Let Texas Be a Warning, Part Three

This will be the last article in this series, but the subject is far from finished. In addition to my own pleas to my readers, I'll certainly keep track of Dane's progress in Texas, which has the potential to change the direction of the world. By the way, I discovered I can listen to him live on Saturday mornings with his weekly Global Alert News, online at kqms.com. If you have script/ad blockers on your browsers, as I do, you will need to disable them. It is at 6 am Pacific Time, but here in the East, 9 am, which is a good time for me to listen. Click "Podcasts." Keep in mind that the versions he posts later in the day on his site are sometimes longer than the 55 minutes allotted to him on air. He made a point that this week's edition is. He has so much material and not enough time to cover it all. I know that feeling. For those regular listeners, you will notice he has been getting increasingly distraught. We are truly RUNNING OUT OF TIME on this planet. There is NOTHING ELSE more important than stopping the criminal activity in the skies. THEN we will know exactly where we stand, in both the physical and non-physical worlds.

The Texas catastrophe is certainly awakening more and more people to the truth. Lawsuits are not enough. People need to start filing criminal charges. And even before Texas we have seen a great increase in awakening, especially on the subject of climate engineering/weather warfare, AND the dangers of these vaccines, along with the whole Covid scam, which the controllers are desperately attempting to prolong, even as it is rapidly fading on its own. And the 9,000 packets Dane sent out are also getting a positive reaction, as he has picked up more radio stations to air his broadcasts.

I will pick up where I left off in the last issue, with comments from Dane's latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 20, 2021. Please note that this is from last Saturday, as he will not post today's broadcast online until afternoon, usually about 5 pm here in Ohio. But he had some staggering (official) data on the number of people who have died 48 hours afer receiving the vaccine, which, he said, was only a fraction of the actual number. And as for this DNA-altering vaccine, once it is in your body it CANNOT be removed, and the devastating health effects may not even be apparent for several years, which may not be a problem because we do not HAVE several years left, UNLESS we STOP climate engineering NOW. With each passing day that it continues unabated, the outcome worsens exponentially.

Truth says:
February 21, 2021 at 10:53 am

You asked why they're in such a rush to do the vaccines. I believe it is because of what dr. Sherri Tenpenny recently said as well as other doctors have come out and said recently, including dr. Andrew Wakefield. That this is going to cause severe immunological damage to people but that it will take a period of months, estimated at approximately four months to 14 months before the worst of the effects of these experimental concoctions happen. They want to get people immunized as quickly as possible before people realize what has been done to them. Stall for time! Lawyer up! Remember the first fourth and other amendments that give you legal protections for your body.

And here is a great comment from one of our Canadian community members.

Louise Neufeld says:
February 21, 2021 at 10:39 am

This ridiculous fear mongering on covid has got to stop. What sickens me is if our government told us to wear a plastic bag sealed off with duct tape over our heads to prevent this hyped up covid and now nonsensical variants, too many sheeple would do it.

Canada has become a communist country and the last people to figure it out are the ignorant Canadians. Our rights and freedoms are disappearing rapidly. Innocent people like pastors are being arrested and thrown in jail or Covid quarantine hotels or camps. I watch the covid camp trailers drive past my house monthly. Things are clearly going to get a lot worse.

Our weather here in Manitoba, Canada is like a bouncing yoyo. From -40 to 0 and back within a week. As someone mentioned the cold is now different. Burning, fake searing cold accompanies the fake slippery, soapy snow. Even with 80 Km winds in the middle of winter I still have leaves that cling to my bushes and a few trees. Unheard of even 10 years ago.

With evil people like Snake Gates and Felonious Fauci telling the world what to do we are destined for disaster. What God complexes these idiots have. Bill Gates, a college dropout considers himself a farmer, doctor, scientist and has even admitted to his involvement in climate engineering. We are way beyond greed and money. The planned destruction of this world is pure evil. We need everyone to wake up and stand firm. Things will be getting really ugly.

Now on to the rest of the links I've collected. Here's more concerning Covid.
Seriously?? When there is NO EVIDENCE the vaccine does ANY GOOD WHATSOEVER??
Fully vaccinated people can gather individually with minimal risk, Fauci says
FDA Analysis of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Finds It Safe, Effective
Hmm. Aren't they the ones that put asbestos in their baby powder? Yep, they sure are.
Women With Cancer Awarded Billions in Baby Powder Suit
Perhaps it contains asbestos??
Why Americans shouldn't turn their noses up at Johnson & Johnson's vaccine
I'd check for asbestos first . . . .
The new vaccine is a valuable weapon against Covid-19, and its rollout will be quick, officials say

Dane used these two in the GAN issue linked above. As for the first one, he says it's more like half.
One-third of military service members have opted not to receive Covid-19 vaccinations
Lots of interesting things have happened at Fort Detrick . . . .
As the WHO investigated coronavirus origins in China, Beijing pushed a conspiracy about the US
And here's some bullshit . . . .
When will the US reach herd immunity and what will it look like?
And this is for the "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" category. He and Bill Gates are two of a kind, and it's not a nice kind either.
Fauci Awarded $1 Million Israeli Prize For 'Speaking Truth To Power' Amid Pandemic
And here's more human "experiments."
Everything old is new again: Repurposing drugs to treat Covid-19

Here are some odds and ends. You would think people in the military would "get it" that nobody gives a shit about them. Maybe THEN, they would tell what they know about the activity in the skies. That is coming . . . .
Military families are increasingly turning to food banks during the pandemic
I found this one interesting, and my theory is that the same ice nucleation chemicals that are making everything feel SO COLD are basically infiltrated into everything on the planet, both organic and inorganic, such as my electrical cords that got brittle. Most of you will remember how I baked pies all last summer, then continued into the fall when those cranberries were available at ALDI. What I didn't mention was that I stopped, because the shortening had become, eh, unworkable, I guess would be the word. I could no longer roll my crusts thin, therefore they became hard rather than flaky. And it began at the same time they started their ice nucleation agenda.
Baffled Canadians Spread Reports Of 'Hard' Butter

The next few pertain to the environment, then I will share some photos and info about conditions here at the farm and other observations I've made.

I've practiced no-plow, no-till for years and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference!! THAT'S NOT THE PROBLEM. The problem is that the soil is saturated with toxic metals and other substances, and the essential microbes are dead or seriously diminished. Dane's dry leaves do not even rot, because there's nothing to break them down. Here in Ohio, EVERYTHING rots because it is SO FUCKING WET. Endless precipitation for SO MANY YEARS now. And the soil is certainly poisoned, too. Add to that, Monsanto's toxic shit and Frankenseeds, that are cross-pollinating with open pollinated varieties, and we have a scenario that will SHUT DOWN our ability to grow food at all, including GMOs. If you are still able to raise food where you live, PLEASE don't think you've got your ass covered. Especially this winter, with the climate engineers dumping tons of even more toxic material on us, there is NO ONE on the planet who is safe. Even INSIDE a greenhouse.
New Evidence Shows Fertile Soil Gone From Midwestern Farms
Of course, Dane is way beyond angry, and devaststed—crushed—as he watches with a sense of helplessness as his beloved trees fall over dead. He addressed that in this morning's broadcast, and says every tree he has planted, has died. Every time he visits his habitat preserve, he becomes more enraged, and throws himself even harder into his determination to STOP this INSANE slaughter of all life on the planet. I know that feeling all too well. Just look at these horrible views of the mountains in Northern California.
Geoengineering: Fire And Ice
California's iconic redwoods, sequoias and Joshua trees threatened by climate change

Here's some news on the looming food shortage, not just for people but for pets. As I mentioned in my last issue about the empty shelves, AND the "rearranging" most stores are doing now, NOT because of Covid, but to make their stores look less bare. I had also mentioned the totally empty shelves in the pet food section at Walmart, mostly the ones for Purina wet foods. Even though I feed my pets the "no grain, all natural foods" the cats, at their age, really need wet food mixed with theirs, and they like Friskies. Walmart had NO FRISKIES whatsoever. I also give Molly a spoonful of Beneful with her food, more as a treat. That was empty, too.

Now, mind you, I am NOT a fan of Purina, especially since Nestlé bought them out, because Nestlé is a big proponent of GMOs. Anyways, a few days later, I stopped at Dollar General, which has been the worst-stocked store ever since the beginning of this scamdemic. But they had lots of Friskies, in only one flavor—Salmon Paté, which I thought was odd. But I bought some because my cats like that flavor. And Friskies comes in probably thirty or more different flavors.

I've not been going to Ravenna lately because I have to go in the other direction, to Alliance, to get kerosene, but I needed something in Ravenna, so I stopped in the Marc's there which I hadn't seen for a while. Now, Marc doesn't always fuss with appearance in his stores. And while some are really quite attractive, others are rather dumpy, with shelves close together and packed with merchandise, which, in the "close-out" section is often filled with junk. This especially applies to the Ravenna store. It is still one of the best-run companies I know of. All through this Covid hoax, Marc has kept his stores well stocked. Well, when I went back to the produce section (and they have the best produce, hands down), I gasped at the gaping chasm. There was actually abundant floor space. The shelves and bins were well stocked, but there were decidedly LESS of them and they were far apart. A bigger gasp happened when I got to the Friskies section. I stared at an entire segment filled with Salmon Paté and nothing else. Oh, my!!

My gasping continued when I entered Giant Eagle and walked into the cavernous space that was once filled with kiosks. Keep in mind, if this was about Covid, why didn't it happen months ago? It is NOT about Covid, it's about FOOD SHORTAGES.

Anyways, later in the day, I decided to go to Alliance and get kerosene, then check out the Friskies situation there. I first went to Pet Supplies "Plus" which is not my favorite store, and has not been well stocked for the past year. Their blatant emptiness hit me as I walked in the door, aisles wide enough to fit probably three carts side by side. Their Friskies situation was about as bad as Walmart, but at least they posted a notice. I tore one off and brought it home. It says, "Purina is currently experiencing intermittent supply issues on various dog and cat products. Purina is working hard to produce even more of their quality products for us and we're working closely with them to replenish our inventory as quickly as possible." And as I examined this notice closer afer I got home, I saw it was dated May 6, 2020!!! So that's how long it took to deplete their inventory, and I wonder when we can expect more Friskies on the shelves, if ever. I had a long talk with one of the store employees about the famine we face.

Then I walked next door to the Alliance Marc's and their shelves were brimming with Friskies in a multitude of flavors. Go figure.

But what also perplexed me was the abundance of Salmon Paté two stores had. I mean, isn't there a seafood shortage? And of course, I would imagine Pacific Salmon would be contaminated with radiation from Fukushima, as is the whole west coast. So I did some investigation, and found all kinds of information. Yes, there's a shortage; no there's not a shortage; there may be a shortage; which indicates how unreliable our sources of information are becoming. When I tried to find out if Salmon were contaminated, I got equally distressing answers, especially those that claimed Fukushima was under control, which is miles from the truth. It will be thirty years before that core burns down, and meanwhile it is pouring out radiation into the ocean. Yeah, they built all those storage buildings for that contaminated water, but they had to keep building more because of the amount they need to cool the reactor. At one point, I believe, they just started dumping it into the ocean. That fact did not readily show up in Google, but, gosh, it's probably a conspiracy theory anyways, eh? so let's just censor it. But my original reason for doing that research was that I got this really horrible feeling that Purina, in their desperate state of supply issues, might be using salmon that was not considered safe for human consumption. I've nothing to back it up; it's just a thought . . . . The more research one does, the more lies that turn up. And cover-ups.

At least things have warmed up a bit here. I know how those people felt who almost froze to death in Texas, because I was pretty near there, too. I had a few weeks of pure terror. When the temperatures finally did start to rise, I realized I had at least two inches of that toxic shit on my roof. The more it melted, the warmer my house got, and that helped it to melt faster. It was what was on the roof that was making me SO COLD, plus the stuff radiating the cold in the yard. So I've been down to two or three kerosene heaters, even over night, rather than five or six. Last night got down to 20.8 degrees—they just CAN'T leave us alone. I got up and there was a thick toxic mist covering everything, and when I took my kerosene tanks out on the porch to fill, and in a split second they got so cold I could barely touch them. Though The Weather Channel forecast "plentiful sunshine," what we got was plentiful spraying, and it didn't clear until late. Then it rained today—not much, but I am SICK of nothing but water, for ten years now.

Here are the photos I took of that stuff covering us that is NOT SNOW. In fact, I don't think I got ANY snow this year. This stuff is actually tiny clear balls that cling together like fish eggs and are gel-like and very slippery. In the first one you can see my and Molly's footprints. Wherever you walk turns to ice and freezes. The second was like a shard of glass that I was holding in my hand. The third is in a bowl so you can see the "fish egg" quality.

Chemically Nucleated Ice

Chemically Nucleated Ice

Chemically Nucleated Ice

This is about a very sad experience I had yesterday. When Molly and I were walking down the driveway, I found this exquisitely beautiful bird lying dead at the bottom of a huge oak tree. One eye was gouged out, but the other was dried up, and outside of a little scratch on his wing, there were no other injuries, so I'm thinking he either froze to death, or suffered some other "accidental" death, as in, like the deaths in Texas, that were ANYTHING but accidental. The wind has torn up so many branches, so the gouged eye could have been from one of the sharp twigs. Whatever happened, I was extremely upset. To make matters worse, his mate was calling to him in the next tree. He is a Northern Flicker—a type of woodpecker. I have them all over, but had never actually seen one, and I would have noticed those gorgeous yellow wings. But I hear them all the time, and their chatter is boisterous and filled with mirth. I have numerous other species of woodpeckers here, and do see those. Here's a recording of the Northern Flickers.
Northern Flicker.

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

Anyways, I performed my usual burial rite, begged his forgiveness for the cruelty of humans, then cremated him in my burn pit. I am still upset. I will try to get back to my Bible articles, which is what I rather be doing than this, plus I will get that letter to the media/meteorologists prepared and posted. Dane sent me a big box of materials to hand out. That arrived today, so I will quickly work to get those distributed, especially since The Dimming will be released within the next ten days, and I am SO RELIEVED about that! Let's hope it will change the world!!

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