The Dimming

The long-awaited and much anticiptated documentary, The Dimming has been released. Anyone that can view this film and still have any doubts that climate engineering is not only being carried out full force but doing irreparable damage to the planet and all its lifeforms, is either totally and absolutely stupid, utterly brainwashed, or threatened with bodily harm. We are WAY past the point where losing one's paycheck and pension should even be relevant.

EVERYONE needs to watch this nearly two hour documentary. It is DEFINITIVE in its proof of the ongoing and catastrophic criminal activity of climate engineering/weather warfare, and can now be used as a WEAPON against those who continue to lie and deny. START EMALING NOW. Send to your state, federal, and local officials. If you do not know who they are, just Google your address and you can easily find out. Email local TV, radio, and newspapers, then go on to national media. CALL THEM OUT. We now have a gem of a tool to work with in this documentary. DO NOT allow anyone to distract your purpose with their lies. I am certain that all of Dane's community is now busily at work spreading this tremendous work of art.

And keep in mind that for everything covered in the film, Dane supplies volumes more on his site. I will rewrite my letter to the media, then publish it. We must DEMAND of them to tell the truth, and DEMAND of our government officials to STOP THIS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY NOW. Period. The time for discussion is long past. We need swift action, and we need to let these people know that WE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, and WE WILL NOT TOLERATE IT any longer.

Even with the people I've been talking to as I pass out fliers, I refuse to even allow them to contradict. I went to Ravenna yesterday, and as expected, had less success than in Alliance. There's a local joke around here that there's been too much interbreeding in Ravenna. All things considered, downtown Ravenna still looks very similar, relatively speaking, as it did when I was a child, 65 years ago. And unfortunately, too many attitudes remain antiquated, too.

I will take a moment to apologize deeply to Marc's, whom I accused of having ugly wooden floors in a past article. What I meant to say was that they have dirty, cracked, ugly linoleum tile flooring. Yesterday I counted no less than four different colors/designs. I have been going nuts trying to remember what store really does have ugly wooden floors. Here in Ravenna, we tend to not tear down buildings; we just recycle them, and that's not a bad thing. The little plaza where Marc's has been for decades was the A&P grocery store when I was a baby, I believe. If I remember correctly, the land where Giant Eagle sits a block away, had not been developed yet. Anyways, the plaza went through many stores that didn't last long, but Marc's now shares it with Tractor Supply. I went in the latter yesterday, and they have the same exact linoleum tiles as Marc's so, gosh, it may be the original flooring from 65 years ago. I love Marc's, really, but as I said, Marc isn't always concerned with appearance. Anyways, I also love history. At my age, I've experienced it. Ravenna, by the way STILL has many streets downtown that are the original cobblestone, such as south Freedom. Quaint. Or cheap. And, as far as recycling, as I've mentioned before, I was born in what is now the city administration building.

Anyways, back to my yesterday's Ravenna experience. I first stopped at the laundromat where I know the owner, Roger, who happened to be there. He's a friend of my mechanic, Mike. Anyways, of course he allowed me to leave fliers and booklets there, and took one himself. He said he's interested in that kind of stuff and knows all about it because he watches stuff on TV. I corrected him and said he knows nothing about it, until he reads what Dane has to say. This was in the morning, so The Dimming had not yet been released. Then I went to the library on the next block. I talked to the man who is in charge of the computer area, and he knows me, and listened very intently, took my materials, and was interested. I requested to put materials out for the public at the downstairs desk, and they were less enthusistic. The one lady kept saying, "I understand your passion, but . . . ", and I kept interrupting her and told her she did not understand a thing until she educated herself on this issue. Anyways, she said she would speak to the Public Services Manager. When I returned home, I found this email response.

Dear Laughing Crow,
Thank you for thinking of Reed Memorial Library as a reliable, public source for our citizens. However, per our General Policies 6.f PUBLIC INFORMATION:
Space limitations make it impossible to post all materials or to display them indefinitely. Certain restrictions affect materials which can be posted or displayed.
1. The library cannot participate in or appear to sponsor any program with a particular political or religious viewpoint.
Therefore, per our policy, because Mr. Dane Wigington takes a political view concerning the U.S. Government we will not be able to place your brochures in our display.
Again, thank you for considering Reed Memorial Library. We look forward to serving you in the future.
Karen Ross, C.P.L.S.
Public Services Manager
(330) 296-2827 x401

Below is my response.

Dear Karen,
Thank you for your response. I will make sure it is shared on our network.
If you actually took the time to investigate the data that Mr. Wigington publishes, you would realize that he has nothing whatsoever to do with politics or religion. His goal is to salvage at least some part of the earth's life support system while there is still time, and every day that this assault upon the planet is allowed to continue diminishes our chances of avoiding catastrophic near-term extinction.
The day is drawing upon us when EVERYONE on the planet will learn the cold hard truth about the activities going on in our skies, which is nothing short of planetary omnicide. At that point, "General Policies" will be irrelevant and ridiculous.
Thank you,
Laughing Crow

I hope she understood the meaning of the first sentence, and it wasn't meant to be nice. I would appreciate anyone who can, to email her, especially after viewing The Dimming, and voice your support of Dane, and contradict her attitude that he is NOT political. He's one of the most politically neutral people I know. Anyways, I had gone to the library also to make copies of the cover letter I wrote to my seed companies, so I sat in my car and added them to my prepared envelopes, then went to the post office opposite the laundromat, then on to my bank on the next block. I wanted to give materials to one of the bankers there that I know is interested, and was delighted to find that the manager who was at the Giant Eagle branch, which was where I always did my banking until Giant Eagle kicked them out, was now the new manager at this main branch. He and I had discussed this subject for years, so I was glad to give him the materials I had. The last place I stopped was at Marc's and the cashier there was also very interested. SO, it is NOT DIFFICULT. Know something on the subject, and you will find all kinds of people who KNOW SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG. I always feel good after I've begun the awakening process for another person. And remember, I was a teacher for twenty-one years, so this comes naturally to me. But for anyone who understands the urgency of the situation, that passion can be easily passed on to inspire others.

This will be a very short article. I just want to mention a few things about the film, then share some disastrous links, mostly from The Weather Channel.

First, obviously, the two heroes are Dane and his wife, for completing such a massive project, and so filled with indisputable evidence of the ongoing climate engineering agenda, and the catastrophic damage it has caused. As I said, this is exactly the WEAPON we need against the liars and deniers. But we must get it into circulation ASAP.

All of the people who appear in the film in support of Dane are also wonderful, and I am so grateful they participated. Every time Catherine Austin Fitts opens her mouth, I like her more and more, and by the end of this film, my feelings toward her were reverent. She is one of the most ideal example of balance between the physical and non-physical worlds, especially, the financial world, I've ever known. And every time she speaks of transparency "shifting everything," I cannot help but think she is also referring to the non-physical, energetic shift. She was a perfect member of Dane's team. And the other one was the unnamed Geomicrobiologist, who did the atmospheric samplings and analysis of them. They made a number of flights under different conditions, but the data they collected leaves ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT as to what is coming out of these nozzles, and it ain't water vapor.

There were numerous other people, many from the military. I was glad to see, once again, Kristen Meghan speaking out. Everyone included had something important to say. There was quite a bit on the use of radio frequencies, and THAT is just as bad as the chemicals they spray. As you all know, from MY viewpoint, they are being used for mind-control. Which is why I keep stressing that we do NOT UNDERSTAND the nature of our reality, any more than we know the true climate situation on this planet, because everything going on now is masking (pun not intended) reality. Or maybe it was intended. In any case, it is why I personally have descended WAY LOWER than my comfort zone to deal with this purely physical issue. Once THAT is dealt with, then we can continue on our spiritual path, and I don't care what the popular gurus say on this subject, I KNOW I'm correct.

And so, your assignment is to watch this film. I will probably watch it again because I want to be able to speak confidently about it to people who take fliers and booklets. Educate yourself thoroughly. We do not have much time left, but we now have a powerful tool at our disposal. I will now close with the weather-related links I've acquired in the past couple days.

First multiday severe storm potential of the year
Hawaii declares an emergency as flooding causes extensive damage, including bridge collapses
It's Raining Volcanic Ash in Italy
Earthquake-Ravaged Region of Croatia Now Pocked with Sinkholes
Drone Video Reveals Flood Devastation in Louisville, Kentucky
Biggest Gasoline Spill in Decades Happened in North Carolina Last Summer
Embankment Collapses and Swallows Vehicles in Kentucky City After Major Flooding
Saharan Dust That Blanketed Europe in February Had Traces of Radiation

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