Peace, Ease and Healing

This is the first of my articles where I will begin discussing the concept of soul alignment and reconnection. I hope everyone has noticed that, despite my misgivings, I decided to do a Farm Series once again. It will mostly be the platform for my weather and other environmental/social commentary and links, so as to be able to focus my articles on spiritual themes. As we watch the collapse of the old paradigm, we must begin to buiild the new, so being in tip-top shape at the non-physical levels is mandatory. We are leaving the physical world as we know it. NOTHING will fuction any longer the way it has for millions of years. Period. I have chosen these three qualities first because we must embody them in order to enable us to proceed to the creation of our new realities. There will no doubt be numerous ones this time, to accomodate the energies and focus of groups of people/beings. I am going to My Own Little Planet, as you all know. Once we get all this evil banished, that which has seemed impossible will become easy.

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I also do Bible articles. I believe the Bible is a book of mysteries which allows those who read it with an open mind to gain new perspectives on current issues. Some people just read the words, but I read between the lines. The Bible is for all peoples of all eras, and speaks to each reader the wisdom that they personally need to obtain in order to fit together all the pieces of this wild puzzle that is both falling apart and coming together at once. So even if you are not into the Bible, you might still find my Bible articles enlightening. The Index for all Bible Articles is found on both the right and left columns of my Home Page. I am currently finishing up my study of the twelve minor prophets of the Old Testament. The Book of Zephaniah will be next. Here is the link for the main page.
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As I had mentioned several weeks ago, I re-read a book I had read back in 2000, and it was one of those that did not get put in the Goodwill box after I had become so disenchanted with the hypocrisy of the New Age Movement. There were many writers, healers and leaders of the movement that were sincere, and were not advocates of the "use your mind to get rich quick," trend. This particular book is called Letter to Earth by Elia Wise, and as also mentioned, I will devote a book review/article combo to provide you with lots of information as to what it contains and covers. In reading it again, I strongly agree with most of it, in fact it is very similar to what I teach, or is that preach?? But she had added tiny little bits all throughout the book that were just enough to push me into yet another major level of consciousness, and, of the entire book, the one most essential aspect that provided exactly what I needed to get me into a whole new realm, was her commentary of the soul and soul alignment and soul unification. That should surprise no one, as I have been going on and on about these evil creeps at the WEF who seem to think they can take our souls from us, or rather, turn us into bots and droids and disconnect us from the foundation of who we really are.

And so that will be the continuing theme in my articles—a merging of my ideas with hers concerning the soul. None of it was particularly new, it just enabled me to be conscious of what I was doing when I was connecting with my soul, so that now, it has become VERY obvious when I am NOT connected with my soul because it triggers nasty events. NOW I know what to do to reconnect and get back into alignment, thus giving them less and less control over ME. And that's what we all want, right? So please take this seriously, because a great deal has changed in my life since I began, like in, a major shift in my reality and perceptions—a deeper awakening and much broader consciousness of what is going on outside the realm of the physical world. That's where we are all heading, so the more conscious of it we become, the easier it will be to let go of this really quite horrible paradigm and into one that reflects the spiritual beings that we truly are.

A couple points Wise made that further enlightened me concerns our relationship with our soul. She said that our soul connects us to "All That Is," in other words the field of all possibilities. And she also said it is the connection between all our multidimensional selves. I find just those two ideas very powerful. It's like, trying to get into the Universal Library of Congress that contains information on, well, everything that ever was, is or will be and always finding the door locked. THIS is the key to unlock it. It opens us into a very, very wide new territory and jolts us out of this teeny tiny 3D physical world in which we are "locked down," spiritually. So it should be no surprise that the lockdowns are happening physically, too. Remember, the physical world is a mirror of what is happening in the non-physical realms, and provides us with valuable information on changes we must make within ourselves in order to be FREE. And that's what we all want, right?

Supposedly, but unfortunately most people would rather continue in the money-based world where, in order to obtain what we want and need to survive, we have to play this outdated game of laboring at a job most of us hate, making money that for most of us is not enough, and even those that have WAY too much, is still not enough, apparently, than consider the possibility of bypassing all those steps in between and just bringing what we want and need into our lives with our minds connected with our souls. And THAT has been the game changer for me because I have found that things are flowing into my life as they have not done for a very long time, and little by little solutions are happening on their own. I am just getting started here, and we are all facing personal and global issues which have NO SOLUTIONS in the 3D world, so they MUST come from elsewhere, and THAT is what, I believe, soul alignment and unification can and will do. I am gonna stick with this.

Several weeks ago I jotted down a list on a piece of paper, then put it aside, and truthfully, I really didn't remember what I wrote or why I wrote it, which is why I always make notes. When I once again read what I wrote, I realized it was very good, so I will share it here. These are steps we should all be working on to move us away from the current paradigm and into the new one. I am presenting them in the order I wrote them which is not particularly arranged, plus I am elaborating upon them. Remember, we are not moving linearly, so arrangement doesn't matter.

1) Always follow your intuition. If you feel you "should" be doing something, but feel drawn to do something else at the moment, go for it. I am finding lately that there are things I want to avoid and previously would have labelled myself as being irresponsible. But now, I am finding that when I walk away and do what I feel drawn to do, even if it is just rest and relax, the task I have avoided will suddenly end up being easy or the need to do it will disappear.

2) Don't feel rushed to do something, especially if you feel overwhelmed or anxious. If you wait until you are in a calm state of mind and spirit, it will come easier. I had this happen over the past few days and will elaborate upon it later. Forcing things to happen ends up getting us disconnected from our souls, thus from the flow of energy.

3) Keep your focus on moving away from this energy/reality as you view it from an ever-widening distance.

4) Remain emotionally neutral. Focus on the highest aspect of yourself even as you deal with the mundane and worse.

5) Strengthen your connection to your soul all through the day, and when you are falling asleep.

6) Don't fight or oppose the forces that are trying to kill us and keep us imprisoned. They like it when your do. Instead, rise out of their reach.

7) Keep things in perspective. Your soul encompasses the vastness of all possible realities, while our physical selves experience the miniscule in comparison. Once we grasp that, all the horrors of this current paradigm lose their power because they encompass only a tiny fraction of ourselves. Remember, we are multidimensional beings, simultaneously living out a multitude of different experiences. Just think how much knowledge and wisdom and consciousness we embody in the entirety of our being. As we become more aware of our soul and all our "other" selves, we realize what we have here on Planet Earth is prehistoric, a fraction of the whole that is so tiny it cannot even be expressed.

8) When we constantly focus on the light as we align with our soul, it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone or anything to drag us into the darkness.

9) Work every day to shift out of the physical world and into the energetic one. With each task in which you are faced, see it complete with the least physical effort. Slow down, do less and shift things with your mind. It is time.

10) Don't fight the oncoming train. Jump onto another track. But as long as we are still here on this planet and in these bodies, we nevertheless have a moral obligation to inform others of the truth of what is really going on so that they can make their own decision as to where they stand. THAT is why many of us are here. If you are reading this, you are probably one of us. Be disinterested as to other people's choices.

11) We cannot stop what is to come, nor should we want to. The old must be swept away before we can build our new world, here or elsewhere. Just let it go and trust in the process. What I personally have been through in the past few years has taught me to trust. In what? Well, myself. My soul. The power of doing what is right, and that spiritual evolution is inevitable, no matter what Klaus Schwab and his creepy little advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, think.

Alignment with our souls ensures that we will end up where we want to be. Disconnection with our souls ensures the opposite.

I want to tell you about my experience in the past several days. I was working on a challenging book review and it was my goal to post it on Monday. But I also realized I had this article formed in my head, which is my signal to get it written, kinda like laying an egg. But I have all these plants in my greenhouse screaming at me to transplant. However, the soil, both inside and out is still too wet, except for a small area on the north side of the greenhouse, but I'm not putting cucumbers there. I cleaned up that small area, though, and planted some rows of root crops and broccoli. They are already up and growing. I also knew it was scheduled to be hot Tuesday and today, which would be better days for working at my computer because my house is terminally cold. That is the way the logical mind works.

So I fretted and got anxious and indecisive, which are ALL signs of disconnecting from your soul. When you are aligned with your soul, life flows and right decisions are made which lead to ease and success. Then I started getting clumsy, forgetful, and little accidents began to happen. And to make matters worse, I had to run some errands in Ravenna yesterday which I never enjoy, and found myself making stupid errors.

When I got home, I found I was unable to do much of anything. By back hurt, I was tired, and accomplished very little. So in the early evening, I relaxed, did some meditation, read for a while and got centered and focused and reconnected. When I got up Tuesday morning, I felt refreshed, got some squash transplanted, and even though it was getting hot, I dug up another part of the greenhouse for my okra until I realized I was about ready to pass out. Then I got on my computer and wrote most of this with little effort, and felt so much more reconnected. Today has flowed with even greater ease.

Remember, once we begin a new process, we will be tested. There are those forces that look for every possible way to catch us off our guard, and it is usually, in a moment of frustration or overwhelm or some emotional anxiety. But at least I knew this time what had happened, so I was able to get myself back on track. And I also want to point out that this incident was a great way for me to see how far I had come in the past several weeks. Reverting back to old patterns caused a great deal of grief, and that's good! I have created a guideline for myself to let me know immediately when I am off the path, so I can get right back on. Our soul is the conduit.

As we gain greater awareness of ourselves in our multidimensional entirety, we become clear about our sense of purpose and reason for being here, of which most people do not have a clue. But when we DO know, it gives us so much more power and strength. I hope everyone has listened to Dane's latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 18, 2022
Toward the end, he shares a WONDERFUL personal story about climbing mountains in Death Valley, from the lowest point in the valley to the highest peak, which he did in 17 hours. This was in 1999, when he was, I believe he said, 37 years old. There is a photo on the link above. He knew that this incredible feat he set out for himself was a precursor to the extraordinary challenge he has undertaken now to stop the criminal atrocity going on in the skies. If you need some inspiration, there it is. Oh, my!! PLEASE listen to this podcast.

In fact, this one was filled with so much interesting information. At the beginning, he plays a recording of an episode of The X-Files from 2016. Oh, my, again. The conversation was about DNA tampering, failure of people's immune systems put there by a smallpox vaccine. One person said that he wasn't getting sick and the answer was, "It's only a matter of time." And they also discussed the depopulation agenda. This was from 2016! Talk about accidental prophesies. Or not accidental.

Dane also spoke of the dead cattle from the heat, and the toll all this weather warfare is taking on these poor animals. One of my readers had asked me if it is affecting animal behavior, and the answer is yes, it certainly is, in so many ways. Even my poor elderly dog is being affected by? What? EMFs? The endless spraying of toxins? The worsening heat situation? These poor animals. And he said he's tried to talk to these farmers and THEY WON'T LISTEN. How many times have I said that? And he also said it is not IF but WHEN the climate intervention programs end, and they WILL end because they will not be able to continue. SOMETHING will make it impossible for them to go on, which I ALSO have been saying. Either there will be no money, no fuel, the planet will be too hot to fly, the pilots will be dead . . . . It is THEN that we will know the true situation we are in, and it will be HOT, that's for certain. It should be obvious to everyone that we CANNOT continue as we are.
Here's a story on the cattle and there were really WAY more deaths. THIS MAKES ME SICK. It breaks my heart. And it's gonna be US next if we don't wake up and get our shit together.
At least 2,000 cattle deaths reported due to heat, humidity in southwest Kansas

While we must continue to do what we are called to do, we also need to realize what is out of our hands. This battle we are fighting is like apples and oranges. It is dirty pool. We are fighting a spiritual war being waged against us with technology. There are some things we have to accept that are out of our hands, and that is another cause to call upon our soul connections. I have been learning, the hard way, when it is time to step out of the way and let that higher part of myself take over—a very difficult task for me, and it involves a great deal of trust. But if we are to shift out of the physical world, at some point, we must be aware that the non-physical world will take over, not something "out there," but ourselves at a higher level. That will also be the downfall of this controlling race that has been on this planet for millions of years. It is happening fast now. The more you connect with your soul, the more you will notice things happening with little effort other than a thought sent out into the universe.

One example is the disaster area here that used to be a well-organized farm for growing an abundance of healthy food. But what has occurred here is NOT because of anything I have done. In fact, along with the planetary weather warfare, the greater problem has been off-planet interence, and not just here, but EVERYTHING going on EVERYWHERE now. We are in a simulated reality. AI has taken over. People are becoming bots and droids. Souls are being disconnected. So, even if I had all the money in the world and could have everything cleaned up and rebuilt, what good would that do?? Trying to fix anything by physical means only triggers the next onslaught. It is an electronic feedback loop, PROGRAMMED to destroy. As we all wake up and realize that, then we also realize the best thing to do is walk away. Connect, focus with your mind, and begin the process of cleanup from the energetic level. Again, it is apples and oranges. The forces that are working against us are controlling us and everything on this planet electronically, so it doesn't matter what we do physically. What matters is that we free our minds from the program and reconnect with our true energy source through our soul. Rise up and out of this mess. Do you understand why this is SO URGENT?

That's what the title of this article means. We all need peace. Of course, an end to all wars and weapons, shooting, fighting—and especially an end to the "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars." H.A.A.R.P., EMFs and toxic radio frequencies, poisons sprayed on us and poison vaccines. All the ways we are at war on and off this planet. All through the day I meditate on Peace, Ease and Healing. When will we get peace? When war will no longer be possible, just like the end to the climate intervention agenda. When there is no energy to support it, it will end. As we make changes within ourselves, connect to our soul, and rise to a higher level, we will leave it all and move on. Let those who wish to stay do so, but the planet itself will not support them much longer.

All my life, things have been so difficult for me, and in the past twenty years or so, even in doing the tiniest tasks I have had to overcome immense obstacles strewn into my path to slow me down and mess me up. The farther one goes outside the realm of "normal" the more difficult everyday life becomes. But it is now hitting everyone else, which will make it easier for us. The energy is shifting as the new paradigm is born. It soon will not be a matter of who has money, because money will be worth nothing, so don't waste your energy trying to manifest money! Connect with your soul, create with your mind, and watch things fall into place. We were NEVER meant to be slaves to such a system, and yet we have lived this way for millions of years. We have wasted SO MUCH TIME doing mundane shit when we should have been creating worlds of beauty, love, peace, joy and harmony. We deserve SO MUCH MORE than we have gotten, and most have accepted. Life was never meant to be SO DIFFICULT. Connect with your soul and make it easy.

Then the healing must come. We must connect with our souls and heal all this horror, this trauma, torture, misery, at all levels, and we must heal the animals and the plants, the sky and water and air and soil and all living beings. Connect with your soul and begin the healing process for yourself and for all, once and for all, and make the promise that you and I and all of us will NEVER let such atrocities happen ever again, anywhere.

Global Research usually does not publish religious or spiritual articles, but that has changed lately. Here are two that are quite in step with what I've been saying. And it doesn't matter what religion you are, or if you believe in "god" or just believe you have a divine soul and there are higher and higher levels of energy and light and that we, our souls, are eternal, we are in the grips of a spiritual war of a level this planet has never known, or at least what we know of its history.
Why Is Everything Broken?
Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide: Dr. Naomi Wolf on the Pfizer "Confidential Report"

And once again, Lisa Renee has written some blogs and newsletters that support what I am saying. Here is one. The only issues I have is that I don't like using the word "black" to mean evil. The word should be "dark" which is the absence of light. Especially now since people are becoming so much more sensitive about using words that might imply something racially derogatory. And we should be more sensitive!! It's about time. I also have issues with her derogatory remarks concerning transgender people. I spent most of my adult life professionally in music and the arts, and it's no secret that a great many LGBTQ people are drawn to those professions. My attitude has always been "live and let live." Be who you are and as long as people are doing no harm to others, it is none of anyone's business. I have great resepct for Lisa, but there are times when I'm not sure where she's coming from, with her extreme technical explanations of what we are experiencing here, and our far distant history. I prefer to keep things much more simple. I've never been one to follow the rules, and prefer to nurture expansion and exploration of the vastness of all possibilities. That is one of the things I loved about the book mentioned above. Anyways, back to Lisa. Other than those comments and they apply to most of her writings, I think she is real and sincere and operates with genuine integrity. This newsletter is quite excellent.
Astral Reconstruction

I will continue with articles related to soul alignment and unification, peace, healing, and especially living with ease. I cannot tell you how totally DONE I am with the mundane and doing tasks that I don't want to be doing, that do little of benefit in the long run, and keep me from doing what is essential and important to me and service to others. My next article will probably be another Farm Series issue, as I have tons of weather and environmental links to share.

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