TruNews Documentary: The Greatest Reset

WOW!!! This is exciting!!. OK, so this is a Christian organization, but WOW!! If I substitute "Reptilians" for Satan and "Benevolent Aliens" for God, then I agree with ALL of it. YES! It is what I've been writing about in my Worlds at War articles. And the BEST PART!!!!! Dane is featured here, about 10 minutes into the video. It is a GREAT INTERVIEW. I am SO THRILLED for him and all of us fighting this atrocity in the sky and in the world, and send my loving, supportive energy to the courageous people producing this movie.

Dane has frequently expressed his anger and frustration at all the churches he has visited in California to enlist their help, and all he's gotten are comments, such as "It's all in big hands," then a refusal to lift a finger to help him. THESE PEOPLE, however, are AWAKE to what is going on in the sky, in the governments, in the WORLD. After Dane's section, there is one on MIND CONTROL! YES!!! It is about the Milgram Experiment. Dane spoke of that a while back and I did some research which I shared in an article. HERE, they have actual film footage. Here is the Wikipedia article.
The Milgram experiment(s)

And for all those people who like to call themselves "Christians," and say they can't speak out because they don't want to interfere with "god!" Well. These people point out that people are lazy and apathetic. They point out that people have to CHANGE. Can you tell I'm excited? Please watch.

Sneak Preview: Greatest Reset Part 5
There are links to the first four parts, which I plan to watch. They, like Dane, will make this movie FREE for everyone, because they just want to get the word out. And there are lots of Christians watching their news, I would suspect. WOW!! If they can mobilize the Christian community, then the force will be unstoppable. There are lots of Christians around here. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??

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