Worlds at War, Part 5: Transhumanism and the War Against All Organic Life

Here is my penultimate article in this series, as promised. The last one will get down to the nitty-gritty—the root of the entire mess, which is Reptilian control of the planet that has been going on for millions of years, and our final escape from the Matrix. But here I will devote most of this article to what I've been hammering into people's heads for years and years, which is the mind control agenda being taken to the next and final level which is transhumanism, and from which I suspect there will be no escape, at least in our present situation and perhaps beyond. You do NOT want to allow yourself to be drawn into this!

But first a few preliminary comments. Here is the opening paragraph of my latest Farm Article.

This latest issue, as mentioned in the previous one, will be lots of photos and updates on the farm, plus a collection of weather screenshots from the past month. As I also mentioned, I have two more articles planned, and after that, I'm not sure what I will do. I will continue with these farm articles and any current news will be found here. We are heading to the final stages of this battle, and there is ample evidence that people are waking up. When enough do, and are willing to take over for us who have been so stalwart for SO MANY DECADES, then I will be released from my duties and move on to my next reality. Hopefully Dane will, too. I have gotten little to no support in any way. Dane is FINALLY making some headway on his end. Put yourself in our place. But I don't have to say that, because you will be put there without your approval, and find yourself literally fighting for your lives. If you have not taken a stand for what is right, you will suffer the consequences. If you still find yourself tied to money and material conveniences, you will suffer the brunt of what is coming, and that is a promise, because it is already unfolding. I have screamed and bitched and warned for all these years, both online and to those I encounter in person, but ultimately, you will have to learn your lesson the hard way. That is also happening now. For instance, just LOOK at all the people losing their jobs and risking losing everything, a great many by choice for refusing a vaccine guaranteed to kill or maim them, either immediately or in the near future. But the thing is, if people had not been so wrapped up in their own petty little lives, this could never have reached this point. We have had ample nudges to awaken for the last forty or more years. The nudges became more like pushing and shoving and from there moved to warnings, all of which few heeded. And so now, here we are. I am ready to be done and to move on to my next world, whether it be here or hopefully somewhere else, like on my own little planet. I am tired and so is Dane and the rest of us that have been so strong and persistent. This paragraph will reappear in my next article, for those of you who choose to not read my farm articles, and after that, I will say no more. At that point we may not even be able to communicate online. We may not even have electricity. Whatever needs to happen WILL happen, but we CANNOT end this without ridding the planet of Reptilian vermin and all their agents. And so it will be.

I am constantly realizing that people who I thought were beginning to "get it" are not, at all.

Here is a link to a video I strongly recommend everyone watch. It is brilliant! Alex Newman has absolutely hit the nail on the head when he states that their goal in these vaccine mandates is to "demoralize people." And more and more are refusing to cooperate, in fact, the level of resistance is exploding! He says that there IS NO FEDERAL MANDATE. It is all a bluff to get people to think they are alone and make them afraid to talk about this to others—a means to divide and conquer. I have been churning this interview over in my mind for many days now, and can see ABSOLUTELY that, not only is this being done on the physical level with these killer vaccines, but it has been being done at both the physical and non-physical levels for eons!! I look back at my life and see all the things that happened to me that were directly aimed at my humiliation and had nothing to do with anything I caused, which, of course, I didn't comprehend years ago. Awards and rewards that should have been mine, hands down, and I was completely ignored. And even little stupid shit that happens, like yesterday when I was at my mechanic's having my brakes worked on, and I mentioned that my interior lights would not turn off. Now, the night before, I did EVERYTHING to get them to go off. There is a switch on both lights—these are the ones above the back seat—and no matter what I did to them, they would not turn off those lights. And so, Mike reached his hand up there and barely touched it, and they went off. Yes, it made me look stupid and NO, it had nothing to do with me. Now, consider all of us who are speaking out against KNOWN FACTS, like climate engineering and these killer vaccines, who are made to look like conspiracy theorists, at best, and idiots, at worst. That also happened yesterday, as I found myself getting into arguments with Mike's people, which Mike found humorous until I brought up the fact that another well-known mechanic just died at the early age of 73. I graduated with his little brother and his twin brothers were a few years older than us. Mike is a year younger than me.

Incidentally, I have believed for a long time that the people who cannot see what is going on in the skies, really do not see it. Have you seen the movie, They Live? It explains a lot.

And speaking of deaths, it is not uncommon to see four or five "died unexpectedly" in the local obits, nor is it unusual to find the majority of deaths are people in their sixties or younger. And I'm not talking hundreds of deaths. The other day it was six out of eleven. Anyways, here is the Alex Newman interview.
Deep State Cannot Stop Unprecedented Awakening—Alex Newman
Here's another article to support it. What if it IS all a con???
It Was a Con: The White House Has No Idea When, or Even if: Rules to Support Legally Enforceable Worker Vaccine Mandate

We had ALL better get used to the fact that we are, and have been controlled, physically by on and off-planet forces for eons. Only now, it has reached the point where we are having operating systems INSTALLED in us, via these vaccines. In the course of browsing through Greg's website, I found two by one of my favorite people, Catherine Austin Fitts, who is always brilliant. This one is from April 2021, and she says EXACTLY what I've been saying all these months, that depopulation may not be the agenda, but instead, installing these operating systems, which is why they are SO DESPERATE to get people to succumb, and so what if a few billion of the population die from them. The ones that remain alive will be TOTALLY under their control. The things is, the likelihood that anyone will survive long-term from these vaccines is probably non-existent, which they didn't plan, I don't believe. And it's probably why they are so desperate to get everyone vaccinated now, because the people they CAN control are dying, and the rest of us are ready to get out the pitchforks and torches, as Dane would say. When the people in the military see how they are being used and abused—and they DO see it, who would think they'd be willing to come after the rest of us to serve these criminal psychopaths? Here's the other video, and remember, these articles do little good unless you take the time to explore at least some of the links I provide. PLEASE at least listen to both of these. They are both about a half-hour long.
Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History—Catherine Austin Fitts

Along with chipping and injection of operating systems, she also talks about the need to take control of your own health AND food supply. She advocates buying locally from farmers that you know, but in many places that is not easy, as so many of the small vegetable growers, and certainly the farmers markets are long-gone. She pointed out that it is frightening what is happening to our food supply, and you need to know who your farmer is and whom you can trust. She also spoke of synthetic foods. It wasn't that long ago the article appeared about lettuce being engineered with built-in vaccines. Seriously, do you think that information would appear on a label? And how long before chips and operating systems are also engineered into the food supply? I suspect they already are, though not as blatant as the ones in these vaccines. And I can say with a fair amount of certainty that they are ALSO in the thick mass of toxic shit that sits over us, such as today which looks like some apocalyptic scenario outside.

As for health, she said the most important thing is to learn how to protect your mind from mind-control. BELIEVE ME, we ARE ALL being mind-controlled and remote controlled, I PROMISE YOU, and if you think you are an exception, then you do not realize your thoughts are not your own. And all those "freak accidents" you've had over the years are likely not freak, nor accidents. Until you face up to this fact, and develop your own agenda to scrutinize all your thoughts, YOU WILL BE A VICTIM, and even then, you have to fight it every day. She said we need to protect our minds and keep them clear and develop a means to do that. Spiritual practice is powerful, such as prayer, meditation, and saying a mantra or affirmations, most of which I do as part of my everyday existence. And as for the physical body, we know health care cannot be trusted, and THAT is becoming more obvious by the day. Holistic/mind-body healing is the best choice to prevent illness before it manifests because it works at all levels. We need a strong body to withstand all that is coming.

And speaking of food, I had been saving a list of recalls of both human and pet food that I was going to post, but I won't because I have too much other material. But keep in mind, there was once a time that you could go to a store and feel fairly safe that you were buying edible food that would not make you sick or kill you or your pet. But not any more. And irregardless of anything being injected into it, the fact is that food safety and the safety of everything else on this planet is no longer a priority. Workers are careless and inspections are a joke. Everything is shoddy. Restaurants are even worse. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. Why? Perhaps because they are being mind controlled?? ALDI, though I shop there all the time and it has many great qualities, those are beginning to fade. I am particular about checking seals of products, such as cottage cheese, yogurt, oatmeal. And looking for bags the mice may have chewed. Yes, really.

I have spent an immense amount of time in deep thought and meditation, combined with my own experiences and that of others whom I trust, and have developed a theory. The Reptilian Invasion is not even doubtful for me, but the takeover of The Matrix, that is, an actual computer program that is running the planet, was not always in place. I believe it took, first, the industrial revolution to set the stage, then the technological revolution to codify it. Not that the Reptilians didn't always have advanced technology, but WE did not here on earth. I believe WWII, as many others believe, was the beginning of the end of life on earth as we knew it, at least that was the plan. It is still up for grabs as to whose utopia or dystopia will prevail. It is also my hunch that they intended to occupy the planet fully once everything was installed. Really, when you SERIOUSLY think about this, it is terrifying even to me, but we MUST deal with it or we will succumb to it. The number of vaccine deaths, I believe, will determine, unfortunately, who will be victorious. If all those who have been injected with an operating systems die, then they will be left with the rest of us that still can use our minds, hopefully. I believe it is all coming to a head.

And the thing is, this has been gradually happening for a LONG time. It struck me the other day as I was using an automated phone system to pay a bill, just how accustomed we have become to speaking with a computer as if they were a person. This in itself should be terrifying, and at that moment, for me, it was. I remember, before this plandemic was foisted upon us, I could call one of the three local Walmarts and a person in customer service would answer the phone. Fewer and fewer non-residential phone numbers are answered by an actual human being. We have automated bank tellers, automated store checkout lines, and automated manufacturing that is replacing human labor. We have cars that drive themselves, and voice-recognition technology in our homes that does what we command. Well, NOT IN MY HOUSE. EVER. The only thing "smart" on my property is me. The vast majority of visitors to my site are bots. I ban several every day, but the next time I check, there are lots more. AI has infiltrated every aspect of our lives as we have stood by and barely noticed. And add to that all the surveillance we are under, which I'm sure is being done through these toxic towers, satellites, 5G, EMFs and other radio frequencies and the fact that the sky has been weaponized, as confirmed in an audio clip Dane has played a number of times on his weekly podcast by Ken Caldeira. That was his JOB as a governmnet agent. Think long and hard about this road we are on. Is all this convenience worth it? Is it really convenience? Does ANY OF IT make our lives better? Or is it just all carrots on a stick to lure the donkeys (and asses) to something far more nefarious? Yep, that's it.

Elon Musk thinks merging with a machine is cool and will make him a superhuman. Dan Brown thought so too, at one point when he wrote Origin, but thankfully had a change of opinion later on. And keep in mind that the "superhumans" will be the elite, NOT THE REST OF US. The thing is, we are already superhumans, but have just forgotten our gifts of creation. I know I go on about this and the vast majority of people ignore me because it apparently is either too far-fetched for their minds to grasp, or they realize it will take more work than they are willing to put into it, preferring to slave at a crappy job to bring them either wealth or enough to survive, or even less, but in any case, they, or YOU are not willing to give up what is toxic in order to leap to another way of being. But whether you like it or not, our current "operating system" is DONE, and you will either become a robotic slave to the controllers, or you will nurture your original "operating system" that enables you to create your reality with your mind. Which will you choose? One is the easy way which promises an eternity of misery, and the other is a treacherous path that will bring you freedom. I CANNOT stress to you enough that this is real and it is an horrific and terrifying near-term threat.

What I find the most disturbing is the potential loss of our souls. We must choose between good and evil and we are mostly fighting enemies we cannot even see. Lies are the evil clouds engulfing us, and this entire agenda is beyond an evil most people can even comprehend. People are losing or have completely lost all sense of intuition and non-physical awareness at this point. Even animals are losing it. Why are we not noticing this? It should be sending up millions of red flags. And so, in my opinion, the people that are dying from these injections are doing so mercifully and hopefully before their souls have disappeared. When you hear of a vaccine death, be joyful.

I am cleaning up my Notepad page and saving very few articles any more. Here are some that I've been saving for this article. Please check out at least some of them.
80 Groups, 57 Doctors, 19 Scientists Join CHD in Urging Pennsylvania to Reject 'Smart Meters' Mandate
This one, amazingly come from "National Propaganda Radio," as Dane calls it.
The U.N. Warns That AI Can Pose A Threat To Human Rights
Bluetooth Vaccine? Does the Injected COVID "Non-Vaccine" Connect with Devices?
OH MY!! (This is already well in progress, I can assure you.) Fortunately(?) biosphere collapse will come first. As Dane says, I would rather be extinct than live like this.
Behind NATO's 'Cognitive Warfare': 'Battle for Your Brain' Waged by Western Militaries

I've spoken of this a great deal, but again, back in 2004, I took a course on clearing my DNA, and it literally saved my life. Most people who are aware of the Reptilian Invasion, accept the fact that aliens altered our DNA. The Pleiadians in Bringers of the Dawn spoke of it, and there are hints of it even in the Bible, such as The Book of Enoch. Alex Newman spoke of DNA, and in fact, lots of people are speaking of DNA purity these days. Your DNA is sacred and you should NEVER ALLOW someone to mess with it. I have memories of the invasion. This is a very sensitive issue, and yet people get these clot shots and don't even think about it!

A 28-page document introduced the concept of the internet of bodies (IoB) as "the network of human bodies and data through connected sensors." GASP!!
The War on COVID-19: Man’s Final Conquest of Nature. The Great Reset Requires "Merging Humans with the Machine"
Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines "Vaccine" Vials, Horrific Findings Revealed

I LONG for the day when ALL of these people are COMPLETELY REMOVED from not only this planet but from this dimension. Stick them somewhere with nothing but piles of money to eat. Let's just see how much they love their wealth then.
A Billboard Will Show Ads From Space, But You Won't Be Able To See It In The Sky
This one is nearly two hours and I listened to only part of it, and frankly, the legal jargon was above my head. But the point is, that the danger of these radio frequencies are being brought to court. I believe that many of these deaths we are seeing now are connected to these toxic frequencies, piled on top of everything else that has poisoned this planet. As stated in the title of my article, we are literally fighting a war against all organic life. And by the way, I wouldn't trust ANYONE in the FDA, especially after they approved that fake Pfizer "vaccine," Comirnaty, which isn't even the "vaccine" available in the U.S.. And many of the Navy pilots that are developing fatal illnesses, we already know, have been sickened from radiation, frequencies, and aerosols. In any case, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that your cell phone is killing you. So why do people still cling to them??
Video: Radio Frequency Radiation and 5G Impacts on Health. Massive Scientific Evidence Ignored by FCC
Mega Constellation of Low Earth Orbit Internet Satellites. Damage to the Environment and Biosphere?

And now, here are some articles that prove people are awakening and refusing to go with the program!! AND fighting back!!!
Holocaust Survivors Join Lawyers: "Request for Investigation" to the ICC. Charge World Governments with Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, and Breaches of the Nuremberg Code
Chicago Set to Lose 50% or More of Police Force at Midnight Tonight as Police Union Calls Mayor’s Bluff on Reporting COVID-19 Vaccine Status
YES, YES! Watch this video! This may be what shuts down the atrocity in the skies. When it gets REAL HOT, THEN people might notice what's going on.
Airline Industry Issues Dire Warning Against Vaxx Mandates: "We have all the Control—Aircraft Will Stop Moving" with Major Effects on Economy

And one last time, I will re-post this excellent article.
Beware the Transhumanists: How ‘Being Human’ Is Being Re-Engineered by the Elite’s Coup
I also included this in my book review,
City of Endless Night
which I strongly recommend everyone read, then read the book which is free online. It is one of the Dover Doomsday Classics, and by far the best of the eight out of thirteen I've read so far, and so very prophetic.
And while you're at it, also read this review, which is the book on which the move Soylent Green was based. Again, startlingly prophetic.
Make Room! Make Room!
Here is a quote from the article named above:

If you were a mad doctor and you wanted to control an individual it would be a doddle. You’d just tell them you were giving them an injection to protect them against the flu or something like that and in the syringe there would be a little receiver. And then you’d stick a transmitter on the roof of the house across the road from where they lived.

And then you could send messages to make them do whatever you wanted them to do. You could make them sad or angry or happy or contented. You could make them run or fight or just spend all day in bed.

Remember, that’s what Dr Delgado was doing over half a century ago. It’s nothing new. Once again for those readers who are new, here is the link to The Minds of Men

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