Let Texas Be a Warning, Part One

Lately nearly all my time has gone into surviving this painfully cold, totally engineered winter. I am mentally and physically exhausted, just trying to sit here in my office and work when it is 45 degrees. Sunday morning I woke up to -2.6 degrees. The controllers have been determined to make it go below zero here, especially since it did not come close last year, and their last couple attempts have failed. I am quite sure I would have died, or suffered serious hypothermia if I had not bought that sixth kerosene heater back on February 2 and I did have enough kerosene to run it this time, fortunately. When I took Molly out in the morning, her paws froze in ten seconds, just as we got to the driveway. We made two trips for pee and poo. As we have seen with the absolutely horrific situation in Texas, this toxic stuff they are spraying on can and does kill. This whole scenario is nothing short of murder. And because of the extreme concentration of concoctions being sprayed on us now, it is making EVERYTHING we touch painfully cold. And it is making the temperatures feel twenty degrees colder than they already are.

Then, it warmed up to a whopping 38.7 degrees yesterday, a rise of 41.3 degrees in less than twelve hours! And the overnight low last night went only down to 33.4 degrees, a difference of THIRTY-SIX degrees from the night before—absolutely INSANELY ANOMALOUS weather. How can anyone think it is remotely natural or "normal"?? Oh, my! But at least my office is now FINALLY near 60 degrees, and so is the rest of my house. It is a long time since I've been this "toasty." I was able to shut off all but two of my heaters plus the one in my office. In any case, I have tons of material to share, so this article will be followed by another, tomorrow or Wednesday, hopefully.

Therefore, the time I have been in my office, has been mostly spent helping Dane, either directly or indirectly. Lately I've been sending him all kinds of info either that I find online, or what I observe here, both concerning the weather and other aspects of our totally imploding society. He tells me over and over that he is finding it helpful, and I know he uses some of it in his Global Alert News. So, I have finally found a way I can help him directly, hopefully freeing up more of his time so he can do more important things. The Dimming is due to be released within two weeks or less, and that will be a MASSIVE boost to our cause. But all this disastrous weather is proving to also gain us more ground, as more and more people wake up and realize there is NOTHING normal or natural, OR legal or moral, about ANYTHING happening in this country at the moment that concerns our government, military, corporate/pharmaceutical/medical industries, and most certainly the weather.

We need EVERYONE to wake up and take responsibilty for this planet. We are fast heading to the point where EVERYONE will have to answer for their behavior and what they did or did NOT do, either legally, morally, or both. If you are reading this article, you have been chosen, so sitting back and not doing your part is NOT an option at this late hour. We are so very close to reaching a tipping point, gathering in more and more people who KNOW the truth, or at least part of it. When it all bursts into the open, the controllers will become powerless. As Catherine Austin Fitts has said, you can control the population covertly but not overtly. Once they are exoposed, they will be done. Not only will that put an end to the weather warfare being unleashed upon us, it will free up SO MUCH ENERGY from the non-physical aspect. Those who have fought tooth and nail to regain their original creative abilities will find the pathways cleared. But if we do NOT reach this goal, we will ALL soon be suffering the horrors of Texas, and much worse.

Therefore, I will present here lots of articles, plus the data I've collected for Dane. I am also publishing separately the latest letter I've written—this one to the Media and Meteorologists. It also can be copied and pasted as is for you to send to TV and radio stations, and print media in your area or nationally. Or I can send you the original WORD document. I will try to get this online in the next couple days. You can also order printed materials from Dane, at cost, to hand out or mail. Take them with you when you shop and hand them out in checkout lines. He is mailing me a packet. He REALLY wants to get this material to the public, especially since The Dimming will be released very soon. Do you NOT want all of this misery to be over? As Dane has so aptly pointed out, even those who are wealthy and think their money will protect them from what is coming, will find out soon enough that NO ONE is immune to what we face. I hold in my heart and mind that if WE—those of us who have diligently worked to master our creative abilities, are freed from our stranglehold, we will be able to bring about healing and re-creation on this planet. But we FIRST need to complete our task here in the physical world. And that is STOPPING and EXPOSING the criminal activity in the skies. Here are some articles, then I will share some comments from Dane's community, and my observations from the past couple weeks. We cannot move any further with our spiritual goals until we clear this hurdle. We've been toggling back and forth, between two worlds, like two spirals that meet, then move apart, then meet again. But we've reached the point where they merge, and the exit out of this physical hell must be accomplished at the physical level. This is our task. It is why we are here.

I will first start with the Texas stories, which most of you I am sure have been following. There are so many aspects to this disaster, including the fact that utilities are making a mint. Disaster Capitalism, it is called. How can human beings behave so atrociously? They are not human any more, would be the answer. Then I will share Raymond's comments, who thought he was going to die. I've felt that way lately, too—just one step away from freezing to death.
Texas' dangerous week in the dark is a wake-up call for the country's infrastructure
How could ANY of these utilities POSSIBLY have been prepared for what hit them? We need to speak the truth so that ALL Texans and ALL AMERICANS KNOW this was NOT an act of nature, but a DELIBERATE ACT of the government and military. The article says, "Exactly what role climate change played in bringing frigid arctic air to the country's midsection is a matter of scientific debate." I don't even know how to respond to such nonsense. The next link is to Dane's site about chemical ice nucleation which is the deadly activity being carried out now. Please EDUCATE yourself about this criminal horror so you can inform others clearly, intelligently and professionally. Slow grocery checkout lines, I've found, are perfect opportunities to share.
'The Powers That Be Are Determined To Take Down Texas': Soon After Texas Politicians Endorsed Legislation To Secede From The USA, Texas Got Absolutely Clobbered
And here is the link to the newest article on the subject from Dane, which also includes the third issue of "In the Wild," and the death of his beautiful trees.
Chemically Nucleated Winter Weather
And it is not just the U.S., of course.
Snow In The Mediterranean? This Year, Yes
And this is about "disaster capitalism," of which Catherine Austin Fitts speaks frequently.
Texas energy companies celebrate 'hitting the jackpot' in system that rewards failure with billions
And this is about just how cold it was, keeping in mind of course that it is the chemicals in the ice nucleation process that MAKE it cold, even if the air is in the 50s.
As Texans struggle to get food & water, record-breaking freeze is so cold it’s confusing weather satellites
Remember, it is ALL part of the desperate attempt of the Climate Engineers to confuse the public into thinking that the planet isn't incinerating, which it is, and when the spraying stops, we will have a rude awakening. But it MUST be allowed to happen. Meanwhile, the media and government goes on like we have years to correct the problem. We do NOT have even NINE years.

The next links are all LIES AND BALONEY!! We have nowhere near nine years. We are ALREADY THERE.
John Kerry says Earth has 9 years to avert the worst consequences of climate crisis: "There's no faking it on this one"
Climate change and record cold: What's behind the arctic extremes in Texas
It DOESN'T matter because by 2050 we will be LONG GONE.
What the U.S. is committing to as it rejoins the Paris climate accords—and why it matters
Bill Gates seems to be an expert on everything these days, eh? . . .
Bill Gates: Tradeoffs in Texas lead to deaths
OMG . . . . I can barely deal with the lies and stupidity—as if this will actually matter. By 2050. After we are all dead. If we don't stop this insanity.
Natural Gas Companies Have Their Own Plans To Go Low-Carbon
And this is one of the reasons I heat with kerosene. EVERYONE should keep a couple kerosene heaters and about ten gallons of fuel. All this fuel that has been wasted on this fake brutal cold!! And kerosene heaters DO NOT use electricity, so that is wasting half the power. Remember I told you in my last articles how people were being FORCED to use fossil fuel, despite the fact that all these liars in Washington claim to be working on the "climate change" issue and carbon fuels and greenhouse gases.
Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Spike After Big Storms. Portable Generators Are A Culprit
Deep freeze sends Texas electricity prices soaring 10,000%

Now, I want to post Raymond's comment from last week's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 13, 2021

Raymond says:
February 19, 2021 at 12:25 pm

Thank you Earth Angel for the prayers and "warm" thoughts. For the first time in my life, I honestly thought that I might freeze to death . . . and of all places, in Texas! The cover for my firewood got blown away and heavy rains soaked every log, before the temps began to plunge. No mater what I did, I couldn't get any of the wet logs to burn and I became frantic. I had loaned my generators out to a wonderful couple in their 80s, who had no fireplace and I also gave them all of my gasoline (60 gallons). Because I thought I would be fine with my wood, if we lost power. (didn't know it got soaked)

When the inside temperature dropped below 20 degrees (outside temp was 18 below zero and winds in excess of 30mph . . . so the windchill was ungodly for Texas). I abandoned the house and took my puppies and cat with me to the truck. Where we stayed toasty warm until I only had about two gallons of fuel left in the tank. I just knew we were going to die, because the roads had about 5 inches of solid ice on them and even using my 4-wheel drive option, would only leave us stranded somewhere in a ditch!

My neighbors told me they were going to their cabins in East Texas, since they had oil heaters, dual fireplaces and tons of wood there. Plus they stocked them with plenty of MREs and water. Because they had a gut feeling that the power grids would fail. So I knew that trying to go to my neighbors for help would also be futile.

Well, one neighbor decided to stay behind (and only dropped his wife, children and dogs off at the cabin) to make sure their home didn't get vandalized. He had also moved several dead trees into his barn (a week earlier) and was cutting them up for firewood, to keep his two huge fireplaces going steady. When he saw my truck running and me huddled inside of it. He knew something was wrong and brought over firewood with his tractor.

I thanked him and blessed him for literally saving my life and once I got his wood to become red hot coals. I was finally able to sizzle the moisture from my wet wood and keep a fire burning in my fireplace. The rest of the house only warmed up to 29 degrees, so I along with my pets, camped out right in front of the now "life saving" fireplace.

I actually burned a ton of old small furniture, trying to get my wet firewood logs to burn. But they wouldn't produce enough heat or large enough red hot chunks, to boil the moisture out. I needed big dry logs and that's what my neighbor gave me. Thank God.

I spent 10 hours the next day chopping and cutting on my neighbor's dead trees in his barn (accepting his invitation to do so, when he dropped off wood the night before) and we both had plenty to get us through these last three record cold days and nights.

Power finally came on after 40.5 hours without electricity, but rolling blackouts continue and it still goes out for hours at a time. I had several month's supply of MREs and water (that I melted on the fireplace mantle). So those two survival items were never an issue. Plus I had tons of puppy, cat food and bird seed. So, when hundreds of thousands of birds decided to seek refuge on my land. I was able to keep them fed and hydrated as well.

All in all, it was an absolute miracle that my pets, the enormous population of birds and I . . . all survived the longest five days of my entire life! God was certainly looking out for us and my faith has now since become unbreakable. God bless everyone here and you too Dane, for giving us a place to share our life experiences with each other. Experiences that would have possibly never even happened, if the insanity of geoengineering wasn't wreaking total havoc on this world.

Just so everyone knows . . . neighbors here live several hundred yards away from each other and we all own several acres of land each. Wouldn't move back to city life again, even if my life depended on it! This is God's Country and miracles abound here, as I am now living proof of that.

OMG, Raymond!! I am so thankful he and his puppies and cat are alive and safe. Here is part of another comment from that same issue.

C B says:
February 16, 2021 at 8:39 am

Dane has incessantly admonished us to see how all these dots connect at some point, how all these seemingly disparate agendas all intersect sooner or later. It was a couple of years ago when I began to see that these weather modification displays might not be only about controlling the weather, but that there just might be a tangential agenda folded into it that in some ways may actually eclipse "weather modification" in it's importance to these diabolical monsters behind all this. And that is the simple fact that we as humans are becoming increasingly saturated beyond the blood-brain barrier with metal nanoparticulates. This renders us "receivers", programmable, capable of being directed and/or influenced (even mapped) by a carrier wave such as 4 or 5g technology. (6G?) Not being the sharpest tool in the shed on such matters, I am out of my league with such speculations, but there exist cohesive movements online and around the world that have recognized the connection between 5G, covid, (or any number of programmable diseases) and atmospheric spraying. This is nothing new. But I am now completely convinced that simple weather control is only one, perhaps secondary, agenda in play here.

I hope I have not "rattled the cage" with these comments. But I honestly believe that one of the end-games here is to render us all (humans) as controllable as the weather. If this has even a shred of truth to it . . . may God help us all . . . .

No, C B, you've not rattled my cage. I've been writing about it for years. It is all about MIND CONTROL and the TRANSHUMANISM movement.

And one from Earth Angel, also from the same issue. Reminded me of the morning my DRY glove stuck to the DRY inner door latch.

Earth Angel says:
February 16, 2021 at 2:08 pm

I am really getting exasperated with the artificial ice nucleiated cold. Lately it has been averaging in the mid forties with lows about 10-12 degrees cooler at night. (I know you folks to the north and west are enduring much worse) Last night our weather script readers informed us that a hard freeze was to arrive around 3:00 am with temps of 25 degrees or so. It is now 12 hours later at 3:51 pm and since I first checked our thermometer at about 9:00 am the gauge has not moved 1 degree up or down. It has remained EXACTLY the same temp at 26 degrees here all day despite a few weak peeks of sunshine at times. I was also surprised to find the metal spring hook latches on the chicken pens frozen shut such that I couldn't even get one of them open at all, despite swearing and cursing! One of my horse gate latches was also stuck shut which was a surprise. Having done the same thing here for 30 yrs or so, I don't remember having this problem before. It HAS been 25 degrees here and even colder in years past but I always remember being able to open latches and gates. After all we are in the heart of the deep south here—not the upper peninsula of the Great Lakes! Usually our temperature will at least move up a couple/ few degrees with the coming of the daylight hours. We are sick of this bone chilling cold, the weather whiplash and NONSTOP LIES coming from the weather and media presstitutes and politicians. An antidote of truth and a little backbone shown by these cowards would go a long way.

I responded to Dane on other observations I've been making recently concerning the effect these extremely concentrated ice nucleation chemicals are having not just on living organisms, but inorganic things. I've noticed that I have not been able to wear my thermal nightclothes this year because they alwayas feel cold and wet, no matter how well they are dried. I've noticed that with all my clothing, but the thermals have been particularly distressing because I rely on them for warmth during these months. This stands to reason, since the chemicals being sprayed on us have been concocted to remain cold and NOT evaporate. That gives you an idea of just how much these toxic brews have infiltrated EVERYTHING. The other disturbing thing I've noticed is that electrical cords are suddenly becoming brittle or are unable to connect. I had to buy a new computer power cord because I was having to heat it up where it connects to the computer in order to get my computer to turn on! I had to buy a new charger cable for my tablet because the old one apparently shrank where it connected to the port. And my perfectly good vacuum sweeper cord suddenly cracked all over! It is wrapped with electrical tape now.

I want to share one last comment from the same GAN issue from Jonathan, who I am thinking is probably Dr. Jonathan O'Quinn. I'm glad to see that more and more people are acknowledging the possibility of there being something "else" out there, some "force" that is benevolent and has our best interest in mind.

Jonathan says:
February 19, 2021 at 4:10 pm

I understand that some people may be hesitant to share materials with other people due to concerns about viruses and so forth. I understand that. Do what you are comfortable with. On the way home this afternoon, I drove past a very small convenience store and gas station. There was a covered area to the side of the gas station with some picnic tables. I was listening to this broadcast that I drove by, and then I realized that I needed to turn around and go back to that little gas station and leave some GW reading materials on the picnic table.

Everywhere there are opportunities to share information.

I will also throw out another idea, which some people may and some people may not agree with. This is fine. I believe that it is possible that there are other forces at work in this universe, weather in this Dimension or some other dimension/s. That whole idea becomes very subjective and very personal in terms of one's belief systems. I'm not here to push a a particular viewpoint, just want to throw out a suggestion that we should all do everything that we can to work with Dane in this endeavor. Someone shared with me and idea about 32 years ago in a card, that we should act as if everything depends upon us and pray as if everything depends upon God. Perhaps we should do everything that we can do, and perhaps, if there is any justice in this universe, perhaps one day we will have some help from sources unlooked-for. Be encouraged, and never give up! Look the storm in the eye.

And on that I will end. The Part Two will include a broader range of subject matter than the catastrophe in Texas, but it's all related, and I have a lot more material to share, including LOTS more comments from Dane's latest GAN. Meanwhile, everyone should be spending time in meditation, asking for guidance on how to put their particular gifts and abilities to best use to complete our task so that we may all move on. Why did you come to this planet at this point in time? What is it you must do to serve the greatest good and bring disclosure and justice to this planet to those who have oppressed us for so many millions of years. We've been awaiting this point in our reality. It is HERE NOW and we must not hesitate to do our part. Those who fail to act will not be rewarded with the freedom we all seek.

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