The Urgent and Dire Situation We Now Face

This update is to inform everyone that Dane has cancelled his radio Q&A on Saturday mornings for lack of local interest. His online Q&A, however, is getting swamped with intelligent questions from awakening listeners, so we must focus on that. He always puts out a very interesting session.

I had planned to do an article containing the list of news items I've saved, but that is losing its importance. You are either paying attention or you aren't. Right now THE MOST important thing we can do is STOP the atrocity going on in the skies. The energy at GeoengineeringWatch just gets stronger every day. Dane's following continues to multiply, and the FORCE of all this energy, plus the physical work we are all doing WILL push this goal to its completion. PLEASE HELP.

Remember, we have EVERYTHING to GAIN. Not only will we stop being sprayed like bugs, but when climate engineering comes to a HALT, so will all the related activities. The one that concerns me more than anything else is the mind-control program which is worsening every day. I fight this—whatever or whoever it is—non-stop. Most people do not because they are so unaware it is even going on. It is the transhumanism agenda. We are the software, and the computer is in the sky. I've often wondered if that's where the tech term "cloud" came from . . . .

The rest of this article is a flexible copy of a letter I wrote to all my seed companies. I am personalizing it for those companies I have been with for decades. Many of them are family-owned, employee-owned, or a community project. At least one of them has test farms scattered about the country. In all, the potential number of people who can be reached through this project is quite large.

So, OK, maybe you don't deal with seed companies. But you deal with OTHER companies and people. If you feel you are not skilled in letter-writing, you can forward this to people, or email me and I will send you the actual WORD Document that you can customize for the people or organizations you wish to target. Whatever you do, PLEASE DO SOMETHING. We are SO CLOSE. Don't you want to see an end to this? This shit has literally ruined my life. Maybe some day I'll tell you all about it. It has certainly ruined Dane's life, too. But the fact is, it has ruined ALL LIFE on earth, although many still do not notice. They WILL. SOON. Time is of the essence.

I have already done all the work, all you need to do is distribute it. I went through Dane's site and found representative links for all the most important points he makes. People can skim down and look at the titles, then choose where they want to begin. I HOPE THEY DO!! As Dane keeps saying, we must "plant the seeds." (Hopefully they will grow better than what's on my farm.) But one way or another, even those in firm denial will very soon come face to face with the truth. It is unavoidable.

I also want to remind everyone to always check the right column of my Home Page. I am doing a Bible Article about every two weeks—the prophets of the Old Testament. The latest one is from the Book of Daniel.. I've also done some really cool book reviews, especially Raptor Red, written by the well-known paleontologist, Robert Bakker, who was the consultant for Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park. He also named the newly discovered, at the time, Utahraptor. This novel is about the life of a female, who lived 120 million years ago. It is one of the most unique books I have ever read, and very funny. Remember, read, read, read! You never know what might inspire an awakening thought!

Before I post the letter, I want to share just one link. Dane sent this to me. It is a Steve Hilton report on Fox—evidence that not only was Covid-19 created in a biolab in Wuhan, but it was FINANCED by the U.S.—NIH and NIAID ( National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases). WHOA!! THAT is a step in the right direction. Dane has spent a lot of time speaking about Covid, and that is a good choice, because the lies surrounding this plandemic seem to have crossed the line as to what a large percentage of the population is willing to buy into. And once you begin the awakening process, all the lies, one by one, start to lose their power. That is INDEED good news. Here is the link, then on with the letter.

Steve Hilton unveils new evidence linking COVID-19 origins to US-funded research in China

Dear (Seed Company),

This letter is going out to all the seed companies with whom I have done business in the past twenty to thirty years or more. All of you are committed to not knowingly selling GMO seeds or products and all of you are listed on my Favorite Seed Companies page on my website. Since you are all awakened to the disastrous consequences of GMOs, and have stood your ground against them, I am wondering why you are not, as a group, speaking out against the greatest near term extinction threat we are facing now, that being the catastrophic climate scenario already in full force, and more specifically, the most destructive activity now taking place on the planet, which is climate engineering.

Geoengineering Watch: Our First Ever High Altitude Atmospheric Testing

Every time a seed catalog arrives, I see these photos of lush plants and produce, and wonder where in the world it is growing. Certainly not in my neck of the woods here in Northeast Ohio. Perhaps you have noticed a decline in orders from your long-time farmers. I realize you all got a boost when this plandemic began, and people thought it would be so easy to grow food. I'll bet most of them will not bother again. Because it has become increasingly impossible to grow anything. My once thriving farm has been decimated to the point where nothing will grow outside the greenhouse, and even in the greenhouse, plants grow but do not produce. It worsens each year. In 2020, out of 150 tomato plants, I harvested less than a small basket, and those were hard and tasteless. I have seen, in the past couple years, the most pathetic fields of corn, and can count on one hand the number of folks who still plant little home gardens in my immediate area.

I realize that many of you are still overwhelmed with seed orders.
Suppliers Field Growing Demand For Seeds From Pandemic Gardeners
Do not be fooled by your temporary euphoria of prosperity. This does not reflect global reality. Just because people are ordering seeds does not mean they are growing successfully. Areas hit hardest in the U.S., which includes California and certainly much of Northeast Ohio and the Great Lakes area, are suffering the most from land decimation. As the planet's actual temperature continues to rise, and the climate engineering activity is being drastically ramped up, more and more of the population will find farming/gardening impossible. Why do you think Bill Gates is now "the biggest owner of farmland in America, according to a Forbes report."
Bill Gates Buying Up Huge Amount of Farmland While 'Great Reset' Tells Americans Future is No Private Property
I challenge ALL of you to have your soil and rain water tested specifically for aluminum, cadmium, barium, and mercury.

Before you cry "conspiracy theory," (the response of the ignorant and uneducated), let me introduce you to Dane Wigington, whose website on geoengineering informs the public about the truth of what is going on in the skies. It is called, and is the largest site in the world of its kind. Dane is the most informed person in the world on this subject. I have been working with him for seven years. In his fifteen or so years of research, he has gathered soil and water tests, government documents, weather modification patents, photos presenting indisputable verification of what is happening that we are not being told, and every imaginable form of evidence that what he presents to the public is undeniable and credible to those who take time to investigate.

His new documentary, The Dimming, soon to be released, will send shock waves around the world. The above link is a trailer, which includes testing and footage taken at altitude in a NOAA flying lab. If you do not heed anything else I am saying, please take 12 minutes to watch it. In addition, Dane presents a Global Alert News radio program every Saturday in Redding, California, which is also posted under Recent Articles on the right column of his website. In addition, he is also posting an online Q&A every Wednesday. The February 3 issue is particularly apropos to those of us trying to grow anything. He speaks of the total loss of essential soil bacteria in California, where organic matter no longer even decomposes—an immensely catastrophic situation. Dane has drawn in a vast following of activists from all over the world. The only way to bring this criminal activity to light is by awakening more people every day. And it IS criminal activity—omnicide, in fact. Everyone who turns a blind eye to this blatant elephant in the sky is contributing to our fast approaching extinction.

PLEASE, do not be fooled by the media and so-called environmental activist groups, and even worse, those who claim to be scientists and "experts." We do not HAVE until 2060, OR 2030. If the collapse of the biosphere continues at its present rate, we may have until 2026. Or not. Our window of opportunity narrows with each passing day, to salvage at least something from this dying planet. Everyone's help is needed.

I would think those of you whose lives and, for many of you, your very souls, are invested in being a caretaker to the Earth, would be more aggressive in fighting this illegal activity. How do you think we can continue living here when all its life-support systems are being decimated? The western U.S. is going up in flames from the worst drought in centuries. How can California be the "breadbasket of the world" as it once was, when all its plant and animal life is dying?
Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes
Engineering Catastrophic Wildfires To Temporarily Cool Arctic With Smoke (Updated)

Here in the east, we suffer from the opposite. Some months we have 20 days or more of precipitation. In 2019, here in Ohio, we had nearly three FEET of rain during the summer. We have hurricane force winds, such as the "derecho" that destroyed so much cropland in Iowa last year. None of this anomalous weather is "natural;" it is all being manipulated and controlled by the climate engineers, including this current "Polar Vortex" and "Sudden Stratospheric Warming." Look up these terms in old meteorology books. You will not find them because they are made up to cover the tracks of the climate engineers and to fool the public into thinking it is all "normal." No weather is normal or natural anymore. How can we continue to raise food when our land is burnt up or under water or blown down? Or poisoned with the toxic heavy metals that are being sprayed on us constantly. NOTHING is organic anymore either; all food is contaminated. And if you live on or near the U.S. west coast, you also have radiation contamination from Fukushima that few people are willing to discuss. And do you not notice that we rarely see a truly blue sky with sunshine, without white streaks in the background?

Of all the activities the climate engineers are doing, "Engineered Winter" and cooldowns are the WORST—ALL happening through the process of ice nucleation. We would NOT be having winter, otherwise. Do you not wonder why it can snow at 50 degrees? I've seen it. I have also seen "snow" on my farm, not big mounds but little patches, remain after weeks of above-freezing temperatures and over an INCH of rain! These are some of the most highly toxic substances being sprayed on us, including lead iodide and silver iodide, and DRY ICE. I keep a copy of the Knollenberg Patent with me to show others, which I printed from Dane's site, for chemical ice nucleation, patented in 1966 and approved in 1971, so it has been going on for a long time. That's where these extremely BITTER COLD temperatures come from, on a planet that has continued to break heat records for the last five years.
Knollenberg Patent
Manufacturing Winter Weather, Engineering A "Bombogenesis" Cyclone
Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes
Geoengineering The Polar Regions: The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor
The Engineered Winter Deception, Chemical Ice Nucleation, And Ice Boulders
Climate Engineering, Microwave Transmissions, And The April Nor'easter

And microwaves are also being used to manipulate hurricanes, like the ones that stay in one place and drop tons of rain. Hurricanes MOVE FAST. Any one that does not, is being manipulated to remain in one place. Is this being done on purpose? OF COURSE it is. Check out the facts.
Geoengineering Microwave Transmissions And Their Connection To Hurricane Florence
NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering

Here is a page of government and scientific documents.
Here is a page of government patents for weather modification.

In addition to all this horror, please understand that the heavy metals, plastic fibers, and yes, even pathogens found in these aerosols are extremely toxic to humans, animals AND plants/trees. Aluminum nanoparticulates which are now being sprayed non-stop over many areas—certainly here in Ohio—have been linked to dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Even HONEY BEES, which are dying out fast, have exhibited symptoms of dementia, and I HAVE OBSERVED THAT PERSONALLY. The ozone is being depleted at an alarming rate, and Arctic Ice melt not only threatens permanent flooding of coastal regions, but is allowing increasing amounts of methane to be released from the ocean floors. Methane is a greenhouse gas, which increases global heating, depletes the supply of oxygen, and is speeding us onward toward the same fate as Venus, known as the Venus Syndrome.

And last but not least, for those of you who persist in believing that those stripes in the sky are just benign "vapor trails," here is proof that they are not!
Why Most Modern Jet Engines Are Nearly Incapable Of Producing Condensation Trails
High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines, Geoengineering, And The Contrail Lie

Please, all of you, not only is your business coming to an end, all life on earth faces near-term extinction. But before that, there will be total societal breakdown. We are there already. Things are NOT OK, and we will NOT be going back to "normal." All world governments know that they can no longer support their populations. As Dane says, "when the grocery shelves clear, the law of the jungle will prevail."

We desperately need everyone to wake up and help awaken others. DO NOT think you know the truth about "climate change" until you investigate this material. You can also order glossy flyers from Dane's activist section, which would make an excellent addition to customer seed orders. He ships them at cost and does not make a profit! If you are worried about losing customers for this, let me remind you that we will all be losing everything if climate engineering is not STOPPED. I leave you with one last article published by Arctic News.
Will humans be extinct by 2026?
Thank you,
Laughing Crow

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