In the Presence of Evil

I have really been struggling to write this article, because I am finding myself so done with activism and working on myself and disclosure and all the other spiritual and environmental materials I have worked so long and hard to present to my readers and to initiate change where needed. I've been an activist since high school—nearly fifty years. But I am just not there any more, and so, where I am now, it all seems like untruth or unreal. Every time I go back to write or even think about it, I get pulled down to where I was, and the consequences are more and more devastating each time. I do not know how much longer I will be writing these articles, at least until I am able to share ideas and experience from the whole new dimension where I am going, and so are many of you.

After much deliberation, I decided to go ahead and write this article. My advice to you is to shift your focus more and more away from world events and all the horrors of this planet. Be done with it and move on! My original plan was a follow up on my article Saviors and Victims, concerning QAnon. But I really do not want to return to Bernhard Guenther's site, because he has allowed evil to infiltrate it by his latest blog, linked in the article above.

When I was writing Saviors and Victims, I began to feel strangely uncomfortable and anxious. After I finished, I knew something was wrong, so I went out to the greenhouse in that sweltering heat and worked until I was soaking wet and disgusting, then came in and scrubbed myself clean, changed my clothes, and sat out on the porch. Out of the blue, I said "OMG! I'll bet QAnon isn't a person at all, it is AI!"

I do not think anyone even remotely grasps the extent to which AI has infiltrated our society, myself included. And I am not just referring to the stuff being "introduced" to us as such wonderful technology of the future. I am talking about alien interference, and THEIR use of artificial intelligence, and the fact that PEOPLE are becoming 'BOTS and 'DROIDS without even realizing it. PEOPLE are ALSO losing their souls, again without their consent. How much more evil can it get? We must all keep the straight and narrow path right now, and I mean that as a dire warning. Do not FUCK with this stuff. Here are a couple articles, the first which I had saved just prior to writing the QAnon article. I found the second one just recently. Why would anyone even THINK such a gross sounding recipe would be good?
Chat bots are becoming uncannily human. Can they be our friends?
It is a frightening commentary on humanity that people are so lonely that they need a robot to keep them company. With eight billion people on this planet!! I cannot ever imagine being lonely. I am quite happy keeping myself company.
This buzzy new AI can make human-sounding recipes, but they still taste gross
Here is a quote from the recipe article. Is anyone surprised? "Watermelon cookie recipes are just one of countless text-based things that can be generated by new AI software from nonprofit research company OpenAI, which was cofounded by Elon Musk and counts Microsoft as one of its backers." Which means Bill Gates is behind the scenes, too.

These two dudes are bad news wherever they go, and their names keep showing up along with everything foul. But what is really scary is how easily people incorporate this stuff into their lives, and pay no attention whatsoever that it is altering their minds. Just pay attention to your own mind, and how easy it is for someone to plant an idea. Even people like myself, who have spent decades working on mind control, not others' minds, but my own. And even I will catch myself tapping into this shit, then saying, OMG, LC, what the fuck were you thinking??

I think that's why it has been so upsetting that spiritual leaders like Bernhard Guenther should have written the blog about QAnon. I mean, even their slogan, "Where we go one we go all"—does that sound like something a human being would say? Seriously? The thing is, these robots mimic humans, and they are getting very good at it. But still, as the recipe proves, they have a ways to go and this is another example: a robot using an awkward phrase, if, in fact QAnon is AI. There is just too much about this whole QAnon thing, and granted, I have not and WILL NOT investigate it further, but think about this. If you read Guenther's blog, and I do not actually recommend it, but he lists some of the things QAnon represents. And it sounds awfully familiar, in fact, it sounds just like the stuff people like me publish.

Do you know that the vast majority of visitors to my website are 'bots? I would imagine everyone knows that I write my site from scratch, because it looks nothing like most sites that use a software program with templates so that each page follows the same form, like with columns, header and footer, and so on. Because I write code, I also created my own directory, so loading new materials on my site is much more complicated than people who just use software. BUT, I have control over every element, and one of the things I do religiously is go over my visitor stats at least twice a day. I can easily tell what is a 'bot and what is a human, and most 'bots are not there for my benefit. I have thousands and thousands banned from entering my directory, but in order to do that, I have to find them first, which means by that time they have already been through my pages. And what do they look at? Well, lots of articles, certainly. Now, just imagine that these 'bots have gathered information from all these sites containing information similar to mine. Would it not be easy for AI to come up with a "goal" such as exposing the "Deep State," as so many of us have spoken of it? Then disseminate this information across the web as a mysterious person involved with Trump, who is supposedly determined to flush these people out. I don't know about you, but I think we are being mocked and made into fools. Does this make sense to you? We are reaching the point where WE CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HUMAN AND A MACHINE. And even worse, people cannot tell that they themselves are becoming machines. How's that for mocking our "awakening?" Does that scare you? It scares the shit out of me, and that's why I am really laying low with what I write about, and continue to distance myself from the world.

The thing is, does anyone really know the agenda behind this shit? It is NOT human. Just how much of our leadership on this planet are machines, or partial machines? How much of this human misery is being perpetrated by non-human, non-organic beings, and how much have they infiltrated our society? Here is the latest newsletter by Lisa Renee, which is very good, but again, I really find myself staying away from material such as this. I read part of it and I agree with her, but I had to stop. Use your own judgment on how much you want to read, but I DO recommend you read at least part of it. However, one statement she makes towards the end hints at Trump being the one to save us from this mess, and I find it disturbing that she, too, would fall for it. Just because Trump is not in the "bloodline" does NOT make him good. He may not be part of the Elite, but he is just as evil and corrupted. IF he in fact IS attempting to flush out the "Deep State," we can be sure that he has plans for his own personal agenda. As I clearly said in Saviors and Victims, one does NOT go from leading a life of lies and deceit to suddenly become the hero of humanity. Truly spiritual and benevolent people do NOT behave as he does. Period. If he TRULY had the good of humanity in mind, he easily could have endeared the country to him by using his office to act on our behalf. With the country to support him, he would have had a much greater chance of rooting out the "Deep State," wouldn't you think? The whole idea that Trump has anything good about him is absurd. The subject is now officially closed on this website. The man is a piece of shit. C'mon.

Genetic Modification of Human DNA

Anyways, I keep finding myself wondering if it is all to make fools of us. All of this work we have done to awaken and ascend and all the terrible things we have gone through . . . . Is it just part of the game—someone's or something's game? We know there was alien interference when the whole New Age movement began. It should have succeeded, and we should be awakened by now, but the whole message was corrupted, just like the messages in the Bible. But perhaps the most successful agenda so far, in which AI has played an immense role, is to sow seeds of doubt. People are so confused now because the lies are blended with the truth until the line between them nearly disappears. Did anyone see the article about that news reporter who supposedly found out she had cancer because a viewer called in and brought her attention to a lump on her neck? I did not read the article because the whole thing sounded ridiculous to me. I mean, how could you not know you had a big lump on your own neck? The absurdity of our reality in itself is enough to keep us in a low vibrational frequency. And so, as stated above, my articles will be less frequent, and will be focused on creating our new reality. We cannot look back at this insanity and then expect to move forward. We must all make a choice, then move in that direction. I have one more article planned, and it is a positive one, but I am still exploring an idea, so we shall see if it is a breakthrough or a dud.

At some point, we must all ask ourselves, how much is too much? When is it over? We can keep writing and talking about all the horrors on this planet, but at some point we must let them go. My own soul keeps screaming out to me to not even wait for disclosure. I know I have done my part, and I am ready to move on and cannot continue to be dragged down by wallowing in this sea of slime. At some point, we must also declare, "I am healed," then behave as if we are. If we are constantly in a state of "healing," we will never reach culmination. Not that we will be perfect, but at our new levels we will discover much better ways to improve ourselves and other living beings. Meanwhile, all these "threats" loom here on planet earth, that have everyone in a tizzy, especially the vaccine thing, martial law, and Trump, who is much weaker than most people believe. When we know we have done our part and completed our mission here, then we let go and move on. The next phase is where do we go and how do we get there? And more importantly, what are all the really cool things we will do in our new environment? I am perfectly ready and willing to explore that adventure.

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