The Reality of The Matrix

I expect most of you have seen the movie The Matrix. It has become symbolic of this controlled society in which we find ourselves becoming more and more deeply entrenched. If you have not seen it, well, shame on you, you need to watch it now. It is online for free. Don't worry about the two sequels—they are crap with overdone special effects and violence that do not bring the original message to a satisfiying conclusion. It is the original that's important. In any case, most people do not take it literally. I DO.

So what was "The Matrix" in the movie? It was a computer program that people thought was planet earth, where they lived blissfully unaware that their entire reality was inside an interactive program in which they were imprisoned. It is NOT symbolic. We are THERE RIGHT NOW.

I have gone on and on for several years about anomalies. And feedback loops, in which your reaction to something triggers something else, but if you do NOT react, the outcome changes. Lately I've been spending my time either in activist work, or deep prolonged meditation and shamanic work which involves energy and light. It is indeed growing increasingly difficult, as our reality is becoming more and more computerized, with the vast majority of the population blissfully unaware. BUT, there is also a growing number of people, often ones who surprise me, that are "getting it" that something is very wrong.

I have told Dane over and over that, though I am more interested in keeping current on the biosphere collapse, his focus on Covid is the right choice. It seems that the lies surrounding this entire plandemic scenario have crossed the line with what a huge group of people are unwilling to buy into. I know WAY more people who refuse to get the vaccine than who believe it is safe. People are getting sick of lockdowns, masks and the general suffering the global population has been subjected to because of this totally planned and orchestrated crisis. As Dane says, and I totally agree, it is just a distraction to the real crisis, which is the collapse of the biosphere. He, like me, does NOT believe the endgame plan of the controllers will come to pass, because the biosphere collapse and Mother Nature is beating them to the punch. And they are running scared. We are all awaiting the coming day, which will happen in a flash, when people suddenly awaken, and take to the streets with "pitchforks and torches," as Dane says. Catherine Austin Fitts is a bit more blunt. She points out that America is armed to the hilt with guns, and the whole U.S. military will not be able to control it all when the population finally realizes what these people are up to. She also clearly points out that it is THEY who are afraid of us. Thus the need for them to try to kill off as many of us as possible.

Crossing that first hurdle from disbelief to shock is the hardest. After that, it becomes quite easy to see through the veil of lies. It's like taking the Red Pill, and once that happens, you can never go back. So these people that are getting wise to the whole Covid scene, and understand that the only thing these vaccines will do to us is kill us, especially if you are elderly or have other health issues. And even if they don't kill us, they are certainly not protecting us. The Pfizer one alters your DNA, which cannot be undone, and will make people become basically allergic to themselves with an immune system that no longer functions. I wonder how long it will take before THAT begins to kick in and the next wave of massive deaths begin.

Forty-one years ago, I was still in a mostly unawakened state, although even as a child I was more awake than most people I knew. It was a nun, Sister Caroline—a radical nun, in fact, whose residence was at the radical Jesuit church, St. Xavier in Cincinnati, where I was associate organist. She was the type that marched in pro-LGBT marches, and demonstrations for women's right to have an abortion. It was she who recommended I read Rabbi Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People. I hated Rabbi Kushner for a whole year for saying those things that turned my life upside down, but after that, I joyfully knew he was correct and from that point on, no one could fool me with their fairy tale reality any more. And once I jumped that first big hurdle, I yearned to keep jumping, because each leap I made brought me closer to the truth. So if people can believe the truth about the whole Covid scam, then they will soon be willing to believe what is going on in the skies.

And once you know the truth, you cannot shut up about it, therefore, you learn to speak out no matter what the consequences. Many people think they are awakening. Yeah, they "get it" about weather warfare and mind control, the fake Covid scenario, GMOs, and on and on. But until YOU are ready to put your life on the line and GIVE UP whatever you need to in order to SPEAK OUT against the atrocities happening before our very eyes, I can assure you, you are still sound asleep. Because NO ONE who REALLY understands what is going on can keep quiet about it, or put other things before it. Period. Are you awake or still asleep, dreaming that you are awake??

I just posted a book review, Edgar Cayce On Atlantis. His belief, at least while in a trance state, was that thousands of Atlanteans were reincarnating now to complete unfinished business. I don't agree with much of what he said, but there was a fairly convincing parallel to the destruction of Atlantis, and where we are now, except now, it will be the end of the entire planet forever. If you do not understand this, you are not listening to Dane's broadcasts. Here is his latest.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 6, 2021

Just recently I have encountered three people who knew much about what is going on now. Obviously, I gave them more information, and pointed them to my previous article, The Urgent and Dire Situation We Now Face, which contains a ready-made letter filled with important links from Dane's site. Not one of the three bothered to look it up. They are all "too busy" with their jobs. Let me comment on that. First if you still have not listened to the Catherine Austin Fitts interview I've linked numerous times, you need to do that now. She points out that if the controllers are able to complete their agenda, the entire currency system will be gone, and we will all have to rely on what they allow us to have. Anyone who speaks out will have all their funds cut off. The Fed has been slowly and silently working on this agenda for quite a while, so if you think money is important and you are secure, you need to get a grip on where we are headed. Here's the link one more time.
Catherine Austin Fitts Interview
How can people just sit back and not be OUTRAGED! Of course, Dane speaks of this all the time—our OBLIGATION to stand up for what is right. He also has serious issues with people who sit back and say that "God will take care of it," or "It's in big hands." I have ended long-term friendships over that response. Dane and I both point out that there is no place in scripture that says it is OK to sit back while these evil people kill all life on the planet. For people who call themselves Christians, that sort of behavior is reprehensible. NO FOLLOWER OF JESUS would take that attitude. I am not Christian, but Jesus is a role model for my behavior. In that same way, Cayce, while in trance, issued warnings to his clients that they had to make a choice which would determine the outcome of life on earth. That's pretty straightforward. And so I say to you, if this applies to your behavior, consider it a warning. If you think your god is going to whisk you into heaven for sitting back while innocent life suffers, I would REALLY question who your god is and where YOU will be going. Enough is enough. Cayce made it clear that we are all gathering to complete a task. That means, if you are HERE NOW reading THIS ARTICLE, you are here for a reason and YOU are needed to complete your task. Failure to do so will result in a terrible consequence.

For that reason, I have supplied you with a letter that I took a great deal of time preparing with the most important points of Dane's teaching. I have given you permission to use and adjust to whatever business, friend, social media, regular media or government offices you wish to contact. I have updated it several times to keep it current. So I've done half of your work. If anyone wishes to have the original WORD doc., I can send that if you email me.

I will share some of the volume of articles I have saved, but I first want to go back several years to when I first watched the documentary, The Minds of Men. Here is the link again where you can watch it for free if you did not back then, or you are a new reader. It is also on my "Recommended Links" page, which is at the very bottom when you click "Book Reviews."
The Minds of Men
I took profuse notes as I watched, and have kept them. As I wrote the beginning of this article, I went back and browsed through them. I am not making this stuff up. We are being computerized, and will soon have no control of either our thoughts or actions. IS THAT OK WITH YOU? Then how can you sit back and be silent, thinking that your job is more important, or whatever else? I will just copy and paste some of my notes as I took them when I watched this documentary several years ago. I also want to mention that Cayce stated this type of control was being used in the time of Atlantis.

effects of the physical world on the mind
studies of the mind were also the beginning of personal computers
difference between what we see and what is really out there
whole of man controlled by his dependence on the environment
man placed in technical loop and his behavior controlled
feedback ubiquitous in controlled system
reality itself maleable
all this began after WWII
induce stupor and reduce willpower
electrical stimulation used to manipulate people
development of remote control
just how much control electrical signals had on the brain
psycho-surgery, controlling aggression (crowd control)
using microwaves to erase negative emotions
what kind of humans would we like to construct
behavior modification and control
complete blending of man and machine—no need for conscience—behavior directed by controllers
brain waves singled out and erradicated
brain waves filtered, altered and domesticated
to get money, play on political fears and racism (gasp!! Oh, my . . .)

Though many think this stuff is new and experimental, the fact is, ALL OF IT began after WWII—climate engineering/weather warfare; GMOs; mind control and biowarfare, including the U.S. Military's spraying of pathogens on the American people; the depopulation agenda; endless wars to gain control of the planet's resources . . . (which was the purpose of 9/11); and on and on. NONE of this is new, it is just CLOSER to completion.

Now here are some links, but I will have more to say on this subject, as it is in the forefront of ALL that is happening now on the planet. And I will say ONE MORE TIME. STOP what is going on in the skies and it will be GAME OVER for the controllers. What is going on in the sky is NOT about climate control, it is about CONTROL, PERIOD. When that is stopped, everything will change in a flash.

Concerning Covid and vaccines:
501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show
'TRUTH' With RFK, Jr. and David Martin: Fauci’s Checkered Past, Moderna’s Warp Speed Vaccine
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been banned from Instagram
And here is a REALLY important short news video from FOX!!
Steve Hilton unveils new evidence linking COVID-19 origins to US-funded research in China
LA COVID-19 Vaccinations Delayed By Protesters
In Tiny Kansas Town, Pandemic Skeptics Abound Amid False Information And Politics
Here is a quote from that story. Some smart people in that tiny Kansas town . . .
"Today, some in the town of about 400 people insist that the federal government "invented" the coronavirus so that it could force people to take a vaccine containing a microchip that could track their movements, Herd says."
55 Americans Have Died Following COVID Vaccination, Norway Deaths Rise To 29
You May Want to Rethink the Jab
Well I hope none of you are considering the "jab." And what about this next one . . . seriously??
Miami Heat to use coronavirus-sniffing dogs to screen fans at games
And this one! OMG, what if one of those people would have had an anaphylactic reaction?? They would have died!
Health workers, stuck in the snow, administer coronavirus vaccine to stranded drivers
Post-COVID lungs worse than the worst smokers' lungs, surgeon says

I will end this article with a very interesting comment from Dane's site by Raymond. It is on the GAN for February 6 linked above.

Raymond says:
February 9, 2021 at 9:27 pm

When I spoke with a group of friends and told them how Bill Gates was using the current pandemic to force vaccinations on the world's population, to kill off the older generations, people with pre existing health issues and sterilize the rest. After following Dr. Fauci's lead, who created the gain of function ability. . . starting the Coronavirus outbreak and then blame it on bats in China.

They suddenly became speechless and insisted that I watch the Amazon Prime series, Utopia. Which I just finished last night . . . and now I am speechless!

That series of eight 45 minute episodes was produced in 2019 and released in September of 2020. But it is a very closely scripted remake of the UK version, released in 2013 and 2014 that had twelve 45 minute episodes. Originally written in 2012, which is strangely ironic . . . because that's when the SARS, Covid strain was discovered in a bat cave in China. AND the term SARS is referenced by characters in Utopia!

"Spoiler Alert"

Both versions were written and produced before the Covid-19 virus first made world headlines!

But each version is based upon a "Bill Gates" like character, who is accused of killing children with his lab created meat replacement. Designed to help solve world hunger issues and provide artificial nourishment that doesn't rely on the agricultural farming industry.

Sort of like using a fictitious show to connect the dots, between Bill Gates and his Polio vaccine conspiracy. With Monsanto's GMO conspiracy agendas that are both tied to eugenics.

In each series the viral pandemic at center stage is supposedly started when pathogenic spores jump from bats to humans. (Sound Familiar?)

In the newest 2020 version John Cuzack plays a character that is definitely a fictional portrayal of Bill Gates (known as Dr. Kevin Christie or Mr. Rabbit, in the Utopia comic book). But neither series has a Doctor Anthony Fauci character or reference to the gain of function characteristic of the virus. Instead, they appear to fuse Gates and Fauci into one character (Mr. Rabbit), who experiments on a girl known as Jessica Hyde (the central most character in the Utopia comic book) and eventually becomes successful at infecting her. Then uses her blood to infect rabbits at petting zoos. Which is how the children are becoming infected and dying across America.

Any way, the pandemic was orchestrated to convince everyone to be vaccinated by the vaccine miraculously found by Cuzack-Christie-Mr. Rabbit. Who made sure that the vaccine secretly offered no protection against infection, but was purely designed to render everyone who didn't get infected . . . (to become completely STERILE). And the sterilization function in the vaccine is hereditary, where it is passed on for three generations. Making each young male sterile after having sex, for their first time and the young females sterile after conception. All in the name of reducing the world's population, because the Earth is dying from overcrowding by humanity and experiencing rapidly dwindling resources. (According to Mr. Rabbit and his reasons for the pandemic and vaccines that he is using to save the planet.) Again, sounding like what Bill Gates says at lectures and journalist's interviews.

Mind you, the 2020 version is extremely graphic and very violent, with various satirical undertones of humor and I do not recommend that children be allowed to watch it. That series is definitely for mature audiences only and I found myself cringing constantly. But the cryptic puzzles throughout are what kept me interested and I always liked that aspect of older shows like Columbo and Banacek.

Now, what I find most disturbing about Utopia is that it was written about a pandemic blamed on bats. With a Bill Gates type of character who creates the virus, which starts the pandemic. And who convinces the FDA to authorize an emergency distribution of his vaccines, without properly testing it first. All in the name of killing off and sterilizing most of humanity, to reduce global populations.

Now remember Utopia had been written "originally" almost 10 years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, did the writers foresee this current plandemic . . . scamdemic and produce a (UK) television series to covertly warn the masses?

Or have the Controllers and Architects of geoengineering used the Utopia shows as a sort of Master Plan Book, for the whole pandemic conspiracy to be flown under the radar?

Basically using a fictional premise to make people like us, who can see the truth behind the virus and vaccines, to look like absolute fools in the rest of the world's eyes and minds. Instantly placing us in the conspiracy theory class of nut jobs, who are making ridiculously unbelievable claims that Utopia has become reality!

Programming the sheeple to completely discount everything we say, making us look like the insane ones!

I find it very hard to believe that the Utopia series is almost identical to what is happening right now around the world. So much so, that it's virtually impossible to be mere coincidence.

Wow, what a lot to ponder. How many times have I said that science-fiction is the science of the future, and fantasy-type stories are based on something true? And how many times have I said that you never know where your next clue to discovering the truth about this false reality in which we live will be found? That's why I recommend reading, reading, reading, too. The original UK version Raymond mentions is available online for free. I watched the first episode. Not sure if I'll watch any more. It was too pervertedly violent for me. And I also want to point out, and Dane says this too, but there is no way of getting around it: the earth's population is WAAAAY to large. Dane said it would take five earths to support this many people. We will be seeing very soon just how true that is. Which is why I work for hours EVERY DAY on my manifestation skills. Anyways, the question is not whether we are grossly overpopulated, but who has the right to determine who will be killed off to solve the problem? CERTAINLY NOT Bill Gates.
Utopia 1

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