De-Programming and Re-Programming

This isn't the next article I planned to write, but enough information has formed in my head that I wanted to communicate it as quickly as possible. We may not have that much longer, and I dearly hope that all of you, my precious readers, will awaken, as I strongly feel there will be a huge wave sweeping the earth. We CANNOT last much longer as things are now. Is everyone working on their special phrase? Have you made new discoveries? Of course, this article is a continuation of that theme, and more information has been revealed to me. But first some business.

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Here are my latest posts from the past few weeks, in case you missed them, then I will go on with this article, which will be short and succinct, but provides more pieces to the puzzle we're all trying to put together so we can see the whole picture.

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OK, on to our task. Again, as I continue to say my special phrase, more and more "clean" infomation is becoming known to me. By that, I mean uncorrupted, and I don't think anyone realizes just how much they have infiltrated our brains. I am finding that spiritual practice I previously did is yielding corrupt information because we are being hacked left and right. I even have this sick feeling that, with nano-technology, all this shit they are spraying on us might even contain chips. Have you thought of that? Here is an article shared by V. Susan Ferguson on Dane's latest.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 12, 2020.
It speaks of how people are growing so lethargic and have trouble focusing since Covid-19. None of that is by accident. It was carefully orchestrated to shut down our minds. THEY know how potentially powerful our minds are, and this was an act of desperation to finally force humanity to succumb. Here's the link to the article:
Every day is the same: Americans more lethargic, less focused during COVID pandemic

We are long past the point of no return, and I shudder to think what we will become if we do not awaken. NOW. I do not even allow myself the option of failure. And I've also found that since I have immersed myself in the constant recital of my special phrase, my mind is once again becoming sharper. I am still somewhat physically tired, but finally being mentally sharp again is a big step. The constant recital of my phrase blocks out incoming attempts to hack my mind, and I've discovered something else very interesting. As I mentioned in other articles, my understanding is that this phrase is a code or key that will unlock our prison door. And it's doing a lot more. Several days ago, I suddenly heard other phrases running in the background. Yes, seriously! Then I realized I was being both DE-programmed and RE-programmed. The phrase is gradually undoing the mental damage from the mind control programs, over all these centuries, really. And the other phrases running in the background are subliminal affirmations.

You know, back when the New Age trend was at its peak, I was all for saying affirmations, religiously. I had a whole list memorized, and I would say them every day as I walked up and down my long driveway, because I was also working on healing a back injury. In the long run, yes, they did me good, and certainly have kept me going with this, but I always wondered why the exact things I was working toward would come to me in exactly the opposite way I wanted. I finally stopped, because it seemed to be creating more disasters than good, and of course I understand why now. Because our controllers were using our brains to program their agenda, not ours. It took me decades to realize that, which is why I stopped affirmations and most everything else. Getting the truth was hit of miss, and I always had to go by the long-term results to see if what I got was truth or corruption. It has sure been a rough road, hasn't it?

I remember hearing, oh, years and years ago, that when you went to the movies there were pictures of bags of popcorn or candy bars or cold drinks inserted into the frames of the movie. Of course, YOU didn't see them because they flew by so fast, but our BRAINS did, and suddenly we were hungry and went to buy refreshments. Well, I didn't and I hardly ever went to the movies and I never go now. Anyways, it is the same concept of subliminal suggestions to the brain that actually work more efficiently than having to go through the thinking part of your mind. Subliminal messages go straight to the unconscious part of the mind that records them as truth because there is no judgment at that level. It is like the movie, They Live, and how the aliens were able to be so successful. But that is also what these running background phrases are doing, now, and of course, that is a positive use for subliminal messages. Plus, since we are still at the stage where are minds are having trouble believing all we are capable of doing, they also can cancel out what we are trying to affirm. Subliminal messages by-pass all that and record information directly to the brain. That is very important.

Whew! This has been a big discovery to me, and I have kind of made a mental list of what we NEED to accomplish NOW.
We need to completely be free of the alien mind control program.
We need to "break the spell."
We need to see through the illusion.
We need to reach the level where the physical world has no power over us, and that's a tough one.
We need to AWAKEN!
We need to be FREE!

Most likely, affirmations similar to these are running in your background, the most important, the untimate goal being the last two. And remember, an affirmation is always stated as if it has already happened. "I am fully awakened," or "I am free," for instance. If we can accomplish that, or rather WHEN we do, nothing else will matter, because having reached that point in our evolution, all other "problems," or the illusion of problems will cease to exist. We will be operating on such a magnificently different plane that all this horror we are enduring now will seem like a dream, or rather a nightmare, and it is. NOT reaching this goal in NOT an option.

So keep in mind that though we are being tested in ways we could never have imagined in our worst nightmares, it is all to build courage. Gradually we are finding ourselves letting go of everything else but the most important goals: becoming free and awakening. If we do not achieve that, nothing else will matter anyways. Most people, of course, do not get this at all because they haven't prepared, so they slip into despair and become destructive, to self and to others, and blame everyone else, never taking responsibility for their own lives. Sure, we know that the Controllers have done terrible things to us, but the only way out is THROUGH. When we have passed all our tests, we will fear nothing, and know that nothing can ever harm us again. I am willing to give up absolutely everything to achieve that, because the alternative is unspeakably terrible. And whatever we have given up or lost can be replaced with something we create with our minds that will not be subject to the weakness of the physical world.

You must realize that not only are we losing all our freedoms, but we really have very little control over ANYTHING in our lives. My life has always been difficult, but I had this sense that I could have what I wanted if I was determined. I won two full-tuition scholarships to undergrad school, without which I never would have been able to attend, then two graduate assistantships, ditto. Things came to me and fell into place on a regular basis that I could generally count on. I knew I would always have a job and food and housing. I certainly went through a lot of stress in my early years, but now. NOTHING. Everything just keeps getting worse. How about you?

In Dane's latest broadcast, linked above, he included this extremely appropriate quote in the written introduction. Josef Mengele states, "The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it". I cannot live under these circumstances, and I will do whatever I need to do to fulfill my goals. Perhaps all this horror we are experiencing now has created the perfect atmosphere for mass awakening. But I believe it will still be a relatively small number as compared to the entire human population on earth. And whatever is coming, is coming fast. We are truly at a split-second before midnight. At least I am and many of you are too.

Always observe what is going on in your life, such as I've observed my clearing mind, and memory, too. And never stop pushing forward, or slacking off. Push harder. I know this goes against all "normal" spiritual practice, but do not let your mind be silent for a minute. Say your phrase as you are going to sleep. These are not normal times, and we are now in a totally different landscape, so we cannot rely on old methods. Trust no other source but yourself. Trust the stuff that just "pops into your head." That's almost always accurate. And remember, as we learn to navigate this uncharted territory, we are also working our way out. I keep thinking that it will finally come to a head in a flash and be done.

The thing is, we really do not see the bigger picture, because that's the way our imprisonment was designed. And we cannot see even close to what is going on in the background, which of course, would be very helpful if we could. That's why we get there step by step and never stop until it's done. This will be the subject of one of my next articles, but I am still getting it together.

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