Proceed With Caution

This will be a very short message. I am still working on the one I mentioned in the last article, or more accurately, it is not time yet to reveal it. I am being very cautious about what I write because this is the end, the final battle and they are attempting to use every gain we make to work against us. It is sorcery. It always has been, but we are breaking free of it so it is in our faces. All is being revealed, especially the extent to which we have been mind-controlled, even those of us who have worked for so long to regain our memories and consciousness. If it feels like you are trying to maintain balance while there is an earthquake going on beneath you, it is because you are. Chunks of our false reality that has been Planet Earth for all these eons, are breaking up and collapsing at the speed of light now.

I am utterly exhausted. I slept until 8 am for two days in a row, which is WAY abnormally late for me. I have spent quite a bit time going around in circles, unable to accomplish anything, forgetting what I was doing, and the worst, is having to deal with one obstacle after another after another. I won't even go into all that, but none of it is real. It is ALL being done by sorcery. We are increasingly able to see it now, and that is the final step towards awakening. Dorothy awoke when she realized the ruby slippers were there all the time to bring her what she wanted. We, too, have our ruby slippers, and had we known from the beginning, we would not have suffered through such a long journey. But we are coming to the end, ready or not.

First, a little business. Everything that we have relied upon is ceasing to work, at least in the way we are accustomed, both physical and non-physical. We are getting jammed with immense amounts of interference at all levels at this point, in a last desperate attempt by the Controllers to keep us asleep. Communication and electrical problems have been plaguing me. PLEASE NOTE: If you have tried to email me and I have not responded over the past several months, please keep trying. I always respond to email, unless, of course, it is spam. I do not believe I am getting most of my email, in fact, I really don't get hardly any. I see on my stats pages that my Contact page has been viewed, and yet I do not get an email. I realize people may just be curious to check out my pages which is perfectly fine, but usually when people inquire about my email address, I do get a message. I have not even gotten a newsletter from Arthur Firstenberg for ages. Malfunction? Or interference? And by sorcery and interference I am referring to both on and off planet, but mostly off.

As I said, I am working on a project that I cannot reveal yet, but I will share a bit of information. As this false reality collapses beneath us, we must find ways of rising above it and not getting stuck in it. Each one of us is or will be receiving a "key" to unlock our memories. It can be in the form of a mantra, an affirmation, a chant, prayer, or visualization. We will know it is ours because it will be something unique and secret to us alone—something which no one else could possibly understand its significance. It is something that we programmed into ourselves before this incarnation, and it is the bridge between this collapsing world and the new one we are creating.

It will arrive mysteriously; it will be easy to ignore or brush off, but it will become persistent until we take it seriously. If it is a mantra or a chant, or even a phrase that seems very strange at first, and yet applies to something in your life, then begin repeating it, over and over and over. Please note: obviously it will be something of a positive and affirmative nature. DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE ELSE. As you begin saying it, note changes. When you cannot get something to work by physical means, step away and spend time with your secret "key," then see if the situation falls into place on its own. And even more important, be open to revelations: thoughts, ideas, memories, missing pieces of the puzzle. This was a GIFT to ourselves, from ourselves to be revealed and used when we were ready to make the transition. Treat this with great caution and protection, so it will not be corrupted. Use your intuition. Be very careful, and yet aggressive in your practice. Allow this phrase or vision to surround you and sink in. I believe it is a trigger mechanism that is setting off a chain of events in each of our lives. Work with it even if you have doubts. Chant it when you need protection. If you feel as if the very foundation of everything you ever thought was real is crumbling beneath your feet, it is, both at the physical and non-physical levels.

I know this is probably one of the strangest articles I have even written, but we are living in strange times. It is all about breaking the spell. It is our ruby slippers. Be aware of its presence. Hint: it might be related to a particular issue that is perhaps most serious in your life, so as to get your attention. In fact, the situation was brought about most likely to make the phrase significant. Just as there are hidden messages in esoteric writings, and even myths and legends, disguised so as not to be corrupted, and ready to be made known when the time has come, so are these inner messages, kept safely within us all these years, centuries, or longer, waiting for the right time to come. It is coming now.

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