Alien-Grade Psychological Torture

Please note: I began this article about a week ago, but it has been intolerably cold in my unheated office. Finally, we have a comfortable day, so this will be longer than originally planned and cover more material.

In the first two videos of Please Circulate Far and Wide, Anna De Buisseret comments that "military-grade psychological warfare" is being waged against humanity. I totally agree, and that phrase has been going 'round and 'round in my mind. For those of us that see the even bigger picture and the infiltration of alien agents in every aspect of our lives, it is not military-grade, it is alien-grade, who taught it to those who now believe they control the planet. Numerous people have been psychologically tortured for years—decades, in fact. Some are not aware of the root force that is controlling the misery so many of us feel, but many others are quite aware, making every day an effort in mere survival.

A while back, someone emailed me with the statement, "I understand your impatience." I doubt that this person can even fathom how offensive and patronizing that remark was, and gives clear evidence that this person does not understand shit about the truth of what is happening on our planet. That remark would be suitable for a spoiled child awaiting their birthday presents, but NOT to those of us, who KNOW so much that is SO VITAL for the continuation of life on this planet, or at least ridding the planet of the unfathomable evil that has the entire earth in its grasp. Unless YOU are putting your life on the line every day to do what is required, you do NOT understand. More and more, I see people that I KNOW are suffering from psychological torture. Dane, of course, would be one. He knows SO MUCH that the rest of the world needs to know, and has given up SO MUCH of his life to awaken people, yet still, he is treated like a fraud, or, even for those who are his regular readers and listeners, too many still go on with their business without stepping in to help.

As more doctors and experts come forward, I see and hear that same desperation in them that I feel every moment of my life. We are being made to look like the fools, liars and nut-cases, ignored at best and persecuted at worst, not only by society, but by those off-planet forces thst have SO MUCH more control here. I heard that desperation and frustration listening to Michael Yeadon, when he commented that he isn't a threat because "they" know no one will listen to him.
Video: Ex-Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon: Mass Murder with Vaccine Passports/Top Up Vaccines
Funeral Director John O'Looney despaired in attempting to tell people that they were sick FROM the vaccine, NOT because they didn't get the booster.
Video: Funeral Director John O’Looney: “Deaths due to Heart Attack, Stroke, Aneurysm, as Direct Result of Thrombosis Embolisms in the Lungs”
I heard it in Dr. Charles Hoffe—totally bewildered by those who could not connect the vaccine reactions and deaths to the vaccine. He called it "absurd," but someone in his audience yelled out "EVIL." Yes, that it certainly is.
Video: Dr. Charles Hoffe Delivers A Dose Of Reality on mRNA Vaccine You Can’t Afford To Miss!!!

Let me pause for just a moment to thank those who ARE circulating my document. It has gotten lots of hits by the direct link, not going through my Home Page or Articles Index. THANK YOU to those who are helping to spread the truth!! EVERYONE, lets keep it up. I updated it a couple time, but will probably not any more. Anyone interested can use it to do further research.

And now, back to the subject at hand. How are they torturing us? By creating a fear and using it to create more fear. For most people, as we have plainly seen, creating fear is easy, but for those of us who have spent decades building their mental and spiritual muscles, it is a bit more of a challenge, so they must persistently plague us with a situation in their attempts to break us down. Remember, when you torture someone long enough at the physical level, mental breakdown often follows. And what is my greatest fear? Of being stripped of absolutely EVERY means to provide for myself in order to survive. This is not an irrational fear. It began over thirty years ago, when I seriously started to awaken—always a threat to them. It was not all of a sudden, but a slow and increasing torture, like Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum. At that point, I was living under fairly adequate conditions, although certain questionable events happened to me that, at the time I did not feel particularly fearful of my survival. But as the years went on, "strange" things began to happen that had no logical explanation. Things began to fall apart and more and more of what I needed began to disappear. Because I was so wrapped up in the "New Age" movement, I continued to "trust the Universe," as was the saying that old things would fall away to be replaced by ther new. Well, things kept falling away, but nothing was replaced. Windows closed, doors slammed, the flow of money stopped, everything broke and could not be replaced, and that continues today. Those so-called "experts" continued to assure me that it was a spiritual deficiency, and if I just became a "better person," life would be rosy again. Fortunately the New Age movement has died, and these people are mostly gone, because it was all a lie. I know now, everything that happened was the result of a massive psychological warfare agenda being waged by on-and-off planet entities. And I see more and more people suffering from it, who are awake and aware and speaking the truth. It is so blatant now that anyone with eyes remotely open can see it clearly.

Dane frequently speaks of our military and militaries all over the world having the power to spray their own populations or populations of other countries with something lethal at any time. All but the terminally clueless should be aware that they also have the power to do away with us in a flash, with fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, suffocating us under SEVENTEEN FEET of snow and freezing us to death. They can and ARE doing all this now non-stop all over the globe. That last one is a very real threat to me, as they are increasing the amount of chemically nucleated ice they are spraying on us to unprecedented volumes. All I can do is curl up and sleep. My fingertips are cracked and every bone in my body hurts. I do not know how much longer I can withstand this. Keep in mind that this drops the actual temperatures 20-30 degrees lower than the thermometer reading. More on that in a bit, but first I want to share some things that my readers have sent me. The first was sent after I posted my article, Service to Others Here is the link to the blog.
My Own Kind

The lines in quotes below were written by Tom Kromer from his book, “Waiting for Nothing.” It told of his life riding the rails from town to town during America’s last Great Depression.

“This friend of mine Karl, is a writer. He is always hungry. You cannot stuff yourself on a dollar a week. It is not his fault he is always hungry. It is that nobody buys the stuff he writes. He writes of starving babies, and men who tramp the streets in search of work. People do not like such things. For in Karl’s stories, you can hear the starved cries of the babies. You can see the hungry look in men’s eyes. Karl will always be hungry. He will always describe things so that you can see them as you read.”

My guess is that if Karl lived in contemporary America, he would have a blog that nobody ever read.

“Karl goes across the hall to get Werner. Werner is an acquaintance of ours. He is an artist. He paints pictures of people he sees in the park. All the people in his pictures have a hungry look in their eyes. He has no better luck selling his pictures than Karl does with his stories. They are good pictures. People will not buy them, though. I think it is because of the hungry look. Even the picture of the fat millionaire leading the Peke dog had a hungry look in the eyes. Karl says it is more than an empty belly that puts a hungry look in people’s eyes. I think that if Werner would take the hungry look out of the eyes of the people in his pictures, he could buy more hamburger steaks and take the hungry look out of his own eyes. Karl and Werner say this would be sacrilege to art. I do not understand this.”

I do. Of all the souls who have incarnated on this planet, I hold these types above kings and presidents.

They would rather starve than sell their souls by using their talents and contributing to the twisted lies of this evil system. Soon, I will find out how much I am willing to suffer as the price of nonconformity. But that’s just a matter of degree. My kind have always suffered for it.

I hear their voices throughout the centuries calling to me: “Stay true.” I know that there are others that can hear their voices also. See you soon.

Incidentally, his January 5, 2022 blog is also spot on to much of what I am writing in this article.
Burning Bridges

OMG, how I agree with this!! However, there is still one point I ponder, and that is, if the goal was actually to kill people, or just inject them with devices that would render them totally under the complete control of those in power. That is what Catherine Austin Fitts believes. As most of you know, I completely believe that there is an off-planet war going on between the Reptilians and other enemy Alien races, and our Alien allies, such as the Pleiadians. Both have influence as to what happens on this planet. As Above, So Below. I question why the controllers would want to kill off their own slaves, and those who have no choice but to do their bidding. It is my hunch that is it OUR allies that have turned these vaccines into killers, merciful for those who have taken them, but also a way of destroying the army of Earthlings the Reptilians believe they have built. Think about it. You have to understand that I've been doing this Alien thing for a long, long time, and see it all from a unique perspective.

Before I continue, I will share what has been happening to me. We are way past the first blog, which is about people being brainwashed to shun those who speak the truth. We are in the phase now, as the second blog states, where we can and ARE being controlled remotely through so many means that most people cannot even fathom. One of the goals of the "Great Reset" is digital tyranny, where the controllers will be able to cut off our funds if we do not "behave." But the truth is, that has been happening at the experimental level, both on and off planet for a long time. As Above, So Below. By the CIA and off-planet forces, which are most likely the same. Anyone who thinks evil technology like this was created by humans alone needs to do a reality check.

At this point, I am reaching desperation level for my survival, and so I ask once again, if anyone who has benefitted from my website all these years can afford to make a PayPal donation, I am seriously at risk of freezing to death if I cannot get enough kerosene, and that will continue until the dumping of ice nucleation stops. And it WILL stop, one way or another. As usual, funds that were supposed to come to me have not, and I am truly at the end of my rope.

And it is not just the kerosene, it is everything. I NEED SOMETHING GOOD TO HAPPEN TO ME. I used to go through good spells and bad spells, but the good spells have now shrunk and disappeared. I cannot remember the last time I did something "fun." "Usually I spend a good portion of my summer on my porch, coloring, but did not even do that last year. All my time is taken up dealing with weather-related disasters and survival. I feel like I'm about to crack. I am not even reading any more, because I am so far behind in book reviews. If I was not suffering from such cold, I could be spending this time getting caught up on my website projects, but now I have basically become dysfunctional. For the last two months, my life has consisted of sitting in front of my heater and trying to keep warm. I have never EVER in my life felt so cold, on a planet that has already surpassed the 3 degree C rise and continues to get hotter.

When I was growing up, we had a coal stove in the middle of the living room. The pipe went up through my room, and my parents' room was on the other side of the wall. That room was never heated, not even a space heater in the dead of winter. My mother used to get up early and fire up the stove. Apparently that was woman's work . . . . Winters got cold here, but NEVER like this. These nucleation particles have permeated everything throughout the planet. They have pentrated my bones and make it impossible for me to keep warm, no matter how many layers of clothing I wear, which is usually five. This year, the climate engineers are obviously desperate, because the amount they are dumping on us has gone exponential, only fueling the acceleration of overall heating, all to perpetuate the delusion that we have 30-50 years before we really have to worry about the climate, so just carry on, business as usual. Dane knows, I know and all his people know that at any time the whole shebang could snap. At that point, global temperatures will rise and rise and rise and there will not be a thing these evil monsters will be able to do to cool us down. At that point, of course, it will be game over, either a rapid burning up of the planet or a slow and painful one, and it is that point we are trying to avoid. Stopping the spraying NOW might give us time.

This past week has been horrendous. Let me begin with last Friday. I woke up to find that Jasmyne had thrown up in my slipper. A bit later my breakfast plate flipped off the counter. I am usually pretty good at salvaging food that falls on the floor, but this was beyond saving, which really upset me because I hate wasting food, and, well, that was my breakfast. Then the "depletions" began, and when this happens, I know I'm being drained by an outside force. I had just checked my tissue box the night before, and it was half-full. In the morning, it was nearly empty. I buy a bag of cat food and dog food when my Social Security check comes, which lasts the entire month, but now both are nearly gone. But what is more upsetting is that my kerosene heaters are running out of kerosene WAY too soon. They do not have thermostats, so you fill the tank, and they burn down at the same rate every day. As the wick gets older, it burns slower and uses less fuel. My oldest wick usually burns 22 hours, and the other two, about 18. Well now, they are burning down several hours earlier. WTF?? There is NO logical explanation for that.

As I said, most of my misery is being caused by this totally engineered weather. I looked back at last year's temps in my notebook, and this year, the overnight lows are SIX DEGREES colder. WTF??? The planet has gotten exponentially HOTTER so it stands to reason that they are dumping WAY MORE coolants on us. According to the Knollenberg patent for chemical ice nucleation, dry ice is one of the dispersants, but LIQUID PROPANE is also used. On Saturday morning, it had dropped down to 11.8 degrees. When I walked out, the smell of propane was sickening. By the end of the day, I was throwing up and gagging, and coughing up globs of stuff. My whole chest felt like it was on fire and I had a dull throbbing headache. Let me point out that I NEVER get sick to my stomach. That was maybe the fourth time since I've been an adult. I also rarely get headaches. I spent most of the day Sunday sleeping, but was unable to eat. By Monday I ate a little, and by Tuesday I was better, but my appetite still is not good, also unusual for me. GODDAMN THESE MISERABLE CREATURES FROM THE PITS OF HELL. What kind of human being would spray propane on living beings? These people in the military need to be reminded that they took a vow to PROTECT Americans, not POISON them. And this was recently released, concerning the ice nucleation attack on Texans last February. Murderers!!! They will suffer DUE PUNISHMENT. It is my sincere wish that the next vaccine death wave is for the batch that was given to all these pilots. Get these miserable killers off the face of the planet.
Texas officials put the final death toll from last year's winter storm at 246

On Sunday, the room that I heat stayed a comfortable 50 degrees all day and was still so the next morning, so I was surprised to see the temperature had dropped to 16.9 degrees, BUT they had not sprayed too much, and even walking Molly in the morning felt comfortable. There was some nice sunshine and the room remained warm and comfortable all day, even into the night, when it dropped down to 11 degrees. But by this morning, they had dumped on us again, in the form of fake snow, and I was unable to warm things up past 46 degrees. But there is something else with these chemical ice nucleants. I've mentioned before that during every fake weather event, there is something that causes me a great deal of mental disturbance. And now they are also attacking my poor dog.

Several months ago, she began behaving strangely. She would become very hyper, and bark and scratch and beg to go out every few minutes. It has gotten much worse. On the day of the propane, she was out of control. I have had to hook her leash up to the door. She won't leave the kerosene heater alone. She has lived with it all her life, and never touched it. Now I am afraid she will get burned or start a fire. She flips over her water bowl and won't leave objects in the room alone. That night was particularly bad. She barked till about 1 a.m., then suddenly laid down on her blanket and fell asleep. She was absolutely fine for a few days, then started up again. Today I had her tied outside and she has been much better all day.

She is terrified of something, it seems. A few weeks ago, on one of the warmer days, I had her hooked up on the porch. Percy was out there to keep her company. Then she started barking and barking. I watched her. She was staring STRAIGHT AT something, but there was nothing I could see. OK, so it's bad enought they fuck with me, now they are messing with my poor old dog.

Let me remind you of a recording Dane frequently plays on his GANs of Ken Caldeira bragging that when he was a government agent, his job was to find ways to "weaponize the skies." He also bragged about conducting 239 biological experiments, sprayed on the unsuspecting American population. He works for Bill Gates now, who calls him "my amazing teacher." They are both Alien agents.

And not only my dog. Several weeks ago, my largest turtle, Berthe, just "disappeared." She shares a tub with the other female, Gurdle, and Murdle has his own tub. I had cleaned his water, and both girls were there, then a bit later, Berthe was missing. I searched everywhere with a flashlight, under things, in corners, and was frantic. Then I thought about this "game" THEY frequently play with me, about making things disappear. I will drop something and see where it lands, and when I go to pick it up, it's not there. So, I thought, just leave it, and she will show up. Well, about five days later, there she was in front of my kitchen sink. She was all curled up inside her shell, like something had just set her there all of a sudden, and I go through my kitchen fifty times a day. I screamed "BERTIE," and snatched her up and hugged her, washed her off and put her back in the water with Gurdle. The strangest thing happened after that. Turtles are not particularly intelligent creatures, but for days, every time I went in the bathroom, I would talk to her, and I usually do talk to my turtles when I'm in there, but she would look up at me so attentively with an energy that felt like love.

So, anyways, Wednesday was supposed to be much warmer. I got up, hoping to work on this and post it, but, no, of course not. A pipe in my bathroom burst. Fortunately, it was an obsolete pipe, which should have not had water in it at all, and it probably froze because the water wasn't going anywhere. My whole day was wasted, by the time I went to Lowe's and fixed it. The associate there gave me such good instructions, that the fixing part only took about five minutes. All I did was cut it and and cap it. And despite the fact that it got up to 41.5 degrees yesterday, it was brutally miserable, and they were apparently trying out some new toxic concoction. I woke up this morning and my mouth was so dry I could barely open it. Drinking gallons of water does no good, and now my nose has begun to bleed again. Keep in mind that I have always been in excellent health.

But the thing is, a pipe should NOT have burst in my bathroom. I have had my washcloths hanging over the bathtub FREEZE SOLID lately. WTF???? I know it is chilly in there, but GOOD LORD, nowhere near 32 degrees. I would NEVER be able to take a bath in a room that cold. But remember, these chemical ice nucleation particles are now everywhere. They get in our hair and on our clothes and skin, on our pets and they blow in when we open the door. The more you are outside, the more you bring in, and they can freeze water at very high temperatures. I have recorded it snowing here at 50 degrees. Below is a photo I took of my walkway down the hill to my driveway. The "snow" remained all day, even in the 40s. It's not like it was a huge drift, just little bits of flakes which should have been melted long ago. But of course it is NOT snow and NOT made of water., I think it was, had an article lately that stated it was OK to eat snow. OMG!! Really??

Fake Snow

There are two more "occurences" I want to mention. I make my own toothpaste with coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint oil in a coconut oil jar. In the winter, I heat it up before using it because it gets really hard. Several months ago, I had both heaters running, the hotter one nearest me, and the one with the oldest wick off to the side. I put the jar on the one in front of me, as I sat on my cot brushing my hair, and looking down. When I looked up, the jar was on the other heater. OK, so that was creepy.

And here's another. I have two clothespin bags. The navy blue one holds the clip-type, the kind you squeeze, and the beige one holds the peg-type, and it has been like that for decades. A few weeks after the toothpaste jar thing, I went to grab some clothespins, and they had been switched. Don't you think something is fucking with me??? Why? To make me think I'm going nuts?

There are just a couple more points I want to cover. When the thing with the toothpast jar happened, I related it to one of my regular readers. She wrote back and asked if I had heard of Dr. Rauni Kilde. I replied that I had not, but would look her up. Well, as it turns out, I HAD heard of her. I remember when she died, and people in the "know" suspected murder. Here is a page of her writings on mind-control agendas being carried out by the U.S. military and CIA. I have only glanced at them, but when I am able to spend more time at my computer I will read them throroughly.
Gang-Stalking, Mind-Control, and Cults
Dr. Kilde was a "was a Finnish physician who wrote and lectured on parapsychology, ufology and mind control," according to Wikipedia. For those who still think there is no relationship between all this evil technology and what it is doing to our minds, and Aliens, think again. By the way, in the documentary, The Minds of Men, the Clinton administration supposedly put an end to these illegal CIA activities. What a joke. All that happened was they became more covert, under the guise of techology that would give us better internet connections and cell phone signals.

And here is one last thought. It has been in the back if my mind for decades that all we are experiencing is only going on in our minds. The Matrix. For those of us that do take that seriously, the controller forces must work much harder to keep us in the physical realm. I am a firm believer that it will all collapse very soon. The mere desperation of these forces at this point should confirm that they know they are losing control, and must get their agenda in place very soon. We ALL must work, in whatever way we find most effective, to shut this all down, and bring about The Great Awakening. Anyone who is not putting life and limb on the line now to stop this insanity had better never say they "understand my impatience."

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