continue to multiply until we ALL STEP IN to stop this atrocity. Or until most of us are dead, then it will stop on its own. Harsh words, but the reality of our situation. Here's yet another from California. You can check the QPF maps at NWS/NOAA, the rest of the country is getting deluged, or at least drenched, while California remains bone dry.
Officials in Western North Carolina Search Cars, Buildings for Fred Flood Survivors
Thousands more evacuated as California wildfire swells 24 times its size in 2 days
What will it take? Will a big city like LA have to burn down before people wake up and speak out. How would ALL THOSE PEOPLE escape? They wouldn't. Will all the people in the east have to lose everything they own from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, derechos before they wake up and speak out? Will the entire east coastal states be under water? That's already happening. Florida will be the first to go.

WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN?? Whatever it is, I assure you, it will. Because of all the wars being waged now, the BOTTOM LINE is the war between GOOD and EVIL. The Bible and most other spiritual/religious traditions have told us this day would come. IT IS HERE, and we all must choose sides. Do you choose good? Then you must stand up and take action for good. Those who are under this FALLACY that "god" will take care of it all are choosing EVIL. We are HERE NOW to do what is right, and if we fail to fulfill our purpose, then we will die and have to live this all over again. Even if we die and do not win this war, if we have put 100 percent effort into being the warriors we came here to be, we will at least end up in a totally different reality in our next lifetime. There are no free rides. We must earn our right to be alive in a body, and it has NOTHING to do with earning money. This is a spiritual quest to move to the next level, or much higher, according to how much effort you have put into evolution during this lifetime. But this is all for another issue in this series, so you'll hear it again. Let us continue with weather warfare and climate engineering. First what I've been through these last two weeks.

We know that THEY are desperate to keep us imprisoned. During these fake storms, it all gets MUCH WORSE. We KNOW they are using the sky for warfare, and that has been documented. What we DO NOT know is all it entails, especially from the off-planet perspective. It is my hunch that they are even more desperate to complete a project before all their pilots and workforce die. That may not have been something they considered before they began forcing these killer vaccines on people, and finally realized people were dropping dead from them. They have turned the sky into a grid, and I would suspect that their intention is to control every inch of the planet through this computer system installed in the sky. Does that not scare you? Once they get a chip installed in everyone, they will be able to easily snuff out those who misbehave, that is, do not obey orders and DO think for themselves. It is NOT sci-fi, it is HERE NOW in the making.

When these "storm systems" move through, like the one on August 10 it feels ultra-creepy—DARK with thunder even LONG after the storm has passed. WHAT is going on up there?? They can make lightning whenever and wherever they please. Dry lightning is igniting these fires in the west. Lightning never used to bother me, but this shit is terrifying, because it is being PURPOSELY GENERATED BY PSYCHOPATHS. And it is not even predictable. NWS and The Weather Channel change their "forecasts" drastically, all the time now. One minute it is 20 percent chance of rain, and the next minute, we are getting a deluge that drops sometimes an inch of rain in a matter of minutes, that just came out of nowhere. Below is a screenshot I took of lightning all over the place on August 10, even after the storm had passed. There are lightning icons just to the south and east of me, and I can verify that the map was correct.

Lightning Screenshot

The next day, August 11, we had a 30% chance but got another DELUGE. But later in the day, the whole shebang. We were under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, then a Severe Thunderstorm Warning— a 90% chance. They had this one all planned out to wallop us, but they FAILED. I have been shutting off all my breakers but the one that runs my computer when these severe storms hit. And they come up SO FAST. I suddenly got pelted with a few big drops of rain, then got a gust. I ran down the basement to shut everything off, but by the time I emerged, 30 seconds later, the whole system had passed. They ended up cancelling the Watch hours earlier than planned. NOBODY HAS A CLUE. We cannot rely on ANY "forecast" source at this point. There are NONE that are even remotely accurate because the weather is being planned and carried out by a BALLISTICS CONTRACTOR for the military. That would be Raytheon, as you know. What they plan and what actually happens is becoming more unreliable. You cannot fuck with the entire weather system of the planet and expect it to follow your orders. EVERYTHING has been derailed. What kind of human being thinks they have that kind of power?? This is NOT being run by humans.

By the next day, August 12, the SPC had moved our "Slight Risk" for severe storms up to the "Enhanced" level, scheduled, of course. My interactive map, from which these screenshots come, is located in Missouri, accidentally, no doubt, indicated a Severe Thunderstorm Watch 45 minutes before it was actually issued at NWS!!!! Proving that it is ALL SCHEDULED! Then it was cancelled also before it was at NWS, officially. And remember it is (supposedly) NWS that issues these watches and warnings, but in reality it is Raytheon. The biggest threat for us was damaging winds, but outside of torrential rain, we didn't get so much as a puff. And the torrential rain came when it wasn't scheduled. During the "severe" event, we didn't get a drop. It all stayed to the south of me. Here are three screenshots I took of all the microwave towers in use that evening. The first is at 9:50 p.m., the second at 9:55 p.m., and the last at 10 p.m..

In the first, you can see the blatant circles east of Toronto, another encircling Jefferson City, Quincy, and St. Louis, and another one east of Indianapolis, right over the Illinois border. You can also see one coming into view right smack over my house, between Cleveland and Canton.

9:50 p.m.

In this one, you can clearly see another just north of Toronto, a new one in Fort Wayne, and the one over me has moved to the east. Also notice the curve of that line of storms southeast of it that mimics that shape. Dane's people have been discussing the square cloud formations in the image he used for his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 14, 2021, and how they were obviously generated by H.A.A.R.P..

9:55 p.m.

In this last one, the ones near Toronto are gone, but the one over Fort Wayne is stronger, ALL pushing this very severe system south. So those of you who are suffering devastating weather, and that would be all or most of us at this point, PLEASE do not think for a minute that ANY of these events are normal or natural. NOT ONE OF THEM. Is that OK with you???

10 p.m.

NWS has announced they have a new "Destructive" Severe Thunderstorm Warning category to trigger Wireless Emergency Alerts on mobile phones. Here is the link.
"Destructive" Severe Thunderstorm Warning
One of my regular readers also sent me this which is probably related.
FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Aug. 11 Test Messages Will be Sent to TVs and Radios Along with Select Cell Phones That Have Opted-in to Receive Test Messages

If someone would have told be 60 years ago that summers in NE Ohio would be like this, I would have laughed. Now it breaks my heart. When I was growing up, we had a little barbecue pit in the back yard, complete with picnic table and a huge shady sugar maple, which is still there. We spent our summers out there. There was a family up the road and down the road that each had girls my age, plus an older sister and the five of us were in our back yard ALL the time. My mother would put an old bedspread over the clothesline, and it would be our "tent." We could count on nearly every day in July and August to be hot, dry and sunny, and by August the nights were hot and muggy. This never changed. It was like that every year and it wasn't always comfortable, but it was NE Ohio. Now, we are being sprayed, 24/7 with coolants. I can hear them grinding away up there day and night. I did not even bother to get out my summer nightwear, and I still have sweatshirts and hoodies nearby. They seed the clouds constantly so that nearly every time it rains, it is a torrential deluge. What happened to the beautiful, refreshing light summer rains we used to get? They would pass, and everything would smell so good and clean from the summer dust and dirt. And NOW!! I don't ever see dust. All I see is WET. Everything I own is moldy and rotten. How could it not be? I've been sitting in water for the past twelve years. The sun is rarely strong enough to dry anything, and water takes SO MUCH longer to evaporate. It isn't even water any more. It is some heavy, oily substance. And all this DARKNESS. OMG, NEVER in summer in NE Ohio, in all my years growing up. Yes, we had storms, but they came and went and we were back to sunshine. Now, it has been raining nearly every day for almost two weeks. I thought today I might get a break, but no, this thing moved through that dumped another tenth of an inch to add to the five I've already gotten. This is what is happening now as I write. The people under those rust colored things are probably getting another inch, depending on how slow they are moving, and NOBODY around here needs more rain.

More Rain Today

I can't even keep my kitchen utensils clean. I bought a plastic box with a lid and washed everything, then carefully dried them and put them in the box. Nope, they are still moldy. Here is a wooden spatula that I JUST used and washed two days ago because I made pancakes. In fact I use this spatula all the time because it is my favorite. LOOK at it. There is not only mold, but these circular structures growing on it!! WTF IS THAT???? Like a fucking petri dish. I thought maybe this year would be different, and earlier, it was, which is what allowed me to FINALLY grow some successful crops. But now everything is beginning to look yellow and sickly, with barely a speck of sunshine to be found. AUGUST should be the EPITOME of summer here in NE Ohio, the crowning glory of the entire year. Everything would ripen, ready to harvest and people took advantage of all that was summer fun.

Moldy Spatula

And THIS. This is the kind of lying shit we do NOT NEED. Of course it's our fault. Everyone that just stands by and allows all this to happen is at fault. Everyone that turns a blind eye and refuses to even SEE the truth when it is pointed out to them is AT FAULT. We live on this planet. If it is not our responsibility, then WHOSE responsibility is it?? Some mythical god who will swoop down and destroy the evildoers and save the good, so we just sit back and wait for god to take his time? Meanwhile all the stupendously wonderful life that once thrived on this planet is being poisoned, killed, tortured by this EVIL FORCE that isn't even human and probably not even organic. What kind of "god" do these people believe in?
Stop blaming yourself for the climate crisis

I want to talk about Tropical Storm Fred and share some screenshots, then I will end this issue, but will continue the theme of warfare. We are in apocalyptic times and every action or lack of action we take now will either shift the collective energy for good or for evil, and will reward or punish us respectively. It is not to be messed with. Karma is brewing and EVERYTHING is on the line.

OK, so, Fred. He was supposed to hit Florida, then move up the coast, but the weather psychos never miss an opportunity to hit the Great Lakes. So, suddenly, his path changed. Here is one of the first spaghetti models that alerted me. In fact, that red line goes pretty much right through my yard.

Early Spaghetti Model for Fred

And he just kept shifting more and more west, ending up hitting not only the coast, but WAY inland. People in OHIO should NEVER get hit with a tropical storm. When the FUCK did this ever get started? Here is a model from an excellent site I found called Cyclocane
Here is what the link looks like: Just type in the name of any cyclone or hurricane or tropical storm where "fred" is now, and it will take you to current data about any storm. As you can see, there was quite an array of possibilities where he "might" head. That was from August 14.

Early Spaghetti Model for Fred

The next one shows the models before Fred actually moved north, and we got another inch. Pretty accurate, eh? A little TOO accurate. These storm paths are ALL manipulated.

Early Spaghetti Model for Fred

The next two clearly show how microwave towers were being used to flood parts of Georgia and North and South Carolina by keeping Fred from moving northward. That's how Houston ended up with 52 inches of rain during Hurricane Harvey. The first one shows an obvious microwave tower in Jefferson City, Tennessee, and in the second shot, one was added in Charleston, West Virginia.

Microwave Towers During Fred

Microwave Towers During Fred

On the evening of August 17, Fred's path "suddenly shifted west," heading pretty much up to me, of course. But in the end, he headed just enough off to the east that I finally got a bit of a break, and missed the heavy rain. About a half inch came down over six hours, but very light, and I was cleared by around 11:15 a.m.. In this last image, you can see several little circles in Ohio.

Microwave Towers During Fred

Next issue, if there is one, will continue the theme of warfare. Let me close with one more link that just got posted. HA! We know damn well what is steering Henri, don't we. LIARS.
What Could Steer Henri Toward New England and Why You Should Prepare For That Possibility Now

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