Strange Signs for the End of Times

I am going to take a brief break from my zooming in and zooming out and practicing discernment articles because there is so much here I need to share. I hope everyone is keeping up with what I write. I don't think hardly anyone read my last Toward the Peaceable Kingdom article from November 21. And I am noticing again from my stats pages that lots of people are getting "code 304" when they logon to my site, which means their browser is displaying an old Home Page, so the new articles I post are not there. This can happen for several reasons: if you do not clear your cache on a regular basis, old pages will build up in your browser and overload it, especially on cellphones. I HOPE nobody is using a cellphone to read my articles! DITCH THEM, they are killing you and everything else on the planet!!!! Yes, you can; don't argue! The other reason would be that you enter my site from the previous page you viewed. That is a bad habit for any site. Always enter mine on the Welcome Page. But even though I DO clear my cache after nearly every site I visit, I occasionally do open old pages, particularly on the NWS/NOAA site. But I believe the problem is at their end. And keep in mind that I write all my own code from scratch, so I do not have all the scripting garbage and cookies that software-created sites have, that often overloads browsers and are definitely stored until you manually delete them. And last, be sure you have read my last Bible article, Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen.

As I have been combining spiritual materials on my Farm articles, because as we reach the End of Times, there is a coming together of the physical and spiritual world (the end of "Between Two Worlds perhaps . . .?), I will also combine elements in this article. It will be a bit of a hodge-podge, beginning with things that are popping out at me as signs without looking for them. Let's first discuss the "halos" around Biden since he won the election. When I saw the first one, I burst out laughing. After six or seven, it wasn't funny anymore, and I was saying, "What the fuck?" I wish I had begun saving them when I first noticed, 'cause I would have a whole page full. Of course, I had to ask myself, is this some kind of "subliminal" message from the Trump-hating media? The pictures are from different sources. Was the media advised to shoot at that particular angle? We know that the mind-control programs use ALL KINDS of subliminal messages to steer us in a certain direction without us being aware, just as in the movie, They Live. Or has this been a VERY strange coincidence? Or even perhaps a message from a benevolent off-planet race that has been helping us in the background, which I believe there ARE, like the Pleiadians in Bringers of the Dawn.

Do I think Biden is a "savior" or some kind of angelic person sent by "god" who will bring disclosure and the awakening? HELL, NO!!! He scares the shit out of me, perhaps even more than Trump. But keep in mind that in many murder-mysteries, it is often the criminal that gives themselves away, perhaps by a deeply hidden sense of guilt, or just carelessness. I believe that at the End of Times, fast approaching, the ultimate trigger will come from the evil force itself. We are now SO SATURATED with evil that it is due to reach a breaking point very soon. Just look at the energy in this country. I NEVER in all my years thought I would see us in the condition we are in now. We are hitting bottom SO FAST, as a country and as a global race that once everybody is DOWN, the whole shebang will be over, one way or another. And it will NOT be pretty, as I keep warning. BE PREPARED!

Do I think Biden is evil? The whole lot of them are. I am immensely happy to be rid of Trump, but that's because he is such an obnoxious, loathsome son of a bitch. And such goddamn fucking baby. Jeezus, Trump. You LOST the election. Get over it. I don't particularly have any feeling toward Biden at all. As I've said, not that it would make a difference, but he was the WORST of the worst of all the Democratic candidates. I couldn't stand Obama, and really, in my opinion, Biden was just a nothing, and still is. He is right in the game of the government and corporations in bed together, and until THAT stops, we have absolutelty no hope for change. But it won't matter, 'cause we don't have much longer to be here. And he has promised he will make the climate issues a priority, yet he also has promised he will not ban fracking!! And John Kerry? Oh . . . groan . . . . Truthfully, I don't even listen to what his plans are, I just read headlines, and of course do not own a TV to hear him speak, but as expected, he is gearing carbon emission toward 2050, which is as much as saying he is doing absolutely nothing because we will be LONG GONE by that time. I wonder if we will be here by 2021.

Biden's Next Climate Chief Will Tackle 'Existential Threat' At Home

I wish there was more I could do, energetically, to help speed Dane's documentary The Dimming, other than sending him and all of his people as much light as I am able. He is woking as hard as he can, but has had lots of setbacks and obstacles. Once again, if you have not watched his latest trailer, PLEASE DO. It is short and powerful!! And so, anyone still thinking in terms of reducing carbon emissions to make a difference in the climate issues that are teetering on the edge of total collapse, is just wasting everyone's time. If we do NOT stop the criminal activity of climate engineering, we are DONE and VERY SOON. And the possibility that anyone in the government is going to put an end to it is nil. That's why this documentary is SO IMPORTANT, because Dane now has former high-ranking military officers working with him, which is the only hope we have of stopping it voluntarily. It WILL be stopped involuntarily, but the likelihood that much or any of the planet's life-forms will be alive by then is debatable. All of this shit will stop when it reaches the point where it can no longer be sustained. We are almost there. We are so hot, globally that the climate terrorists are not only spraying 24/7, but spraying higher and higher concentrations of coolant on us, namely lead iodide and silver iodide. It is one day after another of dark grey days, and now endless toxic rain, which is bad enough, but knowing that we are covered in a vast swath of poison being sprayed by members of our own government and military, makes me sick from the physical level to the deepest reaches of my soul.

Sometimes I feel like I will die if I have to endure ONE MORE DAY of darkness, literally and spiritually. When I was growing up, I NEVER, EVER saw the likes of this. How can people just ignore it? And how can the people who KNOW what it is, NOT be enraged enough to take action? The people that choose to ignore it and be silent of what they know, obviously do NOT know the whole story. Because once it finally sinks in, the immensity of the catastrophe we have going on here that will never get better unless this activity is halted immediately—once people finally grasp that, there is no way to shut up about it. If you saw your house was on fire, would you just calmly go about your business? Keeping quiet about the lethal activity is just as insane. The attacks we are enduring from our own military are just as bad as what innocent people in foreign countries suffer from our militay, when they go overseas and bomb them. The only difference is that one is fast kill and the other long-term, miserable kill. Life on this planet NEEDS the sun to survive. Blocking it is not a solution to global heating, it is the means to total extinction.

Geoengineering Watch: Our First Ever High Altitude Atmospheric Testing

Anyways, back to the "halos." I have pondered this because it leapt out at me so strongly, a sure sign that it IS something I should ponder. As I said, it will be the evil forces that are their own undoing, because now they are working double time to cover their tracks, and scrambling to deal with the collapse of their agenda. So, maybe the "halos" are a sign to tell us that evil is soon to be defeated. As I spoke of in my "Zooming Out" articles, we have no idea of all that is going on behind the scenes, especially, off-planet. That's why I always remind everyone to give yourself credit for everything you manifest, and you will find you are much more advanced than you may realize, and that the spiritual work you do IS having an impact, especially when combined with the work of everyone else, both on and off planet. One of my readers wrote to me that he felt more like a struggling neophyte than a Light Warrior. HAHA!! Yep, been there, done that. I feel most helpless when I KNOW I am being attacked by these horrid storms, and I DO believe certain people or areas are being targeted. My neighbor now has not one, but TWO dead trees across her trailer, which is nothing compared to the damage I have sustained from all these hurricanes and tropical force winds. Others' homes are underwater, or burned down. We must develop the warrior strength we need to STOP this. Jesus calmed the storms and so can we. Remember, we must hit bottom before it all collapses, and it is collapsing now, so we must be near the bottom. Here are a few of the "halo" pictures. Do you not find them strange and eerie?

Joe Biden Halo

Joe Biden Halo

Joe Biden Halo

Joe Biden Halo

Here is another strange sign. Hmm, seriously, it could be nothing or is could be something! Remember, signs and omens are all over the place, when we are open to receive them.
Large Metal Monolith Mysteriously Appears In Remote Region Of Utah's Red Rock Country

And now a bit about the virus. As mentioned in the Farm article linked above, I am REALLY beginning to wonder if the virus is the killer, or if it just exacerbates the radiation/heavy metal poisoning in our bodies. I have gathered more evidence that I may be correct, in which case, these toxic vaccines that too many people think will put us back to normal (normal?), will not do a bit of good except add to the toxic heavy metals (mercury) already in our bodies. Like Alice's "Mad Hatter" going goofy from mercury poisoning, this will only add to global stupidity at best and death or irreversible bodily damage at worst. You knew that, right? Mercury was used in the hat-making business, so those who worked with it every day became poisoned—and mad.

As terrible as it is, this might turn out to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Because if a vast number of the population is dying or sickened from a disease that cannot be correctly diagnosed, we will begin losing our population at a high rate with NO END in sight, no matter what steps are taken, until someone finally realizes that CELLPHONES and these 5G satellites are killing all life on Earth, and that will include MUSK and GATES, who are now tied for the second richest men in the world. I personally would not mourn the loss of either of them. And what that doesn't kill, the aluminum and other toxic metals in the aerosols surely will, and IS.

World's richest people: Elon Musk and Bill Gates are now tied for second place
SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink internet satellites in 100th Falcon 9 launch

And here are a couple articles that fuel my belief that Covid is not the real culprit. Remember, this would be a GOOD thing, because all these toxic criminal activities going on that the perpetrators know damn well are NOT safe, but are making SO MUCH MONEY, that they dare not speak out, would HAVE to STOP. Like the two pieces of shit named above, and certainly add to that everyone involved in Monsanto and the pharmaceutical industry. It would be the beginning of disclosure, and once it starts, I mean, majorly in the public's face, it will NOT stop. Keep in mind that for both radiation-EMF poisoning and heavy metal poisoning, there can be flu-like symptoms—fatigue, respiratory problems and certainly the brain fog mentioned below. Think about it. We all knew it was only a matter of time before exposure to all this stuff over such a long period, and now, with all those toxic satellites being launched—120 a month by Musk—would begin to have drastic health effects on the global population particularly in wealthier countries who have all this toxic technology around them at all times. It would not surprise me at all, in fact, what surprises me is that it has not become a crisis sooner. And add to that all the other shit, like GMOs and glyphosate and one wonders why we are still alive at all. We, too, shall pass, if we do not stop IMMEDIATELY. PLEASE ditch your cellphones.

Puzzling, often debilitating after-effects plaguing COVID-19 "long-haulers"
Fauci says some people are experiencing "effects that we're concerned about" after recovering from Covid-19

Here is a quote from the above article. Just look at those symptoms. Aren't they the same as aluminum poisoning? Seriously!

Even in people who haven’t necessarily had serious disease, Fauci said that they are finding anywhere from 20% to maybe 30% of people who have had symptomatic disease "have what's called a post-Covid syndrome." The exact percentage isn’t known yet, but a larger cohort study is being done, he said.

"Namely, they no longer have virus in them, they can’t infect anybody, but it takes them anywhere from weeks to months—and maybe even beyond—to feel perfectly normal," he said.

"They have a constellation of symptoms and signs that seem to be consistent when you talk to different people," he said. These include extreme fatigue, shortness of breath—even among people who are athletes—temperature control problems, sleep disturbances and sometimes what is described as brain fog, or difficulty focusing or concentrating.

And have you noticed all the miscarriages lately, I mean by rich people who can afford the best health care? Doesn't that cause raised eyebrows. We must always PAY ATTENTION to everything and connect the dots to see the bigger picture.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, reveals she had a miscarriage in July
Christina Perri says she lost her baby, who was 'born silent'
Chrissy Teigen is in 'grief depression hole'

And so I will end, but I hope I leave you with much to ponder. Work urgently toward your spiritual goals, but be patient in their manifestation. Give yourself credit for all success, no matter how trivial, and always be aware that we cannot see the bigger picture at this point, and have no idea the huge impact we are making. Learn to work with LIGHT, and be aware of of what your higher self is teaching you. Each person has their own particular varieties of light to work with and all are greatly needed. And I hope you are still working with your Special Phrase. I say mine constantly, and it has made a vast difference in my life and' work.

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