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I will begin this article by publicly thanking those who responded to my PayPal suggestion. Oh my goodness! You cannot possibly imagine how much you alleviated an extremely dire situation! Thank you and I send my deepest blessings. You should have received two "thank you" notes—copies sent from two different email addresses. I want to also mention here that I have chronic email issues. I had always wondered if it was because of my old and outdated computer systems, but this one is not that old and is running Windows 10. Do I think my email communication is being messed with? YES, and I'll bet there are spies, both on and off planet that read every email sent. I believe it was Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who said recently that Bill Gates wants to surveille every square inch of the planet, or something similar. NOTHING is private in this simulated reality in which we are imprisoned, so be careful what you write. In any case, unless I am sure it is from someone who is messing with me, I ALWAYS respond to emails. If you emailed me and I did not respond, I either did not receive it, or you didn't get my reply. Please try again.

I have a very difficult time asking for help for two reasons. One is because I have memories of my ancient self, when we all had powers of manifestation. Nobody had needs, because we were able to easily create whatever we pleased. I'll bet many of you have that memory, too, but have pushed it away as something springing from a wild imagination. These next articles I will be writing will aim to break that mindset. We were Creator Beings, but we were also highly spiritually advanced. Service to Others was how we lived. All were eager to give and share their special abilities for the good of all life. There were no rewards, hidden agendas or strings attached for something we wished to gain, because we needed nothing. Service was our reason for being.

We have sadly strayed millions of miles from that natural virtue. Very few these days accept the concept of giving and serving because it is our inborn right and privilege. People give to their church or charities because they think it will gain them points with "god" or because it makes them look good to others, or to compensate for guilt or otherwise bad behavior. Or they give gifts, and this is blatant over the "holidays," because they "have to," or owe a gift to someone, and often these are people for whom they feel little affection. Giving has become one of the most hypocritical activities on this planet for far too many people. Giving should only be done out of love, caring, or the wish to help out another life, be it human or animal or plant, and if it is done anonomously, that is even better.

With the sickeningly wealthy, such as Bill Gates, philanthropy serves two purposes. One, it makes them appear to be "good people" to those who don't read the fine print. But even more important, it gives them power within the institution to steer it to their personal purpose, and to those who know anything about Gates, he is a pro at this maneuver. For some, it also gets them out of paying taxes, but of course people as wealthy as Gates don't pay taxes anyways. It has all become infiltrated with Alien agendas, as has everything else on this planet. These next articles aim to break these toxic and evil belief systems and get us back to our original mindsets. We cannot escape the Matrix when we are fully engulfed in its institutions. The entire money system is the most infested. The health care system, which has nothing to do with health, is overtaking the money system as being the most evil institution on the planet. And it will also perhaps be the one that finally breaks the spell. If not, it will be the atrocity going on in the skies, which, judging by what I have experienced in the past month, is getting out of control and making them even more desperate.

But the other reason I hesitate to ask for help is because I am sick of being judged, and though this has become blatant recently, it is also being revealed for the lie that it is. This type of judgment has been around throughout recorded history, particularly from a religious standpoint. If you suffered from illness, poverty, persecution, or hundreds of other ways that humanity has used to "demonize" people, (to use the current popular term), then you must be a bad person and "god" or the "gods" were punishing you. If you lived in poverty you were a loser, lazy, incompetent, and so on—all reasons for others to avoid you, lest your sin and vulgarity should rub off on them. People are made to feel shame or guilt if they ask for help, or labelled as "weak." Just read any Dickens novel. He was such a champion of the poor, abused and downtrodden.

Those of us now who dare to speak the truth are treated like liars or psychos because the controllers have mind-controlled the population to look upon anyone not speaking the official narrative as troublemakers with mental issues. If I tried to explain the damage that has been done to my property and HOW it was done, people would pass me off as a nut case, and I am SICK OF IT, so I basically trust no one. Dane is looked upon as a fraud when he tries to educate people in California that this horrendous drought they are suffering has been engineered, and so have been the fires. He has indisputable evidence, yet is still looked upon as spreading lies. Just LOOK at all the doctors and nurses now who KNOW EXACTLY what these toxic vaccines are doing to people, and they are FIRED for telling the truth. And even worse are people who have suffered alien abductions. Hell, even many women who have been raped are made to look guilty. WTF?? WHEN is this going to stop. It's been going on FAR TOO LONG. Have you read the Book of Job???

By the same token, those who are successful are looked upon as blessed, model citizens, and people to be highly respected. All this, of course, has been part of the Alien agenda to antagonize and terrorize those of us who have the intuition, wisdom, and power to overthrow those falsely relegated to positions of leadership and power, and reinstate our true state of being.

But this plandemic is bringing it all out in the open, and as I have been saying, it will be massive deaths that will trigger a massive awakening. It is already happening, especially outside of North America. I am seeing people FINALLY calling for arrests. The Indian Bar Association is filing murder charges against Bill Gates.
Vax News India: Win Against Youtube Censorship; Gates Murder Charges Filed. Indian Bar Association
A few years ago, this would have shocked people, but we are nearing the point when eyes will be opened and ALL these atrocities being committed will be held accountable, and that means the atrocity going on in the skies above us, which is SO VAST, that it dwarfs everything else in comparison. But people just do not "get it" yet, so we must go the route of the current vaccine criminal atrocity. And THAT will set the stage for everthing else.

The problem is, that there are still WAY too many people who are comfortable, and I don't mean rich, I just mean that they have this attitude that they've earned their house and car and all their other material possessions, and will not take any steps that threaten their well-being. This will not last, because the Matrix is shutting down, and marterial wealth IS the Matrix. Those who are tied to the Alien institutions, which are all the institutions on this planet now, will find they have lost it all. Plus, these deaths are becoming so blatant that sooner or later, people will HAVE to face the fact about the falsity of nearly every force that runs the planet, and once that first break is made, the rest will come crumbling down. As for the deaths, the "died unexpectedly" obituaries are becoming more and more frequent, including the recent death of an eight-year-old boy and a ten-year-old girl, plus a baby in one of my local papers. The UK has seen an immense rise in children's deaths. Sooner or later, these will simply NOT be able to be ignored. Then the spell will be broken. If you have not yet listened to the video of Robert F. Kennedy discussing his book, The Real Anthony Fauci, here it is again. It begins with a little introductory clip, where he is saying that "This is Armageddon, the apocalypse, the final battle and we must win. I totally agree, and once again, those who choose to believe that the world is a beautiful place and everything will work out fine will be shaken to their core. I promise.
Video: The Real Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

At some point, the old beliefs that the downtrodden are being punished by some god, will have to be replace with the blatant truth that those of us who have been getting the shit beat out of us are targeted because we are trying to DO WHAT IS RIGHT. When Vice-President LBJ was making his famous speech about controlling the weather, and "he who controls the weather will control the world," President Kennedy was speaking out against weaponizing the skies at the UN. Which one got assassinated? Then his brother. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi . . . . The peacemakers. The truth-tellers. I realize there are many people who do cause their own problems, but I'll bet there are WAY more who have been terrorized, demonized, and publicly shamed because they are a threat to the controllers, and it has always been so. At the same time, it should already be obvious that those who have enjoyed the respect and reverence of the public for so long are the evil, rotten scoundrels. And somewhere along the line, people will finally "get it" that doing their part is not an option. The whole "Service to Others" attitude needs to be adopted as an essential way of life. If everyone had always lived a life based on truth, integrity, and Service to Others rather than service to self, we would never have come to the mess we are in now.

I have spent my whole life doing little else but working. But not for money. And for the past couple decades, as I've said numerous times, the farther we move away from these Alien Matrix institutions, the easier will be our escape. People are finally "getting it" about the whole "health care" industry, which has nothing to do with health. I yearn for the day when they finally realize that their military is NOT there to protect them. We can see ALL these institutions falling apart now, and that is a good thing. Refusing to participate in them will help it all go faster, and in the coming articles, my goal is to move everyone farther and farther away from this false reality. But unless you are ready to give up your comforts, you won't be ready to go until you are forced. Just remember, The Matrix is a mind-control program designed to beat us into submission. For millions of years, our Alien controllers have managed to do that with the exception of noted rebels. But something changed after WWII. Perhaps that is when WE, the Bringers of the Dawn began arriving en masse, that they realized they had a major threat looming. Well, it's all coming to a head now, as we have awaited, because we cannot continue like this.

How can I serve? What should I be doing? What is my mission? Where am I needed? I constantly bombard myself with these questions in meditations or any time my mind is not occupied with something else. Thus I have been led into terrible places that I had been apparently equipped to handle when I arrived. If you are not constantly occupied with discovering where your leadership and gifts are needed, then you are not fulfilling your mission. As I have been mentioning, I am now focusing my work in the non-physical realm, as I am so much more suited to that work. So you need to take a very broad look as to where you should be serving. Should you look in on the elderly neighbor who may have no one else that cares. Of course, but that isn't what I'm speaking of. And I DO NOT recommend giving to charities, as most of them are frauds, as Dane frequently points out, more concerned with keeping their 501c3 non-profits, for which the IRS supplies them with a list of topics and activities that are forbidden if they want to maintain that status. If you have funds to give, then give to individual people whom you know are living their mission. Of course, my first recommendation would always be Dane, because he is doing the most important work on the planet, and one of the most selfless people I've ever met. Better yet, order his materials and pass them out, or engage in other activities where you can help wake people up to the atrocity in the skies. Stopping THAT will change everything on the face of the planet. If you are a new reader, here is his website:
Robert F. Kennedy suggested buying his book, The Real Anthony Fauci and giving it as a gift. Remember, all profits go back into the Children's Health Defense fund. Go to your local library and see if they have it, and if not, ask WHY, and offer to donate a copy. Granted, I'm sure Kennedy isn't suffering from financial issues, but that organization has done a great deal of good work in exposing the lies and toxic products which are constantly being foisted upon the public as "safe."

The other day I was pondering my most dire and urgent issue in order to discover new ways to win the battle. I got a very curt reply that it had already been done. Hmm. Well, remember, "As Above So Below," so it is only a matter of time before what has happened in the non-physical realms will manifest here. And on that note, I want to share yet another article by Lisa Renee that is spot-on, not only to what I've been saying, but others as well, especially Dane. I know she is aware of his work, because she has quoted him, but what really surprised me was that much of what she said is very similar to what Clif High said in his recent interview with Greg Hunter. Here is the link again, and I strongly suggest you listen. He also said that what has been kept hidden will be revealed, which sounds spiritual, although this interview was not necessarily meant to be. However, it was very intuitive, especially based on his "data mining." I doubt if Lisa has listened to that interview because she made it clear that she and her husband are NOT political, and Greg certainly is. However, I listen to him because he is such a supporter of Dane and Catherine Austin Fitts, two of my favorite people. Plus, he has published some great interviews concerning the whole vaccine fraud. Here are some recent ones.
Collapse of Civilization Coming—Clif High
CV19 Booster Shot Also a Bioweapon—Karen Kingston
Vax Causes Variants, Hospitals Murder CV19 Patients—Dr. Elizabeth Eads

Incidentally, more and more experts are pointing out the probability that the vaccines contain operating systems. I found this horrifying article on
World's first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say
This whole explosion in nano-technology, which is certainly of Alien origin is terrifying, and people had BETTER wake up. WHY would you think these things are not being sprayed on us in these toxic concoctions that now rain down upon us 24/7? It is WAY more than climate engineering, in fact, my opinion has always been that THAT is secondary. Mind control, terrorism, and WEATHER WARFARE is FIRST. So it doesn't matter if you've been vaxxed or not, they are finding all kinds of ways to get this shit into our bodies. I am going to speak on the current weather situation in a bit, but first I want to point out some things Lisa Renee said in her last blog.
The Collective Awakening Event
Please read the entire blog. Here are some things that caught my attention. She speaks of March as being a "milestone point."

In the distance, March 2022 is still hovering as a milestone point in the timeline which opens up directions in which many of us can begin to move forward with our lives. For many of us right now, it feels that we are being held hostage in a strange situation of wait and see, held in void of nothingness, some of us may feel isolated, imprisoned and immobile while many people around us still do not register that we are in an active war that is raging against everything that is human. As it has been mentioned several times, this is the time when we will suffer casualties in this war. People, place and things can come apart at the seams, because they have no idea what is happening, and they are believing the propaganda streams of lies and deceit. If we walk into the line of fire, we can get seriously hurt or be taken out.

As with all of us, no one knows how it will all manifest, but Clif also said that he expects "something" to happen that will "change the way people think." He didn't use the term "awaken," but of course, it's the same thing. Later in the blog, Lisa says she expects something any time between now and March. I totally agree, and Dane also has been talking about bracing for "impact."

The tipping point of shifting can happen anywhere between now and the first quarter of next year, which will be an big global type of event of some sort that is dramatic, cannot be hidden and the mainstream population will see it and know it. Once it is out the genie cannot be put back in the bottle, so to speak. Some heating up is happening now with this event. This is the important phase of the falling dominoes and wild cards, and noting that the Controllers have been doing all they can to hide the truth, subvert this benevolent agenda, re-direct and distract the masses so they will not figure out what is happening and who is behind all of the divide and conquer and bioweapon psyops. Those of us that can still think in the fog of war can see clearly the injection symptoms are the promoted variants.

She then goes on to list possible events that will happen, many of them are on Dane's and my list, too, but she does not mention climate collapse, and both Dane and I certainly do. I feel now that the heating of the planet has gotten out of hand, which I will discuss in a bit, but I personally also see the possibility that something is gonna stop these fucking planes from spraying the shit out of us. THEN we are gonna get HOT, HOT, HOT, and everyone will know that Dane was right. He and I split at that point, because he does not see the non-physical aspect of it, but when the spraying stops, so will the Matrix mind-control system, and then many of us who have worked so hard to reinstate our original blueprints, will find ourselves with a lot of power to heal the planet, also keeping in mind that the population will be extremely reduced, in my opinion. Lisa says, "Some will not be willing to change, and that means they will have to be let go, as there will be no going back—it is adapt to the changes or time to leave." Of course, I've been saying THAT for quite a while. One cannot evolve without changing, and for most people, major changes are needed in attitudes and mindsets. If you are more concerned with your comfort zone than doing your part in this battle, you can expect it to soon disappear. In the next articles, I will be discussing all this in more detail, in terms of learning how to live in the New Paradigm. And as always, that is, provided I am still alive, my house is still standing, and I still have power and internet, all iffy at this point.

Lisa also says in her last paragraph, "Do not succumb to the fear based narratives of what it looks like on the outer, as it is not the truth! There are many good and positive things happening for humanity that we cannot see on the outer yet." I also totally agree with that. A shake-up of great magnitude is required to rid the planet of alien pestilence, all spelled out in Bringers of the Dawn.

I now will discuss what is going on with the weather. OMG!! I started this article last weekend, but this whole week has been too cold for me to do anything in my office, which I made the decision NOT to heat this year. Last year I used up every penny I had saved and this year, I am only heating one room because I cannot afford to heat more, but ALSO because I REFUSE to cooperate with the LIES being foisted upon us by those that control the weather. COLD, COLD, COLD. That's all they want us to think, even though the planet is INCINERATING at this point. It's not like I am wearing shorts and a tank top. I wear four-five layers of clothing, plus two pairs of socks, and going outside or in my unheated office also requires a winter coat, scarf, knit hat, and I have a pair of thin gloves that I can actually wear when I type. For the past month they have dumped SO MUCH ice-nucleation chemicals on us here, the actual temperature has felt in the single digits. You can see it in the air, like a fog. It burns your skin and makes it hard to breathe. My fingers are all cracked and bleeding. Despite the "scheduled" temps, we have remained in the 20s. And not a speck of sunshine. I have felt like I'm living on a dead and sunless planet in some dystopian nightmare, which is not far from the truth. Yesterday, it was supposed to reach 40 degrees, which it did not, then drop down to 30 over night, but instead the temps rose all night. It was 42.1 degrees at 6:30 a.m. and today hit a high of 59.2 degrees, way higher than "scheduled." But at least I was able to sit at my computer and finish this, finally. Now we have another deluge and high winds coming. I don't know how much more I or my house can take. We have been battered and terrorized for the past 12-14 years. I ask all of you to send us light and protection. Final battle? Yes, indeed.

In any case, it is all to perpetuate the lies about the actual climate situation so the elite can continue to plunder and pillage the planet. But it is all coming apart at the seams, which is why I am thinking this massive upcoming event will certainly include FINALLY, disclosure about the insane, heinous criminal activitiy going on in the skies. And now, supposedly, we are going to be WAY above "normal," but of course nobody really knows what "normal" is. Here are a few maps I've saved from the past several days. We are scheduled to drop down to 20 degrees tomorrow after this big storm system comes through, which includes the chance—a pretty big chance, actually, for several states along the Mississippi to get hit with tornadoes. OMG. It's fucking DECEMBER. I just want PEACE. I want to feel the sun shine on me again, and NEVER, ever be terrorized by those planes again. ENOUGH. Anyways, we'll see where these temps go, because The Weather Channel keeps inching them up, but still not THAT much above what has become "normal." Highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s is hardly overly hot. It is just ALL SO FUCKED UP. It needs to STOP NOW.

These are all 8-14 Day Outlook Maps, beginning with December 6, valid December 14-20; then December 7, valid December 15-21; and last, December 9, valid December 17-23. So we shall see how this all pans out.

8-14 Day Outlook Map, December 6, valid December 14-20

8-14 Day Outlook Map, December 7, valid December 15-21

8-14 Day Outlook Map, December 9, valid December 17-23

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