Let Texas Be a Warning, Part Two

The disaster that happened in Texas was not nature, it was murder.

I have been studying the writings of prominent African-American leaders at the turn of the twentieth century who wrote about and worked to solve the issues that evolved after the Civil War, and the enactments of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, which guaranteed our newly freed African-American citizens equal rights, civil rights, and voting rights. However, the southern states, six in particular, passed new "Jim Crow" laws, which were of course unconstitutional because they defied the law as stated in the Federal Constitution. These laws made it extremely difficult to impossible for southern Black Americans to vote, and thus negating their ability to send members of their own race to Washington, or hold any civil service position whatsoever. Therefore, complaints to the Supreme Court were quickly referred to Congress, who did nothing to challenge the illegal acts of these southern states. Many prominent northern African-Americans stepped in to right these wrongs, and though they were angry at the behavior of these southern Whites, they were equally angry at the members of their own race for sitting back and allowing this to happen.

Charles W. Chesnutt, who was an African-American author and attorney from Cleveland, Ohio, wrote an essay entitled, The Disfranchisement of the Negro, in which he details the illegal activity in the south, particularly the loss of voting rights of southern Black Americans. His frustration toward his own race is reflected in this quote.

He who would be free must learn to protect his freedom. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. A race that is willing to survive upon any other terms is scarcely worthy of consideration.

That quote, especially where we are now, applies equally to all members of the HUMAN RACE. What happened in Texas was slaughter, like the 10,000 cattle that were slaughtered by chemical ice nucleation in South Dakota on October 4, 2013. I looked up my weather data for that date, and discovered that here in Northeast Ohio, my high temperature was 80 degrees, with a low of 60. Like the point Dane made that while people in Texas were freezing to death, the temperture in Florida, at the same latitude was 85 degrees. Granted, Ohio is quite a bit further south than South Dakota, but not enough for such a vast difference in temperatures.

But, with the exception of this one article,
'The Powers That Be Are Determined To Take Down Texas': Soon After Texas Politicians Endorsed Legislation To Secede From The USA, Texas Got Absolutely Clobbered
that gives Dane's work concerning chemically nucleated winter weather great recognition and exposure. NO OTHER PUBLICATION, either mainstream or alternative, even mentions it. Why aren't people CALLING OUT these media sources and DEMANDING they tell the truth about Texas. Why are people not organizing protests and demonstrations, calling government officials, doing something?

This human experiment has certainly gone ass-backward, has it not? The good are punished while the evil are rewarded. Distaster Capitalism they call it—the trendy term for people who benefit from other peoples' misery. It has been clear for a long time that this human experiment has been a great failure. We are not only unwilling to stand up for the innocents that cannot stand up for themselves—the animals and plants being killed off by the millions; we are not willing to stand up and tell the truth about atrocities such as Texas; and worst of all, WE ARE NOT EVEN WILLING TO STAND UP FOR OURSELVES. Other things always seem so much more important. Like making money and personal agendas. Unless that changes NOW, there is NO HOPE whatsoever for life on this planet to continue. If you do not stand up for others when they need it, there will be NO ONE to stand up for you. Meanwhile, the Dow closed at 31,494.32 this past Friday. As Dane has clearly stated, even those who think their money will save them will find out very soon their folly.

I AM JUST SO SICK OF ALL OF THIS. Do you not see that we are losing more and more of our freedoms EVERY DAY??? Full Spectrum Dominance. It is not just mind control, but control of every aspect of our lives. Do you actually believe that Covid is still raging? They have effectively paralyzed the whole country, disrupted everyone's life. Ruined people and businesses while the Dow soars and a few people benefit from other peoples' misery. How much freedom do you have when you are struggling just to survive, to keep from freezing to death or starving or having a home or a place to stay. WHY are people putting up with this? Why are we letting these stockbrokers STEAL from us? Why are we letting people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos become SO POWERFUL?
How Texas's deregulated market for power led to exorbitant electric bills
Texas customer sues over $9,000 power bill during blackout
Why would ANYONE pay a $9,000 electric bill?? I would tell them to fuck off; to stick their wires up their ass and turn on the current. Disconnect me, then I would find a way to LIVE WITHOUT. Nobody wants to give up anything, so they give in to everything. If we would JUST SAY NO, and refuse to put up with this outrageous behavior, it would be done with. As Earth Angel recently reminded us, when we fear the government, it is tyranny; when the government fears us, it is freedom. The only people I can even remotely relate to at this point are the members of Dane's community, because they DON'T and WON'T put up with losing their freedom.

And so they make it more and more difficult for people to just survive. When you are in a situation facing freezing to death, or drowning in floods or burning to death in a wildfire, it becomes much more difficult to fight the ones who are doing it. Surviving a disaster takes up all of one's energy, and the controllers know it. If anyone thinks ANYTHING is going to go back to "normal" . . . . No, they are hitting us full force now, and it will be one thing after another. That's why we NEED TO STOP it while we still can. While we still have internet and can communicate. Before that is taken away. STOP what's going on in the skies and EVERYTHING will change.

In addition to stopping what is going on in the skies, we need to learn to CREATE with our minds, and to live creatively on less and less. They have people under their control because they KNOW people won't do without. We need to make these controllers OBSOLETE. We need to NOT NEED that carrot they dangle before us. BOYCOTT. If a business treats you shitty, don't go there any more. Don't buy their products. Don't NEED them. These people get away with these atrocities because they can. Set yourself a price limit. I won't buy bananas above 39 cents a pound, for instance. Do this with everything. If we do not change NOW, we will be forced into an unimaginable HELL. We are pretty much there already.

Here are some observations I've made this past week concerning the coming food shortage. I went into Walmart and their pet food shelves were nearly empty. ALDI has trouble keeping stocked. I commented to one of the employees about famine, and he just looked at me like I was goofy. He informed me that he didn't have to worry because he worked at ALDI and there was always food. OMG, what a dumb ass. He then informed me that his grandfather had a farm, too, so he wasn't worried. And so, why is ALDI always short on products? The fact is, more and more farms, like mine CANNOT produce food. When the temperatures hit 145 degrees, NO ONE will be growing food. The land has been poisoned, the air, the water—it's all toxic now. Seeds won't germinate. And plants will look healthy, yet not produce a single edible fruit. I KNOW THAT to be true. ALDI used to have all kinds of Non-GMO products. Most of them have disappeared, except for their vegan meatless line. And have you noticed that stores always seem to be "rearranging" their aisles, or "remodelling?" Why, do you think? It has nothing to do with Covid and 6 feet. It is to make less shelf space so the shelves don't look so empty. When I went to the Alliance ALDI this week, there must have been FIFTEEN feet between the last aisle and the wall—a gaping space for anyone paying attention. Dane is paying attention to this, too. We have discussed it.

All these seed companies are overwhelmed with orders, so they are not willing to face reality. They see their business booming, and cannot understand why there would be a food shortage. Just because people buy seeds doesn't mean they can grow food. Why is there so much farm land for Bill Gates to buy up, if farming has been successful? It has NOT been. And it doesn't matter if it's a big farm or a small garden, dead, toxic soil produces NOTHING. Pay attention to EVERYTHING. Keep a notebook of your observations. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Then spend the rest of your time helping Dane to stop the atrocity in the skies. And work on your manifestation skills. Only the ones who are wise enough to find a totally different way to live will make it through this. If we make it through and reach our goals, then we will be free. Become self-reliant, independent. Count on no one but yourself.

Here are more stories concerning energy. On and on, but NO ONE talks about the fact that we would not have needed heat this winter if THEY were not spraying us with ice nucleation. YES we need to get rid of fossil fuel dependence, but THAT will not change anything until we STOP the SPRAYING. And for those who think electric heat is "clean" think again. 20 percent of the electricity in this country is still produced by COAL! So you need fuel to produce electricity and electricity to run a fuel furnace. ALL these OIL companies making SO MUCH MONEY on OUR misery. At least a kerosene heater takes just kerosene and no electricity.
As Cities Grapple With Climate Change, Gas Utilities Fight To Stay In Business
Coal power in the United States
Oh my goodness . . . seriously??
As Texas went dark, Fox News blamed windmills
Texas Family Sues Power Provider, Utility Overseer After Son Dies In Freezing Weather
Four members of Texas power grid operator's board to resign in wake of deadly winter storm
Left shivering in their homes without power? No, many of them were freezing to death or dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. Murderers!!
Oil spill leads Israel to close beaches as it faces one of its 'most severe ecological disasters'
Mediterranean Oil Spill Injures Wildlife, Closes Israel's Beaches

I've had this much of the article written for a couple days, but have been so tied up with other tasks, I've not had time to finish. I am doing everything in my power to help Dane. Doing research for his GAN broadcasts serves to free up his time for more important things. I'm not sure if I'm being more of a hindrance than a help, but he graciously thanks me and does use info I send him. We agree that TEXAS, and where this disaster goes from here is an opportunity to change the direction of the whole world. The situation there was such blatant WEATHER WARFARE—not easily explained away, like hurricanes or wildfires, which are also weather warfare. When Texans realize this was a DELIBERATE act that KILLED people and animals, destroyed homes and property, cost people a fortune, and caused pure misery to so many, they will hopefully not just be suing over their electric bills, but filing criminal charges. Dane said he's done a couple larger interviews to address it, so those should be forthcoming. If you are from Texas, or have people there PLEASE forward these articles, and especially Dane's site.

Anyways, I have gathered MOUTAINS of information to share, so Texas will be a backdrop for a while. I seriously DO believe it will be a breakthrough in awakening. I want NOTHING MORE than to see this atrocity in the skies STOPPED and FULL DISCLOSURE concerning all the MOUNTAINS of lies we're being fed. The more research I do, the more absurdities I find—all attempts to cover up the truth. Anyways, I will now share more comments from Dane's community, and some other links. Another article is forthcoming. I also took photos of our fake "snow," and have one posted, for now at least, on my Welcome to Cosmic Dream page. I will share the rest of the photos and a story behind them in the next article. I'm gonna start on it today.

Here's the latest "In the Wild" episode from Dane.
Geoengineering: Fire And Ice
And the latest bullshit on Covid. I'm sorry, but I think it's time to cut the crap and admit that Covid is pretty much done, and we can stop wearing masks, which are beginning to look really scary when you take time to observe life in public, which is scary anyways. They MUST keep the scam going, however, until they can find a NEW, IMPROVED distraction, especially since the implosion of the planet is happening at light speed now. Anyways, I will share more on my observations in the next article.

Russia tells WHO it has detected first case of avian flu strain in humans
New coronavirus variant spotted in California raises alarm
Experts worry variant-fueled surge of Covid-19 could be weeks away but cases will likely fall again by summer
How do they always know such things in advance?? And do we REALLY believe people are beating down the doors to get these vaccines?? Like the two women who supposedly disguised themselves as grannies to get their second shot? REALLY?? Are we THAT STUPID to believe such nonsense??
High-End Medical Provider Let Ineligible People Skip COVID-19 Vaccine Line
Of course, Bill Gates would know . . . .
Third shot may be needed to combat new coronavirus variants, Bill Gates says
I have lots more for the next article. Here are some quotes from Dane's community from his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 20, 2021. The first is a new one from Barbara, and I agree with her doubts as to whether all these people who supposedly died from Covid, actually died from something else they are covering up. Like aluminum poisoning and other environmental conditions caused by the constant onslaught from Climate Engineering.

Barb E says:
February 24, 2021 at 2:09 pm

Today I had several things to do because my 82 year old sister died in the hospital on February 18. She had heart failure and I made sure that was on her death certificate and NOT covid. She did not have covid. Anyway first was going to her house to meet the medical company to pick up her oxygen tanks, hospital bed, nebulizer, bi-pap and wheel chair. I do not wear a mask, but of course the driver had to. BUT when he came in I said "good to meet you brian" and put out my hand which he took for a hearty handshake. I'm sure he wasn't supposed to do that but hey nobody was around but us. After that I had to go to the funeral home to pick up her ashes. When I was leaving the woman (we both had to wear our masks) let me shake her hand and give her a hug outside in public! She did say "I'm not supposed to do this but what the hell" I said I'm not sick and neither are you we're okay. Two for two—human contact!!! Amazing!! After that I stopped at my sisters bank to ask about the account and they were shocked to hear she'd passed away. They loved her there. We talked for a long time and eventually talked about the virus (we both had to wear masks) and I told her to go to Alliance For Natural Health and look up the article about the ingredients in the so called vaccine which it isn't—its gene therapy. She said that she will get it when she can because she is always with the general public. The other manager she told me got her second dose of the vaccine yesterday and texted her this morning that she was staying home in bed. So I told her I hope she's okay, there are ALOT of adverse reactions that the fake news isn't going to ever talk about. No handshake, no hug even though she said she would love to hug me. Two out of three that gave human contact isn't bad I guess. Maybe they both knew of the lies about the virus or else they both care about their fellow human beings. When the hospital let me and my son (who was her caregiver at home) in to visit her on her last day on earth we all had to wear masks, but I took mine off outside her room talking to the hospice woman because I was crying and had to wipe my nose. She never said anything and neither did the doctor. They were close to us for over an hour talking and never once did they stay 6 feet away. They know the truth but can't come out and say it. They held my sisters hand and comforted her, never once saying they couldn't be near her because of the virus. I guess if you really watch what is going on around you, you will see the truth even when the fake news won't allow it to be told. I still don't know anyone that has had the virus. How is that possible when the "cases" are so high? Supposedly half of my small town was/is infected. Haven't seen anyone sick around here. The "cases" are going way down now—yeah because they lowered the CT on the fake PCR tests thats why. This way they can make it look like the fake vaccine is helping and Biden can take the credit for it. They lowered the CT on his inaugeration day. What a coiincidence. Yeah Right!!! If you believe anything he has to say I have a bridge to sell you.

And as usual, Raymond, who nearly died in the Texas disaster, has something interesting to say, which mirrors what I (and Dane) have been saying. He says: "Texas is basically a blueprint for what's coming to all of America and the world! Much sooner than anyone can possibly imagine!" YEP!!

Raymond says:
February 21, 2021 at 2:38 pm

BTW—Temperatures here in Texas will be in the 80s by Tuesday and power has been restored to 98% of the state. All the snow and ice is gone and road conditions are finally back to normal again.

But most grocery stores still remain closed and the stores that are open . . . their grocery shelves, refrigerator and freezer cases are completely bare and empty!

No food or water, but you can still buy toothpaste, dishwashing soap and cosmetics! Only a few gas stations are open too, with lines of vehicles stretching for miles! Fuel runs out quickly at those stations and vehicles in the long lines too. Making for hostile angry mobs and road rage incidents everywhere.

One store manager said: "We are hoping that supply trucks will arrive in the next week or so and if we implement mandatory rationing. Then everyone can buy what's needed to help their family survive this disaster."


Don't see any of that in the mainstream media news reports, do you?

Texas is basically a blueprint for what's coming to all of America and the world! Much sooner than anyone can possibly imagine!

Thank God I stocked up on MREs, freeze dried survival meals and tons of packaged 35 year shelf life water! But many folks here are literally starving to death and becoming dangerously dehydrated.

Don't see any National Guard trucks distributing survival essentials either! By March 1st this place will become a Mad Max zone in reality, if relief doesn't come soon.

I feel like we here in Texas have been chosen to test how society will respond to a global meltdown and the loss of all the natural resources, that's required to keep humanity from perishing . . . or killing each other off, in an "only the strong will survive" experiment by the insane elitists, who are determined to depopulate Earth.

I keep saying to myself: "How could things possibly get any worse?" AND every single day . . . THEY DO!

Totally agree with you, Raymond. That's why Texas in an opportunity to change the face of the world. We must get "them" before they get "us."

And here is an extremely disturbing report.

Judy Gilmore says:
February 21, 2021 at 12:24 pm


I feel a lot more people died than we'll ever be told about. In Houston, we've heard very little about deaths. The Houston Chronicle reports 10. News of the horrendous suffering of millions of people in Houston alone is, for the most part, not being reported.

I am disgusted. This was murder, unadulterated murder! And torture for survivors! And I believe the "powers that be" knew exactly what they were doing ("resilience" testing). This carnage could have been prevented.

Initially we believed power would be off an hour or so at a time. Houstonians were left without power for 23 hours at a time. And, without power, cell phones soon died and people were left with no answers at all as to when power would be restored. The temps were in the teens and twenty's! Those that could, retreated to their cars for relief. Not everyone owns a car. Not everyone could get to a car. How did folks stay warm?

There's no excuse that will ever justify what happened here. Power was available, it just wasn't being allocated humanely. Then, to truly torture those who survived the first outage, a second outage occurred. When that happened at my 96 year-old mother’s house, my mom just broke down and cried. Luckily, my sister had purchased a generator earlier in the year. They were among the lucky ones. How many Houstonians even have enough winter clothing and wraps to keep themselves warm for an extended period of time?

I feel sick when I think about what millions of souls went through, night after night and day after day. Relief from the extreme cold did not even begin to appear before Friday, and even then, it was still cold. So, so many people suffered without relief. I don't think we'll ever know just how bad it really was. I cry when I think about it. My husband and I were without power for nearly 24 hours as well. We had a fireplace. We had wood. We were lucky. It could have been different. The thought brings nightmares.

And, yes, I have no doubt this weather was manufactured! A Crime Against Humanity!

Here is Dane's latest Climate Engineering News Q & A from February 24. In this edition, he answers one of my questions.

And on that, I will end, but expect another article soon, and PLEASE help us to spread the word about Climate Engineering, ESPECIALLY chemically nucleated winter weather. There is NO excuse for anyone to be uninformed. Dane is a great teacher and his website is an encyclopedia on the subject. I feel I am EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE on this subject just by studying what he says, PLUS collecting my own data. There is NOTHING more important on this planet right now. When we complete our goal, then we will be free, and our spiritual goals will be so much easier to reach.

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