Worlds at War, Part 2: The War Against Our Minds

In this week's broadcast
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 21, 2021,
Dane introduced what to many of us is a new term. Mentacide. "To kill the mental process." Yes. We are there, and only those who are super-ultra vigilant, those who are devoting their lives to awakening, evolving, and TAKING ACTION against the atrocities—the wars being waged against us of which most people do not even have a clue—only those have a chance of keeping their mental state intact and functional. I am beyond pleading with people to actively participate in stopping what is going on in the skies. You either get it or you don't. If you don't, you will soon. Dane said he is getting emails telling him he needs "hopium." WTF?? Where do all these retarded terms come from and why do people spread them? He began this week's broadcast by saying we are now facing an epidemic of complacency. It is really much, much worse than just that. I am bewildered and perplexed that people are just going on with their lives as if everything is just fine. Here is an article from this morning.
Are these people stupid, or what?? There is a major hurricane about to hit NYC, and these people are HAVING A CELEBRATION CONCERT???? I am dumbfounded, unable to fathom the complete lack of comprehension and awareness these people suffer. It is MUCH worse than just complacency.
Concert celebrating New York City's comeback cut short by severe weather ahead of Hurricane Henri

I urge everyone to listen to Dane's broadcast. Unless you keep yourselves completely informed, you do not stand a chance of fighting it, or staying alive, for that matter. Most people will not. We are being hit with one disaster after another.
At least 10 people have died and 31 remain missing in severe flooding in Tennessee
The Middle East is running out of water, and parts of it are becoming uninhabitable
Search continues for those unaccounted for after Tropical Depression Fred slammed North Carolina county
And here's more on Henri. Keep in mind that Henri formed near Bermuda and was heading straight SOUTH, when he suddenly did a 180 and went NORTH. WTF??? And when he hits NY, he will turn a right angle and head up the New England Coast. Does that seem normal to you?
Hurricane watch issued for Long Island, New England as Henri approaches
New England Is Facing Its 1st Direct Hurricane Landfall In 30 Years
Rain fell at the normally snowy summit of Greenland for the first time on record
Below is the latest screenshot for Henri's path from NWS National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Henri

And even with all this, people don't seem to notice. People die in floods because they weren't paying attention. Why would you be out and about when a flash flood warning has been issued in your area? Or a tornado or hurricane or severe thunderstorm warning? When anything threatening is in my area, I stay put with my computer running so I can watch the progress of danger. That's how I get all these screenshots. I PAY ATTENTION.

I've been writing for years about all the ways our minds are being messed with. Certainly these distractions are keeping us tied to the physical world, and when that happens, either people become so wrapped up in fear that they will obey whatever they are told to do, and we certainly see that, also in epidemic. But the other reaction is to numb out and pretend that everything is just fine. Perhaps that epidemic is even worse. In either case, the controllers have gotten what they want, that is, steering people's minds from creating their own reality, into creating the reality of the controllers. Unless we are constantly vigilant of where our thoughts lie, it is easy to get pulled into the agenda. And when you do pull away and become completely aware, THEN they work you even harder. It's like the parable of the shepherd who goes after that one straying sheep. Their goal is to control your every thought. Period.

It is my belief, and not mine alone, that nano-chips are contained in these killer vaccines. IF the victim survives, they will now be prepped for complete mind control. Is there a central computer that is planned to interact with the entire human(ish) population? Is that what they're doing in the sky? We KNOW it is a grid, but we do NOT know exactly what kind of grid. Surveillance? Yes, to be sure, that is a given and admitted by the military. Is that also where the controlling computer(s) will be, in this ongoing mess that has been taking place in the skies for 75 years. UNhuman technology. Pure evil.

Is that also why people are still being urged to get the vaccine, even though there is ample evidence that not only are people dying from them shortly after injection, thousands of people, in fact, but many more are just dropping dead months later, often with no obvious signs of ill health. Here's the latest data, and keep in mind that only 1-10 percent of cases are ever reported to VAERS.
13,000 Deaths, Nearly 600,000 Adverse Events Reported After COVID Vaccines, as Debate Heats Up Over Boosters
Obviously, people like Fauci and just about all government leaders have no concern whatsoever about our health, so there's got to be something else in those vaccines they are determined to get into our bodies. I've said this again and again, but I am still not convinced that these vaccines are about population control. And perhaps were NOT expected to kill so many. They are more about mind control, and that is what these controllers want more than anything, so what if thousands of people die? The ones that don't will be rendered harmless to the establishment. But these vaccines WILL kill everyone that gets them, at least the mRNA ones will. Doctors have stated than, such as Charles Hoffe. Why would ANYONE allow someone to mess with their DNA? Your DNA is sacred. It is your identity, who you are, what makes you unique. Why would you allow someone to inject you with something, the "messenger RNA" which is what the "m" stands for, that tells your body to begin producing something that doesn't belong there to begin with?

And not only that, it is making people behave strangely, beligerently, hatefully, all characteristics that suit the controllers' needs. Remember several articles ago, I wrote briefly about a person I had not seen in years suddenly showing up on my porch, rather confused and almost scary. In the course of conversation, I warned this person about not getting the vaccine, which they already had. I am not an obituary watcher at all, but I've been paying more attention, because deaths are rising, particularly in younger people and often without a cause listed, or simply "died suddenly, or unexpectedly." Yes, this person is now deceased. Unexpectedly. And I have also spoken of the strange, rude and almost scary behavior of a manager at ALDI and problems with Walmart. In Dane's previous
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 14, 2021,
a number of his community members wrote that their relatives who had gotten vaccines, have now become hateful to those who have not. It is all part of the plan. I will begin with that of Sandy Patrus. This has been an ongoing issue for her, but it seems things have come to a head. It's a long comment, but well worth reading.

Sandy Patrus says:
August 18, 2021 at 12:09 pm

The ones who did not take this shot are being discriminated against so bad! The ones who did take this shot still think it is the ones who didn't that are spreading this so called variant. Even though it has been reported in our local newspaper that it is those who took this injection who are the ones spreading it! I am experiencing this is my own immediate family. My son keeps bugging us to get this shot and his daughter, who is going to be a junior in college this fall is so paranoid about being around us that we barely got to see her this summer. When we had a brunch for my son's birthday she and her boyfriend showed up in masks and only took them off to eat! Why? Because her grandparents did not take the shot and she and her boyfriend were afraid we would give them something! It is so out of control that my granddaughter came to my house the other day to pick up money I had for her to get supplies she needed for school and as she was leaving she told me that we were not allowed to come to my son's cookout on Sunday unless we got at least one shot! I asked her if he said that because he never mentioned anything of the sort when he invited us. She told me it was her idea! She went behind my back and tried to convince my son to uninvite us unless we got the jab! I flipped out on her and continued to flip out on her all the way to her car. I told her she had no idea what was really going on and what this shot was doing to her body and I was sick of these college kids who think they know everything, when in reality they know nothing except all the lies and propaganda being drummed into their heads in college and from mainstream media! I told her I was older and wiser and have been around long enough to never trust anything the government says and does. As she got into her car she said she was more educated than me and then pulled away. I was shaking with anger and hurt she would talk to me that way! It was okay for her to take my money but I was not allowed to come to this family function! If my son goes along with this I am done with them both! She is cut off! No more college money for her! I could not believe it and cried all night! I am not going to my son's cookout even if he calls me and tries to smooth things over because he is not one for drama. We did so much for our granddaughter over the years and cannot believe she would disrespect us and want to exclude us from family functions because she believes all the lies they are spreading. My daughter was so angry at her niece that she isn't going to my son's cookout now either. Even though my daughter took the jab to be able to work, she knows the dangers involved with what she did. She respects our decision to not take this jab and wishes she had not taken it now the more she is learning about it. I hope and pray the truth comes out before families are ripped apart over this! So very sad it has come to this!

Dane mentioned this, and I may have posted the article recently, but surveys have shown that people with PhDs are one of the segments of society most opposed to vaccines, but opposite for those with a Master's degree. Here are some bits of other comments who replied to Sandy.

Susan says:
August 19, 2021 at 12:50 pm

Sandy, I'm getting the same thing in my family. They are following the script and pointing the finger at me, because I refuse to be vaccinated, for causing the virus to spread . . . and causing people to die. My sister, who is a retired air force nurse, said, "Really? Your civil liberties are more important than stopping the spread of this deadly disease?" There's nothing I can say to her that she will hear. Her mind is closed. Lock-step with whatever the government tells her; salute and say "Yes, sir!"

Published data proves that it is the VACCINATED who are becoming infected and spreading the disease. And among many reports, including the one recently published by MIT that I posted several weeks ago, there is not even evidence that the vaccines do anything to prevent the person from getting Covid. I mean, isn't that what vaccines are SUPPOSED to do?? When I was born, I believe it was only four vaccines that were required. I got a booster when I was in second grade. It was a little sugar cube that we ate. The parents were there along with us as we got it. Or at least MY mother was. So WHY would people who have had two or three shots need a booster already? The absurdity is mind-boggling, yet people still cling to the official narrative. That should frighten all of us, because if they can be that easily mind-controlled, what else can they be controlled to do? Here's some links and a few more comments.
Haven't I been saying this all along? Quote:
"A number of highly credible experts say that the alleged delta variant is actually the illnesses caused by the vaccine."
Medical Information Is Being Suppressed To Cover Up For The False Covid Narrative
And here is some blatant truth covered up by blatant lies!! What doublespeak . . . . George Orwell is rolling over in his grave.
What's in a name? The term 'breakthrough infection' raises doubts about vaccines, but it shouldn't
And here's another bunch of lies and doublespeak—taking the truth and corrupting it to mean something else.
Highly Vaccinated Israel Is Seeing A Dramatic Surge In New COVID Cases. Here's Why

Diana says:
August 19, 2021 at 10:27 pm

Hi Sandy,

I am so sorry to hear your plight. Unfortunately it is happening across the world. We are not allowed to discuss the jab with our 27 year old daughter. People are so deceived. Pray and show them the love of Jesus, don't cut them off or you will lose them forever. It's hard, but it works!! When people are deceived they are irrational. They have bought into the phsyop. The good news is . . . we have not! Be thankful God gave you the common sense and discernment to know and choose to not be a part of an experimental drug therapy control group. Lord bless you and your family.
C B says:
August 19, 2021 at 6:35 pm

So sorry to hear of this personal tragedy. I am having a similarly profound disconnect with my own daughter who lives in London, England, with my 2 grandkids. Our relationship is now largely destroyed. She is convinced I am a gullible, stupid, anti-vaxxer loser. etc etc. What she doesn't know, and refuses to know is that I've spent probably a thousand hours researching and collating info from a wide range of sources to help broaden my own understanding of this whole "pandemic". She, on the contrary, has done NOTHING but give in to the mainstream narrative. As long as the vile forces behind all of this persist in disseminating lies and engaging in fraud, along with their thousands of complicit morons, we are done as a species. In point of fact, we are done ANYWAY. So really none of this matters much. Sorry . . . but it's 100% true.

Sandy adds one more short comment. In order for these people to adopt such violent attitudes without any scientific data whatsoever to support their claims, they are obviously being mind controlled directly by some force. Think about it. For many, this has been a sudden change in their relationships.

Sandy Patrus says:
August 19, 2021 at 6:23 pm

Oh and by the way my daughter told me today her client, my daughter is a personal trainer, told her the unvaccinated do not deserve to live! Do you believe it? This is how they feel about us because of the lies being told!

I will end this article with just a few more comments from the notes I took from Dane's weekend broadcast, linked at the top of the page. Keeping in mind what I have been saying, that the spraying will stop when all the pilots are dead, either from vaccines or all the toxic substances and radiation they are now enduring from the filthy shit in the skies, he spoke of a naval officer who is against forced vaccinations for military personnel because there will be a "full-blown national security threat if the vaccine mandate is implimentated." So there ARE people high up that KNOW these vaccines are not safe. Dane also said that the totalitarian state would be worse than extinction. I absolutely agree. But, he added as usual, biosphere collapse will beat those who are planning tyranny. And as LC always says, vaccine deaths will probably beat THAT because when enough people die, there will be no one to carry out the plans of these monsters at the bottom level, nor will there be enough people left to support any sort of infrastructure. Companies are getting desperate for employees. I will cover that in my next article. Nobody mentions that all these job openings are due to deaths, except for the airline company in England Dane spoke of a while back. But it cannot be kept hidden. People will know something is very wrong when others around them just drop dead, as many are, and it will not take long for them to figure out that these people received the vaccines. From his GAN on August 14, also linked above, he mentioned that Covid hit a Carnival Cruise ship and everyone was vaccinated. I do remember reading that one. And yet people STILL say it is the unvaccinated who are spreading it. Mentacide. A complete destruction of the mental process. That alone dooms civilization.

And so what should we do? Well, OBVIOUSLY EVERYONE should be ordering materials from Dane and distributing them, or doing it through emails and social media. And calling radio stations to get his broadcasts heard far and wide. Along with that, as I've been saying for years and years, work every day on strengthening your mind and DO NOT allow anything to invade it. DO NOT allow fear to paralyze you. We all feel fear. Only an idiot would not be afraid of what is going on in our midst. But it is how we handle it that makes the difference.

Set your priorities. DO NOT give in to anything or anybody for the sake of making money or holding a job. YOUR JOB and most everything else WILL NOT MATTER very soon. As Dane said several weeks ago, he has spent his entire retirement savings on stopping this atrocity in the sky, but it is OK because he won't need it. I've pretty much taken that attitude about everything I own, which has been mostly ruined by the flooding, mold and rot.

And speaking of mold, remember the spatula I showed you? Well, I washed it AGAIN and by the next day, yep, it was full of mold. So I finally took it outside and set it on the hot hood of my car. The mold died, but the wooden handle also cracked. I will not buy wood any more.

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