Reclaiming Our Rights

Clif High was spot-on when he predicted during his November interview on USA Watchdog that something would happen to "change the way people think," around about February. He was careful not to use the word "awakening," and what is happening now is sort of a pre-awakening to the mobs of people that have lived most of their lives in a stupor. As I've said over and over, it takes suffering and a great deal of discomfort to change one's mind, and that is certainly happening to more and more people.
Collapse of Civilization Coming—Clif High

There are those who have spent their lives shutting up and doing what they were told, totally unaware that those giving the orders were liars and criminals. Then there is the next stage up—the people who knew they were being lied to and having their rights violated, but felt there was nothing they could do about it, so despondency set in, and the solution was to numb their lives with drink and drugs and material comforts. Despondency, over the decades, developed into full-blown complacency, which is where we are now. Or were. Then there are those like myself and Dane and so many others who have considered it an obligation to speak out against illegal, immoral and unethical behavior that does harm to others. Unfortunately, there have been very few who were in positions of power to actually force the changes that needed to be made. That would include people such as Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Jesus. Sadly, though, the massive changes that should have happened still have not. Now we face total annihilation, and awakening and forcing the needed changes is the only option if life on earth is to continue.

The whole situation with the truckers has begun a movement to reclaim our rights, and we must not let the momentum slow down. It actually began, I believe, with Anna de Buisseret, as I've said over and over. PLEASE, if you have not watched the first two videos in my article, Please Circulate Far and Wide, please do so now. Once again, these are the points which has made her and her team different. First, she is STRESSING that most people DO NOT know the law and she is absolutely correct, so her solution was to draw up a 175-page document on International Human Rights and the terms of the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, which states that following illegal orders is a criminal offense. One of the videos below follows through with that, telling of a man who was drafted by the Nazis and helped carry out their criminal agenda. He was eventually found, tried and spent the rest of his life in prison because he did nothing to stop what was going on. So, Anna is stressing that EVERYONE will be accountable for their actions or failure to act, and THAT IS GOOD. Dane has been saying for years that when people finally realize what has been done to them, they will go after everyone and anyone who actively or passively allowed it to happen. There are millions of people who had better cover their own asses. Anna also pointed out the legality of People's Courts and Citizen Arrests. It is because regular people began coming forward and turning in those whom they knew helped the Nazis that enabled so many guilty people to be caught and punished. We here in the U.S. have especially lost that sense of personal responsibility and accountability. The game here is mostly passing the buck, and in the end, too many people get off scot free. Anna's team is global and it WILL come here. It already has.

The other thing different about their approach is that they are going for the people who are actually committing the crimes. Shutting down clinics and arresting the police who refuse to follow the orders of the International Criminal Court. At least, that is my understanding. That's why she has served so many with these documents, so that people not only know their rights, but know they are being abused AND have the LAW on their side. Plus, the people who are committing the crimes without even knowing it, cannot say they were not informed. Anna is a brave and heroic woman, not to mention very intelligent and well educated, and knows how to use her knowledge to change this massive criminal behavior that has become epidemic on this planet. And of course, once you begin to prosecute the little guys, they will keep pointing their fingers upward to the bigger ones.

I also want to point out that the process of reclaiming our rights is also a spiritual one, because ultimately we must RECLAIM our identities that were lost in the Reptilian Invasion, so this is playing out at the non-physical levels, too. As Below, So Above. It works both ways. Here are some of the articles and videos I have recently collected, beginning with my favorites. Wow!! Finally in the U.S. Brilliant!! "We have to be uncomfortable and be comfortable being uncomfortable." Unfortunately, this dynamic lady is not named, nor is the name of the town/city of her speech included. If anyone recognizes thes buildings, please let me know.
Video: Anti-COVID Mandate Protest in the US
Oh, no. I just realized this was taken down by the uploader, but will keep the link, in the hopes that someone recognizes the city or the woman. There is a small picture in the upper left corner. She speaks like a mover and a shaker, and I'd like to hear more from her.
This second one is also a brilliant speech by Archbishop Vigano praising the truckers in Canada and warning what we will become if we do not awaken from our stupor. PLEASE watch this short, beautiful and deeply moving video, along with the wonderful aerial photography of the trucker occupation in Ottawa. The Archbishop fully understands the "Great Reset" and its consequences if we do not stop it NOW.
Video: Archbishop Vigano’s Important Message to Canadian Truckers
He mentioned the WEF's "Young Global Leaders, and as we know, that includes Trudeau. Here is a list so people will know who to go after with their pitchforks and torches . . . .
World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” Revealed
Here are more, which includes Pete Buttigieg and Gavin Newsom. Imagine that . . . .
Klaus Schwab’s WEF “School for Covid Dictators”, a Plan for the “Great Reset”

I want to quickly point out that the Archbishop mentioned the harsh weather endured by the truckers, and further point out that I POINTED OUT the fact that these weekly "winter storms" were being steered right up to Ottawa. Dane mentions that in every week's broadcast, and also mentions the fact that the Great Lakes get hit along the way. Cold, cold, cold. We're in another Ice Age, so they want us to think, and when they can't keep us cold, they will flood us. Yep, that's Ohio. Wet, wet, wet. The follow-up to this article will be on the weather, but let us continue with the matter of reclaiming out rights.

Here is a no-nonsense video about the fact the Trudeau may be in a bit of trouble. Ya think?? We have just begun.
And more on Nuremberg and Crimes Against Humanity!! WOW!! Oh my goodness!!! This is really taking off!! There are several videos on this page. I am referring to the second one with the man in the dark jacket and tee shirt.
Is Justin Trudeau Waging a War on the National Security of Canada and Canadians?

Here are more videos and articles I collected concerning the Canadian Trucker Convoy. I realize they are gone, and truthfully, I am a bit foggy as to how it ended. But I DO KNOW that this is just the beginning, in fact, the tip of the iceberg. Oh, right, the icebergs are all melting. How about a tiny molehill compared to the mountain we face. And as people wake up to each level, they will finally realize the magnitude of evil, lies, fraud and total destruction which has been waged upon this planet and its people. Each level gets more and more heinous, and truly, people need to be sharpening those pitchforks and fueling up the torches, 'cause they are gonna be needing them REAL SOON.
Repressing the Freedom Convoy: Will Trudeau’s Act of Desperation Succeed?

I want to mention here that I love Canada. The tiny town of Boulder, Ontario, near Bancroft, was my second home. Our friends, Thora and Don Hass, owned a 200 acre farm that ended at the York River, and we stayed in their little cabin at the top of the hill. I learned to swim in the York River!! So my heart goes out to Canadians. My father made that trip there for probably 40 years, even before he met my mom.
This first video echoes the one, two above, that suggests Trudeau will go to jail. Murray isn't that severe, but says he will be out. Well, they all need to go, don't they?
Video: Justin Trudeau Should Fall Over Handling of Canadian Trucker Protest. Douglas Murray
This is a good one, too.
Video: Tom Marazzo Has a Message for All Canadians: Hold the Line!
This one is about violence carried out by the Ottawa police force.
Divisions and Chaos Within the Ottawa Police. Violence and Brute Force Ordered by Trudeau Government

I am going to end this section with the volumes of articles I've saved, although they are outdated, they still provide a foundation of what is to come. Then I have some new vaccine articles. The other reason I am posting them is so I have a record of all this. There are still people out there who are clueless, so let us use our minds to steer them in this direction. You can help by linking my site to everywhere you can. OMG, check out this first one!
Video: Fearless Canadian Trucker Has a Message for Trudeau
Pick Up the Baton: The Fight to Restore Freedom in Canada has only just Begun
Australia Grows Stronger in their Resistance
Canberra Freedom Convoy Demands, 'Sack Them All!'
Here is more about the illegal steps Trudeau took to shut down the truckers.
Who Are the True Insurrectionists That Illegally Took Over Ottawa?
And more about Trudeau's ties to the WEF, and their desperation to install an operating system/tracking device in all people all over the world. Keep in mind that many of us believe it is in the "vaccine," which is why the controllers keep pushing it even though it is killing people by the millions. Also keep in mind that you will have no control over your finances, and if you "misbehave," in other words, do not follow orders, your money will be cut off. I believe this was the purpose of this whole scamdemic—to scare people into rushing out to get this "vaccine." We know now that probably most of the deaths attributed to Covid, were actually NOT Covid at all.
Boom! Trudeau Reversal Motive Surfaces: Canadian Banking Association Was Approved by World Economic Forum to Lead the Digital ID Creation
Here is more on that.
Oh, Canada! Our Home and Native . . . Dictatorship! The WEF is "Trampling Our Freedoms"

And here is more on Covid and related articles. Kennedy is one of our true living heroes, as was his uncle.
The New York Times’ Disgraceful and Deceitful Attack on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Judge Unseals 400 Pages of Evidence, Clears Way for Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit
Heart Problems, COVID Infection, Long COVID and COVID Vaccines: Micro Blood Clots Connect All
It has already been proven that the "vaccine" totally decimates the immune system, thus HIV/AIDS for those who receive it.
What’s Behind the New AIDS Scare?
Does this surprise you. Newsom is a dick just like Trudeau. Maybe even a bigger one, since he KNOWS what is causing their DROUGHT and will NOT SPEAK OUT. Though he isn't mentioned here, he has certainly pushed the whole "vaccine" lie.
California Bill Would Punish Doctors Who Promote COVID ‘Misinformation,’ as Other States Move to Protect Doctors’ Rights to Treat Patients
Why Are Professional Athletes Collapsing on the Field?
Another great video by Dr. Charles Hoffe:
Video: Dr. Charles Hoffe Speaks Out to the World
UK Covering Up Thousands of COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

At first, it appeared as if the American Truckers would prove they had the same balls as the Canadians.
Six More Trucker Convoys Plan on Merging with ‘The People’s Convoy’ When It Reaches Indianapolis—Organizers Expect Over 10,000 Vehicles to Join the Already 3,000-Strong Group
This is from one of our local stations in Youngstown.
Truckers to bring ‘People’s Convoy’ to Ohio
And of course now the whole "war" in the Ukraine has proved to be the distraction it was meant to be, and I am finding little now on the fight for our rights. More on this in the follow-up article that I hope to publish very soon.

But the problem here in the U.S. is that WAY too many people are still WAY too comfortable. One of the reasons is that, at least here in Ohio, it is SO EASY to get on welfare programs. I say this because I know WAY too many people who are professional welfare recipients. Too many women that have too many children they have no intentions of supporting because it is so easy to get on WIC, and the more kids you have, the higher your "benefits." Same for welfare and food stamps and the people I know that are on these programs are living twenty times better than me. They can't afford food, yet always own an iphone. I stand in line behind food stamp recipients, who have no idea how to shop. They go to Giant Eagle and pay two or three times what ALDI or Marc's charges, or buy expensive brands rather than cheaper store brands, and their attitude is, "It's not MY money." No, it's the taxpayers'. I went to Marc's this week and spent $23. I got enough food to last me two or three weeks. I do not at all deny people getting help, ESPECIALLY when they have been ruined through illegal or greedy activities by others, such as when the steel mills all closed in Youngstown. Decades ago, when I injured my back and couldn't work, out of desperation I went to see if I could get help—ANY help. The first question I was asked was if I had children. The answer was "no," so I was not eligible for aid, plus the fact that I had been self-employed for most of my life. I ended up collecting aluminum cans to recycle, just to keep from starving. Do you understand why I HATE the whole money system so much? And also let me point out that the "system" rewards people that have too many children. No wonder we are overpopulated. And it also rewards irresponsibility, apathy, ignorance and complacency. Don't you think that's the plan????

There is a reason for this rant, and that is, VERY, VERY SOON, people will be shaken to the core out of their comfort zones, ESPECIALLY in this country. This is a rather long article, so please bear with me. PLEASE, read it in several sessions, but make sure you do read it and open as many links as you can. This is all essential information.

And now for an important announcement:
Can you name one person that has his dirty little fingers in everything that is sordid, illegal, immoral and unethical?? If you said, "Bill Gates," you are at least a little awake.

That is where we are headed and we need to be shaken out of our stupor, as Archbishop Vigano pointed out in the video linked earlier. Let's return to "Control the Food." How is that being done? Well, in good part, by controlling the weather. Put all the farmers out of business, then evil creeps like Bill Gates move in, buy up the land, turn it into GMO agribusinesses, producing toxic food that is POISONING everything on the planet and DESTROYING our open-pollinated seed gene-pool. There is no such thing as organic any more. Glyphosate has contaminated everything. Here are some articles.
Glyphosate and Roundup: All Roads Lead to Cancer
Keep in mind that Monsanto does their own testing and proclaims the safety of their products. If you do not read any other books this year, please read this one, or at the very least, read my review.
Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation
Despite the fact that Bayer paid BILLIONS to settle Monsanto's lawsuits over Roundup, it STILL remains on the market as a "safe" product. Why??? Because SO MANY PEOPLE are making SO MUCH MONEY from it. Such as . . . .
Big Owner of Monsanto Shares: Does Bill Gates Want Population Control?
Now, that is an old article, and I have not been able to find a current one that confirms he still owns Monsanto stock, but I know he did for a long time. Maybe he sold it when Bayer bought Monsanto. However, here is a current listing of the investments of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Lots of farm related stock, eh?
Bill Gates Portfolio List | All 21 Stock Investments Now
Here's more about toxic food.
New Report: More Than 200 Million Pounds of Pesticides in U.S. Are Applied to Crops Grown to Feed Animals on Factory Farms
And more on orchestrated starvation:
Yemen: Using Famine As a Weapon Is Indefensible
Yeah, it certainly is indefensible, but we still do it because the U.S. and other powerful countries do not believe they have to follow any rules. As we reclaim our rights, that heinous and arrogant attitude will stop or BE STOPPED.
OMG!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ THIS ONE to understand Full-Spectrum Dominance and how digital tyranny will control what food we buy.
PLEASE watch the very short Joe Rogan interview.
The Plandemic Enters Final Stage, Real Purpose Exposed
And here is YET ONE MORE on digital tyranny and controlling ther money. This one is downright chilling.
Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccines Contain Nanotechnology to Track People, Scientists Say
I already knew most of this, but these photos make one gasp. Here is a quote from the article.
"Ricardo Delgado of La Quita Columna previously mentioned that there’s graphene oxide in Pfizer’s shots, which is necessary to convert the frequencies to form self-assembling microchips. These microchips can perform different functions, such as controlling and tracking humans."
They also discuss hydra vulgaris, which is a GMO organism, and also their eggs which react to graphene oxide to grow and multiply. It seems to me that death is a blessing for those who receive this sinister injection.

My follow-up article will be about the current weather/climate/warfare situation, and until we get to the point that people become outraged enough to go after everyone and anyone involved in this global atrocity, either doing it, covering it up, or turning a blind eye to what they KNOW is going on, we do not stand a chance of being on this planet much longer. We are gonna need LOTS of pitchforks and torches, but until people awaken from THIS STUPOR AND BLINDNESS, all the other demands for our rights will be useless. This is the mountain we face beside our tiny molehill.

In order to keep with my theme of "As Above, So Below, I want to talk about the 1988 movie,They Live. I first watched it in November, 2019, and wrote a couple articles about it, and put it on my Recommended Links page, found at the bottom of my Book Reviews Index. But the source I used disappeared, so I took it down. Internet Archive, which is very reliable, now has it, for free, of course because I won't pay for a movie. I ended up watching it again, and this time, since I knew what it was about, I paid very close attention to the dialogue. In fact, I took notes which I will share.
They Live (1988)

It was much better the second time around, and for goodness sake, if you have never seen it, PLEASE WATCH IT NOW. It is such an accurate depiction of exactly what is happening now, both literally and symbolically, that it will make you take a deeper look into what we are facing. It is a MASTERPIECE! So here are some quotes (or close). This first one is at the very beginning, when the blind preacher is speaking.

They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders and recruited the powerful outside the limits of our sight. They have us. They are our owners, our masters. WAKE UP.
Our impulses are being redirected. We are being induced into unconsciousness like sleep. They are safe as long as they are undiscovered. Their intention is to rule with the annihilation of consciousness. We are focused only with our gain. The Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. Most of us just sell out right away. We'll do anything to be rich.

And how about this: "They are turning OUR atmosphere into THEIR atmosphere." Hmm. Haven't I been saying there is more going on above us than even Dane realizes?

One of the most gruesome fight scenes I have ever seen is when Nada and Frank nearly kill each other because Nada wants him to put on the sunglasses so he can see the aliens, and he refuses. But symbolically, I totally understand, because WE are also in that same fight, though not physically, but mentally and certainly spiritually, when ALL WE WANT is for people to pay attention and educate themselves to what is going on above us, and they refuse to even read a flyer or investigate Dane's site. After Nada finally FORCES Frank to put on the sunglasses and he "sees" them, they find a room to stay in because the homeless camp has been destroyed. Frank says this:

Maybe they've always been with us, seeing us hate each other, watching us kill each other, feeding on our cold, fuckin' hearts.

Yes, indeed. Much food for thought.

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