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This will be sort of a hodge-podge of opinions, information and thought-bytes, as I go through my Notepad page and see lots of little observations I had noted, that really don't fit into any category except that they all, everything, now, is acting to connect the dots. And it's all connected to alien interference. So, allow me to just throw them out to you, then you decide.

Have you noticed lately that the mainstream has become exceedingly dull? Do you think that's just because everything is all calm now and we're getting back to "normal?" OR do you think that's the impression we are supposed to embrace. Yeah, that's it. We're sailing On the Good Ship Lollipop, and everything is all fun again and that's the most important thing on the planet. We must seek pleasure and self-gratification.

Dane, in his written introduction to this week's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 5, 2021 writes, "Official narratives on some of the dire issues we face are beginning to unravel, but others remain unaddressed." Certainly the truth about the origins of Covid-19, and especially Fauci's role in it are coming to light, but WE already knew all this stuff. However, what has gotten my attention is the sudden spotlight being placed on all these thousands of UFO sightings that the Pentagon has KNOWN about for a long time, and is NOT ruling out aliens. Will we get the truth about this? WE all know aliens have controlled this planet for millions of years, but is THAT the root of what is breaking down, thus taking everything else with it. If the truth about alien controllers is made known, then the game is up. I think it's up, no matter what. More on that in a bit.

As I've said, something has changed, and it is energetic, but remember, your physical reality reflects your mind and your energy. Are we, or some of us, finally breaking the chains of Reptilians slavery? As I've been saying, my farm is behaving SO differently, and there is this feeling of peace here which I've not felt for AGES. Is it temporary? I still believe it has a great deal to do with all the deaths, and we really DO NOT know the true number of people who have died from these vaccines, plus all the other shit, like 5G, heavy metals, and you know the list by now. But then I also get these horrible days,when there's this feeling of anxiety. And nothing goes right, everything breaks, and I spend an entire day fighting something that is attempting to control me. But I'm beginning to pinpoint just how that is being done, and finding that it, too is weakening. Again, is that connected to the truth about UFOs potentially being finally exposed, along with alien control? The development of all of this toxic technology and substances really exploded following WWII. Why then? It has occured to me and others, too, that perhaps the Reptilian agenda was to return to earth en masse and take over the planet once and for all. They, being bots and droids, would have no use for anything organic except us, to feed off our energy, so it would stand to reason that they would be in the process of turning the planet into a purely electronic, computerized reality.

It has also occured to me that perhaps depopulation is NOT the agenda. Remember, again, the Reptilians feed off our energy and are using the people in which they have full control to do their dirty-work. So what if these vaccines were actually NOT meant to kill people, but to alter their DNA so that they can be controlled by these 5G satellites? What if all these deaths are an oopsie? Not supposed to happen. But since it has happened, it's greatly reduced the amount of control the off-planet forces have on Earth. Think about it. I've spoken and written about mind-control for years and I continually hone my skills in knowing when something has been "turned on" inside me, or perhaps "tuned in." I am becoming accutely aware of when a feedback loop is being attempted to manipulate me. Something will happen that forces me to react, then that sets off a series of events. It can be a sound that jolts me, or something I see or read that will suddenly alter my peace of mind and distract me. And with that also comes this creepy feeling that I am being watched and messed with. It is not my imagination, because I have found by altering my perception of what I thought I experienced, by realizing it was fake—something being projected into me, then I can stop it in its tracks. PLEASE be aware of this in your own lives. I am working EXTREMELY hard to resist any kind of reaction, unless, of course, it is something life-threatening, or something I MUST deal with. Then I keep saying to myself, I KNOW what is going on, and it will stop here. I am also working very hard on being able to sense how it is being projected into me. THAT would change everything. And yes, I DO believe this is connected to the UFOs and what is happening off-planet. Remember, their goal is to keep us focused on this false reality, especially since there are many people awakening or evolving, so there must be constant distractions and more bizarre physical events so that people continue to believe it is real. Meanwhile, I still continue to say my special phrase. It has literally been a life-saver to me.

Incidentally, I am NOT imagining this about all these deaths which are contributing to the energy shift. I found a couple articles on the alternative news site, Global Research in Canada. Even the alternative news here in the U.S. lies almost as bad as the MSM, but this site is well researched and much more accurate.
Depopulation and the mRNA Vaccine
Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming

A while back, something very upsetting happened to me—a visit from someone that, well, how can I say this . . . really creeped me out. And this was a person I knew years ago and always liked, but something was very wrong here, to the point that I now have a locked chain across my driveway. It was not a situation where I was even remotely in danger, but so surreal that I felt like I was in some sort of, eh, unreality. The more I thought about it, and I HAVE thought about this quite a bit, the more I am beginning to believe that this visit did not really happen, at least the way I perceived it, and I am wondering if this was really the person I thought it was. It's like people who know they are being watched by the Men in Black, and sometimes see them, then they suddenly disappear. And that's not the only reason for the chain. I have a very long driveway, but when I cross it I can still see the road. I have too many times seen a vehicle sitting there at the end of my drive, and wonder who the hell these people are. Or are they not people? Then the vehicle is suddenly gone. And THAT has gotten me thinking even more about these UFOs and wondering if it is finally time for the truth to be known and Reptilian control to be ended.

Years ago, I used to have these recurring dreams, where my farm was full of people, or beings that looked like people. There were houses everywhere and my farm had been invaded and taken over. But the strange thing is that I was not the only one in this area having that dream. I have thought for a long time that my immediate area is infested with alien life forms. Or was. I did a great deal to clear it and have not had the dream for years, but there is still a presence. So I would suspect that's why I and the farm, have been under such severe harassment. Several other things happened about this time. First, I could no longer feel that life-energy here, and in the surrounding areas. I would drive along and everything felt dead, like Edgar Cayce, when the elevator door opened and he saw no auras around the people in it. At the same time, I also had a wonderful dream—a revelation of sorts, where I was visited by benevolent alien beings and told that there was something on my farm that the Reptilians wanted and they showed me where it was. Also around that same time, I was writing for The Vindicator and met a woman who had mapped out the leylines for the whole region. I have felt like an anchor here for many years, despite the really horrible things done to me.

Anyways, the more we become aware of what is going on, not only behind the scenes, but inside our minds that are someone else's thoughts or something, the more we regain our own creative powers of mind and control of our lives. Sadly, most people don't even realize they are not in control of their lives at all. And at the same time, the entire paradigm is in a state of collapse, so we must all practice our creative skills to lead us away from this reality to the one in which we want to be. Is that what is happening here on my farm? Finally after these 41 years of hard work and horror?

At the end of this miserable winter, I thought my trees were all dying, but in fact, there is wonderful life all around me. I realize that 80 percent of the insect population, according to Dane and many of his community members, is already gone, but here I am inundated with insects—flying, buzzing, creeping, crawling, stinging, biting—not necessarily what I'd prefer, but more like it always was in the days I was growing up. The deer flies have been HORRENDOUS during these hot days, but they always were. When I was a kid, daytime was deer fly misery and nighttime was mosquitoes. It has been YEARS since I've experienced this, but I am NOW. More and more, I am remembering the way it felt back in the 1960s and RE-experiencing it. Even these hot days, with supposedly these toxic UV rays now hitting the earth have been comfortable. I'm able to work in the greenhouse and outside all day. Last night I did something I have not done since I was a child. I slept out on my porch! Last year, I found this wonderful and very inexpensive cot at the sporting goods store in Alliance. I had wanted one for years, and this turned out to be one of those purchase decisions that was an excellent choice. I woke up to a concert choir of birds and one miserable fucking mosquito, but in all, it was SO PEACEFUL.

The other morning as I was awakening I saw the huge maple outside my house, with all it's branches, filled with leaves and seeds. It was so real. But that tree is dead now. Or is it? Was I able to temporarily exist in a different reality instead of this computer generated one? I often wonder what year it really is. 2021? 1970? 2500? In the movie, The Matrix the people did not know the truth about what year it really was. I have often felt that our entire sense of time is so fake, and that the past thirty years or so have not really happened yet—we are stuck in this computerized feedback loop that disables us from moving on. Not that I want to go back or forward, I just want to live in control of my own life, and here we are NOT.

Believe me, I am NOT disputing what Dane is saying, because I KNOW it is all true, but what I have been saying for years, is that we can no longer change anything at the physical level, because we are evolving into beings who create our physical world with our mind. But we STILL must bring to light all the evil taking place, and in THAT, I will always side with Dane. It is the only way to full disclosure, which must happen. Of course I continue to hand out his materials and tell people the truth about what is going on. Yesterday when I went to Ravenna and stopped in at the laundromat where I always put fliers, it was swarming with Army people—a whole bus-load in fact. I'm thinking they were recruits just returning from boot camp. Anyways, I made sure to leave plenty of fliers!

But where I do disagree with Dane, or perhaps feel that he's not seeing the entire picture, is in his perception of the agenda. I usually take notes as I listen to his broadcasts on Saturday mornings, 9:05 a.m. here in Ohio, on KQMS.com. But last Saturday, I found myself going off on a tangent and it was this material I typed then that triggered this article. The thing is, yes, we do live in an asylum, as he says, but when you factor in the whole alien control agenda, then you have to realize that this activity is NOT HUMAN, and suddenly it all makes more sense. People want to understand the world from a human perspective, but only in realizing that what is happening now is NOT HUMAN, can we understand the bigger picture and much larger agenda. Yes, as Dane says, the world is being controlled by those who print the money. But WHO is controlling them? The remainder of this article will be from what I had typed last Saturday.

"Countries are all colluding." Yes, because the common enemy is OFF-PLANET and they know DAMN WELL that all these UFOs are NOT from this planet and HAVE known it for decades. But wait. Maybe they're allies. Or both. Are governments (agents of the Reptilians) keeping those benevolent aliens from helping us? Do the Reptilians have agents placed in the government and Pentagon that KNOW, and the normal people do not? Well, yeah. Duh, of course they do. THAT would certainly account for people's inability to recognize what their own organizations are involved with. I always refer back to Dane's interview with Air Force Major General Richard Roellig, who contacted Dane to find out about these sprayed dispersions. It was such an excellent interview, because he made it clear that the way the military operates is by "compartmentalization," in other words, even high-ranking officers like himself only have clearance for their specific assignment, and he also said that in The Dimming, I believe. He ALSO asked, "WHO is doing this?" In other words, HE doesn't know, either. That would tell me that there are secret personnel within the military, government, and just about every other major institution who are privy to secret information. Again, if you still are not familiar with the movie, They Live!, please watch it for free here. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I watched it several years ago, because it is SO TRUE. We are being mind-controlled to experience with our senses something TOTALLY different than actually exists. People see what they are mind-controlled to see, which is why there is STILL so much resistance to what is going on in the skies and the complete and obvious collapse of everything around us.

And speaking of that movie, why do you think they have filled us with aluminum? So these 5G and microwave towers can broadcast messages to us subliminally. And as for all the satellites? To communicate with the off-planet beings, AND give them help in their mind control agenda. THAT makes sense, when taking a purely human view does not. It is about TOTAL mind-control and turning the planet into bots that can be controlled like a computer. THAT is what the transhuman agenda is and what we are in NOW is the transhuman agenda. Feedback loops are being used as a form of mind control; the entire planet is a simulation. Remember the CIA exposé The Minds of Men? Please watch that if you have not yet. I still have all the notes I took, and continue to refer back to them. Their agenda is to keep people thinking this totally computer-simulated world is actually real by creating more and more horrific physical scenarios, keeping us tied to the physical world, especially as more and more people are waking up to the fact that the physical world is an illusion and always has been.

Two of my favorite literature genres are historical novels and sci-fi. Historical novels fill in the blanks about our past, and sci-fi is the science of the future. Sci-fi also gives us gifts of insight about the nature of reality and a new way to perceive it. In Dane's broadcast, he made the point to "have a reason for your opinion—investigate." Of course, he is one of the most well-researched people I've ever known. Does he have a clue about off-planet activity? I dunno, I never go there with him, but he also made the comment, concerning the agenda, that maybe "it's about something else altogether." Hmm, gosh, alien mind control, perhaps? Plus, he said, "the skies look like something literally from another planet." Maybe we ARE on a different planet than we think we are. He frequently quotes from The Matrix." We WILL have disclosure on this subject, and just like the sunglasses in They Live!, something will happen to suddenly give what remains of the population sudden ability to see the truth, and how this computerized reality has been foisted upon us. And remember, it will be a greatly reduced population who do not operate "with eyes wide shut," as Dane would say. I'm thinking that California running out of water may be the clincher—a catastrophic event that CANNOT be ignored, even by their Reptilian governor, Gavin Newsom. When California goes completely dry, and it WILL SOON, the truth will HAVE to come out, beginning with the atrocity in the skies, then the truth about the whole shebang. I will be convering that along with numerous other biosphere collapse issues in my next farm article that I have scheduled to post on Thursday. Please be sure to keep up with these if you really want to understand the BIG picture.

In any case, I don't know what will be revealed as a result of these UFO investigations, but personally, I am a hundred percent sure they are NOT from earth. C'mon. China? Russia? Even the U.S., able to do what these craft do? Uh-uh, no way. As the population continues to decline and the people holding the energy of the controllers are gone, MORE REVELATIONS will come about, along with continuing energy shifts. DO NOT take anything for granted. We must ALL work every day to assure we end up on the right side of this when it all breaks, and that especially means to practice manifesting your reality every day.

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